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Questions Unvieled and answered. Adam and Sam are together again when the truth is leant and a plan must be formed
The Ghost and Me

Part 4 A Questions Unveiled and Answered

I woke up, with Sam still asleep next to me. The afternoon was getting late, from the colour of the sky and the shadows running across the room. I ran a finger over Sam's form, making her stir. Slowly she opened her eyes, I said,”Hello sleepy head. How do you feel?” She smiled her gorgeous smile and said,”Wonderful.” I laid next to her, allowing her to come fully awake. It was then that I looked at her hip and noticed that the mole was missing. I sat up and looked at her hair. Her hair was getting lighter, it was between auburn and sandy blond. I'm sure, that this morning when I saw her on the University grounds, it was much darker. Was Samantha changing but into Sam? I wasn't sure.

It was then that I asked the question, I needed to know,”Sam, are you the girl that use to lived here before me or are you Samantha?” I know it was a stupid question. But, I had to ask. She smiled and sat up next to me, and said,”Yes. I'm Sam. This was my apartment, once.” I looked in her eyes, and said,”Are you a ghost or real?” Her smile was infectious, when she said,”At this moment a bit of both.” I was perplex by her answer,”You're inside of Samantha? Are you possessing her?” I asked, a little scared. She responded,”Yes. She's still here, but asleep.” her smile was leaving her after I asked my questions. I nodded my head, and said,”Honey. I'm a little confuse and scared. So, help me understand. What do you want? Why are you here?” at that I saw her face darken with sadness, and what I saw in Sam's eye nearly broke my heart.

She looked down at the bed and said,”Adam, I did die several months before you arrived. Some electrical wires touched me and I died.” she looked at me and carried on,” Two weeks before I died I saw one of those psychics. She told me, that I was to meet the love of my life. That he would come from the country and would arrive soon. He'd share the same loves that I do. She also stated, though I would not be my true self, we would still love each other forever, as we were soul mates. Then she went on that we'll have many years together, die old and leave together. I saw you that day that you enter here and I fell in love with you then. For I knew who you were. I could see our inner glow and they matched.”

I looked at Sam, cupping her chin and lifted her head up to my eye level. I kissed her lips and the happiness in her eyes returned. I said,”How long can you keep inside of Samantha? Is it hurting you?” Sam smiled and shook her head.”No I'm alright. But, Samantha is dying inside. Something wrong happened to her, a while ago and every day she dies a little more inside. I don't know but soon we'll talk and she'll decide. And I'll live with her decision.”

she stopped as if she was thinking of the right words, then, “So, while I'm umm..umm, visiting. I'm allowing her spirits to rest.” I thought of all the possible chances that could turn out right or wrong for us. I looked at the clock on my drawers. On, seeing the time I knew Kylie could be here any time soon. I said,”Darling you'll have to leave. Kylie and a friend are coming over for another night of ghost watching.” Sam looked worried at that.

I said,”Sam how did you get here?” She looked at me perplexed and said,”Taxi.” I said,”Do you know where Samantha lives?” She said,”Yes, that's where I met her this morning.” I said,”Good, take Samantha home. Look through her wardrobe and see if she has any sheer nighties or something provocative. Then come back tonight around 1am. Act as if your in a trance ok. I'll leave the front door unlocked. They may fall for it. Anyway, by then I should have something worked out.” and deep in my thoughts I said, to myself,”I hoped.”

Sam said,”Don't worry I know where the spare key is.” At that I now guessed how she cold enter my apartment. We both got up and dressed. On pressing her clothing down, she turned and looked at me. I took her into my arms and kissed her with as much love and passion that I could muster. I escorted Sam to the door, and opened it. I step out into the hallway an on seeing it clear, I gestured Sam to follow. We reached elevators, and I pressed the down button. It felt weird, as if I was hiding a mistress or something. Anyway, I was taking no chances. So, I escorted Sam into the stairwell, holding her there, while we waited for the lift. I didn't want anyone who knew Sam, to come waltzing out of the elevator and bumping into us.

When the elevator arrived it was empty so I ushered Sam into the lift and pushed for the 1st floor. The lift went down and arrived at the floor and on opening, we left. Sam asked why this floor and I told her, “We can't walk straight out onto the ground floor. Someone who knows Samantha may be there and see us. There may be questions we can't answer. So, it's easier to get out here, walked down the stairwell and check the ground floor first.” Sam nodded her head and smiled, saying,”You're handsome when you look so serious.” I laughed.

