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Samantha pushes her body-morphing to a new extreme, and finds out more about her abilities, which she uses to attract an unlikely lover.
Samantha Pt. 2

A word of warning before we get going: This story involves a theme that I have not touched on in the first two stories (as you can see from the themes listed). I would advise you to read this chapter, even if you don’t enjoy this particular theme. It is not all this particular chapter has to offer, but it IS important to the storyline. This will not be the last time I use this theme, but I won’t use it in every story from here on out. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read the first 7 or 8 paragraphs and you’ll get it. Don’t want to give anything away! Enjoy! I think this is the best of the 3 so far.

It was a month since I moved to Rogers, a boarding school in Chicago, and I just had the first sexual experience of my life, with the guy who lived across the hall from me, Mark.

I was in the shower when I thought about how crazy that day had been. This morning I’d never kissed anyone, never showed my naked body to anyone, never seen a man naked before. Now I’d let a boy eat me out and fuck my face until he exploded into my mouth. Was this normal? I didn’t think so. But I guess I wasn’t normal either.

Since discovering I was actually some sort of alien race that had the ability to change my form at will, I guess I’d been trying to act as normal as possible. Except for some small cosmetic changes, I stayed pretty much the same, except for a few masturbation sessions where I changed my form to match some supermodel or movie star.

I didn’t really know the extent of my ability. For all I knew, I could change into a 500-foot goliath that stepped on entire city blocks as if I walked. The thought of that made me laugh. The next thought made me think. Could I transform into a male form?

I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to; after all, I liked being a woman. I loved sucking Mark’s cock and having him spew his jizz into my mouth. I loved cumming over and over as he licked my pussy. But I guess I couldn’t stop myself from doing what happened next.

As I was washing myself, I remembered Mark’s hardness pressing against my clit, and I found myself reaching down between my legs again. My clit was so sensitive from cumming so much that it almost hurt, so I decided not to go too far with it. Instead, I slid two fingers into my pussy. At first I left them in there, gyrating around them. I managed to slide a third finger in, and I gasped. I started to lower myself onto my own fingers. As I was finger fucking myself, I began to imagine Mark’s cock inside of me instead of my fingers.

I fucked myself faster and harder until my wrist hurt from being bent in such an upward position. I sighed as I realized that I wouldn’t be able to get myself off tonight. Not after being serviced so expertly by Mark earlier. Mark and his nice, 7 inch, hard, smooth, soft cock. I remembered how it curved upward, how he shuddered when I touched it... Without thinking about it, I imagined what it’d be like to have one.

When I felt my groin stirring, I was alarmed, but I realized pretty quickly what was happening. My clit was extending, my labia ballooning. Before my eyes, my pussy had morphed into a 7-inch, erect cock, looking just like Mark’s had. My tits were still there, I was still otherwise female, but there it was. I was blown away. I reached for it and started stroking it. It felt different than masturbating with a pussy. All the feeling was concentrated in my penis and balls. It was overwhelming. I used some body wash and started stroking it faster, cupping my balls as I had Mark’s. After a few minutes, I felt an urgent stirring in my balls. I didn’t stop, I just kept going faster. I screamed, my body convulsed, and streams of cum shot up at my chest, landing on my tits and stomach.

I stood there, holding on to the wall for support. I couldn’t believe what happened. I just grew a cock for myself and came as a man would. This scared me. What if my powers went away and I was stuck like this? I’d be a freak. I immediately thought of my own pussy, what it looked like in the mirror. To my relief, seconds later, I was back to normal. Globs of man cum were still sliding slowly down my stomach. I scooped one up with a finger and tasted it. Just like Mark’s... I wonder if that’s because I imagined Mark’s cock.

I toweled myself off and collapsed onto my bed. I sat there, thinking about my ability and what I’d just done. Was I supposed to be able to do that? Was it wrong that I enjoyed it so much? It was so difficult to wrap my brain around; it wasn’t like a physics problem that I could just Google and figure it out. There was literally no one in the world I could talk to it about, except Mom. And I’m sure the last thing Mom wanted to hear about her daughter was that she grew a 7-inch cock in the shower this morning and spurted jizz all over herself.

I sighed. I figure I should call Mom anyway; it’d been two weeks since the last time and I’m sure she was wondering how I liked real-life school. I pulled the towel out from around me, put on a pair of cotton boyshorts and pulled on a tight but long, white t-shirt from that I’d brought from home that I liked to sleep in sometimes. It was 11:30pm; I wasn’t sure if Mom would still be up but she typically liked to have a nightcap or two before bed, at least when I still lived there. I figured I’d try to call her.

