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The party for Yukio, Michael steps up to the plate.
*** Hi All! Thank to everyone for their positive feedback and desire to see me continue this series. A special thank you to Widegarth2112 for kicking me in the butt to continue this series again. I hope you enjoyed this third instalment. To shadowreaper267, thanks for all your comments and inspirational diversions. To Ghostrider939 thanks for the encouraging PM's and support.***

Character Refresher:

Yukio: The main Character. Has just started at a new high school in America. Sex is like a drug to her. Despite her best intentions to be a good girl she has been very naughty. She is Japanese. 16 years old, 5' tall, and weigh 105 lbs. Her hair is long, to the small of her back, and it is a deep black colour. Her eyes are brown and large. She has a very cute ass. She thinks her best feature are her full B cup breasts that look very big on her. She long nipples, they are one centimetre long and she is fit from swimming. People have also told her she has a lovely voice.

Other characters as described by Yukio in the first part of the series:

Hillary: Really pretty girl, cheerleader, slim figure with large C cup breasts she clearly liked to show off. She is 5'7” tall and had a really beautiful face and bright green eyes. She had expensive clothes and seemed nice.

Marcus: Slender guy, 5'10”,swimmers body, light brown hair, blue eyes and the most perfect teeth I have ever seen. He was dressed normally by I noticed he had an Omega watch. You could tell by his tight shirt that he had a serious body. I liked his smile.

Tonya: Tall, blonde, built, with a sparkling smile and large firm breasts. She was wearing a skirt and her legs were toned and tanned. Her blue eyes were welcoming and her makeup and hair were flawless. Also a cheerleader which made sense.

Greg: 6'1”, 220lbs, really fit based on the tight shirt and muscular. He played football and a “Running Back” and seemed friendly. His blonde hair and blue eyes gave him a look like he belonged at the beach.

Michael: 6'4” tall, he looked like a cross between a football player and a cowboy. He was the biggest of the group and had tanned skin and large muscles. He stood to shake my hand towering over me, He looked like he could throw a Volvo. His legs were like tree trunks and I thought he must be a football player. It turned out later I was wrong, his parents were ranchers and he worked for his muscles as he put it. He had shirt dark brown hair, soft green eyes, and a really gentle smile. His hands were huge and they were working hands.

Christine: A fiery redhead who was thrilled by what I did. She was 5'5”, had long curly red hair in a ponytail and could only be described as perky. She has a trim body and more energy than anyone should. Like she chases coffee with Redbull.

Yukio's Adventures Part 3

At the end of the last chapter I had just finished having hot lesbian sex with my best friend and lover Hillary. We were getting ready for a big party at her house that she was throwing me to welcome me to America.

Following Hillary's advice I wore my bikini under a loose tan coloured cotton blouse and a dark blue denim miniskirt. I put on my flat sandals as I was not comfortable wandering around in bare feet.

We took time to give each other a manicure and pedicure, then painted our nails. This was of course accompanied by music, more coolers and a lot of laughter.

When we went downstairs we were just in time. People had started to arrive for the party and it looks like it will be a good one!

I walked into the entry way and saw people I did not know arriving. Hillary walked over to one of the guys and started chatting with him. I lacked her confidence to approach even though it was a party in my honour.

I was standing there watching the stream of people starting to arrive when I sensed someone close behind me. I turned my head and saw Tonya was just reaching her hands up to cover my eyes from behind. I turned all the way around and smiled at her very brightly.

Tonya is almost a foot taller than me and her large beautiful breasts were staring me right in the face, practically begging to be touch in the small bikini top she was wearing. She had paired her black bikini top with black shorts that were very tight, and very short. Her fit athletic body was definitely displayed to best effect.

Tonya laughed and said “Your like a freakin Ninja or something” and we hugged each other. Of course the height difference meant her breasts we in my face. They were warm from the sun, perfumed, as as firm as I had suspected. She knew what she was doing and said “Short girls are fun to hug.” laughing at me.

I am not one to pass up an opportunity to have fun and turned my face into her cleavage and motor boated her. Tonya started laughing very hard and I leaned back laughing with her.

