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I'll spot again before you take your one Apebti! My last story of the computer problem like all of you for it thanks everyone!

All of you again I'll tell about yourself, I'm thirty years old young man, my cock any girl / woman to please his pride understands. Now I will tell you your Apebti!

My story computer problem reading the many emails I came. A woman named Sonia (name changed to I), which was 28 years old, came to his mail that he was impressed by my story and wants to meet me, he told her, she is doctor by profession.

But we both live in different cities and we are both in the profession if the problem was our place among But after some days my job was to go to Delhi if I told him he agreed to come there. We created a program to meet both the station.

I was thinking heart, that I do not know how she would look!

I reached Delhi at the time, came there in a while too but when I saw it I thought I was a dream because her figure was like Ayesha Takia - 32-28-32, so cool and full of chest has body, height 5'4 "!

He came and joined hands and said - I am Sonia and Sunny are you not?

I kept quiet so he said - what happened?

I said - bombs fell on me!

He started laughing, then he said - what program?

I called the hotel to walk so he refused and was running towards the parking lot. I followed him.

After sitting in the car, she said - no problem if you go my friend's house because his house keys with me and my friend is a doctor that I went out on work.

In an hour we arrived at the house which was a great flat. He said after reaching the flat - if not sooner then today's meeting is to make a memorable visit!

Frankly folks, I just can not refuse her a thing was not know as it was a strange magic on me!

Had written a decent sex - the sex of partners will get a fun doubles.

He said - you go first so be nice to be fresh.

I said - if so fresh together will be much better!

She said - OK!

He came to me and started saying - let the bath together.

As soon as I touched it she started saying - Today, three years after a man touched me because my husband had died in an accident.

We both stripped off each other's clothes but did not bare all. Nehac below go to the bathroom shower. While there we both bodies to each other Neahlahaya but we both work there have the patience. We take a shower in the room came, he just Paante bra and I was wearing underwear only.

All this while eleven were. I had to do sex but we did not want to rush anything. He was in the kitchen and came to breakfast with juice, then I said - in spite of fresh milk is the need to juice!

So he just grinned, he said - not up to bed after a while so the rest of the work will finish it!

We sit next to each other breakfast began. We finished breakfast of talking here and there. Now we were both free, she came to bed and came close to me Now I've thought of her chest. I realized a strange summer!

Now I started drinking the juice of her lips she started to enjoy this Raspeana. Slowly my hands over her bra, her breasts felt light Maslne. Refine got him a strange trance, she said - I'm thirsty for three years! Today I have fire extinguishing their thirst!

I opened her bra. They make me lie down in bed I sat up and started feeding their Rasbhare milk juice. My cock stood as if he had realized that was happening. Panties on your pussy my cock like she's been up and her suckling was Rgadti.

Now I also own fingers inside her Panties Humani started. Now it was out of tolerance, he started saying - Sunny, now completely off the two thirsty!

But I said - just wait! There is just so much more!

But he said - I am yours today! But to do so immediately put in pussy!

I gave her and her Llitakara off my trunks came between his two thighs. I took my tongue in her pussy, it seemed everything I touched was a Tapti!

He woke up dying!

I do not take too long while their cocks in her pussy put in the mouth and pushed slightly. But her pussy was so tight was not so easy. I pushed to put emphasis in my half lund was gone.

Came out of his mouth Ah, I understand that this is really thirsting for years!

I began sucking her lips in the same situation and felt hands pressing her breast. They find themselves engaged in a little while attack. I also meet with another attack in the cocks in her pussy made. Now he got to me. In five minutes he felt a sharp edge removed with his juice. Now I started too fast. In a little while I was empty and so lay down on her.

He kissed me on the lips and said - the first time today I'm so fast Chance!

I said - just so you have just a taste of pussy my cock!

I mean he got it. After a while my whole body she kissed me to lie down, then started sucking my cock in the mouth with. My cock stood again.

Sonia Gandhi - now I'll ride!

He cocks his hand from my pussy put in the mouth and gradually complete it hid in my pussy. He slowly in my cocks - started out. Nearly twenty - five minutes after we were both empty.

He said - now I'm happy!

I pointed towards her ass and then she refused - I happy not to change in pain!

I also did not force her to love me because I believe you do not enjoy or else!

He asked - When you go back?

I said - now is not my job today, then tomorrow will also be Puanga.

He said - even if you also want to go I would not go!

Then we went walk and came back by dinner. We have intercourse three times that night we did.

Nehakara get up the next day we were leaving for work so she said - a time to love!

We once again played the same love of the game but then we had to take a bath together again, that other means had to wash!

When I was ready, so he gave me ten thousand rupees Bndal. I asked him why did you say - you lost a day! Him he did not even after my refusal, he put it in my bag Bndal. When asked if he left me to my car - any work you do, do too much but for me to be free! Whenever I go out of my town so I'll let you know and you'll have to come!

Only by giving him what I promised him come.

When I asked him - his friend flat out saying it?

So he told - I told him everything. And my friend also wanted to see me but could not get work due.

He said that next time I will get both of them together!

I had reached the point there where I was working for you office. I dismissed him giving a kiss with the promise that will meet again soon!

A month later he made the time to meet me at the same place but this time with friend!

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