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Daddies Girls

Part 3

Karen and Sara led me to the main bedroom. I've never been inside this room before, but when I did, it made me think twice. On one arm of a chair, in the room, was some of Sara's clothing. There were also a tube of lubricant and a belt of some kind. Now both girls led me to the bed where Karen took hold of me again and placed her lips onto mine. She passionately kissed me, with Sara holding onto both of us.

Karen held my head in her hands, and whispered, "Michael, I've always wanted you. I want you to be mine and now I'm realising my dream. I've loved you, always." I could see her caramel eyes, glisten with tears. I placed my hands around her waist and said, "I love you too my darling sister." Sara held onto us, so I placed my arm around her and looked into her eyes. He eyes were beginning to glisten too. I said, "Sara my love, I love you too. I want you both to have my children." With that both girls started to cry. I hugged both women and we all shared kisses.

As I finished kissing each of these lovely women, Karen started to push me back and then down onto the bed. She got up and straddled my chest. Then lowering her mouth, she began to kiss my lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth. When she stopped and lifted her head from mine, she looked at me and that look told me that she was willing to be mine. As she look at me, Karen started to unbutton my shirt, laying my chest bare to her and Sara. Karen got off me, and laid down beside me. She started to kiss and bite my neck, which she then trailed down to my chest. As Karen began licking and sucking on my right nipple, Sara followed suit and started on my other nipple.

I felt the excitement and arousal that came from touching such a sensitive area. I had never felt anything like this before and my cock responded to such a touch. Sara stopped biting my nipples and started unzipping my shorts, then tugged them away from my body. Wearing no underwear, my cock rigid and hard, sprung up on it's own and stood up away from my body. I watched as Sara placed her mouth around the head of my cock and started sucking and licking it like candy.

My cock, under the diligence of her mouth grew harder. I was in heaven when Sara stopped and released me, pushing me towards Karen. She had stopped tantalizing my nipple and immediately deep throated my cock. Now Sara was sucking and chewing my other nipple. I'd never been with two women before and now I was living every man's dream. I could feel my seed rising and I was ready to deliver a blast from my cock into Karen's waiting mouth, when she stopped. I looked up to see that Karen had removed her panties, but still wearing a skirt and blouse and was now straddling my hips. Then, ready to impale herself on my cock, she lowered her bald cunt down and enveloped my manhood.

Karen was warm and wet and her cunt felt like a velvet glove, which lowered and raised itself. It took Karen several attempts but she finally took me all into herself. I was ready and wanted to start thrusting upwards, when She said,”Wait.” Then I looked above me and saw Sara was naked and straddling my head, facing Karen. She lowered herself and as her inflamed bald pussy touched my lips, I started to suck, nibble and lick every bit of her cunt. Her juices were running down onto and into my mouth. I found out that I loved every bit of my daughter.

Karen now started pumping up and down on my cock faster. Sara was starting to rub her cunt into my mouth. I loved the feeling of these bald pussies running over me and couldn't get enough of it. Each time Sara's clit would pass over my mouth I tried to flick it with my tongue. Then, all of a sudden Sara pushed down and stiffened in her position, squirting her juices into my mouth. Karen was still pumping herself up and down on my cock, when Sara's weight was lifted off my face.

I needed to take charge of Karen. So, rolling her over onto her back, I now lay between her legs. I began to pump into her cunt, when Karen said, “Harder, big brother.” Then I just started ramming myself into her as hard as I could. Karen wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me in. Then in one convulsion, gripping me so hard, Karen's cunt started milking my cock and I shot several loads into her womb.

Breathless, I laid between Karen's leg for several minutes until I got my breath back. Then I rolled away and laid upon my back too. Soon Sara and Karen both cuddled into my arms. Sara kissed me and said, “That was great daddy.” Karen also responded, “Yes daddy. You can me fuck hard anytime.” I thought to myself, 'I've never cum so many times in one day.' and knew that I should get in better shape.

Little voice's could be heard downstairs, then the TV came on. Karen got up, mentioned about lunch and went to the toilet, while I waited on the bed. Sara leaned over me and smiled. “Well daddy I better help Karen and feed the little ones. Get dressed and come down for when your ready. Ok.” Then Sara got up too. Got dressed and left the bedroom. I sat up and saw Karen coming out of her ensuite. I looked at Her and we both smiled.

