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What I am about to tell you happened last year. I never expected to share it with anyone, but I read a family incest story in this site and decided also to share our incredible experience with the readers.

My name is Janet, I am 39 and I am married to Logan, 48. We have two kids, Teddy, 17 and Allie, 15. I consider myself a beautiful woman, I exercise daily and my family genes helped: I have shoulder length light brown undulated hair, shapely legs with round, firm thighs, a round ass that I still consider my main seduction weapon when I walk sensually, and C cups that I like to show in generous, yet compatible to my age, cleavages. My body is already starting to pay a tribute to my age, my breasts are starting to sag and my ass is getting bigger and less firm than it used to be, but I consider myself still in good shape.

I am not saying this to brag, but to explain what happened in the family when my son Teddy reached puberty: I started to see the way he looked at me differently, he stared at my body when he thought I was not paying attention, and sometimes I even caught him trying to hide his erection. I took it to the natural and funny side and tried to play, sometimes even teasing him by walking more provocatively, and also keeping my standard comfortable shorts and top at home in summer time, sometimes without a bra, and the most provocative ones when we were alone at home. The situation was escalating and he became even bolder: he rubbed himself on me in the kitchen pretending to be casual, he slapped my ass playfully when coming in stealthly, he came to my room out of the blue trying to catch me in my lingerie, or came to talk to me after the shower when I was wrapped in my towel. I was always prepared and never let him catch me naked, but something inside me was finding it funny and exciting.

Sometimes, when I was in the mood, I wrapped the towel high around my body, showing all my legs close to my pubic area, or as an alternative I showed a big chunk of my bosom, and stayed there like that casually, talking to him naturally. Teddy was already a mature teen, but he looked like a young boy in these situations: he flushed, became nervous, tattered and didn’t know what to say or what to do with his hands. Many times I saw his erection, and then I found an excuse and ended our little game, flattered that he would feel that for his old mom.

We kept playing innocently like that for a long time. Once, Teddy came into the bathroom when I was in the shower. He needed some shaving cream from his dad and that situation was not unusual for the four of us, as far as we have a mist glass shower box that shows a silhouette, but nothing much more than that. On top of that, my body was all covered in lather. I felt a tingle down there and decided to tease him: I opened the box door just a little bit to give him some very discreet view and asked him to bring me an extra towel, as I had to dry my hair. When I approached to get the towel he was bringing me from above the door, I pressed my boobs against the glass, and it must have been quite a show for him outside. He looked very disturbed all day long. Sometimes I thought I should better control myself and stop those games, Teddy was almost a grown man, I was his mother, and it was very inappropriate for us to keep playing that way. Even in an innocent and platonic way, I felt guilty about teasing him. On the other hand, I blamed my husband, and I will tell you why:

Logan and I have been married for almost 20 years. I was very young and fell in love with the handsome, confident man and he fell for the pretty, happy, young woman everybody loved in our small town. Logan had already left college and was working in the big city, while I had to give up my college dreams to work and help supporting my family. Soon came the kids and we had a happy marriage until five years ago or so. Logan is an accountant in a big firm, is always stressed, working too much, including in weekends, gained some weight, and our sex life cooled down a lot. Many times, when we went to bed, I undressed in front of him and he showed no interest at all, and that frustrated me as I am a very sexual woman and I believe I have a sexy body. One night, when we were preparing to bed, we started talking about Allie, who was 11 or 12 then, how she was growing up, how her body was taking shape with the curves, her breasts and nipples starting to grow, and so on. Logan was wearing only his boxer shorts, and I noticed a full erection. That night, we had torrid sex, and he was very hard all the time. Our sex live improved a bit since then, and whenever I was horny and couldn’t seduce Logan I started talking something about Allie – that she bought a new bra and that I thought her boobs would be bigger than mine, how beautiful she looked in her new lingerie, how I saw a boy staring at her at school – and it never failed.

Well, for several years it worked fine for us: Logan had a close relationship with Allie – they talk all the time, hug, cuddle, he calls her Princess and he calls him The Wizard – and Teddy and I have behaved the same way: we are close and have something special, play here and there, he calls me Gorgeous and I call him Handsome. We all had a close parent/child innocent, platonic relationship, but it helped fueling my sex life with Logan in bed. Yes, fantasies existed, but that was all.

