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What happens when a lab assistant falls into the hands of a morally bankrupt geneticist? Maybe something like this.
***Okay, this is a departure for me. It is a whole new genre and I hope you all don't mind. I am doing this by request. Hopefully it meets with your approval. Thank you Mr. F for sharing this idea with me and acting as a sounding board while we hashed it out. There is an intro to this story, but it was necessary for future chapters, if they are desired. Please rate the story for me, although comments are especially welcome. Thanks.***

I was running late again. I knew that Dr Hollister was going to be hugely displeased with me. He was so close to finishing his DNA Sculpting formula, Project Pinnacle, and considered me a barely tolerable assistant.

Not to say it was all one sided. I had been worked damn hard on my Phd in Genetics and dealing with this man was not easy. He was definitely a fringe researcher. He had a really problem being ethical and we had quite a few arguments over it. When he casually suggested we bring in a “Street Person” to help as our human subject I could not believe what a sick person I thought he was. I was going to report him, but he had me in a bad position when he showed that I had apparently signed his official notations. I was not pleased at all but kept my mouth shut. He then surprised me by telling me that it would be worth all the efforts we had made and gave me two weeks off, saying he was taking a trip to Mexico for vacation. That was weird, he never took trips.

He had a lot of money to burn on this. Dr Hollister held several patents on formula's the cosmetic industry was making a killing off. Of course that meant he was rich as well.

As for me, I was a pretty normal woman, in most respects, but my appearance was lacking. I was not attractive and knew it. Flat chest, no real butt to speak of. I was 28 years old, single, and my only long standing relationship was with my cat, Chimo, Siamese with personality plus who loved me to death. I dressed plainly, wore glasses and had the definite air of a person who had escaped from the Library and was afraid of anything that wasn't a book. Even geeks avoided me. I could not even claim I was exotic looking. Despite being Japanese, I lacked any luster that would ever allow me to be judged exotic.

My landlord was a real bastard. He had no time to fix anything in my crappy apartment, but helped out the hottie down the hall all the time. Even the smelly guy at the opposite end of the hall could get him to do work.

I got to Dr Hollister's private research facility and eventually got inside.

As expected he was waiting for me. As I rushed in he said “Ayumi how nice of you to finally arrive, but don't worry. Your tardiness is not fatal.” and he laughed.

Okay, I hate the way he laughs. It makes me think of someone dragging their nails over a chalk board while kicking a puppy.

Gesturing me over to him he said “I want to show you something.” and he lead me over to a side chamber. He gestured me in ahead of him and I walked in. This room was where he had kept animal testing subjects, yet another point of contention between us. Some testing would eventually be needed, but when I argued with him he got angry and cut me out of that part of the work. I had not set foot in this room in over three months.

When I walked in I expected to see cages. There were none. What I saw was on each of the six large flat tables the cages had rested on, was something that took my breath away in horror. Each was occupied by a clearly human body that was covered with a white sheet.

I stopped walking and said “What the hell is this?”

He laughed and said “I didn't want to trouble you with the details of my testing of the formula. The tests progressed as expected. Subject 6, a female suffered some adverse reactions. I believe that may have been due to damage done to her body by drug abuse previous to her joining the experiment.”

“An adverse reaction?” I said as calmly as I could he was insane and no fucking way was I going to be part of this. I was going to get out of here and report it. My cell would not be able to get a signal in the lab so I would have to placate him.

“Yes... everything was proceeding so well. Good response to the restructuring, but then for a reason I was not sure of at the time, her cell membranes began breaking down and as a result Subject 6 died from massive blood loss and asphyxiation.” he said calmly.

He then walked around with me telling me how the other “Subjects” had died. He was very clinical but all I could think was that he was an insane murderer and needed to be stopped. I managed to cover and appear to approach all this information calmly. I was surprised how detached and clinical I sounded.

He lead me back to the door and said with great pride “However, all this effort was not wasted. I addressed the cellular breakdown and I've added made a few other changes. I'm very happy to tell you that I have managed to manufacture a viable final formula. You will be pleased to know that as my assistant you will also reap some benefit from this.” I was almost nauseated. This sick bastard saw nothing wrong with what he did to these people. These human beings had suffered terribly, he would give them nothing for pain in order to better observe them while their bodies rebelled and finally died.

