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This is fiction.
*This is a fairly long story. There is a good deal of character development and such as I plan to write multiple chapters if requested. It will all depend one how you, the reader react. If I am asked for more I will do so. This is a work of fiction. The main character, Yukio, is 16 years old when the story begins. She and her family just moved to the United States, from Japan, during the summer and she has commenced school. I do hope you enjoy this work. Feedback is appreciated and welcomed. Thank you.

Yukio's Adventures - Part 1

I was learning to like living in the U.S.A. Any reservations I had were simply a result of my discomfort because of cultural differences where I had to reason out what was happening in a given situation and try to determine a best course of action. Some of the situations don't require thought, you just go with instinct.

The first day of school was difficult for a number of reasons. I was starting in my Sophmore Year. Everyone in my class already knew each other, had their circles of friends, and knew their way around. Thanks to my appearance I was not mistaken for a Freshman, so that was a relief.

I am Japanese. I'm 16 years old, 5' tall, and weigh 105 lbs. I have my hair long, to the small of my back, and it is a deep black colour. My eyes are brown and large. I have what is think is a cute butt. My best feature are my full B cup breasts that look very big on me. I have long nipples, they are one centimetre long. I am fit from swimming. I have also been told that I have a lovely voice.

That day I was wearing a purple purple v-neck t-shirt, a black belt, jeans that fit snugly, and black flats. I had a manicure the day before and my hair was down and straight.

My mother drove me to school. I was admonished to be good and given what is pretty much a universal lecture. Be good, be careful, listen to your teachers, don't get in trouble and call her if I have any problems.

I got out of the car at the front on the school and putting my bag over my shoulder took a deep breath and looked around. My new school was quite large and I saw that it had a big stadium. The biggest I had ever seen at a High School. I reasoned out that made sense because that was where the football team would play and I had already been told how seriously that was taken in this State. I had been told to report to the Main Office on my arrival so I walked toward the entrance.

I noticed lots of other students milling around in groups chatting. I also noticed that I was in the serious minority here. The vast majority of the students were Caucasian. I had not spotted another Asian at that point. I looked very calm as I walked, but inside I was nervous.

As a passed by a group of older guys I saw one hit another on his arm and gesture with his head toward me. They didn't say anything as I passed but they had stopped talking and were watching me. I could see in the reflection of the front door that they started talking again in hush and hurried tones and one guy was being shoved at and his friends were telling him to go after me. The guy seemed reluctant.

I opened the door and had made about four steps inside when I sensed someone coming up close to me. I stopped and turned to face the person and it was the older boy from outside. He stopped dead and looked at me.

He smiled and said “Hey, your new here.”

I nodded and said “Yes.” and continued to look at him.

After a couple of seconds he held out his hand and said “Hi, I'm Keith.”

I shook his hand and said “I'm Yukio. It is nice to meet you.”

His smile got bigger and he said “So your from Japan?”

I nodded and he asked how long I had been in the States and I told him only a few weeks.

Watching him I could see he was clearly nervous. He was smiling but everything else said he was nervous. Keith was 6' tall, probably about 180lbs, and was wearing jeans and a black Nike golf shirt. I looked at his shoes and he was wearing black and white Nike cross trainers. He had short brown hair that had waves to it.

When I looked back at his eyes he was looking right at my cleavage. His eyes snapped back up and I could tell he knew I saw that. I was not offended as I had been checking him out as well. He did have a nice build, probably washboard abs and his biceps were stretching the sleeves of his shirt.

I broke the silence with “Do you play football?” His head jerked back a bit and he started to laugh.

“God, did someone tell you someone about football players?” he asked.

I replied “No, you just look like you might play. I'm sorry, I do not mean to offend. I just understood that most players were big like you.”

He smiled and said “Well I'm not offended at all. I do actually play, QB1”

I said “Forgive me, but I do not understand. What is a QB1?”

He smiled broadly and said “That's a Quarterback. The starter.” He looked very happy.

I smiled and said “Oh. I am sorry, but why I don't know much about American Football, I actually know what a Quarterback is. Only position I know other than Kicker actually.”

Keith laughed and said “Well I think I will have to teach you all about football.”

I remembered what my father had said about football being important around here and told Keith “I would like that” smiling at him. He look almost comfortable now.

“Oh hey, its a first day for you and I bet your supposed to go to the office because there is no way on earth your a Freshman.” He said.

I smiled and said “I am a Sophmore and yes I do need to go there.”

Keith smiled and told me to follow him. I walked with him and made it to the office pretty quick. Keith wished me luck and told me if I wanted to on lunch to look for him in the cafeteria. I smiled and said I would if I was able.

Once inside the office I met the receptionist who had me wait for the Vice Principal and a Guidance Counsellor. I did not understand as I had already met then with my parents. They came in and I received the same lecture my Mother had given me, but they stated they didn't think I would be a problem.

I left there. Well aware that looking at a map is a really bad idea, only Freshman do that, I had memorized how to reach my classes. I noticed I was getting a lot of looks from guys and some not so friendly looks from a few girls.

I had Geography in first period. I walked into the classroom and looked around. It was a pretty typical room. Not all the desks were filled yet, except at the back. I chose an empty desk near the centre and middle of the room and sat down quietly.

I was settling in looking in my bag when a male voice said “Well, your must be new because I would remember you.” I looked up and saw a guy wearing a tight white t-shirt and jeans looking down at me standing next to my desk. He had the air of “Wanna be Stud” and the look on his face was a leer directed at me.

I said “Yes, I am new at this school.”

He leaned down and held out his hand. He was leaning over me and said “I'm Jake beautiful. Whats your name?”

I looked at the hand and back up at him and said “Yukio.”. Nothing about this guy made me feel good. He was muscular in a street thug way, his demeanour was pure sleaze and his eyes said he thought I was on the menu.

He took my hand and held onto it. He said “I'm really happy to meet you. I think we could get along really well.” His meaning was clear.

“I don't think I understand what you mean.” I said.

He leaned in and whispered “You look delicious and I love eating Chinese... food”.

I pulled my hand away and leaned back and said “Then call and order take out. I'm not Chinese, I'm Japanese.” I said it in a very cold way. He laughed and said “It's all good, either way I will want to eat more a half hour later.” I glared at him and he said “You're a cool one, but you gonna warm up to the Jake.” He smirked and walked away to the back of the room. It was pretty clear he was scum and probably a bully. I had not expected this in a classroom and he almost caused me to loose my composure. At least he didn't touch me.

The class ended without anything else happening and I left there quickly and started walking to my next class. I was walking down the hall when Jake appeared beside me and got in front of me. I looked at him and said “Excuse me” and went to step by and he blocked me. I tried to go around a second time and he blocked me again and stepped forward. I backed up and had my back against a locker. He leaned in and said “Let me help you to class.” and put a hand on my shoulder.

I told him “I don't want your help. Get your hand off of me now.”

Jake laughed and said “Everyone needs a helping hand now and then.”

He disgusted me and was looming over me. I looked around and saw that while people were passing by and looking at us no one was coming to help me. I did see looks of concern mixed with fear. So he is a thug and likes to cause fear in others I concluded. I didn't see any teachers anywhere.

