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The Final Chapter
Andromeda III
The warm glow that had illuminated our bonding event slowly faded as nightfall enclosed us with its cool breeze. The critters slowly wandered around aimlessly, and nestled into contented repose, as I placed some dry firewood in the fire pit I’d used to fry the hamburgers. Once lit, it provided a warming afterglow to the day’s activities. I snuggled next to my Ann, her delightful body trembling with anticipation and her warm ever inviting lips warmly receptive to my overtures. Harvey was dosing peacefully with his arm across his mates’ thigh, as she sweetly kissed his face with timeless compassion. I briefly wondered if his first night with her would be as wonderful as mine with Ann.
The creator queen nibbled a piece of cake and I patted the empty seat next to me and extended my arm as an invitation. She accepted with a graceful nod and seated herself while juggling the uneaten pastry.
“I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude,” I offered humbly. “Your creation, my beloved wife, has made me the happiest man alive.”
“Do not allow the trials of time to diminish your sensations, earthman - my zeta units are quite fragile without love.”
“As are we all,” I surmised philosophically. “Does your species still require the intimacy you have so exquisitely engineered in your Zeta units for reproduction?”
“We reproduce asexually; our genders integrated early in our prehistory effectively eliminating the competitive conflicts prevalent in evolving species. We did not anticipate the dire impact the absence of male essence would provoke, however. Millions of species throughout the cosmos were unsuccessfully analyzed. Only the extracted essence of your species contains the essential balance we require. We are on the verge of full scale zeta production to harvest the essence the females of your species so recklessly avoid.”
I hugged Ann and fell silent with way more information than I needed to know. The whole concept seemed just this side of both reality and practicality. “I realize I’m merely a primordial speck of pond scum on your evolutionary scale, so kindly forgive my presumptions; but you’ll need to construct a multitude of these sperm sucking zeta units, risking both detection and social chaos. Technology capable of creating zeta units could surely fabricate smaller androids able to extract semen with minimum impact on the donors and their world. You can already fly through walls, and incubate the semen; all that is required is a means of extraction. A little pressure on the prostate would resolve that issue – curing nocturnal emissions forever!”
Harvey spoke up; “It would make life a whole lot easier without emotional crap for us pond scum. Reckon Suzy and me gonna consummate our contract; hope ya don’t mind.”
“Suzy,” I asked skeptically.
“Yeah, we both kinda like that name. Reckon I might not be around in the mornin’ after I done finished ravishing this gorgeous creature.”
“You shall, and many more if you continue the cyclic ingestion of the longevity compound I created,” Ann offered. He rose to his feet slowly and offered his hand to his exotic bride. She grasped it lovingly and helped support him back to their home. I winked at Ann, and she smiled knowingly.
“The post orgasmic worlds Ann and I have seen; are they real,” I asked taking a sip of overpriced bubbly.
“Yes, those visions are stored in our collective consciousness. Define prostate.”
“It’s a small gland accessible from the ass that mixes sperm with essential nutrients during ejaculation. It doesn’t generate orgasms, it is the result. With light pressure, it dumps the mixture into the urethra.”
Ann and her creator fell silent, a new revelation to consider. “I should like to observe this function,” the creator stated.
“In the interest of science, I suppose I could demonstrate the technique. If you posses the ability to transcend human tissue, you could provoke the discharge - with Ann’s permission, of course.”
Ann nodded and undid my trousers. The human body of the creator suddenly slumped and a small glowing blue orb rose silently from her mouth and drifted between my legs. As Ann gingerly held my flaccid organ upright, I pointed to the approximate location of the gland, and the blue orb gently disappeared beneath the skin. There was slight momentary pressure before my cock began to jerk rhythmically in a vain attempt to deliver a non-existent payload. After several fruitless spasms, I slumped in the chair and a bright glistening globe emerged from between my legs where it hovered momentarily before it flew upwards out of sight. Ann held my spent post orgasmic body lovingly and planted a soul sucking kiss on my lips.
Exhausted, I pulled up my trousers and unsteadily rose to bank the fire with Ann at my side. Lifting the lifeless mechanical construct that had housed the creator inside gently, I stumbled towards our bedroom somewhat deflated, as Ann secured the lights and locks. Sometime during the night, the lifeless mannequin would disappear. Ann filled two Champaign glasses and lit a candle at the foot of our bed. I feigned exhaustion as she climbed beneath the covers and curled up next to me. I quietly thanked her for her love and support and kissed her gently before easing her head on my chest and closing my eyes. As she began to relax, I seized the opportunity and dove under the covers towards her sweet pussy. She squealed in surprise when my lips drew her nether lips to my tongue while positioning my package well beyond her reach.
The pure unabashed delight of tonguing her to a continuing series of intensifying orgasms was indescribable. Experience honed my awareness of her smothering potential, and I continued my labial assault despite her fruitless attempts to quell the orgasmic torment with her skull crushing legs. It was my opportunity to stress test this erotic organism; pushing it beyond the pre existing limits we’d encountered previously. Suddenly, there was a flash and a puff of smoke, and her body collapsed trembling as if she was on the receiving end of a high tension line. I slowly eased off of her, wiping the remnants of her ejaculate from my face and upper body, as her trembling diminished and finally ceased.
