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Hi there. Once again I had some free time to write the third part of this story. This story will contain incest. If anybody does not like this or does not want to read about it please read something else. Now have fun and enjoy it.
Last time, Chris and I had a little bit of fun. After he watched Sarah‘s and my action, Chris told me his feelings. Because of that and of my feelings for him we started a little action as well. Nothing special, just satisfying each other.


When I woke up next morning it was ten in the morning. I got ready putting on a nice bikini and went for breakfast.

Dad was sitting at the table reading a newspaper while Chris was playing with his Xbox. Mom and Sarah were in the kitchen preparing pancakes.

„Good morning Dad. Hey Chris.“

„Good morning sweety.“ answered my dad while Chris only smiled „Morning sleep-head.“

All were dressed in swimwear because it was one of our rituals to go to the beach after breakfast.

When Sarah came in with the first pile of pancakes she smiled at me knowing and put the plate down.

Mom appeared with another pile of delicious pancakes and we started to eat. We chatted a bit about this and that and finally we went down to the beach.

Dad and Chris were wearing those loose swim shorts while mom and Sarah wore some nice looking bikinis.

After a little sun-bath dad and Chris got their surf boards and went into the water.

Mom was reading a book while Sarah and I were chatting.

„I am off in the water! Steph, wanna join me? “

„Not yet Sarah. I would like to tan a bit more but if you want you can go. I‘ll join you later. “

„O.K.“ - With that Sarah sprang up and went into the waves.

Some minutes after Sarah left mom put her book down and looked at me.

„Sweety, I have to talk to you.“

„What‘s up, mom?“

„Please don‘t be angry but I have to talk to you about last night... After going to bed I wanted to drink something so I once again got up and headed to the kitchen. But when I entered the living room I could hear you speaking about ‚watching each other and the whole masturbation-thing. Then I could see how you gave your brother that awesome blowjob... At first I thought it was not real but then your brother blew his load onto your face... I... I couldn‘t believe that...“

I instantly went bright red.

„Ohhh... mom... I‘m sorry. I don‘t know why we...“

„At first I was shocked. I straight went back to bed. Lying there I began to think of what I saw. I have to say that I lay there a long time thinking.“

„Mom, I swear that this was the first and last time we did something like that. I am so sorry and I feel ashamed.“

„I am ashamed and sorry as well. This morning I made a conclusion. If it is true what Chris and you talked about I will not tell dad what I saw. It seems that you have a crush for your brother and he has one for you. If you like you can do as you want but please, don‘t let Sarah or dad see what I saw.“

„What? Are you kidding? You are not furious or angry? Why?“

„Because once I was your age as well and I have a brother as well...“

„Mom, now you are kidding, right? You and uncle Tom? Really?“

„Yes, really. It was almost the same situation. But we were not caught... Steph, you have to swear by your life that this talk will never reach your fathers ears. Otherwise I will tell him all I saw.“

„I swear.“

„This is the best for all of us.“

„Thank you, mom. I love you.“

This conversation with my mom was one big turn on. I don‘t know why but I got horny as hell. I noticed that warm feeling down in my pussy and I knew that I was wet like hell. I hoped that mom would not see the spreading dark spot in my crotch.

„Steph, I would like to show you that I really mean what I told you so I will tell you another story. Not now but maybe this evening. But to get you a little excited: At university I had my first lesbian experiences.“

With that mom took her book up again and started to read.

I could not believe what she told me. All these pictures circled through my mind and I got hornier and wetter every second.

The only thing I could do to cool down a bit was swimming so I went into the water.

The cool water helped but every time I looked to the beach mom smiled at me and those pictures came back.

In the afternoon we went back to our house. All day I was horny as hell but could not masturbate so first thing I did was hitting the shower with my purple friend wrapped in my towel.

I locked the door of the bathroom and went straight into the shower. Warm water was running down my body when I finally had some time to fuck.

My pussy lips were red and swollen. Pussy juices rand down my inner tights and were mixing with the water.

I needed no foreplay so I immediately started to rub and pinch my clit violently.

In no time I was moaning.

I lined up the head of my dildo with my gapping pussy and rammed it in with one hard stroke.
Its head smashed against my cervix and shot pain but also lots of pleasure through my body.