A few months before our adventure, some things started to change: even with these little games and fantasies, our sex life really cooled down and I felt depressed and in need. Once, I saw Allie and Logan watching TV, hugged, and to be fun I sat on Teddy’s lap. Big surprise: he immediately developed a big hard-on. It was weird, I couldn’t jump, scared, so I stayed a while feeling his cock pressed against my ass, and to my surprise he held my waist and somehow adjusted his hardness between my thighs, I was probably hurting his hard penis. I felt a wave of heat, said something pretending to be funny – nothing related to that, of course – and left to my bedroom. Once I got there I went the shower and masturbated compulsively thinking about my son’s hard dick.

Vacation time was coming close, and we always decide together where to go. I started to feel more sexuality in our day to day relationship, yet innocent, and then – by chance – I read an article about naturism. It rang a bell. I did some research, and when we got together one evening after dinner I suggested going to a nude beach. Logan initially did not understand well and immediately objected, saying that we always travelled together, as a family, and he saw no reason to change that. ‘Terrible idea’ – ha said. However, when I said that it would be a perfect and enticing experience for the whole family, and obviously it would be for the four of us, I could see in his eyes he was figuring Allie naked. The kids hadn’t said anything yet, but I saw in Teddy the same expression – thinking about me naked, of course. Allie is a sweet girl, always easy going and adaptive, but she said: ‘Do I have to be naked in front of Teddy?’ ‘I don’t care, you are ugly’ Teddy provoked, and Logan jumped in to protect her: ‘You are pretty, Princess, I am sure all your friends would like to have a body like yours.’ ‘But I am ashamed of my boobies, they are growing too much!’ I wish I had boobs like yours, Allie, but I could get them only with plastic surgery’, I added. We all laughed and we had a unanimous decision: the nude beach! Logan and I had good sex again that night.

I did my research and chose a nice resort. Clothes were mandatory in the social area and optional in the pool, but the beach was nude only, I did not want to leave any chance for changing of plans or regrets. I booked a secluded 2 bedroom bungalow. While I did the planning, I was feeling horny: finally I would see my son’s body since he’s grown up and – more than that – he would see me totally naked. Other men would see me too, and it worried me a bit. Finally, the big day arrived and we flew in to sunny resort. We arrived in the afternoon and chose to relax in the pool, to adapt first. Logan got his big bathing trunks – a big turn off – but Teddy saved the occasion with his speedos. I had a smaller than usual bikini, that I thought more convenient for the occasion, showing more boobs than usual, and bottoms decently covering my ass and pubis and a 2 inch stripe on each side. Allie won the prize: she was gorgeous in a small bikini, a small triangle covering her nipples and aureole but showing a considerable part of her perfect breasts, and small bottoms with small triangles in the front and in the back, held together by a tiny string. I noticed Logan and Teddy had a literally hard time in hiding their excitement.

I mentioned that Logan is an overweight man, but I didn’t tell about my kids: Teddy is 6”, black hair, brown eyes, with a nicely shaped body, as he plays football, basketball and swims in high-school. Allie is a gorgeous girl: blonde, blue eyes, 5”5, slender with long legs but with the right curves, with a nicely shaped ass and the wonderful breasts I already mentioned. When the kids were swimming, I asked Logan if it would be weird to be naked in front of them, but he said he thought it would be a good opportunity to be closer to them. ‘Don’t you feel that Allie can look at you in a different way, and Teddy can do the same to me?’ I insisted. ‘I don’t think so – he said – why?’ ‘I don’t know. Imagine you helping Allie undress, and we all stay on the beach naked, and eventually you hug naked…’ ‘We don’t have to hug.’ ‘Well, we hug all the time, do you think we have to behave differently here?’ ‘No, I don’t think so. Why, would you like Teddy to hug you naked?’ ‘Yes, I would, why not?’ He seemed a bit uncomfortable and said: ‘Well, I hope he hugs you in the front and keeps some distance.’ When I heard that, I snapped pretending to be mad instead of aroused: ‘That’s enough, Logan. I just wanted to know if you were willing to hug Allie when you see her big tits.’ I saw a tent forming in his shorts and we changed the conversation.

After dinner, we came back to the bungalow. We had had a small problem – they only had 2 bedrooms with 1 king and 1 queen bed each, instead of 1 king and 2 doubles – so it was decided that Teddy would sleep in the sofa bed, in the living room. It was even better, I thought, there was enough sexuality in the air to let the kids sleeping in the same bedroom. Logan and I were watching TV in the living room when we heard something in the room, it seemed they were arguing. I went to check and Allie was already in her short summer nightgown and Teddy was teasing her, telling her to undress, saying she would not need clothes as we all would be nude in the morning. She was mad and said she didn’t want to be naked in front of him. When he saw me he said it was just a joke, he was just willing to see her reaction. I saw it was nothing serious, but Logan came in to see what was going on.

