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New Neighbor: Part 3

Kayla has fun with not just her neighbor.

Gahhh, I know it has been forever but as my name suggests, I am in college and college is surprisingly demanding. But anyway I hope you love this story because I sure do =] Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

Kayla bounced up and down in the passenger seat of her friend Jenna’s car. They were driving home from school, after the pep rally, and Kayla couldn’t think about anybody but Brendon. She was horny just thinking about their potential meeting tonight and she couldn’t wait. She hadn’t actually been with any guy before all the way but she had messed around a few times with her old boyfriend and she knew she was a fan. Kayla was excited about the fact that she not only could mess around with her extremely sexy neighbor who had been watching her for the past two days now, but she would also be hooking up with a guy she barely knew. It made her feel slutty and it surprisingly turned her on even more.

Jenna looked over at Kayla and chuckled. “What are you so excited about? Normally after pep rallies your barely functioning,” said Jenna. Kayla giggled and shoved her hands under her legs trying to keep herself from bouncing anymore. “Not sure, just keyed up I guess,” Kayla said as her friend pulled the car into her driveway. Finally, Kayla thought with a sigh. “Alright well I’ll see ya tomorrow at practice!” Kayla gushed as she jumped out of the car quickly grabbing her bag. “Hey Kayla wait!” Jenna said pulling the keys out of the ignition. “Do you think we could work on the Algebra assignment together? I feel like if I try to do it on my own I’ll never finish,” Jenna said smiling. Kayla gritted her teeth slightly but realized that Jenna was right. She needed help on her Algebra as well. “Yea sure. Come one in.” Kayla waved her friend in with little enthusiasm.

Kayla was slightly disappointed that she couldn’t start her adventure with her neighbor right away but hey at least her homework would be done and she could focus without distraction later. Walking into her house, Jenna on her heels, Kayla bounced into her empty house and headed straight back to her room. Kayla tossed her cheer bag and backpack on her bed, glancing out her window to see if her neighbor was present. No such luck. Well at least I’m not missing time with him, Kayla thought shrugging her shoulders her mood getting much better.
“God I’m sore. Coach requiring us to do all those jumps is killer on my quads,” Jenna groaned flopping onto Kayla’s bed. “Ahh, I know. What is with this new rule? A required jump or tumble after EVERY cheer? I was dying by the end of the pep rally,” Kayla said sitting on the edge of her bed massaging her thighs. “You wanna know what the worst part is?” Jenna said sitting up. “What?” “My boobs!” Jenna said giggling and grabbing her chest. Kayla laughed, “What are you talking about? What’s wrong with your boobs?”

“They hurt! All that jumping! Come on, don’t yours? Mine are so sore after long performances like that” Jenna said laughing. Kayla looked at her much more well-endowed friend with a sarcastic smirk, “Do you forget that my boobies are minuscule in comparison to yours? I’m barely a B, you’re like a D!” Jenna was in reality a double D and was extremely curvaceous. Many boys in their grade found the dark haired beauty sexy and hit on her constantly because of her big tits.

“Really?! Yours don’t hurt at all? I’m jealous. I have to wear like 3 sports bras just so I’m not dying at the end of practice,” Jenna said lying back on the bed grabbing her chest. Kayla took a closer look at her friend and was surprised that she never noticed how big her friend’s boobs actually were. “Well when mine do hurt, which is really never, I just massage em in the shower a little and they feel a lot better,” Kayla said as she pulled her shell off over her head, her back to her friend. Jenna sat up giving her friend a curious stare, “Massage them? Like rub them? Wouldn’t that make em hurt even more? I have never done that.” “I mean you don’t knead bread, you just stroke and massage them a bit and they don’t hurt anymore,” Kayla said turning back to her friend, “You really haven’t ever massaged your boobs before?” Jenna shook her head. “No. I wouldn’t even know how to. I feel like I would make them hurt even more.”

Kayla rolled her eyes at her ditzy friend and then was struck with an idea. She glanced at her neighbors window again and luckily enough the light was on. This meant that he was nearby and was going to be in shortly. “Why don’t you let me show you?” Kayla asked innocently enough feeling increasingly naughty. “Show me what? How to massage my boobs??” Jenna said laughing, “You’re joking.”

