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The Ghost-Boy Chronicles 9

Visions Part 1

“And then, the milk started shooting out of his nose.”

Danny, Sam & Tucker all share a laugh over Tucker’s story as they sit in a booth as the Nasty Burger. It’s a peaceful day for Danny as he hangs out with his friends. There’ve been no ghost attacks all day, and he’s been able to appreciate this moment without worry of the whole town being put in danger. He’s about to thank his friends for the great day he’s having, but nothing comes out. He tries to talk, but his vocal chords do nothing and he stays silent. He can’t speak. Tucker & Sam look at Danny, wondering what’s wrong with him when suddenly; a loud slashing sound is heard. Sam shoots forward, and then just freezes in place. Her eyes slowly go dead, then she falls forward onto the table, showing 3 brutal claw marks across her back. Shadowy figures begin to rise from the ground and surround the three, as Danny jumps to his feet and checks on Sam. She doesn’t respond, and she doesn’t move. Danny yells out to her, but his voice still doesn’t work. As loud as he tries to yell, there’s nothing but silence. Finally, he lets it all out in one giant scream.


The pitch of Danny’s voice is loud enough to trigger his Ghost Wail, which shakes his entire bedroom like a massive earthquake. He quickly covers his mouth, stopping himself before he does any more damage. He looks at his clock, noticing that it’s 6am in the morning. “Oh, man. What a nightmare.” He says. “But…it felt so real. Almost like…”

He reaches over and grabs his phone, dialing Sam’s number. After a few rings, she finally picks up. “Hello?”

“Hey Sam, it’s me.” He says. “Are you OK? Is everything alright?”

“Uh, yeah Danny.” Sam says. “Why do you ask?”

He’s about to tell her why, but thinks that she might worry if she knows about his dreams. “Uh…no reason. Just wanted to check up.”

“Danny, it’s 6 in the morning.” She says. “People don’t call at this time just to check up. They call for a Booty Call and…wait, is this a Booty Call? Because my parents are sound sleepers and we can…”

“Um, I think I’m getting another call.” Danny quickly hangs up on her, and breathes a sigh of relief. “Whoa. Sam’s really been horny lately. Like she’s been drinking Spanish Fly regularly.” He pulls himself out of bed and stands, stretching & yawning. “Well, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more sleep. Better get ready for school.”

2 Hours Later…

Danny rushes down the stairs with his backpack over his shoulder, ready to go to school. But as he hits the bottom of the stairs, he hears a familiar, annoying voice. “Stop right there, you!” He stops in front of the door, as Jazz comes out from the kitchen and approaches him.

“What is it this time, Jazz?” Danny asks.

She takes him into the Den and begins talking low. “Look, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Mom’s been acting extra-suspicious ever since Skulker attacked our home.”

“Jazz, Mom’s a ghost hunter.” Danny says. “This is normal behavior. I thought you would’ve been use to it by now.”

“No! It’s not about Skulker!” She says. “She’s been doing research and I think it’s about you. But everytime I ask about it, she quickly changes the subject. I think she’s close to finding out that you’re Danny Phantom.”

“You are overreacting.” Danny counters, just as Maddie walks into the room, carrying notes & documents. “There she is, I’ll ask her myself.” He turns his attention to his mother. “Hey Mom, what’cha got there?”

“Hurry off to school, Danny. You’ll be late.” She says, not bothering to make eye contact as she continues into the basement. Danny’s a little surprised how quick she brushed him off, but pays it no mind.

“See what I mean?” Jazz says.

“She’s probably deep in some Ghost Investigation with Dad or something.” He says. “You know how they get. Now I’m going to school. Unless you think Bigfoot’s gonna be my Substitute Teacher today.”

Jazz scowls at Danny’s comment as Danny walks out the door. He joins Tucker outside and the two start to walk to school. Back in the Fentonworks basement, Maddie sits down in front of the computer and places the documents to the side. She types in ‘Ghost-Boy’ on the keyboard, and instantly Google draws up 100’s of photos of Danny. She looks at the side of the monitor at a recent photo of Danny, in his human form.

“Is it possible?” She asks herself, as she thinks back to the day where she & Jack battled Skulker, and Danny called her Mom. “Could my son be…the Ghost-Boy? I have to see if there’s a connection. I have to know.”

Back outside, Danny continues on his way to school with Tucker. “Hey, where’s Sam?” Danny asks.

“She said she had to attend some protest about Nasty Burger.” Tucker replies. “So she’ll meet us up at school.”

