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Keeping a your big, hot, milky cow girls happy is surprisingly complicated. It may take more than just a bull with a gigantic cock to the get the job done right. Especially when you throw pig girls and sheep girls into the mix as well. The Daisies and Clover Farm is about to get an upgrade...
I hope you are enjoying this strange world of cow girls, bulls, wolves, and other interesting entities. Part XI is the last part I have created up to this point. I hope to wrap this story up with a final posting sometime in October, or early November at the latest.

One more note: For some reason, none of my stories are showing up in the story part of my profile. I do not know why. So I have favorited my own stories to get them to show up in my profile. My faves are my own stories.

Enough babbling. Enjoy the story!!!

Fields of Daisies and Clover – A Hucow Story


The rest of Sunday afternoon was uneventful. The cows milked, I filled them with bull juice, I made Bibi take her bull juice from Alina’s cunt and Lucy’s ass - plus all the other usual stuff.

And I fantasized about turning my mom into a cow...soon...

Monday morning, Lyca arrived bright at early at 8:00. The cows had just sleepily wandered out for their morning milking, coffee in hands, and I was staring out the kitchen window, ready to go fill their preferred holes with bull come as soon as they were done milking.

Lyca was incredibly cheerful. She burst into the kitchen and gave me a big hug, sliding her hand into my robe and stroking my cock. I twisted a tight, pierced wolfen nipple underneath her thin white tank top.

“So what’s got you so fired up?” I asked.

“This afternoon we take you through your first inspection, and we’re expecting the ranch buildings to arriving today as well.”

The wolves and their contractors had laid a series of foundations around the farm for cow housing, cam studios, the cow bar, and other cow farm functions. The plumbing and electrical were run and poised for the buildings to arrive. The wolves’ project plan called for a lot of stuff to be live just a few days after the buildings arrived. I was skeptical for their ability to do everything at once, but they were the experts. And frankly, I couldn’t wait. Once the cow bar was open, my mom was going to join the herd on stage in front of an in-person and live-streamed audience. Slipping my big bull cock into her deep cow ass for the first time was going to be earth-shakingly hot. The thought sent a surge through me...

“Right,” I replied to Lyca, bringing my thoughts back to the day at hand. “I watched the inspection videos. I’m looking forward to it. But why wait until this afternoon if you’re here at the crack of dawn?” I asked, giving her nipple another tweak. She slapped my hand away playfully at first, but then pulled off her tank so I could fondle her some more.

“We’ve got three cow girl candidate interviews this morning. If they are interested, we can convert them before the inspection. That way we will be able to inspect all the herd without you adding a couple more the cows the day after inspection – besides maybe your mom. Less paperwork.”

“Are these the candidates from the farmers market?” I asked.

She nodded. “They’ve already gotten a look at your cock and Alina’s body, so there won’t be any surprises there. The only other surprise is that one of them is a little older, not as old as Bibi, but in her mid-50s. So she might end up with some extra hardware.”

“Six tits like Bibi?”

“In her fifties, more likely just four, but we’ll see, there are some overachievers out there. And some underachievers – she might just pop out with a really big pair. Also, some girls take certain herbs before they transition that increase their chances of having more udders. And finally, there is a genetic component. Having a cow girl in your family with 4 or more udders increases your odds.”

“Do they always come out in pairs? You never get a cow with three udders, or five?”

“Not that I’ve ever seen, they always show up two at a time, one on each side.”

“What about that delay that Bibi had before she became a cow? I was getting worried.”

“Totally normal. The older they get, the longer it takes for the cow cunt juice to take effect...Hey, it’s 8:10. The first candidate gets here at 9:00. You’ve got a herd to fuck and a shower to take. Get busy.”

She stroked my cock a couple of times, licked the head, then let me slip a hand down her leather pants for a quick feel before she snatched my robe and shoved me out the door to the barn naked (with a growing erection). I filled up the cows with bull cock juice while they finished milking then showered in the open air cow shower behind the barn. Alina followed and by 8:55 we were both sitting on the porch awaiting the arrival of the first candidate. I had pulled on a pair of shorts (at Lyca’s insistence) and Alina had on a T-shirt designed for cows along with a pair of tights.

The first candidate arrived right on time, her dusty pickup pulled up in front of the farmhouse at exactly 8:59. She climbed out of her car wearing a pair of denim cutoffs cut high enough to show half of her ass cheeks, along with a red checkered shirt that had the sleeves cut off and the front tied under her substantial bust. It was otherwise unbuttoned, so she essentially was wearing it more as a bikini than a shirt. She also had on a pair of dusty leather cowboy boots and a cowboy hat over auburn curls. Alina and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

Her name was Mallory and it turns out she had grown up on a farm wrangling cow girls, so her outfit was actually on point. She was really down-to-earth, 25 years old, and said she was ready to move beyond farming cows and to actually become one. When I asked why she didn’t just join the herd at her family’s farm, she said she wanted to go to a farm that worked the whole cow girl voyeur angle, she figured there was more money in that. I asked what her family thought of that, and she said they were cool with it – just because that wasn’t their path they still supported her decision.

Overall, Mallory seemed like a solid candidate – especially considering her experience at cow farms. We asked her if she was good with getting converted that day before our inspection, and she gave a thumbs up. She was also okay with getting pierced and getting our logo tattooed on her ass as our brand. Then I asked her the inevitable question:

“If you know anything about cows, you knew this was coming,” I said. “Vaginal, oral, or anal?”

“Vaginal, all the way,” she shot back with a big smile. “I’m one of those rare girls who loves to get her cervix stretched wide open. The kitty is where it’s at for me. Cervical penetration is the shit, I can’t wait.”

Alina, also a cunt cow, nodded and gave her a thumb’s up.