He took me over to his new central terminal and test station. It was complex and the subject was placed inside a chamber before being tested upon. The chamber had full containment capabilities, to avoid any risk of an unexpected biological contaminate either being introduced or escaping.

I looked at it as a death chamber. Those people had died in there while he calmly watched, recording it, probably enjoying a cup of Earl Grey tea. Sick bastard.

“Now we can proceed with a final and conclusive test. Finally all my years of dreaming and toiling will come to a successful conclusion. All those Ivy League amateurs, with their little self aggrandizing cliques will finally have to admit that I have beaten them. What they scorned as impossible I have made possible.” he ranted waving his arms about gesturing at the lab.

“And you, my dear Ayumi, you are going to help make this all possible.” he said with a big smile and he turned to face me.

I swallowed and said “How exactly do I do that Doctor?”

“Why, you are going to help secure Subject 7 for me of course.” he said very in a very matter of fact tone.

“How?” I asked feeling a sickening feeling creeping up my spine.

He picked up and aerosol cylinder from the table and walked over as if to hand it to me. As I was reaching he suddenly turned it and sprayed something into my face. It was very cold and when I drew a quick breath, shocked by the cold, he started to laugh.

The room started to tilt in my vision and I tried turning away but I felt like I was walking against a river current. I could not stay on my feet and fell against a work station, slumping to the floor as my legs would not help. I fell onto my back, my legs folded under me.

Dr. Hollister stepped into my vision looking down at me and said “Ayumi... you are Subject 7. That is how you will benefit. By enjoying the fruits of our many hours of labour.” he was standing there with a smile on his face as my world began sliding into darkness, the floor seeming to fall out from under me, leaving me tumbling into a void. Oddly, one of my last thought as I went under was “Who will feed my cat?” What a sad comment that with my life about to end all I could think of was a cat. How pathetic and what did that say about me?

When I regained consciousness I was inside the chamber, strapped vertically. My head was held in place and I was staring straight out at Dr. Hollister who was busy typing away on a computer.

I could not speak as a breathing mask was being held over my mouth by a robotic arm. I tried to struggle and that set off the medical monitors, causing Dr Hollister to stop typing and look up at me.

He took off his glasses and walked toward me. As he was walking I saw all my clothing and my glasses were sitting on a desk in a pile. Wait... my glasses... I should not be able to see anything past ten feet clearly. What the hell I thought.

“This is Dr. Hollister” came a voice through a speaker. “Its now day 19 since Subject 7 was first introduced to the F31-2 formula. Subject is now awake and appears to be looking around at her environment. Just prior to the Subject regaining consciousness the full battery of testing as stipulated in Appendix 27 of the Report was conducted. Subject 7 has demonstrated a dramatic increase in overall health and physical conditioning. These changes have not yet fully occurred but are expected to conclude within 36 hours. There is no sign of any of the negative effects which manifested with Subject 1 through 6. Judging by Subject 7's efforts to free herself from the restraints she has full control of her body, however the exact extent of this control is not yet known.”

He took of sip of tea and continued “I will now speak with Subject 7 directly to help assess her condition from her perspective.”

He approached the Chamber controls and pushed a button. The mask over my face drew away, and I licked my lips and glared at him.

“Subject 7 how do you feel?” he calmly asked.

“How the hell do you think I feel you asshole, let me go!!!”

He frowned and said “Subject 7 how I think you feel is not really relevant, I am asking you. How do you feel?” It occurred to me he was not using my name. Oh shit, he didn't even consider me a person anymore. I was just a big lab rat to him. If I did not cooperate and appear to be useful to him he would kill me for sure and I didn't want to die. I had something he needed still and from what I heard he would need me for another 36 hours. It was up to me to try and extend that time.

“I can't move my head”. I said calming myself down.

“That's because it is restrained. I did not want you to suffer positional asphyxia and placed your head in that position to ensure you airway stayed open. I think given the circumstances we can forgo that particular protection.”

He pushed another button and the steel bands holding my head up slid back and away. I leaned forward and rotated my neck. Looking down I was shocked. I was still naked and what the hell had he done to me. I could not see my feet anymore, which was never a problem before, because I had two large, full and very firm looking breasts blocking my view. They had to be as big as the “hottie down the hall” and I knew she had D cups because she was proud to tell people that. They were capped with dark brown nipples which, while not erect, were at least a centimeter long. My skin was now slightly tanned and had a very healthy glow to it. It looked like I had just moisturized or something.

