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Josh considered staying in bed for a while, still a bit tired from the last few days but his curiosity won out as he headed towards his pc to check his mail.
Boot up seemed to take ages and when it finally was done, he quickly checked his mail.
His smile turned into a big grin when he read Angela’s fantasy for them.
It would take some time before he could make it happen as her broken ankle didn’t allow for much dancing.
Angela had made her fantasy a well thought out script and included her preferred locations and what they should be wearing.
Now he understood her request for outfits this morning and looked forward to go shopping at Cam’s work.
He turned his pc of and grabbed a shower, removing all the sticky from Vanessa’s handy work.
Still damp from his shower, he took his robe and sat down again behind his desk, examining the bag of goodies Ashley had given him.
It contained twelve DVD’s, all starring Ashley, a cock ring, a butt plug, a sex cream product, a bottle of pills and a bottle of scented sex oil.
A small note from Ashley was taped to a DVD with the message ‘Hope I got your size right’ and a smiley.
Josh smiled and looked at the cream, it was called ‘Endurance enhancer pro’.
The label read improved performance and longer lasting by reducing sensations.
Something to try out later Josh thought and looked at the bottle with pills.
‘Cum Volume pro, come more and harder’ Josh read on the label before placing it next to the cream.
Looking at Ashley’s face on one of the DVD covers he smiled, wondering if she wanted to try these products first with him.
He considered playing one of her DVD’s but decided against it and placed them with his other DVD’s before getting dressed.

Making a quick trip to the kitchen for a soda and a snack, Josh returned to his room and started to work on his ideas for the production company.
A few hours later the lack of light in his room made him take notice of the time.
Cursing under his breath, he saved his work and left his room.
On his door was a note in his father’s handwriting ‘At work, do not disturb’.
Smiling, Josh removed the note and walked to the kitchen.
Silence and darkness met him as nobody was there, nor did he sense the lingering smell of prepared food.
A quick look in the fridge showed him there was plenty of food, including a box with prime steaks.

Josh got everything he needed from the fridge and was about to start cooking when his Dad entered the kitchen.
“Business?” Josh asked when he saw his dad was wearing a suit.
“Yeah, I called ahead and told Angela to order in, since you were hard at work as well.”
“Ah that explains it” Josh said “you want a steak too?”
“Yeah, I’ll quickly change” Jonas answered smiling when he saw the meat Josh was preparing.
When Jonas came back, dressed more casually, the scent of a home cooked dinner hung heavily in the air.
“I think the women are in the rec room watching a movie” Jonas said getting plates.
“Yeah its almost scary quiet” Josh joked back.
With practiced movements, Josh served the steaks up, added some potato mash and a fresh salad with sour cream dressing.
For a while they ate in silence, enjoying their meal and the quiet.
“You know, this is the first time ever we have eaten together, just the two of us” Jonas said.
Josh grinned at his dad and raised his beer bottle “to a great many more then.”
They toasted and finished their meal shortly after. Josh quickly did the dishes while his dad made them coffee.
“Things have changed overnight for you haven’t they?” Jonas asked, pouring the coffee.
“That’s one way of putting it” Josh grinned “for me it’s a rollercoaster of sex and fun with no end in sight.”
“You’re already somewhat of an underground celebrity here” Jonas continued “one of my business partners told me that you are the most twittered about person in the city at the moment.”
“Is that a good thing?” Josh asked grinning.
“He seemed to think so, you are apparently opening doors that are hard to open.”
“How’s that?”
“I have no idea, I am just quoting him” Jonas said, serving the coffee with a cognac.
“But they all showed interest in meeting you so if you want, you can join me anytime you feel like it” Jonas continued.
Sipping his coffee, Josh thought about it for a moment before saying “Sure, tell me when it will have the best effect for your dealings and I’ll show up.”
Jonas grinned at his son, his business instincts were sharp and they made him proud.
“So what are you working on now Josh?”
Josh explained in broad strokes what the idea was that he with Danni and Sarah were considering. When he was finished, Jonas was silent for a moment, absorbing all that Josh had told him.
Slowly a smile formed on his face when he had considered all options for the venture.
“I don’t know what your mom would have said, you getting into the adult entertainment industry, but as your dad and a business man I say go for it, sounds good.”
“Thanks dad” Josh smiled back at him.
“Now let’s see what the ladies are up to, I could use a massage” Jonas joked.
“Horn dog” Josh grinned “I’ll see you in the morning.”
They said goodnight and Josh went back to his room, putting clean sheets on his bed.

