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Me fucking my family members
Our Next Threesome

We had to wait about 2 weeks until the next chance we got to fuck. There was another Church event, and these two let on they did not want to go…wanted to stay home alone…and of course this was not an option…so me being the good guy, I volunteered to miss it and sit the kids…They thought this offer was grand…little did they know.

The event was after Church of course…so I took the two with me, and left at about 12:10, and I knew the function was over at 3:00, so there was lots of time. We live about 10 minutes from Church, so we were in the house by 12:20, and all I said was “meet you two in my room…I have to clean up”. Off they went, I cleaned up, and was heading into my bedroom by 12:25…and you guessed it, they were both naked and Belle Belle was sucking Greg’s dick…he saw me, smiled, and I just grinned. Both were little devils for sure. I was in my undies and nothing else, so my dick began to grow (and show) as I walked up behind Belle and kissed her cheek. I had wanted today to be EXTREME and did not want to waste time “feeling out” their comfort levels so I simply WENT FOR IT.

I took Belle off her brother, passionately kissed her on the mouth, looked Greg in the eye, and gulped down his 3 inch cock. Belle removed my underwear and was licking my cock already. Damn this kid was amazing. I bobbed Greg for all I was worth, and gave him all the suction he could handle…as I massaged his tiny hairless balls. I looked him in the eye the whole time. Belle was now sucking my cock too, and this added to my horniness level, so my sucking got even better of course. I was furiously sucking him, and I saw his eyes roll back, shudder, and I felt him cumming this time…I knew I was right…the little cock was cumming in his uncles hot mouth. I swallowed and kept sucking…after his orgasm subsided…I took him out, and simply stated “you like cumming in my mouth Greg don’t you”…he smiled that devilish grin and said “well DUH”…oh, this was going to be FUN.

I pulled out of Belle’s mouth and said “now cum in your sister’s hot throat Greg” and she knew well what to do as she got on the bed and swallowed his still hard cock and was bobbing it. I was still rock hard, so simply got behind her, scooted her up to be on her knees as she sucked her brother, and pressed my knob to her hairless snatch. Like I said, I was not messing around today…so I simply SPAT on my hand, rubbed it on her (I swear she was getting wet) and started pushing to enter her tight twat. I knew it was hurting her a bit, but I knew she could take it…so soon I had my head in her…and she moaned with Greg’s dick in her mouth, and I began to rock back and forth as I gradually gave her more of my 6 inch cock. Soon…I was almost nuts deep, and I got my steady rhythm and began to fuck my 13 YO niece as she continued to suck her kid brother and his tiny stiffy. Greg said something I could not make out…then shuddered…”Swallow his cum Belle Belle…good girl” is all I said to her as I continued to fuck her.

Greg then said “I like cumming in HER mouth better Uncle Brian”, to which Belle laughed a bit. I smiled “I am sure MOST folks would”, and Greg sneared at me. It was almost as though he was CHALLENGING me…this needle dick wanted to challenge me when I am rock hard and nuts deep in his sister…I will show him I thought.

I pulled out of Belle with a PLOP, laid down on the bed beside Greg, and Belle almost instinctively started to go down on me…I said “NO…Greg has cum in two mouths already, so I think it is time HE got someone cumming in HIS mouth now”. I looked him in the eye and put my hand behind his head, and started to pull him down to my cummy dick (Belle had cum as I fucked her, so her juices were all over my hard cock). I simply said “Suck me off Greg…NOW” and pulled him down. My sticky cock made contact with his mouth, but he had his lips closed…”Open your mouth and SUCK MY COCK GREG” I said quite aggressively. He complied, opened his lips and took about half my head in his mouth. I was going to show this little fucker I thought…so I pushed his head down farther and said “you are missing A LOT of my cock…now suck more cock like Belle and I do…and do it NOW”. I pushed him down and FORCED about 4 inches into his mouth, he pulled up, which I allowed, and pushed him back down again…basically I was forcing his face down, and allowing him up…GREAT way to get head. I had Belle come up to me and lay beside me, and passionately we started kissing…basically each tasting the load Greg had popped into each our throats…the whole time still forcing Greg to suck me off.

I knew I was getting close to cumming…and wanted to move things to the NEXT level. I stopped kissing Isabelle, pulled Greg off me (by taking a handful of hair and lifting him off”, stood up beside the bed. I COMMANDED Belle to lay on her back on the bed…head just hanging off the edge, and had Greg Lay on top of her. I then stepped in and said “suck my cock Greg” as I shoved 4 inches back into his mouth and began to grab his head by the hair again and force him down and up…NOW I was in total control. I then told Belle to lick and suck my nuts (but be gentle)…and the vixon did. I had my 12 year old nephew sucking my cock, and this hot 13 year old sister on my sack…let me tell you…it does not get ANY FUCKING better than that.