I looked back up at him and he was standing there calmly watching my face closely. “Subject 7, how do you feel?”

“My neck feels better, thank you. I guess I feel alright.” I said.

He raised an eyebrow “Any pain?”

I took stock and said “No, but my arms and legs feel kind of stiff, but I'm not in pain.”

He nodded “Emotionally, how do you feel? Are you thinking clearly?”

I licked my lips and said “I think so. Sorry about my outburst earlier. I had a moment of panic but I feel better now.”

Looking down at my breasts I said “Are they real?”

He laughed and said “They are 100% real, and all you, with a little help of course.”

“Why are they so big?” I asked.

“You will have to forgive me my petty indulgences, but I've always been a bit of a breast man Subject 7. They are very becoming on you and deep down, admit it, you probably wondered what it would be like to have nice breasts.” I smiled and added “Given your rather dismal gifts in that department previously.”

I let that go and focused on the situation “Was this done by the formula?”

“Of course Subject 7.” he replied.

“Dr. Hollister, how did you manage to produce a specific result... exactly?”

“It was relatively simple. I took all the samples of the DNA we had available. I had constructed a number of strands based on the best part of each sample. Imagine buying a number of high end vehicles and selecting the finest components from them and combining them into the ultimate car. Well, I took the finest components from a number of samples, tweaked them a bit, and combined them into an ultimate strand. I combined that with the active formulation and made further modifications looking for the perfect result. When I had your compliance..” he chuckled at that “I introduced it into you. For the last 18 days it has been changing you on a cellular level. You are now a Wonder Woman of sorts, an Uber Woman who will no longer suffer any of the regrettable issues you had prior.”

He stepped right up to the Chamber and said “Imagine it Subject 7. Imagine the people out there suffering from any number of things from diseases, deplorable physical condition, lack of physical appeal and esteem. Now picture how much those same people will pay to be able to look and feel as incredible as you do, free from their shortcomings. Imagine the amount of money women will pay just to have real breasts like yours. It does not end there, the possibilities are endless.”

“What if they cannot afford to pay?” I needed to know.

He smiled and said “To drive the ultimate sports car costs money... to have the ultimate body, same thing. I'm not running a charity here.” he laughed.

“And the poor, who perhaps have a disease this can help?”

Laughing he said “Subject 7, those who can afford it will get all the care they need. If they cannot afford it, well then we can continue to make money off the treatment of the diseases, not the cure. The fees the wealthy will pay will be astronomical. I will be the richest and most lauded medical genius of all time.” He was laughing again and said “I will be the richest man in the world!”

So it all comes down to his ego and money. I may be able to make use of that.

“Subject 7 you have made my digress from my work. Let's get back to the task at hand shall we?”

I said “Whatever you say Dr Hollister.” and it came out in a sexy voice... oh God. I sound like a phone sex operator. That didn't sound anything like me.

He smiled very appreciatively and said “Ah I see Subject 7's continued changes are still occurring.”

Slipping into a role of an appreciative and curious test subject I spent the next several hours answering his questions and submitting to diagnostics as requested. Not once did he called me anything other than Subject 7. He was being very polite and accommodating and that made me cautious.

He had the Chamber glide back across the floor as the wall opened behind it. When the wall closed again, bringing me into a new room, I saw the wall was initially opaque, but the wall suddenly became clear and he was standing on the other side at his work station.

“Subject 7 I appreciate your candid answers and your cooperation. In a moment the Chamber will open and you will find yourself in a large room furnished for your comfort. There is also some equipment in the room and I ask that you not touch it until instructed, that way together we can monitor your progress more effectively.” He said in a cheerful manner, like we were working together.

The chamber opened and my restraints released me. I raised my arms slowly and was stretching them and bending them, flexing my muscles. Oh my god I have muscles, not huge gross ones, but I'm definitely kind of buff, but still feminine.

“Please step out for me Subject 7.” he said.