“Naughty Girl Yukio” she said wagging a finger at me playfully.

I gave her my best innocent look, which is actually really convincing and said “It was self defence. You crazy American girls are always trying to smoother me!”

Tonya laughed and said “Oh you are good!” I smiled at her and she reached out and ran her fingers through my hair examining it. “I love you hair... it feels like silk and its just amazing. You could do hair commercials.”

“Thank you Tonya. Yours is very beautiful as well. You look like the picture of American beauty.”

“Okay... new BFF right here!” She called out loudly and then started laughing.

She grabbed my hand and lead me to the outside bar. As she was walking she grabbed two strawberries as she passed the snack table. She stopped and said “Do you like strawberries?”

Nodding I said “Very much.”

She reached out and held it to my lips. Slowly I opened my mouth and let my lips slide around itand touch her finger tips on the other side. She gasped in arousal when I took the strawberry in and then licked the tips of the fingers that had touched it.

I ate the berry slowly looking at her eyes which were locked in a stare on my lips. I swallowed and then smiled at her and said “Thank you.” in a voice that was soft and filled with sexual promise.

Tonya broke into a huge smile and said “Holy shit” while starting to smile. “O.M.F.G Girl, you are so fucking hot, the guys around here are so going to be totally owned by you!”

Rising up onto my tip toes I put my hands on her shoulders and leaned in to whisper in her ear. I said “What about the girls?” and slowly used the tip of my tongue to pull her earlobe between my teeth and nibble it.

Feeling Tonya shiver I whispered “I am sorry if this is bothering you, but I find you very sexy.”

Tonya leaned back looking at me with awe and said “Yukio, you are such a good girl at school. I was trying to shock you. That totally didn't work, but your not the little shy girl are you. Your making me hot.”

Smiling, I took her hand and lead her the rest of the way to the bar. When we reached there she ordered us Singapore Slings and looked at me and said “It was the most Asian thing I could think of.”

I started laughing and said “You went with the name on that?”

“Well... yeah. I know, kinda lame.” looking kinda crestfallen.

“It's the thought that counts” I said as rubbed my hand on her lower back, just above her bikini bottom.

When we got our drinks we started mingling in, the party was filling up fast. The crowd and the music was getting livelier as the night progressed. Soon People were using the pool, the hot tub and just stuck to their bathing suits.

Because Hillary had put bubble making soap in the hot tub there was a huge area of deep foaming bubbles that smelled like tropical fruit. People were jumping into it, dancing in it, and making use of the privacy they found when they went under the bubbles.

The outdoor shower was also busy as people kept rinsing themselves off as they made their way around to the various water attractions.

I was dancing with Tonya and really enjoying it. The best moment was when three guys I really didn't know were staring at us as we swayed and moved in unison with each other. I bent over and began grinding my ass back into Tonya, She put her hands on my hips and went with it, before sliding one of her hands into my hair as I raised my upper body up. It looked like she was pulling me up by my hair while sliding her hand around my waist and up just under my breast. I leaned my head back and she leaned down to kiss me and we stopped suddenly, and look right at them. They all had their mouths hanging open, eyes as big as plates and one dropped his cup and didn't notice. We stood up and walked by them winking as we headed to the bar for more drinks.

When we got there I was standing facing the bar chatting to Tonya when Marcus came up behind me. I kept talking to Tonya as he lifted me up from behind in a big hug, holding me around the waist.

“So here is the Guest of Honour!!!” He said laughing. He set me down and looking down at me patted me on the head saying “Your just so tiny and so cute... I could eat you up!”

“Marcus, please don't ever pat me on the head like a dog. I do not like it.” I said staring passively at him.

He looked at me and said “Um, geez, sorry about that.”

I gestured for him to lean down so he would be able to hear me clearly. When he did I gave him a proper hug “Its really nice you came Marcus” I was beaming a smile at him as I stood back.

He relaxed and said “Oh I get it, you were messing with me?”

“No, I am very happy you came.” I replying.

Laughing he said “No, about the head thing.” and made a patting motion.

Getting very serious I said “No. Not Kidding.” Tonya started laughing.

He looked completely confused and I turned to the bar and got a beer for him and handed it to him.