I told Logan that it seemed that we all were a bit uncomfortable with that new situation, and proposed to do a little rehearsal. ‘What do you mean, Mom?’ Allie asked. ‘Well, we can undress and try to get used to that, when it’s only the four of us, and nobody else.’ Teddy and Logan remained quiet, until Logan said: ‘If you all agree, it’s OK with me.’ Teddy agreed too. Allie just nodded, and I asked Logan to help her. Logan approached her and at that time I felt Teddy’s fingers touching my hand, and we held hands. Logan gently held Allie’s waist and asked ‘Is it OK, Honey?’ and she nodded again. He took the gown and removed him carefully over her head. There was my daughter, beautifully sexy, in small, semi-transparent panties and bra, and we all staring at her! Logan looked like he was going to devour her with his eyes. I shivered thinking about what was going on in his mind. He tried to compose himself and told Teddy to help me. I don’t know why, as the idea had been mine, but when Teddy turned to face me I said ‘I will do it.’ I untied the lace of my top behind my neck and there they were, my boobs barely covered by an erotic lace bra just in front of my son’s face. I unbuttoned my tight shorts, waved my hips sensually, and removed them, showing matching small, provocative panties. I was the center of the attention now, and I took a quick look at the tent of Teddy’s shorts. Allie broke the ice, saying ‘Well, only the girls do this? What about you guys?’ Logan took off his t-shirt and Teddy followed suit, showing his shaped chest.

Teddy was always joking and playing games, but he was quiet and seeming uncomfortable. He tried to disguise, but kept looking at my body and trying to hide his boner at the same time. I was so aroused I felt a damp spot in my panties, and I was very sure Teddy had noticed it. Logan took his trunks off and there he was in his big and ugly Fruit of the Loom underpants. Allie moved her hands backwards to unhook her bra, when Teddy surprised us all: ‘Let’s stop that.” He said – and darted to the living room. We tried to call him, but he said he would do that in the morning. Of course, I knew he didn’t want to show his hard cock jumping out from his slips if he removed his shorts. We all dressed again and came to the living room, where Teddy was already watching TV, sitting in the couch in a way to hide his hardness. After a while Allie went to sleep, and soon Logan and I also went to our bedroom. I put on a sexy baby doll, hoping Logan would be excited that night, but he soon was snoring when I was still in the bathroom dealing with my facial creams. I remembered that the extra pillow and linens for Teddy’s sofa bed were in my closet, so I took them and went to the living room to help him out.

Teddy was still watching TV and playing with his iPhone. I told him I would help him setting his bed, and he stood up. Before I did that, I told him how warm it was there and went to the air conditioning dial to check the temperature. I leaned a bit to do that and I could feel Teddy’s eyes piercing my ass. We were both setting the sofa bed and he was staring at me all the time. ‘Stop looking at me that way, young man!’ I said, pretending to be angry, but really enjoying it. ‘Why not? You look hot, and I will see you naked tomorrow anyway.’ ‘That’s not the problem, son, you must have maturity for that situation, we will be with your dad, Allie and with a lot of people.’ ‘You are pretty – he tried – can I see your bra again?’ ‘No – I snapped – and I am not wearing a bra anyway.’ I could see the bulge in his shorts growing, and I was aroused too. ‘Just show me your cleavage’ he insisted. I pulled down my baby doll, giving him a good sample of my upper bosom. ‘I can’t see it’ he complained. ‘I think it’s enough, look at that. You will have to control yourself at the beach tomorrow.’ I said, pointing at his erection. ‘I know, Mom, that’s why I am asking you: I want to be accustomed to that now not to make a fool of myself tomorrow.’ The young rascal had an answer for everything. ‘While I think about that, what happened to you back there in the bedroom?’ I asked, not that I didn’t know. ‘I was ashamed, Mom. I had a big erection and I didn’t want Dad or Allie to see it.’ I noticed he did not mention me seeing it. ‘What about me?’ ‘I don’t know, Mom, we are closer, I am not ashamed of you the way I am of them.’

