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Dad, Jamie, and the others
This is the final installment in this series. It would be helpful to the reader to be familiar with the earlier chapters, particularly Part Four.

PLEASE NOTE: These are completely fictional tales about a single father, his daughter, and her friends. No actual virgins were harmed in the making of this story.

Previously: Jamie, teenage daughter of single parent Bill, asked him questions about sex. The answers involved practical demonstrations. When this chapter begins, Bill and his daughter have been having making love almost daily for a few weeks. Jamie's best friend, Kiersten, figured out what was happening and had Bill “answer questions” for her, with Jamie's help. Now, it's the night after that, during a graduation/sleepover party for them and birthday girl Melody. Bill is upstairs in bed, listening to them. The girls have interrupted their game of “Truth or Dare” so Melody, the youngest of the trio, can open her gift from her friends – a “rabbit”-type vibrator.


“Melody, you just changed the game. It's my turn, and I'm not giving you a choice. Dare. There's a tube of lube in the bottom of the box your vibe came in. Use it.”

“Are you crazy? Here? Now? With you guys watching and your dad upstairs?”

Kiersten said, “What's the matter? Embarrassed? I just made out with Jamie and played with her boobs while you watched! We've all seen each other naked before.”

“Dad said he would close his door, and he's sound asleep by now.”

There was silence for a moment. Then Melody said, “You'd better be right. I do want to try it out.”

“We're not stopping you.”

“All right. I was going to show you two something anyway. I treated myself to a birthday present. I was sick of shaving and still not feeling really smooth.”

“You got waxed?” Kiersten exclaimed. “Your red pubes were cute, but that does look great.”

“I went to the same place Mom does. I remember the first time I saw her without any hair, I thought it looked really good.”

“Take your top off, too.” Jamie said.

“What, you want to see my little boobies?”

“Consider it part of the dare.”

“If I had a rabbit vibe, I'd want to be able to play with my tits while I used it. Don't be a prude. Jamie, maybe we can make her more comfortable.”

My daughter answered, “We should get naked, too? Sure.”

Melody asked, “What's on the label? 'Sweet Vanilla'?”

“It's edible.”


Jamie mused, “Maybe so your lover can use the vibe on you and then lick you.”

“Mmmm, that sounds nice to me,” Kiersten said. “Go ahead, Melody. You told me you lost your cherry horseback riding, so you should be able to take the thing.”

“I guess that's when it happened. I know I bled the time I got thrown and broke my wrist. Mom's dildos never hurt. Okay, here goes.”

Lying in my bed, I pictured pixie Melody, her reddish-blond hair draped over her petite tits, her slender, pale legs spread, her pussy bare and slippery with lube, a toy in her hand, and her luscious nude friends crowded around. The snippets of conversation I heard made me wish I was down there to watch. Or, better still, to help.

Jamie said, “I bet that feels really good.”

“It feels huge. Mom's toys are all kinda skinny.”

“It looks huge between your little lips,” Kiersten giggled.

“Where's the on-off switch? Ah, there it is. WHOOO! MY GOD!”

The buzzing stopped and the giggling started. “You had it on 'high',” Kiersten laughed. “No wonder you felt that!”

“Shit! I hardly had any of it in! Let me look at this thing. Okay, this is low, this controls the clit stimulator. Good. I'll try again.”

At first, I heard nothing. Then Jamie asked, “Can you push it in all the way?”

“I don't know. It's fatter than a real penis, isn't it?” Melody moaned.

“No,” Jamie said. “Not some of them.”

“I don't mean porn. I mean real live guys without steroids or weird pills. They're not this big.”

“Sure they are,” Kiersten said.

Melody grunted, “It's in to the base. Are you two happy now?”

“Turn it on.”

The muffled buzzing was soon overwhelmed by Melody's hard panting. “Oh God, that's good! This is the clit stim switch, right?”

“Yes,” Kiersten said.

“Haaahhhhh,” Melody groaned. “Oh shit! OHHHH!” Her feet pounded on the floor like a child having a tantrum. “FUCK!”

“Will you keep it down, Melody?” Kiersten stage-whispered.

I needed to go down there and tell them to shut up. Yeah, good idea with a hard-on nothing I could wear would hide.

Jamie solved the problem for me. “If Dad comes down here we're fucked!”

Melody laughed, “You make that sound like a bad thing. Your dad is like the hottest guy I know. If I thought for one second I could get away with it, I'd try screwing him.”

That didn't reduce the potential for a wardrobe malfunction, so I stayed in bed, wide-eyed, listening.

“You little tramp!” Kiersten giggled.

“Like you wouldn't?” Melody countered. “Bullshit! You told me yourself you want him. Some of our friends talk about him. Hell, my mom talks about him! No one understands why he isn't getting laid.”

Melody's mom? Caitlin's the cutest little MILF I know. She's compact like her daughter, with just enough curves to be insanely hot. I've known that woman since Melody and Jamie were in preschool together. The vibrant little strawberry-blond pixie packed a lot of enthusiasm and sexiness into her trim physique and laughing green eyes. I've seen her in a not-so-conservative bikini at the pool at her house. Why she married that pig of a husband is beyond me.

“Wait! Your mom talks about Dad?” Jamie asked. “What does she say?”

“It's not what she says, it's how she says it. The way she holds her head, the way her eyes get wide – every time his name comes up she gets that look, exactly like me in the mirror when I'm getting wet from one of her toys. I can't believe Dad doesn't see it.”

That was all I needed. I was considering jerking off in bed like a teenager anyway, listening to nubile, sweet Melody ramming herself with a vibe while my naked daughter and her voluptuous friend watched. And now I hear that Melody's mom likes me? Oh, yeah, my cock was going down real quick.

Jamie scolded, “Shut up! Listen! I think I hear Dad. I'm gonna try to deal with him. Get decent and hide that stuff.”