I let this go on for about three minutes…then pulled Greg’s face off me, and SHOVED my cock in his sister’s mouth…she gagged as my head touched her throat…but NEVER pulled away…I pumped her mouth for about 1 minute, then rammed it back in Greg’s mouth and Belle Belle instinctively went right back to licking my nuts. I was going to cum now…and I wanted to show Greg who was in charge.

“Greg…swallow your uncle’s load of CUM…swallow it all” as I pushed him down farther than he had ever been before and blasted it straight into his throat…he gagged with my cock head in his throat…and his cheeks puffed as he tried NOT to swallow…I kept pulling him up and down as I shot gush after gush in his mouth…and with my motion I was FORCING my cum down his throat and into his belly. His eyes were wide open, and Belle never once stopped licking my nuts as I finished my deposit into my young nephew’s throat. I was spent now…but wanted to show TOTAL dominance so I pulled out…and some of the cum he had not swallowed came out with my cock and landed on Belles face. Greg looked at me with a defeated look in his eye…he now was reminded that I was in charge…I sneared at him…and said “lick my cum off her face NOW”…which he did, but you could tell by his look he was not enjoying it. Once he removed the cum from her cheek…I laid on the bed, commanded one on each side of my dick, and had them lick my cock clean…TOGETHER. I stated “yeah…good brother and sister sharing my cock…I was getting hard again, and I had them keep this up for at least 5 minutes. By now I was hard again, Greg was still hard, and Belle was still horny. I quick look at the clock…still about 90 minutes to play…so I pulled them both up to my face…and the three of us started kissing…all three at once…tongues dancing in all our mouths…FUCK this is hot I thought.

I then told Belle I wanted her to ride me as she sucked Greg. I had her sit on my cock, and Greg stand over me and have her suck his little dick. I was looking straight up at my nephew and his little cock and tiny sack as his sister sucked him. Belle was riding my cock and taking most of it in as she plunged down, and up, then back down again. Greg was getting into this, and had learned from me how I FUCKED his face and he started doing this to Belle. Of course MUCH smaller cock and VERY narrow, so it did not affect her at all…but I liked how he was learning and taking charge…he had potential.

Belle came as she rode me…and for one of the first times EVER she cussed “Fuck me Uncle Brian…fuck me hard”…I loved this. SO I did what any uncle would do, grabbed her waist and began to POUND her hard. She started moaning and wincing and was LOVING the fucking as she continued sucking her kid bro. I knew I was not going to last long with this intensity. Greg was still pumping her face…I said “Come down Greg so I can lick you too” and he lowered and almost sat on my face…without moving his cock from his HOT sister’s cocksucking mouth. I licked his nuts…and sucked them a bit..the whole time still pumping my raging cock into Belle’s eager kid cunt.

I don’t think anyone thought this could be any better…

Greg started to shake a bit, and I knew he was going to cum…and the imp pulled out and blasted his sister in the face with about 3 squirts…and of course it leaked down onto my face…I kept POUNDING the pussy as this happened, Belle started visibly moaning as she was cumming yet again…and Greg simply had his cock blasting his boy cum on his sister’s face. I was so damn horny I simply pushed his tiny ass down a bit and gulped his cum covered cock and started sucking as I kept pounding Belle. I cleaned Greg up, and pushed him off with a pop. I said “now you go lick my nuts as I cum in your sister…Go do it NOW Greg”, He lept up, and went down and started licking my cum covered nuts as I pumped into Belle Belle. His little tongue felt AMAZING on my nuts. This put me over the top and I started to cum HARD in her as I kept pumping and Greg kept licking. My cum was dripping out her and around my cock…and down to my sack…which Greg kept licking so he basically was licking up my cum. I pulled out of Belle a complete cum covered mess and did not say anything…but Greg popped my cock in his mouth and began to suck me and clean me up…AMAZING I thought. Belle stayed where she was, so I said “sit on my face baby and I will clean you up like Greg is cleaning me” and she did as she was told…and my cum dripped out of her and into my eager mouth. I was eating my own cum out of my precious little niece as her kid brother sucked my cum covered cock.

