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This is NOT my story. This was written by Werner7890 and originally posted on another site. I hope you enjoy the story.
Panties for Sale? Chapter 3

At first I thought she would be mad. A silly thought considering she had just ground her pussy against my face but all she did was flash me that dazzling smile and snatch up a hand towel of the coffee table. I let my arms fall as I sat there, watching her wipe my cum of her long sexy legs.

“That was incredible.” She said in a low voice.
“I'm speechless.” I answered. And I was.
To my further surprise she looked a little chagrined and wouldn't really look at me. Just stood there wiping her hands.
“I smell like cum.” she sighed.
“So do I.”
It must have been the wrong thing to say because her smile fell a little more.
“What is it?”
“I”m sorry.” She said at last. “All this talk of no sex and I go and ride your face like a slut.” She made to step forward and wipe my face but I held up a hand.

I licked my lips and brushed my finger across my chin and and licked that too. Anything I could to keep that feeling lingering in my mouth and indeed the musky smooth taste of her pussy was there.
I was staring right at her and she me. She was biting her one thumb nail again, a gesture I was finding to be very sexy, and watching me.
“I never tasted your pussy before.” I said quietly.
“Do you like it?”
“I don't have words to describe how much I like it.” I said rather lamely.
“But don't feel bad. You didn't do anything. You kept your panties on and it was me who pulled you in.”
“Maybe I wanted that. In fact I know I did.”

A moment passed. She let her hand fall and sighed, doing a happy little twist on one foot as she stared at me.
“Still I do feel kinda bad. A dance is one thing. But I'm not trying to lead you on.”
I looked down at the floor.
“We did keep them on though, didn't we?” she said and when I looked up we giggled a little together.
“Good thing we did. I might have passed out.”
“Don't do that!” She laughed. “Oh God why do I feel like I'm sixteen?
We laughed more, letting the tension bleed away.
“Your hard.” she pointed.
I looked down.
“Good boy.” I said. Another fit of the giggles.
“Staying hard has never been a problem for me. I just don't want to let you down in the orgasm department.”
“Is that why you stopped stroking it?”
“Uh huh. I never would have lasted.”
“I was that good?”
“I think life is all down hill after this moment.” I winked at her.

She reached up under her sweater and pulled down her thoroughly used and wet pink panties. She stepped out of them and picked them up to hold them out to me on one dainty finger.
“Don't bet on it.”
Control. You must learn control! Why the hell did Yoda leap into my mind? I took them with a slightly trembling hand and it was the hardest moment of my life to set them down. She frowned a little, confused. But I got up.
“Just a second!” I smiled and dashed past her.

When I came back with my bag she understood and squealed in delight, bouncing on her toes and clapping her hands a little.
I sat back down and undid the zipper and we quickly laid out several pairs of her panties she had given me on the floor. She stood next to me, pushing her hair back with her fingers, leaning over and going through them with me like we were looking at a menu together. Maybe we were.
“Oh! The pink lace Tangas!” She pointed.
“That first night you called.”
“Uh huh!” she said happily. Now, I still really didn't know what the ground rules were. She had been abashed that she had rubbed her pussy in my face and we didn't talk any more details so I wondered now what to do. She solved the problem by standing up and presenting her legs to me. I held the panties for her and she slipped her feet into them.

Was she going to take them and finish pulling them up?
No she wasn't.
“Go ahead.” She said, her eyes bright.
I snugged them all the way, a little unsure of myself but it was a little easier to control myself so soon after having my own orgasm.
For a few seconds though I glimpsed her pussy as she lifted up on her toes so I could snug the panties up to her waist.
There wasn't a hair on her. It looked like a tiny little peach, glistening wet between her legs and my cock surged a little though she didn't notice.

“I'm so bad. A hypocrite.” she sighed.
“Well we never really talked ground rules. But we made a promise and I don't think we've broken it. You're not teasing me. Just let things happen as they do and we'll know when to stop.” I smiled at her, caressing her legs. This was the second time I touched her and she was relaxed with it so I continued. She seemed reassured to hear the man say this and I tugged her sweater down playfully, tickling her thighs.
“For now are you going to let those get cold?” She pointed, her eyes bright.