“Shouldn't you put something on, too?” Melody asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

I hadn't made a sound, so I didn't know what Jamie thought she heard. I was on my back, the sheet over me, my erection obvious. My daughter appeared at my open door a moment later, pulling her t-shirt down.

She turned on the light and mouthed. “Act mad.”

I stifled a laugh, got out of bed, and tiptoed over to kiss her. Then I pulled back and said in my stern father voice, “What the hell are you three doing?”

“I'm sorry. I told them to shut up.”

“You were pretty damn loud yourself a few times, young lady. I won't repeat this. Keep the noise down!”

Jamie grinned and blew me a kiss, then pointed at me, and then downstairs.

“No!” I mouthed.

She whispered back, “To talk. I want to see Melody's reaction.”

I gave her a dirty look, grabbed my robe to hold in front of me, and said, loud enough to be heard in the living room, “You know what? I'll tell them myself. Let's go. It's time for a discussion.”

Jamie's grin faded, as though she thought I might not be acting anymore. “Oops.” She turned and led me down to the living room.

Kiersten and Melody sat at opposite ends of the sofa.

“Stay seated. Jamie, you sit over there. I'll sit between your friends. Melody, how long have you known me?”

“I remember calling you Uncle Bill when I was little.”

“You were in preschool. You were four. Kiersten, how old were you?”

“We talked about that last night. Probably four or five.”

“Jamie, you don't remember your mother at all. It's always been just me.”

When she nodded, I continued, “We've known each other a long time. I care very deeply about all of you. Kiersten, Melody, you two helped me raise Jamie, in a way. The three of you playing together was easier than taking care of her alone. You spent a lot of time here, right?”

Kiersten offered, “I told you last night about my nickname for you when I was little. You were my fun-daddy, 'cuz I always had fun with you.”

“Yes. Now, I broke a promise, and I'm ashamed to admit it. I didn't close my door tonight.”

“Shit,” Melody whispered. She looked like she might cry.

“How much did you hear?” Kiersten asked.

“Enough. Look, you have more right to be upset than me. I kept my door open to be sure you three settled down and didn't get into any mischief. You're legal adults, but in my house I feel responsible for you.”

“I'm so sorry, Bill,” Melody blubbered.

I pulled her to rest her head on my shoulder. She smelled faintly of vanilla and fresh teen pussy. “Sorry for what? For having fun? For playing a silly game? For talking dirty and feeling good? All I'll say is, when you play with guys, be safe and intelligent, and if you're going to play any more tonight, keep the damn noise down. Okay?”

She wiped her cute green eyes with her hands. “Okay.”

“Good. Goodnight.” Clutching my robe, I stood and kissed her on the forehead. Turning away from her and facing Kiersten, I struggled to keep my eyes on her face, not on the breasts straining against her jersey. “Can you behave?”

Her eyes flickered to my crotch a few times, like she suspected the reason I carried my robe. “Yes. I'm sorry, Bill.”

I kissed the top of her head. “Goodnight.”

Jamie was in her new favorite sitting position – cross-legged, crotch exposed. Thank God, she listened to what I said the night before. Her pink bikini panties barely hid my favorite place. The little tease knew it.

“We'll be good,” she said.

I kissed her on the cheek and headed upstairs. “I'm closing my door. Stay in the house. Don't do anything dumb. Be quiet so I can sleep.”

I went upstairs and used the bathroom. When I came out, it was dark downstairs, and the girls were whispering. I closed my door, pulled the sheet up, and wondered how easy it would be to fall asleep.

It seemed like a minute later when Jamie opened my curtains, letting brilliant sunlight glare on my face. “Hungry?” she asked.

Her friends stood in the doorway grinning. The were all dressed alike – Daisy Duke-style shorts and tank tops, and obviously not a bra among them. Three enticing camel toe displays, three pairs of young, unfettered breasts, and three pairs of eyes focused on the morning-wood tent in my sheet.

“Uuuunghh,” I groaned, rolling on my side. “What time is it?”

“Breakfast time. We're all cooking,” my annoyingly cheerful daughter answered.

“Lemme get a shower.”

The girls didn't move. They looked like they were ready to burst.

“I'm gonna get a shower now. With you three in the kitchen, you don't need me, so run along. I'll catch up,” I said.

Still, no one moved. I caught Jamie's eye and gave her my old “Daddy's not amused” look. Her eyes twinkled with naughtiness, but she turned toward the door and said, “C'mon, I'll start the waffles.”

When I was certain they were downstairs, I grabbed some clothes and locked myself in the bathroom.

At breakfast, everyone behaved. The girls babbled about clothes and music videos. Desperately, I tried to concentrate on my food or on the pretty face of whatever girl was talking, not her nipples, or memories or fantasies of her.

“Let's go winter-clothes shopping!” Jamie said.

They did the dishes, since it was Jamie's turn, and then scampered upstairs for the obligatory wardrobe change.

Melody came down first and sat at the kitchen table where I sipped another cup of coffee. “Bill?”


“How much did you really hear last night?”

Ah, shit, I thought we were past that. What do I say to her?

“You're thinking too long. Please be honest. Do you know what happened and what was said?”


“All of it?”

“A lot.”

“So you know.”

“I know what?”

“You know none of us are virgins.”

“I know that technically, you still are.”

“If you mean being with a guy, yes. I'm not sure how I feel about that. How do you feel about it?”

“Me? It's not my concern. I'm not your father. You're an adult. Make adult decisions.”

“But what if I don't know what I want? What if I can't decide? What if I'm scared?”

“That's what friends and family are for, honey.”

“I can't really talk to my friends about it. They think I'm weird enough as it is – the flat-chested little girl who's never been on a date. Dad thinks it's great. He stopped understanding me when he took the training wheels off my bike. He likes the fact that I'm like a little girl. Me feeling like a woman would give him a coronary. Mom and I always talk about everything, but I can't go to her with this.”