“Get your hand off of me now.” I said and glared at him.

He just smiled and said “Feisty little kitten aren't you.”

I slid my right hand up slowly in a friendly manner over his hand, which was on my left shoulder. As I did this I said “There are people around and they are watching. I don't like that.” in a very soft voice.

He smiled, the fool, and said “I can take you someplace there are no people”.

When my hand reached his I said “I don't see that happening.” I quickly gripped his hand taking control of his thumb and the back of his hand. I dropped my book bag and freed up my left hand at the same instant as I shifted quickly left. Both hands were now on his left hand. I had full control of his hand as I kept moving left and to his rear. I fully extended his arm and spun myself to the right, putting my back to him in a fast circle lowering my centre and his fully extended arm at the same time I dragged him with my spin.

The result was that with his left arm fully extended, and the speed of the spin, he ended up being spun around and landing face down on the floor with his legs sprawled. I jammed a foot into the base of his neck with my heel on the floor and cranked the arm and bent his wrist. He screamed out and between his scream and the sudden movement everyone in the hall stopped.

I said “I told you Jake, to take your hand off me. You would not listen. This is simple. If you ever put your hand on me again I own that hand and will not give it back.” I said this as I kept pressure on him. He was groaning and I said “Do you understand?”

He yelled out “Let me go you crazy bitch!”

I cranked harder and said “That is not what I asked you Jake. I asked if you understand.”

He was in pain. It would not cause permanent injury, but he would have a sore arm and shoulder for a few days. He yelled out “Yeah I get it. Get off me.”

I said “Apologize.. NOW”

He replied “I'm sorry.”

I said “Louder”

He replied “I'm sorry!”

About twenty people were watching this and laughing. I could hear comments like “Holy shit” and “You go girl” and “You losing your touch there Jake?”

I released his arm as two teachers ran up. They yelled at everyone to get to class. The look on their faces said it all. Jake was on the floor holding his wrist and was trying to get up. I was standing there over him looking calm.

“What happened here?” the teacher asked me.

I looked at Jake and said “Some guys don't know what excuse me and get your hands off of me means.”

The teacher looked at Jake and they escorted us to the office.

Upon arrival the Vice Principal, Mr Craig saw Jake and said “It's the first day and already you grace us with your presence.” Mr. Craig then looked at me and said “Is everything okay Yukio? What can I do for you?”

The one teacher cleared his throat and told him what happened.

Mr. Craig looked at me stunned and then at Jake. He then told me to go into his office.

I informed Mr. Craig of why I did what I did. I didn't lie or hide anything. In short, I got a lecture about violence in the school. I declined having Police involved. I explained to my mother what had happened and she was fine with that. She felt I had done what I needed to but warned me to not fall into my old ways. I was a bit of a fighter at home. I was usually defending others which is why I rarely got in trouble.

I completely missed second period, which was science. That was regrettable because that's one of my favourite subjects.

I walked out of the office. Apparently Jake was going to be expelled. Seems he had a history for fighting and other conduct. He had been allowed to return this year on some sort of academic and conduct probation. He blew that his first day.

I walked to the cafeteria and when I walked in everyone was looking at me and then launching into fast conversation. I guess the rumour mill is as fast here as it is in Japan. I casually wondered if this was going to make Youtube. I got a juice, I was not hungry. I was standing there shaking the juice when Keith came up.

“Hell of a first day. So is it true? You totally kicked the crap out of Jake Foster?”

I smiled and said “I did not kick the crap out of him, just made him apologize.”

Keith laughed and invited me to join him and his friends.

We walked over and I noticed the group all sitting at the same table and I was introduced to each.

Hillary: Really pretty girl, cheerleader, slim figure with large C cup breasts she clearly liked to show off. She is 5'7” tall and had a really beautiful face and bright green eyes. She had expensive clothes and seemed nice.

Marcus: Slender guy, 5'10”,swimmers body, light brown hair, blue eyes and the most perfect teeth I have ever seen. He was dressed normally by I noticed he had an Omega watch. You could tell by his tight shirt that he had a serious body. I liked his smile.

Tonya: Tall, blonde, built, with a sparkling smile and large firm breasts. She was wearing a skirt and her legs were toned and tanned. Her blue eyes were welcoming and her makeup and hair were flawless. Also a cheerleader which made sense.

Greg: 6'1”, 220lbs, really fit based on the tight shirt and muscular. He played football and a “Running Back” and seemed friendly. His blonde hair and blue eyes gave him a look like he belonged at the beach.

Michael: 6'4” tall, he looked like a cross between a football player and a cowboy. He was the biggest of the group and had tanned skin and large muscles. He stood to shake my hand towering over me, He looked like he could throw a Volvo. His legs were like tree trunks and I thought he must be a football player. It turned out later I was wrong, his parents were ranchers and he worked for his muscles as he put it. He had shirt dark brown hair, soft green eyes, and a really gentle smile. His hands were huge and they were working hands.

Christine: A fiery redhead who was thrilled by what I did. She was 5'5”, had long curly red hair in a ponytail and could only be described as perky. She has a trim body and more energy than anyone should. Like she chases coffee with Redbull.

I joined them and of course got the incident with Jake out of the way. We chatted and they were all really nice. I noticed that Michael was kind of quiet and had a hard time making eye contact. It was cute and to be honest flattering because I just sensed he was a gentle giant and had a good heart.

Keith asked what my next class was and when I said “English” Hillary said “Hey we have Mr. Anderson together!” We all split up, Hillary taking me with her to our class.

As we were walking I think every person made sure they did not block her. Lost of guys said hi to her, and she would return some greetings.

When we were rounding the corner I collided head on with a guy. He was not much bigger than me and landed on his back. I was lucky and only fell against a locker.

His books were scattered and I looked down at him. He was sitting on his butt looking up at me. Hillary yelled at him to watch where he was going and called him a jerk.

He started stammering a reply and got up as fast as he could. Someone walked by and kicked his books. I went and helped pick them up and handed them to him. He was wearing a Star Wars T-shirt and cargo pants. He had shaggy hair that was not styled well despite being short and a manner about him that screamed “Geek”. He was about 5'6” tall and slim.

When I handed him his books and asked “Are you alright?”

He said “Yeah, sorry” in a very quiet voice.

I told him I was okay and not to worry.

Hillary said “Can we go?” kind of impatiently.

I smiled at him and went with her. He seemed harmless and kindness costs nothing but has great value as my father would say.

I asked her who that was and Hillary said “I went to Middle School with him. That's Spencer and he is a total geek. Wait a Sec.” She stopped me and turned me to face her grabbing my arm.

“Why did you ask that?” she asked searchingly.

“I was curious, I knocked him down and was wondering who he was.”

She looked at me and said “First, he banged into you. Second he is a geek. Third, you are new here and need to realize that getting friendly with a guy like him will make your life hell. He is not popular, a social blunderer and oh my God what the hell is with that hair?”

I started laughing at her and said “Thank you for clearing that up for me. He seemed harmless.”