We walked down the stairs and got to the ground floor door. I opened it enough to see that no one was waiting for the lift. So, I ushered Sam out into the foyer and then out the back door, which led to Broadway. We walked the 3 blocks to Broadway, chatting along the way, and as luck happened, a taxi had just dropped off a fare. I breathed a sigh of relief when Sam entered the taxi and drove off to Samantha's place. I walked back to the apartment block and entered the lift.

When it reached my floor, I walked out and up to my apartment. I found the door wide open and a strange women standing in the doorway. She was about 5'9” tall, short brown hair, a nice smile and very cute in her looks. She wore leather pants, with studs around the waist. A leather jacket, again with studs on the shoulder and down the front. She wore black lipstick, eye shadow and her skin seemed oddly white-ish. She also had several earrings and nose studs around her head. You might call her Gothic, whatever that means.

She said,”Yeah. Can I help you?” I looked at her and smiled, saying,”Don't you think that's what I should be saying? Can I help you!” The girl looked surprised and step back inside. I followed and she had that mocking look and started nodding her head, when she said,”Oh, your Adam.” And with that she looked me up and down. Continuing she said,”Kylie said you were alright, she didn't mention you were cute.” I blushed at that and said,”So, your a friend of Kylies. Is she here?” The girl just shook her head and looked at my crotch area, as if she was estimating the length of my cock. I pushed past her and made my way to the kitchen.

The girl followed and said,”I'm Trish. You don't have a girlfriend at the moment. Do you?” I looked at Trish and knew she was the slut type, so I said,”Yes, I do. she's away at the moment.” Trish said,”What? Can't take the big bad ghost or the sight of it fucking you.” I turned, saying in an angry tone,”No. She had to go back to Uni.” and I left it at that. At that point I was just about to send Trish away, when a knock came. I went and opened the front door. There stood Kylie. I exited the apartment, taking Kylie with me and said,”Who is this girl. She's coming onto me a bit strong. I thought you guys were suppose to be professionals?” Kylie looked at bit strung out and said,”I brought Chinese for us to eat Adam. Look, Trish is always like that until you make a move on her and then she'll tell you to fuck off. She's bi-sexual and she loves teasing men.”

I knew how to handle her now. I walked back in with Kylie following. Trish came up to me, stood in front of me and started to stroke my face. I had enough and said,”look either behave or fuck off. Right.” Kylie said, to Trish,”Will you behave, bitch.” Trish looked at me, smiled and said,”You're ok. I hate the ones that want to chain all of us.” I just laughed, thought what she said and went to get plates.

As we sat down, I asked about the equipment. Kylie looked up, and told me it would be delivered soon. Trish asked me about my girlfriend and Kylie looked up at me, with surprise. Kylie said,”I didn't know you had a girlfriend?” I said,”Well nobody asked.” Quickly I tried to think of a name and said,”Kitty has gone home and will probably return later in the year.” Trish giggled and said,”Meow” I said,”Kitty stands for Katherine.” Kylie said,”Yeah, Trish are you dumb shit or what. Adam how is it I haven't heard of this girl.” I said,”Well she only came down to help me move. She goes to Charles Stuart at Orange, but won't transfer until next year.” Kylie just nodded and said,”What does she study?”

I never thought of this angle of questioning and had to think fast and said,”Biology.” Kylie still nodded, but I don't think she believed me. Kylie dropped that line of questioning when I asked,”Did you call or see Samantha?” Kylie shook her head and said,”Nup.” I said,”Well she's probably gone home to the parents?” Kylie shook her head and said,”They're dead. Died about a years ago and left her heaps of cash. Fact is she hates the money more than she hates you.” I just nodded and smiled. Trish said,”What are you smiling at?” I looked at Trish and said,”Uhh.... something that I saw on a video, today.” Kylie looked at me. She looked angry and made a quick small shake of her head.

We ate in silence after that and later we cleaned up, getting ready for tonight. On finishing, we sat down on the balcony and I showed Kylie the Wirra Willa Orchid. Kylie liked the flower straight away. Trish looked at the rest of the balcony and said,”You're into plants?” I said,”Yes. I like the aroma and it brightens the apartment.” Trish said, in a quiet voice,” Ya not growing some medicinal plants on the side, are ya?” I said,”No. Not into it.” Trish then had a cowgirl type accent,”What, ya girlfriend don't like it so you don't like.” I ignored her and Kylie said,”Keep it civil Trish. You only wish you had a dick instead of that brain you call a cunt.” and that Trish shut up. I talked to Kylie a bit more and pointed out certain flowers to her, she seemed impressed.