The gentleman in me said, “I'll listen if you like.”

“It's a guy. He'd never want me, but I can't stop thinking about him. I love him, and he loves me, but we're not IN LOVE or anything. That would never work. But I want him. All he'd have to do is ask, and I'd let him do anything to me.”

Oh, no. No. I'm already doing enough stupid things. I'm not going there.

Jamie appeared at exactly the right time, plunking a baseball cap on Melody's head. “Perfect! Let's go!” She grabbed the car keys and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “I'll make us all lunch when we get back.” Kiersten arrived in time to see Jamie's kiss, so she followed suit. They looked at their friend.

Melody turned the baseball cap around and gave me a nice warm kiss and hug. “Can we talk later?” she murmured in my ear.

“Of course.”

She kissed me again, and the trio went out the door.

By the time I finished weekend chores, I was baking. In the shower again, I thought the rest of the day should be spent in air conditioning.

The Three Musketeers – what all the parents called them – straggled in the door shortly after I came downstairs.

“Phew! It's hot out there!” Jamie exclaimed.

“I'm staying inside the rest of the day,” I said.

“Not us!” Kiersten chirped. She pulled a tube of sunscreen from a bag. “This is all any of us bought. The cool clothes in my size make me look dumpy, the stuff in Jamie's size makes her look too skinny, and there was nothing in Melody's size.”

“No, the cutesie-poo, makes-me-look-like-a-child stuff was there, all right,” Melody sneered. “Not clothes a college girl would wear. Looks like I'm shopping online again.”

Kiersten bubbled, “Bill, come with us to Melody's pool after lunch!”

“Yeah, Dad. You can chaperone.”

I wish she'd stop making jokes like that.

Melody spoke up. “Bill, yes, please come along. I feel like I'm abandoning the host of my own party.”

This had the potential to go horribly wrong. I still wasn't convinced Jamie and Kiersten could be discrete, especially together, and Melody suspected I knew what she said about me.

“My parents should be home.”

Okay, if things get awkward for me, I'll hang out in the garage with Doug. We'll sit on stools at his workbench near the fan, drinking beer and talking about sports. Not a bad way to spend a hot afternoon. “All right. We'll move the party to your pool after lunch.”

Jamie, Kiersten, and their stuff filled the backseat, and Melody sat up front with me for the drive to her house. She was in her cut-offs and tank top again, the car's shoulder belt separating her perky breasts. Kiersten and Jamie shared a huge beach bag. How much stuff do girls need to swim and lie in the sun?

Melody said, “Park on the street. Dad's crap fills the garage, and someone might need to run an errand.”

The girls grabbed their stuff and trooped into the house. “Go through the gate. Mom and Dad are probably swimming,” Melody tossed over her shoulder.

I wore board trunks and a t-shirt, so I grabbed my towel and sunblock and walked to the gate. Someone was splashing in the water. I went in and closed the gate behind me. That's when I saw the bikini lying on the deck near a lounge chair. I turned to see a cute ass disappear beneath the surface. Seconds later, Melody's mom, Caitlin, popped her head up at the other end.

“Bill! Oh my God, you startled me! I knew the girls were coming, but they didn't say anything about you, and I was working on my tan, and I got hot, and I love swimming naked, and ... well, shit. You've kinda seen me now.”

She swam toward me on the surface of the water until it was barely chest deep. “Would you toss me my suit?”

I tossed her the bottoms first, turquoise cloth and strings that seemed too small for an adult. It landed in front of her. She didn't even try to cover her breasts as she pulled the skimpy thing up and adjusted it to her liking. When I threw the top, I aimed for her face. Her cute boobs were completely exposed. They looked pretty much the way I believed Melody's would after seeing her in her t-shirt the night before – perky, big enough to squeeze, but small enough to devour easily, with juicy little nipples on tiny areolas. She arranged the triangles of turquoise over them and waded out of the water.

“Um, nice to see you, too,” she laughed.

I forced my eyes up to her face. “I'm so sorry, Caitlin. Melody told me to come in.”

“It's okay. But I don't buy the bit about you being sorry.” She eyed the slight bulge in my shorts.

“Now I'm really sorry. I should go.”

“Nonsense.” She started drying her hair. “Pull up a chaise. I assume the girls are upstairs, picking out suits?”

I spread my towel and sat facing her, hunched in a way I've done several times recently. “I think so. Jamie and Kiersten packed a suitcase.”

The patio door opened, and three teen beauties pranced onto the deck. Jamie wore the suit she shaved for, an “itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini.” Kiersten had a black, lined version of the tiny suit that turned translucent when she helped my daughter wash the car. I wondered what would happen to Melody's simple, white knit bikini in the water.

“Hi girls!” Caitlin called. “Don't forget about sunblock if you're not staying in the shade.”

“Mom, please, they have a good tan base. You and I are the ones who burn right away.” Melody slathered herself with cream from the tube on the table next to her mother.

The girls went to play in the water while Caitlin and I watched.

“I can't believe how grown up they are,” she mused.

“I know. Off to college in a few months. They've turned into wonderful young women.”

“Beautiful, too.”

“True.” I could have talked all day about how good they looked. How the water and sunscreen made their bodies glisten. How the wisps of fabric they wore over their intimate parts made them look so damn sexy. How much I wanted to be buried inside all these girls, along with the she-elf who lay, nearly nude, within arms' reach. How I cherished the brief glimpses I had gotten of Catilin's tight little ass, her delectable-looking breasts, her bald mound,....

“Did Melody behave last night?” her mom asked.

“Sure,” I lied.


“Uh, yeah. Why wouldn't she?”

Caitlin turned on her side to face me. Her one breast was nearly out of her top. She may not have noticed, but I did. “She's nuts about you, you know.”