Alina and I agreed on Mallory as a future member of the herd and asked her to wait in the barn until we finished the interviews.

The second candidate was supposed to be there at 10:00, but didn’t show up until 10:25 and never apologized or offered an explanation. Though she had seemed pretty straight up when we met her at the farmer’s market, she came across in the interview like she thought she was better than everyone else – better than all the other cows – and just seemed like a bitch. I also got a feeling that she might have been a little stoned. When we didn’t offer her a position in our herd, she stormed off the porch and burned rubber down our driveway. Nice.

And that brings us to the third candidate. She arrived a few minutes early – witnessing the tire-squealing exit of the previous candidate. Her name was Essie and she was 54. She had spent most of her life up until that point as an accountant married to a lawyer. A couple years before, her husband had been caught in an affair with a twenty-something paralegal and decided he preferred the younger model. In looking at Essie, that blew my mind. She stood six feet tall, had long blonde hair, and clearly took really good care of herself. She was wearing a light blouse over a sports bra, and a pair of yoga tights that accentuated her toned body. She was incredibly hot. Clearly, her ex was a complete idiot – and I told her as much. She nodded gratefully.

“So why do you want to be a cow,” Alina asked. “That seems so completely opposite from your life up until this point?”

Essie gave a beautiful, radiant smile.

“Exactly. I went to business school because of pressure from my family. I married my husband because of pressure from my family. I became an accountant because of pressure from my family. I’ve always given in to what they wanted, which was business-like and buttoned-down. But a part of me has always wanted to do something a little more daring. I remember my husband almost lost his shit when I went topless at South Beach – we never went anywhere near a topless beach ever again. Another time I created an Instagram account and posted two bikini pics. He went nuclear. In the end, he was the one who went off his nuts and ran off with that young little tramp, so this time it’s my turn. I want to be a cow and have all that freedom. Alternative humans can do so many more things that regular humans can’t, and cow girls have amazing biology. I’m never wearing a bra ever again and I’m only wearing clothes if I have to.”

I smiled. “With our herd, you have all the freedom you want. We are even happy letting our cows take vacations so they can have some time away from the herd. I do have to ask, though - are you aware of the risks of being a slightly older woman and becoming a cow? And are you okay with the adult components of our farm?”

“Yes and yes. Having additional breasts sounds interesting, and being a milky camgirl after a life of stuffy offices sounds freeing and exciting.”

Essie seemed like a really good candidate. When I asked if she was down with turning into a cow right away before our inspection that afternoon, she said she had hoped I would say something like that. She had been celibate since the divorce and was getting sick of it. And when I asked about our piercing and tattooed “branding” she was good. So Alina moved to the final question before I could.

“What’s your preference: vaginal, oral, or anal?” she asked.

“I really don’t care,” Essie said. “I know that sounds strange, most cows have a preference. But my husband was so vanilla – pretty much just missionary or – when he was feeling crazy – he’d let me climb on top. But that’s it. Wouldn’t even go for a blow job or eating me out. I need to try everything out before I choose a favorite – if I even choose.”

“If you develop a preference, let us know, if not, no stress. We just want happy, milky cows.”

Alina and I walked Essie back into the barn where Mallory was hanging out chatting with some of the cows. I was glad we got there when we did because I got the feeling that she would have soon been between either Lucy’s or Bibi’s thighs if we hadn’t arrived. As it was, she was already attached to my grandmother’s six tits and had her saffron cow milk buzz on. She looked up at us with a big happy smile, her chin coated with milk, and her top off. But she still had her cowboy hat on.

Helga had a camera in hand and was already filming the action as Mallory drained my grandmother’s breasts.

Lucy and Bibi gave me sheepish smiles.

“We’re just getting to know her,” my mother-in-law said, looking at the floor and scuffing it with her toe.

“Yeah,” my grandmother added. “We just wanted to chat up the new girl a little. Just being friendly.”

“That’s a little bit more than chatting,” I said to Lucy and Bibi, shaking my head.

Despite the silliness, Mallory and Essie transitioned smoothly. Mallory was boundless energy but little experience, Essie was slower, calmer, and more experienced. Essie didn’t take as long as my grandmother, but there was definitely a delay in her popping into cow mode. And as predicted by Lyca, she ended up with four udders instead of the six that Bibi grew. Still, the four she had were big and milky and she produced five gallons before I fucked her cunt doggy-style to welcome her to the herd.

We took a pause for some lunch before we moved to the inspection, then Lyca’s betas rounded all the cows into the barn. The herd now numbered nine, including my wife as the alpha cow and Bibi as the omega cow. The rest were just regular herd cows.

Lyca gathered the cows around her laptop and made them watch the video on inspection I had watched last night. So they now had a general idea of what was going on. While the cows watched the video, Lyca changed for the inspection. Her outfit consisted of a black full-body rubber gimp suit (though her head was uncovered) to protect her from cow cunt juice that might turn her into a cow. Strapped to her pelvis was a strange-looking latex inflatable dildo with guages hanging off of it and measuring markings on it. The dong was only slightly inflated and hung semi-limp in front of her.

At Lyca’s direction, Xana and Tori lined up all the cows in a line in the center of the barn and had them remove all their piercings. Alina, as the alpha cow, was in the front of the line. Bibi, as the omega cow, was at the end of the line. The other cows were lined up in a row. Xana turned on a camera on a pedestal so we could film the inspection for later posting on social media, and Tori worked the laptop to take the official inspection notes.

Lyca turned to me.

“You know that you will need to have checkups on all your cows within a 90 days of their conversion, and every six months after. As of right now you have zero cows that meet that criteria. We will need to address that within the next few weeks, but that’s not uncommon for new cow farms.”

“Right, understood,” I said.

“Also, we will need to take samples of the milk from each of the cows from your inventory to test it, and samples of your bull semen. We will do that after the physical inspections.”