She said “He is harmless. Alright he is a nice guy, but don't go being friends with him. He will hurt your reputation. Your doing everything right, don't screw it up.”

I am not new. This is common everywhere. The Popularity Pole, the Ranking System, whatever you want to call it schools everywhere have one. I understood what she was saying, but I have always hated that system and the social politics.

We got to class and she said “Get ready for this” with a big smile.

We walked in and I saw Mr. Anderson. He was handsome, older, fit, and had a killer smile that broadened as Hillary lead me to him. She introduced me and he held out his hand and shook mine and said “Yukio it is a real pleasure to meet you.”

I smiled and thanked him. He asked if my day had gotten better. I knew what he meant and I told him “I am having a very good day. I have met some nice people.”

Mr. Anderson said “Well Hillary here is the right person to fill you in about things around here. But be careful, she will drag you into every charity and fund raising event at the school.”

Hillary laughed and I thanked him again. He welcomed me and I sat down next to Hillary.

Class went by pretty normally. I did spend some time watching Mr. Anderson. I concluded he has a nice butt.

Next period, my last of the day, was Gym. When I arrived we were made to sit in a semi-circle and learned what was expected of us. I did not have school gym attire, which was required. The teacher, Mrs White didn't mind as the first day we just went over what we would be doing over the course of the semester.

Mrs. White was an attractive woman, about thirty years old. She was fit, obviously, and looked like she did light weights, and cardio. She was toned and had medium sized breasts that looked very firm for an older woman. Her short black hair was in a pixy cut.

I didn't know any of the girls in the class and didn't have a chance to get to know them. I was leaving and Mrs. White asked to speak to me and took me to her office.

She sat down behind her desk and had a file with her. She said “I see that you were a swimmer in Japan and that you also played golf.” She sat back in her chair looking at me as if she was appraising me. She continued “I heard what happened with Jake today. I take it you have martial arts training?”

I nodded and informed her I studied Kendo primarily, and some other syles. She told me “You move very well. Do you have any gymnastics experience?”

I told her “I didn't do it as a particular effort, but it helped me with my dance.”

She raised an eyebrow and said “You studied dance?” with a smile on her face.

I nodded not sure where she was headed with this. She continued “How much do you weigh? About 105?”

I nodded and said “Yes”.

She put her hands behind her head with a big smile and asked “Have you ever considered being a cheerleader? We are having tryouts and need someone your height and weight.”

I was staring at her. I really didn't want to do it. I didn't have the right training. At a school this size that would be a serious matter and to be honest I didn't want to be one. I admire their physical training, but the social politics I hate would definitely become an issue. I may end up with friends as a result, but I would acquire resentment as a matter of course.

I smiled and said “I really appreciate the offer Mrs. White. It is a very kind invitation. I am sorry but I don't think that I am the right person for that position. Also, I am new to the school and to the country and I do not think I can make the commitment this would surely require without it impacting on my academic efforts.”

Mrs. White look surprised and leaned forward. “That has to be the first time someone has said that. I also think that was a wonderful and well stated refusal. Your a very clever young lady and I know you have a strong will. Do you want to try out for swimming?”

That did interest me, but I wanted to speak to my parents about it before I gave an answer. I told her this and she seemed very pleased.

I purchased my gym uniform and headed off for home. As I walked outside into the parking lot I saw Hillary was standing next to car chatting with Michael and Tonya.

When I got there Michael smiled at me but had that cute shy way about him again. Hillary pipped up right away and said “Hey, do you want to go to the Mall?” She was practically exploding with enthusiasm.

I asked her to wait and called my mother. She told me she was almost at the school and that I was to come home as my father wished to speak to me about the incident earlier.

That evening my father read me the riot act. He agreed that I had to defend myself but wanted me to be more aware of what was around me to avoid future problems. He then launched into an unfair commentary on “American Boys”. I didn't say anything, but thought it was unfair and he knew it, he was just upset. I don't think nationality is the issue, creeps can be found anywhere with any background. Again, I didn't point this out. I knew he would calm down later, and to make any objections now would be foolish. I also knew this incident has seriously upset him and I don't like seeing him so agitated.

Sure enough, about two hours later I was in the pool and dad came out and got in as well. He did his laps while I was just floating around. He stopped and swam over and in his way apologized for being upset. He simply said he didn't want to ever see anything happen to his “Yukio Chan”, his little girl. He gave me a hug and we got out of the pool. I knew he had the same fears all father's have. No matter how skilled I am he will always worry.

The rest of the week at school flew past. I was focused on my studies and trying to get comfortable at the school. My classes were going well and I was reading ahead and working hard.

Friday at lunch I was sitting with the group and we were joking around and just being silly. Hillary asked if I would like to stay over at her place that night and hang out. I said it sounded like fun but would have to ask my mother.

I called her and told her about the invitation. She was pretty worried about it. I reminded her that it was no unusual for me to do this with girlfriends in Japan and that I had made friends and wanted to try and have a life here. She agreed after much debate and a cautionary lecture. I knew she would.

I informed Hillary and she was really excited and said we were going to have a blast. Then she hit with another piece of information. Her Parents were going away overnight on Saturday for a wedding and said maybe we can have a get together at the house. I thought it was a great idea.

After school I met Hillary in the parking lot and she drove me home. She really wanted to meet my mother and I had to pick some things up. When we got there and went in the house we walked around a bit a found both my parents in the pool.

When we came outside they both got out and I did the introductions. Hillary must be very intuitive because she was perfect with them. It also turned out that Dad had met her father at the bank, and they had even played a round of golf. I was floored and so was Hillary as neither of us had heard about it before.

I went upstairs to my room with her to change and grab some clothes. She told me to make sure I brought a bikini for swimming and the hot tub.

We left with my parents blessing and got in her car. During the drive she told me my parents were both good looking and said my Dad was really “buff”.

I asked what she meant by “Buff”.

Hillary nearly swerved she was laughing so hard. “It means your dad is fit, athletic, has a rocking bod.”

I said “You were checking my Dad out? Your very bad.” I was laughing as I said it. I know full well my dad is attractive and fit. He can be very charming and has a real sense of humour. I love my Dad. He resembles Ken Watanabe, the Japanese Actor who was in The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise.

We joked about this the rest of the way to her place. To say Hillary comes from a family that is doing well is an understatement. Her house was a huge sprawling home. It was three floors high in the centre and had two floor “wings” spreading left and right. The walling and security gate should have given me an indication before we even reached it.

All I could say was “Wow”. It looked like something from a movie or television show. When we went inside a Spanish lady met us and informed Hillary her mother would like to see her on the terrace.

As we walked I asked who that was and she told me it was Margaruita, their live in maid. I was trying to figure out why she did not introduce her.

We walked through the house. The decor was amazing and I expected to run into Martha Stewart. It was the nicest home I had ever set foot in.

When we walked onto the terrace through large double french doors I saw a lady sitting at a table under a sun umbrella. She was eating a salad and had a glass of white wine as well. She was reading a book while she ate. She was definitely Hillary's mother. She was very attractive and had a mature woman's fuller figure. She was curvy, but obviously fit. She looked like she had just come from a salon. Everything about her was perfect. As we approached she turned her head and looked at Hillary and then me. I felt as if she was examining me as we approached.