“Oh yeah. She talks about you every time she comes home from your place. Melody thinks you're a total hunk. I'm surprised she didn't flirt with you.”

“They all flirt. That's what young girls do, isn't it?” I tried to sound innocent.

“I guess. I did when I was her age. There was a neighbor man – I would have done anything for him. He acted like he didn't notice, but I wanted him so bad to be my first.”

I was starting to perspire, not from the heat of the sun. Did she know something? Impossible. I hope.

“Tell me, Bill. Is it hard for you, living with a beautiful young woman?”

“What do you mean?” Inside, I was thinking how “hard” Jamie makes me, but I summoned all my will to look angelic.

“Doesn't she have young wolves sniffing around the door all the time?”

“Not really. She's had dates, but nothing serious.”

Caitlin said, “Same thing with the others. When I was their age, I had boys swarming all around me. I didn't have big boobs like Kiersten or Jamie's swimsuit model figure. I was a little Tinkerbell character, like Melody. But I had guys who would have happily bedded me. Boys don't seem to care about them.”

“I've heard the girls talk. High school boys were too immature. Jamie said those guys want one thing, and she isn't interested in being a one-night conquest.”

“Melody tells me the same thing. Says she wants an older man for her first. Probably some kind of Daddy thing, since she knows Doug took my virginity, and he's ten years older than me. That's why she was so excited about spending the night at your place.”

“What?” I wasn't sure I wanted to hear the answer.

“She was excited about sleeping in a man's house, a man she thinks is really cute. Did she come on to you?”

“No! Besides, the other girls were there.”

“I hoped she wouldn't do or say anything foolish with her friends right there. But, be honest. Do you think Melody is attractive?”

“Of course. She should be. She looks a lot like you.”

“Thank you. Maybe I should re-phrase my question. If my daughter offered herself to you, what would you do?”

“I don't understand.”

“Of course you do. If my daughter asked you to take her to bed, would you?”

“Caitlin! No!”

“Why not? She's cute, she's of age, she's on birth control, she's not attached, and I bet she's willing.”

“I feel really awkward with this conversation.”

“Good answer,” she giggled. “That tells me that you think she's pretty and sexy, but you're too much of a gentleman to do anything.”

“Well, yeah, she's awfully young, and she's my daughter's friend, and she's YOUR kid! You and Doug would kill me.”

“He would if he noticed. Doug still thinks she's a little girl. He probably doesn't even know she thinks about sex. He sure as hell doesn't think about it much.”

“Where is Doug, anyway? Melody said you'd both be home. That's why I agreed to come to the pool.”

“He's off skeet-shooting with some guys from work. It's about the only outdoor activity he can do with his weight other than floating here, so I encourage him. Besides, it's better than him getting old axle grease on his clothes from that damn rust-bucket in the garage.”

“How's he coming on the car?”

“Who cares, other than him? He goes to work, eats enough dinner for three, and then he's out there until bedtime. Often, I'm asleep before he comes upstairs. I've heard of golf widows, fishing widows, and football widows. I'm an old car widow.”

“I'm sorry. I didn't know.”

“I used to be sorry. Say, do you want a drink? I could use a margarita.” I watched her tight ass move in her little turquoise bottoms as she went into the house.

Moments later, Melody climbed out of the water and grabbed a towel. Her white bikini clung to her, showing the cleft between her dainty labia and her cute little nipples hardening as the water evaporated. Her mother told me she wanted me. Melody tried to tell me the same thing herself after breakfast. My God, the trouble I could get myself in!

Caitlin came back with limes, salt, glasses, and a pitcher of margaritas for the grown-ups, and three tall lemonades for the girls.

As Melody helped her mom with the tray, she muttered, “That suit doesn't cover much.”

“Like yours does?” Caitlin giggled, gesturing to her daughter's chest and crotch. “I'm a hell of a lot more covered than I was when you sent Bill through the gate.”

Melody laughed, and held her towel in front of herself while she adjusted her bikini bottoms. Loosening the fit in the front defined her ass crack more.

The other girls spotted the lemonade and got out of the pool. Now I had four pairs of poorly covered breasts, lips, and squeezable asscheeks in front of me. I did what any red-blooded man would do. I sat up, wadded a towel in my lap to hide what might happen, and grabbed my drink. Jamie could drive us home. Mid-day drinking always makes me sleepy. A long, slightly drunken nap in the warm shade this afternoon could occupy time I would otherwise spend as a frustrated perv.

When the girls finished their lemonade and Caitlin and I were through our second drinks, we decided to cool off in the pool. Water polo devolved into water tag, which became a game of “drown Bill.”

When a girl tries to dunk you, you either fight her off or take her with you. Jamie was first and fairly easy to repel. I used every one of her ticklish spots. We splashed and wrestled, and I got a couple handfuls of boob and ass, but I doubt anyone noticed. When I picked her up and threw her away from me, Kiersten took up the assault.

She jumped on top of me, hands and arms on my head, trying to force me underwater. That put one breast in my face. I nibbled it through her suit, rooting for her nipple. “Bill!” she gasped. “Don't start what we can't finish!” She spent the rest of her time grabbing at my cock, rubbing herself on me, and jumping up so I could suck her other tit.

Melody climbed on my back. I pushed Kiersten away, and let myself fall back into the water, taking the little pixie clinging to my shoulders with me. When I was under, I spun to face her. She smiled at me from below, and shot up and grabbed on to me as I stood up. We came out of the water face to face, her legs wrapped around me, her lips inches from mine. “I'm really glad I'm getting to spend time with you, Bill.”

She must have felt me against her. Grabbing at Jamie and playing with Kiersten had things firming up. “Let's go underwater again,” she breathed.

I wasn't prepared for her to stick her tongue in my mouth, but that's what she did as she ground against me. Without thinking, I put a hand on her tiny ass to push her groin tighter against mine, and with the other, palmed a dainty breast. I kissed her back, hard, until we ran out of air.