Moving slowly I extended on of my legs, noting how firm and toned they were as well. I stepped forward and stepped down onto the floor. I stood looking at the glass waiting to see what he wanted next. He was staring at me. I did not try to cover my nudity, I knew that would upset him.

“Please relax and look around your new home. I will have something for you to eat shortly.” He walked from the desk and out of view.

I turned and looked at my new home. There was a large bed on a platform. It was king sized and I wondered what the hell do I need that for.

There was also a full set of free weights, a tread mill, a small dining area, a television and three large stainless steel boxes with code locks on them. I walked around looking at everything and saw a a pair of tight lycra shorts and a sports bra sitting on the bed. They were white. On the floor was a pair of white ankle socks and a headband. I reached up and discovered I had long hair. It was held back and it was beautiful. It felt like strands of silk in my hands. I reached down and realized I was taller. I figured I must be at least 5'8” now.

So many things began occurring to me since I now had some perspective. My hands were soft and beautiful. I ran them over myself and was amazed how smooth I was. Holy shit I don't have any hair on my body! Not even fuzz. Like a full body waxing. Okay... I was breathing kind of hard. I liked the way I felt.

A bathroom I realized... I must have one. I walked around and sure enough the arch was difficult to see because of all the white in the room, it blended in. I went in and startled myself with my own reflection, but that's not me I thought. Sure enough, some movements being mirrored back at me, it was me.

I was completely blown away. I could not take my eyes off myself.

I was 5'8” like I thought, my hair flowed long and beautifully to the middle of my back. It had a pefect lustre to it. It almost glowed black if such a thing was possible. It was so vibrant. My face was not how I remembered it at all. I had the perfect sculpted features and beautiful skin of a top super model. I blinked and realized I had green eyes. Oh my god they look like no eyes I had ever seen, they practically glowed and were captivating. I had to blink to make sure they were mine. I moved my stare down my body. My incredible breasts were perfectly positioned and looked better than I could have ever dreamed. My abdomen had a faint washboard and looked so sexy. My hips flared out into a delicious curve from a tiny waist. If my waist was 23 inches I would be surprised. My long tanned and toned legs were trim and fit and while obviously strong, were incredibly sexy. I slowly turned and saw that they went up and made a simply spectacular ass of themselves. It was perfection there was no other way to put it. A nice firm bubble butt that protruded the perfect amount to compliment the breasts swelling from my chest.

I turned back to face the mirror while running my hands over myself, gently touching and caressing to see if I was real. I had to do it, I touched my breasts and my nipples swelled proud and erect to a full half inch. They felt amazing and when I realized I was tugging on my nipples I actually blushed in embarrassment. Seeing my blush in the mirror I thought I looked so hot. I spread my legs apart and looked at my pussy. Oh my God it was so pretty. I never thought I would ever say that but there was no other way to put it. I gently ran my hand over it and it felt amazing, both to touch and to feel. It was wonderfully responsive and became wet very quickly, my clit slid out from its little hood and was a thing of delectable pink beauty. It was so full and so,well, big. It was at least the size of my nipples and my pink folds felt smooth as satin and opened up like a precious flower. I was not new to masturbation, but when I slid a finger in I realized two things. I was really tight and the other, my hymen was back.

“Fuck” I was shocked by that. Not that I had many offers before but it hurt like hell when I lost my virginity following a party on my floor in University. Since then I had only two lovers, if you want to call them that. My sex life was, in a word pathetic. But that didn't change the fact I was not eager to suffer deflowering again. I guess some foreplay would have helped the first time. That's what I get for letting a drunk loser fuck me.

Realizing that once again I was playing with myself a little too much. I stopped, but it wasn't easy. I never had that problem before. What is wrong with me? Is this one of the changes still taking place.

Walking back out and I peeked to see if the doctor was around. Realizing it was a bit to late to be shy, I walked out and dressed in clothes he provided.

I was sitting there looking at how shockingly hot my breasts looked when I heard a whirring sound by the wall. I looked up and a tray with food on it was coming through the access point that appeared in the wall. I could not see the doctor.

Getting up I walked over and picked up the tray. He was serving me a Thai stir fry with chicken and it was obviously delivered from my favourite place so nearby. I took the food and sat down at the dining table and ate in silence. I contemplated the food being drugged, but looked up at the ceiling vents and knew he would use gas if he wanted me done. Besides he would not introduce a drug now as it would tamper with my body chemistry potentially affecting the Big Test.

