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I thought it was time I write a little about my growing up and my discovies. This chapter does not include alot of action but does paint a pretty decent picture of the character. I hope you enjoy reading it becayse I sure enjoyed living it.

Chapter One

I was a normal boy growing up in a rural development about 15 miles from what we called “town” which was full of kids my age and both younger and older so we were always getting into mischief. I was curious like any boy my age and took an advantage of every opportunity to catch a peek of any thing sexual whether it was on a boy or girl but was really only interested in girls.
Over the past year I had wore out the pages of a no name dirty magazine I had found on the side of the road, impregnating a lot of dirty socks and wash cloths in the process.

One day while hanging out with a friend of mine who was two years older than me I had my first experience watching a porn movie he had snuck from his dad’s collection, I don’t think I have ever been as hard again as I was that day. While sitting and watching the movie my friend asked me if I ever jack off. After we both agreed that we did he surprised me by suggesting we do it right then and stood up quickly pulling his shirt over his head and pushing his shorts down allowing me to see a hard cock besides my own for the first time, I will never forget thinking how much bigger than mine it was and how much hair he had around it. He wasted no time reaching on the table beside the couch we were sitting on and getting a bottle of hand lotion. I watched as he covered his hard cock with the lotion and handed it over to me. Seeing I still had my shorts up he laid the lotion on the couch and told me not to worry he wouldn’t tell anybody about what we were doing and started stroking his lotion covered cock. My heart raced as I stood and pushed my shorts down revealing my own cock to another boy for the first time.

I had just sat down when he handed me the lotion. It seemed like it was taking forever for me to work up my load, hoping I would be able to see him shoot his load first. After catching him watching me a few times I wasn’t as worried about him catching me watch him. I can remember his words as he started to cum “Jimmy watch me cum”! when I turned my head he was stroking as hard as he could until he exploded. His hot juices shot out and covered him from his chest up leaving little drops up his neck and a big glob on his cheek. “Oh wow! I got some in my mouth.” he said as he smiled at me. As he sat back relaxed from his workout I realized I still had my shirt on and I couldn’t cum all over it my mom was sure to notice. I asked him if he had a towel or something and explained I was about to cum and couldn’t get it all over my shirt. He quickly reached for the pile of his clothes by his feet and tossed something at me, after catching it I realized he had gave me his underwear bit I didn’t have time to say anything I was about to explode myself. With his underwear wadded up in my hand I held them in front of me and released my load into them and tossed them back into the pile.

As we sat back and watched more of the movie I noticed we were both still playing with our selves. When the movie ended I watched his dick bounce as he walked to the vcr and ejected the tape and throw it on the couch. As I was pulling my shorts over my still hard cock I noticed he was dressing as well. I didn’t know what to think as I watched him pull his underwear on which were still wet with my cum and then pull his shorts on like it was nothing to him. After waiting on him to replace the video we made our way outside.

My mind raced with thoughts of what we had just done, was I gay because I liked watching him jack off. How could he just carry on wearing his cum soaked underwear and acting like nothing had happened. It wasn’t long before I started feeling uncomfortable and feeling like I needed to go home so I made up some excuse and made my way back home on my bicycle.

After that day it seemed like I was jacking off a lot more than normal, not to mention the thoughts I was having about my friend’s dick. The next time I saw my friend was a few weeks later, he wasted no time inviting me back to his house saying he had found a different movie that he wanted my to see it. It took little persuading from him to get me there. This time was a little different than the last, as soon as we got into the house he was taking his clothes off. He was completely naked before he even went to get the tape, seeing his limp dick hanging in front of him quickly made mine hard before I could get undressed. By the time he returned with the tape I was sitting on the couch completely naked playing with my hard cock. After a comment about how he knew I was ready he put the tape in the vcr and made his way to the couch.

The video started before he sit down but I was too busy watching his half hard dick swing in front of him as she walked toward me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Grabbing the bottle of lotion as he sat down and squirting it on his still limp dick and then holding it out asking me if I wanted some. As I reached for it he told me to just sit back he would get it for me and scooted closed to me. With my hands to my sides I watched him squeeze the lotion onto my swollen dick and letting out a soft moan as he sat the lotion down. Still in shock I sat and watched as wrapped his hand around my dick and started stroking it. “Do you mind if I do it for ya?“ he asked. Unable to answer I guess he took it as a yes and fell to his knees between my legs and continued stoking my dick with one hand and rubbing the lotion into my balls with the other, moaning and telling me how hard I was. The hand rubbing my balls fell between his legs as he sat back stroking his own dick with one hand and mine with his other, I was getting my first hand job.