We did this for about 3 minutes…and now were all spent. We laid there…laughed a bit, talked a bit, and they knew to continue keeping this our secrets. I looked at the clock…a bit after two now, so we got cleaned up, dressed, and I threw the bedding into the laundry as we waited for the adults to come home.

What a close family we were becoming.

Cousin Cecil joins in

I was to the point where I simply lived for the next piece of these kids…they were unreal. I kept wondering how we could take it farther and farther, then it hit me…there were two others that were not in the mix yet…Kelly could be tough being older and all…but their cousin who is Greg’s age might be easier, and more willing (and easy to keep quiet).

I had picked her up from school and was planning on some seemingly harmless family time with here when I told Belle that I was planning on getting her some new cock to screw, and she looked at me oddly. “you mean another uncle or another man your age?” and she said it like she WANTED this…so it made me wonder if she wanted more grown up cock and not kid dick…this made me hard instantly. This happened as we were driving to the mall to shop a bit, so I had to slow down and pull over in a nearby parking lot. The parking lot had a few cars in it (a mini mall idea) so I pulled in and put the car in park and shut it off.

“you want to do other grown men” I asked. She quickly piped up and said “with you TOTALLY Uncle Brian”. My Belle was becoming a slut I thought. I looked around, it was like 340 PM so not too busy anywhere. I had nasty thoughts of taking her into the mall Mens room and just offering her up to any guy who came in…she wants dick I thought, I would show her. But I thought better of this quickly and simply smiled at her. She was in the front seat across from me, so I said “you are a dirty girl who wants cock, then SUCK my cock here and now Belle” and reached for her head and pulled it to my lap. She simply fished out my dick and started to suck me there..not a care in the world or concerned about getting caught.

In no motion at all she had most my hard cock in her mouth and was furiously bobbing on me in broad daylight…some Preacher daughter she had turned into.

“so you want more dick do you baby…I can make that happen” I told her and she moaned as I did. She wanted to be a slut I thought. She was NOISILY slurping my cock and hungrily sucking for all she was worth. I was telling her I would get her dick all right and turn her into the biggest slut there could be…and I swear she sucked like a hoover as I was talking…she was getting nasty all right.

Then the thought hit me…I like being the big cock to her, so did not really want to risk bringing in any bigger cocks (average size like I am) so I finally realized that this could be a bad idea, but now she was horny for it and sucking like a dynamo. What was an uncle to do…deprive his slut niece of more cock, or enjoy being the big man on campus to the kid. Then I thought of Greg…and it dawned on me of Cecil. I grinned, and realized what I was going to do. So I began to fuck her face, held her head down and was RAMMING her throat with my dick and said “the next time we fuck, you will fuck your cousin Cecil too” and she started to pull off in a moment of “SAY WHAT” but I held her down, yelled “FINISH SUCKING ME OFF BELLE” and fucked furiously for two minutes before busting in her throat and having her swallow it all. I then let her up and the look she gave me was one of shock.

“I cant do Cecil, I was hoping for an older guy”. AHA I thought, so it is about size now…DAMN. “you sure can dear, and will”. You prove you can do him like Greg and me, and we can see about adding more down the road” I told her. Her only comment was “older men next time like you then?”. This was gonna be a problem I I said we will see…and started to drive home.

I had thought about HOW to introduce Cecil for a few days, and finally decided a camping trip with the three of them and I would be best. We all sort of liked camping out, and had done it about 3 times before (chance to bond as a family), so I arranged it with the parents, let my wife know about it (she does NOT camp), and got the kids jacked about it. Kelly was too old for this and had no interest, so we planned it for a Friday and Saturday and as normal, we simply hiked about 3 miles into the woods, found a nice spot, and set up tents. By 7 PM on Friday night, we had our camp all set up, three tents, one for the boys, one for Belle, and one for me. I told Cecil to start the fire pit, and the rest of us would go get some wood for the fire…so off Belle, Greg, and I went.

Now Belle knew that I was planning something, Greg had no clue. We were just out of sight and Greg asked “why did you bring Cecil, he is gonna wreck it so we can’t do ANYTHING”. I thought to myself what a horny little dude he was…but that made sense. I laughed at him a bit…looked back and made sure we were out of sight, and simply stopped and dropped my sweat pants. I looked at Belle and simply nodded. Like it was natural, she dropped to her knees and began sucking her uncle’s dick in the middle of the woods with her kid brother watching.

