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This is NOT my story. This was written by Werner7890 and originally posted on another site. I hope you enjoy the story.
Panties for Sale? Chapter 2

Dark gray french lace panties. Cotton. Easily my favorite pair.
I shook my head in disbelief once more and lay back, happily fisting them around my cock. I lay on my bed quite content with an arm behind my head and my boxers around my knees, again reliving what had happened to me. It was such a thrill to think about her and look down and see her panties wrapped around my cock.

Such a thrill to know where they had been. What they held. Even after doing it no less than sixteen times these past two weeks, a surprise in itself, it was amazing how it felt.
The memory of her was so vivid.

I let go out of my cock, rolling onto my side and sorting through the other odd pairs within reach. I had strewn them out over my bed and never tired of admiring them like this.
I held up a small red thong. The thongs gave a little trouble. They didn't have enough fabric for true coverage but I was content to press them to my lips, again reveling in where they had been.

I felt like such a pervert but I didn't care. Such an opportunity would never come again. Or would it?
Ever since I arrived home after that first day I had wracked my brain for ways to contact her. Trouble was she said it had to be a one time thing. I was well aware, and terrified, of all the circumstances surrounding the idea of seeing her again and it sure had kept me from doing anything stupid.

Like there was no way I could just show up. Disaster. And there had been no exchange of contact information. Dammit. I knew her address and with a little work I could find plenty out but then how to go from there? I sighed.
I just had no way of judging what any outcome would be, of any scenario I came up with and it always came down to a tug of war in my mind.

I came out of my daydream, running my thumb across the little cotton patch of her thong. That was the other sorry thing about all this. They were all clean. I lay back with a groan.
I held the thong with up both hands as I lay on my back. No, it didn't keep me from enjoying each and every pair. I just ached for more as I pictured her hips and thighs.

I dropped the thong on my chest and took my cock back up in her french panties. I slid my arm back behind my head. There had to be a way to let her know. Thinking how she too had enjoyed it helped my resolve to learn more about her. And wondering if we could ever do it again was overpowering my worries.
My hand sped up and I looked down to watch.
I would think of a way.
Right after this.
I finished my note and reread it. Then I reread it again. Printing one was to informal and this was my tenth try by hand but now it looked pretty good. It was part apology, part offer, part humor and part diary. A combination to let her know what I had been up to. I had thought on the matter for some time, always proceeding from the fact she had enjoyed it. So naturally she wouldn't mind at least a follow up?

Still I couldn't deny the risk and how it all seemed a little surreal. I tucked it into an envelope along with a card giving my cell number. There were many worse case scenarios but I was going to see it through.
I tapped the letter on the table a few times and sighed.
“She's going to think I'm either a stalker or a secret agent.”
One hour later I sent it off via registered mail. I stepped out of the post office and blew into my hands. Our false summer was over and the days were getting chilly.
Registered mail. Only she and she alone could sign for it.

For a time on the way home I regretted sending it. I envisioned anyone but her contacting me. Everything from a shotgun wielding husband to the cops. I clicked my bedroom light on, tossing my jacket on my office chair. Her panties still lay in a pile on the bed and I leaned against the wall and studied them.
The woman gave me twelve pairs of panties.
This had to work. Something had to happen
Nothing. I waited five weeks and nothing. I felt stupid for how much I dwelt on it and how often I checked all the contact points I had provided. Nothing.
I clicked shut my laptop and leaned back in my chair.
Going to just be a memory then, huh?
Then my cell phone rang.

One night at 3 AM it went off right next to my head on the bed stand. I was hazy and fumbled around in the dark but finally I grabbed it and flipped it open.
“You really are a pervert for my panties aren't you?”
I clicked the light on and sat up. I stared blinking at the wall.
“'s your fault.” I said.

That night we had a long conversation. It was one of the rare nights she had all to herself. With her husband away and her son at her mothers house we covered a lot of ground even though at first she was a little hesitant. In fact she admonished me a bit for taking chances but did admit she was secretly thrilled. She had read my letter many more times in secret.