It took him the better part of an hour to finish his preliminary business plan, print it out twice and bind them with a nice cover.
Josh considered turning in early but the work behind his computer had left him with a painful back, bad posture he chastised himself with a smile.
Instead he stripped, grabbed a robe and went down to the pool.
The area was deserted and Josh stood at the edge, enjoying the slight breeze and relaxed.
He dropped his robe and jumped in, the chilly water removing any deep thoughts that were still working their way around in his head and made him acutely aware of his body.
Coming up he started to swim, working out the lazy kinks in his back.

He had just finished his seventh lap when he noticed he was no longer alone in the pool.
In the far corner he saw Cam slowly entering the pool, her body lit up by the garden lights in such a way that it took his breath away and despite the cold his cock started to wake up.
Josh waited while she slowly made her way to him, his heart full of desire for her.
“Hello my love” Cam whispered when she was near him, wrapping her arms around his neck.
“Hello beloved” Josh answered and moved in for a kiss.
A sigh of pleasure escaped Cam’s lips as they kissed and Josh could taste the remnants of female fluids in her mouth, causing his cock to twitch against her leg.
When they broke their kiss Cam was smiling naughtily and pressed herself closer to him.
Her mouth was almost in his ear when she whispered “I am playing with Vanessa in a bit, want to watch?”
“I would rather make love to you right here and now” Josh answered softly.
“I know, but this will be special, you cannot touch us nor may you masturbate while we play and we will be playing hard, a very special performance for you alone.”
“A very long tease then?” Josh asked intrigued.
“Something like that, Melody said it was great fun so we are going to try, no arguments.”
With that last remark Cam stuck out her tongue and pushed away, swimming quickly away.
Defeated by love and lust, Josh smiled at her and swam back to his robe, wondering what else his little devil had in mind for tonight.

Still wet beneath their robes, Josh and Cam made their way to her room where Vanessa was already waiting for them.
An assortment of toys was placed on the desk and Vanessa had dressed herself in the most slutty lingerie she had, fishnet stockings, leather push up bra, long gloves and her high healed stage boots.
Not only that but she had tied her hair straight back in a pony tail and had made herself up in stark and contrasting colors, she almost looked feral in her new look.
“Wow, you look awesome” Cam said and quickly dove into the bathroom with a set of clothes.
“I agree, you look delicious and dangerous at the same time” Josh said while he dropped his robe and his naked form showed his appreciation of her fine figure.
“I feel really slutty and dirty too” Vanessa purred “and I am going to make your fianc?cream my name while you watch, how do you like that?”
“Show me and I’ll tell you” Josh grinned at her.
“Oh I will” she grinned back “now sit in this chair.”
There was a towel placed on the chair and Josh sat down as directed.
Vanessa turned around and walked to the bed, coming back with a handful of black Velcro restraints. With a sly grin she bound his legs to the chair, making sure his legs were spread.
His wrists she tied behind his back, tight enough so he couldn’t get free but not too tight it hurt.
Kneeling in front of him, her face so close to his cock that he felt her breath on it she made it look like she was going to suck him, only to stop just before reaching it.
She stood up and grinned saying “Had you going didn’t I?”
Josh simply nodded and looked at the bathroom door, waiting for his Cam to arrive.
Vanessa followed his look and took his jaw in her hand, pulling his face back to her.
“Am I boring you?” she said as her free hand parted her thick pussy lips to reveal an enlarged clit and a moist slit.
The scent and sight got Josh’s attention alright and his cock twitched, getting even harder.
“Better” Vanessa said and licked her fingers clean of the little juice that had stuck to them.