“Oh. Hey, have you noticed a change in Sam lately?” He also asks. “I mean it’s like…like…”

“Like she drinks a 12-pack of Red Bull every morning?” Tucker says. “Yeah. I don’t get it either. She’s definitely way too peppy & horny for a Goth.”

Before they can discuss the subject further, a large flat-screen HDTV comes flying out of the window of an Electronics store. It lands right in front of them, without a single scratch on it. “OK. This has got to be the luckiest day of my life.” Tucker says, grinning from ear to ear. But the grin gets wiped away when a Microwave lands on top of the TV, shattering the screen & rendering it useless. He drops to his knees in disbelief. “WHY ARE THE GODS SO CRUEL???”

Danny hops over the TV & Microwave and looks through the window to see Technus wreaking havoc inside of the store. He ducks into a nearby alley and goes through his transformation. “I’M GOING GHOST!!!” A flash of light engulfs him, and a moment later, he emerges in his Ghost Mode. He charges into the store and confronts Technus.

“Let me guess, you’re waiting in line with everyone else for ‘Doomed 2’?” He asks smugly.

“Ah, it is the Ghost Child.” Technus says.

“Seriously, why does every villain keep calling me child?” Danny asks, getting annoyed. “I’m old enough to drive for ghost’s sake.”

“Drive. YES! Thank you for that splendid idea!” Technus uses his powers to take control over dozens of hard drives. He lifts them into the air and fires them at Danny, who drops to the ground and puts up a Ghost Shield to protect himself & Tucker. “Foolish youngster. Your shield will not hold up to the awesome might & power of Technus 2.1!”

“He’s right, the shield’s not working.” Danny says, feeling the shield about to break. “But I’m betting he hasn’t updated his files on me just yet.” He deactivates his shield and dives out of the way of Technus’ attack. He begins to bait Technus in again, waiting for him to attack. Once he does, Danny unleashes an Ice Beam at the Hard Drives, freezing them solid and making them drop harmlessly to the ground.

“Well, I guess you just froze Technus’ Hard Drives, huh?” Tucker says, grinning.

“Uh, Tucker? Leave the Super Villain Jokes to me.” Danny says.

“You may think you have defeated me, Ghost Child.” Technus warns. “But it will take more than your ‘Cool’ powers to defeat Technus 2.1.”

“OK, he says things like that, and you’re criticizing my jokes?” Tucker asks. Before Danny can respond, Technus raises his hand into the air and channels all of the electricity in the store. Danny begins to figure out what he’s about to do, and tries push Tucker out of the way.

“Tucker! MOVE!” He shoves Tucker, but the exact instant he makes contact with him, Technus fires a bolt of lightning, shocking the two and sending them flying across the store. They land hard on the floor, and Danny springs back to his feet. “I gotta end this before me & Tucker become lightning rods again.”

He takes to the air and starts taunting Technus. “So what’s your plan this time?”

“Oh no, you will not fool me again.” Technus says. “I will not tell you my plan to use the technology from this store to build a gigantic robot so I can take over the world. I will…aw, nuts.”

“New upgrades, same old Technus.” Danny zooms behind him and connects with a haymaker before Technus can fire off another lightning blast. As Technus flies through the air, Danny pulls out the Fenton Thermos and opens it, aiming it at him. The Thermos begins to pull Technus into it, until he’s finally trapped inside. Danny quickly screws it shut, then goes to check on Tucker. “Tuck! Are you OK?”

“Yeah. But remind me to get the number of that bus that hit me.” He says, feeling dazed. Suddenly, Danny begins to spark like a malfunctioning appliance. He fazes in & out of sight for a moment, until finally he’s completely invisible. Tucker soon develops the same symptoms, as he fades from sight.

“Wait…what the hell?” Tucker says.

“I don’t know.” Danny replies. “I’m trying to make myself visible…but I can’t. It must’ve been Technus’ lightning strike. It’s messing with my powers.”

“But why am I affected?” Tucker asks.

“Because I was pushing you out of the way.”

“Well, this isn’t so bad.” Tucker says. “If it lasts long enough, I can live out my dream of being invisible inside the Girls’ Locker Room.”

“Tucker, get serious.” Danny says, before coming to a revelation. “That’s it. Sam! She can help us. Come on, let’s get to the school.”

15 Minutes Later…

At Casper High, Sam stands in front of Mr. Lancer’s office, being lectured by Mr. Lancer himself. Danny & Tucker, still invisible, ghosts through the walls and into the hallway where they are. Danny’s carrying a set of Fenton Goggles, which look like sunglasses, as the two watch Lancer finish up with Sam and walk away from her. Sam folds her arms over her chest, not happy about what Lancer had to say.

