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This is NOT my story. This was written by Werner7890 and originally posted on another site. I hope you enjoy the story.
Panties for Sale? Chapter 4

I don't know why we were so giddy. Excitement, tension and release I suppose. It was all so new. She slipped the panties off me and turning she threw her arms high, pretending to faint over me, dropping her back onto my lap. I put one arm over her mid-section as she laid there.

“Omigawd that was sooo hot!” she peddled her legs in the air. She scooted over more on the sofa and I helped her make herself more comfortable as she lay back down across my lap. Idly she rested her legs up on the arm rest. I put my arm back across her stomach and brushed hairs out of her face.

“I can feel your dick going down.” she giggled, squirming her back against my lap. She looked at the cum soaked panties in her hand, holding them up and running one slender finger through our mixed cum experimentally.

“Keep doing that and you'll feel it come right back up.” I teased, running my free hand across the soft little mounds of her breasts. She turned one cool eye on me as she reached out and dropped the panties on the carpet. She glanced at her breasts and how my hand roamed across them through her sweater.
“Who the hell said you can touch me like that?” she frowned.

For an instant I froze and my face must have looked so shocked and mortified she bust out laughing.
“Omigawd I'm just kidding!” she laughed.
I tickled her and she squealed.
“You are a tease! You trying to kill me?” I chuckled, shaken.
“You'll die happy.” she gasped between giggles. I tickled more.
“Stop! Please! No more. I'm going to pee!” She begged me breathlessly. We both calmed a little at her mention of this intimate activity.

I caressed her face ass she studied her nails. She was mulling something over and clearly wanted to ask me something.
“Let me guess. Still thinking we should talk ground rules?” I asked, resuming my fondling of her breasts through the sweater. She looked up.
“I think we should.” she smiled briefly and putting one hand behind her head, she watched me feel up her little tits.

“Well you know this is really all up to you. Should I stop?”
“Hmm? Feeling my tits? No. But really I don't know how to put what I am thinking.”
“I think, based on the last couple of hours...and since we met” I touched my finger to the end of her nose. “You should just say it.” She flashed another quick smile but then looked thoughtful.
“I think...when it comes to you...” She paused. and looked up at me again. “Correct me if I am wrong but you'll go for anything right? Anything from me? Done to you or to your dick?”
I nodded slowly, grinning.
“Anything I want or ask of that cock?”

“Mmmhmm.” I lightly pinched a nipple through her sweater and she slapped my hand a little but then left her hand over mine, nearly helping me caress her own breast. She watched for a moment.
“I guess that's why I made you promise no sex though...because it has to be different for me. Things that can't be or be allowed.”
She looked up.
“Is that selfish?”
“You have to be selfish.” I answered.
“What do you mean?”
“There are more...delicate circumstances on your end.”
She thought this over.
“I like the way you said that.”
But she still looked uncertain how to continue.
“You got to understand I am not afraid of hear 'no' from you.” I said as I played.

“You're being awfully understanding.” She smiled but it was without happiness. She needed help. She was feeling the effects only a woman in her position could, feeling her choices along with her desires. And lying in her own living room, surrounded by her life, and being felt up buy a new man.
“If you were not wearing this sweater would you let me a caress your breasts like this?”
Each time she took a moment to think.
“Then I can see you naked?”
“Yes.” We both knew I didn't mean right this second.
“How far is it ok to touch you then?”
“I'm...not...oh I'm such a bitch about this.” She actually looked a little upset.

“It's all right I said.”
“Not that I....we can't....” she bit her lip. “We can't ever touch my naked pussy in any way.” she said in a rush. “Through the panties or my clothes yes. If you masturbate me. But I have to stay covered...or it's just...” she let her sentence trail off.
“I can't let that happen. Is that terrible of me to say that?” she asked. I smiled and shook my head.

“How can you be so calm about it?” she shook her once with a smile.
“Well we waited a long time and talked long about our arrangement and what it was going to be. And I'll get to watch your pussy be naked plenty. I hope.” I said with a wink and she grinned.
“And as for masturbating you through your panties or clothes, that's no small thing.”
“Promise no more?”
“No more.”
“But surely a man will be thinking on it.”
“Yes...but I think the last hour sure has helped. And that's the secret. Getting off together, orgasm, before it becomes unbearable.”
“A dangerous dance.”
“Yes, but that's the high isn't it?” I finished.
She thought a long time and I sat there with her reclining over my lap. She looked up again.
“This is so dangerously close to sex but I like the way you said that, too.”

“Well there's more.”
“See I just don't want to stumble into something you don't expect. You were right when you said I am the guy. Open season between my legs and there's really nothing I would have an aversion too. Unless it's something I haven't thought about. But I'm talking more about cumming. Since you like stroking me off.”

“Oooh you mean where is it ok to cum? On me?”
“Yes.” I finished relieved and she smiled. She thought for a bit.
“As far as my pussy goes maybe on my panties. And after that...what would you say if I said anywhere?”
I swallowed.
“No?” She looked a little surprised.
“Well the second part I was going to say was...not your face.”
“Not my face? Really?”
“If I'm close enough to cum on your cocks to close to your face.”

She blushed a little but she could see the logic.
“To close to my mouth you mean.”
“Uh huh.”
“I was wrong then to talk dirty about sucking your dick.”
“No. Talking dirty is just fine. Getting close to reality...that will be as hard for me as it is for you having me touch your naked pussy.”
“I see. But are you sure?” she asked.