Karen came over and said. “I'll fix lunch for you daddy.” then she kissed me on the lips. I started wondering if I'd have any energy left for tonight, but put that out of my mind. I got dressed and went down stairs. Once downstairs Sara and Karen were busying themselves with preparing lunch. I sat down and little Meredith came over and sat on my lap hugging me all the time she sat there. I thought by the way that she kept this up, that she didn't want me to leave. I kept my arm around her and kissed her head, to let her know that I did love her too.

The next strange thing was that Connie started calling Sara 'Mummy' too. When I asked Connie about this she told me that Sara was her new mummy. I let my thoughts go over this and saw that Connie was starting to accept Sara readily, without any questions. So I didn't question it any further.

Anyway we all sat there having lunch together. I made a sandwich for Meredith, which she was overjoyed with. Everyone was calling me daddy, it was something different and felt good. After we finished lunch, Connie and Meredith went about playing again. I sat there, in thought, with what was I going do about a large family? Where were we going to go? I thought about living on an Island, but was discouraged about that. Then I thought about a farm. I spoke with Karen and Sara and they both were excited. We decided to look on the internet for something that we could afford.

After much trouble I found several farms, one looked exactly what we needed. It had five bedrooms, three with en suites and two that could be used as work rooms. The largest bedroom had an en suites with a spa bath/shower. The property was up in the northern rivers area of NSW. Far enough away from big towns but close enough that we wouldn't be far away from modern conveniences. I told Karen and Sara, they were both overjoyed about the find, so they asked if we could take a trip to see it. I agreed and made arrangements with the real estate.

After that was done I rested and watched a little TV. Meredith and Connie came inside and sat on my lap, chatting every so often about different things. I chatted with the little ones when. Sara came out later and shooed both girls in for a bath. Meredith and Connie both said, in unison, “Yes. Mummy.” and I smiled at that.

As I was sitting there on the lounge Karen came in and sat on my lap. She whispered into my ear, “Would daddy like a something special tonight?” I looked up at her and she bent her mouth to mine and kissed me passionately. I smiled and said,”Daddy always likes anything special.” Karen smiled and winked at me. It was now I thought that I should rest up as I was in for a long night.

After dinner was done and the little ones were off in bed, both Sara and Karen curled up on each side of me. I looked at each woman and wondered what was so special. We watched TV for a little while when Sara got up walked down the hall and returned a few minutes later. She looked at Karen and nodded, got up and went over to Sara. They both giggled and started to walk the other way t the main bedroom. I looked at them and again wondered what was next. A short time later I heard, “Daddy, are you coming to bed?” With that I got up said, “Yes.” and walked in the direction of the main bedroom.

As I walked through the door. I stopped and looked. Both women were wearing a baby doll type, see through tops, but no panties. They laid next to each other, on the bed, and were looking at me when I came through the door. Both women got up off the bed walked over to me and undressed me leaving me naked. Then moving a chair beside the bed, they pushed me down, so I could watch whatever was going to take place on the bed.

Karen and Sara returned to the bed and again laid down next to each other. I already had an idea what was going to happen. But, I hate ruining surprises. So, I sat back and watched my surprise. Karen and Sara started by kissing each other. Their tongues intertwined with each other. They ran their free hand down the other back, stopping only to squeeze the others arse cheek, or slip a finger in past the sphincter. I started liking what I watched. Then Karen lowered her head to Sara's tit and started sucking and biting the nipple through the material.

I watched with interest and arousal, as Karen teased Sara, by changing from one breast to another. Before long Sara's top had been removed and was totally naked. Karen was sucking one nipple and rolling the other between her finger and thumb. Karen then stop sucking on the nipple and started to leave little bite mark on Sara's tit. Then she lowered her mouth just under the tit and left and another little bite mark. Each time that Karen would bite, Sara would make a low moan. Karen made her way down until she reached Sara's cunt.

I saw Karen turn her body around. This allowed Sara to access reach Karen's open flower. As Karen her head to Sara's cunt, Sara raised her head to Karen's. Each began to suck and lick each others pussy lips and clitoris. My cock was hard at this sight I was witnessing, so I started to pump my cock.

I was excited as both women were eating the other out. I decided that I should join in on the fun. I walked around the bed and got up, kneeling onto the bed. I straddled Sara's head and saw Sara's lips covering Karen's vagina. I placed my cock head between Karen's pussy lips, and started to pump my cock in and out of her cunt.
Again I found Karen to be wet and warm and my cock slid in effortlessly. I felt Sara's tongue lick my balls as I was pushing myself further into Karen's cunt. Then Sara would pull one of my balls into her mouth, which she sucked on. Then she released that one and commenced sucking on the opposite ball, pulling it into her mouth. I was still pumping myself into Karen and I could feel the walls tightening of her pussy. I kept pumping and I could feel Sara sucking and licking. Then Karen's cunt just contracted and she stiffened, I heard a deep moan escape her lips. I waited a short time then pulled out from Karen's pussy. I looked down and pushed my cock into Sara's mouth, allowing her to suck the juices of it.