Again, I nodded my understanding.

“Good, so let’s get busy,” she said. She walked to the head of the line where Alina stood. “The first part of the herd inspection involves inspecting the udders and the milk. After all, they are the most important part of a cow farm.”

Lyca took each of my wife’s breasts in her hands, squeezing them, feeling their weight, then ran her hands underneath them and along the sides. She then moved behind Alina and followed the line of her breasts under her arms, feeling the muscles, ligaments, and bones supporting her milk bags.

“The core cartilage is really strong and well supported, and the muscles have really good structure. No concerns,” Lyca said.

She jiggled Alina’s tits, then squeezed a streamer of milk out of first one nipple, then the other. She leaned down and licked the nipples.

“Excellent,” she said.

Next she moved Alina to stand in front of a a fabric sling that the wolves had hung from the ceiling beams - a scale. Lyca lifted Alina’s left breast and hung it in the sling, adjusting it so that the scale weighed the breast properly.

“12.6 pounds” Lyca called out to Tori. She switched to her right breast and weighed that.

“12.8” Lyca said. “Very nice symmetry.”

Lyca pushed the sling scale aside, then took a tape measure and wrapped it around my wife’s body and bust at nipple level.

“52 inches. Excellent,” she called out to Tori.

Next, she wrapped the tape measure around just Alina’s left tit at the fattest part, then her right tit.

“26.2 inches, 25.8 inches,” she called out.

The lengths of my wife’s nipples were 2.3 inches, both of them, and she was able to comfortable stretch them out to over five inches long. Alina’s aureoles were 4.75 and 5.10 inches wide at their widest, left and right. When Lyca called Violet over to lick Alina’s cunt, Alina’s aureoles shrank to about half their diameter and became hard as a rock.

Lyca gave Alina a peck on the cheek and moved on to Lucy, who was next in line. Again, she felt up my mother-in-law’s tits, then weighed them, then took all the measurements. And so on down the line until she had inspected the udders of each cow in turn. She seemed pretty pleased, especially with Essie and Bibi, who had the extra breasts. All of the mammaries came in between nine and fourteen pounds, with Lucy having the heaviest individual pair at 27.9 pounds and Bibi (obviously, since she had six) having the heaviest complete set at 62.2 pounds (how the fuck could she even walk?). All the cows had 50-60 inch busts, and their tits were generally just a little over two feet in circumference at their fattest. Aureoles ran from as little as 2.5 inches wide for Helga all the way up to 7 inches for Angela. And nipples were usually in the 2 – 3 inches long range.

“The udders of your herd are excellent,” Lyca said, smiling. She returned to the head of the line where Alina awaited the next phase of inspection.

I noticed that one of the things that the wolves had strung from the rafters was an inflatable dildo on the end of a long cord. It was similar to the one that was hanging around Lyca’s hips. The alpha she-wolf pulled my wife to the big dong and told her to open her mouth. Alina smiled and complied, opening her bimbo cow lips as wide as she could.

If you ever get to go to a real live cow girl farm, one of the things you should be prepared for is just how wide the cows can open their mouths (and all of their orifices). Since they have to (and want to!) take massive bull cocks all the way to the hilt, and since bull cocks are several inches in diameter at the base, they can open their mouths insanely wide. Usually that’s not something you see in the wild unless they are sucking bull cock. But if you are at a cow farm at inspection time, be prepared for a shock.

Alina opened her mouth wide – crazy wide. Lyca slid the two-foot-long inflatable dong that was hanging from the rafters all the way into my wife’s mouth. Alina didn’t bat an eyelash, just let Lyca slide the whole thing in. When it was all the way in, Lyca began inflating the dildo.

I had now been around cows for a few weeks, so I was kind of getting used to the crazy things they could do, but I was not prepared for what Lyca did to my wife’s mouth. When Alina finally raised her hand to ask Lyca to stop, the alpha wolf read out a figure for Tori to note.

“6.7 inches diameter mouth/throat.”

“What the fuck,” I said. “Seriously?”

Lyca nodded as she let the air out of the dong and slid it from my wife’s lips. Alina came over and gave me a kiss and wink before Lyca ordered her to get back in line. But my wife’s reading was nothing. When we got to Angela and Ykaterina – the main oral queens of the herd – they read 9.1 and 9.4 inches diameter, respectively.

“Holy fuck,” I said as Lyca slid the inflatable dildo out of Ykaterina’s bottomless gaping maw, rimmed by her perfect, red, full bimbo lips. “I had no idea.” Ykaterina blew me a kiss.

The throat-fuckers aside, the rest of the herd came in around 6 to 7 inches diameter for their mouths and throats.

“The mouths of your cows all seem to be flexible and serviceable,” said Lyca as she wiped off the oral dildo she had been using and left it hanging from the rafters.

By this point, my bull cock was hard as a rock. As much as I hated wasting bull semen, thick streamers of it were hanging from the tip. Xana, who had been filming the inspection brought the camera over and took a long shot of my muscled bull body and the thick veins running around my two foot, meaty bull cock, then continued filming as Lyca lifted up the tip of my throbbing cock, gave it a lick, and winked.

“Don’t get too carried away, your turn will come soon enough,” she said.

Lyca returned to Alina at the head of the line. She called Mallory and Violet over. The two cow girls with previous inspection experience stood by quietly but expectantly.

Lyca ran her hands down my wife’s stomach, feeling her tummy, running her fingers through Alina’s cow fur landing strip, and then sliding her gloved hands between my wife’s thighs. Alina sighed and closed her eyes as Lyca felt her up.

Lyca moved behind Alina and gently pushed her over so she was leaning forward against a post. She tapped Alina’s thighs and had her spread her legs. Then she gave a few pumps of air into the inflatable cock hanging in front of her, and began sliding the dong inside Alina’s slit.

