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The Ghost-Boy Chronicles 6

Clones Gone Wild

On a Dark & Rainy night in Wisconsin, a lone figure meets up with another on a suspension bridge that stretches across a river. A streetlight shines down on the two, revealing that one is most likely a scientist, because of how he’s dressed, and the other is possibly a businessman because of his suit & trench coat.

“This is quite the unusual meeting place, isn’t it?” The Businessman says.

“Let’s just say, I wanted our meeting to be discreet.” The scientist tells him. He then picks up a briefcase and hands it over to the Businessman, who takes it and opens it up. He sees various documents, notes & blueprints. He grins and closes the case, before picking up his own briefcase & handing it over to the Scientist.

“And where do you want the money to go to?” The Businessman asks.

“VladCo Industries, my good man.” The scientist replies.

“No problem.” The Businessman says. “It’s a pleasure doing business with you, Dr. Thornton. Glad you finally decided to sell your inventions to my company.”

“Believe me, sir. The Pleasure is all mine.” The Scientist says. As he turns away to leave, his eyes begin to glow eerily. After a moment the glow fades, and he leaves the bridge.

He takes a long walk with the briefcase in hand, until after a couple of hours, he arrives at an apartment building. As walks into the building, he journeys down the stairs into the basement. He stops in front of a metal door, and after a moment it slides open to show a sophisticated laboratory, equipped with mostly ghost hunting & studying tools. At the end of the room is a Ghost Portal. Almost an exact replica of the one located at Fenton Works. He walks into the room, stopping once he reaches the center. He looks around with a sinister grin on his face, and then he begins to tremble. A moment later, a ghostly figure appears and starts to pull itself out of his body. It’s a dark, shadowy figure, at least until it’s fully freed from the Scientist. The figure then slowly reforms itself to show that it’s Vlad Masters a.k.a. Plasmius.

The Scientist begins to regain his consciousness. “Wh-what? What’s going on? This isn’t my Lab!” He says, still a little dazed. “Where am I?”

“I’m afraid you do not need to know that information.” Plasmius says. The scientist turns to him, then jumps back in horror as he sees his form. “And Dr. Thornton…you’re now of no more use to me.” With that, Plasmius shoves the Scientist towards the Ghost Portal. He stumbles through, and goes screaming into the ghost zone, unable to stop himself. Plasmius grins as he grabs a remote off of a nearby table and flips a switch, closing the door to the Ghost Portal.

“Another pawn sacrificed for the good of the game.” He says, before he turns away from the portal. He walks back over to the table, which also has blueprints and plans lain out, when he hears a voice.

“You threw him in the Ghost Zone? You know humans can’t survive inside of there.”

Vlad smiles as he looks over his plans. “Ah, always the compassionate one. I forget that’s one thing you have in common with your ‘cousin’, dear.” He presses another button on the remote, causing a platform to lower down. On the platform, trapped in a chamber, is Dani Phantom, the clone of Danny Phantom that Vlad created.

“Hmm…one of these days, I should teach you how to play chess.” He tells her.

“And when I get out, I’ll teach you how I’ll put my foot up your…” Vlad presses a third button on the remote, and Dani gets electro-shocked before she can finish her sentence. She falls to her knees, as Vlad continues.

“Just like Danny.” He says. “In fact, too much like him. And that’s the problem my ‘daughter’. You were born & raised to be his superior, yet you’re turning out just like him.”

“Thanks for the complement.” She says, as she slowly stands up, smiling at Plasmius. He looks at her with a sinister scowl.

“Don’t worry. Your similarities to young Daniel will soon be a thing of the past once I’m done…training you.” He says, growing an evil smirk on his face. “For you’ll be needed for my game of chess.”

“Training me? Chess? What do you…?” She doesn’t finish. Or rather she can’t, as Vlad increases the voltage, shocking her more. He then presses another button on the remote that activates a ventilation shaft in the chamber, and sends in a green mist. As Dani tries to fight through the pain, Vlad just watches on. No look of caring or compassion on his face…just coldness.

“Know this, my child.” He says quietly. “You are no pawn.” He watches on, as Dani fights through the shocks, she slowly begins to form a green ghostly glow around her body.

The Next Day…

In the Locker Room at Casper High School, everything seems normal. It’s lunchtime, so most everybody is outside or in the cafeteria. Except Dash & Kwan, who are having a little ‘pep rally’ Paulina. She’s on the bench deep throating Kwan’s Cock in her mouth, as Dash pounds her pussy relentlessly.

“Yeah, you like that?” Dash says. “You like it when I do it like that? You want more? What’s my name? What’s my…”

Paulina takes Kwan’s rod out of her mouth and cuts him off. “Would you shut up, Dash? You’re ruining the moment.” She says.

“Yeah, dude. Just let her work.” Kwan adds. Dash sighs and continues to drill her pussy, as Kwan shoves his Cock back into Paulina’s mouth. She goes back to working on Kwan’s Cock, but in the back of her mind, it’s not who she’s thinking about.

“Dammit, these two are twigs & amateurs compared to Inviso-Bill.” She thinks. “Where are you, Ghost-Boy? I need your Cock in me again!”

As the three go at it intensely, they don’t realize they’re being watched. A few lockers down stand Danny & Tucker. Both of them invisible, thanks to Danny’s ghost powers. Tucker raises his PDA in order to record the event, but Danny slaps his hand down.