After eating I put the tray back on the access shelf and walked around. It dawned on me that I seemed to be a lot more graceful and I walked like a real woman, not the plodding way I used to. Just for fun and because I was curious I did a cartwheel. It was so easy I was shocked. Starting to feel a bit ambitious I did a handstand and walked across the floor on my hands. I never lost my balance and could not believe it. I didn't have an athletic bone in my body before and now I felt like an Olympic gymnast.

Dr Hollister's voice suddenly came through the speaker saying “That was very impressive Subject 7. Do you feel like you exerted yourself?”

“No, not at all actually, I feel great.” I said smiling. Why was I so happy? This lunatic had me trapped here.

“Splendid” He said beaming. “I was wondering if you could do me a small favour.”

“Certainly Dr. Hollister” I pondered that reply and the sexy way I said it. Oh shit, I'm horny! Damn masturbation.

“I see you are dressed for it, could you please step onto the treadmill.” he requested.

I walked over and stepped on it facing him through the clear wall. I put on the monitoring devices as requested and he simply said “Run.”

I started running following the program the machine had been set at by Dr Hollister. It was amazing, I ran for three solid hours at a good pace and was sweating, but only a sheen. I was not tired and was actually enjoying it. It was funny because I could not run a flight of stairs before.

When he asked me to stop I stepped off the machine and stood with my hand on my hips smiling. I was not very winded and wondered what was next.

He had me go to the weights and start doing some bench pressing. I realized that laying back on the bench, my new breasts proudly jutting up above me and with my tight shorts no doubt outlining my pussy as I spread my legs, that I must look hot.

Something else occurred to me, be impressive, but don't show him everything. I was shocked when I found I could bench press over 220lbs without straining. Turning on the acting a bit I made sure that the higher weights looked harder than they were.

I now knew I was a lot faster than a normal person, had plenty of untapped strength, and a killer body. What didn't I know about myself yet?

Over the next day and a half he tested me and I made sure that I didn't do anything to full capacity. I did just enough to show some improvement. I wanted to be able to surprise him in case the opportunity to escape presented itself. Dr. Hollister behaved in a completely well mannered fashion. To keep him happy I behaved like a grateful person. Dangerously he never stopped referring to me as Subject 7.

I watched him through the glass, talking into his microphone, but nothing was coming through the speaker. I got a bad feeling about this. Whatever he was saying he didn't want me to hear. I settled myself quietly sitting on the bed and watched him closely. I could not tell what he was doing. There was too much background noise. I concentrated tuning everything out but focusing on any sound that might be his voice... and I heard it.

“... conclusion. Subject 7 has exceeded all expectations and the formula will require no further testing. This concludes the experiment. It should be noted that, due to Subject 7's prior involvement with development it is not deemed safe that she be used as the model for the next stage. Subject 8 has been selected and will enter the conversion chamber in two days time, following the expunging of all traces of Subject 7.” He clicked the recorder to stop and said quietly “Which gives me tonight to enjoy my reward” as he chuckled.

My heart went cold. How would he do it? I looked around and decided he would incapacitate me using gas and then do whatever he wanted while I was out cold. I had to do something drastic to avoid death. Seducing him was gross, but so was dying. I wanted out of here.

I stood up and walked over to the window and tapped lightly on the glass. Dr Hollister looked up at me and activated the communications system.

“Yes Subject 7?”

“Dr Hollister, can I tell you something please?


“I... I want to thank you. This is the most amazing thing and your right. I always dreamed of this and you made my dream happen. I'm so grateful to you. I guess I just wanted to make sure you knew that. I am pretty stupid about a lot of things, I didn't see the big picture. Thanks to you maybe some man will actually want to do more than just run away from me. When these tests are over... I mean I'm... well you worked so hard and I would like to show you how much I appreciate it before you become the big celebrity and don't have time for me.” I said this while playing with my hair. “I admit though, I may need help showing it to you. I don't exactly have a lot of experience, but thanks to you at least I have all the equipment”

He sat staring at me “Don't you resent being confined?”

