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It was getting late and my husband Don still wasn't home from work. I anxiously tried on a pink baby doll nightie. It was adorable, but not right for tonight. I changed into my emerald green corset. My boobs looked magnificent in that outfit, but it still wasn't right. This was supposed to be the night the next big part of my fantasy came true, and I wanted everything to be perfect.

I thought about the look on my son Evan's face when he watched me masturbate with him two nights ago, and I suddenly felt a warm tingle between my legs. Then I thought about how he fucked me last night while my husband watched, and it was all I could do to keep from making myself cum right then and there. I didn't even dare to imagine how great tonight might be.

Don rushed into our bedroom looking frazzled. He immediately began undressing.

"I'm sorry, hon, I got caught in a meeting that ran long, then traffic..."

"I'm just glad you're here. I was afraid you were having second thoughts."

"Believe me I am. And third thoughts, and a fourth thoughts." He pulled off his pants and kicked them aside. "I love what you're wearing."

"I'm naked."

"Exactly!" Don pulled off his undershirt and boxers. "Does Evan know what you have in mind for tonight?"

"No. All I told him was he should go take a long shower and get cleaned up."

"I should take one myself." He nervously tugged at his soft cock. What a cutie. "Then a few quick drinks would help."

"Sweetheart," I went to him and hugged him, "if you really don't want to do this, tell me now before things go too far."

"I promised I'd help you fulfill this fantasy of yours, and I won't let you down, hon. You know I'd do anything for you."

"It's not just for me." I felt Don's penis begin to stiffen against my belly. "Evan really is confused and he needs a safe way to explore his sexuality. I just hope we're not damaging him with all this."

"From the look on his face when he was laying into you last night, I'd say he was one happy dude."

"So, you still think it's okay what we're doing with him?"

"Maybe not according to Dr. Phil, but I don't think we're doing anything hurtful. We have a pretty well-adjusted family life otherwise, and we're doing this because we love our son. I wish my mom would've helped me out this way."

"Want me to call her and see if she'll come over."

"Don't you dare!" He tickled me until I squealed. "It sounds like your boy is done in the shower, so I'm going to get cleaned up and see about that drink. You get in there and work your magic, hot mama."

I finally decided what to wear and put it on. I went to Evan's room, not bothering with a robe this time. I knocked and went in. What I saw blew my mind. His room was spotless. If I had known sexual bribes would have gotten him to do his chores like this I'd have started molesting him years ago!

Evan was putting his clothes in his hamper (another first!) and was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. I gazed at his broad shoulders and couldn't believe he used to be my little boy. I closed the door, and he turned and checked me out.

I had on a white mesh body stocking that hugged me like a second skin. The light fabric made my dark nipples really stand out, and it was crotchless ,so we'd all have easy access to my sweet honey pie. I couldn't resist wearing high heels again to complete the ensemble.

"Wow, Mom, you've got a lot of slutty outfits!"

"You think I look like a slut?"

"I mean in a good way," Evan stammered. I smiled and let him off the hook.

"Your dad likes me to get slutty for him, and I thought you might, too." I could see his cock getting hard under the towel.

"Yeah, I definitely like it, Mom."

"And look," I turned around, "it's open in the back also." I bent forward and spread my cheeks so he could see everything back there. "See how wet I am already?"

"Can I put it in you now?" Evan dropped his towel and stepped toward me.

"Not yet." I turned around and stopped torturing him. "I want to wait for your dad."

"Oh, okay," he said, not seeming the least bit self-conscious about the idea this time.

"Anyway, it'll give us a chance to talk while we wait." I took a seat at his desk, and he sat on his neatly made bed.

"Did you get cleaned up real good like I told you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Did you clean your back side?"

"Sure did."

"Let me see," I said using my mom voice on him. He smiled bashfully, then lay back and lifted his legs. He reached around and spread his muscular ass cheeks for me. His butthole was a clean, pink pucker that made me want to eat him up. He looked so lovable in that pose, I hated to let it end. "All right, looks good to me."

"I bet I have the kinkiest mom out of all my friends."

"I do my best," I joked back. "So, tell me how you feel about last night."

"It was the best night of my life. I'm sorry I was too quick."

"Nothing to be sorry about, honey. I was pretty quick myself." I couldn't resist parting my legs a little and letting him see my pussy while we chatted. "Did you like it when your father played with himself while he watched us?"

