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A teenage boy accidently gets to watch his sister put on a sexy show while revealing a very deep secret
This is the re-edited version of my tale attempting to remedy the problems of the earlier writing pointed out by it's readers. Thank you to EVERYONE for their suggestions, I hope this is an easier and more enjoyable read with a little extra material. Feel free to point out anything I missed-DYSON69

The event occurred about 35 yrs. ago in my teens and is the most favorite memory from I and my sister’s special relationship. Even though I’ve revisited that memory many times, I admit to not remembering the exact words people said and even with my sister’s help have had to fill in some but it’s all very close to what occurred. As this is the first story I’ve ever submitted about my experiences I apologize for any and all spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes, and would appreciate any suggestion about how to improve the writing of our story.

Beth (not her real name) was 15 and I was 14 in what I what I thought was an average dull family with no alcoholism, drugs, violence, or cheating I knew of l. The four of us and Tinkerbell the cat lived in the suburbs; Dad had his work, Mom was busy in the community, Beth and I each had a few friends and I was a pimply teenager raging with hormones getting horny over every young female (and a MILF or two) in sight except my sister. It wasn’t that she was anything like ugly, having a pretty face, reddish-blond wavy hair, 34 B breasts and a slightly padded hourglass figure that got curvier every year. More than once I caught my buddies sneaking looks at her when she walked by though they’d deny it. She felt bad about her being thicker at a time when thin was in, so she spent lots of time and money on her skin, makeup, and clothes to make up for it. Yet she still had a friendly personality and wasn’t totally self-absorbed or a bitch/tease to guys. However to me she was just my sister Beth and we mostly got along with only the occasional fight over the usual stuff like chores or borrowing the other’s things- which is how this all started.

We were both into music but I was the one who put all my lawn mowing money into a stereo system allowing me to make tapes (yes, tapes) of just what I wanted. Since she and I like pretty much liked the same kind of music I often found my records or hand- made tapes missing always to be located in her hands. Even though she wasn’t damaging them it still pissed me off when she’d just take them. So one Saturday while my parents were out for the afternoon doing parent stuff I decide to grab my latest hand-made tape and go see my best friend Jeff. I yelled out the upstairs window what I was going to do at Beth who was outback sunbathing (even I looked at her when she went by in her bikini) and she waved a thumbs up. After searching for a while I discovered that my brand new tape was missing so I yelled at her again from the upstairs window. However she now had her radio going with the earphones on so until I went down there, she’d be lost to the world for the next hour. Being impatient, not wanting to get into an argument, and feeling like pissing her off for a change I decided to check her room without asking permission (a BIG no-no). I stormed in there looking in all the usual places and a few more without finding my tape. That’s when I decided to check her closet (an even bigger no-no but I didn’t care) swinging open the closet’s slatted folding doors and started looking. It wasn’t a likely place for my tape to be but I wanted to be sure and was a bit nosy/curious anyway so I poked around for a minute or three, when I spotted ”it”.

Not my tape but her laundry hamper with a set of bright red panties hanging out from under the lid. Satiny ones with a kind of lacy edge on them that reminded me of things I’d seen in guy’s magazines but didn’t expect my sweet sister to have. At that moment the formerly solid wall between my teenage lust and feelings about my sister started to break down as I picked them up, and feeling how wonderfully soft they were, rubbed the fabric against my cheek. Immediately I started getting hard thinking about her bikini clad ass and picturing these on it. Now, two of my friends had admitted during a truth or dare game to sniffing their mom’s/sister’s panties and agreeing they had an exciting scent on them. Going all in I sniffed them and caught a whiff of something spicy at the front and knew it wasn’t pee smell, so it had be pussy juices like I’d read about in the Penthouse magazines my friend Jeff had come up with and, not thinking, I started to rub my hardening cock through my pants. Now, I usually jerked off at least once a day (double or more on weekends) but hadn’t all of yesterday nor that morning hoping to get Jeff to grab some of his dad’s porn tapes so we could jerk off to them-again. So I was really, really aching to let loose and started thinking with the brain between my legs which decided that rubbing myself through a set of jeans wasn’t good enough and I needed to unzip and bring it out. “I can do this”, I reasoned, “a quick jerk off into her panties and then bury them deep so they go unnoticed till tomorrows wash. Then pack up and leave-forget about the tape. She'll never know and no one is hurt.” If she noticed anything and confronted me I admit to casual looking around the room then leaving when I found nothing.