I said “Greg, Belle is going to get her share of cock this weekend, and you and I are both gonna be tired by the time we get back home. ALSO, Cecil will join in too, cause Belle is horny for MORE dick than just you and I can give her”. With this she pulled off my dick and started to try and justify what was really meant, but I saw Greg drop his pants too and reveal his tiny cock and Belle sighed a bit and simply moved on to the next cock and started sucking her brother. We continued our conversation as Greg asked “what if he tells, or does not want to do anything”. I said he would not tell because we will be sure to let him know and of course he would like it, and want to do it, just like us three (as I pulled Isabelle off his cock and back onto mine).

I told Greg that later on, I will take Cecil out for a bit, and that will be there cue to get Belle in the tent with Greg and to be sucking him when Cecil comes back. Act surprised and worried that he will tell, Belle will beg him not to tell…cry a little, and basically bribe him to be quiet and that she will do the same “fun things” to him if he does not wreck it by telling. I let them know my tent is far enough away that Cecil should feel like I cannot see or hear…but I would sneak around and check on them to be sure that he is cool with it…and I promised them that it would be fine…I was VERY sure this other 12 year old boy would be horny as hell too…and want some of his FINE ASS cousin…LOL.

With that, I told Belle to get up, and Greg and I pulled up and we gathered fire wood. We headed back, and Cec was there waiting for us…he asked “what took so long” and we all smiled at each other, except Belle had a look of uneasiness about her…but oh well, she is who wanted more cock, so I was simply providing this for her.

We had marshmallows, told scary stories, chit chatted, and had a good time. It was now 9 PM, a full moon and the fire gave ample light near the boys tent…with Belle’s being about 10 feet away, and mine about 250 feet away (as normal). I said we should turn in so we can get up early tomorrow, they all agreed. I asked Cecil to help me gather one last batch of wood, and gave Belle and Greg a knowing look and nod. They knew the plan, now time to put it into action.

I led Cecil out and wanted to put him at ease (even though he had no idea of the plan. “You okay that my tent is so far away Cecil?” I asked. He found it odd I am sure (since this is normal) and simply nodded yes. “I can hear you if you yell for me, but you kids have privacy if you want to talk and stuff” I said. He gave me a look like DUH…and we gathered wood and headed back. We would have been gone like only 10 minutes, but should be plenty of time I thought. I stopped at my tent, said “night Cecil” and went in as he went and put the wood by the fire and headed to his and Greg’s tent…I was HARD as a rock as I zipped my tent up (but left a little opening so I could look).

Cecil went to the tent, opened it up, and went in, and closed the flap (no zipper on the kids tent). I wondered to myself…was Belle in there like she was supposed to be? I looked for signs, but it took about 3 mins, of NOTHING, before I noticed movement. For the sakes of the readers, I am going to relay this as Greg’s point of view…

Greg’s POV

Cecil came in, and it was dark, Belle was under my cover and was slowly sucking my cock. Cecil came in and did not know a thing. He said some things (cant remember what), and started to get down to his shorts and get ready to get under his covers. I was smiling, and he was joking with me asking “what is so funny” and stuff like that. I just laughed as my sister was still sucking me without him knowing. He started to get under but instead decided to play around and jumped at me to land on me…and in the process he landed on Belle who was under the covers unknown to him. She said something like OW, he threw the blanket off, and saw her down on me near my naked cock (which was obviously hard from her oral skills). He stepped back, looked at us both in disbelief, and Belle chimed in just right.

“Cecil, please don’t say anything. Greg and I do this and it is real fun, he loves it, and so do I”. Greg smiled and nodded. “we are not hurting anyone, and it is just harmless fun that we have”. Please come here and sit down by us. Poor Cecil was in a state of shock not knowing what to do, but aimlessly walked over and stood by his two cousins…one with a stiffy and the other his hot older girl cousin who was probably a dream girl to her.

Belle continued “Greg likes it when his bird is in my mouth like this” and went back down on me as Cecil’s eyes BULGED out of his head, and his dick hardened in his boxers. Belle sucked me as she looked Cecil in the eye…I said “see cuz, this is fun. Why don’t you drop your underwear and get some…Belle would gladly do you too”. Belle looked at Cec, who looked back at her, and Greg laughed. Belle got off my dick, leaned to Cecil, and pulled down his shorts while eyeing his face the whole time. Bam, his cock must have been like 5 inches (more than me)…did this kid have it all (looks and bigger dick)…I was jealous.