Hillary said “Mom, this is Yukio, the girl I told you about. Yukio this is my Mother, Mrs. Fisher.”

I smiled politely and bowed. I admit I was nervous and fell back on old habits. I heard her mother's happiness and a light laugh when she spoke.

“Yukio you are so polite.” she was standing up and she leaned in and kissed me on both cheeks “It is a real pleasure to meet you finally. You are definitely just as lovely as my Hillary said.” Mrs. Fisher stepped back and invited us to sit.

We did so and Marguerita came outside with a younger Spanish lady dressed as she was. They set places for us and we were served salad and wine as well. I noticed that during this Mrs. Fisher chatted with Hillary about school. I watched the two women serving us. I have to admit this was a new experience. I had not been in a home where people who were employed, not family, served in this manner before. I wondered what they were thinking.

When they were done I smiled at Marguerita and said “Thank you.” She smiled back and said “You are welcome Senorita.” The younger lady, about 25 years old smiled as well. I had no idea what the rules were here, so I thought a thank you was appropriate. Mrs. Fisher did not correct me so I must not have done anything wrong. The two ladies departed.

Mrs. Fisher spent some time questioning about school, how I was adjusting, and life in Japan. I answered her politely but felt kind of nervous. She was very graceful and sophisticated.

Hillary excused herself and I was left sitting with her mother. When Hillary had gone inside her mother said “I imagine that everything here has been such a huge adjustment for you. You just relax and feel free to ask me anything. My husband has spoken so kindly of you father and I can tell you are simply a wonderful young woman. If there is anything I can do to make you feel more at home and make the transition easier let me know.” She had a very genuine smile as she was saying this and I decided that she was as nice as Hillary.

I replied “Thank you Mrs. Fisher. It is very different here and I don't want to offend anyone or do anything wrong. Hillary and her friends are making school so much easier. I appreciate any advice you are willing to give.”

Mrs. Fisher smiled and laughed lightly and said “I don't think your going to have many problems dear. You are such a polite and beautiful young lady that people will just adore you. I think the biggest challenge is going to be sorting out all the young men who will be pursuing you. Although I understand you already know how to handle the one's who cross the line of decency.” She was smiling at that.

I was about to reply when I heard a man's voice “Good afternoon Honey.” I turned an saw a handsome man walking towards us. He was wearing khaki pants and a white golf shirt with a club emblem on it. He had light brown hair, and was obviously fit. I concluded this could only be Hillary's father because it would take both of them to make someone as pretty as her. Mr. Fisher kissed his wife on the cheek and turned to me and held out his hand in greeting.

I shook his hand as he was saying “And this must be Yukio. It is a real pleasure to meet you after all the wonderful things I have heard about you.” I smiled and said “Good afternoon Mr. Fisher.”

He was looking me over and said “You are Hoshi's daughter alright, how is your father.” I informed him he was well and thanked him for asking.

He smiled and said to his wife “Isn't she just lovely.” Mrs. Fisher smiled at me and said “Yes, simply gorgeous.” I was feeling kind of embarrassed because this was a lot of praise and I felt something behind it.

Mrs. Fisher said “She is going to be our daughter's guest overnight. So at least we know when we leave for the wedding that Hillary will have some good company.”

I quietly said “My parents gave me permission to stay tonight. I am not able to say for certain they will agree to Saturday as well. I am not sure if they have plans involving me. I also need to finish my homework.”

They both smiled and Mr. Fisher said “Well with that in mind you're definitely the kind of girl we want spending time with our Hillary. I will tell you want, I'm going to call your father myself and ask him. We would really feel better if you stayed with her. It would really be doing us a huge favour.” Before I could say anything he pulled out his cell phone and called my dad directly.

Mr. Fisher explained what he wanted and I am not sure what my father said, but he must have agreed. Mr. Fisher ended the call with a golfing invitation to my father and smiled at me and said “You are all set sweetie. You are officially our guest for the weekend. You just make yourself at home and if you need anything you just ask.” As he said the last he had placed his left hand on my shoulder in a friendly manner. Very touchy family I thought.

I thanked him and he excused himself saying he had to make a phone call and ruin someone's weekend.

He left us and Mrs. Fisher said “He likes you. He is normally not that friendly that fast. I can't blame him, you really are a pleasure to be around.”

I was blushing a bit. The way they were looking at me, I had seen that kind of look before. It was not probably how they should look at me. I am no angel, I have done a few things and been sexually active for a couple of years. I didn't mind the way they looked at me. It felt good, but also kind of naughty, and maybe that was why I liked it. The fact they are my friend's parents was kind of exciting. I remembered how Hillary had talked about my dad and thought that turn about was fair play.

I looked Mrs. Fisher in the eye and said “You have both been so welcoming to me and so kind. I am very grateful. I enjoy your company, and Mr. Fisher's, very much.”

She smiled at that and Hillary was coming out of the house talking on her cellphone. We watched her coming over and when she got there she said to her mother “Is it okay if tomorrow night I have some of our friend's over, not too many. It will just be nice for everyone to relax and get to know Yukio away from school and bad food.”

Her mother laughed and said “Oh so it is all for Yukio's benefit? How can I possibly refuse. I think that will be fine.” Hillary was clearly excited and thanked her and walked away talking on the phone.

Mrs. Fisher looked at me and laughed “Sometimes I think that thing is surgically attached. In the whole time I have been speaking to you I have not seen you even look at one. Do you own a cell phone?”

I replied “Yes I do. I just don't use it during a meal or when seated at the table.”

Mrs. Fisher smiled and said “Well that very good. It makes me crazy when people do that and it is actually a rule at my table. You're so well mannered. We are going to have to host a party for your family as a welcome. We can introduce them to our friends and help welcome them to America.”

I smiled and said “That is very kind of you.” She smiled brightly and was about to say something when Mr. Fisher came outside walking toward it. It was not his casual stride from earlier.

“Honey, my father's here.” I saw a flicker of concern cross her face. I wondered why as an older man came out onto the terrace.

He looked to be in his middle sixties and quite healthy, He was walking well. He had short white hair cut in a flat top style and had a bearing to him. He looked at them and his eyes locked on me and stayed there for a moment. Mrs. Fisher was standing up and I was doing the same. Mr. Fisher walked forward a bit and shook his hand and said “Hi Dad” warmly.

“I missed you at the course last Sunday. How are you son?” the man asked.

“I'm good dad, sorry about that, work came up.” Mr. Fisher replied.

The Elder Mr. Fisher stepped up to Mrs. Fisher and she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and said “It is so nice to see you Dad. How are you?”

He smiled at her and said “The sun's up, its a gorgeous day, and I am in your presence. How much better can it get?” She laughed as he turned to me.

I smiled at him as Mr. Fisher said to his father “Dad, this is Yukio Kusami, a good friend of Hillary's and a recent arrival from Japan.”

His dad smiled at me and shook my hand “Frank Fisher. Please just call me Frank.”