We were speaking in a very low voice, lower than the TV, so I was sure nobody was hearing us. I became bold: ‘I will show you my breasts if you take off your shorts.’ I was excited, but I also wanted to check if there was something wrong with him. He nodded, and I told him to follow me to the porch: our bungalow was secluded, so no one would see us there, and we would be alerted if Logan or Allie woke up. There was also a light dimmer and it would be perfect. I dimmed the light close to dusk, and we stood in front of each other. There was no return: I took both straps on my shoulders and took them down, revealing my big boobs. Teddy stared, mouth open, and it seemed he did not believe in what he was seeing. ‘Now it’s your turn.’ He slowly put his shorts and slips down and his hard cock jumped out, indecently pointing at me. It was my time to stare: it seemed very, very hard. It looked like a normal size from what I could see in the dark, certainly bigger than his father’s, with a big head and beautifully very straight, like an arrow. We stayed there for a while, frozen, enchanted, staring at each other’s half-naked bodies. I broke the ice: ‘Do you like them?’ He grinned ‘Yes!’ ‘I see’ and I pointed at his hardness, and we both smiled cheerfully. ‘Let’s go to sleep now, and try to prepare yourself to be more controlled tomorrow. Give me a hug.’ When I said that, I realized I was in automatic mode, as I always tell him that when we say good night, but I was not going to back off now. So he did, and I felt my son’s body heat against by breasts. I shivered and pressed him harder, and then I felt his cock sliding up my belly, incredibly hard, hot and sensed the wetness of his pre-cum above my belly button. I kissed him good night in the cheek, we parted, put on our clothes again and I went to my bedroom. I was in flames and made some noise trying to wake Logan up, I needed at least a quickie, but he kept snoring. I thought about masturbating, I even touched lightly my swollen pussy lips, but I needed a cock. I slept thinking about one, but not my husband’s: I dreamed about my son’s dick.

When I woke up, Logan was no longer in bed. Teddy was still sleeping in the living room, and I heard voices in the other bedroom: Allie was wearing a small bikini, it was a G string half stuck into her beautiful round butt cheeks, and she was showing it to him, who was sitting in bed. ‘Good morning, guys, what are you doing?’ I said. ‘Good morning, Mom’ she said cheerfully ‘I am showing Dad some bikinis I brought. Funny, I have never worn so small ones, but it really doesn’t matter here, right?’ and she giggled. She was gorgeous, and I became jealous. She went to the bathroom to change and I asked Logan if he had seen her naked. He promptly denied, but added that it wouldn’t have mattered as we were going to a nude beach. He was aroused, though. I went out to wake Teddy up. After a light breakfast, we all went to the so awaited beach.

We were greeted at the entrance of the nude area by a middle-aged couple, of course nude, who brought us to a cabin where they do induction for newcomers. The man oriented us about the rules, do’s and don’ts, told us about the great experience with nature we were about to face, and finally said that it would be better for us to undress there in the first time, in a more controlled environment, as it would be easier to adapt. I felt a chill, but Logan said ‘Well guys, that’s time’ and he and Teddy started to undress: t-shirts, shorts, and there they were: Logan in his big white underpants – I couldn’t believe he came to a nude beach wearing underpants – and Teddy in his speedos. Allie and I removed our throws and stayed in our bikinis. We looked at each other for a couple seconds, and then Allie naturally removed her bikini bra exposing her beautiful, big boobies. I did the same and I could see that the boys were undressing too. It seemed we tried not to look at each other, afraid of the possible involuntary reaction. When I finished, I took a glimpse around and I saw Allie taking a look at her brother’s cock, who seemed to be under control until then, as Teddy was still looking down organizing his clothes. Logan looked at Allie and I saw not an erection, but he was a bit engorged. He tried to control himself and went to talk to the hostess, who was naked but did not have a very appealing look. I removed my bikini bottoms, turned, and when Teddy saw me totally naked, my big boobs and for the first time my totally waxed pussy, he couldn’t help and had a massive hard-on. I was red, ashamed, but the hosts said it was perfectly normal particularly in families who saw each other naked for the first time, that everything was going to be fine. He also told Teddy to go to the washroom to wash his face with cold water. Allie was totally naked and apparently feeling easy. I saw her gorgeous body and noticed she had trimmed her light brown pubic hair, leaving a small patch covering her pussy lips. Logan had also observed her and was trying to control himself and hide his arousal. Teddy came back after a few minutes, and his half-limp cock and a drop in the tip indicated he had jerked-off. We all walked to the beach.