He smiled and was just starting to drink when Greg and Michael arrived.

Greg immediately hugged Tonya and bumped his fist to Marcus'. He then turned and looked at me and with a happy cry of “Yukio!” he hugged picked me up by my waist and spun me around before setting me down on the ground. “Welcome to the U.S. Of A. Baby!” He was smiling happily I returned it.

I saw Michael staring at me. Looking into his big brown eyes I could see that he was nervous. The idea that I could make him nervous struck me as funny. I remembered what Hillary had said about him liking me and all the signs I had seen myself. I wanted him to relax and be more at peace around me. That 6'4” spectacular specimen of man needed an ice breaker.

Stepping toward him, closing the gap between us I said “I am really glad you came to the party Michael.” while looking up into his eyes.

He looked like a deer in the headlights. He wasn't really moving so I said “What? No hug from you?”

He leaned down and gave me a very chaste hug barely exerting any pressure. This close to him I noted he smelled wonderful, his cologne was very nice. I also felt his powerful muscles tremble a bit. Turning into his ear I said “I'm not made of glass.” with a hint of laughter in my voice.

He gripped me a bit tighter and I did the same to him.

After a moment he slid his arms off and stood up looking down at me. I moved by hands down his arms, noting the incredible muscles, and took his hands in mine. “Would you like a beer Michael?”

“Yes Please, that would be fine.” He replied staring into my eyes.

Turning I took the two steps to the bar. I heard Greg say “Relax man.”

Tonya stepped up beside me and said “Oh my god girl, you have that poor boy just spinning!”

I looked at her and said “I don't want him spinning, I want him to relax. He is always so nervous around me and I think I could really get to like him. What do you suggest?”

“You need to spend time with him, talk to him. Make lots of eye contact” she said in earnest “and if you can manage it get him to dance, or swim, but keep making casual contact with him. You know, touch his arm, stuff like that. That way he will know you like him to and maybe that will relax him.”

I nodded and said “Okay. That may be worth a try.”

When Michael's beer came I walked back over to him with it. I stepped close to him again and said “Here is your beer.” and handed it to him with two hands, as I normally do such things. He took it in his much larger working man's hands and smiled saying “Thank you.” and nodded his head.

Our group stood around and just chatted. We were having a good time with it. Michael was pretty quiet and whenever I looked up at him he was almost always turning his head away. It was cute he was watching me, but I needed to start concentrating on helping him relax.

A guy I didn't know walked over to the group. Fortunately they all knew him from the the Golf Club, or so I gathered. He shook hands with me and said “I'm Bill. Welcome and thanks for kicking Jake's ass AGAIN.”

Everyone turned and looked at me and had looks varying from questioning to shock. I looked up at Michael and he said “What did that son of a bitch do now?”

I told them “It was nothing. He started a problem when Hillary and I were having ice cream. He lost. The Police have him now.”

Bill burst open laughing and said “Nothing? You totally kicked his ass! It was epic guys, it was like watching a John Wu film. Oh my God and when Tommy ran at you with the knife you totally wasted him. Oh shit! Nothing.. oh yeah and Hillary hit Louise Martand in the head with a milkshake and whipped that bitches ass!” Bill was vibrating with excitement as the group erupted in questions about it.

I just stood there... being bombarded and Michael said “Shut Up!” and they all fell silent looking at him. “Look, Yukio has had a shit day as far as that goes. Let's talk about this later alright. Does she look like she wants to talk about it? No, she doesn't so give it a rest okay?”

Looking up at him I just smiled and told the others “Really, it is not worthy of discussion and we should not let it intrude on our enjoyment.” I said this as politely as I could. Sincerely this was not something that I wanted to talk about at, this was not the time for it.

Greg said “Hillary was there?” and I knew at that point everyone would get more details rather easily. They took Michael's suggestion to let it drop though.

By the time the party was in full swing there was approximately three hundred people present. Their were people everywhere, and all of them knew who I was. I was a little disturbing that they all knew who I was without any introduction, but then again, I guess it was simple deduction. You see, the party was for “The new girl, she's Japanese.” I was the only Asian at the party. So, I guess they had the upper hand in the whole “Try and guess my name” game.

