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No one can understand why an older man marries a young Asian but his Son and best friend are about to find out
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This story may be offensive to some and contains scenes of hardcore sex, incest, and underage sex.

Please be warned and do not read on if you are offended by any of these things.

Everyone wondered why my best friend’s Dad had married an Asian woman. His son and I were just about to find out.

Over the Moon

He was the talk of the small village we lived in. The dirty old man, some called him. Others simply referred to him as lucky! Mr Thomas had lost his wife to illness a few years before and now in his forties had travelled to the other side of the world, well, the Philippines to buy himself a new wife called Sina-Moon.

A sort of ‘cash-n-carry marry’ as his son Paul and I used to refer to her. I was nearly 16 at the time and Paul a few months older having just turned 16. We had both seen pictures of the proposed new bride on the internet but as it transpired pictures did her no justice. Mr Thomas arrived back with a stunning Pilipino lady in tow, almost half his age at 28 but perfectly formed. Moon wasn’t the traditional size 6 straight up and down Asian women. She had curves to die for. With large breasts and a perfectly formed arse, every man, and no doubt some women in the village would gaze in awe when she was outside.

In fact my first sexual experiences were with Paul as we used to wank off looking at pictures of his new ‘step Mum’ on the internet. This latterly became a regular feature with Paul even introducing some of her underwear to our proceedings aswell as mutual masturbation, although at that point, we never went further than that.

But it all changed when Mr Thomas had to go away on business to Thailand. Paul talked his step mum Moon into allowing me to come over for a sleep over. If I was honest I couldn’t wait and had all sorts of thoughts of what Paul and I might get up to when under the same roof and even sharing the same bed.
I approached the door and knocked excitedly. Sina-Moon almost immediately opened the door with a bright and dazzling smile. Whilst I had seen pictures of her and seen her on the internet I hadn’t actually been up close with her nor realise how beautiful she was. With long jet black hard and matching dark eyes, her lips were painted a light pink and her coffee skin looked perfect leading down to a tight T shirt and even tighter jeans.

“You must be Ian?” She spoke in broken English with a grin on her pretty face extending her thin hand. I shook it politely. “Nice to meet you, Mrs umm Thomas.”
“No!” She immediately chastised as he allowed me into the hallway. “You call me Moon, everyone calls me Moon!”
I smiled feeling slightly embarrassed by the error. “Sorry, Moon!”

She immediately looked up the stairs. “Paul is in his room, you go up, I make drinks for you!” I smiled and thanked her before proceeding up the stairs to my best friend’s bedroom. I knocked and walked in to see him sitting familiarly in front of his computer, no doubt looking at porn, as we usually did.

Moments later the PC screen was off as there was a light knock on the bedroom door. Moon entered and put down to cans of coke on the dresser and smiling left the room.
“Fuck she is hot!” I exclaimed. “Love to give her some of this.” I grabbed my semi hard cock through my trousers and jerked my hips upwards. Paul simply laughed. “Well imagine living with her all the time?” He said.
“Fuck, I’d never stop wanking if that was the case!” I grinned back at him. “Anyway what were you looking at?” Paul reached over and flicked the screen back on to an Asian porn site.

I glanced over to see that Paul already had an erection showing in the shorts he was wearing under his dressing gown and my cock started to harden as I looked from that to the screen. “Get it out if you want to!” Paul grinned and immediately both he and I had our cocks in our hands. While he sat flicking through the various pictures I stood wanking with my jeans around my ankles. I If am honest the sight of my best friend wanking his much bigger cock than I had was as much of a turn on to me as were the Asian pictures. I couldn’t help but watch his fat balls swinging as he jerked his thick cock harder and harder. Then all of a sudden his cock started to spasm as he let out a low moan and started to pump the white cum which flew out and all over his stomach, the remaining cum dribbling down his cock. Paul got some tissues and started to clean himself off while his cock went limp. The sight of this made me cum, shooting into my hand and I cleaned up too.

As the evening wore on Paul eventually fell asleep and I was left on the camp bed on the floor to try to sleep but my mind was in turmoil after the events of the evening. I wanted to do more with Paul but he seemed so tired. I flicked the PC back on and sat in the darkness with my hardening cock in my hand on the site of the Asian porn, wishing that Paul would wake up. But then something else happened. The bedroom door suddenly opened, casting light into the dark room and Moon stood in the doorway in a small pink nightdress. She simply gaped at me, a randy teenage boy with pictures of Asian girls on the internet and my cock in my hand. I gasped, and she simply smiled before glancing over at Paul. “He sleeping?” I nodded as I tried to cover up.
“Come with me!” She ordered and I pulled my boxers up and followed her obediently out of the room and into her own bedroom. “Sit on the bed!” Came the next command and I obeyed without thinking as the gorgeous Moon stood in front of me in her nightie.