It rang twice before she picked up. “Hello?” She sounded tired but not asleep, so I figured I didn’t wake her.

“Hi Mom, it’s Sam!” I tried to act naturally, like I hadn’t just gotten home from swallowing a load of jizz.

“Sam! I was wondering when I’d here from you! How’s Rogers? Do you like your classes? Have you made any friends?”

I told her all the boring stuff; that the classes weren’t too difficult but still interesting, that I’d taken a job tutoring, and all about my best friend Carly.

“That’s all great dear... Yes, everything’s good here, about to fertilize the farm for the winter. We just picked all the apples from the trees, I’ll be sure to send you some, or maybe some apple crisp.” She was such a great Mom.
“So, just calling to check in?” she asked, once all the usually talk was done.

“Um, yeah,” I started, then paused. “Um, actually, I was wondering if this is a good time to talk about... you know...?”

“Oh!” she said. “Don’t tell me you have a boyfriend already!? It’s been what, four weeks?” She didn’t say it scathingly; instead, the way she said it almost sounded like teasing.

“Um, not exactly...” I started, before she cut me off.

“Oooh you found a little boy toy did you? Or a girl?” That last bit surprised me; she said it in the same tone.

“No, I mean yes, a boy. From across the hall. Mark.”

“Oooh very good Sam. Tell me, what have you done with him? Have you slept with him yet?”

Now, we didn’t talk about such things that much when we were growing up; in fact, the only time it really came up was when my mom had to explain to my twin siblings, Andrew and Hannah, why they weren’t allowed to take baths together anymore about a year ago. “Hannah,” she said, “your body is getting ready to have babies, and Andrew’s is getting ready to be a daddy, so you’re both growing up. Grown up brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to take baths together.” It dawned on me now that maybe Hannah was getting too curious about Andrew’s body and Mom was trying to keep our abilities a secret until the right time. So, needless to say, I was taken aback when Mom asked if I’d screwed an older boy within the first month of being in high school.

“What? No, Mom... We just... fooled around a little.” Just thinking about it made my nipples perk up and make indentations through my shirt.

“Hmm, I admire your restraint, I think I was 13 when I first had sex with a boy. Once one of the neighbor boys turned 16, I offered to let him see my breasts if he took me to the movies... One thing let to another and I was on top of him in the back seat.”

This little story shocked me. “What?? Mom!”

“Sam, I guess I should tell you, along with our ability to change form, the females in our race have increased sex drive, at least on this planet, to keep up with the sex drives of the males here. We also release a pheramone that alters judgement. Basically, if we want to sleep with someone, we can, except for the most strong-willed people. As long as they’re attracted to our current form. If guys don’t like cute, short, toned girls, than it’s his loss, at least until you change your form to something he likes more. Our main objective is to reproduce; this is just a tool to help us do that.”

Wow. If I hadn’t grown a cock just 20 minutes earlier, this would have been the biggest shock of my life. “So you didn’t sleep with him? Did you suck his cock?”

“Um, yes...” I replied, still thinking in the back of my mind that Mom was trying to get me to admit to something shameful and pull me out of school. “And he did the same for me.”

“Good for you, Sam. Did you like it?”

“Yes, it was amazing.”

“Well, good for you. You’ll be doing a lot of that. Just remember what we talked about... you can’t allow anyone to know that you’re different. If they’ve seen you naked, that’s it, that’s how you need to be in front of them. Make a list of who’s seen you with what sized breasts if you need to.” She laughed.

“Okay, okay Mom, I get it.” I was feeling relieved. I guess I wasn’t any more of a nympho than anyone else of my species. Except for what happened in the shower earlier.

“Hey Mom, there’s one other thing... When I was in the shower earlier, I imagined what it’d be like to have a... a penis... and... and well...”

“Oh.” She laughed. “Wow Sam, that’s one thing you have me beat on. The first time a guy made me have an orgasm I decided I loved being a woman. It took me a few years after that before I grew myself a cock.”

The mental image of my mom with a cock was disturbing, but I guess she was doing the same to me. “Is that... normal? “ I timidly asked.

“Yes it is, actually. While females have the advantage of attracting the... more eager human gender, we have the disadvantage of being able to reproduce less. Changing to a male form is common for our kind. Gender is purely mental. Your sisters were born girls and your brother was born a boy, and they’ll think accordingly, but they’ll all have the ability to switch genders if they want.”

“And I could... get a girl pregnant as a male?”

“Of course. But only if you want her to get pregnant. Same as it is for you, if you’re the female.”

“Mom, what happens if I do get pregnant, or... get someone else pregnant?”