At that moment Cam entered and Josh felt his cock getting painfully hard when he saw her.
Like Vanessa she had gelled and tied her hair back, close to her skull in a ponytail.
Her eyes were made up so dark that the white of her eyes stood in stark contrast.
Somehow she had made her lips look even thicker and more luscious, colored in a deep purple that was almost black.
She wore her stage boots, thigh high black leather boots with semi high heels and a belt that was connected to several straps of leather and chrome chains.
The straps and chains were tied between her legs, pulling her lips aside and catching them between straps, making them thick and stand out. The other straps went around her breasts and nipples, tied around her breasts, tight near her chest, making them puffy and a bit paler. Her skin already had an angry shade of red there where the strap were tied around her breasts.
Her nipples had a clamp on then, connected to a chrome chain and her belt.

Vanessa licked her lips when she saw Cam, her cunt wetting itself even more.
“Cam love” she asked “”Melody sure had taste in outfits but did it make him as hard as he’s going to get?
Cam strutted towards him and at that moment Josh believed in spontaneous orgasm, so close he felt to coming as he saw her sexy figure approach.
“Maybe” she said and turned to Vanessa, grabbing her head and kissing her hard.
Vanessa responded in kind and the girls started their make out session.
After a minute Cam broke the kiss and looked at Josh’s cock “yeah, he’s ready.”
Cam took his cock in her hand and held it up so Vanessa could tie a leather cock ring and restraint in place.
Josh grunted a bit when she did so, his balls were separated by a leather restraint causing them to swell up and turn an angry red. His cock didn’t mind the ring, a small twitch and a little pre cum was its reaction.
“Done” Vanessa said and turned back to Cam who had a coin ready.
“Heads or tails?” Cam asked as she flipped the coin.
“Tails” Vanessa grinned as she watched the coin fall on the ground.
“Tails it is” Cam said “how do you want to start?”
“I feel like ravishing your body first, make you twist in pleasure before you service me.”
Cam nodded and walked with Vanessa to the desk, placing her hands on it and pushing her ass high in the air.

Josh groaned at the sight, his cock twitched again, making his nuts hurt in a way that aroused him even more.
Vanessa picked up a rather large butt plug and applied a generous amount of lube to it.
With one hand she spread Cam’s butt cheeks and with the other she inserted the plug.
A small cry was all the reaction Cam gave as Vanessa forced the plug into place.
Her breath sped up as her body adjusted to the big intruder, for now more painful then pleasurable.
Slowly Cam came up again and waited for Vanessa to make up her mind.
“Stand like you just did only this time place your hands on Josh’s shoulders.”
Cam smiled a bit and slowly walked towards him, her stride a bit of by the plug.
“Hello love” Josh whispered as she placed her hands on his shoulders, her face close to his and her ass pushed back and up again.
“Hello beloved” she whispered back as sweat started to form on her forehead.
She saw his eyes flicker to her hanging breasts before returning to her eyes and smiled.
“You want to suck my nipples don’t you, lick ‘m, twist them between your lips eh?” she cooed.
“Yeah” Josh answered hoarsely “might even bite them.”
Vanessa came to stand next to Cam with a large dildo with a grip in her hand.
“Ready?” she asked Cam who bit her lip and nodded.
A hiss escaped her lips as Vanessa slowly pushed the dildo in her wet cunt.
Shortly after she followed it with a moan and a husky “fuck me.”
“Not yet” Vanessa said as she stood behind her and used her full weight to push it in even deeper.
“Fuck fuck fuck” Cam cried out as she felt her cunt being violated by Vanessa.
Sweat formed all over her body and she pushed back even harder saying “deeper bitch.”
A chuckle from Vanessa was the response followed by another assault on her cunt.
Using all her strength she pushed back, her face very close to Josh’s now.
“Oh god yes” she cried when she came all of a sudden.
The pressure of the plug and the dildo had somehow made her come without warning.
Her fluids sprayed all over Vanessa, the pressure increased by the huge dildo still in her.
“Wow” Vanessa said “I want that too when it’s your turn.”
“Okay” a throaty Cam said “but not before you really fuck me with that cock.”
“Oh you bet your ass I’m not done yet” Vanessa said and started to pull the dildo out.