Michael and I did not always stay together, but I noticed he was always in sight. He was talking with others, but seem to only have eyes for me. It was sweet.

After having consumed a few drinks and having danced I decided enough was enough. I walked over and got two beers from the bar. Turning toward Michael I smiled at him. Hillary and Tonya saw what I was about to do and wished me luck.

When I reached Michael handed him the beer and said “You look thirsty.”

“Thanks.” he said as he accepted the beer.

Even standing this close to him, ignoring everyone else, I noticed he was still reluctant to make eye contact. I decided that enough was enough.

“Michael, please come with me.” I said as I took hold of his hand with mine. His hand felt rough and completely surrounded mine as he held it. I lead him through the crowd and down the winding stairs into the basement. Some people were in the large games room shooting pool and said hi to us as we passed by them.

I tried a couple of doors and when I found an open one we walked in. It was a home theatre room. I was surprised no one was in here. I locked the door behind us and saw Michael looked very nervous. Smiling pleasantly I gestured with my hand to one of the ten large recliners in the room. He walked ahead of me and sat down. I leaned against the back of the recliner ahead of him. He took a sip of his beer and looked up at me and back down.

Kneeling down so I would be in his line of sight I asked “Michael, excuse me but you seem very ill at ease around me. Please, is there something I have said or done to make you feel that way?”

He seemed surprised by the question and said “No” quietly.

Simply kneeling there I knew this was a time to listen, not to interrupt.

“Ok, fine.” He said shrugging and putting his hands on the arm rest “I don't know how to talk to you. You just... I don't want to offend you or say something stupid. You're not like other girls around here.”

Smiling I said “Is that difference a good thing?”

He nodded and said “Yeah, it is you know. You are so together and just so... delicate. I know your not weak, but your... I don't know... the way you move and talk and everything about you. Your a lady.”

I laughed lightly and said “So why be nervous? You are a very polite person and nothing about you is offensive.”

“Really?” he said expressing mild surprise.

“It is the truth. You are a very nice person. I knew that from the moment we met. You are a very good student, you are very loyal to your friends and family. Working hard is part of who you are.”

Smiling a bit he said “Thanks. I... I just feel like a bull in a china shop around you.”

“You should not.” I said returning his smile brightly “I think you are wonderful.”

“Can I ask you something?” He said.

“Of course. We are friends.” I replied.

“Friends?” he said sounding a bit deflated.

Stupid I thought to myself. “Friends” is what a girl says here who does not have an interest in a man.
“Well, friends is a good place to start is it not?” I asked.

“Okay” he said.

“Go ahead and ask you question Michael.” I prompted him.

“How... if a guy... say a guy in Japan likes a girl and wants to ask her out. How does he do it?” He said nervously.

“We are not in Japan. I understand why you are cautious though, you do not wish to make me upset. How does a man ask out a woman in the United States?”

He swallowed a mouthful of beer and said “He asks he is maybe she would like to go to a dinner and a movie, just the two of them.”

“I think I like this American way of doing things. Does that answer your question or do you want to ask me something else?” I said very calmly while smiling.

“Yukio... I mean I don't know if you would like to... It's not like I have a reason to think you would, but, um... Yukio would you like to go out to dinner and maybe a movie with me?” he managed to say.

Smiling my best smile at him, and nodding lightly, I placed a hand on his knee and said “I would love to do that with you. I have been hoping you would ask.”

“Really!” He said looking surprised and relieved. “I didn't think.. wow. Thank you, I promise you are going to have the best time.” he said with great enthusiasm.

Smiling at him I stood and said “Do you feel better?”

“Hell yes, but now I'm worried about disappointing you.” Michael replied.

“Michael” I spoke as I leaned forward toward him “Can I ask you something?”

“Yes” he replied “Anything.”

“May I please kiss you?” I said softly.

Smiling, Michael replied “Oh hell yeah.”