We surfaced, her legs still around me, my hands on her back, our faces a respectable distance apart as we gasped for breath. I'm not sure which one of us wore the odder expression. Her face showed a mixture of lust and embarrassment, her eyes and mouth wide. Mine probably looked silly.

Caitlin splashed away what ever goofy look I had. She slapped the water, launching sheets of it into my eyes. “Stand back, girls! I'll show you how it's done!”

She came at me and jumped on top of me, much as Kiersten had. I could feel her nipple against my lips through the triangle of thin turquoise cloth. She played dirty, pinching my ass hard through my trunks and hooking my leg with hers, forcing us both under the surface. She clung to me, but now our faces were at the same level. She had a naughty grin on her face as her hand played over the front of my board trunks.

We surfaced together. “Don't say a word,” she said, turning us so my back was to the teenagers. Her hand pushed under the waistband of my trunks, and her fingers closed over my shaft. “Nice.” Then she moved away. “I can't drown him either,” she called to the girls.

What the hell is going on? I'm popping boners all the time! That hasn't happened in almost twenty years! And who are they for? My own daughter, two of her teenage friends, and now, a married woman. Just great. Especially since they all knew it, or at least, knew I did it with them. Caitlin is a mom. She knows how a cock works. She had to feel I was half-hard when she got to me.

We swam and splashed a while longer, and then got out and toweled off. Kiersten went in for more lemonade, and Caitlin and I got to work on the rest of the pitcher of margaritas. All the women chattered, but no one said anything about our actions in the pool.

Caitlin and I lay and baked in the sun while the girls splashed in the pool. “Bill?”


“You would screw my daughter, wouldn't you?”

That woke me up. “Huh?”

“You heard me. I felt you after she was all over you, so I think I already know the answer.”

“Caitlin, I....”

“It's okay. You're a nice guy. I like you. She's all googly-eyed over you, so I'm pretty sure she'd go to bed with you. If she does, be nice.”

“But I would never....”

“Stop, Bill. You had a hard-on, a very nice one, but it didn't start with me. It takes more time than I had with you for a man to get that hard. So who started you? Jamie, Kiersten, or Melody?”

I couldn't imagine what to say.

“C'mon, Bill. I felt it. I don't blame you. If I were a guy, I'd want them, and I wouldn't blame them for wanting what I think I could enjoy.”

“You're married.”

“True. They're young. One of them is your daughter.”

She stared at me, making me feel very small. “You're a good man, Bill. Your secret is safe with me. I'll flatter myself and think I was the one who got you going. Doug sure doesn't react to me that way anymore. If I want something from him, I have to beg for it. He's too tired from carrying all that flab around and working on his stupid car.”

“I'm sorry. I didn't know.”

“I'm sorry too. I like sex. I used to enjoy my husband, back when he could still get on top of me without half-killing me. Now, the only way I can do it with him is doggy-style. His gut turns me off if I have to see it. He bought me most of my toys. I think he's afraid the exertion of sex will kill him.”

I thought about what Melody apparently saw through her parents' open door.

“You don't get out much, do you?” she asked.

“Not really.”

“No girlfriend. I think I would have heard about that.”


“You must be more frustrated than I am,” she said, sipping her drink again.

I could tell her I'm getting all the sex I can handle from my daughter and Kiersten. Nope. Can't say that. Instead, I answered, “Not really. I have my job, whatever house and yard work Jamie doesn't do, making a good home for her, that sort of thing.”

“Yes, and you always have pretty young girls at your house. It's probably a good thing you don't have a pool. If you did, you'd have to put up with this all the time.” She untied her top and lay on her belly. She wasn't careful about keeping herself covered as she flattened her towel.

“Do you like seeing my breasts, Bill?” She smirked, turned her head away, and was still.

Soon, the girls joined us on the deck. Each followed Caitlin's lead, untying their tops and holding them against themselves carelessly to smooth their towels before lying down. Kiersten took the lounge on the other side of me from Caitlin. The brunette saw me turn my head toward her, and propped herself up on her elbows, her breasts exposed to me. “More sunblock, please?”

I got up, willing myself to not grow. Kiersten leaned back to give me the tube, smiling, since she saw where my eyes went. Carefully, I straddled her to work on her back.

Her ass moved under me the whole time. She wriggled, trying to rub me with it, cooing softly as I massaged her skin. When I was done, I gave her a playful smack on the bottom. I told myself there was nothing sexual about it. The surprised, naughty grin I got from Kiersten said she knew the truth.

“Me next, Dad,” Jamie called. I saw the shape of her lips between her slightly spread legs through her thin, tight suit. Do I dare to straddle her? I didn't trust her to not reach around and grab me.

She didn't, but insisted I put sunblock on her butt. When I was done, I wanted to scamper to my lounge and lie on my belly.

“Bill, I burn right away,” fair-skinned Melody said. “Do me next.”

Considering her words from the night before, I halted for a second. No. She wants sun-block. If I did it right, I could straddle her but not touch her ass. It was hard on my thigh muscles, but that gave me something to think about other than the muscle that was already dangerously hard. Done with Melody, I headed to my chair.

“Not so fast,” Caitlin said. “I don't want freckles. You did the girls. You can do me.”

Why was she teasing me? WAS she intentionally teasing me, or was I a total pervert? I sure as hell felt like one, straddling this petite woman's body, one many teenagers would kill for, fighting the urge to rub my hard cock on it. Do her? In a heartbeat!

No! Having an illicit affair with another man's wife, the mother of one of my daughter's best friends, could get awkward. I tried to write a grocery list in my head to keep my composure while smoothing cream into Caitlin's bare back. When I got to her waist, she wriggled under me to pull her suit bottoms down a little, giving me a clear view of the top of her ass crack.

“Do me there, too, Bill,” she giggled softly.