I had to cum so badly that I started fucking me as deep and hard as possible.

Within seconds I was near the edge and in that moment a picture shot into my mind.
A picture of my mother licking and finger-fucking my arching pussy.

This was too much and I started screaming and buckling. Hot cum shot out of my pussy and my legs spasmed as I slit down the wall still that monster deep inside me.


I heard knockings on the door and Sarah‘s voice calling for me.

I slowly opened my eyes. Sitting in the shower that dildo still inside me was a damn fucking good feeling.

„Hey baby-sis. Everything‘s O.K.! I‘ll be out in some minutes!“

I tried to stand up but my legs were still wobbling so I just sat there water running down my body.

Finally I made it out of the shower, dried myself and left the bathroom.

Sarah was standing in front of the door with fear in her eyes.

„What happened?“

„Everything‘s fine, I promise. What happened? Just the same as last night. That‘s all.“

Sarah smiled at me and showed me her towel in which her little rocket lay.

„I see you like it and you are not afraid anymore. That‘s fantastic.“

She just smiled a devilish smile and went into the bath.
I went into our room and changed in something comfortable.
I chose short shorts, bra and top but no panties.

Mom and dad prepared dinner when I came into the living room so I helped them.
Shortly after Sarah came in everything was ready and we ate.
This time it was Sarah‘s, Chris‘ and my duty to clean up everything.

After we were done dad called all of us together and told us that tonight he would like to go to the cinema.

Mom looked and smiled at me.

„That‘s nice but I don‘t want to watch such a stupid action or thriller movie. If it is O.K. with you I would like to stay here.“

„Dad, as mom said, I don‘t like those films either. I would like to stay here as well. Mom and I will have a ladies night with nail polish and we will watch a nice romantic movie you don‘t like.“

„O.K. Chris, Sarah, get ready for tonight‘s show. We will drive in a few minutes. And you girls...“, dad looked at mom and me „Have a nice girls night.“

Both mom and I answered as one: „Believe us, we will have lots of fun.“

As soon as Chris, Sarah and dad left our house mom carried a bottle of wine and two glasses into the living room.

„As I said, we will have a nice, dirty and maybe horny evening with stories.“

„Mom, let me guess. You told dad that he should take Chris and Sarah to the cinema, right?“

„Maybe... But back to the beach topic… I will tell you a little story about my first lesbian experiences at university... But first I would like to know if you had something with a girl already.“

„Yes mom, with Kathy...“

„Kathy? Kathy Jankins? Now, I‘m jealous. She is your hottest friend...“

„What the fuck, Mom? Don‘t tell me that you ‚like‘ her... And why are you turning red?“

„Well, darling... You should know that I am at least a bit bi. As I said all started at the university.“

Mom told me the story of her first lesbian relationship. It was her lesbian roommate Christine with whom she was in love for over two years. She taught my mom almost everything about eating out a girl or the proper usage of toys. When Christine broke up, mom wasn‘t that sweet little girl anymore. From that point on started to date both, male and female until she met dad. But although she married dad she sometimes thought naughty things about girls and women she saw.

While mom told me this story I once again got horny. My pussy started to moisture and soon I was dripping wet.

Because of the fact that I did not wear any panties the crotch of my shorts were darkening in no time. I tried to hide it at first but when she began to speak about her sexual activities I couldn‘t stand it any longer and I started to caress my breasts.

At first I caressed myself slowly through the fabric of my shirt and bra but soon after that my hand got under my shirt.

Mom must have seen it because she laid one of her hands slowly onto my tits.

„Seems that my little girl like girls as well... don‘t you? Would you feel more comfortable if you would pull your shirt off?“

With that mom pulled up her own shirt and tossed it away.

There she sat next to me. Mom did not wear any bra but her tits were full and tight. Her pink nipples surrounded by those nice darker areoles were hard and erected.

I was speechless and all I could do was staring at her beautiful tits while I tossed my shirt away as well.

Mom‘s hand reached behind my back and in under two seconds she opened my bra and threw it down to my shirt. Her hand reached out and started to play with my nipples.

When her fingers touched me I couldn‘t do anything but moan. This feeling was so amazing way more sensitive than Chris‘ or anyone else.