“Well it depends. If you get pregnant as a female, no matter what form you took when it happened, it’s still YOU that’s pregnant. You have the ability to hide it if you want, of course. When you have the child there won’t be any recovery period, like humans have. You can reproduce again right away, if you want. Twins and triplets are more common amongst our race, too. It’s important that you only have children as a female if you want to keep the child, however.”
“But if I... get a girl pregnant?”

“That’s different. They get pregnant as any human would, and have the baby or babies as any human would, and raise it normally. Once the baby reaches about 11 or 12, our governing body will contact them and tell them all they need to know about their kind. It’s better if they’re raised within a family but obviously more often than not, they’re born of normal humans. If the child alters him or herself too soon, they’ll contact the child sooner. It’s not perfect but it seems to work. Kids have a better imagination and it’s easier for them to understand something like that.”

I paused for a minute, contemplating. I could theoretically get pregnant, or get someone else pregnant, right now, if I wanted to. It was a strangely powerful feeling.

“Thanks Mom, I feel a lot better now. Thanks for explaining everything to me.”

“No problem Sam, I probably should have explained it to you earlier. I still want you to be careful, just because you’re a sex machine doesn’t mean you can go sleeping with everyone at your school. You’ll find yourself stretched too thin eventually.”

“Ha, okay Mom, I’m going to go to bed now. It’s been quite a day.”

“I bet it has. Take care, and have fun!”

I hung up the phone and fell asleep almost immediately. I had a dream that I was back in Mark’s room. I was sucking on Mark’s cock, only it was twice as long and as thick as my arm. I had no trouble swallowing the whole thing. He kept ramming the monsterous thing down my throat, I felt it slide down my throat and stretching it out repeatedly, but I didn’t gag on it. Then it exploded and filled my mouth over and over again, but not faster than I could swallow. I swallowed like I was chugging water. Then the dream changed. I was back in my room. I was at the foot of my bed, looking down at Carly, who was naked, all 5’10”, 130lbs of her, her legs spread, eyes up at me, wanting. Her left index finger slid down, lightly prodding at her sex. She had no hair around her vulva. I felt a surge of desire and jumped on her. I felt her hot sex on my erect cock--yes, my cock was back, the same as it looked earlier in the shower. I slammed it into her and she screamed. “Sam, Sam, oh my god, Sam, Sam...” I could feel the pressure building up and I knew I was about to cum. I pulled out, pointed my “man” hood at Carly’s face. “Sam, Sam, oh, Sam.” I felt a warm, wet sensation around my fingers on both hands. “Sam... Sam...”

I woke up. Both my hands were down my boyshorts, hungrily going at my own clit and opening. “Sam? Sam? Are you in there?” Knock knock knock knock. I didn’t care. A few more masterful circle of my clit, and I pushed myself over the edge. I stuff three fingers into my mouth, mostly to muffle myself but also for the taste. The other hand continued to work at my pussy. My orgasm had me shaking, convulsing on my bed. Except for a few shudders that left me, I was mostly silent, part of me remembering I had a visitor. About a minute later, I composed myself and got up to see who was at the door.

“What the hell took you so long? I thought you had a boy in here.” Carly said as she entered my room as soon as I opened the door. She stopped almost dead in her tracks, took one big long whiff at the air in the room, and smiled coyly. “Aha! Having some alone time, are we?” She turned to look at me. I remembered I was wearing a very see-through white shirt with my nipples poking through, and boyshorts that were an entire shade darker from the wetness from my crotch. “Wow, you are a little nympho aren’t you? Can’t keep your hands off yourself?” she giggled.

“Shut up,” I said, scrambling for some clothes. Carly and I were best friends after a month of school, but we weren’t at the kind of level where we walked around half naked in front of each other. I pulled on a corduroy skirt and a sweatshirt, to cover my nipples. “Well? What brings you here?”

“Can’t you tell by my swagger? I finally got a boy last night!”

“Ohhh, wow! How did that happen? Did you sleep with him?”

“A boy on the basketball team, Colin. We were chatting; they practice in the gym next to my volleyball practice. He was really sweet! He took me downtown to get a nice dinner after practice.”

I’d met Colin, he was in my precalculus class with me. He was cute, and tall, maybe 6’4”. Perfect for Carly.

“And...? How was it?”

She smiled mischievously. ”Well, let’s just say I was always taught to say thank you.” She opened her mouth into an “O” shape, them bobbed her head down slightly. I didn’t need any more explanation.

“Really? I did that last night too! Isn’t it amazing?” I said.

“Really??!? Who? Mark?” I nodded. “Wow, I’m surprised it took him this long to make a move.” She hesitated. “I didn’t love it, especially when he came. I let the first batch in my mouth but then I took it out and the rest of it just went on his abs. Those beautiful abs... He seemed a little put off by that, though.”

