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my first fuck
this is a true story of my first fuck im 18 yers old now at thes time i writy thes story......

when is was 15 yers old i had my first fuck with a women hwo she was a (35) yers old the weather was a very

cold im was in home my parents was in travel me and my big brother he was 20 yers old was in home my

brother was in work he was all time geat back home to late (mary) that women was 30 yers old she come to

my home outside was rainy she knok the door when i open it i saw hem she was very beuty she was wearing

a short dree and she was a wet all body wet befor she come im was watchen sexy vedo i told hem come in

and she say i bring to you a chiken she come to insede we set and talk bute im was just lock at her boobs

and her body abute next 10 menute in talken i go to next hem and toch hem pussy and hold her big boobs

she was angry and slap me on my face and she go out side i run back hem i catch hem on out side and i told

hem that i love hem i kisse hem on lips he kiss me back we stard some kiss in out side and i toch hem

pussy she was really nice and have a big ass we go inside she pute me on sofa and she stard sucking my

dick so hard . she was not have sex for 10 yers she was suckin so good and i suck her ass and her pussy

it was very good after all thes i puty my dick on her pussy it was verry verry good after thes i fuked her ass its

was tight when i pute my dick inside her ass she was screaming so hard becose it was hem first time bute

she was love it after 25 minute in fucked hem i pute my cum inside her mothes becose she want eat it it was

hem first time she love it i culdnot stop so i stard fuck hem agen it was verry good after second fuck we go to

taek a shower i fuck hem in ther toshe was love it when we come out she was wearing hem clothes to go to

hem home i go to hold hem big ass and pute her drees up and fuck hem agen it was verry great i fucked

hem (4) time

when she left i told hem can i fuck u agen ?

she said sure i love do it agen

we was do alot of sex i have sex withm like 20 for 25 time when im was be 16 yers we leav the town with my

brother we go to meat our parents i wasnot like leav hem bute in the end we leaft the town.

the end

Anonymous readerReport 

2017-01-24 00:45:05
WTF... is this fo real?

Anonymous readerReport 

2016-03-28 06:34:53
mate your a numb nut

Anonymous readerReport 

2016-03-25 03:05:34
it was good for a laugh but damn this story was more fucked up than reading something a three year would write......... please quit trying damn! it was to awful to be called bad.

Anonymous readerReport 

2016-01-13 15:02:20
Trash story

Anonymous readerReport 

2015-12-28 23:45:46
I got off better reading my insurance papers for my house Tn.M

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