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My journey into the wonderful world of open and exhilarating sex started out very slowly. Like most men, I seem to be constantly aroused and ready. This unfortunately is not quite the same for all the women I know.

My wife and I initially had some great and almost regular sex. Like most cases though, this started to wane and almost became non existent. There were times when we did not have any intimate contact for up to 3 months. I know because I counted.

So I needed to find an alternative way to get off. I had quite a few magazines with explicit pictures to bide me over. Some also had great stories of antics some people had gotten up to. Soon I discovered that reading these descriptive essays were very stimulating. It was through these that I learnt many people and couples hooked up via the internet.

So I started secretly surfing porn site in an attempt to feed my hunger and curiosity. My first few attempts were very limited. We only had a dial up connection and internet fees where we are from are horribly exorbitant. I also had no clue how the internet worked. It took me a long while to find any form of free sites.

Everyone seemed to know of one or the other “amazing” site. I was too embarrassed though to ask my mates how to get there or how to find any porn on the web. So initially I was confined to awfully slow downloads at short daily intervals. This helped none in learning more about the net too.

Fortunately though the international company I worked for decided to get every employee an email address and that coincided with a little training as to how the net works. Needless to say that it was made quite clear that the computers and access to the net were not for personal or pornographic use. But this at least went some ways in showing me how to get around on the information super highway.

And slowly I got to discover more and more free stuff too. I admit, I abused my position in the company a bit to gain access when nobody was around. I found some great sites of swingers and other adult events in South Africa. My eyes (and cock of course) bulged at the sight of some of the pictures posted on these sites. And it soon became easier to find other similar sites. These sites also advertise other sites and being the complete novice I clicked on ads and was transported to other sites. Some even with truly bizarre stuff going on! It is quite amazing what you can find out there!

I have always considered myself very open minded and quite liberal. Nothing though could have prepared me for what you can find on the net. As time progressed, I became more adept at cruising around the porn sites. With the event of time people too became more open and respondent about porn sites and soon my mates were exchanging tips and even web addresses they had been to. Some friends were more than eager to hop online and show others where to find tons of free porn material. And this is how I discovered some great sites.

As I got more familiar with the use of the internet and various sites, I discovered more and more alternative sexual tastes and appetites. Gay porn has always been around and didn’t bother me. Remember - I have an open mind, but some of the stuff I found was just totally unheard of, so I had to drop in on some of these and see for myself. I found gay porn and the relatively normal to hardcore sex too. That was cool and exciting and got my rocks off most of the time.

I dreamt of getting involved with swingers and the likes and regularly frequented their sites. My wife, at least to me, seemed pretty run of the mill type sex so I never dreamt of telling her some of the fantasies that were forming in my oversexed mind. After all, she would explode with anger, call me some sicko, ridicule, belittle and embarrass me in front of my friends and have me castrated, then ostracised!

So it became my little world. I would yearn to get away to find time to delve into the “forbidden” fantasy world of my porn. I eventually stumbled onto a site that catered for almost all tastes. Here I found more new styles, types and tastes. People having sex with animals, old people having sex with young ones and each other, fat people, skinny people, pale people, hairy people - the list goes on. Then suddenly there were Trannies. I had no idea that these existed, but I just couldn’t help looking. Here was a guy with tits - or is it a chick with balls and a cock? Some of them really looked stunning too!

Here my journey into the forbidden (at least according to my upbringing) started, but I couldn’t help it. I was inexplicably drawn to this porn. It shook me. How could I, the gung-ho, tough, sporty, outdoors, don’t cry type of guy, be turning gay? I hated myself. I decided to hide this from everyone and deny it to myself too. But every time I surfed for porn, I always ended up with several “normal” sites open, BUT always Tranny sites too.

And that just got me so excited. Don’t know why. Don’t know how. I found myself drawn into the bisexual, gay and tranny world. It was this magical, invisible, uncontrollable magnet. Fuelled by countless stories I have found online, my fantasies suddenly started to include couples where the men unashamedly got it on with each other too. I just couldn’t resist reading more and more stories.