I replied “I could not so that Sir.”

He laughed and said “There are too Many Mr. Fisher's around here, but I think I know where you are coming from. You can call me Colonel if it helps.”

I smiled and said “Thank you Colonel Fisher, It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Mrs. Fisher called Marguerita, who was already coming outside carrying two beers and two white wine on a tray. I looked around and Hillary had vanished again. Probably still on the phone I thought. Should she not come and see her Grandfather? He mother was serving me wine? I like it here.

Mrs. Fisher gestured for me with her eyes to sit down. I did so and we were all soon seated, with our drinks at the table. I was a bit inside myself, thinking about where is Hillary and starting to feel nervous again.

I came out of it as I heard something about a Country Club Dinner. I looked up and Colonel Fisher was looking at me. Mr. And Mrs. Fisher were still speaking. Colonel Fisher smiled at me and had an odd look to him. Almost one of nostalgia.

Their was a pause and I said to Colonel Fisher “You served your country in the Armed Forces?”

He smiled and said “Yes. I was a Marine. I retired a long time ago but saw action over seas.”

I noticed Mr. And Mrs. Fisher looked tense. I thought why look tense? He is not near old enough to have fought in the Second World War. Perhaps it is just painful experiences and one not to have discussed or brought up.

I was about to say something when he said “I was a very young man when Pearl Harbour took place. I joined up with the Marine's to fight in the Pacific against the Japanese.”

That made me twitch. I was not sure what to say. My family had obviously fought for my country and I was getting concerned fast. I had never met a World War 2 veteran from America.

He continued “I fought through the entire war. I was wounded twice. I served in Korea and and Vietnam, as well as other places. The Corps was my life. My darling Karen, God Bless Her, stood by me all those years and gave me nine wonderful children. Christopher here is our youngest.”

I was stunned and said “But you look so young.”

Colonel Fisher burst open laughing. “Well that is the first time I've heard that in awhile. I like this one. She can spend all the time she wants with Hillary.”

I smiled and he said “Don't you fret. I'm not uncomfortable, so don't you be. That was a different time and not your fault. How old did you think I was? I have to know.” he was smiling.

I replied “Maybe 65.”

Mr. Fisher started laughing and Mrs. Fisher was smiling. Colonel Fisher was laughing as well and said “Oh this gets better and better. I'm 85 but my kids keep me young and I come from good genes.”

I admit I was shocked. I had met many healthy seniors but he raised the bar for living well apparently.

“Where in Japan are you from?” he asked.

“Tokyo, in the south west, Yamato.”

He said “I have a lot of good memories from time I spent there over the years.” Then he shocked me by switching to passable Japanese and saying “Gazing upon you brings back many of them.”

I smiled and said in Japanese “You speak very good Japanese!” I was surprised.

Colonel Fisher smiled and said “It is not as easy as it used to be but it is all coming back to me. I was lucky enough to meet someone who was willing to teach me. Did your house have a garden?”

I was blown away by him and replied “Yes, it was small but beautiful.”

He was still smiling and said “Do you miss it?”

“Honestly yes, our home here does not have on yet.” I said.

Switching back to English he said “Well I can see that chatting with you will be a lot of fun. When do we get to meet your parents?”

Mrs. Fisher filled him in on her idea and he said to make sure to let him know when it was happening.

Just then Hillary came outside and saw her grandfather and yelled “Grandpa!” and ran over to him. He stood and hugged her.

“You don't come over enough!” she complained.

He was laughing and said “Once a week is not enough?” they were both laughing.

Hillary got a chair and we ended up sitting for awhile chatting with them. During this I noticed that Colonel Fisher kept looking at me smiling. He seemed like a very nice man and it was fun talking to him as he was a very interesting person and had seen so much of the world.

We ate supper together and then Hillary dragged me off to her room with her, literally.

Her room was huge. She had a big entertainment system and a huge flat screen TV. Her bed was king sized and had a canopy. It was a very pink room. Her closet was almost the size of my entire bedroom and she had her own big bathroom with a glass enclosed shower and a big jacuzzi tub.

We hung out listening to music. I was kind of surprised that she liked Green Day. She liked all kinds of music. I made her do homework with me, as that was a condition my parents had made. After that we relaxed. We were laying face down on her bed staring toward her television. We both had tank tops and our panties on. We had both showered and had our hair in ponytails. We were watching “Superbad”, kind of. Mostly we were just chatting about her life and mine, learning about each other, when she said “I think Michael really likes you.”

I stared at her and said “He is always so quiet around me.”

She laughed and said “Around you maybe, but not anyone else. He stares at you like a love struck puppy dog.”

I laughed and said “I noticed him looking at me a few times but he is so shy.”

Hillary laughed and said “Yeah, around you! You have thrown that big ole cowboy for a loop. I am so jealous!”

I asked “Why?”

Hillary said “He is such a total hunk and I have never ever seen him look or act like he does around you. Girls chase him, not the other way around and he is really smart and kind and funny. Oh my God! You could totally own him Yukio. If don't go after him I will scream.”

I sat there thinking about it. She misunderstood and said “Can I ask you something?”

I nodded and said “Of course.”

She said quietly “Do you still have your V card?”

I stared at her “I don't understand.”

She said earnestly “You know, are you a virgin? V for virgin.”

I laughed and said “That's funny. V card. No I am not a virgin.”

Hillary looked surprised and said “Holy crap, I really thought you were.”

I was laughing and said “I didn't just come out of a package when I arrived. I had a life in Japan.”

Hillary slapped my butt and said “I know that. So... how many guys have you been with?”

I stared at her and said “Six”. I deliberately kept the number low. I didn't want her to think I was a complete slut or admit everything I had done at that point. I cannot help it, I am very physical. I have not been a very good girl.

Hillary's eyes flew open and she said “Oh my god. Who were they?”

I laughed and said “Well. I dated three of them in Tokyo. One guy I met on vacation in Australia, another I met on a trip north to Hokkaido, and the last guy I met playing golf.”

She stared at me and said “Oh my God. Was the Australian guy white?”

I laughed and said “No. He was Japanese and on vacation. We were both with our families and met at the pool.”

“What was that place you said you went north to?” she asked.

“Hokkaido, its a northern Island. It was a vacation but with classmates.” I said.

“What happened? Who was the guy?”

I laughed and said “He was a another student from a different group that was at the hotel. We met there.”

“And?” she asked

“And what? I asked

“Details girlfriend! Cough them up”

“You're horrible. He was a bit older than me and we met and started chatting and he invited me to his room. He was hot so I went with him. When we got to his room dancing lead to kissing, which lead to other things.”

“So you have had some wild times. Whats the craziest place you did it?” she asked.

“In a stairwell when I was in Australia.” I said.

She smacked my butt again and said “Oh my god. You fucked that guy in a stairwell?”

I answered “We... fucked... in the stairwell because we met late at night. We also had sex in his hotel room, in a rental car his parents had, and in my hotel room.”

“Holy shit! You fucked him... how many times have you had sex?”

I said “I don't know. I did date three guys each for a few months, and had sex with them whenever we could. I like sex.”