“Energy;” her frail trembling voice whispered evoked memories and my immediate response. Rolling from the bed, I pulled the end table lamp cord forcefully, quickly separated the power cord from the base. Grabbing two band aids from the medicine cabinet, I taped the live leads of the power cord to either side of her torso and fell back as her back arched with the infusion. Visions of Frankenstein came to mind. Her body slowly relaxed and I unplugged the power cord, released the taped leads, and gently wiped away the barely noticeable discoloration on her torso; somehow relieved to hear soft mechanical whirring emanating from deep within her chest. A few moments later, her eyelids flickered open and she sensually stretched her extremities.
Call me what you will, but I dove back into her perfect pussy for more. Her hands grabbed my hair as her orgasmic shrieks filled the air. Riding a fresh series of orgasms, I pondered the volume of her internal reservoir as I was almost continually battered by her orgasmic spray. Finally, with a barely audible voice, she begged me to stop; as her beautiful body trembled continually. The numbness in my tongue warned of imminent failure, and I reluctantly withdrew to the comfort of her waiting arms. There would be no voyages to exotic worlds this night, but there would be sweet memories to relive. Early morning came far too early with a muffled knock at the back door. I stumbled into my robe suppressing a rash of swear words. Harvey stood in his weathered bathrobe as a light mist fell glazing his shoulders and the countryside.
“I done broke her,” he muttered crestfallen, “She’s insatiable.”
“Hold on. . .” I muttered and dodged back into the bedroom - awakened Ann and told her there was a problem with Suzy and grabbed the improvised power cord. She threw on her robe and darted past us.
We scrambled inside to find Suzy staring at the ceiling naked. Her tiny nipples were still erect, her legs splayed open obscenely, and her body quivered spasmodically. Ann motioned for us to leave and we went into the living room where I poured two glasses of bubbly. Harvey never spoke but I could see the disappointment written on his face as he downed the clear liquid with a gulp. Ann emerged a few minutes later and motioned for Harvey to join her. When she emerged again, she took my hand and led me back to our bedroom. Her delicate feet were coated with pine needles, and I grabbed a towel to dry them as she explained Suzy had suffered a catastrophic overload and the recovery relay failed to engage the necessary protocols. Then she thanked me for the energy transfusion I’d performed earlier and asked me to maintain the lamp cord nearby when I decided to test her limits again. I assured her I would and knew I would never question Harvey’s virility again.
“Boy,” the commanding southern drawl shook me from my profound sleep abruptly.
“You gonna lay around on your lazy butt all day, or you gonna give me some of that cream you been hoardin’?”
“If I had my preferences, lying around has a certain appeal right now,” I mumbled trying to grasp my surroundings. A voluptuous naked black goddess with large brown breasts capped with huge nipples and rich full hips supporting a bubble butt stood before me with a defiant look on her face. Rich course black pubic hair covered her sex, and her large brown doe eyes twinkled with excitement. “My, my,” she exclaimed as she ripped the warm blankets from the bed, “Ain’t that a pretty sight - Mommas going to like this!” She effortless mounted my torso, her breasts dangling over me with an unspoken invitation, as the glistening patch of black steel wool insistently rubbed the length of my cock.
Despite the unfamiliarity, I stiffened and she slid the full length into her depths with a firm downward thrust. Larger than her blond counterpart, she slid easily up and down my length several times before her vaginal muscles locked up and she threw her head back in release. Feeding one of the huge areolas into my mouth, she whispered: “Brown sugar, for my baby,” as she began to ride me again. The nipple dribbled a tasty, creamy substance that cranked my libido into overdrive; the more I ingested, the more profound my countering thrusts became. Again she threw her head back and squealed, as she flooded my torso. I switched breasts and she started her thrusts again threatening to flatten my hips. Despite the discomfort, her ride was delightful, a fine sheen of sweat forming on her dark soft skin. The intense ride soon coaxed my boiling seed to release, and I clenched my teeth and froze, clenching my sphincter until I felt the tell tale spasms of her impending orgasm.
I unloaded violently amidst the fountain of thick pungent ejaculate she released, my essence splashing against her cervix and coating my cock head before squishing out noisily on to her ebony thigh. The colors of a million rainbows engulfed us, intertwining our free floating bodies with a cacophony of sensual stimulation. Angelic sounds born on the streams of constantly changing light tickled our ears as the sweet smell of lavender permeated the air. Ann’s magnificent body swirled and tumbled gleefully, just out of reach but ever present as we soared through the multi colored web of light. She came to me, and curled around my body, enclosing it in a womb of sensual delight while flooding me with warmth that defied description. A loud knocking made the colors recede as we lay on our bed staring at the ceiling, our eyes gradually becoming accustomed to the light of the morning. Ann stirred, and mumbled, morphing back into the figure of the stunning blond I’d become accustomed to being with while muttering about providing nutrition.