I was eager to build up our connection and cautiously brought up email, letters, cards. But she coolly benched them all with valid reasons why it couldn't happen. It wasn't lost on me that her buying a secret pay-as-you-go cell phone was a step in the right direction.

Another thing she made clear was there was no chance of an affair or compromising her every day life at all and we chewed over that thoroughly.
We settled on masturbation and masturbation it would be.

So to my utter ecstasy we ended up masturbating together. It was torture. What's that? Yes I have a pair here. Which ones? The pink lace Tangas.
So if I have all your panties, what are you wearing?
New ones. Victoria's Secret Brazilian...and nothing else.
I had to bite my pillow.
We came hard together. She found she was as wild over the fact I was using her panties to jerk off with as I was to have them. The noises she made as I talked dirty to her pushed us both over the edge.

Afterwords we fell to discussing where this all left us and to my shock finally she admitted there could be a chance we could do it again in person but she wasn't promising anything. Just all maybes at this point. That was enough for me.
When finally I clicked the phone shut the sky was getting light.
I lay back thinking I must have done something right in a past life.
Then I fell asleep instantly.

Four more weeks passed and the fall air blasted the trees clean. We had one more call together and talked long into the night before getting each other off. I had stayed in tonight and found myself thinking about those phone calls as I watched a cold rain come down in the street that my apartment overlooked.
My cell rang and I flipped it open without looking.

“It's me.” she said and I felt a surge of relief mixed with desire.
“What are you doing?”
“Watching it rain.” I said as I stood up and walked slowly towards the kitchen. We may not have talked often, but we talked extensively and we had a natural connection that I think thrilled us both.
“Exciting.” she teased.
“To bad the weather doesn't have blond hair and great legs.”
She giggled. “That makes no sense at all.”
“Where are you? Are you driving?” I asked.
“Yes.” A pause. “I can't believe I”m doing this.”
“Doing what?”
“Pack a bag handsome. I'm about two minutes away. I'm going to pick you up but I'm not coming in. Just run down to the car.”
So help me I had to swallow twice before I could answer.
“You got it.” I managed and she clicked off.

It was just getting dark as I waited.
If ever you stand at a window and see the vehicle pull up you've been waiting for, you'll know what I mean when I say nothing tops that feeling. When I saw those brake lights at the curb I almost tripped going down the steps to the lobby.

Her car turned out to be a brand new dark blue cargo van and I popped open the passenger door and jumped in. It had two big bucket seats and was open to the back. For the first time in months we got a good look at each other again. She unbuckled her seat and had to lean over to give me a hug.
I hugged her back warmly, already drunk on everything about her.

She had on a oversized white sweater and tight black leggings with soft looking Uggs winter boots on her feet. Her hair was down around her shoulders and the curve of her breasts was very stirring.

We broke the hug almost shyly.
“Put your bag back there.” she pulled back and settled in behind the wheel.
“Is this really happening?” I asked as I put it on the seat behind me.
She looked at me and smiled that dazzling smile before putting the van in gear.

“Back to your place?” I asked.
“Uh huh.”
“What about everything we talked about?”
“I know but I have the place to myself all weekend.” She leveled a cool look at me, her eyes twinkling.
“I'm not going to waste a second.”
“Or one drop.” I dared wink and she turned away to hide a smile.
She looked in her mirror at my bag.
“Did you bring any of them with you?” She asked.
“Uh huh.”
“Did you wash them?” she teased, though her voice wavered a little.
“Uh huh.” I laughed.
We drove in silence for a moment.
“Are you going to wear them for me?” I asked. She drove a small distance and then took a deep breath and looked over at me.
“Uh huh.” she exhaled with a smile.