A short time later a knock came at the door, which had Kylie moving towards the door, with me following. Kylie answered it, and I saw two more women holding bags of equipment. I was introduced to these women and nodded to them. After they left, Kylie started to check the equipment over, I asked,”Kylie isn't there any men in this course or are they all hiding?” Kylie said,”Very, very few. In fact they won't hang out with us. We're seem to intimidate them.” I thought for a minute and then said,”Are all the female student in your course lesbians or bi-sexual?” Kylie stopped and looked at me. I said,”Sorry it seems every woman from this course is either one or the other. That's all.” Then she nodded her head and replied,”Yep, most of them are men haters and women lovers. But there are a few who have a soft spot for the dick.” I was perplexed, but left it where it was. I went into my room and saw that Trish was erecting more cameras and a microphone.

I walked out of my room, approaching Kylie. I said, to her,”Kylie no mics. I don't want to hear every fart I make or every dream I have. Next I'll be on the couch being psychoanalysed, with what's ever recorded. Look, I just don't want any mics in the room. Ok.” Kylie tried to get me to change my mind but I wouldn't have it. So, in the end she relented. I went and retrieved some blankets and pillows for the girls, then retired to my room.

It was earlier than normal, but, with Trish out there, I thought my room was the safest place to be. I read my book for a while and afterwards decided to have a shower. I showered, dressed into my boxers, and returned to my bedroom. I looked at the clock and it was only 9.30pm. So, I read some more and finally felt tired enough to go to sleep.

I had laid there for at least 35 minutes, trying to sleep. When, I heard noises coming from the lounge room. I crept out to find everything, except the TV, turned off. The light from the screen bathed the two women in an eerie blue white glow. As I watched, Trish was on top of Kylie, straddling her hips, and kissing madly. Trish was using her tongue to explore everything inside and out of Kylie's mouth. She sucked on Kylie's chin at one point, her ear lobes, bit her neck and lips. Then, as I watched, Trish snake her hand into Kylie's shirt and seemed to grab her breasts. After a little while Trish took the front of Kylie's shirt and pulled each side apart, opening the press studs.

Now Kylie's breasts were wide open to Trish's attack. Trish grabbed one of Kylie's nipple, and started to pull on it, while kissing her. As soon as the rubbery flesh drew out as far, Trish let it go. Then, she did it all over again, twisting and pulling it, with Kylie whimpering at this onslaught. Her eyes were closed, mouth opened, and a sound of small groans escaping her lips.

Now, Trish lowered her head to the other breast and started sucking and biting it. I could see Trish grabbing the other nipple with her teeth and pulling on it, with some force. It was now I saw Kylie's navel piercing, which fascinated me. I wondered what they were for? In the end I left it as decoration or something. I watched as Trish undid the zipper of the jeans. Then, grabbing both sides of the jeans pulled them of Kylie's hip, taking her panties with it. Kylie, then laid back on my lounge, naked except for the open shirt.

I had seen Lesbian pornos before, but they were acting and I never seen anything so real, till now. Trish had pushed Kylie's legs apart and was kneeling between them. Kylie had another piercing. From what I could see, it went straight through her clitoris and a chain attached to either end. I realised that I was stroking my cock. I had reached in to my boxer and absently started touching myself. And no wonder from the show I was getting, I don't think any man would have disapproved at my actions. So, I slipped off my boxers and kept on stroking my cock, to this fabulous show in front of me.

Trish opened Kylie's pussy, as if it were a flower. The way Kylie's cunt was displayed, reminded me of the orchid. The edges were rough, but the inner part was moist and clean. Kylie's pussy was moist and pink. I watched, Trish licked one open petal, running her tongue up and down and on the edges, and doing it all over again to the other side.

As I watched, Trish began running her tongue up the centre of Kylie's flower, paying special attention to her clitoris and piercing. It seemed that Trish was tickling Kylie's clitoris with her tongue. Then, taking the bud into her mouth to bud, Trish sucked on it hard. Kylie was groaning loudly, and I wondered if they still remembered that I was, or suppose to be, a short distance away in my bed.