Stopping at three inches out, Vanessa pushed the dildo back in, easier this time because of Cam’s orgasm and the generous cunt juice she produced.
“Oh yeah, that’s it, fuck me bitch, fuck my pussy raw” Cam cried as the speed increased.
Josh had a front row seat and enjoyed the show, watching Cam’s face as she was fucked by her best friend, her body twisting in pleasure and the sight of Vanessa pounding her.
His balls still hurt and were huge now, he even felt his cock fighting the ring as it twitched, releasing even more pre cum.
Being unable to participate or even pleasure himself seemed like a turn on at first but now, when he saw Cam’s face a few inches away from him, twisting in her near orgasm he felt frustrated.
He felt so close to coming yet he missed that last bit of something that would push him over the edge.

“Oh fuck I’m coming” Cam cried out, her body shaking in a most arousing way for Josh.
“Oh god yeah, yeah, shit” she continued as her face showed the intensity of her orgasm.
Shaking all over, her head fell against Josh’s shoulder and she struggled to stay standing.
Vanessa simply said “not done yet” and kept pounding her cunt with the dildo.
Feeling her legs almost give out, she let herself fall partially on Josh, leaning with her chest against his face, her arms around his neck and her knees against his chair.
“Oh” she cried as she felt not only the dildo plow into her but now also Vanessa’s fingers in her slit, looking for her clit.
It didn’t take Vanessa long to find it and when she pinched Cam’s clit, she made her come so hard that her cry was heard all over the house.
Cam’s cunt was like a waterfall, spraying her cum past the dildo and pushing it out.
Lightheaded she almost fell down, sliding over Josh’s body to the floor where she lay shaking in the thrall of her orgasm.
Vanessa looked down on Cam and smiled at her shaking body.
Cam’s cunt was still producing fluids as her arms twitched in aftershocks.
“Nice one” Vanessa said to Cam and looked at Josh’s cock, it’s angry red head glaring at her.
When Cam didn’t respond, Vanessa quickly sat down next to her and felt her pulse.
“Well have I ever” she said laughing “she’s passed out, I never have made someone come so hard they passed out, Conny is going to be so jealous.”

Josh looked with worry and tenderness at Cam’s limp form, wondering what Vanessa would do now.
“Hmm, that complicates things eh Josh?” she said, removing the butt plug from Cam’s ass.
Cam stirred a bit but didn’t wake up.
“Yeah it does, unless you think you can give me a solo show that makes me come.”
“A challenge? Well why not but my suggestion would have been to fuck, just so you know” she grinned at him and undid his restraints so he could help her put Cam into bed.
“I’ll need your help so I am going to take your word for it that you won’t help yourself come okay? No rubbing, jacking or whatever, agreed?” she said while she removed her leather bra.
“Agreed” Josh said as he watched her strip the top half from her slut outfit.
“You have such a nice body, I am restraining myself not to touch you” Josh said grinning.
“Oh, you’ll be touching me alright” she smiled back at him.
From the desk she got another big dildo and a large vibrator along with a set of nipple clamps.
Vanessa placed the clamps on her nipples, turning them extra tight, almost flattening them.
She hissed when she was done and moaned “god, sometimes pain can be such a turn on.”
Pulling the clamps a few times, stretching her tits she pushed her knees together and groaned.
“Oh I am so fucking horny” she said as she straightened and grabbed both fake cocks.
“Okay Josh, lie down on the floor and put your hands beneath your head.”
Josh followed her instructions and she stood over him, her cunt directly above his head.
“Now” she said bending down “this is a face fucker, a dildo with a mouth piece so you can keep it steady while I fuck your face” and placed the mouth piece in his mouth.