Near the entrance there was a garden with a bar, tables and a lot of shades and patio umbrellas. There were couples, families, kids, people of all ages and shapes, and I started to feel more at ease. I felt some guys staring at me and Allie – probably more at Allie – but it didn’t bother me. Our host had recommended us to find a more remote hut or umbrella, to have more privacy and adapt more easily. When we were walking to the place the boys were distracted and I saw no reaction, but I noticed Allie peeking at her dad’s and brother’s cocks. Once we got there, however, it was inevitable to look at each other and when Logan finally looked at Allie he had an immediate erection. I was the only one to notice, though, as he immediately turned around and sat down. Teddy was fighting hard, I noticed him looking at me and then somewhere else or moving to do something else to avoid a hard-on. Soon, we got more accustomed to the situation and started making comments about the place, other people, making jokes, laughing, and started having a good time.

Allie decided to sun tan in a mat and, as she is very white, she asked Teddy to help her with the sunscreen in her back. He did, and when he went spread the lotion down close to her ass he had another hard-on. I knew it was not allowed, so I approached and gave him a towel to cover it. When he finished, I told him in a low voice to go to the washroom again and relieve himself, as people would start noticing it. I was close to him and saw he was getting bigger and harder. ‘It doesn’t help, Mom. What do you think I did when the guy told me to wash my face? But then I see Allie, and I see you, you are so hot, that I can’t control myself again. Maybe if you come with me and help…’ he provoked. ‘You are becoming cynical, Teddy, you know it’s not allowed.’ But I was very aroused, and I took a quick look around: Logan was not paying attention to us and Allie was lying face down. ‘I will tell you what: take a look at my boobs, take a look here – and I quickly opened my legs a bit and showed him my pussy – and when I walk away look at my ass. Then you go there and think about Mommy!’ I stood up and walked provocatively back to the shade. Teddy immediately ran to the washroom, trying to cover his erection with the towel, and stayed there for a while.

We eventually spent a wonderful day. We stayed under our umbrella, sea bathed – feeling the salted water in your private parts without any clothes is amazing – walked along the sea, talked to people. Teddy obviously looked at other women and at Allie, but I noticed I was still the one causing more trouble to him, and many times he had to try to control or at least to hide his boner. Many men stared at us, and to my surprise Logan didn’t care much, but I saw he kept a close look at Allie’s body all the time and he also had to control himself. Finally, we came back to the bungalow. When we dressed to leave the nude area, Teddy said it was funny to put clothes on after staying naked all day. Allie agreed, and Logan suggested: ‘We can stay naked at the bungalow, it will be funny and we will be more used to that tomorrow.’ We all agreed.

When we arrived, Teddy removed his speedos. Logan looked at him like he had forgotten it was his idea, but said he was going to shower, and went to our room. Allie, in her bikinis, went to hers to do the same. I was only with my small bikinis, and turned on the TV. Teddy came naked in my direction, as if looking for the remote, and casually told me to undress. I said I would, but I’d rather shower first. He said it was not fair, as the deal was to be naked at home and he was the only one. I agreed and removed my top, just in front of him, and he obviously started having another erection when my boobs jumped out close to his face. ‘Naked means no clothes, Mom, remove your bottoms.’ He was right, we had been naked all day, so I did it. I held my bikini bottoms in one finger and smiled ‘Happy now?’ He looked at my bald pussy and his semi engorged cock became instantly an erect mast. ‘Control yourself, Teddy, you can’t do that all the time. It’s wrong!’ I complained. ‘Mom, you are pretty, very sexy, I can’t avoid it.’ ‘You have to do it before someone comes in and see you pointing that to me.’ ‘Mom, I had to control myself all day long, let me relax now that we are all alone here.’ ‘No, it’s wrong because you get aroused when you look at me naked.’ ‘No Mom, I got horny when I saw a lot of hot girls, including Allie.’ ‘Teddy, my son, I know you, I’ve been observing you: you may have been aroused many times, but you only have a big erection when you look at my pussy. Is this what you want, your father seeing you hard like this because you are looking at my cunt?’ I never speak obscenities at home, and he was shocked. ‘No, Mom, I am sorry.’ ‘How can you handle that?’ I asked. ‘Hug me, Mom, and I will go to the lavatory and relieve myself again thinking about you, as you said.’ I knew it was wrong, but I looked at his hard drooling dick, heard the water running in both suites and I opened my arms, smiled, and said “Come here, Sweetie!’ My boobs were pressed against his chest and his cock right up against my belly. We stayed there for a few seconds, and when we split there was a string of pre-cum from his penis to my belly button. We laughed and I removed with my fingers. I was feeling wet, hot down there. I heard Logan turning off the shower, and I risked: ‘One more hug, and I will go showering. Your dad must be coming soon.’ We did again, but now he lowered himself a few inches and when I realized his cock slipped into my wet thighs, rubbing against my pussy. He did not penetrate me, but it was captured between my legs. He split our hug, leaned back, held my ass with both hands and kept looking at my pussy against his prick. I was shocked and stepped back, releasing him. I was out of my mind, and I held his cock, first hesitating, than tightly, marveled with his hardness and heat. Teddy, on his turn, grabbed my boobs. I caressed his shaft, feeling all its length, and suddenly it seemed I had woken up: Logan should be coming in any minute. ‘Now go masturbating, relieve yourself!’ I let him go and went to my bedroom.