Trish reach out and grabbed Kylie's breasts and started to squeeze them forcefully. It seemed that she was kneading them, as you would dough. As I watched this unfold, Kylie took hold of her legs, bending them back against her chest. It seemed that she wanted Trish to have as much exposure to her cunt, as she could. Trish was really enjoying Kylie's pussy because she kept her mouth on it for a very long time. By now, I could smell the sexual aroma emanating from kylie, it smelt deliciously tart.

Trish raised her head long enough to forcing one finger into Kylie's pussy. By the way it slipped in and out, I thought that Kylie was very wet and juicy. This must have been the case, as Trish was now thrusting with two fingers into Kylie. Soon, Trish had stopped kneading Kylie's breast and began to grip one nipple, pulling on it. I watched as the nipple was pulled away from the body and then let go. I heard the audible cry and groan escape Kylie's mouth.

Kylie was starting to reach her climax, when Trish stopped. I don't know why, I retreated back a little, as I worried they may know I was standing there. Trish reach for something and brought a large pink rubber cock from beside her. She rubbed the fake cock up and down on Kylie's exposed flower, when she whispered something to Kylie, who could only give a short nod. Then Trish was snaking the fake phallic object into Kylie's pussy. Trish was sliding the fake cock in and out, slowly. She had two hands and she seemed to be really trying to push it in hard. Kylie's head was thrown back and moaning hard.

I really thought lesbian didn't use those thing, but here I was wrong some must. I also wondered how long before Trish gave up, because her thrusts seemed to be taking a lot out of her. It was then that Trish stopped, with the fake cock sticking out of Kylie. Trish leant down, placed her mouth on Kylie's clit again, grabbing her nipple at the same time. This is all that was needed, as Kylie started to moan loudly and grab Trish's head, holding it to the clit.

I shot my load into my boxers and kept it there until I had finished. Trish said something and Kylie grabbed a lounge pillow, next to her. She pushed it over her mouth, which now muffled her screams of pleasure. Trish had stopped now, watching Kylie, still playing with her pussy. I watched with intent, as Trish crawled up beside Kylie and started to kiss her.

Trish had her hand on Kylie's pussy, when she pulled the fake cock out and dropped it to the floor. She returned to stroking the exhausted flower, and Kylie leant her head onto Trish's shoulder. She seemed to be panting and saying something to Trish, to quiet to be heard.

I watched for a few minutes more, while Kylie gathered her breath. I could see on the lounge room clock, it was nearly 11pm, so I decide to head back to bed. I felt entirely contented now, as I got into bed and lay my head down, where I was met by sleep. I dreamt of a mixture of sex, with these women who now enjoyed a real cock.

It felt like that I just closed my eyes, when a soft voice, said,”Adam.” and soft hands took hold of my penis and started to run the length, up and down. I opened my eyes, and with the help of the street light outside my bedroom window, there was my beautiful Sam, in a sheer nightie and the glow about her. Her smile was delicate, her lips were full and ruby red. Her eyes, though I couldn't see the colour, still had the magic about them. I reached up and drew her to me, having her lay on the bed next to me.

I caught movement, from the corner of my eye, in the hall outside my door. So, it's their turn to watch. Our lips collided with all the passion that our love and lust had for each other. Our lips opened and I felt the breath of Sam on my tongue. Our tongues meet and a tingling sensation occurred on our touching. I met her tongue on every thrust she made into my mouth. I ran my hands over her shoulder down her side, until I cupped those beautiful cheeks of her bottom. As I cupped them, I pulled, so her hips moved in and met my cock, that become rigid once more. She ground her mons into my cock and made a small moan, at our touching.

I stopped and pulled away from her mouth, so I could lift her nightie up, revealing her nakedness to me. Sam grabbed the side of my boxers and pulled them away. We returned to kissing each other. Me nibbling and kissing her neck and her biting my shoulder. She stopped and mover to my ear lobe, when she whispered, “You do know we have a audience watching?” I kissed her neck and said,”mmm huh.” Sam went back to nibbling and biting my neck. I loved the feel of her lips and teeth on my neck.