The tape didn’t matter much anymore-what I had discovered and was about to experience was well worth letting her borrow it for a day or two. So after checking that Beth was still sunning herself outside (and getting another look at her butt) I stood by the hamper, dropped my pants/briefs to my knees and wrapped the satiny fabric around my stiffy. I began sliding it up and down, slowly at first till I got used to the incredible, heavenly sensation of satin on skin to avoid going off too quickly. I thought about Beth’s ass in those panties, her nice tan legs, what her tits might look and feel like, and finally her pretty face. By this point the wall between her as sister and as object of desire was totally gone in my mind as it raced with thoughts of satin clad tits and ass posed obscenely for me. My left hand massaged, squeezed and caressed my rapidly filling nuts while the right slid the velvety material up and down the shaft faster and faster, being careful to avoid the super sensitive patch just below the tip. Slowly teasing all around and below the head kept me at the edge of cuming for a while as the pressure in my balls grew, the pre-cum oozing from definitely the hardest erection I could remember ever having soaking Beth’s panties. Eventually the need to seed became over whelming and with a last frantic burst of stroking, squeezing, and rubbing I exploded into that red, lacy garment with rope after rope, spurt after spurt of molten hot cum in amounts I had never produced before, in the most toe curling, gut wrenching, mind blasting orgasm of my life. I growled through clenched teeth trying to not be too loud, going up on tippy-toes, hips thrusting and twitching over and over till the last drop of juice squeezed out of my cock. I stood there stunned, gasping for air and struggling to remain standing, not caring at all that cum was dripping down my leg as I basked in the afterglow of the most intense, copious, and satisfying cum of my life.

I don’t know how long I stood there (much longer than intended) but my mind snapped back to reality when I heard the thumping of feet coming up the stairs and Beth’s voice calling “Mike, are you here? Miiike? “. No, no, no, no, this can’t be happening, she’s looking for me, I can’t leave the room without being seen by her, and if she comes in I’m standing here with my pants round my ankles, holding her panties soaked with my cum. Try explaining that one (maybe some of you have?). Then I heard her knock on my bedroom door (thank God) and call for me again with the sound getting fainter, meaning she’d gone in my room gaining me a few more seconds before she got here. Panties flew into hamper, grabbed closet doors and pulled them into place, and pushing myself back into her hanging clothes while trying to yank up my pants and under wear. But my undies bunched up under my semi- erect cock stopping me from getting the pants up, zipped, or buttoned. I froze when I heard her come into the room muttering “Oh, you’d better NOT have come in here” and remembered I’d left the door ajar for a quick exit instead of closing it like it had been. The gaps between the folding door slats allowed me to watch where she was moving and to see she had brought clean folded towels with her. Good! She was gonna shower like usual and then I could escape. After setting down her sun lotion and radio she grabbed the towels and moved toward the shared bath between our rooms, but stopped dead and after a moment called for me loudly one more time. With her back towards me I get a great shot of her ass and admired it in a way I wouldn’t have an half an hour before. Boy, did she look hot in that bikini more so than I'd ever noticed before, without a muffin top or spare tire, just a slightly thicker waist balanced by slightly wider than average hips. The sweet curve from her waist out to her hips and thighs was emphasized by her lack of clothing and the bikini bottom had pulled up into the crack of her ass outlining the curves of each gorgeous cheek while revealing the beginning tan lines. The sight had me mesmerized, almost drooling with lust and probably helped set my lifelong admiration of larger ass/wider hip girls. Even though I’d just had a world class cum my semi-hard cock started to get hard again.

She closed the door saying something like “FINALLY, alone”, walked to her bed and sat down - I’m praying for her to go shower yet also wanting for her to walk around some more to enjoy her body. The slat openings in the folding doors allowed me to see just one part of her body at a time but I could change what I saw by moving up or down and looking through different levels of slat. Watching her from secret was a thrill in itself that was setting my crotch on fire with no thoughts at the time about how wrong, perverted, illegal, or immoral it was-these days I can hardly believe I did it. But I’d had a super cum that I figured wasn’t going to be topped soon, if ever, and would leave given a chance before things went bad. Both things proved wrong and what happened next was a surprise almost eclipsing the sexual supernova that had rocked me a little while before
Beth got some skin lotion from a bed stand bottle and sitting on the edge of the bed facing the closet began applying it to her neck, shoulders and upper arms with the door slats allowing me to see her from the chin to her bellybutton. Eventually she slid her bikini top straps off the shoulders to finish the area (I think I stopped breathing) allowing her breasts to jiggle and sway a bit as she rubbed in the cream, the bikini cups half slid off and barely staying in place teasing me cruelly. The possibility of getting to see her nipples and/or naked breasts had me simultaneously feeling guilty about being a being such a pervert, while also praying to God for her top to slide down just a liiitle bit more. Between this and the ass parade my cock was back to granite hardness and screaming for attention so without thinking ahead I started to lightly stroke it figuring she wasn’t going to shower soon after lubing up and there might be more of a show. That’s when she reached around to her back, unhooked and removed her top completely, tossing it aside on the bed then reaching for more lotion. WOOHOO! JACKPOT! If I'd been capable of coherent thought at that moment, I'd have concluded that I'd died and gone to heaven.