I had just sat down in my bed when Logan left the bathroom, naked. I was crazy about Teddy, I needed his cock inside me, and I had made a plan: I had to throw Allie into Logan’s arms. ‘Where are the kids?’ He asked. ‘Teddy is in the living room, Allie must be finishing her shower. Take a look at her and see if she is all right with all that.’ He gladly complied and left. I went showering and thinking about my plan, my nipples hard and my pussy in flames.

When I left the room, Logan was naked in the couch, watching TV. Allie was at the small kitchen, casually
wrapped in a towel. Teddy had just left the other bathroom and sat naked in bed, pretending to play with his iPhone but actually looking at me, who was also naked. I sat close to Logan. ‘It’s so funny to be this way, isn’t it?’ I teased. I moved to get a magazine on the coffee table and gave a good pussy and boobs show to Teddy. ‘Come on, Teddy, come here and join us. Logan, bring your daughter here, help her with that towel.’ Teddy came and sat at the sofa bed hiding his cock with a cushion and Logan went with his exposed cock to join Allie. ‘Come on, Princess, let me help you getting rid of that.’ She didn’t react and he removed her towel, but she still had her tiny G-strings on. ‘That’s not the deal – he said – can I help you here?’ She nodded and he knelt down with incredible agility for his size and removed her panties. When he stood up, he was hard, and she stared at his cock, so close to her pretty body. ‘Allie, sit at the sofa with your brother. Logan, come here’ I commanded, and I patted the cushion close to me. When he did, I slid a finger along his cock and asked pretending to be naïve: ‘Why are you like this, Darling?’ He didn’t answer. ‘Teddy, put that cushion down” I said. So he did, showing his hard cock too. ‘Allie, we are the only girls here. We have to find out why these big boys are behaving this way. What do you think?’ She shrugged shyly. ‘Do you think your dad was like this before taking off your panties?’ ‘A kind of’ she said. ‘But do you think you got him bigger?’ ‘Sure’ she agreed. ‘Logan – I asked – is she right? You got harder when you saw her naked pussy?’ ‘We can’t help you out – he dodged – it’s a lady’s game.’

‘Let’s try a new test – I continued – Allie, we will hug them and see if they can get any harder, OK?’ They all nodded. ‘Logan, as far as you were directly influenced by Allie, you hug her and I hug Teddy.’ My coup was coming to the end. We all raised and I approached Teddy. We had already practiced it, but Logan and Allie didn’t know that. We started the first way, my boobs against his chest and his cock up against my belly. Logan and Allie did the same, with some difficulty because Logan is much bigger than her. He initially kept some distance below, like a father should, but held her close when he saw us. I whispered in Teddy’s ears: ‘Put it in between my legs again” and so he did. Logan and Allie were having a good time, but when he looked at us and saw what we were doing he was startled for a moment. Allie saw it too, and she surprised me: she hugged her dad’s neck, raised her agile body, and accommodated his cock also between her thighs. Logan smiled like if he was in heaven. Teddy kept moving, rubbing his hardness against my swollen, wet pussy lips, both hands holding my buttocks, while Logan did the same to our girl, supporting her ass with both hands.