“What’s your problem, man?” Tucker asks. “This is pure gold.”

“That’s not the point.” Danny says. “As I was saying, I think I turned Paulina into a nympho or something.”

“COOL!” Tucker says. “Think of what she’ll do for me when I offer to do her Math Homework.”

“Tucker, this is serious!” Danny says. “We have to figure out…” He stops talking when he notices he can see his breath. “Oh, no. Ghost in the school!” Danny grabs Tucker and drags him out of the locker room, leaving Paulina, Dash & Kwan back alone. Danny & Tucker ghost through the walls until they reach the Janitor’s Closet. Danny turns back solid along with Tucker and peeks out of the door to see the Box Ghost, chasing some of the students down the hall.

“Heh, this should be a piece of cake.” He says. “I’M GOING GHOST!!!” A beam of light appears at Danny’s waist, and then splits in two. One goes upward, and the other goes down. Both beams transform him into Danny Phantom, Ghost-Boy Superhero/Menace. He jumps out of the closet and faces down the Box Ghost.

“Alright, now are you gonna get into the Thermos, or do I have to waste 5 seconds of my time.” Danny says with a smirk.

The Box Ghost stops right in front of him. “Not this time, Phantom.” He says. “For I, THE BOX GHOST, have discovered my future. And you, will not be in it!”

The Box Ghost puts his hands close together and begins to create an orb of energy. After he gathers enough energy, he forms into a cube and fires it at Danny, who barely avoids the blast. Danny looks at the small crater the blast created in shock.

“Wait a minute, Box Ghost isn’t supposed to be able to do that.” He says. “That only happened when he…” Danny starts to remember to where he saw that done before. “That Box Ghost from the alternate future. But how did he learn…” He doesn’t get the chance to finish, as he spots another cube blast fired his way. He leaps out of the way and counters with a Ghost Ray. Box Ghost quickly creates a large cube shield to block the blast, giving Danny enough time to pulls out the Fenton Thermos.

“Time to end this quick!” He aims the Thermos at Box Ghost, who pushes his shield towards Danny. Danny realizes it’s another cube blast and tries to dodge it, but ends up getting hit. The Fenton Thermos is sent flying into the air, all the way down the hall…until it’s caught by Sam, who just arrived on the scene. She’s carrying a box, which she then drops to the ground and begins to stomp on.


Predictably, this infuriates him. “STOP YOUR CONTINUOUS ABUSE TO THAT NOBLE BOX!!!” He orders as he charges her. Danny, who just recovered from the blast, sees Sam distracting Box Ghost. He uses his speed to make it to Sam before he does, then grabs the Fenton Thermos.

“Here’s some more bad news for ya.” He says. “Where your going, doesn’t have any corners.”

He opens the Thermos and the Box Ghost starts to become sucked inside. He tries to fight out of it, but it’s no use. He’s sucked inside of the Thermos. The force sends Danny into Sam, then sends them both flying. They land way down the hall, with Danny on top of Sam. They lie there for a moment, as their eyes meet. Danny smiles nervously, as he notice how he’s landed. Sam begins to feel Danny’s hardening cock between her legs. Thoughts fly through her head of what she could do with Danny, but their interrupted when Tucker’s voice is heard.

“Hey, Guys!” He says, causing both of them to jump to their feet. “Uh, Danny? Maybe you should go back normal before you start another riot.”

“Good idea.” Danny says as he transforms back into his human form. He turns his attention to Sam. “Thanks for the help, Sam.”

“Hey, I was in the neighborhood.” She says, jokingly. Just then, the bell rings. Students start to file back into the school, going to their respective classes.

“School bell, better get to class.” Danny says. “See ya after school, Sam.”

Both Danny & Tucker head off to their class, which they have together. Sam stays behind, smiling & waving. As they turn the corner out of view, Sam smashes her fist into a nearby locker door.

“I was so close!” She says, referring to feeling Danny’s Cock rubbed against her. “I could’ve said something. I should’ve said something!” She calms herself down, then comes to a conclusion. “That does it. Tonight, I’m getting some Phantom in me. No matter what!”

At that moment…

Back at Plasmius’ lab, he’s just walked into the main area. The chamber holding Dani is now completely filled with the green mist, and nothing can be seen inside. He pulls out the remote from before and presses a button, which causes the green mist to get sucked out of the Chamber. He looks inside, and a huge smile forms on his face as he sees Dani, but now an older version of herself.

“What…what did you do to me?” She says, noticing a change in her body.

“I’ve made you more powerful.” He says. “You see, the problem was that you were too young for your powers to be effective against young Danny. So I’ve aged you. To be exact, you’re now the exact age that he is. Down to the very minute.”

Dani begins to notice her powers are amplified. “Yeah…I am feeling stronger.”

“And now, with your newfound strength, comes a newfound obedience to me.” He says with a grin. “And you can show that obedience, by destroying your cousin, Danny Phantom!”

As he says those words, Dani’s eyes begin to glow a green eerie glow. “Yes, Father. I will destroy Danny Phantom.”

Vlad presses a button on his remote once more, opening a secret door to the chamber and allowing Dani to walk out. She leaves the chamber, then flies out of the lab, ghosting through the walls. Vlad turns back to the table with his plans, and begins to look over them.

“And the game begins.”

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2012-08-25 00:31:09
Nice very nice I can't wait to see what happens in the next one but I really want to see how Danny helps dani it would be sad if she stayed bad and against danny. :(

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