Belle looked down, smiled, looked him in the eye, and he blushed not knowing what was all the commotion about. Belle licked his head once, then gobbled it. He stood there as his cousin was sucking his cock, not really knowing what to do. I was liking this but still jealous. Belle was bobbing and taking most (but not all of his cock), as I waited patiently. Belle stopped, then said “see Cec, we can have fun like this, but you can NEVER tell anyone or they will take us away and we can not have any more fun…do you promise to be quiet so we can keep on this fun”?. He nodded and said “I promise…really, I do”. I could tell he was hooked now. I grabbed her head and pulled her back to me. I stood up, the whole time her sucking me, and stood by my cousin as she took turns sucking our dicks.

This went on for about 5 minutes, and I saw Uncle Brian sneaking around outside…but did not care. I was about to cum, and wanted him to know it. “Yeah, I am going to cum Belle….oh I cum”. I am sure Cecil had NO CLUE what that meant…hehehe.

I pulled out and busted on her face…she looked Cec in the eye as she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to eat my cum. She then licked it and sucked it with a loud pop, then looked at her cousin and said “will you cum for me now too” and GULPED his dick. I looked over to the flap in the tent and saw our Uncle watching, but Cec nor Belle knew. She gobbled his cock as I watched and was like a machine pumping her head back and forth…in about 2 minutes he tensed up….moaned…and came…Belle did not stop, but I could see her swallowing and Cecil shudder as I knew he was nutting in her mouth. I smiled…and slapped him on the back “That a boy Cec…she sucks real good eh”….just then, in came Uncle Brian.

“WHAT ARE YOU KIDS DOING” and he saw two stiff cocks, a cum covered Belle, Cecil scared shitless, and me smiling cause I knew this was going to just be the start of things to come.

Uncle, Niece, and two nephews equal orgy

Cecil was frantically trying to get dressed, Belle just stayed there on her hands and knees and kind of smirked a bit…she KNEW I loved her face covered in cum. Greg stayed as he was, poud as could be, what an IMP kid he was.

“Kids, what in Heavens sake are you doing” I gasped, trying to make Cecil think I was totally oblivious to what was going on. He almost started to cry cause he was afraid of getting in trouble. This kid who just got head from his 13 year old cousin, AND shot his load in her throat was now almost in tears…what a turn around in emotions. Me being the sneaky uncle could only think to myself “this kid will be easy to manipulate”.

Belle tried to stutter out “Uncle Brian we were just experimenting”, while Cecil said nothing and Greg just grinned and remained naked and proud…He was fast becoming my favorite nephew (Belle was far and away my favorite). I then asked the questions that a stunned uncle should ask such as “how long has this been going on”, “do you know what you are doing”, “are you doing this with anyone else”, and “what would your parents say if they knew”. I made sure not to make any mention about it being wrong or that they should not do it…hehehe.

They gave the standard answers “this is the first time”, “just fooling around”, “nobody else”, and “please don’t tell our parents…PLEASE Uncle Brian”. Putty in my hands I thought as I surveyed the situation trying to wonder how to best move this along and get the most fun out of this weekend possible…as I was getting hard looking at the three of them…Belle still with fresh cum on her face, Greg sporting wood and smiling like a goof, and Cecil (the cute kid of the boys) shyly looking away with his boxers on, but still semi hard and noticeable through the fabric.

I went in and sat beside Greg. I looked at Belle, and asked her pointedly “I saw Cecil with his bird in your mouth when I came in, but Greg is naked here too…did you also have his bird in your mouth?” She looked me in the eye and said YES. “And did he cum on your face or is that from Cecil?” Cecil looked as I said Cum, remembering that Greg had said that earlier when he nutted on Belle. Belle looked at Greg and said “He came on my face, Cecil came in my mouth and I swallowed his cum Uncle Brian”. I could feel my cock getting harder, and belle was enjoying this as she knew it was making me hot as hell.

“You know that is called a blow job right guys”. “Your sister (as I looked at Greg) and your cousin (looking Cecil in the eye) gave you each a blow job”. Nobody said anything. You do that kind of thing when you love someone I said (Belle and Greg looked at each other as they remember this speech from earlier). “But I guess we are all family here and love each other, so it makes sense”. “But you have to know you only do this type of thing when you love folks in a special way, not like you love you parents and stuff”.

“Greg, do you love Isabelle”? He said a resounding yes. “Belle, you love Greg too right”? She said “with all move heart”. I looked at Cecil (who was just starting to look up now from his shame) and asked him “do you love Belle and Greg”? He looked at them for a sec, then me, and said “yeah”. Not a real convincing yes, but more or less to try and justify this was right to do.