To my surprise, Allie split their hug and for a second I thought everything was ruined. She was flushed. ‘Mom – she said – this is not fair, they show what they feel, but we burn inside, it’s impossible to resist any more!’ ‘Yes, Sweetie’ I said. She sat down at the sofa, held his father’s cock, and started caressing it in all its length. Then, she looked at me, than at Logan’s, and put the head in her mouth. Teddy and I had split to watch the torrid scene. When he saw his sister blowing his father, he turned me around and tried to fuck me from behind, right there. I laughed, telling him to be calm, but he kept holding my hips and poking his cock blindly. I moved two steps ahead, put one foot on the couch, one leg standing up, bent over, took his prick with one hand and guided him inside my soaked pussy. I was so horny and we both were so wet that he came in in one thrust. I moaned deeply when I finally felt that beautiful hard cock, my son’s dick, inside me, and Logan and Allie awoke from their trance and saw that we were fucking right there. She had a big chunk of Logan’s cock inside her mouth, and he held the back of her head with one hand and fondled one boob with the other. She stood up and he started caressing her pussy, her usually small pink lips already swollen. I watched the show with Teddy pumping inside me, an incredible sensation, and I had my first of many orgasms. She sat down, opened her legs, and said with a sweetest smile; ‘Come to me, Daddy, I saved myself for you, I want you to be my first man!’ He looked puzzled, as if not believing in what was going on. He knelt down, opened her legs, and said: ‘Let me moist and relax you first, Honey’ and started licking her, first softly, than with powerful licks from the base of her small pussy to the top of her clit.

When she was ready, he raised her hip with a cushion and aimed his drooling cockhead at the small entrance of her vagina. They quickly fit closely and he started to move slowly, very carefully, caressing her boob at the same time. In a couple minutes she grimaced, groaned, and the head was in. Logan kept moving carefully, more and more, and soon he was all inside her. She smiled when she felt it, looking at him. When I saw that I started moving back and forth, making Teddy pumping me more and more. He kept filling me with his meat, and fortunately he could remain hard and hold his ejaculation after having jerked off four or five times during that night and day. Allie was moaning loud, yelling, probably a mix of pain and pleasure. I got even hotter, shook my body even more, and I came again.

Logan tried to find a more comfortable position for Allie, so he sat leaning back and told her to sit slowly on his dick. So she did, facing him, and soon he was going inside her again, but she was able to control the penetration, moving slowly up and down. His cock was pink with their juices and a small stream of blood. I did the same, told Teddy to sit down and sat on his lap, plunged his hard cock deep into my womb. I sat with my back to him, so he could hold my boobs and I could keep watching the other show. I kept moving up and down like crazy, my boobs jumping, shaking on my son’s cock like a slut. Teddy held my waist and pulled me down strongly, my ass smashing his pelvis. Logan started moaning, held Allie down, his cock deep inside her and he came. She was screaming all the time, so I did not know if she came too. I decided to end the game, and started yelling to Teddy: ‘Fuck my big pussy, Baby, go deep into Mom’s pussy, give me that big hard cock of yours all into my cunt, fuck me, my son’ and I started shaking, coming again even more violently, and at that time he flooded me with his warm spunk. Logan and Allie had stopped, she leaned and rested on his body, smiling, her forehead on his, and I could see sperm flowing outside her pussy mixed with her honey and blood.

We all stayed there, cuddling, quiet, until Allie stood up, got her father’s hand, and said: ‘I have to wash myself, come with me and then we stay in my bed’ and they left, hand in hand, fluids still flowing down her leg. Teddy was still inside me and he was still hugging my boobs, and I felt him starting to harden again. The wonders of youth, I guessed, and I was flattered that I aroused him that much. I could also use some more comfort and intimacy, so I took him to my bedroom. Once we got there I hugged him again, closely, tightly, feeling every inch of his fit body against my curves, my boobs crushed. We kissed for the first time, our tongues probed each other deeply, he grabbed my ass and pressed my pelvis against his cock while I felt his hard buttocks. Finally I threw him in my bed and started licking him like a bitch and her puppy. From his neck and chest I went down to the belly and then took his cock into my mouth, initially licking the tip, the full head delicately, and then swallowing it all. I relaxed my throat as much as I could and felt with pleasure the massive cockhead and a good part of the mast in my mouth. It was hot and pulsing, smelling a mix of our odors, tasting pussy and sperm. My pussy was tingling, and I accommodated my body on top of him to start a 69. He opened my pussy lips and deepened his tongue into my already stretched vagina, licking the whole length and probing deep inside. He licked the engorged clit with his lips, and it gave me a great pleasure. He was good! He opened my buttocks and tasted the outside of my asshole too, and I shivered with pleasure, while I kept blowing him, holding his big balls and I started playing with a finger inside his cheeks.

