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family on vacation on a private island where what happens there stays there

My name is Rick, I am 19 and live at home while I am still going to school. My sister, Cam, short for Camilla is 18 and a senior in high school. She will be graduating in a week. My mom, Julie, is just 35 and my Dad, Jack, is also 35. He got mom pregnant when they were dating while they were both still in high school. Luckily for them, their parents were cool about what happened and knew they were really in love with one another so they supported them and let them get married and have the baby. That baby being me and then less than a year later my sister came along. We all lived with my grandparents until dad graduated college. We all lived in a three bedroom house so living arrangements were tight so up to the ages of five and six, my sister and I shared a room. After dad graduated he landed a great job as a junior account executive in a big company and we finally moved into a big house all our own.

Mom and dad were always very affectionate with each other and never tried to hide it from my sister and I. More than once when we were little we would walk in on them in an intimate moment. Soon we learned that if the door to their room was closed we had to knock and wait to be invited in before barging in. Even at that we knew when they were having sex because mom was very boisterous and we could here her all the way down the hall to where our rooms were. Many times when we were younger my sister and I huddled together in one of our rooms listening and laughing at the noises coming from down the hall. Later when we were in our teens and we started to understand what was going on behind the closed doors we would listen separately in our own rooms and masturbate. At least I know I did and judging from the faint moans I heard from Cam's room, she did too.

About that time I started really noticing that my mom was really hot. She had nice sized tits and was very trim. My sister was not far behind her in the looks department and at 13 she was starting to fill out in all the right places. I was 14 and perpetually hard thinking about every female I saw with a decent body including my mom and sister.

As we got older my sister and I both filled out and were looking very much like our parents. My sister at 18 was just about the same height as mom at five foot seven and I was 19 and six foot two and weighed 190 pounds, within a few pounds of my Dad and the same height. And I found out that mom and Cam wore the same 34C bra size. They also both liked thong style panties. I guess you can tell that I had been snooping in the laundry hamper.

Anyway, Cam had her graduation ceremony and dad did for her just like he did for me when I graduated, he bought her a new car. I got a Mustang GT, she got a Mustang convertible. As a bonus Dad announced that we were all going to the Carribean for a weeks vacation! My dad's boss owns a small island there and is flying all his senior executives there for their vacations. He also told us at the same time that he had just been promoted and that is why he had been invited to go along.

So, we soon found ourselves on the company Lear jet taking us from a big airport to the small private island where our vacation was to be. There were a few other people on the plane besides our family. Other people from the company I figured. I was sitting next to my sister, she had a death grip on my hand having been terrified ever since she found out that we would be flying on the small jet plane. Our parents were sitting one row back and on the other side of the isle. Cam had finally settled down a bit and had her head on my shoulder with her eyes closed and I had my head back resting myself. I heard what sounded like a moan and turned my head to see where it was coming from. I looked over at my parents and my jaw went slack. My mom was sitting somewhat sideways in her seat, she and dad were locked in a deep kiss. What grabbed my attention though was that my moms legs were spread, one knee up on the seat and her other stretched out toward the wall and my dad's hand was on her pussy with two of his fingers inserted inside as he pushed the crotch of her panties to the side! I looked around the plane to see if anyone else was watching and either they were sleeping or weren't in a position to see. I turned my head back to watch again and my dick was getting hard. About that time my parents broke the kissing to take a breath and my mom opened her eyes and looked right at me. She whispered in my dad's ear and he took his fingers out of mom's pussy as she pulled her panties back and straightened up while blushing beet red. Dad just turned toward me and winked then stuck his fingers in his mouth and sucked mom's juice off. I laughed out loud for just a second then thought about everyone else around and had to suppress it. Cam heard me though and lifted her head asked me what was going on and I told her I would tell her later.

Soon we were landing and were met at the airstrip by drivers in limo's to take us up to my dad's boss house. When we got there we were directed to a bungalow that would be our living quarters while we were here. It was like a small duplex with separate entrances, one side that my parents would be in, the other for my sister and I. Each side had a bedroom and a bath and at the back was a deck overlooking the ocean. One thing my sister and I noticed right away was that there was only one king sized bed. Mom just said, “don't worry about it, it's only for a week and you will be fine”.

