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This is a new series of stories. This, being the first, took place two years after my last experience with Derek. I am now 16.
This story and the stories to come in this series contain themes of homosexuality. The boys involved are all quite young, some under 16. If this doesn't interest you then stop reading now.

Things had went well with Derek for a few months. We'd meet eachother before school and walk together, share a quick kiss at the gates and then separate to go be with our own friends before first lesson. Then we'd meet back up at lunch and then again after school to walk home. Almost every night we would go out somewhere together, even if it was just into his house; of course there was always the sex... for the first week or so it was every day. Several times in school when we were both really horny, the rest of the time we stopped ourselves and done it in his bed before his parents got back from work. It didn't last that long though. We grew apart I think, eventually we both decided that we should stop seeing eachother. We were still good friends thogh, whenever either of us were upset and just needed someone to talk to. The other one was always there for him - sometimes sexually. So we had and still do have a very good relationship.

In that period after you break up with someone (you know what it's like...) I relied upon my other friends more than I ever had in my life. Some of them knew about Derek but most of them didn't. One person that did know was Chris; possibly my oldest friend, one of the few I had anyway. I grew closer than I ever imagined I could with someone other than a boyfriend, we were in every class together - he even lived quite near me, so I started walking home with him instead of Derek. After a few months everything was great, I'd moved on from Derek and made proper new friends. This was at the end of Year 11 (last mandatory year), so we broke up for our long summer before going back into sixth form in September. I'd never of expected to see what I did on my first day back.

Chris' brother, James, was 14. He had only just started to hang around with his brother that term, apparently it was more convenient for him to stay with him and walk to and from school together. James normally took part in after school classes; football, rugby, cricket etc etc. You name it he was good at it. At 14 he was better than everyone in the school at pretty much every sport the school taught. Of course being so active, this meant that he also had the fittest body in the school. Everything about his body was perfect; about 6ft, perfectly skinny with his ribs showing on the sides and well-formed abs showing through his shirt. At the time I had never seen him shirtless, until we went swimming together about 3 weeks into the term. That was when I got my first glimpse of his absolutely amazing body, without the school uniform - getting into the pool was as normal as it can be. Chris and I had our swim shorts on underneath our Jeans, as usual, James however didn't. He'd brought them in his bag, so that meant he would have to get naked to put them on. Sadly I didn't actually realise until he had pulled his shorts up. Still... I got a good look at his butt. The pool was average, nothing special; the only thing of note that happened was Chris' shorts slid down for a few seconds when he was getting out after jumping in. I mean, I was interested in seeing Chris naked but I'd seen it before and I didn't think of Chris that way. It wasn't until we got out to go and get changed that anything interesting happened. For some reason Chris never got completly naked to go into the showers, usually he would wear briefs or his shorts, I wasn't bothered about people looking so I just stripped off and went in as if I were showering at home. I assumed that James would be the same as Chris, considering they're brothers, I couldn't be more wrong. It just happened that James and I ended up in the changing rooms slightly before Chris, that meant that we ended up getting naked at the same time - my first look at his totally naked body was fantastic. He had small balls, like me, but he made up for that with his huge soft dick. At least 4" flaccid, it flopped down just past his balls and his foreskin added another inch or so on the end. It had to be one of the biggest soft cocks I'd ever seen. When I'd finished slobbering over his naked body, we both wandered over to the showers where we were joined by Chris a few seconds later. While we showered I could see James glancing around, at me and the 3 or 4 other boys our age in there. For that moment I had a stupid thought, that James might be gay. I forced it away as quickly as it came, just as we were getting out. Then we got dried, changed and walked home.

Swimming became a regular thing for the three of us. Every Wednesday, after school, we would meet up at the gates and walk along to the pool. Then walk home together. Every time the same things happened in the locker room... James and I would be the only ones naked, I would see him checking out the other guys, James would end up with a semi hard cock by the time we left the showers. Just because he got a bit hard when he was around guys I didn't think that he was gay, I got hard around everything when I was his age. It still didn't stop me hoping though.

About 2 months after the first time we went swimming Chris was ill. He had been off school all week and he'd texted me saying that he still didn't feel well enough to go swimming. I guessed that James wouldn't want to go with just me, so I wasn't going to wait for him at the gates. On my way out though, he was standing there waiting in the same spot as always. I walked over and asked if we were still going.

"What's happening? Are we still going to the pool?"

"Yeah, we might as well. We've both got nothing to do for a few hours"

That was that. The two of us went to the pool. We swam and played around for a bit longer than we normally would of when Chris was there. Slapping eachother under the water, trying to pull eachothers shorts down - the kind of thing all teenagers do. After a while we did get out and made our way back to the locker rooms. Staying in the pool that extra 30 minutes must of given time to the other people that are normally there with us, because when we went into the locker room it was empty. We both took our shorts off and put them on top of our lockers, then went into the empty showers. He didn't have anyone else to look at today, so he ended up basically staring at my body. We must of been in the shower for an hour before I actually moved back into the locker room to get dried off; I was there for a few minutes, getting my clothed out and drying my legs, when I noticed that James hadn't even opened his locker. He wasn't even standing beside me. I went back to the showers and was half way round the corner when I saw James standing in the corner under the shower furthest from the door. I don't know what I thought I'd find when I went into the showers but it definitely wasn't that.