Alina closed her eyes and smiled as Lyca slid the two-foot-long dong into her pussy. Her nipples tightened and trickles of milk slipped from her udders that hung in front of her. As soon as Lyca’s stomach bounced against Alina’s ass, Lyca began pumping air into the dildo. I watched as my wife’s cunt got stretched wider and wider and wider. Finally Alina held up her hand to stop the alpha she-wolf.

“7.8 inches,” Lyca called out, then slowly slid the dong out of my wife, leaving her vagina gaping and wet. Violet leaned down and used her hands to hold Alina’s cunt open, giving Lyca a clear view inside.

“Nice cervical dilation, good color, excellent musculature, nice penetration, looks great,” Lyca said. Violet let go, and Violet and Mallory both gave Alina’s slit a lick, and both gave a thumbs up.

“Great,” Lyca said. She deflated the dong most of the way and repeated the performance on Alina’s asshole, this time only coming out with a diameter of 6.3 inches. Clearly this was why my wife preferred vaginal over anal.

Lyca continued through the same set of actions with each of the remaining cows. The biggest diameter ass was on Lucy, at 9.2 inches, and the biggest diameter cunt/cervix was on our new cow Mallory at 9.3 inches. Lucy pouted and determined to try harder. The smallest on both were on poor Helga, both coming in at just around 6.2.

“That will definitely do,” Lyca said, putting the tape measure away and pulling out a really long, thin, flexible dildo with measurement markings on the side. “Time for the depth check.”

Alina was first, followed by the rest of the cows. The deepest throat was Ykaterina at 31.8 inches, the deepest cunt was my beloved at 32.9 inches, and the deepest ass was Lucy by a hair at 33.2 inches. The shallowest was Helga who barely checked in around 25 inches on all three holes.

By this point, I was insanely hot and all the cows were turned on. I could tell they wanted nothing more than for the climax of the inspection. But first, Lyca had to have her direct inspection of the bull and his cock.

Since she was done with the cow inspection (and no longer in danger of coming into contact with too much cow pussy/asshole juice that would turn her into a cow) she peeled off the gimp suit and stood nude in front of me. She measured the length of my hard bull cock (25 inches – I had grown), the circumference of the head (16.3 inches – 5.2 inch diameter), the circumference just behind the head (12.9 inches – 4.1 inch diameter) and the circumference of the base (19.2 inches – 6.1 inch diameter).

“There’s only one thing left is checking to make sure the bull can satisfy all the cows with room to spare. Slide all the way into me, give me three pulses, then go to the hilt in all three holes of all the cows, giving them three pulses in each hole and bringing them to a climax in their preferred one. Then you come back to me and make me come at least twice. Got it?”

I nodded. It was the moment I had been waiting for ever since the inspection began. Lyca bent over and leaned against a barn post, her wolfen cunt sopping wet and gaping open in front of me. I gave my bull cock one final stroke then drove my meat into Lyca. She gasped as I went for glory, parting her lobes with my meaty head and driving all the way in until my bull balls hit her wolf clit. I gave a few strokes, then pulsed three full shots of bull semen into her. She moaned and I felt her come around my cock.

I slipped out and moved to my wife. Alina preferred vaginal, and it made sense to me that I would finish in the cow’s preferred orifice. I gently nudged her down onto her knees in front of me and slid my cock into her mouth, slipping all two feet down her throat. She closed her eyes and moaned softly when my balls hit her chin. I gave her three pulses into her stomach then slipped out. She stood and bent over, giving me access to her cunt and asshole. I buried my cock her asshole first giving her the required three shots, then slipped into her slit.

Alina’s cunt was her preferred fuck, and she moaned as I slipped into her, driving my bull cock down her cow love tunnel, popping through her dilated cervix, going all the way until my stomach hit her ass. She moaned again as I began a slow motion in and out of her slit, grool and bull semen slipping from her hole around my cock. It was wonderful.

Alina was my wife, and I loved her, and I would have loved to have spent the next hour giving her a long, slow fuck. But unfortunately we were in the middle of an inspection, so I had to keep things moving. Equally unfortunately, it doesn’t take a bull long to make his cow girls pop, so I only had to give a half dozen strokes before Alina came around my cock. I sighed and slipped out of her, leaving my juice and her grool gushing from her gaped cunt. That wasn’t very satisfying.

Lucy – an anal queen – was next. I again started in her mouth, driving my cock all the way in and giving three pulses. Next I bent her over and gave her three pulses in her cunt. When I was done with her pussy, she reached around and used three fingers to gape her ass for me. She pulled it almost as wide as Lyca had during the inspection. It was pink, pulsating, and filled with cow grool.

“Please don’t be gentle,” she intoned. So I wasn’t. I drove my cock hard into her ass, burying all 25 inches in one rapid thrust. Lucy arched her back and her tits shot out streamers of milk. Again, unfortunately, she came almost immediately around my cock. I sighed, gave her three pulses of my bull juice, and slid out. Pink ass flesh hung out from her gaped sphincter after my withdrawal.

Next up was Angela. Her preference was oral, so I bent her over and hit her cunt and ass first, administering the required three pulses before she dropped to her knees in front of me, closed her eyes, and opened that insanely wide mouth. It was like watching a snake unhinge its jaws. It was practically uncanny. I swear I could have almost slid the first half of my cock into her without hitting the walls of her gullet. I pushed in, slipping all the way and began to facefuck. But again, cows come fast for their bulls, and just a few strokes in, Angela came hard, her throat slime cascading out of her mouth and down her chin. I rolled my eyes, gave her three pulses of bull semen and slipped out.