A few minutes later a beautiful girl wearing a very small bikini top and a short skirt came to the bungalow with a tray of food for our dinner as it was late and dinner had already been finished at the main house. As she was setting things out she dropped a spoon and as she crouched down to pick it up her skirt slid over her thighs and I could see her pussy. About that time she looked up at me and caught me staring, smiled at me staying crouched down like that for a few more seconds letting me have a good look. The girl then stood and turned toward my parents.

“My name is Mayala, I will be your attendant for the week. If you need anything at all just ask and I will provide it for you.”

“Thanks Mayala!” my dad said smiling broadly at the young girl.

Mayala turned to leave then stopped at the door, “I will bring your breakfast in the morning and then the festival begins just after noon. In the mean time, please feel free to make yourselves at home, you have free access to all areas of the island”.

After we had eaten we all sat on the back deck looking out over the ocean enjoying the warm breeze. Mom and dad were lounging on a chaise, dad was stroking moms' thighs going higher and higher until he had almost reached the top of her thighs. Mom placed her hand on dads' and stopped him from going higher, then got up dragging dad up with her.

“Come on mister, let's you and I go to bed. It is getting late and I am tired, plus I want to get up early and have a look around before the party.”

Dad followed her into their side of the bungalow turning and giving me another wink as they went in. I stretched my arms out above my head and gave a little yawn then got up and held my hand out to my sister.

“Come on Cam, let's turn in ourselves then we can get up and go early too.”

“Okay bro, that sounds good to me” she said as she took my hand and got up and followed me inside.

“Cam, you can have the shower first.”

“Thanks bro” she said as she turned to go into the bathroom.

I pulled my shirt off and peeled my shorts down and kicked them off and climbed on the bed in just my boxer briefs and grabbed my iPod and turned it on and put the ear buds in to listen to some tunes while I waited my turn for the shower. I must have dozed off as I woke with a start feeling something cold and wet dripping on me. I looked up and Cam was laughing as she wrung her wet hair out all over me.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing getting me all wet like that?” I said as I jumped up and pulled the ear buds out.
She was standing there with just a small towel wrapped around her in near hysterics laughing at me. I started after her and she ran out to the other room almost losing her towel as she ran giving me a great view of her bare ass. I caught her and gave that bare ass a slap causing her to let out a little yelp. Then I turned to go back to the bathroom to take my shower and as I was walking away I felt a sharp stinging pain on my thigh and heard the sharp “THWACK!” of a towel being snapped. I spun around in time to see Cam trying to cover herself back up with the towel but not completely successful as her right tit was exposed for a second until she pulled the towel over it.

“Hey sis, no fair popping me with a wet towel” I said smiling as I watched her cover her tit.

“Yeah, about as fair as you slapping my bare ass” she said with a giggle in her voice.

I started to go back after her when she held up her hand.

“Oh no you don't bud!”

As she held her hand up her towel dropped back off her tit again. I stopped and gestured to her. She looked down and saw her tit out and pulled the towel back up.

“All right, enough Rick. Go get you shower and I will put some clothes on so I can quit flashing my ass and tits at you.”

“Hey, don't do anything special on my account” I said as I walked back through the bedroom to the bathroom.

I peeled my underwear off and stepped into the huge glassed in shower. Turned the water on and stuck my head under the spray, grabbed the soap and lathered up. Thinking back over the day, thinking about seeing my dad fingering mom's pussy on the plane while I watched, thinking about seeing Mayala's lush pussy earlier, thinking about seeing my sister's bare ass and tit just a few minutes ago. Thinking about all that had my dick hard. I lathered my hands up and grabbed it and started stroking while replaying all those images in my head. It wasn't long before I was spraying my load on the wall of the shower. Then I just stood there under the spray of the shower letting the water rinse over me. It wasn't until I got out of the shower that I realized that there was only one small towel left in the bathroom. I picked it up and started to dry myself with it as much as I could and then tried unsuccessfully to wrap it around my waist. It was about two inches short of going clear around so I had to hold it together with one had as I opened the door to the room to go out to get something to wear. About half of one ass cheek was exposed as I went out into the bedroom.