She said “Wow.” and look kind of surprised.

“So what about you?”

She blushed and said “Just three times and the first was a total mistake.”

I asked her “What happened?”

“My first, and you can't say a word about this, was Christine's older brother and it was over so fast I didn't know what hit me. He was a total two pump chump and he sucked completely. I can't believe I let him be my first.”

I left that alone and said “What about the other two?”

“Same guy, his name was Glen. We met during the summer. He was a good kisser I think, but he just didn't last long enough to make me cum either time. I stopped having sex with him because I wasn't getting anything out of it.”

“Did he give you any orgasms?”

“No” she blushed. “I've never orgasmed during sex.”

I stared at her and said “That absolutely sucks, didn't these guys even try to help you have completion?”

She said “No. Christine's brother was done so fast I barely had time to realize what had happened and Glen was cute and gentle and all but kinda sucked at foreplay.”

“That's so sad.” I said.

“Yeah, but I'm to scared to try the guys at school because I don't want to get labelled as a slut or something.” she said.

“But, if you don't....” I said “How do you get by without...”

“Well I just let my fingers do the walking and sometimes... never mind.” She looked embarrassed.

“Sometimes what?” I asked.

“Sometimes... no.” she said looking really uncomfortable.

“Hillary, we are friends. Your my best friend here... the only one I have spent time with. I will never tell anyone what you have told me. If friends cannot be discreet for their friends then how can trust exist neh?” I continued “Whatever it is you can tell me. Don't worry. I swear I will never tell anyone.” I rolled onto my side to face her as she seemed so scared.

Hillary looked at me for a moment. “Okay, well. Sometimes... sometimes I kinda play.”

“Play? What kind of play?” I asked

“Sometimes I kinda play with another girl.” Hillary looked really nervous as she said that.

“That's okay, it takes care of a needed thing and since you have discretion that's safe. Nothing wrong with that.” I said calmly.

She looked surprised and said “Have you done that?”

I smiled and said “Yes” as I reached my right hand up and caressed her hair. “I enjoyed it very much.”

She was starting to get a bit breathless. I could see she was starting to breath hard. Her nipples were poking hard at her shirt. “Have you... have you done it a lot?”

I kept caressing her face and said “I don't think that's what you want to ask me.” as I slid my hand down and caressed her shoulder.

“I... I mean have you... have you....” she was really turned on and only holding onto her control by a thread. She didn't have the nerve to say what I know she wanted to. She was too afraid to say what she wanted.

My right hand slid down and I move my fingertips lightly over her breast and opened my hand fully and cup her beautiful firm breast. I lightly squeezed as my thumb and index finger gradually moved to close over her nipple.

Her back arched a bit and she looked like she was going to explode. I looked at her and I knew my eyes were smouldering with heat. She was so gorgeous and so hot and anyone would have killed to have this beautiful young woman at this heated moment.

I leaned toward her and said “You want to ask me if I will play with you don't you.” It was a statement, not a question. She was frozen in place staring at me and trembling. I leaned in more and lightly touch her slender neck with my lips. “You want to ask me to please you.” I trailed the tip of my tongue up her neck and used my tongue to draw her delicate earlobe between my lips. I sucked on it gently and then released it running my tongue around her ear. I whispered into her ear “Let me give you pleasure.”

She melted against me hotly. I could feel our breasts pressing into one another. She wrapped a toned leg over mine as I drew back my head and kissed her lips. She exploded with passion and our kiss became hot and hungry, our mouth locked together and our tongues fighting for dominance. I felt her arms come around me.

I rolled us so that I was on top of her. I saw the heat radiating from her beautiful green eyes, her expression mirroring the lust building in her.

I sat up and pulled my top off exposing my breasts. She quickly sat up and wrapping her arms around me again began sucking and nibbling on them. Her tongue flicking my hard nipples, and the gentle but hot way she locked her teeth onto them was driving me crazy. I reached down and pulled off her top. It was the only time she broke contact with them. Once it was off she attacked them again.

I reached my hands to her breasts. They were full and firm and had beautiful hard nipples on them. They were amazing. When I took hold of her nipples and twist them lightly she threw her head back.

I took advantage of this and pushed her back onto the bed. Seeing her laying there flat, her beautiful brown hair cascading around her head, with her arms up above her she was an image of absolutely beauty. I leaned down and caressed her breasts while I kissed her. She arched her back loving the attention.

I gradually kissed me way down her body. I flicked my tongue on her neck, kissed it and kept going further down. She was writhing with pleasure. I loved her responsive nature and wanted to give her as much pleasure as I could.

When I began worshipping her full breasts she was hard to control, she was writhing so much. I kissed them, caressed them, and brought my tongue and teeth to full use on them. They were perfect and any time spent on them was a joy. Her beautiful nipples, so hard and protruding so wantonly, screamed for attention.

As I used my mouth to pleasure her breasts I slid my right hand down her body, trailing my nails over her flawless tanned skin. I could feel her abdominal muscles twitching under my hand. She was arching and writhing and started to make mewling sounds.

When my hand reached inside of her panties to her pussy and slid over it she shook. She was soaking wet and I wasted no time sliding my two middle fingers into her. I curled them upwards and started fucking her pussy with them. Meanwhile my mouth never stopped worshipping her breasts.

I could hear her above me, moaning louder now. I was grateful for the movie playing and continued to build the pleasure in her gorgeous teen body.

As I kept fingering her I could feel her getting wetter by the second. When my thumb began hitting her clit she went crazy. Her whole body tensed and she cried “Oh god, oh fuck” and she orgasmed cumming all over my hand. I could feel her juices soaking my hand. Her body rocked through a long orgasm, her pussy contracting and trying to lock onto my fingers. As I felt her coming down from her peak I slowed down, allowing her to return to earth slowly and gently.

Hillary was laying there panting. Her eyes were closed and I saw a single tear rolling down the side of her face. I leaned up and gently licked it off with my tongue as I gently removed my fingers from her.

I lightly kissed her face and neck as she lay there recovering. She opened her eyes and her hands came up. She gently took hold of my face and gave me a very loving kiss. When we broke from it I looked into her eyes as she stared back at me.

“Please relax Hillary, I am not done yet giving you the pleasure you deserve.” I said.

She gently said “I didn't understand you.” and I realized I had spoken Japanese.

I leaned down and kissed her again lightly. “I'm sorry. I said please just relax. I want you to lay back and let me give you more pleasure.”

She smiled so warmly and said “More, oh my God that was amazing. I think you trying to kill me.”

I kissed her and moved slowly down the bed kissing her as I moved. I slid her panties all the way off and then removed my own. I tossed them aside and laid on my stomach between her legs.

I gently blew air over her pussy and leaned in, gently kissing each of her beautiful tanned thighs. She was already starting to react and I heard her moan “Oh my God... Yukio...”

I leaned forward and lightly kissed her pussy. It was smooth and bare and hand a cute little trimmed landing strip at the top. She tasted so sweet and fresh and there was no place else I wanted to be at that moment. I kept kissing it and fastened my lips over her pussy, my tongue venturing forth to explore and love her sweet pussy.