Helga, who was another vaginal girl, was also the one with the smallest holes, so I very gently gave her her three pulses in her mouth and ass. She then seemed to come the moment my cock passed her cervix, but if felt a little odd. I never thought any of my cows faked orgasms, but this one gave me pause. Still, she seemed to pop, so I didn’t doubt her.

Violet, another oral girl, was next. Same old story. Three pulses in her ass, three pulses in her cunt, then two strokes into her mouth and pop goes the cow girl. Sigh.

Mallory the cervix queen was next. It was laughable. Like Helga, the moment my head hit her cervix she popped. So sad.

Ykaterina was another BJ sweetie, but she came before my head was halfway down her throat.

Essie, who wasn’t sure what she wanted, asked for vaginal to be her preference for the inspection. To my massive gratitude, she actually had some staying power. It took almost a dozen passes in and out of her cervix before she popped. I was so happy I hugged her from behind and filled her up good before I moved on.

Finally, the omega cow, Bibi, my grandmother, who was a total anal slut. I penetrated her mouth and cunt as per procedure, then paused in front of her asshole while she used two hands to pull it wide. I didn’t have particularly high expectations, but I was thrilled when Bibi managed to hold back for two solid minutes before finally reaching a crushing orgasm that made her knees buckle. Had I not held onto her, she would have fallen to the floor.

Once my grandmother came back to her senses, I slid from her asshole and turned back to Lyca.

“Make me come twice,” the alpha she-wolf said.

“No problem,” I replied, driving into her cunt and pumping my gargantuan bull cock in and out of her. She still was bent over, thick streamers of her grool sliding down the inside of her thighs. She moaned as I pumped her. I felt her legs shake and held her up as she came quickly around my throbbing meat.

Still I pumped in and out of her cunt, my bull semen gushing out of her around my meat. I felt her come again after just a dozen strokes.

I slowly let her slide from my cock. She slipped onto all fours for a moment, then looked up at me with a smile.

“Fantastic,” she said.

“That wasn’t particularly satisfying for me,” I replied. “I’d like to hit the cows again in their preferred holes.”

“Not a good idea. Maybe you could, but you might max out.”

“So what if I do?” I asked.

“It hurts like hell,” she said. “You have horrible muscle cramps for about ten minutes until your balls get some semen back in them. Plus, I’ve never met a bull who could do an inspection then a regular fuck of nine cows and complete it.”

“I’d love to try,” I asked.

“There’s another risk too…”


“Occasionally, really strong, potent bulls – like you - can overdo it and their cock changes into...something different.”

“Different? Is it no longer a cock? Is it no longer usable?”

“No, it’s definitely still a cock,” Lyca said. “It’s just different, it becomes kind”

As we were having this conversation, the cows were sensing my feelings of dissatisfaction and were pressing towards me and making mewing sounds. Angela was on her knees in front of me, reaching for my cock. Lucy was pressing her tits against one arm, Bibi against the others. The rest of the cows were looking on behind them. I have to admit, the combination of my own unsatisfied arousal and the angst of the cows was interrupting my higher brain processes. If I had been smart I would have just given my wife a good, long fuck. But like I said, I wasn’t thinking with the head atop my shoulders.

“Whatever…” I said, disregarding the warnings of getting a horse-like cock.

“Your choice. But be sure to stop if you start to have any kind of muscle soreness...”

Before Lyca could say anything more, the cows grabbed my shoulder and pulled me over to them. So it started again, except this time I got a chance to suck on some of those big, veiny, cow girl titties first. The milk was sweet, delicious, intoxicating. I took at least a mouthful from every single one of their cow tits. Then I pounded Alina’s cunt, Lucy’s incredible ass, Angela’s mouth, Violet’s ass, Mallory’s cunt, Essie’s slit, Ykaterina’s lips, and Bibi’s bottomless ass. Helga begged out, saying she was feeling funny after the inspection. When I was finished, all of the cows except Helga had their preferred holes full and overflowing. Finally I returned to Lyca, bent her over, and gave her another dozen pulses into her cunt, before I pulled out and sat down, sweat pouring down my muscled bull body.

“There,” I said. “That’s better.”

“Christ,” Lyca said, smiling, giving me a hug and stroking my still-hard cock. “You are a cock demon. That was incredible to watch.”

Honestly, I probably could have kept going but I was becoming afraid of those muscle cramps Lyca warned me about. One of the cows brought beers from the fridge and we sat around in the barn catching our breath.

Suddenly Lyca said “oh shit.”

“What?” I asked, looking around. She pointed at my cock.

“I was afraid of that,” she said.

I looked down at my meat that was still half-erect and slowly trickling a thread of bull come. But it had changed. The cock head had become strangely shaped and the base had been altered. It looked weird.

“There you go,” Lyca said. “This is what I was worried about.”

“Wow,” I murmured. “Is this permanent?”

“As long as you remain a bull, yes,” said Lyca. “But on the other hand, it is an incredible turn-on for the cow girls. When that horse cock head hits any tightened part of their orifices, like the throat or cervix, it drives them nuts. And when you pull out, the cervix grabs the flared head and tugs the flesh right out of the body. You’re going to start having your cowgirls with their kitties turning inside-out. Once they get used to it, they will love it.”

I looked down at my meat. It was weird, but not too weird. I figured if I could get used to horns and things like that, I could adjust to this freaky meat. The cows seemed fascinated by my newly re-formed cock and they gathered around, feeling it, stroking it, shoving their milky mounds into my face. I couldn’t help it, I felt myself getting hard again as I sucked on their long nipples and wide aureoles, drinking down their delightful saffron-tinged milk. Their hands were all over my horse-shaped cock and it was turning purple and erect.

I might have gone another round with them, but before I could I became aware of a distant rumble outside that slowly got closer and closer until it sounded like it was coming up our driveway. I scooted out of the barn, followed by Alina, Lyca, and the cows.