Josh looked at the big pink dildo that stood erected on his face and grinned at Vanessa.
“This is a twister vibrator” and she turned it on, the head of the vibrator turned in a circular motion and the entire thing vibrated intensely “and I need you to fuck me in the ass with it.”
Vanessa applied some lube to the vibrator and handed it to Josh carefully.
Slowly she bend her knees until she was almost at the level of the tip of the dildo.
“Josh, you need to move beneath me okay, to get it in.”
Spreading her lips she moved further down, giving Josh a good look at her pussy and he
maneuvered the dildo precisely beneath her cunt.
A soft moan was accompanied by the sopping sound of her wet cunt sliding down the dildo.
“Oh fuck yeah” she said as she sat on his face, dildo completely in her cunt, her bend knees spread wide as she balanced on her feet.
“Okay, now insert the vibrator and turn it on, you can push it in deep, just hold it in place.”
Josh maneuvered his arm beneath her leg and waited for her to spread her cheeks.
Looking down at his face she smiled and gave him access to her asshole.
The vibrator slipped in easily and Josh held its base as she let her cheeks close again.
“Turn it on” Vanessa commanded and Josh did as he was told.
Vanessa moaned loudly when her asshole was pleasured by the vibrator.
“Damn this feels good, you should try it sometime Josh, it’s great” she panted slightly.
“Okay here we go, improvised sandwich face fuck, one orgasm coming up.”
First slowly but after three squats a lot faster, Vanessa fucked both the dildo and the vibrator.
Every time she came down she said “oh fuck yeah” and when Josh pushed the dildo a bit higher she cooed “oh yeah make me come fanboy.”
When she was secure in her balance and rhythm she spread her lips and started to rub her clit.
Josh had an up close view of her action and combined with the scent of her dripping cunt juices he felt his cock start to fight the restraints again.
“Hey boy” she moaned “get ready cause I am about to blow.”
It was a good thing she had said that because when her orgasm hit her she lost her balance.
Only the quick action of Josh saved her from falling either on his face or down, neither good.
Her body shook in orgasm as Josh balanced her with both hands on her ass.
He saw her juices drip down the face fucker and onto his mouth, the taste of her cum sweet as before on his tongue.
Bucking still, Vanessa kept her fingers hard at work on her clit, wanting to keep her orgasm going when she moved too quick and sagged further down.
Josh managed to keep her up but accidentally pushed the vibrator in all the way.
Vanessa’s eyes shot open in surprise and deep inside her a second orgasmic wave formed, thundering to the surface.
“Holy shit” she screamed as she came again, on top of her first orgasm.
This time she sprayed Josh’s face with her cum before she fell, twisting and shaking in her orgasm.
Her eyes focused on Josh and between her gasps for air she said “now fuck me like I fucked Cam.”

Josh removed the face fucker and grabbed the dildo with grip from the desk.
It was still a bit wet from Cam and he grinned at the writhing form of Vanessa as he turned her on her stomach and pulled her ass up.
Sitting on his knees behind her he slowly pushed the much thicker dildo in her cunt.
Some of her cum squirted out when he pressed it a little bit further in, causing another gasp from her and a tremor.
Feeling that the dildo was deep enough inside her for his next action, he moved his knees over her legs and pressed them together, held in place by his legs.
This narrowed the access to her cunt, making her tighter as he pushed it all the way in.
“Oh god fuck yeah, you son of a bitch, ram it, ram it in hard you fucker” Vanessa moaned in the aftermath of her previous two orgasms.
“As you wish” Josh said and pulled the dildo back until the tip of its head was still inside her before shoving it back in her.
“FUCK” she screamed as she slid a bit forward by the force of his thrust.
Josh repeated the action and this time she just moaned.
Settling in a good rhythm he pounded her cunt until she had come four times, each time more intense than the one before, her cunt and legs soaking wet with her juices and a yard further than where they had started.
“Stop” she whimpered after her last orgasm “no more Josh, I am seeing stars.”