“So what was that all about?” Danny asks.

“AAAHHH!!! Who said that?” Sam looks around but sees nothing but a floating pair of goggles

“Sam, it’s us.” Danny says, handing her the goggles “Something happened while I was battling Technus…and now I can’t turn visible. It’s the same with Tucker, and we need your help.” Sam holds out her hands and tries to feel around for him. She’s successful when her elbow bumps into Tucker’s face.

“Whoa! Watch it!” Tucker says.

“Wow, tough day for you two.” She says, putting the goggles on. “Lancer gave me Detention just because I was a little late getting to school.”

“The Nasty Burger protest?” Danny asks.

“He has no appreciation for Freedom of Speech.” Sam says. “Plus I smelled the #5 meal all over his breath. Now you’re invisible, and I…I…” Sam begins to develop a sinister, yet seductive grin as she turns to Danny. “Hey Danny, dare ya to fuck me on Lancer’s desk.”

“I’d take that dare.” Tucker says.

“What? Wait, no. Are you crazy?” Danny says. “We could get caught by Lancer, and given like, infinite detention.”

“Well, you only live once.” She grabs hold of Danny’s arm and pulls him into the room, shutting the door behind her.

“I should leave those two lovebird alone.” Tucker says, walking away from the door. “Right now, time to indulge in a once in a lifetime dream.” He makes a beeline down the hallway, until he reaches the Girls’ Locker Room. He waits for the moment when someone walks in, then follows behind them through the door. As he enters into the Locker Room, his jaw drops down to the ground. Already there are several of his female classmates in there half-naked.

“This is more incredible than I could’ve hoped.” He thinks to himself. “The only thing that could make this more perfect is…”

He doesn’t finish his thought, because he gets his wish. Paulina is standing in front of her locker, wearing nothing but a pink towel. Tucker slowly moves behind her, admiring the curves of her body, even through the towel. She’s getting ready to go into the shower, when Tucker accidentally bumps into a Locker Door.

“Who’s there?” Paulina gasps as she turns around to see no one there. “Ghost-Boy, is that you?” She starts feeling around in the air, until she feels on Tucker’s face. “It is you. You came back.” She leans in and kisses him on the lips, holding onto him tightly. Tucker’s eyes nearly pop out of his head in shock. This was nothing close to what he was expecting. She backs away from the kiss and smiles at him.

“I knew you’d come back.” She says. “I haven’t forgotten that day.” Her hands begin to roam all over Tucker’s body, until she finds the bulge inside of his pants. “Hey, I’ve got a free period. Let’s say we spend it by having a good workout.”

Tucker feels close to fainting. “Oh, man. I’d be the biggest fool on this planet NOT to do this!” He reaches for her heart-shaped behind and begins to play with it, caressing & squeezing it to his hearts content. Paulina moans in approval as she wraps her legs around him, and begins stroking his manhood through his pants. He leans in and kisses her this time, as he squeezes tighter on her ass. Paulina runs her tongue into his mouth, and keeps it there for a good while. After a few minutes, she finally breaks the kiss, leaving a long, thin line of saliva between them.

“Mmmm, I think it’s time that we get sweaty.” She says, turning around. She lifts up her towel enough to reveal her plump, luscious ass, waiting to be entered. Tucker doesn’t waste time thinking twice. He drops his pants along with his boxers and grabs hold of his Rod as he guides it closer to her. He places the head against her warm love lips and pushes himself all the way in. She gasps at first, but then lets out a pleasurable moan as she feels him deep inside of her.

“I am living the dream.” Tucker thinks to himself. “I could die now a happy man.”

He starts pushing in & out of her slowly, trying to savor this moment as long as humanly possible. Paulina holds her towel closed as she uses her other hand to hold onto the locker door for balance. She grunts with each thrust he makes into her, as her pussy becomes wetter by the second. “Oh, Ghost-Boy!” She says. “You make me so hot.”

She takes off her towel and tosses it aside, not caring if she’s fully naked anymore. The showers are now running in the next room, just loud enough to cover the sounds of flesh pounding flesh, and scream of passion. Tucker lets his hands roam upward, and begins fondling her breasts and playing with her nipples. Paulina follows his hands and begins to guide his movements. She closes her eyes as Tucker switches position, bracing himself against the lockers. She begins to push herself onto him, taking in as much of his Cock as she can.

“OH, GHOST BOY!!!” She screams. “Your so much better than last time!”

This only swells Tucker’s ego to the size of a blimp. “Cool! I’m better than Danny!”