“I did before, but as I saw what I could do and what you had made me I understood.” I said leaning into the glass with both hands. “I'm a walking dream realized. A dream I always had and you were right... I definitely like my new breasts. You had to keep me here for the experiment. You could not have anyone doubting authenticity and you did it right. You just spent over three weeks here with me almost every hour. I know that when we leave here my whole life is going to be amazing, better than I ever dreamed. All this...” running my hands along my body “ did. Its the greatest reward you could have given me. I was a glorified secretary and I got to be the first woman who you did this with.” I was smiling huge “I never got to say anything before, I didn't want to distract you with this, and I don't even know if it matters. Thank you Paul.”

He said “Your welcome. Thank you for being so cooperative and making this final testing pleasant.” he smiled.

“Could you do me a favour before you leave for the night?”

He nodded and said “Go ahead?”

“Can I please have some Thai food and some wine, and maybe some company while I eat for a change.” I asked pleading. “I'm tired of eating alone and it won't put anything at risk.”

He sat there watching me closely so I added “Please... I know I'm not exactly dressed for a nice dinner, but I guess that might make it easier.”

Dr. Hollister said “Why not. Probably the last chance at peace before we leave here tomorrow. How does a trip to New York sound. I have a wardrobe for you packed for the trip, but some more shopping cannot hurt. We will have some meetings to attend, but I'm sure we can make time for a proper evening.”

“I've never been to New York, that is so cool.” I said excitedly “Can I see my new clothes?”

“I'm sorry I didn't bring them with me. I intended to in the morning, but the big surprise is ruined.”

Fucking right it is you sick fuck I thought. Instead I said “Awwww. Well that's okay, I can make myself up for you in New York. This is going to be so amazing. I promise you will enjoy yourself and I can't wait to see them falling all over themselves, sucking up to you, each trying to suck up to you. They would probably sell you their souls for a chance.” I was laughing.

“Can I take a shower before we eat?” I asked.

“Please do.” he said smiling.

I knew he had cameras in there. He always looked a little flushed after I showered.

Smiling I and danced away from the glass appearing very excited and headed into the shower.

I stripped off my dirty clothes, what there was of them, and turned on the water. Stepping in, I took my shower. I made sure to wash sensually and start running my hands over over my body just playing with myself enough to appear like I was really getting into it. Abruptly I snapped my eyes open and said “Stop it. He is going to have dinner with you... you're going to save it for him.”

When I stepped out and was towelling I made sure to mummer “He gave you this body, this is just appreciation. It's not unprofessional, and what wrong with it. Maybe he knows what foreplay is and I might actually have an orgasm.”

I finished towelling off and said “that will be a first.”

Picking up a new set of “clothes” I dressed and walked back out. I did not see him anywhere yet. Probably still watching me. I went and put on some quiet music using the television.

Looking at the dining table I went and got some cleaning supplies and cleaned that area. Knowing he knew I already changed the sheets that morning, I still made sure the bed was really neat.

Sitting quietly on the edge of the bed I waited.

Very soon I heard a whirring and a soft release of compressed air. I stood up and turned toward the area where I knew the door was.

I smiled brightly when I saw him walk in. Knowing I had to be absolutely convincing I radiated happiness.

Dr. Hollister came in carrying the food on a tray. I saw a bottle of Grey Label wine and two glasses. I went over and said “Please, let me.” and took the tray from him and set it on the table. He came over and pulled out my chair and I sat down and he seated himself. He poured us wine while I prepared his plate. I was smiling and said “Thank you for this.”

He smiled and said “Your welcome. Thank you for your sacrafice.”

I smiled and said “Yes, clearly It was terrible.” and laughed lightly while I touched his forearm that was resting on the table. He glanced at my hand as I slid it down to his and ran my fingers over it. “Its funny, I never realized such simple touch could be so pleasant. It feels so different, maybe my senses in that are keener than before. I didn't notice that before.” I looked up at him and took my hand away saying “Sorry. That was rude.”

He smiled at me charmingly and said “Oh, I didn't mind. It's alright. So many things will seem new to you now.”

I nodded while smiling at him and said “This is really nice wine.”

He proposed a toast to our success and I joined him in it. I again took time to stroke his ego, tell him how much I appreciated all he had done for me. I was all smiles and made sure I kept looking at his lips when he talked. I played with my hair and just basically acted flirty.