“You didn’t like the taste?”

“No, I didn’t... It just seems gross. Why, did you?”

“Yesss. I loved it. I swallowed every drop.”

“Oh my God you’re such a slut.” She laughed. “So what are we talking here? Size-wise? Colin’s was 5 inches, maybe 6, I couldn’t really tell. I got about half of it in my mouth, it was so big!”

“Mark is about 7 inches, and thick.”

“Wow, that must have been hard to fit in your mouth.”

Just as I was about to answer on the contrary, an envelope slid under the door.

“What’s that?” Carly said.

I had no idea. I went over and picked it up. In block letters on the front, it said “SAMANTHA.” Inside was a letter with something else inside. I pulled the letter out, and the “something else” inside became apparent. They were my panties from last night.

“Oooh, how naughty!” Carly exclaimed. She picked them up. “Oh! They’re still wet!” she said, as she quickly tossed them at my face. I caught them with my other hand; they WERE wet. Wetter than they should be. With a familiar smell.

“What’s the letter say?” Carly said, as she snatched the letter out of my hand. ”Hey!” I said, going after it, but she ran away from me, dove on the bed, and started reading.

“Samantha, I enjoyed our evening last night. I’d love to do it again sometime soon. How about tonight? If you’re game, I want you to wear these again today. All day. I left something on them that I want you to enjoy later, while I’m enjoying you. I’ll be waiting for you at 8pm”

She looked up at me. “Wait, did he... you know... down there?” I nodded. “Wow, you lucky girl. And, what’s this mean, “I left something on them?” Then it hit her. “Oh my God, he didn’t, that’s icky. You aren’t actually going to wear them are you?”

Before she even finished her sentence, I was pulling the soaked-through boyshorts off of me and putting on the used panties that had been in my mouth 12 hours before, and that had been jizzed into a half hour before. I then playfully through the boyshorts at Carly, which hit her smack in the face.

“Ah! Sam! Gross, just because you like underwear that people came into doesn’t mean I do!” she laughed. She grabbed the boyshorts off of her face, paused, and took a few quick sniffs into them. “You.. DO smell really good though.” she whispered. She looked at me puzzledly. Then it hit me. Pheramones. “If you want to sleep with someone, you can, as long as they’re attracted to you,” my Mom had said last night. Was Carly attracted to me?

“Carly, you OK?”

“Yeah, I... Did you like it when Mark... licked you... down there?” She was so cute when she was nervous. She was 6 inches taller than me but she may as well have been a mouse.

“Yeah, it was amazing. I came again and again and again. Better than anything I’d ever felt in my life.”

“Wow.” She looked really flustered now. My cum-soaked panties were now being moistened by my own juices. I decided to take the leap that I figured Carly was too timid to make.

“Oh, Carly, guess what,” acting as though I was changing the subject, “I had the weirdest dream last night.” She looked annoyed that the conversation no longer seemed to involve sex. “I was sucking Mark’s cock again, only it was way TOO big... and the next thing I knew, I was standing over my bed with you naked on it.” I conveniently left out the fact that I started fucking her with the cock I had in the dream, but I didn’t want to freak her out.”

“Oh... wow...” she whispered. “What happened then?”

“Well,” I said in a whisper, my lips inches from hers, “You saw me when you came in, didn’t you?”

I could almost hear her heart pounding as I closed in on her lips, finally meeting them and kissing her. Kissing her was different than kissing Mark; both enjoyable in their own ways. I kept kissing her; soon she reciprocated, and I leaned in further, causing Carly to lean backwards on the bed. I slid my tongue into her mouth, flicking at her tongue. We continued like this for a few minutes, until I grew impatient. I wanted her to make me do something she wanted me to do, but she was too shy. I sat up, on my knees, and unbuttoned her jeans. I could feel her tremble. All at once, I pulled her skinny jeans and white cotton thong off of her in one pull. I found myself in the same position I was in in my dream last night; my best friend naked on my bed, me standing over her; only now I was fully clothed and I didn’t have a throbbing cock. I smiled at her. Her eyes were closed, her breathing was heavy. Her blue tank top barely concealed her small round breasts. I’d play with them another time, but not today. I had other things I had to do.

Her hand was shyly covering her opening, though not very well. She knew what she wanted. This might have been the first time anyone had seen her naked. I smiled at her, and knelt at the foot of my bed. Her eyes were still closed, but I knew she knew what I was about to do. I moved her hand and smiled at seeing the first pussy i’d ever seen close up. She trimmed her blonde pubic hair into a little landing strip. Her inner lips protruded slightly from her outer ones, and I could see them glistening wet.