We stayed there with great excitement for minutes, and I needed a hard cock again. I lay back in bed, opened my legs and pulled him on top of me. We hadn’t tried that position before. He positioned himself, I raised my legs over his shoulders, and he leaned and penetrated me easily again. In a second he was pumping furiously, his balls hitting my pelvis with his movements, his eyes wide open looking at my happy face and my bouncing boobs. We did that for a long time, until I felt I was too stretched and wet for him to come that way. It would be his sixth orgasm or so in one day, anyway. I smiled, pulled him out, and said I had something better for him. ‘Have you ever had anal sex, Sweetie?’ I asked. He opened a big smile and said no. ‘No problem, I will teach you.’ I turned, knelt on all fours, lowered my boobs to bed, and asked to lick my asshole. So he did, and I told him to probe his tongue in and drip a lot of saliva. Once I felt my asshole wet, I told him to lick and then to insert carefully first one, then two fingers, while playing with my pussy with his other hand. When I was ready, I told him to stand up at the edge of the bed, open my buttocks and aim his cockhead at my asshole. ‘Don’t move – I said – I will fuck you to begin with, and I will tell you when I’m ready.’ I started moving back and forth slowly, relaxing my asshole, feeling his cock stretch me. I like anal, and soon his cockhead was in and everything was easier. I increased my speed and my movements while he kept standing still, and I said ‘Now, Baby, start fucking Mommy’s ass!’ And so he did: he held my hips and pumped, first more carefully, and when he was confident he was not hurting me and that I was moaning with pleasure and telling him to fuck me deeper and deeper, he started fucking me like crazy. ‘It’s so tight and hot, Mom, so good!’ he said. ‘Yes, I like to feel you in there too, Sweetie, you are so big.’ His pelvis and balls hit violently, noisily, against my ass and I felt wonderfully replenished by my own son’s dick. After a couple minutes he increased even more his thrusts, held me stronger, pushed deeper, and yelled ‘I am coming in your ass, Mommy, I am coming’ and I felt his throbbing dick dropping his sperm inside me once more. I started orgasming too, yelling ‘Yes, Sweetie, it’s so good, Baby, fuck Mommy’s asshole, fuck me hard, fuck me deep, fill me your spunk, I like your big cock in my asshole…’ My orgasm took forever, and we both collapsed, he on top of me.

We stayed there for a while, catching our breath, sweating, happy, relaxed, a wonderful feeling. We were a mess, so we showered, came back to bed, and spooned to sleep, his finally limp cock resting against my ass and his hand holding my boob. During the night I woke up twice with his hard cock poking my ass. I happily left him fuck me once more in my pussy and let him come once in my mouth, and for the first time I swallowed his sweet warm sperm. He did want to fuck my ass, but I was too sore to do it again.

In the morning, I woke up and went to take a shower. Teddy was still in bed, but when I left the bathroom he had already left. I came to the living room wrapped in a small towel. Teddy was in his speedos watching TV, and opened a big smiled when he saw me. I leaned over to kiss him good morning and he grabbed my ass when I did that. Logan, wearing shorts, was brewing coffee. He was happy and kissed me good morning in the mouth when I came to help him with breakfast. Then, to our surprise, Allie came in: naked, gloriously showing her pretty body, her gorgeous boobs with still hard nipples and her red, swollen pussy. She was disheveled, walked a kind of funny, and had a big smile in her lovely face. She kissed Teddy, Logan and myself in the mouth and smelled like sex when she did that. Then, she asked why we were not naked. We all smiled and undressed.

We had a great week at the nude beach, which changed our lives forever!

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2017-01-22 12:20:20
a world of peruet

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2016-11-12 00:36:04
I like this whole family having fun. Now I am 21 our mom/dad took me to resort.
we been going to resorts for long time. We all of use to it.
I saw one guy of my age but had good dik thick and long. I pointed to mom. She loved it. She went to meet him. Because she also like thick n long.No matter if I am 1-4. Mom and dad aproved it. I took that guys in our cabin.
In now time I was moaning with lot of noise. / Mom and dad also join in with us/ Parent are best

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2016-10-16 14:38:58
This sexual behavior goes on with families more than is admitted. why can't more people open up and admit it.. This story shows the real love that is needed to secure a lasting , loving relationship

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2016-06-30 09:47:07
Not well written

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2016-03-23 08:04:45
People should have this kind of freedom I think. once my mom saw my erected cock, she smiled and did not say a word; that night my mom was naked in her bed, I could not control myself, I kissed and licked her bald pussy and she kept quite I inserted my erected penis in her starving pussy( she was a widow), she happily moved her butt upward and accepted my penis deeply in her cunt. she is really a lovely mom.

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