I then started on the standard “I will not tell anyone, and neither can you guys”. “I understand you are curious and all love each other, so this is alright, but must be our secret”. You know the kind of stuff you need to do to keep the kids quiet…LOL

I was kind of lost at how to take it to the next level, and my mind was running a mile a minute when my precious niece gave me an out “Brian, do you love us too”? “Of course I do, more than anyone else I love you guys”. “And I love you too Uncle Brian, so can we do stuff too”? as she smiled at me and I was getting even harder. I was not sure if she just wanted to progress this party, was horny for me, or wanted to see my reaction. My little niece was becoming a bit of a slut I guess.

Three sets of eyes went to me for my response. This was my opening for sure, and I was not going to pass it up. “Sure we can baby, but like I say, it has to stay our secret and stuff”. Do you all think we can keep this between us only I asked them. Cecil was the first to say Yes, then Belle, and then Greg too. I thought, but just for a couple seconds, and thought HELL YEAH, let’s do it.

Like I said, I was sitting by Greg, Belle was still on her hands and knees, and she had just blown both boys, so the obvious next step was for her to blow me in front of them. I looked at Belle and said “did you want to give your uncle a blow job now too Belle Belle”? She smiled and said YES. “I need to warn you that my bird is quite a bit bigger cause I am a man and not a boy, so it may look scary to you baby” as I looked at Greg’s little cock. “I am quite a bit bigger than Greg here, so don’t be scared”. She piped up with “so was Cecil, he was bigger than Greg too, but it was fun, and I really liked it with him”, this made Cecil smile, and Greg scoff.

I looked, thought one more time to be sure I thought they were all ready, and simply smiled at Belle (still with cum on her face) and said “OK baby girl, we can do this”. I stood up, lowered my pajama bottoms (I had no underwear on), and my semi hard cock came into view. Cecil gave a gasp as he saw it (remember avg size cock for a man, but to 12 year old boys, it looks HUGE). I then sat down again, and without a word, Belle moved closer, put her tiny girl hand on the base of it, looked me in the eye, and started to go down on me. I was precumming instantly from the hot scene I had scene, and the discussion we had all had, and Belle was devouring this precum and sucking me like a vixen.

I looked at Cecil who was watching all the action with wide eyes and wanted to keep him at ease so I said “wow, she does this real good, now I know why you were doing this with her Ceci”. He simply looked at me for a sec, gave a smile, then looked back at his Uncle’s cock in his cousin’s mouth as she was blowing me.

Greg was feeling left out a bit, so he scooted over close to me and stood up and was playing with his cock in front of Belle. She knew what he wanted so she took me out and sucked his tiny cock. This fascinated Cecil I am sure, but he stayed there as Belle was rotating between her kid brother and her uncle, sucking cock and loving the attention of course.

She was sucking Greg, made eye contact with me, and reached over and stroked Cecil’s leg, this got his attention in a hurry. She then took her hot lips off Gregs dick and started sucking her old uncle…but as she did, she put a hand on his hard cock, and her other hand went up to Cecil and fished out his 5 inch hard cock from his boxers. She was on her knees sucking me off as she was jerking her kid brother and hot cousin…she was my DREAM girl for sure…LOL.

This was the first I really go to see of Cecil’s dick, and for a 12 year old kid, he was HUNG fa sure…I was jealous of him (looks and cock…and one hot cousin sucking cock too). I watched as she took me out of her mouth with a PLOP, and slowly moved toward her new cock, looking him in the face as she approached and slowly lowered her hot young face and took his nubile young dick in her sweet mouth. His moan was instant and I could tell this little guy was in heaven. I think Belle stayed on his cock more than mine or her brother’s, maybe cause it was new to her, maybe cause he was so cute and hot, who knows why, I just know he was not complaining. Greg and I were handling our own dicks as Belle was pleasing Cecil.

The next 10 minutes saw her switch her mouth on my dick, her brother, and her cousin…I know I was getting close to cumming for sure, and I imagine the two young boys were too. I wanted to move this outdoors, by the fire, so I said “Let’s go outside and enjoy nature with Belle and her blowjobs guys” as I stood up, and walking out naked. I looked back, and Belle was standing to follow as was horn dog Greg, but Cecil was reaching for his boxers to put them on…”leave them here Cecil, and come out naked like us” I shouted to him, and he followed us out.