After she finished I laid down next to her and said, “Honey get up on daddies pole.” With that Sara got up and straddled my hips. Placing my cock at the entrance of her pussy, Sara began to push herself down. Sara's cunt was also wet and tight, something I loved at every moment of fucking her. Sara started to piston up and down on my cock. I drew her in close and started kissing her. I could taste my sister's juices on her lips and tongue. As we finished our kiss I could see that Karen had attached a harness around her waist and legs, which had a large cock attached to the front. Karen had walked behind Sara. I could only think what was going to happen next, when Sara threw her head back and moaned. Then Karen wrapped one arm around Sara's waist and the other hand took hold of her shoulder.

I could feel a large phallus object invade Sara's arse, through the thin membrane of skin, between her cunt and rectum. Soon Karen began to slowly thrust into Sara arse. I started to follow by thrusting into her too. Soon Karen and I were thrusting in unison. The feeling of Sara's cunt was tighter, due to Karen fucking her arse. As we became accustomed to Sara, we started to thrust harder and harder, together. Soon Sara was moaning uncontrollably. My own arousal was building and I could feel my the seed in my cock rising. So I started thrusting harder into Sara, pulling her hips down to meet mine. Then Sara stiffened and her orgasm started pulling and milking on my cock, which then shot load after load of my seed into her waiting womb.

Sara fell on top of me, as Karen extracted the fake cock from her arse. I lay underneath Sara, wasted from all the attention that I had received today. Karen took off the harness and laid down beside me. I placed my arm around her shoulder and pulled her in close me. I kissed Karen passionately, and then Sara joined in.

After our kiss Sara pulled herself off my cock and laid down next to me. Karen reached over me and got between her Sara's legs. I got down close enough and started to watch Karen suck on Sara pussy. I watched as I saw my cum run out of Sara's pussy in large globs of white goo. Karen was licking what expelled from Sara's cunt straight into her mouth. It reminded me of a cat licking milk. Then Karen placed her mouth straight over Sara's pussy and it appeared that she continued to lick. As I watched it didn't take long before Sara was panting and moaning again. Then all of a sudden Sara brought her legs together and clamped Karen head between them. I watched as Sara was having another orgasm and the face she pulled as consequence of the orgasm. I could've laughed but didn't and so, as they both finished off, I laid down and waited for them come to lie with me. As both women laid down beside me, I realised that my world would never and could never be same.

We slept like that until the following morning, when I had to get up for work. I was woken by a hand tapping me on the face. I woken up to see Connie sitting above me. Luckily Sara, Karen and I had gotten underneath the sheet during the night. I looked up and Connie was saying, “Daddy Meredith and me are hungry, can you make us some breakfast. Please.” I looked around and Meredith was standing off to one side of the bed sucking her thumb. I said, to Connie, “Honey, let daddy get up and put his clothes on. Ok. So, go downstairs and I'll be with you in a minute ok.” Connie just said, 'Ok daddy.” and with that both left the room. I looked at my girls laying next to me and smiled. I got up dressed and went and fed the children. I made coffee and took it up to my two girls who were still in bed.

I woke both and left the coffee for them. I told them that I had to go to home, pick up some clothes and go to work. I also told them that I'd see them tonight. After that both women got up, kissed me and I left, kissing the children as I left. Later at work I made the arrangements to visit the farm.

After work I went to Karen's and was greeted at the door by Connie and Meredith who were happy to see me again. Especially Meredith who hugged me tightly and said, “Daddy your home.” that made me very happy I picked up both girls and walked inside only to be greeted by my big girls, who then kissed me hard on the lips.

Part 4 later that night.


2020-02-14 14:31:01
This is a great series, but I'm an older man which likes his girls/ women to be all natural with a full covering of their pubic area. so it would be nice to have one of them to be SMOOTH and the other with HAIR!!!!.


2018-02-17 09:30:22
Where part 4?


2018-02-17 09:29:21
Where part 4?

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2016-08-30 09:26:03
Mommy dies and leaves daddy with 4 little girls ages 2-6 that have been lying awake in their bed listening to mommy and daddy fuck like minks. Now they won't they won't stop begging daddy to fuck their brains out. A father can only ignore so much begging and temptation.

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Were is part 4 so ready to read it this is great should write more like this

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