The movie was playing on the television but my eyes were stuck on my friend stroking my dick. I didn’t know how he knew but as soon as I felt like I was gonna cum he looked me in the eyes and told me to cum for him, with his pace wide open I did just that. He stroked my dick as I shot my load all over my stomach and didn’t stop stroking until he had massaged out every last drop of my juice. With my dick still throbbing he stood tall on his knees between my legs and jerked on his dick only inches from mine, his eyes were closed as he started to shake but I watched him open them as he started shooting his load covering my dick with his cum as he jerked. He stood in front of me catching his breath as I watched his dick start to go limp falling closer to my cum covered dick. “So what do you think, does it feel better when somebody else does it?” I couldn’t deny it, getting jacked off by my friend was awesome. “Hell yeah” I said with a smile. He smiled at me and told me it would only get better.

Over the next few weeks he and I hung out with our friends in the neighborhood as normal without our experience ever being known but I found myself always wondering what was next, could I get up the nerve to jack him off too. Well before I had a chance to find out school was over and he surprised me by telling me his parents were sending him to spend the summer with some family, it seems his mom came home and found him jacking off one of the other kids in the neighborhood but he didn’t tell her about me so I was off the hook. The rest of the summer I think I jacked off everyday thinking about what would have happened if he was here, although I still enjoyed looking up the shorts of the girls in the neighborhood I found myself trying to catch peeks of all the boys even more.

Both of my parents worked, dad was gone for days at a time and mom worked every day so I was left at the house with my older sister to watch over me. My sister had her driver’s license so she would pretty much do whatever she wanted and left me alone so I didn’t mind. There was a convenience store not far from the house at which we had a charge account if we needed something I would ride my bike over there and get it, we also had a movie rental store close enough for me to ride to so I always had something to do when I wasn’t roaming the neighborhood with my friends.

Our house had a large basement which my parents used for their parties which also turned out to be a great place for a bunch of teenage kids to hang out so it became the hang out, especially if the weather was bad. It seemed as if all of us were trying our best to grow up that summer, all the girls were starting to fet interested in guys and we took an advantage of it every chance we got. Our games of “truth or dare” and “spin the bottle” started getting dirtier every time we played going from daring someone to kiss someone to daring them to show everyone parts of their bodies that we all wanted to see. By the end of summer some of us have found ourselves “girlfriends or boy friends” and the games started involving going into the closet for together for a while and having to tell the others what happened. I was not the only one that lost their virginity in that closet that summer.

I will never forget the feeling of putting my dick in something other than my hand “or my friend’s hand” for the first time. It was also her first time so neither one of us knew what we were doing but I had watched enough porn I felt like I did, we eventually fought through our awkwardness long enough that I was able to cum all over her stomach. As we sat ant talked about how sore we were and how everyone was going to know what we had done so we should go ahead and tell them we decided we would have to try it again when we were alone. After dressing we came out of the closet to find everyone standing together clapping and yelling comments about how they could hear us and asking us if we had fun. I don’t know why but I felt so embarrassed as they joked and carried on. We all met in my basement a few more times before school started but we never had a chance to try again.

With the summer coming to an end I was eager for my friend to come back so I would ride by his house hoping to see him but I never did, finally seeing his dad in the yard one day I asked about him to find out he was staying with his grandparents and was going to attend school there. I was still having thoughts about seeing his dick and wanting to return the favor for him, wondering what would have happened next but with him gone I knew I would never have another chance to see what it would be like to make someone else cum. I found myself looking everywhere for another chance but had no luck. Feeling like it would never happen I turned my attention back to the girls at school and had very good luck at that, my basement kept it’s popularity even after summer. With the neighborhood girls telling all their girlfriends about what happened over the summer they wanted to come over too so they would come home from school with them giving us new girls to play our games with.