A second later she plopped down next to me on the sofa as I picked up her soaking panties and leaned back a little.
“Maybe we should talk now.” she said. So help me, her panties were on the way to my lips when she said that. I looked so caught off balance she bust out laughing.
“Omigawd I”m sorry.” She laughed as she tucked her legs up. She was settling in to watch me.
“Show me more.” She said, excited.

I had only been sniffing them, having turned the crotch inside out to the wettest part of where she had cum. Cotton cloth panties are quite absorbent, but at the center of the wet spot it was truly soaked. The kind of wetness where its no longer damp but could actually drip. A little one inch gap that must have nestled right over her little pink hole was like that. It was saturated.

I look back on it later as a moment where I lost track of time. Everything about her and her panties drew me in. My senses filled up with her and things came to me automatically without having to think about it. I don't know when I closed my eyes, I don't know when I started licking, I don't know when I rubbed them across my face. I don't know when I sucked that saturated spot in to my mouth like a vacuum and pulled the juices from the crotch. I was well and truly sucking her orgasm right out of the cloth and at some point she was leaning back with me, shoulder to shoulder, her thighs wide open now and massaging herself through the little pink Tangas she now wore.

“So hot! So hot!” she was gasping, masturbating with her legs wide open, her right leg draped over my left knee. She told me later it was wild wearing that first pair because it took her back to the day. How she had decided to give me all those panties after I came for her. How one of those twelve were now back on her body, just put there by me. And she was watching what I had done with them now and how I did it, with the wet pink pair she just had on. And lastly it drove her wild knowing I had fucked the ones she had on, grinding them into her slit where she imagined my cock had been.

The whole naughty cycle drove her senses to knew levels. She was wild with the idea of what had happened, what was happening, and what had been used, what was being used, and how she could finally see it all first hand.
She started to cum before I did. I blinked and opened my eyes and saw her next to me, into it.

She was leaning back watching me as I sucked her wet panties but now she was fighting to keep from cumming. Her two fingers were a blur over the lace crotch of the pair covering her that she had exposed by spreading her legs, pulling her sweater up her hips.
I looked right at her with the wet ones locked in my mouth and pulled them out with a sharp deep suck.
I swallowed.
“I just drank your orgasm.”
She started to gasp out these little shouts of pleasure, building in volume as she came.
“Ah! Ahh! AHHH!”
I still looked her right in the eye as I deliberately raised her panties and licked the cloth down where her ass had been. She saw it. The pair she had on when she picked me up tonight, the first pair she creamed when we masturbated together. The first pair fresh off her body that she wore all afternoon. The first used pair.

“So naughty.” she gasped.
Then her eyes slammed shut, her head went back, she grabbed my t-shirt with one hand and the arm of the sofa with the other and she screamed.

A loud, pushing scream of released pressure, pleasure and excitement, so intense it sounded almost painful. She spread her legs as wide as they could go, thrusting her little lace covered pussy forward, arching her hips as if she wanted to squirt her cum like a man in to the room. Instead she just forced it out into her panties. Again.

It was the single most exciting orgasm I ever watched a woman have.
My fist was a blur now too but as hot a thing as I just witnessed, my balls were straining to push me over the edge. Nature had a few demands on me seeing how it hadn't been that long since my last orgasm.

I stroked faster, inhaling her scent now by pressing the panties to my face as I watched her come down from her own orgasm. She tucked up her legs and rolled towards me, sighing deeply and smiling her pretty white smile. She still had my t shirt in her fist but she let go and sat up.

Without a word she turned enough so she could reach down and hook the waist band of her now newly soaked pair and lifting her ass up she peeled them right up off her body, past her knees and off her feet.

Dropping her legs she scooted up next to me. I took my hands away and she expertly wrapped those soaked pink lace Tangas around my cock. Then glancing at me with another dazzling smile she then started to stroke me hard, lubricating my steaming cock with the wet cooling touch of her juice that she had just squirted into the crotch.

Fifteen seconds and that was enough. I was gasping and squirting into her hands and into the panties.
Again and again she slammed her little fist down the length of my cock, pushing every drop of me out and pulling it up my length.
Finally, we slowed, breathing hard. She started giggling and leaned over, dropping her forehead against my chest.
I kissed the top of her head.

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