"It was a little strange seeing Dad naked, and touching himself, but it was exciting when he came so hard like that. It was sexy the way you showed him your pussy to make him totally horny."

"He liked watching you, too. Your father told me he thought you had a very nice cock."

There was a knock and Don came in. Again, he was in his robe and this time had a scotch on the rocks with him.

"Hey, kids! What's the fah-shizzle in the nizzle?"

"Dad, please." Evan rolled his eyes and we laughed.

"I was thinking," I said as I stood up, "I'd start things off tonight by sucking on our son's dick."

"Sounds like a capital idea, my sweet," Don pronounced with comic bluster. "By all means, proceed." He took a swig of his drink, sat in the chair, and opened his robe straight away.

"Stand up over here, honey," I told Evan. He got up and I positioned him right in front of my husband and turned him to the side so Don would have a perfect view. I knelt down in front of my son and came eye-to-eye with his throbbing cock. I waited.

"Mom, I want you to suck my dick. Please." My boy was such a fast learner. He spoke up again just as I was about to start. "Oh, and Dad, you have a very nice cock, too."

"Why thank you, Son." Don smiled proudly and got another eye roll, this time from me.

I turned my attention back to Evan, and took his hard member in my hand. I began by licking the head of his cock, tasting the salty moisture inside his pee hole. I wrapped my lips around the tip, and eased it into my mouth, just to the point where ridge of his glans passed my front teeth. I sucked and tongued only the head for a long while.

I then took him farther into my mouth. I could hear Don's balls slapping right next to me as she started jacking himself off. I reached over and rested my hand on his, slowing his pace. I didn't want him to cum too soon. He got the message and slowed down.

I've never mastered the fine art of deep throat, so I was only able to get about half my son's penis into my mouth, but from the sounds of his moans that was plenty. I held onto Evan's hips as I sucked him, moving up and down on his shaft.

"How does it feel to have your mom's lips wrapped around you like that, buddy?"

"It's real nice, Dad. Does Mom suck your penis a lot?"

"Are you kidding? She can't get enough of this monster. Ain't that right, babe?" He reached out and smacked me on the ass.

I didn't respond, and let them have their fun while I indulged in giving my boy his first blowjob.

"Mom said you like to cum in her mouth."

"You know that a woman really loves you when she swallows," Don chuckled. I noted that I'd have to do some damage control later, after he was done giving our son his bad advice. "I also like to pull out sometimes and cum on your mom's pretty face."

I know a lot of women hate that, but I love it when Don gives me a big, messy facial.

"Put your hands on her head, Son," Don advised. "Relax and feel the flow." He took another swig of his scotch.

Evan did put his hands on my head. He didn't push or try to force me, and like a perfect gentleman he was content to just 'feel the flow' as his father put it. I was torn in that moment. I could sense that Evan was getting close to cumming, and I very much wanted to taste him, but I also wanted to play out my fondest fantasy. I reluctantly pulled his cock out of my mouth.

"Dad was feeling a little left out last night, you know," I said to Evan. "Would it be okay with you if he joined in?"

"Sure," Evan responded without hesitation. "I don't want to hog you all to myself, Mom."

"Actually, honey," I kissed the tip of his dick, "he wants to do what I'm doing." It wasn't registering with him. "With you." He still looked confused.

"What your mother's trying to say is...I'd like to suck your cock, Son."

I looked up at Evan, praying he would say yes.

"Really, Dad? You want to put my penis in your mouth?"

"Only if you give the go ahead. If you're not comfortable with it, just say the word and you and Mom can go at it, and I'll stay here on the sidelines."

I nuzzled Evan's cock, willing him to agree with every horny cell in my body.

"Well...I guess it's all right with me, if that's what you want."

Don gulped down the last of his drink, stood up, dropped his robe, then knelt down next to me. My heart practically flew out of my chest I was so happy. It was about to happen. I was making my fantasy come true. I was going to see my beloved husband suck his own son's cock. It was one of the best sexual gifts a mother could wish for.

I did my best to make it an easy transition for them. I wrapped my lips around Evan's cock once again, and gave him a few strokes with my mouth. I took it out and directed my son's cock toward my husband's face. Don was scared. I could see him trying not to shake. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth. I fed Evan's penis in and his lips closed around it.