There were so many interesting tales on the web - and quite explicit too. Almost all of them told of presumably true events. I started to believe I was not as freakish and outlandish as I had recently thought. There were real people out there with the same interests and desires as me, but how to find them? How was I ever going to get connected with them?

Well, that’s actually where this story really starts. Again I found the answer on the internet. There are tons of dating sites out there with many people looking for connection, companionship, love, relationships, etc. In the same vein there are thousands out there looking for sex and the internet caters for us all. There are pretty straight forward sites offering hook ups for people and there are specialized sites for bondage, gay, blue, green, you name it.

I signed up with a site that catered to people looking for sex. Here were men, women, couples, gays, lesbians and trannies looking for relationships or even just a simple quick roll in the hay. This seemed very hot and exciting. Until my wife one day confronted me about the sex site I was a member of.

She had found out about this. She knew where I surfed and what I looked at. She knew my handle on the sex site as well as my password and had logged on using them and discovered what I had been up to there. She wasn’t angry or reprimanding - then surprised me even more. She showed me a profile on the site of a couple looking for what I wanted.

It turns out she registered us as a couple, including photographs and the whole nine yards. She had obviously known about my secret fantasies for a long time and has known for ages what I desired. Now it was time for both of us to experiment – TOGETHER. My god, what a fantastic woman!!!

No more sneaking around. Now we can play and explore with each other and with others. This is brilliant. Obviously I was quite taken aback at first. Shocked, embarrassed - but soon I felt liberated.

We surf the site together, looking at profiles. Studying these, trying to read what these people are into, especially as many don’t quite come out and tell what they want. It is so exciting. We take photos of ourselves, in different positions, doing different things.

I eventually got to go to an adult store, not for myself, but for us. This time instead of magazines I bought a slim double ended purple dildo. This could be fun. There could be various uses for this.

The look on my wife’s face was pretty sweet when I showed her our new toy. It was like a child with a new toy: surprised, not quite sure what to do with it, but visibly intrigued and a knowing smirk lurking in those sweet green eyes. We finally got to try out this novelty last Wednesday.

After our customary daily login to our favourite site, Mandy suddenly asked me where I had hidden the double ended toy. I quite demurely snuck it out of it’s hiding place and presented it to her. “Wow” she stumbled “It seems pretty big - and long” she continued.

With some apprehension I walked into the bathroom to wash the toy. Obviously I was excited at the prospect of trying it out with Mandy, but what exactly were we going to do? I had visions of teasing her with it. I could of course double it up and see how she liked to be pleased in both holes simultaneously. Would she like that? What did she want?

I got back to bed to find her eagerly sitting up, waiting for our playtime to begin. “Do you have any lube?” Shit, I hadn’t thought of that. Luckily I did find some.
“Where shall we start?” I stumbled.

“Well, grease it up and make sure you have enough too.”


“Yes, Babes. I want to try it on you. I’d love to sink it into your arse and fuck you with it. Think you can take it?”

“I’m not sure, Honey.” This is not quite what I had expected the first time round, but I did want to play with her and experiment in this game. After all, I did have fantasies of getting involved with another man too.

I smeared a liberal amount on the toy, as well as my arse. “How are we going to do this?” I asked unsure.

“How do you want to?” She responded. When I didn’t quite answer, she continued “Just lie across the bed on your back. Lift your legs and leave it to me.”

This was the moment of truth. I must admit that I was quite excited and my prick stood testament to that. It lay hard across my abdomen. While stroking my rigid cock she placed the fake cock at the entrance to my arse, initially gently stoking it, testing. Slowly she applied pressure and pushed it in a little. Twice I lunged away with a flinge of pain. “Do you want me to stop?” she asked, obviously concerned.

We have come this far, I thought to myself. She has allowed me the privilege of expanding our sexual horizons. I can’t quit here. I can’t disappoint her. “Try again.” I stammered, “nice and slow. “If I can’t do it now, we can try something else.”