During one of our dare games I got dared to find us some porn to watch, I knew the little video store had a little room in the back that had a “For Adults Only” sign hanging beside the curtain door that was always closed so I came up with a plan to sneak in there and get a movie while the guy at the register wasn’t looking. To make my plan work I started getting off the bus at the video store every day and checking the place out while pretending to be looking for movies and occasionally renting one just so I would have a reason to go back the next day. I t was the first time I ever really paid any attention to the guy behind the counter, he looked to be in his late fourties with long black hair and probably weighed about two hundred pounds. He never seemed real happy to be at his job but he was always friendly. After a couple weeks of being in there almost every day and talking to the man I found out that he used to be in a rock band and lived by himself in the house next to the video store. He seemed to trust me and would wander around not paying me much attention so I was just waiting on the right opportunity.

I was wandering the aisles when I saw the man step into the back office telling me to let him know if anyone came in he had to use the bathroom. As soon as he rounded the corner I raced into “the room”, I stood amazed at all the boxes with pictures of naked people on them. Knowing I had to hurry I grabbed one directly in front of me and stuck in down the back of my pants on my way out of the room. I was standing at the counter holding a video when he came into the room, he was talking as normal while filling out the papers for the rental when he looked up at me and asked if I wanted the movie that went with the empty box I had in the back of my pants. He must have seen the fright from getting caught in my face because he said nothing more before standing up and walking over to a rack and grabbing a video. It seemed like it took for ever for him to walk back to the register where I stood with my head down not sure what would happen next. My concentration was broke when the man spoke telling me not to worry, it would just be between us but he expected me to return it when I was done. Not sure what to say I handed him my money and hurried out the door.

The fear from getting caught was soon replaced with the excitement of knowing I had a movie for us to watch that evening and couldn’t wait to show everybody. That evening went great, after watching the movie with a few of my friends in the basement until my mom got home I snuck the video to my room where I unleashed a two handed assault on my throbbing dick, it was so much better than having to turn the wore out pages of my magazine. I must have watched that move a hundred times over the next week. After a few days I found myself really focusing on the much larger dicks in the movie and less on the sexy women they were putting them in, wondering if all men that age had dicks that big. I had seen most of my friends’ my age dicks and none of them were as big as those.

I decided it was time to take the video back and see if he would let me get another one so one day after school I rode my bike to the video store, luckily no customers were there so I rushed in and handed him the tape. After a few questions about me enjoying it and comments about how he used to be young too so he understood he offered me to get another one if I wanted. I couldn’t believe this man was so cool to me, not being as nervous I started thinking about the guys in the movie and how he was about their age and the curiosity took over. I found myself trying to catch a peek of his dick as we stood and talked but the counter hid the bottom part of his body from my eager eyes. He told me to come with him he would help me pick one out and started walking toward the curtain door I quickly followed him. I could feel my young dick pushing at my shorts as he pulled box after box from the shelf telling me about the different kind of movies, ones with fat women, ones with a bunch of men doing one girl. As we made it the end of the wall he showed me some that I would never had guessed they made, ones that just had girls in it and then he held up one that had two guys on the cover. My heart raced as I looked at the box trying to see the small pictures on the bottom and sides of two guys kissing and one of the guys holding the other’s dick. He put the box back on the shelf and told me he was going back out front and I could pick me out one. As soon as he left I was glued to the many boxes with two guys on the front, I grabbed one and turned it around to see the other pictures and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. To this day I can still see the picture of a guy on his knees and a man behind him with just the head of his very large dick stuck in his ass, and another of a guy with a dick in his mouth. I wanted that movie but I knew there was no way I could let that man know I wanted to see two guys together. My mind kept going to the guy on his knees as I looked at the other movies, I thought to myself if I couldn’t have one with just guys in it I wanted one that had a lot of dicks in it so I decided on one where girls were fucking a lot of guys and headed to the register. As I got closer to the register I could see the man was sitting on a stool behind the counter, as I got closer my curiosity took over again and my eyes went straight to his crotch. I had to take a double take to make sure I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing, I could see clear up the leg of his shorts. I could see his dick clearly hanging in the opening of his shorts, it was a lot bigger than my own but smaller that the ones in the movie. I had just seen my first “man dick”.


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it was a good story only hope you add to it.

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When are we going to hear more of this story, its very good, and i would love to hear more about this great author's life... ;)

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This is all good stuff,are we going to see your original friend return.Dont be put off by the odd homophobic comment, they are a waste of space like their authors,

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you are a sick fuck. why don't you fudge-packers go to a brown-eye site?


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Great story! Can't wait to read when you get around to male to male sex!

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