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Father gets sneaky with hidden cams
Part 3:

Authors Note: Here is Part three, hope you enjoy it, and I welcome comments, Ideas, what would you like to see next, just no snuff, or water sports or scat, torture and other violent themes. also No getting the girls pregnant right now. (I have plans later for it.)

As noted in the last story I am a free lance computer tech, and home security and automation. Basically means I can wire your house lights and various functions to a computer and allow you to access them from anywhere in the house, or at a computer station or even an app on your smartphone. And as such I have a few security cameras around the house wired to record on a computer in our little computer room. But so far Lori and Melody seem to avoid those areas, so I figured I'll add a couple more cameras while Lori is at school.

After Saturdays little event nothing happened on Sunday so when Monday rolled around and Melody and Lori left for school I went out to my favorite security place and picked up a few new cameras. Enough to redo the entire house, and add a few extras since technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since I first installed the cameras, I figured might as well right?

First off I started to install the new cameras in the new places. First in the living room, a few cameras to get every angle possible, with technology now a days, the cameras are small and almost impossible to detect and deliver such crisp images and sounds, it's as if you were there. Second I head to Loris room and place spy camera in her ceiling. When we renovated each room she wanted a black ceiling so she got one, which now I'm glad for all the work as the camera lens blends in with the black and is impossible to see.

Fortunately I've been able to put each camera on the power grid of the house so no need to change batteries every so often, I also put two cameras in Loris shower one in the shower and one in the bathroom area, and in the laundry room and other rooms around the house and have them all send the video to my receiver on my computer in my office, I set up different folders for each video feed, and begin the recording program, and to save drive space I put each camera on motion detect so they will only record when they detect motion.

Finally the last cameras I install are on Loris laptop and desktop, as the daughter of a computer tech, she has known the joys of the internet and computers for all her life. And she has been begging me for a webcam on her computers for a few months now so I decided to surprise her with them. Although I also installed a back door program that will allow me to remotely view the cams and her desktops without her knowing. She isn't into the workings of a computer like I am so she wouldn't know what to look for anyways. I make sure the program is hidden none the less and shut down her computers.

I'm finished by 4PM all the new cameras working perfectly, and not a moment too soon as Lori comes crashing thru the front door talking on her phone, being so close to the school she can either walk or take the bus she usually walks so she can walk and talk on her phone. Probably to Melody or Jenny, Jenny is her other BFF from what I’ve gathered, and so far haven't caught her doing anything with Jenny, yet.

Lori goes into the kitchen and comes out with a snack as I'm on the couch turning on the TV. “Hello daddy.” she leans in to kiss my cheek but I turn my head to look at her when she speaks and our lips meet, this is the first time I can remember feeling her lips on mine, and the feeling is electric. The feeling of a womans lips on mine has been so long, yet I react instantly to it, but remembering this is my daughter as I pull back instead of wanting to deepen the kiss. “uhm.. Sorry honey, you just caught me off guard.” said as I look back to the TV, seeing Loris face of shock as well as she stammers “its.. OK daddy. Just surprised is all.” she goes back to smiling and meanders off upstairs again to her room.

A few minutes later I hear a squeal of delight and the thundering of her coming down the stairs and in an instant she's on me hugging me tightly “oh daddy Thank you for the web cams!” I had completely forgotten about them and give her a hug “I decided to update the security cams and figured I might as well get you the cameras you've wanted for a while now.” “oh thank you again daddy!” She kisses me again and this time hits her mark on the cheek and runs back up stairs again squealing again.

I head into my office and turn on the monitoring software, and just as I suspected she's now video chatting with her friend Jenny. I've always liked Jenny, she's 13 years old, and about 4'6” with A-cup tits, and a waist that flairs out, she's quite developed, and long flowing brown hair with hazel eyes As I'm about to close out the video when Jennys older brother John appears in the frame, while they may be of different ages, you could swear they were twins. John is 15, 5' 8” already 160lbs of muscle, and what shocks me is seeing John give Jenny a a kiss, not a friendly brother sister kiss on the cheek or peck on the lips, no this was an all out, lovers french kiss. As their lips separate a little I can see her tongue in his mouth exploring. I lean back and decide to turn the sound on to hear what all is going on between them.