I led us to the fire, and went and gave Belle a nice kiss on the mouth (she still had cum taste in her mouth and cum on her cheeks). I then watched as Greg did the same to her, then Cecil. Before tonight Cecil would have thought this outlandish, but I imagine once you get blown by your cousin, kissing her aint too bad. Belle came back to me and we kissed again…a long sloppy wet one. I then put my hands on her shoulders and slowly pushed her to the ground on her knees. This was a position she was VERY familiar with, and quickly put my cock in her mouth and was slobbering on it.

I called Greg to my right, Cecil to my left, and I watched my lovely niece sucking by the campfire. I put my arm around each of their shoulders and gave a bit of a squeeze…this was our bonding time. I then took control of the situation.

“Suck Cecil now” and she complied, Cecil looked at me, gave me a thank you look and took to watching his hot cousin gobble his impressive boy dick. “Suck your brother Isabelle” and WHAM over to his tiny cock and down her mouth in one swipe. I let her suck him for a few minutes and said “now we are all gonna count out 15 sucks on each cock”. “boys, count along with me, 15 sucks then on to the next and we do the same”. I had her move to my cock and with her first bob down the three guys counted together “one, two, three…15” and she obediently moved to Cecil and we counted again “one, two, 15” and on to kid brother Greg. We did this each for 4 rotations each and I then said “Kissy Kissy time now”.

I gave her a nice long wet kiss as she stood up, then she passionately kissed Greg, and on to Cecil, and back to me. I said “see, when you love someone you can kiss and suck their cock (this crass word got Cecil’s attention for sure), and nobody gets hurt. And we already agreed we all love each other here”. To this Greg piped up “yeah Brian, and since we love each other, and you love us all, that means you can suck cock too like Belle then”. BAM…the silence was deafening, Cecil froze, Greg smiled that evil look, Belle did not want to give up any of her cock and share, and I was afraid this was going to wreck the fun we were having by freaking out Cecil…but I knew I could not give in to Greg and give up power to him…which I knew he was trying to make me do.

“I know Greg, I have seen you looking at my big cock and Cecil and his big cock too”. “There is nothing wrong with loving us like your sister does, we know you want it, and like YOU said, we love each other so this is natural to do”, and I looked him in the eye, gave a stern glare, put one one hand on his shoulder to push HIM to his knees (and he landed with a big of a THUD) and was eye level with my ROCK hard cock. I put one hand on the back of his head and put my head in his mouth and he started bobbing (damn cocksucker knew HIS place I thought). Cecil just looked on in awe for a minute, but Belle then started sucking him, and he kind of forgot about this and let the moment take him away.

I was getting into the head from Greg, and loving that I was overpowering the little shit, and I knew Cecil was loving his head from Belle…but we need to keep this moving I thought and motioned for Belle to come up and kiss me. I gave her the wettest kiss I think ever, and the taste of Cecil’s young cock (and surly precum) was delicious…not to mention the load Greg (who was still sucking my cock) had shot in her mouth earlier, put me over the top. I had her kiss Cecil next, and he had learned from watching me and they were frenching, so I could tell he was loosening up and getting into the scene. She started to come back to me to kiss again but I stopped her.

“Tell me you love me Belle” and her reply was “I love you Uncle Brian” and then the kiss. I then told her to “Tell Cecil you love him” and her response was a passionate “I really love you Cecil” and without prompting he said “I love you cousin Belle” and they kissed deep and hard. I then pulled Greg off my dick by a hand full of hair “Tell me you love me Greg” and he said “I love you Uncle” and I pushed him back on my dick. I looked at Belle “Do you love Greg Baby girl” and she looked down at her kid brother sucking cock and said “I love you Greggy Greg” and went to her knees and frenched her brother in front of my cock. They then both started slobbering and sucking my cock…and Cecil looked at this in amazement and I am sure envy. I then looked him dead in the eye and said “I love you Cecil” and he said “me too” and I slowly moved in and began kissing him. The whole time we were making eye contact, but I finally got my tongue in his hot young mouth, here I was French kissing this 12 year old nephew, while his cousins were sharing my raging wood.

I guess we held our kiss too long, because before I knew it Greg was standing and getting head from Belle, and my dick was alone. I so wanted to have Cecil suck me right there, but wanted to be sure he did not freak out…so I did what any uncle would do. I put his cock in my hand, made eye contact with him, lowered to my knees by my niece, and put his 5 inch hard cock in my mouth and began sucking. I must say his cock was MUCH thicker and longer than Greg’s, and only being the second cock I had ever sucked, it was not easy, but I managed to suck and get him all in my mouth and was doing a damn fine job I must say.