“Unless you tell me that's something you have a preference for. Although I don't think you need to worry for a few hours.”
“That's another thing.” she said as she sat up a little, wrapping her arms around my neck. I lifted her up a little straighter and her round little butt perched on my left thigh.
“You've came twice and have gone a long time being turned on. And that's just tonight.”
“You're wondering if I can keep it up? Stay interested?”
She nodded.

“I hadn't thought on it. I've never had trouble staying hard. Like I said before. You're just that stunning.”
“But surely you'll still loose a little interest? How could it be any fun for you if you don't cum?” She studied my face closely.
“I don't think you realize how singularly hot this very moment in my life is. I couldn't loose interest in you for the next hundred years.”

“You're just saying that.” But I could tell she was pleased. She moved one arm to allow my roaming hand to slip up her sweater. She went to say more but she paused. She sighed just a little when my hand found her nipple.
“That's the first time you ever touched my bare breasts.”
I smiled.
“I'm not just saying that by the way.” I went on. ”But I could ask the same question of you.”
“What do you mean?”
“Staying turned on. How fun can it be for you if I don't cum?”
“I love playing with your dick.”
“All right then what about your own desire? You've also had two orgasms tonight and we got to be realistic here. We're not teenagers.”
“I am starved for orgasms.” she said quite passionately and kissed my neck.
“It won't be a problem.” she smiled, her head on my shoulder.

“You're multi-orgasmic? Really?” My turn to be surprised and I looked down at her.
“Kinda.” But then she laughed. “Well. Kinda is a dumb word. Let's just say...with the right attention I find it easy to cum.”
She stressed the word attention and there was a story buried there but now was no time to tell it. A few minutes passed and she sighed and looked up.
“Why are you smiling?” she asked.
“Just wondering how a guy like me could get this lucky.”
She kissed the end of my nose.
You know that's another thing.” she said.
“What? Kissing?”
“No. Oral sex, silly.”
“I would think that was self explanatory.”
“As far as kissing my body? Sure, anywhere you like. I'm talking about my pussy.”
I smiled a bit silly.

“I know, I know.” she grinned, putting the palm of her hand on my forehead and giving it a tiny push.
“My rubbing it in your face just now was risky. But your face is as bad as your hands and cock when it comes to that. So can we....hold off on that? For now?”
“Are you sure?”
“You counted on having me sit on your face in some panties hmm?” She tickled me and tickled her back. When we stopped she made eye contact, to be sure I could see she was serious.

“I know we both chose it. It's was mutual. But it's something that may be hard to resist. Like what you said about your cock to close to my face you know?” She added with sudden inspiration.
“So it is for your face between my legs.”
“I know. I like it just as much, if not more, than you.”
“So we're agreed no face in my pussy? Even in panties?”

A few minutes went by and she leaned into my hand a little as I rolled her hard little nipples around. Suddenly she pulled her sweater all the way up.
“I want to watch.” she sat there, holding her sweater up as I fondled her.
There was tiny flash of light in the curtains behind us. We both looked around but then heard a roll of thunder.
“It's still raining. And now it's going to storm some more.” I said, looking back at the big single pane window covered behind us.
“Are you really ok with all this?”
I looked back at her.
“Yes I really am.” but now I had a thought.
“Have we covered everything?” I asked.
“I think so.”
“Well what I mean is it's all to us. To us both. We are laying ground rules for the basics but what about...”
“What about?” she echoed.
“What about being kinky? There are many other things that can be spontaneous to one, unwelcome to the other.”
“Things you don't want to be surprised with.” I added.

Her mouth made a silent O and she looked thoughtful. She dropped her sweater and I stopped fondling her. She put her arms back around my neck and we sat there holding each other as it thundered a little.
“We could be here all night if we get particular. Things like what?” she asked finally.
I rubbed above my lip with one finger.
“Again I think that's all up to you.”
She slapped my arm.
“Anything goes huh? You're such a pervert!” she said and I laughed.
We sat quietly for a while.
“My ass.” she said with a shy smile.
“What about it?”
“Is it ok if the same rules apply to my ass as they do my pussy?”
“Geez, you don't want me to have any fun at all.” I said and she slapped my arm.
“You're such a guy!”
“It's all right though really. But you can't deny me kissing your butt cheeks somewhere in the near future.”
She grinned.

“Then its agreed. You have full permission to kiss my ass.”
More laughter.
“This oral sex. Does it apply to me sucking your nipples?” I asked quietly.
She thought hard once more, weighing all the pros and cons.
With a touch of defiance she looked me in the eye.
“No.” She smiled.
My eyes narrowed and I growled.
“Mmmmm woman, you are in trouble now.”
“Oh no! Not now!” She laughed, she slapped at me as I tried to lift her sweater. She laughed and put her forehead against mine.
“You can kiss my tits all you want. As for the rest of it we'll just see what we see. Keep some element of surprise hmm?”
I nodded happily and then we kissed.

“Now I really do have to pee. We need a break.” she said as we parted.
I nodded and her smile spread.
“Is that something you would want to see?”
“I would have to say yes I would.”
She shook her head, real slow.
“I can't.” She smiled. “Is that ok?”
“You're testing me.”
“Maybe a little. Your dick moved against my butt, you pervert.”
Before she could say more a little clap of lightning struck somewhere in the neighborhood. The windows shook a bit and we both jumped.
“Wow.” she said and slipped off my lap. I pinched her ass.
“Hey!” she mock pouted.
“Let's get cleaned up and have a bite to eat.”

She laughed, lifting up her sweater as she walked a few steps ahead of me. She clenched her ass, showing the defined outline of a perfect, shapely, taught little apple. She must have been jogging since she was twelve.
“Take a bite of this.” she purred at me and winked over her shoulder.
And she thought keeping me hard was going to be a problem.

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