“Woo Hoo!” Cam said, “Look at that white ass hanging out!”

I ran my free hand through my wet hair and slung the water at my sister getting the t-shirt she was wearing spotted with water droplets.

“Hey, you're getting me all wet!”

“Fair is fair I guess. Turn about is fair play, right?” I said.

“I guess you're right. I got you wet and you saw my ass and you got me wet and I saw your ass. The only other thing is you got to see my tit!” Cam said sticking out her lower lip in a pout.

I turned to her, “Well, here you go” I said, thrusting my chest out, “Have a good look!”

Cam rolled her eyes at me, “Ha, ha, you're real funny.”

I reached into my bag and got a pair of baggy gym shorts out. I had my back to my sister and realized I was going to have to let go of the towel to put the shorts on. I thought about going back in the bathroom to put them on but then thought “what the hell, I saw her ass, now she can see mine” and dropped the towel and bent over to slip the shorts on.

“Nice ass and dick there bro”, Cam said, then gave a little wolf whistle.

Shit, I didn't even think about her being able to see my dick hanging down between my legs as I bent over to put the shorts on. I could feel my face heating up and turn red as I turned and jumped up on the bed next to her.

“Well, there you go, now you've seen most everything I have and I've seen most everything you have. About the only thing you have that I haven't seen is your pussy.”

“Well, you only saw one tit.”

“Yeah, but I figure that one is about the same as the other unless you are lopsided.” I said with a big smile.

Cam then reached over and punched my arm. Then she did something totally unexpected. She stood up on the bed right in front of me and then grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it off over her head. She was completely naked, no panties or anything!

“Damn Cam, what the fuck has got into you?”

“Bro, we are on vacation and I am going to have fun and be free and enjoy myself this week. We have to share this room and will have very little privacy and I plan to wear as few clothes as I have to this week so, here I am, take a good look because I am not going to worry about it.”

And with that she bent down and pulled the sheet back and crawled under and lay down to go to sleep. She picked her t-shirt up and tossed it over on her suitcase. I crawled under the sheet myself, just shaking my head trying to take in what just happened. Cam then turned over to me and reached up and kissed my cheek.

“Good night bro, sorry if I shocked you too much. I love you.” she said as she cuddled up next to me and closed her eyes to go to sleep.

I lay there with her naked body up against me, her bare tit squished up on my arm. I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep even though my dick was stiff as a board. I guess I did finally go to sleep because a little while later something woke me up. I looked over at my sister and she was propped up on her elbows.

“Cam, what is it, what happened?”

“I don't know, I heard something and it woke me up I guess?”

“What was it?”

“Shush a minute and listen.”

Then we heard it and we both started laughing. It was mom, next door moaning loudly as usual except that the windows and back sliding doors were open so the sound really carried right into our side of the bungalow.

“Damn, sounds like dad is really doing the job tonight, huh sis?”

“Hey bro, wanna go peek in and watch?”

“Damn, you are looking for a wild time this week!”

“Yeah, come on.” she said, throwing the sheet off her naked body and getting out of bed.

I wasn't about to be left behind so I got up and followed her out the door onto the deck. Cam was already standing by the door to our parents side and peeking in. I moved up behind her and looked over her shoulder into the room. There wasn't much light, just a little coming from the moonlight through the window. Dad was on his back, mom was on top of him with her pussy over dads' mouth and she had his dick in her mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down slowly as she sucked him. Dad had his mouth glued to her pussy really working it. Mom was moaning deep in her throat as she worked dads' dick. I was pressed up against Cam as we both watched the action. Without thinking about it I slipped my arm around my sister and pulled her hard against me pressing my hard dick up in between us. Cam pressed back and rubbed up and down against my dick. Then she took my hand and brought it up to her tit and put my palm over the nipple. Then she reached behind and hooked her fingers in the waistband of my shorts and pushed down on them. I moved back from her a little to allow my shorts to drop down around my ankles. Now we were both naked, my hard dick sticking up between us, my hand wrapped around her squeezing her tit, while we watched our parents fucking.