When we finished eating, he refilled my wine glass for me. I tasted the wine and realized he had put something in it. I knew now that it had come to the crux of it. I had to bait him before he thought I was onto him.

I licked my lips as I set it down and said “You know there is some testing that we never covered.”

He cocked an eyebrow and said “Really, what would that be.”

Looking a little nervous I said “I... I'm a lot more sensitive than I ever was before, you understand?”

“Please elaborate for me.” he said in a slightly playful voice.

“Doctor, I was never... well... you know, sexual.” I said blushing.

He smiled and said “Finding your more aroused than before?”

“Yes... I'm... it's distracting.” I said “Like when I was running on the treadmill, my nipples...” I looked down.

“They became erect.”

“Yes Doctor.”

“You said it was distracting. Do you find it hard to concentrate?” He asked.

“Sometimes, I'm not use to” I said quietly. “I was never like this, I mean how could I be? You saw what I looked like.”

“Nature was not kind to you physically. Did you have many lovers?”

“No. I don't even think you can call them that. They were selfish. I lost my virginity to a drunk at a party! It was awful and the next two...” I paused and said “Let's just say I didn't get anything out of it.”

“So you have never had an orgasm through intimate contact with another person.”

“No, pretty pathetic isn't it.”

When I looked up at him he was staring at my wine glass and his eyes went to my deep cleavage that was shown off nicely by the sports bra. My nipples were hard. Yes, I was getting turned on knowing I was going to use sex as a weapon. When that was never an option before, trust me, its very empowering.

He looked up at me and said “Is it distracting if I do this?” Casually he reached out and slid the back of his hand lightly over my concealed nipples. I arched my back and shivered. “What if I do this?” and he ran his fingers over my cleavage. I moaned in response biting my lip “That's... that's very distracting Doctor.” It actually was, it felt electric. I was aroused now. I was horny and had not even masturbated for some time. Everyone knows that can lead to problems.

I looked him in the eyes as I sat there and pulled my bra off over my head and tossed it aside.

Dr Hollister smiled at me and said “Are you looking for more distraction?” in an amused voice.

Licking my lips I nodded and said “Please... I know you know what to do. Your not new at this and I am. I... I know I'm a virgin again. You can be gentle for me right? You can teach me so I finally know what it is like to actually have real sex... please... I want you to teach me. You know I'm not some... kind of slut. I feel like I'm going to explode and your the natural choice. Please.” I said in a quiet and pleading voice.

He must have loved this. I know what a goddess he had turned me into and here I was begging him to fuck me. No drugs required.

Noticing he was quiet I said “I will do whatever you ask, just please be gentle and make me feel like a woman, not just look like one.”

He nodded and said “You will do anything?”

“Don't hurt me please.”

“I'm not going to hurt you, but I am going to explore that body. All of it, thoroughly. If you hesitate I will not believe your heart is really in this. Do you agree Subject 7?”

Looking him in the eye I said “Yes Doctor.”

He told me to get on my knees and I immediately did so looking up at him. He cupped my chin in his hand and said “You have such full and ripe lips. They will look very nice on my cock.” and he ordered me to unzip him. I did so and took out his cock. Figures, he was smaller than the other three guys. No wonder he hated the planet.

I looked up at him and he had beads of sweat appearing on his brow. His cock was hard as a rock in seconds and I had not even done anything yet.

With a big smile reflected in my eyes I leaned forward and sucked his length into my mouth. I slid my hands up and lowered his pants. I ran my nails up and down his thighs. He was looking down at me with unbridled lust. He put his hands in my hair and started rapidly fucking his cock into my mouth. He growled “You sexy fucking Asian bitch” and filled my mouth with his cum. It actually tasted very good to me and I swallowed it gladly. I felt stronger than ever and I realized his cock was not going soft.

Taking his saliva coated cock I knelt up and trapped it in between my perfect tits, the firm hot flesh encasing it. I started tit fucking him. He sat back down on the chair and I simply followed, moving my tits up and down on his cock. I started to feel an orgasm building. I had them when I masturbated before all this, but this one felt way better.

“Fuck my tits Doctor, the tits you made, the tits you own.” I saw his eyes were filled with lust and he was clearly lost in the moment. It was weird, it was like I could see his lust and feel it. It felt so odd, but something was nudging around at the edge of my mind.