I spent much of the afternoon lying on my belly, swimming, or sitting with a towel in my lap. Every time I felt myself going blessedly flaccid, someone did something. Jamie was first. She rolled over onto her back and arranged the cups of her little suit to cover her, but didn't tie it. She apparently dozed off, because she shifted position. The suit didn't.

Melody noticed and saw me looking. She got off her lounge chair holding her top over herself, and bent over my daughter, showing me her little butt in her white bikini. I fantasized that I could see her sex and her little pucker through it. She re-arranged the pieces of yellow polka-dot cloth, and then flashed me a smokey smile. She knew damn well what I was admiring on both of them.

Caitlin turned her head in time to catch me squirming around on my chair, trying to find a position where I wasn't lying so uncomfortably on my again quite hard cock. She grinned. “Your daughter has beautiful breasts, doesn't she? And that little tushie on Melody – I'm so glad she inherited my best feature.” Then she closed her eyes.

Mine opened when a cup of cold water hit my back. “What the hell?”

“Nap time is over, Bill. Come and soak with us,” Caitlin said. My eyes followed her ass in that tiny turquoise suit over to the spa area at one corner of the pool. It was now in the shade. I must have slept for hours.

The girls were already crowded in the round spa. Caitlin indicated the vacant space between herself and Melody. I checked for a wardrobe malfunction, grabbed my towel, and joined them.

Soaking did feel good. We talked about high school, the differences between how it was for them and for people of their parents' generation. The conversation drifted to dating and social events.

“Why don't any of you have a boyfriend? Why don't you go on dates?” Caitlin asked.

“Mom, please, we've been through this,” Melody fumed.

“Oh, I know your answer, honey. 'They're all immature and think with their dicks.' Right?”

Melody nodded.

“What about you, Jamie? Have you even been on a date? Not a group date, where two carloads of kids go to the movies. A date with just you and a guy alone?” Caitlin asked.

“A few. Not with the same guy twice, though,” Jamie answered.

“Why not?”

“It didn't feel right. I kissed a couple of them goodnight, but they never asked again, so it mustn't have felt right to them either.”

“So you don't have much experience with men. You're a virgin,” Caitlin stated.

I felt Melody grab my knee under the water. It wasn't a sexual gesture at all. She was nervous. “Mom, do you think you should be asking those kinds of questions?”

“Why? Because Bill's here?”

“I'll answer,” Jamie said. “No, I'm not a virgin. Dad knows who the guy is. That's all I'm going to say.”

The only sound was the bubbles bouncing off our skin until Caitlin said, “Guess I over-stepped my bounds there. I'm sorry, Jamie.”

“I'm not,” my daughter said. “He's a good man.”

“So!” Kiersten exclaimed, suddenly animated. “Let's plan a beach weekend before classes start!”

The girls huddled together to conspire. Melody's little hip wasn't against mine any more, but Caitlin pressed in closer. “If Melody said that in front of Doug, he'd have a stroke. You're a pretty cool dad. Do you think she was prepared? I don't mean protection – she sure as hell doesn't look pregnant. I mean emotionally prepared, able to enjoy it?”

Choosing my words carefully, I said, “I think she was okay with it. She said she was.”

“You actually talked to her about it?”

“You have to understand, I'm both her mom and her dad. Melody talks to you about stuff, or you have girl-talk sessions, don't you?”

“Melody and I are very close. How do you think I know she'd give herself to you? So yes, I do understand and I admire you for it. I'm sure you don't know the part number for the carburetor re-build kit for a '57 Ford, and I doubt you're as good with a shotgun as Doug, but what you are is more of a man.” Her hand slid up my thigh. “I've known you a long time. We should be better friends.”

For some reason, I looked at Jamie. Her eyes were on Caitlin's hand, and then she looked at me. With an evil grin, she reached over her shoulder and turned up the jet action in the spa until there was no way to see what was happening under the water. She turned back to me, adjusted her top so that the upper edges of her areolas were exposed, winked, and turned her attention back to her friends.

Caitlin's fingers played over the bulge in my shorts. “You need a girlfriend, or a fuck-buddy, or a girl you can make into your slut. Maybe a frustrated mommy.”

With my recent moral deterioration, I could see myself fucking another man's wife, especially a man like Doug with a wife like this. I could even see doing it in the late-day shade in their spa, but not it in front of our daughters and their friend. “You're probably right. Some day I should give that some serious thought.” I rubbed a single finger over the bit of turquoise covering her womanhood. “Not today, but some time.” I moved away, crowding in against the girls. “Is this an all-girl brain-storming session, or can the voice of reason be heard?”

Caitlin laughed. “Do you mean a male voice or an older, wiser voice? They're not always the same thing.”

The girls shared their plans, I laid out rules I already knew Jamie would follow on her own, and Caitlin agreed as Melody nodded.

Kiersten said, “Don't worry about me. I know how to behave. I've seen what guys are like from going to some of my sister's pageants and modeling gigs. That's where I learned that smart girls travel in packs. Six eyes, six ears, three phones, thirty fingernails and maybe three pairs of cute shoes? We'll be fine.”

We soaked and talked about summer and school as the sun sank. “Anyone know what time it is?” Caitlin asked.

Starting feel a little water-logged, I got out and dried myself enough to look at my phone. “Almost seven.”

“Doug should be home soon.”

“Uh oh, I'd better get out of this bikini before Daddy gets here,” Melody said, climbing from the spa and wringing out her hair as she came toward the chairs.

“Yeah, your dad might not like seeing us looking like big girls,” Jamie laughed. Soon the girls were dry enough to go inside to change.

Caitlin came over to me, her nipples very erect under the her skimpy top in the cooling evening air. She dried her hair, arms and legs, and then stripped off her suit to dry the rest of her. After an agonizingly long time, she wrapped the towel around herself and came to stand directly in front of me. “I meant what I said. We should be better friends.” She had just given me something more than a friendly peck on the lips when the girls came bustling outside.