Lined up on the driveway, and then alongside the road stretching almost as far as I could see were a series of flatbed semis with different components of modular buildings. A pair of cranes were in the lead.

“The cow ranch has arrived!” Lyca cried.


Lyca pulled on a robe and scooted out to meet the workers while the beta she-wolves herded the cows and I back inside so they could finish up the inspection. They took samples of our various fluids, then we all went out to watch the wolves build up our cow girl ranch.

The speed with which the wolves and their contractors got these new buildings assembled, affixed to their foundations, wired, plumbed, and inspected was breathtaking. It took only three days before the farm was transformed. I don’t know who their connections were in the county, but the inspectors seemed to show up the moment the last pipe was soldered.

The only hiccup in the fast, happy proceedings came Tuesday morning. Lucy had taken Mallory, Essie, and Bibi to get their piercings and tattoos, Alina was meeting with Xana to finalize our social media activities, and I was walking out to my car to run into town. Lyca intercepted me, Helga following. The cow girl had her eyes downcast and looked like she had been crying.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

Helga sniffled.

“Go ahead,” Lyca said, putting her arm around Helga. “Tell Brendan what you need to tell him. He’ll understand.”

There was a moment of silence, so I prompted Helga.

“It’s okay, honey” I said. “Whatever’s wrong, we can work it out. Just tell me so I can set things right. I want you to be happy.”

Helga sniffed.

“I...I...I…” she started, then paused. “I...I don’t want to be a cow girl anymore…I’m the worst cow in the herd. I have the smallest holes. My udders hurt. My back hurts. My pussy hurts. I make the least milk. I...I’m uncomfortable when your bull cock is inside of me, especially as it’s gotten bigger. All the other cows get excited when you get bigger, I get sad. I’m just not meant to be a cow and I don’t want this life anymore. I’m sorry. Please don’t send me to the cow pound. I’m so scared of being put down.”

“There is nothing to be sorry about, sweetheart, you will never go to the cow pound, I promise,” I said, giving her a hug. She sobbed into my shoulder. “There there, you’re going to be okay. Nobody is going to any cow pounds as long as I’m the bull here.” I held her while her sobbing slowed, then I turned to Lyca.

“She doesn’t have to be a cow girl...right?” I asked.

“Once you’re an alternate human you can never go back to being a regular human,” Lyca replied. “But you can switch between different types of alternate humans. There are other types of cows – like pig girls and sheep girls - but they’re all forms of cows so that wouldn’t help her. There are milk maids, but if penetration is painful and her udders and back hurt, that’s a non-starter. There are several other types of alternate humans, but I don’t think randomly trying things until something fits is a good idea. Usually in these situations, the easiest transition from a cow is to a wolf – the body becomes smaller, more compact, more lithe, and for someone having her problems, more comfortable. A former cow can either become a member of a pack, or just become a lone wolf and reintegrate into society in a normal human-like fashion. I talked it over with Helga, and she would like to continue to be involved with the farm. She’s gotten pretty good with cameras, so she can help with the streaming cams and with the security cameras. This girl has a hell of a work ethic and I would love to keep her around. So she has agreed to join the pack.”

“All of that sounds great to me. What does she need to do to become a wolf? Does she need to give a blow job to a he-wolf or something like that?”

“No, wolves are carnivores, so becoming a wolf is a blood ritual. And if she wants to join the pack, there’s some reading she needs to do in advance, and a test. So it will be a couple of weeks before she will convert. If it’s okay, for now she can just stay a non-penetrating member of the herd, provide milk, help with the cams, and all that, then we can convert her when she has met all the prerequisites. We have some supportive clothing she can wear to make it more comfortable until she transitions into the pack.”


“Great, just one other thing,” Lyca said. “We like it when new pack members have a non-wolf friend of the pack sponsor them to join. That sponsor would come to the ritual when we turn her into a wolf and induct her. It would be great if you and Alina could sponsor her and come to the ritual. During the ritual we will draw a little bit of your and your wife’s blood, but not a lot. You sponsoring a pack member would also cement the relationship between your herd and the pack. Would that be okay?”

“It would be an honor, and I know Alina would feel the same,” I said. Helga, who had been standing to the side sniffling the whole time Lyca and I talked, came forward and gave me another hug.

“Thank you,” she said. “I’m so happy I can still be part of the farm.”

“We’re thrilled to have you,” I said. “If there is anything you need from us to make your time here – as a cow or a wolf – better, please speak up. I’m sorry you had to go through this.”

Still sniffling, Helga went off to get fitted with some comfortable clothes and then to get back to work on the cameras. Lyca and I talked about opening the cow bar. The buildings were supposed to be completed Thursday so the next day was a Friday, that would make a perfect opening night for the cow bar. Lyca wanted my blessing to have some of the cows to head into town to do a little publicity, and to run spots on local radio and TV about the opening. I gave the go-ahead.

And if it was opening night for the cow bar, it meant it was time to turn my mom into a cow. After Lyca and I talked, I went inside to the bedroom where I could talk privately, and called my mother.

Mom: “Hi Brendan.”

Me: “Hi Mom.”

Mom: “Um...[pause]...Any word on when you know...welcome me to the herd?”

Me: “The cow bar opens Friday night. I want the highlight of the night to be turning my mom into a member of my herd and fucking her until she begs for mercy on stage in front of live in-person and online audience. If less than 500 people see me rip up your newly-minted cow girl rear I will be disappointed.”

Mom: “Finally. I can’t fucking wait to have your bull cock in all my holes. I think my panties have been soaked almost 24x7 since we last talked and most of the time I have a butt plug up my ass.”

Me: “You’re turning my bull cock all kinds of hard.”

Mom: “That’s hot. You need to start calling me by my name instead of “mom” though. I’m Shawna. Call me by my name.”