For a little while we drove on in silence, acutely aware of how there were still some unknowns between us. I never asked why she did what she did and I never asked about her husband. Frankly, I could care less.
“You look great.” I told her as we drove. “Do women have any idea how cute that look is?”
She laughed. “It's so comfy and warm. And I love these boots.”
“It's sexy.” I said, craning my neck to admire her. “I've been dying to see those legs again.”
“Just my legs?” she asked. I could feel an air of uncertainty. Of doubt. Bravado had carried us both this far but I felt the need to cement what this was all about.
“Dying to see everything.” I said.

“Yeah sure. Now that you have my panties what do you need me for hmm?” She evaded.
The van began to slow as she saw a red light coming up. I lifted up my lap and fumbled with my zipper. “What do I need help with?” I repeated.
She looked over and her eyes went wide. I pulled my t-shirt up and exposed my hard cock in the air, leaning slightly so it pointed right at her.
“With this.”
She held her hand over her mouth, laughing in short little gasps of surprise as we coasted to a stop. Exposing myself had shocked her a little and she kept glancing at me then the road.
“See?” I said. She saw all right. She lowered her hand and looked right at it.
“Do you want to touch it?” I asked.
“Like I have never wanted to touch anything before.” she was blushing but she reached over and did the very thing. I jumped a little.
“Your hands are cold.” And we both laughed but in that gesture things became more real.
“Are we really doing this?” she asked, looking up as her fingers rolled and massaged my hardening cock.
“Yes.” I sighed.
“And we really are just going to masturbate with each other?” She asked pointedly. I could accept that. It was only fair. She had been more than good to me so far and never said why. I looked right at her.
A horn sounded behind us and we jumped. The light was green. She grabbed the wheel and I fumbled with my pants. We drove off laughing.

We were still laughing and flirting as we piled the bags up on the kitchen table all in a heap. She had bought all kinds of goodies and even three bottles of wine for the weekend. I didn't know if I was meant to stay so long but she did say back a bag. She took it now and set it down by one of the chairs before helping me slide off my coat.

She lifted one shapely leg and pulled off her boots and I followed suit. Her eyes were dancing.
“Do for me what you did in the van.” she asked in an excited rush as she kicked them aside.

It wasn't like some penthouse forum. I was just as nervous about it as she was but still I unzipped while she went and shut the garage lights off. We had pulled right in as it rained and no one saw us and the covert feeling to it all heightened the excitement. She shut and locked the back door and as she came back into the kitchen I turned to her. Fully exposed.
She slowed as she walked up.

“I've imagined that since the first moment you did it back at the sale.”
She took my cock gently and started fondling me, standing right in front of me with one knee bent. We both watched her work me.
“I know this is so dangerous. As far as sex goes.”She looked up. “Seriously, can you really promise me we'll just masturbate?”

Actually I knew I could. As hard as it may seem to resist, there is a deep pleasure to holding back and concentrating. I think we both understood how it could prolong the pleasure until you couldn't stand it any longer. This really was to be our arrangement.
“Yes.” I said simply. “I promise. Can you?”

She paused. “Part of me wants to kneel down right now and suck your dick here in the kitchen.”
She sighed and took both my hands.

“Come on. I want to show you something.”
She led me into the living room with my cock out, giggling away about how she had set everything up. She left me standing in the middle of the room as she quickly went around and lit candles before showing me how she had shoved the coffee table to the side and made a nest of pillows and blankets on the sofa facing the entertainment center. On the table were assorted things to help us. Tissues, hand towels and more.

My mouth was dry. She stepped past me and clicked off the lights to the kitchen and came back in to face me.
Gently she took my shoulders and kissed me lightly on the lips.
“You're shaking.” she sighed as we broke the kiss.
“I need someone to pinch me.” I stammered and she laughed.
She turned me around so my back was to the couch.
“Take your pants off. Get comfy.” She said as she turned to the entertainment center. It's so quick and easy for a man to take his pants off when he wants to she had to laugh and clap her hands when she turned back around. My cock was still jutting right at her over the hem of my boxers as I tossed them aside.