“You’re so beautiful, Carly.” I whispered. I leaned forward and, basking in her scent for a moment, kissed her pussy lips lightly. I then slowly introduced my tongue to my kisses, lapping up a little bit more of her wetness every time. This was my first time doing this, but it felt so natural. I heard her whimper in frustration; she wanted to be eaten, not teased. I flicked my tongue up and down her slit quickly, which caused her to gasp. I smiled and dove in. I swirled my tongue around her opening, then lapped at her clit, then fucked her hole with my tongue. “Oh God Sam, how are you so good at this?” I looked up; her hands were grasping at her tits through her shirt. I smiled and went back to work.

I swirled my tongue around her clit, and moved my hand slowly to her opening. She shuddered as I worked her button, and I moistened my finger on her hole. I slid one finger up to the first knuckle, then the next, then all the way in. She let out a small moan as I did this. I continued to lash away at her clit with my tongue. I began to fuck her with my finger, faster and faster and faster. Without a warning, I slid in a second finger, and she moaned loudly. “Oh God, FUCK!” she practically screamed. “I’m almost there... God Sam, oh God...” I flicked at her clit harder, and changed my finger motion from fucking to a “come hither” gesture. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! FUCK!” She began shaking uncontrollibly. Her juices seemed to flow out of her like a waterfall; I removed my fingers so I could lap them up. She tasted delicious. I could feel beads of my own wetness sliding down my thighs as I licked her.

Her orgasm lasted about a minute. Once she was done, she was gasping for air, and she pulled me up to her and kissed me open-mouthed. “Mmm Sam... that was amazing.” She turned to me and stared into my eyes. “Sam, you’re my best friend, I hope we can... keep doing this and not let it affect us.

“I think we can make that work,” I said.

“Do you really enjoy doing that?” she asked.

“Well I didn’t know for sure until now... but fuck yes.”

She giggled, but then gave me a nervous look. “Look, Sam, I hope you don’t mind if I don’t return the favor... I just... I don’t think girls are my thing, at least the part where I have my mouth on their... pussies.”

I paused. I was disappointed, my pussy was throbbing right now, but I suppose I could get what I needed from Mark later. I smiled at her, “Anything to help a friend. Anytime, Carly.”

She smiled at me, then, looking startled, she looked at the clock. “Shit, it’s 2:45m, I’m late for volleyball!” Sorry, I wish I could stay longer! Have fun tonight!” I got one last look at her cute little ass before she pulled up her jeans over them. “And... thanks again, Sam.” She smiled at me as she left.

“God Carly, you big tease,” I thought when she closed the door. I locked the door and ripped the clothes off of my body as soon as I could, except for my panties, which were now saturated with my juices and Mark’s cum.

I decided I wanted to be adventurous with my ability. I ran to my laptop, opened a Chrome window, clicked CTRL-SHIFT-N and typed in “thick hard cock”, then images. I found a picture of a man with no hair on his body below his lashes, muscular, in a pose, with a thick cock that went up midway past his muscular 6-pack. He looked gay, but that didn’t matter, Mom said it would always be my brain inside whatever body I chose, and right now all I could think about was Carly. I thought about becoming this muscular, gifted man. I thought about my hair getting shorter, my breasts becoming pectorals, my abs tightening, and yes, the cock, the big, delicious 8 inch cock. I waited for the sensations to pass, and, like clockwork, I had become the man on my computer screen. Except for the fact that I’d forgotten to take off my panties. My cock was protruding from the top of them by a good 3 inches. I ripped them off and ran to my bed.

This time, I would enjoy being a man. I felt my chest, my abs, my arms. I loved the feeling of feeling so powerful, like I could punch through the wall if I wanted to. My right hand found the base of my cock, and the other massaged my balls. After just a few strokes, I felt the sensation boiling inside me. My ass and abs contracted, and I felt my cock twitch and my balls jump. The second time my cock twitched, I unleashed a thick rope of cum all over my chest and abs, a little hitting the bottom of my chin. The next rope caught me in the face as well. I came for about 10 seconds. Some of the cum landed on my pillow or the sheets around me. No longer feeling like myself, I morphed back to my original self. . The cum remained all over me, now sliding down the canyon between my tits. I began to scoop it all up and put it in my mouth. I found my soaked, already once jizzed-into panties on the floor, and wiped my face and belly, and cleaned up the droplets of cum off my pillow and mattress.

“Chances are, it’ll end up in my mouth by the end of the night,” I thought. I smiled as I slid the soaked panties back on.

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