Leaning forward slowly, as he leaned down I brought my soft left hand to his face and gently caressed it. I looked into his eyes and then at his lips. He waited as I moved closer to him, close enough to feel his warmth. I brought my other hand up and cupped his face softly. With a final glance at his eyes, I closed the distance and lightly kissed his chin and then moved my soft lips to his sweet mouth and kissed him very lightly.

He responded matching my softness and we began to gently kiss and as time passed our mouth opened. I was getting hotter by the second and slowly stood while kissing him.

Moving forward I straddled his powerful legs and was struck with a sense of how tiny I am compared to this American giant. His hands came to rest on my hips as we continued our slow gentle kissing. Michael kisses were soft and sweet and everything I could have dreamed they would be. He was one of the best kissers I had ever met.

I slowly moved my hands down his face, gently caressing him, until I had wrapped them around his neck and drawn him tightly to me. I ventured forth with my tongue, gently exploring his mouth, and when I felt his larger and strong tongue making delicate contact with mine I was in heaven. I whimpered into his mouth and gave into the passion. Our kissing became feverish causing me to press my upper body against him, my breasts crushed against his rock hard chest. I could feel my nipples hardening and trying to burst through my bikini top.

His hands gradually moved from my waist. One tangled itself in my hair, moving to the back of my head, and pulling me tight against his mouth. His other hand slid around until it was at the small of my back. He had his hand spread wide and he was caressing my back, his rough hand felt wonderful against my soft silky skin.

Our heated kissing continued for a delicious period of time. I was lost in the feel of him. He just felt like such a powerful man, and was being so gentle and passionate. I knew he had no idea what a hot bitch I am when I get turned on this much. He was going to find out. My bikini bottoms were soaked with my juices and I was panting and moaning into his mouth. His own moans were becoming hotter.

I moved my one hand down and slid it along his chest as I moved from his mouth and began licking his ear. He moaned loudly and said “Oh God.”

My hand gently but firmly slid along his chest, feeling his muscles as it made its journey down to his stomach. I could feel his cock had become hard. I felt huge to me and I was grinding myself on him, my thin bikini bottoms and his bathing shorts the only thing between us.

When my hand finally reached his bulge he suddenly jerked upright and took hold of my shoulders.

“Wait... oh my God.” He was panting.

I was surprised by this and said “Did I do something wrong?”

“Huh?.. wrong.. oh shit... give me a second.” He was trying to get his breathing under control. “Yukio we have to stop... we gotta stop... I can't... we have to just slow down here okay.”

“Why? Why must we stop?” I asked.

“Yukio... believe me I don't want to but I can't do this to you...” he said quickly “I'm not going to take advantage of you like this.”

“I am not a little girl Michael. I know what I am doing and what I want.” I said.

“Yukio please.” he said still holding me back.

“This is not my first time, I know what I am doing.” I said trying to get him to kiss me.

“Please stop!” he said gently, but firmly holding my shoulders.

Staring at his eyes I said “Have you? Are you a virgin Michael?” with a calm and reassuring tone, stopping all my efforts to continue.

“I.. ah shit.” He said looking sad.

“Michael please tell me...” I said in a pleading voice.

“Don't tell the guys, but... well.. I've never you know... gone all the way.” he said looking embarrassed.

“Oh that is all?” I said softly as I slowly moved my shoulders. He released them. He was blushing in embarrassment.

Leaning in I very gently kissed his cheek and said “That is nothing to be ashamed of, everyone has a first time. I would never talk to anyone about such a private matter between us. What happens between a man and a woman is not for discussion.” gently cupping his face and turning his face to look into my eyes I said “You do not have to. It's okay. I want you to be happy and enjoy it. Please, tell me what you want me to do.”

He stared at me and I could see he was nervous still. “Can you... I've never... I...”

“I can show you.” I said softly.

“It's embarrassing, I mean I kinda know what to do, but what if you don't like it? I really want that date.” Michael said sounding truly forlorn.

“I promise, you will like this, we will share pleasure, and that nothing is going to keep us from our date.” I whispered before slowly starting to kiss him again.

“One more thing.” He said “Um, what about pregnancy?”

Smiling I said “I'm on the pill. Thank you for asking though.” and resumed kissing him.