“No, come one. Your boobs hurt and you don’t know how to massage em. I’ll just show you a little and then you’ll be able to figure it out on your own and then we can actually focus on homework,” Kayla said laughing with her friend. “Ah hell, why not? I feel like we have and will do weirder,” Jenna said lying back down on the bed laughing. “Alrighty take off your shell and all but one of your sports bras, kay?” Kayla said coming over and sitting with her friend. Jenna pulled off her top and two sports bras, her boobs seeming to increase in size as the restrictions were taken off. Kayla then threw her leg over her friend and sat down, straddling her friends’ stomach. Kayla started to lightly rub her friends’ breasts lightly stroking the soft skin, letting her fingertips trail delicately over Jenna’s nipples. Jenna let out a small sigh and closed her eyes. Kayla then glanced over at her neighbor’s window and saw in sitting in his room staring at the two girls in complete and utter shock. Kayla winked and then turned her attention back to Jenna’s breasts.

Kayla continued her assault, increasing the pressure slightly over the sensitive fleshy globes, thumbing the hardening nipples covered by the thin white sports bra. Jenna let out a soft moan and stretched her arms up above her head causing her back to arch. Her boobs pushed up filling Kayla’s hands fully. Kayla then started to massage them with her full hands, rubbing and massaging just how Kayla knew she herself liked it. “That feels really good Kayla,” Jenna said not opening her eyes, “Would you care if I took the last sports bra off? I feel like it would feel better without the material in between.” “Yea, no problem,” Kayla said hooking her thumbs under the bottom of the bra, pulling up and over Jenna’s head. Jenna’s boobs bounced free. Large and all over tan with rosy red nipples, Jenna’s tits were gorgeous. Kayla then returned to rubbing her friend’s boobs paying even more attention to the prominent nipples, lightly tweaking them and trailing her fingers over the skin surrounding them, knowing that was some of her own most sensitive flesh. “Ohh, that feels amazing Kayla,” Jenna groaned bringing her arms down and placing her hands on Kayla’s thighs. Kayla grinned at her horny friend’s reaction and looked over at her neighbors window locking eyes with a still completely shocked Brendon whose jaw was slack and had stars in his eyes.

Kayla could feel her own pussy starting to moisten from the whole erotic scene. She was straddling her best friend, rubbing her naked breasts, as her Jenna rubbed Kayla’s thighs getting closer and closer to her pussy, while her hot neighbor watched them secretly. Kayla was in heaven.

Kayla then let out a small gasp as her attention was brought back to Jenna, whose fingers were now softly stroking between her legs. Kayla, acting in the moment, leaned over and took Jenna’s nipple into her mouth, running her tongue over the nub, bringing a gasp from Jenna as well. The two girls started to grope and rub each other more aggressively; bringing small moans and sighs from each other as the sex in the air started to thicken. Jenna reached up and yanked Kayla’s bra off and grabbed her friend’s tits leaning up and kissing Kayla’s neck. Kayla moaned and started grinding her pussy against Jenna’s pubic bone. Kissing her friend passionately, Kayla slid her hands up under Jenna’s skirts, pulling her spanks and panties aside. Kayla started rubbing Jenna’s pussy and kissing her harder. Jenna moaned into her friend’s mouth and started mimicking Kayla’s actions, rubbing her clit. Both girls were moaning, and were close to cumming, their tight cheerleader bodies tensing up.

Jenna was first to cum, her whole body vibrating, as she moaned out Kayla’s name. Watching Jenna cum pushed Kayla over the edge, and she started to cum. “OH GOOOD,” Kayla yelled as her orgasm washed over her, her hips involuntarily humping at Jenna’s hand. Kayla looked over at Brendon as the last of her orgasm ran through her body, noticing his pants at his ankles and cock in hand. When the two girls finally came down from their orgasmic high, they were sweating. Kayla fell onto the bed next to her friend. “Well, Now you know how to make your boobs feel better,” she said chuckling. Jenna giggled, “Yes, I sure do.” Jenna sat up and stretched her arms out over her head, “Ok well it is obvious that there is no way we are gonna get any work done now, so I’m gonna leave. But that was fun. Let’s do that again sometime,” Jenna said laughing pulling her shell on over her naked tits. “No doubt that will happen again,” Kayla said stretching out on the bed.

Jenna picked up her bras and her backpack and headed out of Kayla’s room, “See ya girl.” Kayla sat up, naked from the waist up and waved to Brendon who still looked shocked. Kayla was just getting warmed up for the night and was ready for what she was originally waiting for. She walked over deliberately keeping her gazed locked with Brendon, to the window and opened it wide. With that she turned dropped her skirt and her panties, looked over her shoulder at Brendon suggestively and walked into her shower, hoping that he would get the hint and follow.

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