As we kissed, Sam pushed me back down onto my back, which made my cock stand up and proud. I heard a soft, “oooohhh” come from the hallway and laughed to myself. Sam now straddled my legs and started to masturbate me. She was making every effort to show of my cock. When she was ready, she laid down onto my legs, letting hers drape over the end of my bed. Now as I laid back I felt a tongue run up the underneath of my cock. Her tongue rimmed the head, then back down the shaft. Sam sucked one ball into her mouth and swirled it with her tongue. Then, releasing it, she took the other into her mouth and do the same.

After she released my ball, Sam started to swirl her tongue around my ball sack. Her actions were making my cock feel stronger, which made it feel as if my cock was growing another inch. Sam ran her tongue up my shaft again and once at the top engulfed my cock, sliding her mouth down slowly, until she reached my groin. I could feel her tongue enticing my shaft as she captured my cock. She then started to raise her mouth off my cock, letting her tongue dragged behind, until she reached the top.

She once against rimmed my cock head and went straight down the shaft again. Like before, she drew her mouth to the top, and held just the head of my cock in her mouth, while swirling it with her tongue. I was getting hotter every second. Sam was going down and coming up again, then holding the head of my cock in her mouth, and using her tongue. I couldn't stand it any more, so I held Sam's head just halfway down my shaft and started to fuck her face. I was getting hotter and hotter by the minute, when I felt that tingling in my balls. I knew it wouldn't be long before I shot my load. I told Sam and she pushed her mouth all the way to my crotch and sucked as hard as she could.

I felt the rise, then my seed burst forth shooting several loads into the back of her mouth, which she drew straight into her stomach. Sam kept my cock in her mouth just sucking on it, for a while, until it wilted. Finally, she released me, then she crawled up my body and laid on top of me. Sam brought her mouth to mine and we kissed. I tasted the left over cum that stained her lips, and pushed my tongue through her lips and explored her mouth. We held each other for a little while, until I felt my second breath come.

I kissed Sam's lips biting each one, softly. I moved to her throat and kissed, licked and bite as I moved down. I teased her body with my fingernails being dragged across her skin, as I moved down to her nipples. At once, I started to rim her nipple, while I touched the other. As, I took the nipple between my lips, I would tweek the other. Then as I bit the first, I would twist and pull the other. Sam was moaning and groaning to all my plays and started to run her fingers through my hair.

I started down her body, biting every so often. On getting to her navel, I used my tongue to rim it and dip inside. I let my finger walk down to her pussy, then with two fingers together, slide over her pussy lips. It brought more moans from Sam, with a “Please Adam, never leave, please.” Her juices were running as her sexual pleasure heightened. I could smell the aromatic scent wafting in the air. I knew that I would feast on her quim and enjoy what I found. I could sense that the other two in the hall, were also enjoying this, as I could hear small moans. I imagined that Trish was finger fucking Kylie. So I moved to Sam's pussy and got between her legs.

At first I lay there taking in the delights of this woman's heavenly scent. I hooked my arms under Sam's leg, drawing them up and back towards Sam's chest, then using my arms to hold her there. So now, She was open and I let my tongue wander out and drew it to her pussy lips, slowly. A moan escape her lips again, so I again lapped her lips slowly and lightly. I licked down to where her arse hole was laid open to me.

I teased my tongue against her hole and I heard her moans grow louder. And as I pushed my tongue slowly into her hole just deep enough, then withdrew it and rimmed her hole again. Her moans were loud and seemed to be pleading. I moved to her pussy again and licked up to her clit. At the top I ground my tongue onto her clit and Sam whimpered and moaned at my touch. So, I snaked my tongue through the entrance of this carnal delight.

Inside I ran my tongue around inside her, as far as I could extend and touching her inner walls. As, I pried her lips open as far they would extend without offering any pain to Sam. Then, I went looking for and found her pee hole and extending a little, to touched her G spot, and bathed my tongue on her inner wall there. Sam was groaning harder than ever before, and I knew she was ready. So, I moved to her clit and taking it between my teeth, I sucked on it, trying to take it all the way into me.

Sam now was moaning hard and whimpering at the same time. She held my head against her pussy and rode my face and until her lungs screamed out her orgasm. She sob and groaned for longer than she normally did. It was then that I found that the sobs were not from Sam, but from outside the hall, and I smiled. I released her legs and made my way up her body and laid on top of her, kissing those ruby red lipstick lips of hers. As I moved to her earlobe, I whisper, “it seems our visitors enjoy the view.” As I moved my lips up to meet hers, I heard a,”mmm hmm.” to my statement. Once above her I saw a smile creep across Sam's mouth. So, I laid down next to Sam and rested before our final act for the night.