Michael appeared to have gotten past his doubts and in no time we were kissing as hotly as before. I pulled off my thin blouse over my head and removed my bikini top.

Michael began locking my breasts, massaging them with his hands. I whimpered from the pleasure and he began working harder and took a hard nipple into his mouth, sucking at it. I could tell he had clearly pleasured a woman with his mouth before as he worshipped my nipples.

Seeing him concentrating on them I reached down and undid my shorts, before bringing my hands up and grabbing the bottom of his t-shirt. I tugged on it and pulled it up, lifting it over his head. He raised his hands and I stopped it there, covering his eyes and holding his powerful arms in place.

He started to try and pull it of and I simply said “Wait.”

I slowly released the shirt and he held himself there. Turned on by his compliance, I I began running my hands down his body and marvelled at his muscular chest, his erect nipples, and his firm washboard stomach. I drank in this sight with my eyes and explored it with my hands. I could not believe how erotic it was having this giant man sitting like this, my hands looked so small gliding over his warm skin.

Leaning down slowly I captured his nipple between my lips and began licking it and gently kissing it, before switching to the other one. He moaned in appreciation and I said “You so beautiful Michael.”
Slowly I stood up, spreading his legs apart enough for me to stand between them. I began licking and kissing his chest again while I slid my shorts down and stepped out of them. As I kissed his stomach he moaned loudly and said “Yukio, please.”

“You can take it off now”. As I watched him removing the shirt covering his eyes I quickly untied the strings on my bikini bottom and it fell to the floor. I was now completely nude and on display for when his eyes were able to see me again.

The look of wonder on his face was amazing to me. I slowly ran my hands over my breasts as I knelt before him. Once I was kneeling I reached up and began unfastening his swim suit draw string. He sat transfixed by the sight and we locked eyes. His chest was moving rapidly with his breathing. When I began to pull down his shorts he raised his hips slightly.

When I saw his cock I gasped. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen to that point in my life. It scared me and thrilled me. Michael mistook my gasp and said “I'm sorry, you don't have to.”

I reached up with my right hand and began to caress that huge thick 10” cock. I could not believe how hard it was, precum already leaking from the tip and dribbling down the side onto my tiny hand.

Looking into his eyes I said “What are you sorry for?” as I continued to gently rub him.

“I know it's ugly. You don't have to do anything.” He said and he was actually blushing.

“Michael, please understand I don't want to be rude, but who is the stupid person who told you this glorious stem is ugly?” I said amazed by its soft yet firm feeling, so strong and so proud as it thrust upwards. It was circumcised and simply beautiful.

“Just a girl, she... said it was ugly.” he replied.

I leaned forward and gently licking up the oozing precum. Michael moaned loudly and I looked back up to his eyes and said “This is simply the most wonderful, gorgeous cock I have ever seen. I am so happy you are sharing it with me.”

Looking surprised he just watched as I started to lick it all over. I could not believe how good he tasted and began licking it and kissing it. I wanted this big hard cock, I needed it. I moved up and took the head in my mouth. It was bigger than any cock I had sucked and much thicker. I took it to the back of my mouth and tried to get it into my throat. I was so eager that I forgot the way this would feel to Michael. His hips began to jerk, so i drew back slightly as I heard him say “Oh shit careful.”

Licking him again I looked into his eyes and said “Please Michael, I would like you to cum in my mouth. I want it. I want to eat your cum from your amazing cock.”

He moaned and said “I didn't think you would want that.” My words were turning him on. “He likes dirty pillow talk” I thought to myself.

“I want you to fill my mouth with your hot cum... I want to swallow it... taste you.” I said as I kept licking.

Moving back to the head I took it in my mouth and began circling it with my tongue. I moved lower down and began stroking his shaft with one hand as I played with his large full balls with the other. Fucking my mouth up and down on his cock I could hear his moans and felt his hand lightly touch my hair before he moved it away.

I slowed and looked up at him. Taking his cock out of my mouth I said “You can put your hands on my head if you want.” and resumed sucking that glorious cock.