Though her breasts weren’t especially large cup size wise they sat high on her rib cage and close together giving her nice natural cleavage. While a barely covered, curvy ass at close range is top notch for me it’s still mind-boggling sexy to watch a girl rub lotion onto a pair of nice sized bouncy, wiggly titties with medium to large dusty rose areolas that make the pencil eraser nipples standout nicely. The nipples reacted to the attention by perking up, inviting Beth to rub, twist and tweak them slowly several times, interspersed with caressing and squeezing her breasts. I heard a small sigh and, shifting my position upwards, saw her head tilted back, eyes closed, her lips barely open in a small smile making me wish I was the one making her feel like that. The smears of white lotion on her chest made it look like she’d been sprayed with cum, a thought I found very erotic and, remembering scenes from Jeff’s father’s videos showing a buxom redhead getting titty fucked and sprayed, began imagining myself doing that. I couldn’t believe that I’d never noticed just how smoking hot my sister was becoming- HAD become – and wondered if some of my friends jerked off thinking of her the way I would be from now on. Morally I’d hit rock bottom without a care that it was my sister I was secretly watching and fantasizing about while working myself towards what was probably a second Mt. St. Helen level eruption, wanting to walk out there, titty fuck then screw her into (in my 14 yr. old mind) a screaming state of sexual ecstasy. Reality be damned, I was gonna have my fantasy.

Beth finished rubbing in the lotion then lay back on her pile of pillows and resumed playing with her breasts and nipples as I watched. Her lying flat on the bed with just her head and shoulders propped up meant I could now see all her body from the side without having to move up or down. The voyeuristic thrill of watching her play with herself was driving me nuts while trying to jack off and be quiet about it but I got a break when Beth started talking to herself, things like ”oh baby”, “oh, right there”, ”that feels sooo good”, etc., etc. She was obviously getting into her own fantasy and the talk made the show even better while helping to cover my heavy breathing. The pressure in my balls had about reached critical mass despite my voluminous cum earlier; I was barely stroking and teasing my cock to make things last, running just a one or two fingers over and round the head. Then I'd switch and slowly, lightly rub the sweet spot under the head sending shivers up my spine. All of a sudden Beth moved one hand off her breast and down between legs to rub her crotch letting out a loud moan and shivering, all of which almost made me lose it and start cuming. I let go of my cock, waiting until the throbbing lessened and the desparate desire to cum became manageable as I watched her continue to work herself up to a fever pitch with more moans, groans, and vague whispered dirty talk to her fantasy lover. Abruptlyy she stopped, quickly lifting her hips high up and yanking the bikini off her butt and legs, momentarily exposing the blond hair and swollen lips of her up thrust pussy, before resuming the assault on her clit.

I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer but Beth was being loud (which later I was later told is why she made sure I was gone from the house) so I wasn’t worried about making noise when I started stroking myself again. Not wanting to leave a telltale mess I reached back around in hamper and grabbing the satin panty I wrapped it, still slick with my last cum, around my cock to catch the coming gusher of jizz. I could tell Beth was getting close- her breathing came in fits, holding it in while she rapidly strummed her clit with one hand and squeezing her tit with the other, then gulping a few breathes and repeating the process. She blurted out stuff like “Right there!”, “Don’t stop!”, “Faster!”, etc. so I knew she was about to go off and I could let loose without her hearing. The pressure in my balls was intense and if I hadn’t been such an enthusiastic masturbator I would never have learned how to hold off this long given the thrilling peep show my sister was putting on. Peep show? This was a full fledge rock concert with dancers, pyrotechnics, and a laser light show all rolled into one. My crotch was on fire and it felt like sparks were ready to shoot up my spine and out the top of my head but I was saved by my sister who finally reached her limit and exploded.

