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All characters in this story are 18 years or older
The next week, Steve had anticipated taking things even further, and thus had prepared the set for such indecent activities. Simon returned the next week with a concerned look on his face, which Steve was happy to see.

“I’m really starving,” Simon explained. “I need more money this time too.”

“There is one thing we can do that would make a boatload of money, but only if you really need it,” Steve suggested, knowing Simon would have to say yes.

Simon nodded hesitantly, evidently afraid of what was to come.

He was still somewhat surprised at his own willingness to agree to essentially sell his body for food, but knew he had to if he wanted to survive.

“Strip,” ordered Steve.

Shaking slightly, the teen dutifully removed his clothes until he stood completely naked in front of the cameras. He handed Simon’s clothes off, where his underwear was passed around, later to be used to absorb the videographers’ cum. From backstage, Steve was handed several items that confused Simon: a pair of handcuffs, collar, and another metal form Simon could not imagine a use for.

“Put your hands behind your head” Steve commanded.

The boy obliged, and Steve expertfully cuffed them together, leaving Simon completely vulnerable.

Stepping forward, Steve reached to put the collar around Simon’s neck, and the teen finally began to gain a sense of what was going to happen.

Pulling him by the leash on the collar, Steve pulled the bound slaveboy forward to a spot where a metal saddle supported by a beam protruded from the ground. Once Simon stood over the saddle, he yanked Simon’s collar, forcing him to bend over the metal seat and attached his collar to a base at the bottom. With his hands still bound behind his back, Steve attached the teen’s ankles to metal loops on the floor.

Then Steve looped a rope through a slit in the boy’s collar and tossed it overhead, attaching it to a hook from the ceiling and lifting Simon’s head up.

The boy now bent over and ready for action, Steve finished by pulling the metal gag through Simon’s mouth and attaching it to the collar around his neck, forcing his lips to spread and opening his mouth. Finally, he placed a blindfold around his head.

Admiring the bound and naked teen, Steve couldn’t help himself from sticking a couple fingers into Simon’s mouth and feeling deep into his throat. With his other hand he delivered some slaps across the boy’s ass, and slid his finger up and down along his crack, making sure to push against the teen’s cock-sleeve.

Next, he took a jar of peanut butter and spooned generous amounts in and around the teen’s tender hole. He made sure all sides of the boy’s little starfish were covered evenly, and stuck a good amount inside him, too. The cool, sticky substance enlivened the teen, arousing him and causing his cute dick to swell.

“Release them.” Steve dictated.

With that, Simon heard the sounds of heavy chains and savage panting. Within seconds, a wet tongue began exploring his asshole, licking up the peanut butter. The smells now surrounding him made it abundantly clear: these were not humans.

Wanting to leave no peanut butter to waste, the dog’s tongue flickered in and out of his boypussy, enticing several moans from the restrained teen. A second tongue joined the first, readying his hole with slick saliva.

The dogs fought for access to the teen’s peanut butter filled ass, both snaking into his boypussy to lick up all of the goodness. Once all had been consumed and the boy’s hole was glistening with dog spit, Steve repositioned the dogs so one was in front and one behind.

Simon felt paws on his back, and then another pair on his butt. Then, a new sort of extremity brushed against his asshole. The dog behind him thrusted forward, and Simon felt its unsheathed cock ride between his ass cheeks and onto his lower back. After making many failed attempts to penetrate the boy’s awaiting hole, Steve helped guide the member into place.

Simon yelped as the cock was rammed up his ass, but it was cut short as another was stuffed down his throat. The two canines thrusted mercifulessly, wanting nothing but to fuck the boy’s front and back and shoot their sperm into his protesting holes.

The teen felt the cock in his ass grow at the base, and it seemed like he was being torn apart from the inside. Meanwhile, he tried swallowing around the rod blocking his throat, while trying to breathe around it.

The taste was foreign, and the texture different to the experiences the boy had had just last week. However, nothing could stick in his mind besides the encompassing feelings of being devastatingly fucked in the mouth and ass.

Despite already having lost his anal virginity, his ass was so tight and the canine cock so thick that his boypussy lips wrapped tightly around the intruding member, almost threatening to keep the cock within him forever.

As a result, the sensations were heightened for both, and the animal sped up its movement in anticipation of a climax.

At the same time, he gagged around the cock down his throat, struggling to breathe with the massive rod slipping in and out of his mouth. His jaw held open by the gag, the dog fucked the teen’s mouth relentlessly, eager to release its awaiting juices.

Knowing this would generate the most revenue of all of the videos they had shot, Steve had made sure that cameras were positioned to capture the cocks flying in and out of the boy’s holes from every angle.

After the boy’s savage fucking had seemed to go on for ages, he felt the cock in his ass swell and twitch as a full load of dog cum was deposited deep in his bowels. Still knotted, the cock slowly shrunk until the dog was able to pull out, causing the teen to scream around the cock still in his mouth. His gaping hole now unplugged, some of the watery fluids escaped, running down his taint and balls and along his thighs.

Finally, the other dog came to orgasm, just as Simon felt he was about to pass out, shooting its cum down the boys throat. After the beast pulled out the teen was left panting to catch his breath, unaware that the aftermath of this humiliating event was being captured by multiple video cameras.

Filled to the brim with canine sperm and still bound over the saddle with his mouth held open, Steve took a moment to admire his work and the savage beauty of the now recovering boy.

He watched as the teen’s boypussy blinked in and out, cum continuing to dribble out of the well-fucked hole. He imagined the cum currently in the teen’s throat making its way into his stomach, marking his once pristine young body with wild sperm.

Eventually, he ungagged the boy, too exhausted to speak and slack jawed, then unzipped his pants and pulled out his enlarged cock.

He placed it onto the boy’s tongue, slapping it several times before grabbing the teen’s head and sliding his cock all the way in. Once his balls rested against the teen’s chin, he slowly pulled out, only to thrust back in, enjoying the well-lubricated hole.

Simon was too spent to protest, allowing Steve to ram his cock as deep into the boy as he wanted.

After a few pumps, he grabbed his cock and shot his load all over the teen’s face. While his nose and cheeks were painted with slimy cum, Steve had to catch several drops making their way down the boy’s chin and wipe his finger on the teen’s tongue. After making sure to record his current state once again, he removed the collar and cuffs and hoisted the tired teen to his feet.

“What a great little slut you are,” Steve said endearingly.

Pulling Simon around his waist and walking backstage, the boy struggled to retain his footing. Steve noticed cum was still dribbling out of the teen’s ass, and he wondered just how much was still inside of him.

He helped the boy into his clothes, grinning as he pulled the boy’s underwear—soaked in the loads of all those who helped capture the moment—up until it was riding between his ass cheeks. With a slap on his butt, he set him on his way, smiling as his cum-covered face set off home.


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