He put one hand on my head and was moving it in time with my motions. I could feel his muscles trembling and a rush of precum. I knew he was going to blow a massive load, but there was something I wanted and decided to force it if I had to. Lodging his cock at the back of my mouth I forced down as hard as I could. I felt the resistance at my throat and resisted the urge to gag barely, when with a sudden pop motion and swallowing hard, his cock lodged in my throat.

I heard him yell “Oh FUCK!!!!” as he started to cum hard. I felt hot cum flying into my throat, it was a huge load. His balls tightening in my hand as he began to thrash in the seat. His massive cock totally filled my throat and I was tearing up and barely able to hang on, but I wanted him to feel this. I could last no longer and pulled back, licking my way to the tip as his hips thrashed and he was calling out to God. I managed to swallow every hot drop of his cum as he shook with the force of his powerful orgasm.

I pulled off and looked up at him. Using one hand to wipe the tears from my eyes, I used the other to caress his cock. When I saw his face the pain in my throat was worth it. He eyes were squeezed shut and he looked so hot and intense. His body had a slight sheen of sweat to it now. Seeing him slowly descend to earth again was special to me. When his eyes opened he looked down at me and I saw wonder, caring, and utter amazement.

“What the hell did you do to me?” he said breathlessly.

Smiling seductively I said “I took your powerful cock into my throat, and sucked every drop of cum you gifted to me. I loved it, you taste as good as you look.”

“I've never felt anything like that... ever... oh mu fucking God Yukio.” he shook his head “That was the best thing I ever felt.” I loved the look of sincere admiration and wonder in his eyes.

“Michael, have you ever pleased a girl with your mouth?” I asked.

“Yes, but only twice with the same girl.” He said, concern appearing on his face “But I think she liked it.”

“Will you please use your mouth on me?” I said softly.

He stood up and lifted me in his arms, my feet clear off the floor, and kissed me hotly. Turning he sat me back on the edge of the recliner and said “I can't even express how much.”

He knelt between my legs and was looking at my pussy. I spread my legs wide over the arms and ran my right hand down, caressing my wet pussy for him, my left hand caressing and then tugging on my left nipple. He moaned watching this and said “That's so fucking hot. It's so pretty.”

He placed his hands on my thighs and leaned in, gently kissing my shaved pussy. I was so turned on it was open to him. When his tongue slid into my tight little cunt I moaned loudly. He looked up and smiled for a second and then with more confidence began kissing my pussy, gliding his tongue around and through my folds, making me sigh and moan. He had done this before and clearly enjoyed what he was doing, almost as much as me.

It was so fucking hot seeing this manifestation of Adonis kneeling before me and worshipping my steaming wet pussy with his mouth. I felt like a goddess reclined there looking down at him. As he increased his oral attention I could feel my body tingling. “Yes Michael.” I moaned out.

When hips lips locked onto my clit and his flicking tongue began increase speed I almost flew upwards. His large hands came to up and locked my thighs in place like a vice. His tongue was going crazy and I was moaning “Oh fuck Michael, that's it... oooooooooooooooooooohhhh going to.......AAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed out my orgasm at the top of my lungs. It was so powerful my who body felt heaven and I cried out as each gush of my hot pussy juice came from my pussy, soaking his face and filling his mouth. I don't know if he tried to swallow it all, I was not aware of anything but the sheer rush of pleasure coursing through me. I do know he did not stop and wave after wave of orgasms crashed into me and left me screaming and unable to do anything in his firm grasp, except surrender to it.

Michael finally stopped and my body collapsed. I laid there, utterly spent, and unable to think of anything other than pleasure. I gradually regained focus and looked down at him. He had a look of shock on his face and when he saw my eyes said “Holy shit, you squirted!” He was covered in my juices and was smiling. I smiled at him weakly and said “You made me do it, you are so fucking good at that. Thank you.”

“Thank me? That was the hottest fucking thing ever. I saw it in a porno a couple of times... but never thought I would see it for real. I wanted to, but oh shit.”

Laying there I noticed his hand around his cock stroking it lightly.

“Come here and please kiss me.” I said.
“But my face...” he responded by way of refusal.

Smiling at him like a slut I slid my right hand down to my pussy, sank two fingers in, covering them with my juices. I slowly brought them to my mouth as his eyes grew wider. My tongue came out and I licked them before sucking them into my mouth. “Oh fuck.” he said with lust.