Hillary was moaning above me and moved her hands slowly, placing them on my head. I began thrusting my tongue in and out of her. I moved up and began teasing her clit, flicking it with my tongue. She began shaking and I again marvelled at her wonderful responsiveness. How could anyone not figure out how to please this beautiful girl?

I slowly slid my right hand back up and began teasing her pussy with my fingers while licking her clit. Her body began dancing under me. Realizing how aroused she was getting I locked my left arm around her thigh to keep her in place. I put my fingers in as before and continued licking her clit gradually increasing the speed of both. Hillary was thrashing above me. Her left leg came up and wrapped around my body, her ankle on the small of my back.

I built up gradually until I was fucking her fast with my curled fingers and locked my mouth over her clit, captured it in my teeth and began rapidly flicking it with my tongue.

Hillary's hips flew up at me and she bit into a pillow she had grabbed and was screaming. Her pussy flooded and juices shot out of her around my fingers, splashing into my breasts and over my neck and face. I kept going and did not stop. Her orgasms were hitting her one after the other. Her leg had tightened its grip, her hands gripping and twisting in my hair, holding my face against her. Her body was wracked with pleasure and finally I felt her pulling on my hair.

I lifted my mouth of her hard little clit and slowed my hand in her gradually stopping and gently removing them.

I looked up at Hillary. She was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Her hair, slightly damp was stuck to her face in the most erotic manner. She was glowing with sexual satisfaction and her amazing breasts were heaving with the force of her breathing.

I moved out from between my legs and kissed my way back up her body lightly. I laid beside her curling up against her and put my right arm over her chest. I kissed her cheek and felt her wrap her arms around me holding me tight.

I heard her breathing even out and she had clearly fallen into a light sleep. I stayed there enjoying the feel of her body against me and the warmth that had passed between us. I slowly went to sleep happy.

When I woke later the covers from the end of the bed were over us and the lights were out. We were still laying in the same position. I glanced at Hillary and she was sleeping with a look of angelic peace on her gorgeous face. I glanced at her clock and saw it was now 3am. When I moved slightly she did not stir. I slowly moved out of the bed and willed myself not to wake her or disturb her sleep.

I walked over to her bathroom quietly, my toes sinking into the plush carpet.

I went to the bathroom and freshen up. I had to laugh when I first looked in the mirror. I was coated in her juices.

I wanted to get some water for each of us. I knew she would be very thirsty when she woke up. I wondered about getting it for us, but they had said to make myself at home and I wanted it to be there when she first woke up. There were no glasses in her room. I borrowed one of her short robes and put my panties and tank top back on.

Slowly and quietly I opened the door and looked down the hallway. I knew the big double doors were where her parents slept and they were closed. There was no light coming from under them.

I moved cautiously down the hall, noise being my greatest concern. I moved downstairs and through the house to the kitchen.

It was fairly easy to see with moonlight coming through the windows and I moved over to their large fridge. I opened the door and the light inside came on. It was very well stocked with many different beverages. I selected a bottle of water for each of us.

I heard a voice behind me “Late night fridge raid?”

I almost dropped the bottles of water. Mr. Fisher was sitting at the table and had been obscured by shadow. Now that I knew he was there I could see his dim outline. The light from the inside the fridge illuminated the beer he was drinking and that he was seated looking right at me. He had clearly seen me come in. I also realized I was rather fully visible, since her robe was thin and I was well lighted from behind.

I closed the fridge and held the water in my hands. The room was sunk into shadow and moonlight again.

“Sorry to have disturbed you Mr. Fisher. I was thirsty, and Hillary is asleep. I got her water as well in case she was thirsty when she woke up. I'm sorry.”

I was actually more concerned he would be mad about me wandering his house at night than anything else. I had taken a pretty big liberty for a first time guest. My quiet voice and body posture clearly indicated that I felt I had been caught doing something I should not have been doing.

“Don't worry... it's nice of you to take such good care of her. Please come and join me.” He said quietly.

I hesitated. I realized I was not exactly dressed well. However, it was his home and he would see me in less when we went swimming. I walked over and he moved the chair out closest to him at the corner. I sat down and placed the bottles of water on the table.

I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He was seated close to me, our knees almost touching under the table. He said quietly “I thought you were thirsty” and slid one of the bottles of water closer to me. I opened it and took a sip from the bottle. He was making me more than a little nervous. I could make out his face now and he had an expression that was calm, but I also could tell he was enjoying the view.

I set the bottle down on the table and was seated with my hands in my lap. I saw a warm smile come to his face and he said “Are you always graceful? Do you even realize you are?”

I said “Thank you. I try to be.”

He kept smiling and said “It looks like you are just naturally graceful and gentle.”

I smiled to cover my nerves looking down at my lap. I was barely dressed and noticed he was wearing just boxer shorts and a t-shirt. I could see the lump forming in his boxers. It was a big cock hiding under there.

“And passionate.” he added quietly. I looked at his eye and he was still smiling at me warmly.

I looked back down at my lap and said nothing. I knew then that he had been the one who had put the blanket over us. He had seen me and his daughter naked in a lovers embrace, and perhaps had seen more than that.

He moved his hand over and gently took my right hand into his. “I think you are an incredibly beautiful young woman.” He said it gently and continued “I understand why my father loved Japan so much.”

I was blushing and afraid to look up. I knew he was close to me and was afraid to move. I knew what he was thinking but was unsure what to do about it. He was aware of what I had done with his daughter. He might talk to my parents and the only friend I have would be gone and I would be in hell for the rest of the year.

He leaned in a sniffed at my hair. I leaned away from him and said quietly “Please don't.”

He brought his other hand up and cupped my chin and turned my head up and toward him. I kept my eyes down and he was looking at me.

“My God, you are so beautiful Yukio.”

I felt tears coming. They were not fear, he would not hurt me, it was frustration because I didn't know what to do. I was battling with myself because part of me wanted him. I have always hard a hard time controlling that. I didn't want to give in.

I said “Please not to say that. You are married man and wife is good person to me.” My nervousness was making it hard to speak English.

He gently squeezed my hand and said “And you were so good to my daughter earlier, making her so happy.”

The tears slid down my cheek because I knew what he was saying. I was not sure if he had just threatened me but if he had it was already understood. Cooperate or my world, such as it was, would explode.

He saw the tears and I felt his hand on my face soften and he cupped the side gently, my eyes still down.

“I'm not going to hurt you Yukio.”

I admit that surprised me enough to look up at him, my eyes meeting his. I still did not say anything.

He smiled at me softly and said “I'm sorry. I'm pretty drunk. I've had too much to drink and I lost my mind for awhile.”

I kept looking at him waiting for something more. He continued “I was not ready for what I saw when I went to check on you two. I was shocked. I never imagined anything like that. I started drinking because I realized something else. I was turned on by it, by what I saw. Not by Hillary, but by what I saw when I opened the door. When I saw you. You looked so sexy and so attractive and so loving. That look in your eyes was beautiful, not to mention seeing all of you. It was one of the most erotic moments of my life.”