Watching and listening to my sister orgasm was an exciting, erotic, wonderous, and strangely beautiful treat I’d never imagined I’d see. Her whole body arched so it looked like only her shoulders and heels were touching the bed, her pelvis/crotch flexing and thrusting upwards rhythmically for what must have been 20-30 seconds. Several orgasmic waves appeared to sweep through her body making her shake and tremble as she yelled, moaned, and gasped in pleasure, her eyes wide open and toes curled. Every guy should try hard to set off a girl like this if only once in his life just to watch it happen-not to mention enjoying what she does trying to convince you to do it again. This ignited my own long suppressed orgasm, erupting violently in a hot, thick gusher that quickly filled every nook and cranny of the panty before overflowing and pouring down my hands. The left one rhythmically squeezed my joyously emptying nuts while my right one frenetically rubbed the suddenly super sensitive sweet spot under the tip to set off every little “pleasure“ nerve I could as I writhed around, thrusting my crotch in and out, and desperately trying to not yell.

I lost sight of Beth during my own orgasmic convulsions but could still hear her moaning on the bed as both of us ground through our massive orgasms and it was somewhere in here that I heard her say “it”. Several times in fact, as she stopped the mindless yelling and gasping and started back in with coherent thinking. I guess her mind clicked back into her fantasy, babbling the name of her dream lover repeatedly in a stream as she calmed down, physically spent and a bit mind blasted. What I heard her say was “Tess”, although it came out more like “Tess!OhTessyTessTess SweetybabyOhYes….”etc., you get the idea. My own toe curling orgasm was still thundering along so I was a bit distracted and it took a few seconds to register what I’d heard and remember that Tess was one of Beth’s girlfriends, a tall, slender girl with dark hair, smallish chest and high cheekbones that gave her a magazine model kind of look. My sister’s fantasy was about another girl!?! I was stunned, and probably stood there with my mouth hanging open until the brain tween my legs took over and screamed OMG HOW HOT IS THAT! It was just getting better and better except that as my mind buzzed with an orgasmic high and thoughts of my sister dreaming about another girl I got a bit careless.

Now let me take a moment to comment that if this were a fantasy story she’d cum, I’d cum, she’d wander off to shower and I’d escape with a lifetimes worth of jerk-off fantasy memories, end of story. But being real life it got bad first before getting better and ending happily.

My body sagged after the orgasm peak passed and I moved a foot to regain my balance, clumsily striking the back of the folding door just hard enough to make it pop open a few inches. Stupidly, instead of freezing I hastily grabbed at the door edge with a cum-covered hand only to bump it open even further, the wood edge sliding out from between my cum slickened fingers. The hinges to giving off a long slow squeak and I stopped breathing. The rapid movement of my arm also caused some of the clothes hangers I was pushed into to rattle which sealed my fate. The next thing I heard was Beth saying ”Tinky! Get the hell out of there!”. Tinky (Tinkerbell) being our black long haired cat who loved investigating/sleeping in closets, cat hairing all the clothes. Beth had a standing war with him about staying away from her closet and assumed he had crept in when I left the door open. Before I can decide what to do next the slotted door swung open and I’m face to face with my naked sister.

The story is a bit long so I’ll break here but if people enjoy our tale I’d be happy to write the second half. Criticism is welcome to help improve the writing while pointless derision will be filed appropriately. Even people who didn't especially like it might help future writing attempts if they say why.

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2015-05-23 02:51:16
I remember spying on my sister and seeing her spectacularly hairy hush! I loved sniffing her "used" panties. She had such a fantastic smell, very clean, like the ocean. When I say that please realize I don't mean a fishy smell. I.cant stand a girls pussy if it smells like fish. Her scent was like am ocean breeze...the salty smell. Sometimes she had the faint odor of dried urine too, not overpowering joust highly stimulating! I think the best smell ever though came from the highly rare skidmarks I found. Truly beautiful was the musky, pungent yet not overpowering odor of her sweet little behind. I sniff smell them every chance I get!!

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poor job editing this delete and try again but use a GOOD EDITOR this time. you have way too many extra words and missing words it reads like a first draft not a postable story show some pride in your work and either rewrite it AGAIN or just delete it and stop writing.

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not good not bad but needs a lot of work. you have a lot of extra words and missing words that throw the readers off this needs a total rewrite using a GOOD EDITOR. if you have any pride in your work you will always use a good editor before posting.

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Oh god, where is part two?

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