“I'm making burgers on the grill tonight, Dad. Do we have charcoal?” Jamie asked as the girls marched past us, heading to the car.

“Do you like burgers?” I asked.

“Yes, but I should get dressed and start dinner for Doug. Maybe a rain-check? Or drinks some time?

“We could,” I said, as an impatient teen tooted my horn.

“Sounds like the Musketeers are hungry,” Caitlin laughed. “I'll see you later.” She turned and went in the house.

When we got home, I started the grill while the girls went upstairs to change and shower. Kiersten and Melody came down together, wearing oversized t-shirts and pajama pants. “The shower should be free. Jamie went in her room to get dressed when we came out.”

A few minutes later, done with a quick shower, I pulled back the curtain, water in my eyes, and groped for my towel. A hand gave it to me.

“Melody says her mom wants you really bad.”

“Jamie, should you be here while your friends are outside?”

“Should I get them?”


“You had a good time today, didn't you, Dad?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Melody said she kissed you. She said you kissed her back.”

“I grabbed her ass, ground on her, and palmed a boob, too. Jamie, what's wrong with me?”

“From what I can see, not much.” She ran a finger from the base of my half-hard cock, along the underside to the tip, slowly circling the glans a single time. Then she gave me a peck on the cheek and left the bathroom.

As well as I could, I pushed my mind to other things and got dried and dressed. I put on baggy camp shorts and a very long baseball shirt and went downstairs.

The minute I opened the patio door, my mouth started watering. Jamie was doing a masterful job, the coals just right for her home-made pub-burgers. The smell of the onions and peppers baking inside the meat made me suddenly ravenous. Then I saw the ears of corn, slow-roasting on the edge of the grill.

All four of us pigged out, a traditional backyard cook-out. The girls tried to coax me into a game with a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee, but I was too full. I sat in my favorite chair on the deck and watched kids at play. When it was completely dark, they even ran around catching fireflies. How odd, considering that the sexual feelings between us had been so intense a few hours earlier.

They insisted I stay up late with them playing cards. We started with Pinochle, but Kiersten wasn't that good, so we found another deck and played Blackjack. Hearts was next, followed by Texas Hold 'Em. After an hour of that, Melody said, “Let's play for money. Everyone seems pretty well-matched.”

“If we're betting, let's play something like Three-Card Draw, and nothing more than penny ante,” I suggested.

The girls agreed, with each of us putting an imaginary dollar in the kitty, since we didn't have nearly enough pennies. Score was kept on a piece of paper, and we agreed that we would only play until we lost our dollar.

Jamie dealt. For a while, things were pretty even, all of us winning and losing hands. Melody won a few in a row but got reckless, betting too high on hands she should have thrown in early. She was down to only a few cents in no time.

I dealt, won a small amount from each girl, and dealt again. When it was Melody's turn to bet, she said, “I think I'm broke. Does that mean it's strip poker now?” She started to pull up her top.

I threw in the three aces I had been dealt and stood up. “Bed time for me. Try to keep it to a dull roar.”

The next morning, after breakfast, Caitlin called. “Bill, could I talk to Melody? She's not answering her cell.”

“She's right here.” I handed Melody the phone.

“Mom, I'm sorry. I left my charger at home.... No.... No.... NO!... Yes, I'm fine.... Yes, I was going to call you after breakfast.... Okay, bye.” She handed the phone back to me. “Mom and Dad are taking me to Grandma's for a birthday luncheon. It's a traditional thing. Cake and ice cream, the whole nine yards.”

Melody left with her parents soon after that, and my daughter took Kiersten home after a lunch of salads and homemade bread on the deck. When she got back, Jamie said, “Melody's upset, you know.”

“About what?”

“She thinks she's not sexy, because you left the poker game last night.”



“This is out of control. I groped her yesterday, but when she was going to take her top off for me, I bolted. But what was I supposed to do? Sit there and play strip poker with my daughter, another teenager I'm fucking, and still another girl who has pretty much said to my face that she wants me to screw her?”

“Don't forget Caitlin. We all saw where her hand was in the pool when we were ducking you, and I saw it again in the spa.”

“Melody knows her mom played with me?”

“She won't say anything to her dad, but she told us she really feels like a little girl now, when the guy she likes gets turned on by her mother,” Jamie scolded.

“So now what?”

“I don't know. Let's talk about it in bed, Dad. I think I can turn you on, too.”

In the shower later, Jamie kissed my tired face. “Now I feel better. I can't believe you filled me all three places in one session.”

When I left for work she was still asleep, nude in my bed. That evening, we had a quick dinner together before she had to leave for her first night at her job at the burger place. She posed in the doorway, smiling in her uniform, and then drove away. Less than a minute later, a knock came at the door. I opened it.

Caitlin walked past me into the living room, sitting on the couch. “Close the door and come here.”

I didn't know where this was going when I sat down next to her.

“Do you know what Melody got from the girls for a birthday present?”


“How do you know? Did you help pick it out? Were you there when she opened it? Did you watch her use it?”

“All right, look. Here's what happened.” I told Caitlin the entire story of the events of that night, except for the part about me having a wicked boner.

“Do you think the girls played with each other?”

“I don't know. Kiersten and Jamie made out, apparently. Your daughter dared them to do that.”

“And they were all naked.”

“Sounded like it.”

“You didn't look?”

“No! I wasn't going to spy on three naked teenage girls playing sexy games, when one of them was my daughter!”

“You could have looked at the other two.”

“Well, yeah.”

“I walked in on Melody playing with her new toy, moaning your name. Did you fuck her?”


“She told me pretty much the same things you just did, and she said you didn't. Why not?”

“I,... Caitlin, that wouldn't be,... It would be so,... I mean,...”