She put her hands on my shoulders and set me down, stepping back still fully dressed in her sweater, leggings and fluffy white socks. She kicked off her socks and reached up under her sweater, pushing her leggings down her thighs. She paused, running her hands through her hair, letting me admire her, then she finished sliding them down and balanced on one leg as she pulled them off. Her sweater came down far enough it covered her ass snug around her thighs but I didn't care. When had I started jerking off?

“You simply have the hottest legs I have ever seen.”
“You think so?” she smiled, pressing her sweater down and lifting up one shapely leg. She wiggled her cute toes and then turned in a half circle and bent over at the waist. My neck had a mind of its own as I tried to peak under her sweater. She clipped her IPOD into external speakers and looked back at me with a giggle.

Slow, sexy, charged music started to play and so help me she swirled her ass in a circle.
“I know this song.” I smiled.
“It's the one Demi Moore danced to in Striptease. Standard viewing for any stay at home mom.” she smiled, beginning to sway to the sound, flinging her hair up and over her back as she straightened up. She then lifted up on to her toes, throwing the muscles of her legs into relief as she started her own routine.

Holy fuck. Standard viewing? She had mastered it. I lost myself in that sound but in the back of my mind I dreaded what was happening. I glanced down.
There was no way I could keep from cumming to much longer so I stopped stroking, willing myself to the kind of control you feel in a strip club. I set my hands firmly on the sofa.

She smiled and moved like a panther as she turned around. I know they say that in cheesy Tarzan comics, but she did move like a panther and each step and sharp snap of her body and she hit the beats of that sexy music brought her closer to me.

She kicked one leg up and set her foot next to my hand on the cushion. We stared at each other that way for a minute as she danced and when the song hit a certain spot she leaned back as the music built.
Rolling and thrusting her hips at me, she arched her back even farther, tilting her head way back and dragging her hands up her thighs to slowly pull her sweater up in time with the tempo.
And so for the first time I saw her wearing panties.

She had on simple pink cotton pair but what was so startling was the dark oval of wetness over her pussy, just under the raised little bump of her clit.

The woman in the music was groaning as if in ecstasy and the music was overpowering. I had never touched her before. I took hold of her hips, leaned forward and pulled her crotch to my face, and squirted cum all over her bare legs.
She went wild and immediately gripped both fists in my hair and for a moment I panicked but then she ground her hips right back against me.
“Oh, fuck yeah!” She shouted.
She was cumming too. Again and again she ground the wet spot of her panties against my face.
The song ended in an abrupt splash of sound and she stepped back as if startled.
I opened my eyes, trying to remember my name, the over whelming scent of her pussy covering my face.
A long, long moment passed as we caught our breath.

She held the hem of her sweater and looked down at her legs and wet panties. I ran my hands back through my hair and held them there.
“Holy shit.” I whispered.

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How old are they? And I lOve the uggs!!!

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How old are they? And I lOve the uggs!!!

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My house is well equipped with security and the cameras cover all the grounds and the interior. There are hidden cameras in many rooms with which my ex husband and I used to spy on our guests. We've seen our visitors doing some of the most bizarre things which they would probably never think of doing in their own homes.
My daughter Cath who was19 was sleeping with a nice guy of about 30 and they were fucking at every God given opportunity, he was tall and handsome and had a cock to match. Cath couldn't close her long fingers round it and I guess it must have been all of 9 inches long but not only could she take all of it in her cunt but she could also take it all in her mouth as well. I was surprised though when I saw him masurbating in a bathroom with on pair of my dirty panties in his mouth and another wrapped round his cock, how rude. I let him fuck me later and it was very stretchy and filling but it was a one off as I didn't want to fall out with Cath.

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Wonderful sequence. Panties are my thing and the way you used them caused me to break my plan of not coming so I could read other stories. Peek is the word you wanted, not peak, although I reached my peak delightfully. What an experience for a 74-yr. old happily married man. Thank you!

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