I had to feel my mom’s tits. So I reached out and touched her nipple. I took it between my fingertips and started to turn them a bit.

I could feel that her nipple got even harder so I began to tickle and pinch them a bit.

From the expression in her face I saw that she loved it. She closed her eyes and licked her lips softly.

„Ohhh god... my little princess... I can‘t believe what we are doing... Please don‘t stop... This feels so good...“

„Mommy... I love you. I can‘t say how long I wanted to do this... Your tits are beautiful... And your nipples... I would like to kiss and suck them...“

„Don‘t talk, just do it.“

With that I bend forward and placed a kiss right onto her nipple. After that I started caressing it with my tongue while I was softly sucking.

From the moans mom made she was in heaven. I had to moan as well because her fingers not anymore played with my nipples but pinched and pulled them.

Suddenly I noticed her other hand unbuttoning my shorts. Before I realized what was happening her hand was deep inside my shorts beginning to massage my slit.

„Ohhh... you are a naughty lil princess, right? Wearing no panties... But I guess you got that from me...“ mom moaned.

My slit was now not only dripping wet but like a waterfall.

I started to suck moms nipple harder while one hand pinched her other nipple. With my free hand I made my way down to her shorts and unbuttoned it as well. Then I pushed my hand right onto her slit only to notice that she was wearing no panties as well.

„Mom, I got that naughtiness definitively from you... and the preferences for hot girls...“

Mom smiled and entered my fuck hole with two fingers.

„Ohhhhhh...“ was all I could say.

Slowly she started finger-fucking my pussy while caressing my clit with her thumb.

„You‘ll get that back.“ So I pushed three fingers into her and started to hump her.

Mom pulled her hand out of my shorts and I thought 'fuck, that‘s it!‘ but I was wrong.

„Get up and follow me. And pull down your shorts they are only annoying. Where we will go now you won‘t need them.“

Mom stood up and let her shorts fall down. She stepped out of them and gave me a hand.

„Come on, lil princess. This will be real girl fun.“

We went to the master‘s bedroom and mom pushed me down onto the bed.

Immediately two of her fingers were back in my pussy while her other hand’s fingers pinched my nipple. With her tongue she sucked on my other nipple until I started moaning again.

Her fingers fucked me hard and deep and searched for my g-spot.

When she found it waves of pure lust and pleasure shot through me and I started cuming.

I began to squirt gush after gush onto her fingers while I screamed.

After I calmed down she pulled her fingers out and licked them clean.

„You are so tasty... I missed this for such a long time. Please give me back that pleasure... I really need it now.“

Mom laid next to me and spread her legs showing me her perfect pussy. Her outer lips were swollen and open.

I licked my fingers wet and buried three of them deep in my mom‘s cunt.

„Sweety, do me, please!“

So I started to hump her deeper and harder. Mom pushed her hips against my hand every time I pushed into her.

„Please, one more finger. I want to be filled...“

I was a bit scared but did as she said so I inserted one more finger and quickened up a bit.

Mom almost screamed in pleasure „Fist me! Fist your mom‘s waiting cunt! Do it!“

I couldn‘t believe what I did next but I pushed in my thumb in as well. Forming a fist in her womb I began to pump her like that.

Her pussy stretched as I fucked her with my fist but mom seemed to like it that way.

In no time mom‘s eyes rolled back and she began to buckle. Her legs shot up and she started to quirt.

Big fountains of her pussy juice shot out and covered my arm, body and face.

When mom finally stopped cuming the bed sheets were soaked completely.

I pulled out my hand and collapsed right next to her drifting away to sleep.

I don‘t know how long we lay there but I woke up when someone kissed me.

When I opened my eyes I saw my mom‘s face smiling at me.

„I have to thank you sweety. This was so fucking amazing... I would like to do this again...“

„Mom, I have to thank you as well. This was unbelievable and I would like to do this again as well...“

We kissed each other‘s passionately and tongued a bit until mom looked at the clock.

„Oh fuck... We should clean up as soon as possible. Movie will be over soon and we have to prepare everything for our girl‘s night. Put nail polish and everything else in the living room... I will clean up here...“

„OK mom... and... I love you!“

to be continued...


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