He started moaning like crazy and I felt his cock twitching just as I came. I gushed juices, soaking my shorts and crying out. At that same moment he bucked his hips and screamed as he shot stream after stream of hot cum all over my tits, hitting my chin and a rope of it hitting my lips.

I leaned back and he watched as I lasciviously licked his cum off my tits, cupping them in my hands and bringing them up so my tongue could see out and get every drop. When I had gotten it all I sucked on my nipples and winked at him. I stood up slowly and turned my back to him. With a slow and graceful motion I bent at the waist, sliding my shorts down, exposing my steaming glistening pussy and my tight little ass to him. Bent fully over I spread my legs, looking back at him between them, I saw his mouth was hanging down and he was trying to say something.

Standing back up slowly, gliding my hands up my legs as I rose and put my right hand back and slapped my ass, the smack resounding in the room. Smiling at him wantonly, I walked over to the bed. I sat on the end of the bed and spread my legs wide. As I leaned back on the bed I raised my right hand and crooked a finger at him.

He stood up and walked toward the bed gaining speed. He fell to his knees and began feasting on my beautiful shaved pussy. I watched him as I could feel myself becoming wetter. He was becoming more and more ardent and wrapped his hands around cupping my ass and lifting me up for better access. His eyes flew open and I saw they were glassy and filled with nothing but lust.

My clit emerged fully and when he fastened onto it I shuddered hard and came, soaking his face and squirting repeatedly all over his face, hair, and chest.

He didn't stop and latched onto me as tightly as he could. He devoured me, it was like he was completely addicted to my pussy. Something occurred to me just before I crashed into another massive orgasm.

Still Dr Hollister, feverish in his efforts, did not slack off in his oral efforts. I said one word “Stop”

He immediately did so and laid me back down flat. Holy shit, I'm in control.

I got up and felt so strong and powerful. His eyes held adoration and devotion in them.

Turning around onto my hands and knees I said “Do it, but gently until I tell you to be anything else.”

He climbed up onto the bed beside me and rubbed his hard cock along my soaking wet slit, making me shiver. He gently placed the tip inside me, and even his cock felt huge in my tight little pussy.

He pushed forward with great care and was nudging against my hymen. He froze there, waiting for permission I think. I looked at him over my shoulder and said “Fuck me, slowly at first, but fuck me.”

He shoved forward burying himself in me. I knew he broke my hymen and had winced in anticipation of the pain. There was none and that caught me completely off guard. He was fucking me slowly holding onto my hips.

“Fuck me harder” and he immediately obeyed pounding me with every once of his strength. He fucked like a machine and it felt amazing. I came all over his cock and he shot off in orgasm inside me, but still he stayed hard and kept fucking me. He pounded away at me for at least twenty minutes and I had several orgasms from it. I was in heaven and didn't want to stop yet.

I looked back at him and saw he was covered in sweat, he looked like he was straining to keep going, but powerless to stop. I said “Fuck me and I want you to cum in me like never before”

He actually tried to fuck harder but I knew he was the end of his strength.

“Say my name!!!” He yelled out “Ayumi!”

“Cum for me Paul, do it, NOW!”

He went rigid and shot rope after rope of cum into me shaking and convulsing and he made a croaking sound before falling backwards off the bed. I could feel his cum inside me, soaking into me, I could feel it was making me stronger somehow and I felt completely invigorated.

I rolled off the bed and stood up, looking down at him. He was breathing raggedly, but was still alive.

That pleased me as I wanted him punished for what he did. I had no intention of letting him escape justice after killing 6 people who had done nothing to him, other than make the mistake of falling into his hands.

I went and got some medical restraints and tied him to the chair. For good measure I picked up an IV pole and bent it around him locking him in place.

Leaving the room I sealed the door and locked it. It cannot be opened from the inside.

With time on my side I wanted to make sure that no one would ever learn about all his research. I was going to fabricate notations, as he had done, and make sure he could never do this again. Oh parts of the research might be released, in time, by a promising new star in the field, me. My vision for it was very different, I was going to make sure it was used for dignified purposes.

Maybe letting the Doctor Paul Hollister live was a mistake... I would have to ponder that.

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