Chills erupted in a dozen different spots in my body in that moment, and swirled through me all at once. I got lightheaded, like I'd had one too many, and felt as if I was going to float away. My son's cock was actually in my husband's mouth. Right now, right in front of me, and it was beyond fantastic.

"Oh, hon, that's perfect," I gushed. "Now go easy, take a second to get used to it." I watched as my husband acclimated himself to the strange new sensations. His jaw relaxed and he took a few tentative strokes. "You okay up there, Evan?"

"Um, yeah. Dad's not as good as you, Mom, but it feels all right."

"Be patient with him, this is his first time, darling."

I backed up so I could get a full view, and my skin tingled with delight. I plunged my fingers into my pussy and began frantically fucking myself as I watched my husband suck cock. I cursed myself for not having thought of bringing the video camera. My pussy was making loud squishing sounds, and I pounded my fingers into my sopping wet hole.

"You guys look so sexy. I like seeing my husband with a big cock in his mouth."

Don was getting the hang of it and his head was bobbing a little faster. He surprised me by reaching up and massaging Evan's balls as he blew him. Evan then reached out and put his hands on his father's head, just like he had done with me.

"That's it, baby," I groaned. "Fuck your daddy's mouth right in front of me. Make him suck your cock real good."

I was pinching and pulling at my nipples, upset now that I wore the body suit as it prevented me from giving them the harsh treatment I craved at this moment. I did the best I could as I continued masturbating my pussy like crazy.

"Oh, yes," Evan moaned. "Don't stop, Dad."

I knew this was it. My son was about to cum in my husband's mouth. Don wasn't pulling away, he was actually going to go through with it.

Evan's body tensed, and his face contorted, and I could tell he was squirting his load in his father's mouth. My son was actually cumming in my husband's mouth.

My mounting orgasm burst to life between my legs. It coursed through me, echoing from every nerve ending and crashing back to my pussy like a symphony of phenomenal pleasure. It was my orgasm of all orgasms, and I'll never forget it.

Evan pulled out of his dad's mouth, and his spit-slicked cock looked more delicious to me than ever. Don looked at me with panic in his eyes, and I realized he was holding a mouthful of our son's cum.

"Don't do anything," I panted and lay down between my boys. "I want it. Give it to me."

I opened my mouth and my husband leaned down and let Evan's load of sperm spill into my mouth. I was fingering my clit the whole time, and as soon as that salty gob of semen hit my tongue I went off again. While not nearly as intense as a few seconds ago, the added thrill of tasting my son's cum for the first time made it special. I swallowed it a little bit at a time as my orgasm slowly ebbed.

"Now I want yours," I informed my husband. I was delirious with ecstasy and didn't want it to end.

Don began jacking off over my face, and poor Evan didn't know what to do.

"Get down between my legs, honey," I instructed him. "Hurry, put your cock in me."

Evan quickly obeyed, and in a matter of seconds I had my son's penis back inside my pussy. I was so revved up, he didn't need to know how to make a woman cum to get me off--he just needed to be in there.

In less than a minute, Don thrust his cock toward my parted lips and let loose. Several jets of cum shot into my mouth as my son watched. Right as his father finished, Evan dipped his head forward and licked a stray drop semen from my lip. Just as he did that, Evan himself came again, emptying his load forcefully into my pussy.

All this male climaxing sparked off another orgasm for me, and I had to quickly swallow my husband's cum so I could scream out loud with pure animal rapture.

We were reduced to a pile of sweaty bodies, no one able to speak, each of us still coming down from our orgasmic highs. I had a worrying thought in that blissful moment.

I had conceived of this family exploration as a limited frolic, but I was beginning to wonder if I'd be able to give this up. I was in serious danger of letting my son become my fetish. One that I could easily become addicted to. I had to make sure I never forgot it was more about Evan than about me.

"Okay, boys," I nudged them out of their stupor. "I think that's enough fun for tonight."

We tucked Evan into bed, and kissed him goodnight. As I was leaving he called out to me.

"Mom? Tomorrow night, do you think I can maybe lick your pussy?"

"I don't see why long as someone cuts the grass before I get home from work."

I know I'm awful, but it was a good for him to learn about the true power of the pussy.
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