“Ewww! Stop that! You know I don't like it when you two kiss.” giggling afterward

“Yeah we know, you prefer to watch us fuck, and now that you have a cam we can see you frig your wonderful cunt while we do it, right Jen?” “right John” the 'twins' on the screen kiss again as I can hear Lori giggle a little and watch as she pulls her top up and off and she's not wearing a bra and begins to pinch her nipples, and I watch as Jenny and John continue to kiss but before long John pushes up Jennys shirt and she too is bra less.

I lean further back and watch the shows, my Lori is stripping naked and I can't help admire her body, a hairless slit, and long thin legs, her baby fat having melted away long ago leaving a firm tone abdomen and stomach. I undo my pants and pull out my half-hard cock, slowly stroking it to full hardness as I watch Jenny and John stripping each other, but my eyes keep going back to my daughter. Watching her rub her pussy as she has stripped naked now, legs spread and intently watching her friends make out.

Soon the making out turns into Jenny taking her brothers cock into her mouth. I myself groan imagining such a young woman sucking on my 7 inch stick. Although it's hard to tell via webcam but I think Johns cock is 5 or 6 inches average sized. Jenny is taking it like a pro I can hear the sucking and slurping as her mouth engulfs her brothers shaft, up and down fast then slow again. Instead of looking up at her brother she looks into the camera with those sexy eyes, I know she's looking at my daughter but I can't help but imagine her looking at me as she does such. My hand grips my shaft tighter as I stroke faster the urge to cum rising.

What surprises me next, even though it shouldn't, is John pulling Jenny up over top of him. Jenny spreads her legs and straddles his lap, showing off her shaved cunt, glistening with her juices, wet and ready

“We promised you a better show if you got a web cam, and now that you do here it is” John says as he reaches between him and Jenny and positions his cock at her opening. I look back to my daughters cam and missed her getting a pink dildo out and it being slowly pumped in and out of her pussy slow and deep her eyes open watching her friends still, the lust and need in those green eyes of hers.

“oh yes, fuck each other, I've been waiting to watch you since you told me about it Jenny” I look back to Jenny and John and watch John slip his cock into his sister slowly. Watching Jenny slide down it until she takes it all then lean forward and then back again, rocking on her brothers cock, I can hear her moans as she fucks her brother. John pushes his hips up into his sister, I can hear his grunting as well as the two rut and fuck slowly, instinct only directing their movements it seems. My own cock doesn't care if it's pro porn or not, it wishes it could be in Johns place, fucking her tight young hole. As I stroke and watch the 'twins' fuck I look back to Lori.

Her legs are spread wide and she's furiously driving her dildo into her little cunt, humping her hips against it. Her head is tossing from side to side as her back lifts off the bed and I can hear her thru the computer moaning “oh daddy!” and then I lose it, moaning as I cum, my cum shooting out in ropes splattering on the wooden floor harder then I have in a long time “oh Lori” I moan in reply to my daughters orgasmic moan. Finally I relax in my chair and continue to watch the twins fuck and finally John pulls out of his sister and cum on her little anal hole and ass. Letting it drip down over her well fucked cunt. I make a note to get some capture software tomorrow. Listening to the conversation between the couple and my daughter.

“so enjoy the show hunny?” Said Jenny as she rolls off her brother, legs still spread and rubbing the cum into her little cunt.

“oh yes, much better then just watching you suck him off.” Lori moaned as she slowly sat up. “I wish my daddy would get the hint, I managed to kiss him on the lips today as an 'accident', maybe I am being too subtle?”

“Perhaps, maybe you should sit on his lap and ask him to fuck you” both Jenny and Lori giggled at that and John laughed.

“That would get his motor running but you'll have to break down his moral resolve, you are his daughter after all, and only 12 so he'll really be reluctant” I was surprised that was John saying that he sounds more mature then most 15 year old boys I've seen.

“I know, perhaps that half cut bra and panty set I got with a more sheer nightie I have... if I pull the cups up I can cover up, let it slip down some while walking about the house.” Lori was thinking out loud to her friends.

“maybe, but it'll take time to break him down, and usually it'll be when he's ready to risk it” Jenny piped up about it “just don't go to fast”.

At that point I turned off the monitoring software and headed to be, thinking about the times that will come for me and my daughter. As well as the videos I'll be getting from her and her friends, I'm now glad I got the software. Thinking back to the conversation she had with her friends, I'm not sure I could handle Lori teasing me for long, she might be getting fucked sooner then she realizes.

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