Me: “Okay Shawna. I’m going to rip up your ass on Friday night, Shawna. Calling you mom when I fuck your ass is hot too.”

Mom: “It is! I need to make a confession, though.”

Me: “That seems to be going around today. What is it?”

Mom: “I’ve been taking some supplements that increase a girl’s chances of know…extra breasts.”

Me: “You’re already at risk of having extra udders just because grandma Bibi has extras. Are you serious?”

Mom: “Totally. She’s twenty-plus years my senior, so she had that as a risk factor anyway. I want a slam dunk. I want at least four, but six would be awesome.”

Me: “Wow, mom, that’s...unexpected.”

Mom: “You’re not mad are you?”

Me: “No, not at all, just surprised. I think you’d be hot with a couple extra pairs. More to jiggle when I fuck your asshole on stage.”

Mom: “I’m so fucking wet. Again. Still.”

Alina came into the room and saw me with my horse-like cock hard and throbbing. She gave me a querying look about the phone and when I said it was my mom, she peeled off her clothes and climbed onboard my meat, sliding her cow cunt all the way down my horse-like bull cock, thrusting it past her cervix and deep into her womb. Then she reached over and grabbed the phone.

Alina: “Hi Shawna. I just climbed on board your son’s big cock. He was big as a lunar rocket from talking to you. He’s stretching my cervix wide open.”

Mom: “Hi Alina, so you’re fucking the cock I got hard?”

Alina: “Yeah, thanks for the assist. You know, a bull can have more than one alpha cow, if he permits it. I think that you should be the second alpha cow. Brendan and I have a king bed, enough for three. You should move in with us, be the true second alpha. You’ve always treated me better than my mom ever did. Since everybody’s confessing today, I have a confession. When I married your son I did it partly to get a real mother instead of my own fucked-up mother, Lucy. So I want you to be the other alpha. I want you and I to fuck your son together. I want you to be my real mom that I eat out and fuck anytime we want. It’ll be awesome. Are you down with that?”

Mom: [Heavy breathing] “I just came. Yes, I am, that would be fantastic.”

Alina: “Great, I can’t wait. Friday night, after you eat me out to become a cow, while you’re pumping out your two gallons of milk, I am shoving my arm up your ass past the elbow. Then, when your son rips into your ass, I’m going to put on a strap on and shove it down your throat. Brendan and I are going to spit-roast you. On stage. Live-streamed.”

Mom: “That would be so hot.”

Alina: “Just don’t hurt yourself between now and Friday night, okay?”

Mom: [breathless]: “Ooooh, I just came again. I’ll try not to.”

Alina began pounding her cow cunt up and down my horse-shaped bull cock holding the phone where my mom could hear it. I filled her up at least three times over before she finally slowed down and hugged me, my cock still up her cunt and pulsing out juice as we basked in the afterglow. Somewhere along the line I think my mom hung up because the line was dead when we were finished. I wondered if she came again.

Meanwhile, while we fucked, work continued apace. By the end of the day Thursday, the cow farm was ready and the cranes were rolling off to their next job somewhere else.

The buildings on the farm all were designed to have an old west feel. They had wooden porches, working shutters, and fireplaces. The two cam studios and the cow bar even had bat-winged doors that could be popped on for when the weather was nice.

The cow bar stood at the end of the property near the road, with its own parking lot and security fence. The cam studios and the little cow houses were all clustered together just up the hill from the house and barn. An additional section was added to the the barn for the private milking sessions, and bleachers were set up by the clover and daisy pasture.

It was time for things to start cranking into high gear.

Whole new sections on our website went live on Friday and customers could reserve slots in the private rooms to watch a cow milk during the evening milking session starting Monday. Folks could also reserve blocks of time to sit on the bleachers and watch the cows frolic. The videos we had been capturing since the wolves got involved came online, and the cows all scheduled time slots in the camming studio to do their thing.

And, of course, the cow bar was slated to open Friday night. We debated what nights it would be open, since we needed to have cows (and maybe a wolf or two) working the stage if it was open. We settled on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, with afternoon hours the last Sunday of the month.

Friday around lunchtime my mom’s car pulled into our driveway, followed by a small moving van. I was in front of the barn talking to Lyca. My mom climbed out of her car and almost ran to me, leaping into my arms and wrapping her legs around my waist. She kissed me hard on the lips.

I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra undereath her T-shirt, and she was wearing a pair of cut-offs not unlike the pair the Mallory wore to her interview. I grabbed my mom’s ass to hold her up so she didn’t fall off me, and my finger slipped in between her cheeks and underneath the shorts. She didn’t have any underwear on and her cut-offs were soaked.

There was nothing more I would have loved to do right then was bend her over and fuck her, but she was still a normal human, and my 25-inch-long, 6-inch-thick horse cock would have killed her. When she finally disengaged from me and stepped back, she looked down sheepishly.

“Sorry...I’m just so ready for tonight. I think I’m masturbating at least five times a day. I can’t wait to be turned into a cow.”

“And I can’t wait to turn you into one either. It’s almost time. Just be patient a little longer, it’s going to be a hell of a show.”

I gave her a tour of the farm and introduced her to the cows. Alina and Violet were doing a show in the cam studio with Helga manning the camera, and we watched for a bit. I thought the idea of having my mother here might be strange, but it wasn’t. Me turning her into a cow and fucking her like mad, and even her sort of becoming a second wife to me, all seemed normal and okay. When Alina saw her come into the studio, she disengaged from the mutual-tit-suck she and Violet were engaged in and ran over to hug her. My mom’s shirt got soaked with cow milk, so when Alina pulled back, Shawna’s yellow T-shirt was pasted to her chest and had turned partially transparent.

I smiled. “Once you become a cow, you never have to wear a wet T-shirt – or any T-shirt – again.”