She stood still and looked at me as my eyes focused on her near perfect body running from her feet, up her curved legs and hips to the protruding material of her big breasts within her nightie. I was very embarrassed but still semi hard.
“You like Asian women?” She asked and I simply nodded.
“What you like about them?” Came the next question.
“I um, well I like the look of them, the hair, the skin colour, the um……!”
“Their tits?” Moon said as if prompting me and I could feel my face going red. I nodded as I looked at hers. Moon lifted her nightie off to reveal them and a tiny thong covering her modesty. When her big breasts came into view my cock was rock hard again and I was very embarrassed as Moon looked down at see it making a tent in my boxers.

She moved towards the bed and sat beside me. I felt my cock throb as I felt her warm naked skin next to mine. I looked around to see her beautiful face and almost immediately and without thinking we started kissing. I had never really kissed anyone and our tongues were battling inside each other’s mouth which was all new to me but such a big turn on. But then Moon broke it off. She looked down at my naked body save my boxers and ran her tanned hands down over my taut tummy as she moaned in approval. Then without hesitation she pulled down my boxers and my cock popped out, much to her approval again. She smiled. “You ever fuck?” I felt my cheeks redden again and shook my head.

“You be fine with Moon!” She grinned and lifted my boxers back in place. She lay back in all her glory and I gazed at the beautiful creature in front of me. I leaned down to kiss her again and ran my tongue down over her neck and shoulders until my tongue was licking and lapping at big soft breasts for the first time ever. I cock was ready to explode as I ran it further down to kiss her flat tummy just above the pink thong. I could smell her sex and it smelt so good.

I eased back up not being able to drag myself away from these wonderful breasts and reaching down massaged each of them before returning to suck them again. I sucked on the nipples and licked every inch of each of them suckling them like a baby on heat. Reaching down, with her assistance I removed her thong. Almost immediately she guided my hand down to her shaved crack and as my fingers probed deeper she let out a soft moan. “Suck me, down there!” Moon gasped and I dropped off the bed and down between her coffee coloured thighs. I licked around her pussy lips probing deep until I pushed my tongue deeper and slipped inside her pussy. Little did I realise that I was tongue fucking her but I was. With my finger and thumbs playing around her pussy lips and my tongue shooting in and out Moon suddenly gasped. “I going to cum!” She gasped as her perfect body went into a rocking motion against my face and she started shaking violently. Then I experienced a whole new taste as her juices flowed out all over my mouth and chin before dribbling down onto her thighs. I thought she tasted delicious and licked and lapped at her juices until they finally stopped flowing.

“It been very long time that someone make me cum!” Moon purred. “Now my turn.” As she spoke she pulled me back up to the bed and pushed me onto my back. She slowly pulled down my boxers and out popped my teenage cock. “Oh, that is nice big cock!” She exclaimed and I felt proud and very excited. Even more so when she slowly took her soft hand and ran it up and down my throbbing shaft. I shuddered with pleasure as Moon worked my cock with one hand with her other hand on my full balls. And I thought I was in heaven at that point but knew I was as I watched her pull her long black hair back behind her ears and lean her beautiful face forward before sliding her tongue over my mushroom head. “You like?” She grinned up at me without letting me reply before she opened her mouth wide and slid the whole of my cock head into her mouth until her lips were half way down my thick shaft. She eased it out then back in slowly as she went down on my cock. A little lower each time until her nose was in my pubic hair. And it was then that I felt her really suck hard with my cock in her throat. My moaning and breathing became faster and faster and was now uncontrollable. I didn’t know what to do with my hands and simply reached down to grab one of Moon’s big breasts in each hand as she deep-throated me.

“I’m cumming!” I gasped suddenly. Moon took the cock out of her mouth and started stroking it. I glanced down to see her open her mouth awaiting my cum. And she didn’t have to wait long. My cock shaft swelled and exploded in her small hands as my long awaited cum shot out. Load after load hit her nose, her cheeks cheek and her pretty mouth. Eventually when it had stopped shooting she slid it back into her mouth, licking and sucking it clean. I glanced down to see Moon looking so hot with her face covered in my cum. I pulled her to me and covered her lips with mine once again in a deep kiss before licking the cum from her face and sharing it with her in several deep kisses.

She smiled at me. “Now you want fuck?” She said expectantly.