The moans that was coming out of him were unreal…I think the shock of it, the sites, and the fact that he had planned on just camping out were starting to catch up with him. Before tonight I know he would not have had sex, seen another cock, or really even kissed passionately with anyone. Now he had his cock sucked by a hot 13 year old cousin (who swallowed his cum), was getting head from his uncle now, and had passionately French kissed both. I am sure his head was swimming.

I looked over at Belle Sucking Greg, and saw her constantly looking at Cecil’s much bigger cock, and I KNEW what she wanted, so we made eye contact and switched cocks…I was now on my knees by the fire sucking Greg…and he was loving this. “I love you Brian…especially when you suck my bird” and a laugh came from him. But what could I do, I was actually liking sucking the cocks, and the fun times…so I went with it and took his full tiny cock and bobbed for all I was worth.

I had him for about two minutes, then Belle and I traded dicks again, and I was actually back on Cecil and his much larger cock…I had him lodged in my throat on a downward bob when I felt him shake a bit, spasm, and I KNEW he was about to blow in my mouth…I had to think quick where to take his load (throat, mouth, or on my face)…so I pulled up some and let him empty in my hot mouth. I felt a huge shot, then three more obvious blasts, followed by a trickle. I was looking up to his face as he emptied into my mouth but his eyes were shut and he had this far away look on his face. I kept his cock in my mouth as it emptied and then slowly took it out. I now noticed that Greg and Belle were both watching me, and had stopped what they were doing. I smiled at being caught swallowing cum, but Greg said “Now I am going to cum in your mouth Uncle” and put HIS hand on my head to pull me down to his dick. I had his dick in my mouth and in about 5 sucks he said “SWALLOW THIS LOAD TOO” and blasted me with about 3 shots of cum and then it stopped (CHILD CUMSHOT I thought to myself) as I swallowed it and came off. I saw Belle up kissing Cecil as they watched the show before them.

Now I thought it was time for ME to cum, and for Cecil to take HIS turn sucking cock. “Alright guys, now I get my turn and Cecil too. I think Cecil is the ONLY one not to suck yet, and I am the only guy not to cum, and since I got you off, and we love each other, it is time for you to suck your first cock Cec” and I put a hand on his shoulder. “I don’t think I will know what to do” he started to say to which Greg said “Just what WE all did, suck and swallow” and laughed. Cecil let out a scared little laugh, and I put some pressure to push him to his knees. He looked at my hard cock glistening precum, looked at me, and then his cousins. Belle was smiling, Greg smirking, and I was horny to get his virgin mouth. “suck me off Cecil, I am ready to cum quick” and put a hand on his head to nudge him forward.

His eyes bulged, his mouth opened, and he took his uncle’s cockhead into his as of yet virgin mouth. FUCK it was hot in there, I held his head and helped him bob his first cock, each time taking him a bit deeper and deeper onto my hard dick. Soon, I had about 5 of my 6 inches in his throat and I figured this was enough for a first time so I kept him bobbing at this length. After about 3 minutes, I was gonna blow.

”I am gonna cum now, keep your mouth open, tongue OUT, eyes shut, and eat your uncles load like I did you”. I pulled out, fisted myself twice, and shot a HUGE first stream into his mouth, onto his nose, cheek, and forehead. His instinct to pull back and close his mouth meant the next spray hit his lips so I yelled “open your mouth” which he did and I wedged my still throbbing and exploding cock into his mouth. I finished my dumping of cum, told him to swallow, which he did with a resounding GULP. I pulled my dick out, it hit his cheek, and BAM Belle was on her knees licking and sucking my softening cock and licking the cum off Cecils face. He froze not knowing what to do. In a couple minutes both my cock and his face were clean, Belle was full, and we were all pooped.

I smiled, looked at them all naked around the fire, and felt so lucky to have such a good group of kids as relatives.

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It's been awhile since you wrote, but if you continue, it's time for some anal play. Fingers and slim little penis's inside those snug little assholes. I think it should start with greg rolling uncle onto his back and uncle submitting, raising his knees high, and maybe the little girl fitting her cousins tiny cockhead into her ole uncs tight brownie. lets see some more.

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Great story keep it going. Some friends younger kids from church wow. Likeemyoung

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hi if ur gonna write more (which i hope u will) can u add me in ur story? my name is mary and i hav long brown hair and perky and plump c cups. u can make me ur neices friend or ur neibor. plz fuck me hard in this story. thx!!

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This is the best shit

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