“Please do not make me beg for a kiss.” He rushed forward and began kissing me with wanton desire. I returned his lust a hundred fold and started licking his face, neck and chest.

I pulled back and said “I want you inside me.. please... please fuck me.. please...” begging for it with my words and eyes, as my body arched and my legs moved to wrap themselves around his powerful frame.

He looked down and using his hand was trying to line up. I felt him nudge my ass, trying to find a place to shove that hard fuck stick.

I Reached down and took hold of his cock. He watched between us as I guided his massive cock to the opening of my hot cunt. Feeling it nested there, slowly parting my folds and beginning to enter I said “Michael.” His eyes snapped up to mine waiting for permission to move. “I want you to fuck me now.”

He started pushing in and never in my life had I ever felt more full of cock. It was a good thing I was so wet, because his big cock was stretching my poor pussy wide. I could not believe it. As he pushed forward with his unrelenting cock, I found myself on the verge of orgasm and he was only half way in. I grabbed onto his ass with my feet and pulled him all the way in. He was moaning as he hit bottom and his hands moved to my shoulder and waist.

He started thrusting and I was lost. His cock was hitting me in places untouched previously and I screamed out “FUCK ME!!!” as my orgasm hit, causing my cunt to spasm all over his hard hot cock. He did not stop and began thrusting away at me.

I looked down and the sight of his huge white cock pounding into my little Asian pussy was so hot I almost came again. I threw my head back and was whimpering and shaking. His cock was wrecking me. I was not sure if I would ever be able to walk again. He pounded me for all he was worth and I began screaming again.. unable to contain the feeling of the hot fucking pounding his cock was giving me.

Michael's body became frantic and I could feel that massive cock beginning to pulse and swell inside me. “Yes... do it...cum inside my cunt, fill me with cum OH FUCK!!!!!!!” He went crazy and was pulling my body hard, filling my cunt with cock and he began to yell “Oh fuck... oh fuck...Oh fuck... your so fucking hot you bitch!!!” and he began to cum. His hands and cock lifting me into the air, suspending me on his throbbing hard tool as he shot one hot surge of cum after another inside my cunt. He was bathing it in cum and I could feel it deep inside. I screamed again felt my pussy squirt as my orgasm took hold.

We held there, locked together, as we shuddered through our bliss.

In time I returned to myself and began caressing his chest and shoulder with my hands, kissing his neck and licking it. I was so happy and loved what he had done. Michael slowly lifted his upper body and looked down at me. His eyes were full of caring for me and he leaned in and kissed me gently.

“Did I do okay?” He asked after one of the kisses.

“Michael, you are an amazing lover. I enjoyed many orgasms thanks to you.” I said with affection and a kiss.

He moved his hips slightly and I realized he was still hard as a rock. His cock had not softened and was still buried deeply in my battered pussy. I was a bit sore, but not enough to want to stop. He had fucked me like no man ever had and I was sure I wanted him to keep doing it.

I slowly moved my hips wantonly, making him feel his deep penetration of my body.

“You're still hard my handsome man.” I said with lust.

Smiling he said “I guess I am.” and he firmly ground his cock against me.

I gasped and said “Would you like to fuck me again?”

“That is the question.... hmmmm. Oh god Yes!” and began to slowly pump into me again.

That was when we heard the door open. In walked Hillary and Tonya and when they saw us both Michael and I froze.

Hillary said “Holy shit you guys!” with a big smile while twirling a keyring around her finger. Tonya was standing there clearly admiring the view and smiling.

“Good thing I had this key.” Hillary said.

Michael said abruptly “Do you two fucking mind?” sounding more than slightly annoyed.

“Oh we don't mind fucking” said Tonya as she dropped her shorts, and began removing her other clothes.

Hillary just laughed as she locked the door again and turned to us and began disrobing.

Michael looked stunned and turned his eyes back to me.

“Have you ever wanted three women serving your body and fucking you?” I asked sweetly.

“Holy shit” he said, a huge smile spreading across his face.

I think we are in for a hot time.

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