He’s now punishing her love box like a prizefighter hitting a punching bag. He lifts her leg up to get a better path, and speeds up his strokes. Paulina starts feeling weak in the knees, and puts her arm around Tucker’s head to hold herself up. Love juices are flowing down her leg like a waterfall, and she’s moaning and breathing heavily. Soon, she’s no longer able to hold out.

“OH, YES! YES!!!” She screams. “GHOST-BOY, I’M CUMMING!!!”

Tucker quickly pulls out of her, feeling ready to blow also. As she squirts out her love juices, Tucker covers her ass with his cum, spraying it out like a firehose. He wipes the sweat from his forehead as he tries to catch his breath. “This…is the greatest day…of my life.”

Paulina turns around and feels around for his face. Once she finds it, she kisses him once more, passionately on the lips, before backing away with a seductive grin. “Thanks, Ghost-Boy.” She tells him. “I better go get washed-up. But let’s do this again tomorrow.” She grabs her towel off the ground and runs into the shower, as Tucker just looks on.

“Dash was right, she is the best lay in school.” He says to himself. “Or at least a close tie to Sam. Speaking of them…” He pulls up his boxer & pants and straightens himself out before leaving the Locker Room. He runs down the hall back the way he came, looking for Danny & Sam.

“Hmm, I wonder if Sam actually convinced Danny to go through with it?” He asks himself.


He stops and peeks into Mr. Lancer office, only to see Sam lying on the table, legs spread, and Danny fucking the daylights out of her. “Well, guess that answers my question.”

He continues to watch through the door window. Sam’s shirt is rolled up, and her breasts are bouncing around like crazy. They’re both pouring down sweat & they’ve been like this even longer than Tucker was with Paulina. But Sam finally looks ready to hit her climax. “DANNY! DANNY, OH GOD I’M COMING!!!”

Danny pulls out of her just in time, as he sprays his load all over her inner thighs. He almost falls on top of her, but catches himself by putting his hands on the desk. They stare at each other silently for several moments, until they start hearing Lancer whistling down the hall. “OH, CRAP! LANCER!!!” Sam whispers loudly. “Quick, Danny. Turn me invisible.”

Danny grabs hold of her and tries, but to no avail. “I can’t do it.” He says. “I’m too spent. I need a minute to get my strength back.”

“We don’t have a minute, Danny!” She whispers loudly. They can hear the whistling getting closer, and Tucker decides to take action.

“Well, it looks like it’s up to Tucker Foley to save the day.” He reaches over to grab a nearby broom and holds it in the air, giving the illusion that it’s floating on it’s own. As Lancer approaches his office door, he sees the broom.

“Heh. These students with their elaborate pranks.” He says. “You can practically see the string.” He waves his arm over the broom, trying to grab the string. But instead hits Tucker’s arm.

“OW! That hurt.” Tucker blurts out, causing Lancer to freak out.

“Lord of the Flies! The school’s haunted…again!” He flees for his life off in the other direction, as Sam & Danny watch what just went on outside. They turn to each other, thinking of the same person.


“And you can thank me later.” He says, walking into the room. Suddenly, Danny & Tucker begin to spark again, like at the Electronics Store. They blink in & out of sight for a few moments, before finally becoming visible. “Huh, looks like it wore off.”

“Thank god for that.” Danny says. “So you were standing guard for us all this time?”

“What, are you kidding?” Tucker says. “I was off living the dream.”

“Let me guess, the Girls’ Locker Room?” Sam asks, straightening herself up.

“With Paulina.” Tucker says boastfully.

“You know, she probably thought that you were me.” Danny tells him.

“Yep. Still don’t care, though.” Tucker counters. Danny transforms himself back into his human form, before leaving the office with Sam & Tucker.

“Well, I’m just glad this is over.” He says. “There’s no way something worse could happen today.”

6 Hours Later…

Maddie works feverishly at her computer in the Basement of Fentonworks. She’s been there for hours, filing and discovering comparisons between her son, and the Ghost-Boy, Danny Phantom. There’s an image of Danny in his human form on the screen. Beside it, an image of him in his Ghost Form. She stops typing on her keyboard and stares at the screen, waiting for a message. A couple of moment later, she gets it. In Bright Green letter, the words ‘Identity Match’ appear right in front of her on the screen. A look of shock swarms over her face.

“Oh my god.” She says in disbelief. “How…how could I have been so blind? The late nights, the cutting curfews, my god they even look the same! My son…is the Ghost-Boy.” She pushes herself away from her computer and puts her head in her hands. She is in total shock, not knowing what to do.
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