Again she applied pressure. She was ever so gentle and then it just seemed to slip right past the tight ring of my sphincter. It was in. A surge of pain did shoot through me again, but this time it was very short. It was almost gone in a flash. She smiled down at me “You took it in, Honey. Our cock is in your arse!” She was visibly enjoying this.

Slowly I started to relax. This was not that bad. I felt her hand around my erection. My God, was I hard! I can’t remember when last I was that hard. She was slowly stroking my cock while at the same time sliding the dildo in and out gently. Shit, was it possible? I could swear I was getting even harder! This felt really good. I did not expect to feel this much pleasure. It is impossible to describe the pleasure that was cursing through me. It was just absolutely brilliant! My eyes closed and I lay back to enjoy these new sensations. The slow in and out thrusting of the fake phallus in my arse and the solid grip of her hand on my pulsating cock - it was still new to me, but I was actually enjoying this.

I felt her shift position. I sat up slightly to see what she was up to. She smiled at me as she held the dildo and then placed the other end against her pussy lips. In all this excitement, I had not done anything for her, but then again, I couldn’t really do much either. Not with her controlling the toy in my arse. Mandy held my gaze as she slowly and deliberately inched the remaining end of the purple toy into her sweet snatch. Once she had a couple of centimeters in, she started to rock back and forth slowly. Oh shit, this was awesome. It felt wonderful. Here was my gorgeous wife fucking me in the arse with a dildo and at the same time the same dildo was giving her pleasure too.

Her eyes rolled back slightly. A wry smile appeared. She leaned backwards and started to shove onto the cock more forcefully. The more she rocked, the more I felt it slide in and out of my no longer virgin arse. What a fantastic feeling. I lay back, closed my eyes and bathed in the blissful feeling of having this hot woman give us immense pleasure. I heard moan and groan with pleasure. We didn’t speak much. There was no need - just the two of us enjoying ourselves, together.

Then I thought I saw a bright flash through my closed eyelids, then another. I opened my eyes to see Mandy holding the camera. She was taking pictures as the dildo slid in and out of us. Yep, she really was enjoying this. While gently riding the cock, she turned the camera to inspect her handiwork. She was so carried away by the scene and the moment that the first pic was of the ceiling. Then she managed to get some brilliant shots of our first toy fuck. Through all this she even managed to shove my cock into her sweet pussy, along with the toy – riding my cock and the dildo at the same time, while fucking me in the arse!

After a while I started to get a little uncomfortable. Seems we had been enjoying ourselves so much that neither of us had noticed that we had consumed the entire toy between us! I eased the dildo out and placed it on the floor. Now I needed to get my rocks off. My cock was so hard I could’ve used it as a hammer. So I hammered it into her hot, wet pussy. Neither of us lasted very long. We both came quickly and loudly.

Covered in sweat and panting profusely, I collapsed next to my stunning wife. It took us quite a while to catch our breath. “Now wasn’t that great?” she whispered.

“Yes,” I replied. “That was awesome.”

“Better than sneaking around on the net and looking for sleazy sex?”

“Much” I admitted.

“Well, next time I hope we can do it with someone else here too.”

I beamed from ear to ear. “I sure hope so, my Love, I sure hope so.”

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2010-09-02 17:26:48
were a hot womene when you need to be fucked [email protected]


2010-07-12 10:56:56
davidwishes, i know what you mean...really would love for wife and neighbors to get together with me as director of activities; good story; do a sequel

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2010-07-11 22:10:27
This got me very hard. My wife is becoming more & more interested in enhancing our lovemaking with anal play. Wish I could tell her my ultimate dream is toboth take a cock up our asses while we 69.


2010-06-02 10:04:23
that would be a dream come true. I've been wanting to talk to my wife about haveing a mmf threesome. for some time now. but don't know to go about it

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2010-05-31 20:27:12
I got my wife to wear a strap on to bed, snuck in and gave her the best ever blow job, 69ed all round

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