Spreading her butt cheeks he retrieved the still running vibrator, her asshole gaping at him.
Next he slowly removed the dildo and as he watched it leave her cunt, her opening stayed wide enough open for two of his fingers to enter without touching her sides.
“Shees” Josh said softly “did you truly enjoy all of this?”
“You betcha lover of mine” she answered “and I’ll tell you this, you may do the same to Conny next Wednesday while I watch.”
Josh grinned and lifted her spend form up, placing her next to Cam who was playing with herself, watching from the bed.
“That was fun to watch” Cam grinned when Vanessa cuddled close to her.
“Even more fun to experience you lazy ho” Vanessa said making herself comfortable.
“You made poor Josh do all the heavy work.”
“Knowing my bf he enjoyed it just as much” Cam said “although I think his balls are ready to explode, they are huge.”
With the gentlest touch, Cam caressed his balls and pulled his cock closer to her face.
“Oh yeah, my baby is close” she whispered coming up “ready to blow.”
Vanessa pushed herself up and flicked her tongue over his cockhead causing him to shudder.
The girls looked for a second at each other, grinned and then both started to lick his cockhead.

Josh was agonizingly close to release now and when Vanessa removed the leather restrains he felt his hot cum race from his balls to freedom.
Cam caught the first load, quickly shifting his cock so Vanessa would get the second.
His feet curled up as he shot load after load, his back arched and when he was spend did he release the breath he was holding in a loud moan.
Both girls were plastered with his cum and grinning like mad women at him, licking the cum from their faces.
“Wow” Josh said when he sat down between his girlfriend and her best friend.
Vanessa moved her head into his lap and took his semi hard cock in her mouth, licking it clean.
Her hand on Vanessa’s breast, Cam leaned into Josh for a long kiss.
Coming up, Vanessa said softly “next time lets go for a real threesome.”

Josh and Cam grinned in their kiss and pulled Vanessa in for a hug, falling back on the bed.
The girls removed the last pieces of clothing and pounced Josh with big grins.
Some kissing and caressing later, Josh spooned Cam and was in turn spooned by Vanessa.
They all felt spend and happy, drifting into a satisfied slumber.

The next morning Josh woke late and alone in Cam’s bed, feeling well rested.
A quick glance at the clock told him that he still had enough time to get ready for his afternoon appointment with Danni at the porn shoot in one of Burt’s gyms.
He got out of bed and yawned, stretched his arms and headed toward the bathroom.
On the bathroom mirror a message was written in lipstick saying ‘working for your dad today, sorry can’t come to the sex shoot, bring a souvenir’ with a heart and a big V.
A post it note was posted next to it and it read ‘of to work my love, home at five, hihi feels good writing that, love you, Cam’.
Josh smiled and took the note sitting down on the toilet, reading it once more.
His smile was still prominent on his face when he left her room and headed towards his own.
After a shave and a good soak he felt clean again and he groomed his body to perfection, just to be on the safe side with Ashley he grinned to himself.
A quick look outside told him it would be another hot day so he adjusted his clothing to match.
Wide fit worker pants, light beige and a white button up shirt should do the trick he figured.
Regular issue black combat boots and a black leather belt finished his outfit, good for all occasions he thought as he checked himself in the mirror.
Rolling up his sleeves he grabbed his wallet, the two print outs and his watch and headed out, grabbing a quick bite on his way to the gym.

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