“You really want to, don't you? I saw the toy she can take, so if you're careful with her, she can take you. Remember, I felt your cock.” Her hand started exploring my lap. “Maybe I should take it for a test drive.” She stood up and opened her blouse, allowing it to gap so it barely hid the nipples on her bra-less breasts.

“Caitlin, I....”

“I want it, Bill. I need to have sex with a man who might be able to please me, a man I can stand to look at when he mounts me, someone I think I can make feel good in return. Doug doesn't care. He says it makes him sad that he can't please me. He told me to take a lover if the toys he buys me aren't enough. Tonight is Doug's billiards league, and Jamie's scheduled until closing. We have plenty of time.” She pulled her blouse off and started on my shirt. “Where are we going to do it? Here, or in your bed?”

“In bed.” I pulled her to her feet and crushed her against me, our mouths meeting in passion.

We wasted no time getting naked on my bed. Our hands were between each other's legs, and our tongues wrestled heatedly. Her baby-smooth pussy was soaked, and my cock throbbed in her hand.

“What do you like a woman to do in bed?”

“Enjoy herself,” I said, squeezing a second finger inside her. “I like a woman to cum.” My fingers found the patch of nerves inside her as my mouth found her nipple. I kissed it softly, slowly licking the skin around it as I gave her a light massage.

“Harder,” she moaned.

“Mouth or fingers?”

“Yes. Both.”

I was surprised at the vigorous treatment Caitlin wanted, but thrilled with the result. When my teeth grasped her nipple hard enough that I could pull it, she soaked my hand and bed, spurting her fluid as she screamed silently. She sobbed and trembled almost hysterically when she was done, clinging to me. When she relaxed, she molded herself against me, her lips busy on mine.

After a while, she pushed herself up on her elbow. “You have no idea how much I needed that. I've squirted exactly twice in my life before, once with Doug on our first anniversary, and once on our fifth. Lately, every time I've pestered him enough that he lets me use him, I still have to finish myself off afterward.”

She looked down to my engorged manhood. “I haven't done this in years.” She got to her knees and turned, supporting her upper body on one arm between my legs. The fingers of her free hand played with me, stroking me, teasing the tender skin of my sack, tickling their way up and down my shaft.

A glistening droplet appeared.

She grinned mischievously. “Will you look at that? Don't want it to drip.” Her tongue wiped me clean. “Mmmm. I know where your first load is going.”

She attacked me, sucking and mouthing me as vigorously as I had fingered her. She stopped to give her jaw a rest, perfect timing for me. I didn't want to cum that soon.

“Get over here,” I said, picking her up and arranging her sex over my face. “Now, let's have some fun.”

This time, she bathed it with her tongue, jacking it, spitting on it, and licking it clean. Her aroma was different from the younger girls I had been with recently, like a clean, sweet woman instead of a girl. Her flavor was richer, bolder, maybe even better.

Caitlin seemed to remember her old technique well, challenging me with her mouth and hands. I ate her for all I was worth, speeding up when she did and then slowing down with her. I kneaded her slender ass in my hands. When my hips started moving on their own, she moaned, fondled my balls, and sucked, bobbing rapidly until the first blast hit her tongue, and then slowing, jacking me, helping my spasms.

Her clit rigid between my lips, she groaned a long, heartfelt orgasm. Her moans subsided, and she dismounted, turning to cuddle against me. “I wasn't sure I could swallow all that. When was your last blowjob?”

“Not sure.” A complete fabrication, since Jamie had milked me into her mouth the day before. “How long since you came on a man's tongue?”

“Too long,” she murmured, kissing me again. “How long has it been since you were inside a woman?”

“Years.” Technically true. Before Jamie and I went crazy, it HAD had been a very long time, and I still couldn't think of her and Kiersten as women.

“It won't be too much longer,” Caitlin teased, stroking my new-found virility. “I want you on top.”

She massaged me with her hands, rolling on her back and presenting herself to me, and helping me aim. My re-awakened cock pried her lips apart and pushed into her chamber. I was surprised to find it nearly as tight as a newly-deflowered teen – hot, wet, gripping me, and in a very short time, clamping down on me.

“Yes,” she whispered as I hit bottom. “So much bigger than Doug. So hard inside me. Fuck me really deep.”

I pushed myself into her slowly, penetrating as deeply as I could, rocking on her, enjoying her hot tongue on mine, and then eased back so I could do it again. Her hips moved to help me, but her small tits still pointed impatiently to the ceiling. Even when our thrusts became more forceful, her firm mounds barely rocked with the motion.

“Making love like this makes me feel young again, Bill. But I'm a big girl. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

We pounded at each other, my cock ramming itself into her firm depths, her feet pulling on my asscheeks and her nails tearing at my back. This time, when she came, she wailed loudly, like an old mechanical siren. I emptied myself into her, excess oozing out around the seal our flesh made. Mindful of my weight on her, I rolled us so she was on my belly, still impaled on me, her breasts on my chest, while I played with her hair.



“I'm glad we did that.”

“Will you be tomorrow?”

“Definitely. I may not be walking right, but I'll be glad. Jamie works the same schedule tomorrow, doesn't she?


“Doug will probably be home, but I'll send Melody over. She probably won't be able to handle what you just gave me, but take good care of her.”


Jamie here.

This “wantsomefun” guy who's writing dad's memoirs could tell you more, but he says one forty-ish guy taking on four nymphos at once is not believable, so he won't tell you about the beach trip Dad and Caitlin chaperoned for us.

College is great. There are tons of hot guys, and I may just go out with some of them. I study in my room, but I sleep with Dad. Kiersten visits when she's not with her boyfriend, and Melody spends time here when she comes home from college. Caitlin and Dad still have fun.

Wait. What's that, Dad?

Oh. He wants me to properly thank wantsomefun for telling our story. Something about spit-roasting?

Gotta go!





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