Cam reached down and slid her fingers through her pussy lips and rubbed her clit. I was now rubbing my hard dick up and down between her butt cheeks. Pretty soon we were both breathing hard and working ourselves up to a climax. I blew my load first, shooting off all over my sisters ass and up her back. Then when Cam felt me shoot she went over the edge and came, squirting her juice over her hand. Slowly our breathing slowed and we backed away from mom and dads room, then went back to our own. Cam and I went into the bathroom and I turned the light on. We stood there, both naked, and looked at ourselves in the mirror.

“Wow bro! That was some hot stuff wasn't it?”

“Yeah Cam, it was. I'm sorry, I guess I got a little carried away.”

“No way Rick, I loved it! That was the hottest thing I've ever done!”

“I can believe that. It was the hottest thing I've ever done before too. I'm no virgin but I have never stood naked with a girl and rubbed myself off while watching another couple having sex, that's for sure. Let alone even thought of doing anything like that with members of my family!”

Cam was standing there smiling, looking at me in the mirror.

“You've got cum all over you.” she said, nodding her head down at my reflection.

I looked down at my cum smeared stomach, and pubic hair. Then looked at Cams' back and down at her ass.

“You're kind of covered in cum yourself,” I said, motioning to her backside.

Cam turned and looked at her ass and back in the mirror, seeing my cum all over her.

“Damn bro, you sure came a lot! Come on, lets get in the shower and clean ourselves off so we can go back to bed.”

Cam opened the shower door and we went in. Hell, this shower is big enough to have a small party in so there was plenty of room for the two of us. I turned the water on and adjusted the temperature so it was just barely warm and we both got under the spray and rinsed the cum from our bodies. I ran my hands over her back and ass making sure to get it all off. Then I turned to face the shower spray to get all the cum off my belly and pubes. Cam ran her hands over the front of me, making sure to get it all off. She stroked my dick to get it clean too.

“Cam, that feels really good but I need to get out and take a leak.”

“Hell bro, you don't need to get out for that, just pee in here. Besides, I want to watch you pee.”

I figured, what the hell, we've done a lot worse tonight. Letting my sister watch me pee will be the most tame thing so far. So I turned so I was facing the shower drain and tried to relax and let it go. The fact that my beautiful naked sister was standing there watching wasn't helping me any. I finally felt the pee start to flow, then came on strong, squirting out in front of me. It squirted out so far as to splash over Cam's feet.

“Hey! Watch where you point that thing!”

Then a mischievous thought came into my head and I lifted my dick a little and squirted right on Cam's pussy, peeing all over it!

She jumped back and squealed, “You shit! You're peeing all over me!”

Then she was laughing and said “I'll get you for that!”

She then turned toward me and pushed her hips out and pulled up on her snatch and started peeing, squirting a high arc up, splattering right on my dick! I tried to move back but was trapped against the shower wall as Cam continued to pee on me. A couple of seconds later and her pee stream slowed and finally stopped. I just stood and stared at her quivering pussy as she shook her snatch up and down trying to get the last drops out.

“Damn bro, that was so wild!” she said with wide eyes.

I didn't know what to say or think after that. I reached over and turned the shower back on and let the water stream over us washing the evidence of our foray into water sports down the drain.

(look for chapter 2)

Dudley DowrongReport 

2018-07-24 12:22:03
Excellent !! Nothing trashy, just a good scenario of fun & games. Of course the set up for more serious "fun & games" Guys can only take so much teasing until it gets out of hand & into more serious needs & holes. If Dad or Mom catches Rick & Cam playing is their reaction going to be serious or playful? Considering Dad & Moms play on the plane, I expect them to joiin the fun & play along somehow.
Excited to see the authors thoughts as the island adventure unfolds.!!

Anonymous readerReport 

2016-10-20 12:36:30
I really like the way he told it just seems like it could be more true than false

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2016-08-26 15:57:21
WHOA! HOT!!!! So hard it hurts? Wish I had, had a SISTER! Thznk you!

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2016-02-20 16:52:06
I wish I had a sis like that
Ben Bitten


2016-01-28 17:35:17
That got me hard, I know chapter 2 will be super.

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