James was standing in the very corner of the room, the shower pointed directly onto his crotch. He had his hand wrapped around his giant 14 year old cock. Pumping back and forth, causing the water to splash with each movement. Maybe it was the way the water was running down his body towards his hairless cock or perhaps it was just that he was jacking off right in front of me. I don't know but it was seconds before I was rock hard and itching to jack off too. Then he looked up and saw me standing there.

"Shit. Sorry. I..." He turned to face the corner, as if hiding his cock would make me forget that I'd just witnessed.

"It's fine, I don't mind."

I moved into the corner next to him and put my arm around his shoulder. Then I nudged him slightly, as if to say follow me, he seemed to understand so he let my arm guide him. I led him out into the locker room and over to the furthest cubicle, once we were in he turned and locked the door. He moved past me and lay on the bench against the back wall of the cubicle. Where, as if I weren't there, he continued jerking his cock. Closer up I could see tiny stumps of hairs, so he shaved... Each thrust into his hand made me get harder and harder, until I was as hard as I could possibly get. That was when I made my move.

I got down on my knees and put my hand around his thick cock, playing with it with my fingers. Examining every inch. I glanced sideways at his face and saw the huge grin on his face, this was when I knew that he was just playing around. He wasn't gay, just wanted some fun. His dick was the best thing I'd ever seen, not too big but certainly not small. At least 6" of meaty cock. I positioned my head directly over his teenage manhood and slowly started to take it all into my mouth. It wasn't too difficult, after all he wasn't as big as Derek and I could deep throat him pretty easily. This was James' first time, I could tell. I'd only just begun bobbing up and down on his dick, stopping for a few seconds to let my throat do it's thing, when his body tensed. My hand that was tweaking his nipples felt his chest freeze, the other his balls shrunk. A few seconds of nothing, then he came. A huge load straight into my mouth, some swallowed the rest oozed onto his dick. He loved it. Both his hands were caressing my head.

Without even asking, hinting or signalling that I wanted the same he stood up with his cock still dripping what cum remained and pushed me onto the bench. I stayed sitting, with my cock facing straight towards his face. James started by licking my balls, taking each one into his mouth and rolling it around with his tongue. Then he licked all along the shaft, sucked my foreskin and looked up at me. I bent over and kissed him, one hand tweaking his nipple, the other on the back of his head. He broke it off and without warning he tried to take all of my cock into his mouth at once. Instantly he gagged, my 7" cock was always a bit too much for anyone to take. Nevermind someone that had never sucked dick before. He tried again, not so fast this time and got about 5" into his mouth before I felt the rippling on the back of his throat and waves of pleasure through my cock. James grabbed my legs while he was still sucking me and put them over his shoulders. Then he put two of his fingers into my mouth and tried to fit everything into his mouth again, he was getting closer every time. Now getting almost 6" in. I was sucking his fingers, he was sucking my cock; it was brilliant. The best blowjob I'd ever recieved, from a virgin too. He pulled his fingers out of my mouth and played with my balls for a few seconds before moving a finger straight towards my ass. He slid one finger in and I could feel my muscles putting up a fight but he easily forced his way in and started poking around. Then he brought another finger in, stretching my hole. Then the third forced it's way in, he was fingering my ass while sucking me off. He thrusted his fingers deep into my hole, fucking me with his fingers. Timed together with each suck on my dick, I couldn't hold any longer. I felt my ass clench tight around his fingers, then my balls tighten in his hand, seconds before I let loose the biggest load I've ever had. I saw each stream filling his mouth while he struggled to swallow the previous. On the third of fourth stream he opened his mouth and the rest of my cum slopped down onto his chest. Then he stood up and sat on the bench next to me. He kissed me and pushed some of my cum into my mouth with his tongue, I played along and swirled it in my mouth before giving it back to him. I could feel his sucking it in and swallowing what remained.

We kissed for a few minutes before separating and going to unlock the cubicle door. While we'd been in there some people had came in. Meaning that we'd have to come out of the same cubicle naked and covered in cum. Luckily there was only three people in at the time; two old men and some boy aged about 5 trying to hide his tiny penis. We hurried across the locker room and into the showers, where we cleaned off all the cum and kissed one more time.

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2016-08-28 21:56:11
Well done story brought back memory of Jr high and my first time to suck cock and then a threesome cock sucking fucking assholes and just eating cum it was great and would love to do it again, so I just suck cock and eat cum.

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2016-05-20 20:41:21
Story was amazing done and there is nothing better than sucking cock and eating cum if you have not done it TRY it you will love it. I hve been doing it for 60 years,

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2016-01-16 17:04:00
Loove the story and Have not had the chance to suck cock lately but remember the first time I had a cock come in my mouth and loved it still looking for more cock and cum do you want to suck me/ I want to do yours.

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2013-02-15 09:51:26
Dude I'm 20 yrs and still.I have a 4.3" cock when erect ..
There s no facial hairs grown ... Pls get me some tips ... To overcome this

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2013-02-14 12:53:30
Dude I'm 20 yrs and still.I have a 4.3" cock when erect ..
There s no facial hairs grown ... Pls get me some tips ... To overcome this

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