I said “You saw us.”

He replied “Yes. I was drunk already when I went back in the room later. I don't know why... I just had to. I looked at you two lying there. My daughter and you curled up against each other. It was so beautiful. I just stared at you. I could not take my eyes off of you. I knew I had to get out of there, but I saw goosebumps on your skin. So I took the covers from the end of the bed and put them over you. Then I left.”

I sat there digesting this and wondering what he was going to do. What was I going to do?

He said “I will never tell anyone. I would appreciate it if you didn't mention any of this to anyone, not even Hillary. It was not my daughter who had my attention. It was you.”

I nodded my head once and said “I will not tell anyone. This is between us only.”

He looked relieved and I glanced toward the water. He smiled and said “Go ahead. It's alright.”

I stood up slowly and got the water. I was calm on the outside, but inside I was far from it. I made it about three steps from him when I heard his chair move. Before I had even taken three more steps I felt his hand on my arm. He turned me to face him and kissed me on the lips. I was holding the water bottles in front of me and he was kissing me. I just stood there, as he was holding me by my upper arms pulling me into him. I quickly thought of handling this harshly, but did not think kicking her father around the kitchen was going to do anything for anyone at this point.

I was in turmoil for another reason as well. He was a very handsome man, I could feel his hard body against me. I would never admit this to Hillary, but I have been with many men and women and almost all of them were older than me. Two of them were the father's of girls I knew. The biggest difference here was that I had pursued in those cases.

When Mr. Fisher moved his hand down my arms and around me, cupping my ass, and pulling me up against him I almost dropped the water. He lifted me off the floor and set me on the counter. I put the water bottles to the side as his lips moved to my neck and he was untying my robe with his hands.

“Please” I begged “Please.. stop... think about what you are doing. Your wife?”

He responded by pushing my robe to the side and bringing his hands under my top to my breasts. I have to admit I was very turned on and getting wet very quickly. I was giving myself over to lust and that's how I almost always end up in trouble. I also had not been fucked since I got to the States and it had been too long. I decided I was not going to fight this feeling. By the skilled way he was playing with my breasts and licking and kissing me I knew he was going to be a good lover. Sorry, but sometimes I have no morals.

I snapped out of my hesitation and grabbed his face and brought it to mine, kissing him hotly and forcing my tongue into his mouth. I could not help it. He had already lost control, and no way was I going to stop. He pushed my top up and started sucking and biting my breasts. I could feel his strong hands tugging on my panties. I was unable to move and he simply tore them off of me. He dropped to his knees, grabbed my thighs and buried his face in my pussy.

He attacked it like a starving man. He savagely licked my pussy, and was licking and biting my clit. He pushed me back and I ended up leaning backwards on the counter. He slid his big strong hands under my ass, cupping my cheeks, and pulled up mashing my pussy into his face. I was not going to last long at all. I had not cum while fucking his daughter and that thought flashed through my mind causing me to explode in orgasm all over his face. He didn't stop and kept eating me through two more orgasms.

He suddenly pulled me to the edge of the counter and picked me up, turned me around, and bent me over the counter. My feet were not even touching the floor. He grabbed my hip with one hand, used his other to line his cock up with my pussy and pushed his way in.

His cock felt massive as it stretched out my little pussy. I could not believe how huge it felt filling me up and driving deep into me. I know he had tried to get in with one hard thrust, but even as wet as I was, my pussy was too tight and his cock was so fucking big.

I bit my hand to keep from crying out. I felt both his hands grab my hips and he started fucking into my like a man possessed. I was trapped against the counter and there was no where for my body to go to escape his powerful thrusts. He let go of my waist and grabbed my arms just above my elbows, pulling me body back into him and my chest up slightly. I was not able to cover my mouth and he heard the small cries coming from me. He grabbed a clean dishtowel from next to my head and shoved it in my mouth. I bit it hard and cried out my passion into it.

No man had ever fucked my pussy this deep or this fast and he was not slowing down. He stepped back taking me with him, pulling me up by the arms so I was suspended in the air by my arms and his cock lodged deep in my wet and willing pussy. I was on fire. He leaned back and shifted one of his arms. He wrapped on around my neck, the other around my waist. He moved his lower hand until he could reach my clit. He started fingering it. I was lost now and came all over his huge white cock while he used me like a fuck toy. I came again before he moved me over and pushed me against the wall, my tits pressing into it. He moved his arm from around my neck until he just had his big hand gripping it. The pressure was arousing, my tits pressed against the wall while he pounded me hurt, but this only aroused me further. He had leaned back and was pounding my pussy without remorse.

He called out “Oh fuck you gorgeous little slut” growling it at me. “You like that big cock in your tight little pussy don't, you. Your so fucking tight.” He grabbed me backwards to him and moved to a kitchen chair. Never letting go he sat down and started lifting me up and down on his cock. I had never been fucked like this. He was in complete control and I just surrendered to the waves of orgasm that were taking me.

He let go of my neck and with his hands now on my waist lifted me into the air and spun me around to face him. He lowered me back onto his cock driving it into my wet pussy. He leaned forward pushing me back slightly and started biting my tits and licking them. All the while he fucked me up and down on that magnificent cock. I had my head thrown back and was still biting the dish towel to be quiet.

He brought me forward, yanked to towel out of my mouth and started kissing me, devouring my lips and tongue. His hands moved to my ass and he was rocking me on his big cock. I put my arms around his neck and held tight as he moved me up and down. I was oblivious to everything but the pleasure of being fucked by my friend's hot father.

He growled out “I'm going to cum in that pussy.. oh fuck yeah you whore... take it.” and he held me down on him as he filled my pussy with ropes of his cum. I came all over him, soaking him with my juices.

He held me there, our juices leaking out from our joining. He kept kissing me and finally leaned his head back. I loosened my arms from around his neck and leaned forward on him panting. I could barely breathe, my hands came to rest on his chest. I turned my face and rested it on his chest.

He didn't move for the longest time. I felt him move his arms up and he was hugging me to his chest. He had lifted his head up again and was kissing the top of my head.

I was slowly becoming aware of what we had done and of the world around us again. I had no idea what would happen now. I lifted my head slowly, and looked at his eyes.

He was looking down at me with a playful expression. “You are an unbelievable fuck Yukio. That was amazing.”

I just looked at him and leaned in and kissed his chin. I said “I guess I should not mention this to Hillary either.” with a smile on my face.

“Not to Hillary, no.” He had a strange expression in his eyes and was looking over my shoulder. I turned my head quickly.

Standing there with her robe open, caressing herself, was Mrs. Fisher. She was cupping a breast and rubbing her wet pussy.

Well I thought, looks it looks like I'm going to be a bad girl here too.


2023-03-03 22:46:29
I read the whole series non-stop. This is amongst the best long story I have read anywhere!


2019-03-15 18:24:43
Lovely erotic story urges me to cum. Alan16


2017-08-05 17:38:06
Can't wait to read about Yukio's date with Michael and where she seduces him.


2017-08-05 17:36:16
Will Yukio ever have a locker room encounter with her swimming team?


2017-08-05 17:35:03
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