I slowly rolled from the bed, struggling to slip into my robe as I opened the door. A ravishing redhead in a robe that barely hid her large full lily white breasts and the landing strip of red curls between her legs bounded through the door and hugged me before scampering to Ann in the kitchen. Harvey staggered in behind her, obviously at the edge of his physical endurance, and plopped heavily onto the recliner. I crossed my arms and waited until his incoherent mumbling stopped.
“Reckon I regret never smoking weed,” he grumbled as he straitened his robe. “Suzy and me done went on a psycho-dilliac trip . . .” He mumbled and sat staring at the floor numbly, his senses obviously overloaded. I patted his shoulder and stepped outside to feed the critters. When I returned, he was in the same position with both brides standing nearby, their faces etched with concern. I kneeled in front of him and his gaze slowly rose to meet mine as a broad smile crossed his weathered lips. “I wanna do that again,” he exclaimed as he rose from the chair.
“Not until your nutritionally restored, lover;” It was Suzy making more of a demand than a request. We ate a delicious breakfast of ham and eggs with a side of toast and eventually wondered into a conversation of potential honeymoon locations. Although Harvey expressed concern for the critters, we eventually decided on a weeklong trip to the ocean in an RV. Harvey called Brother Anderson, who was eager for a brief respite from the church, and quickly accepted the temporary care taker position. Ann and Suzy rented a 28-ft Winnebego online while Harvey and I went through the maps and plotted the course. While Harvey and Suzy packed, Ann and I went to the RV center where Ann demonstrated another of her many talents, by going over the RV with a technician, pointing out potential faults he quickly repaired. Even more, she stepped into the cockpit and, despite my anxieties, fired up the unit (without a key) and expertly drove it home.
Eager to begin our journey, we bid a quick farewell to the critters, threw our bags on the bed, and headed off into the twilight with Ann at the wheel. Harvey and I buckled in at the table that converted into a bed, and commenced a round of cribbage; continuing our tournament for a yet undetermined grand prize. The miles slipped away quickly until darkness set in and the glow of distant taillights guided us. With the tank on empty and all the gas stations we passed closed, we finally found a small, out of the way RV Park. We hooked up, grabbed out coats and flashlights, and wandered around the park perimeter; finally stretching out in a nearby field to gaze upon the magnificent display of abundant stars. Tightly wrapped together effectively warding off the cool night air, we were overwhelmed by the magnificent celestial display.
Suddenly the night was filled with a brilliant light focused on the small patch of field where we lay. A vibrant blue ball floated into our field of view and the familiar voice of Ann’s creator floated on the wind.
“My children, the non invasive nocturnal collectors you envisioned were well received by the council and the prototypes have been successfully proven. We require a secure location for processing and dissemination of the essence.”
I was stunned the concept was so rapidly implemented. Ann’s face brightened noticeably; “Can I see one?” There was a slight nudge on my free hand and I swung the flashlight to illuminate it. At first nothing was visible but if I focused very carefully, I could see a thin egg shaped outline floating gently on the still night air.
“Where’s the remainder of the mechanism,” I inquired.
“In a self generated dimensional void - your essence cannot survive within.”
“How large would this processing facility need to be when completed?”
“The approximate displacement of the small habitat removed from your property. It would be terra-formed to reduce detection.”
“The presence of aliens in my backyard holds a certain amount of appeal for me; what do you think, Harvey?”
“If’n they don’t mess up the TV signal, and leave the critters alone, they can have the whole spread! Our old ladies might like havin’ their kin hanging around too.”
“Our eternal gratitude is yours,” the sphere whispered on the wind as it disappeared among the multitude of stars.
“Think that’s the last we’ll deal with them,” I queried as we walked back to the RV.
“Never heard of a Mother-in-law leavin’ her offspring in peace,” Harvey retorted. “She’s a decent sort though.”
We climbed into the RV and prepared our bed, as Suzy and Harvey disappeared in the back discreetly securing the privacy screen behind them. As we climbed under the covers, Ann curled up behind me reassuringly. I pondered how my life had so abruptly changed from one going nowhere, to a life with unlimited possibilities; how the elements we discharge with haste and distaste can be a lost cog in a much greater cosmic wheel; and how the understated benefits of dreams enrich most every aspect of life. Grateful for the opportunities, I concluded my good fortune originated from the ability to transcend the institutions we’ve been conditioned to believe. However the future unfolded, the contentment I felt in the company of Harvey and our alien android wives would endure forever.

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You are one hell of a sci-fi wqriter who knpws how to tell a good story with an excellent plot and excellent character development. I would like you to continue on with this story say after the aliens build the processing plant. Are their motives the same as they told the 2 men or is it something more sinister? Will Ann and Suzy remain the loving Androids they are now or become more controlling? Retired Army NCO

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