Embarrassed again I looked down to see my wilting cock and sighed. Moon immediately got the message and grinned. “That no problem!” She said as I felt her slide a hand around my cock shaft easing it up and down as she did. I immediately felt it start to harden again and knew I would be up for anything she wanted.

“Fuck me Ian!” Moon demanded as she pushed me back and squatted down over my erection. Then almost as if I was in a dream I watched this beautiful busty Pilipino woman slowly impale herself onto my cock until she was stuffed to the hilt.
“Oh Ian, it feels so good.” She purred as I looked up at her perfect body. Her hair was forward and almost caressing her perfectly formed breasts. She started to move slowly at first and then quickening. I just loved the way that her boobs shook up and down as she rode me. Faster and faster. And just then Moon had an orgasm with me still inside her. The feeling was intense as her cunt muscles squeezed my cock shaft so tightly. She let out a stifled scream as I continued to force my cock in and out of my best friend’s step mum. I knew I couldn’t hold back and gasped as I came, feeling my cock unload another load of cum, this time into her tight pussy.

I purred with satisfaction as my cock slipped out of her pussy and she immediately dipped her head to suck and lick it clean for me. Of course this had the desired effect as I felt it start to harden again. That was until the bedroom door opened and I froze looking at my best friend Paul standing naked in the doorway with a semi erection.
“I heard you making noises Moon, ummm Mum. Is everything all right? Oh fuck!” Paul eyes focused and took in the scene of his step mum stroking his best friend’s cock. My eyes were firmly on Paul’s cock as I watched it twitch to full hardness. Moon simply looked at him and grinned. “Come and join in or go back to bed Paul!” She said and waited patiently for him to make a decision. He looked at me and then at her before closing the bedroom door behind him and walking slowly over to the bed with a cheeky grin on his face.

“Go, get the babyoil!” Said Moon and Paul immediately went into the bathroom and came back with the oil. His cock was hard and looked gorgeous. Moon immediately turned around and stuck her perfect shaped arse in the air in front of her step-son. “You fuck me here!” She grinned as she looked over her shoulder back at him. Without hesitation he smothered her arse crack and his hand with the oil and slid first one then two fingers down into her crack and along to her tight arsehole. He looked across at her as he eased a finger inside her to see her face engorged on my cock again. I simply smiled at him.

She suddenly stopped sucking and looked up at me. “Ian, you can fuck my pussy and Paul can fuck my arse.”
She got off the bed and stood with her back to her step son. I walked up to her and pushed my cock directly into her sopping cunt as she pushed her arse backwards feeling her step-son’s bigger cock slide into the oily valley of her perfect arse. Without thinking I reached around and grabbed my best friend’s cock and pulled it towards the goal as Moon pushed back allowing Paul to enter her arse with ease. She gasped as we both pushed in at once and I could feel his cock against mine as we both fully penetrated her, a feeling that made me even harder. We both started fucking her in unison and she simply gasped, her big fat breasts squashed against my chest. Paul in turn reached around and placing his hands on her big soft tits lifted them in invitation for me to suck on. Much to Moon’s pleasure I didn’t need a second invite and sucked and slurped like a hungry and very horny teenager. After around 5 minutes Paul started to cum inside his step-mum’s arse and he groaned as he pulled out his cock still leaking cum. I then came again and feeling exhausted finally relaxed in a chair watching my best friend. Moon called him over and started to suck him clean as she had done to me so many times in the night and it wasn’t long before he was starting to harden again, much to mine and her delight.

“Fuck my tits!” Ordered Moon and Paul smiled as if his dreams had finally come true. I watched as Moon lay back on the bed lifting her large breasts together. Paul straddled her and slid his leaking cock between her big soft tits. Moon obligingly pressed them together and Paul rocked back and forth for a few minutes before feeling the familiar sensation of his cum rising inside his cock. Without warning he gasped and let loose on her breasts as his cock exploded with glob after glob of hot sticky cum. His first shot hit her in the face while the last couple landed on her breasts. She immediately pulled her step-son to her mouth and gorged his cock with her lips and tongue in a cleaning motion.

Once he had dismounted her I came back over to the bed as he and I took one breast each to lick clean. Moon said she was tired and so reluctantly we left her room returning to Paul’s. As he lay down I could still see that he was semi hard and simply smiled at me as he pulled the duvet back to invite me into his bed. Completely naked and semi hard I climbed in next to him feeling his warm body next to mine and our cocks touching………………………….but that’s another story.

Paul’s Father returned from business the next day and so I never got to repeat the events of that night, although I am sure Paul did living in that house with his beautiful Asian step-mum.

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