We lay there, side by side, looking into each others eyes, letting our hands roam over the others body. Every so often, one of us would lean in and kiss a part of the others body. Soon Sam was holding my cock and squeezing it, then stroking it. I moved my hand down so I could slip a finger into her quim. As I touched her clit, she let a small moan escape her lips and said,”Mmm someone wants a bit more of my body. For you my love, anything.”

I kissed her lips, letting it linger on her lips. Sam wrapped an arm around, then rolled onto her back, drawing me with her, so I lay on top of her. Sam opened her legs and allowed me to lay between them. She reached down and grasped my rigid cock and positioned it before the entrance of her love tunnel. Then, moving it up and down to moisten the head, she guide me past her entrance.

I moved my cock into her tunnel, feeling the exquisite feel of her tight inner walls, the juice that intoxicate me, wrapping around my shaft. I felt that she was as tight as when I first fucked her yesterday. Sam hitched her her legs to my sides, as if she wanted ride me, with just her ankle sitting on my arse cheeks. I kept moving into her, until I felt the tip of my cock touch her cervix. It was now that Sam whispered,”Honey, Samantha never took birth control. Let's make something of our love.” I looked into her eyes and said,”Your wish is my command princess.” It was the sexist words that I ever heard.

I started to withdraw and thrust into Sam, and she rose her hips to meet me. We ground our souls into one another, letting out meeting be with a purpose. I started to thrust a little harder, and withdraw a little slower. Soon we were thrusting against each other making every push count.
As our exploit continued, we gained speed, and soon was thrusting hard at each other. Sam was moaning at each thrust I made, and as I panted, I felt my cock slowly push past her cervix.

Sam was biting my shoulder every so often and rake her nails over my shoulders. Soon, we were grind against each other until I felt that Sam was near her orgasm. I also felt my seed rising through body towards it's release. Sam was moaning and letting out small sharp pants, after each thrust. I was panting as hard too, feeling our activities now were building towards their finality for the night.

Now we were pushing against each other, when Sam gripping my body strongly. I felt the tunnel of her pussy grip my cock hard. So, with once last push, I thrust into her, pushing past her cervix into her womb and shot my load of seed to be deposited into her family vault. I held my cock as each spurt of my seed shot forth and filled her. She gripped me hard and longer than ever before. I knew that at our union tonight, had made our future.

As we both came down for this climax, we panted from the effort that we made to come to that event. I lay on top of her, delicately kissing her lips. I felt my cock wither and then without objection I withdrew and rolled to one side. Sam rolled onto her side to face me, and as I did the same, She reached out, kissing my lips, then saying,”I love you.” I looked at her and repeated those words which drew a smile across her face.

We lay there for what seemed hours, until I realised that she should go home before any suspicions were drawn. So, I whispered to Sam,”Honey, how did you get here tonight?” She responded with,”I've got Samantha's car. It's in the garage waiting.” I said,”You'll have to leave now and drive home. Come back today, after 10am. They should be gone by then.” indicating the girls in the lounge room. I went on,”I have a plan, but I need you here, so we can discuss it. Ok?” She whispered,”Yes. Darling.” With that Sam sat up, turned to the edge of the bed and stood up. She retrieved her nightie and a coat that I hadn't seen until then. She looked at me winked and walk out, as if she was in a trance. I watched her go, and then heard the front door close.

I was lying there, when both Kylie and Trish came into my room, asking me questions and voicing their opinions. I saw Trish's jacket open, showing me her naked breast. Kylie was in a t shirt and panties. Both girls kept on asking me questions. But, I was tired and realised that I was naked in front of them. I slipped the sheet over my now used cock and said,”Go to bed now. I'm too tired. We'll talk in the morning. Ok?” Trish just said,”Yeah. Wow man you can fuck me too. You're good at it.” and left. Kylie said,”Sure. I never knew that Samantha could be like that.” As I laid my head down, I said,”We'll talk tomorrow ok.” With that I touched my pillow and was asleep straight away.

Part 5 Our Plan and Escape.

PS To the people who are enjoying this series. I'm going into hospital for another set of examinations, and will not be released until Thursday, hopefully Wednesday. So, please don't expect this next part till after then ok. And thank you very much for your comments and encouragement, Especially You Ghostrider939,
for being such great people enjoying this trifle.

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