To describe my mom, she was about my height, had a mild mom bod with gentle curves, and had straight dark, almost black, hair (she almost looked kind of goth). You could see a strong resemblance in our faces – not so much with Bibi’s face. And now, as she stood there wearing a wet T-shirt and watching as Alina went back to her camshow with Violet, I knew she was going to make an amazing cow.

I ducked into the camshow long enough to give a quick cunt fuck to Alina and to sodomize Violet, then Shawna and I just watched the rest of the show.

When Alina finished up the cam show, and she and my mom ran inside to direct the movers where to stow my mom’s stuff and to get her situated as a third party in our bedroom arrangement. I was downstairs in the farmhouse trying to take a nap on the couch and watch a ballgame, but I could hear them giggling like schoolgirls upstairs. It made me happy, and I knew that things would be really great once she became a cow girl.

The anticipation that hung in the air before the cow bar opening – and my mom’s conversion - was so thick you could cut it with a knife. We were all itching for the evening’s festivities and the clock on the wall seemed to be crawling. My attempt at a nap was unsuccessful and I went for a walk around the property instead, then got in the car and just went for a random drive. When I got home, I noticed that even the other cows were sensing the nervous energy.

Opening was scheduled for 8:00, and since the wolves were doing the management, the bulls and the cows didn’t have to show up to the bar until 7:45. 4:00 came and went, then 4:30, then 4:45, then 5:00, then 5:05...5:08...5:10...we were all driving ourselves crazy. Ykaterina came up with the idea to play a game and somehow we got into a goofy game of charades (what the hell, charades?) to kill time.

Finally (thank God!) it got to be time to shower and get ready, and at 7:45 the cows, my mom, and I showed up, all clean, horny, and ready to rock and roll. Helga wasn’t part of the troop, she was running the main camera for the livestream so was already at the cow bar.

The cow bar was packed. Beer was flowing, drink specials were cranking, and special cow-girl-milk drinks were rolling down the bar as fast as the she-wolf bartenders could keep up. The hottest drink of the night was the cowslide – a mudslide made with cow girl milk.

We started the evening by me (in just a pair of shorts) leading the cows – who wore cow pattern tights but no tops and were chained together – on stage and introducing each one. I also noted (where appropriate) their relationship to me. That took about ten minutes.

Then we went backstage and each cow went on stage for a two-song routine of their own creation. The cows went all in and took some monster toys on stage with them, showing off what they could do. They squirted milk into the audience, stretched themselves open, and did over top crazy things that made the audience go wild. Paper money rained onto the stage. Between their two songs, all the cows had two minutes to address the audience about themselves, their preferences, and their social media info (including camming info). To get through all eight cows took almost 90 minutes.

After that, Bibi and Essie came on stage and did a milking demo, draining a total of 11 gallons between them. While they milked, I came out and showed my horse-like bull cock, giving a couple squirts of bull juice into the audience.

After that, the she-wolves Lyca, Tori, and Xana did a three-way mother-daughters thing on stage that was smoking hot.

So now the night was wearing on and the crowd was totally stoked. I knew it was time for the main event.

Since she wasn’t a cow yet, my mom had been watching this all go by from backstage, pacing nervously. She wore just a semi-tranparent cow-patterned thong bikini, and the thong was soaked. After my turn on stage and the milking demo, I went backstage and checked the stats on the livestream. We had almost 500 viewers, and there had to be almost another 75 in person. It was quite the crowd.

I reached out and took my mother’s hand.

“It’s showtime,” I said, and nodded to my wife.

Alina, who had already been on stage once that evening, climbed up nude with a chair and sat down, spreading her legs and fingering her kitty. I put a collar around my mother’s neck, attached a leash, and walked her up on stage.

“You have a special treat tonight,” I said. “In honor of our grand opening, we are turning a girl into a cow girl right here on stage before your very eyes.

Alina’s big cow girl udders were trickling milk as she masturbated in front of the crowd. I reached for the knot in the back of my mom’s bikini top, getting ready to pull it off. She unexpectedly pulled away.

“I didn’t think you were going to take that off me until I was a cow?” she asked, looking nervous.

“If you are going to be a good little bimbo slut cow girl you need to do what your bull tells you to. Now get undressed,” I said, just loud enough for her to hear but nobody else.

For a moment I thought she was going to protest, but then a smile slid across her face.

“Of course,” she concluded. She reached up and pulled off her bikini top and the thong and stood there naked in front of the crowd, who hooted and cheered.

“Better,” I said, giving her ass a little slap.

I gently took my mother’s hair and pushed her face in between Alina’s thighs. She knelt down and began eating out my wife, lapping her thick cow labia and sucking on her meaty clitoris. Alina smiled and looked down at my mom, meeting her eyes as she slipped two, then three, then four fingers into Alina’s cunt. Alina reached down and pushed the rest of my mom’s hand and forearm inside, then leaned back as my mother continued lapping up her sweet cow pussy and ass juice.

I lifted up my mother’s ass and eased her legs apart, making sure the audience had a clear view of her cunt and asshole when the transitioned happened. I let several thick streamers of bull cock juice slide down onto her asshole, and used that to lubricate my finger as I slipped it into her sphincter. I only used one finger because I didn’t want to hurt her. I knew in just a moment or two, that would turn into a cow asshole and the sky would be the limit.

Alina moaned and came around my mother’s forearm for the third or fourth time.

I knew because of my mom’s age, it would take a few minutes for the cow juice to take effect. But knowing that I was becoming a tad nervous when we approached five minutes.

Then it happened all at once, like it had with Bibi and Essie. Six inch horns erupted from her head. Her cunt and asshole thickened and gaped, the outer edges of the meaty flesh of her cunt practically merged with the meaty flesh of her asshole. Thick pink tissue hung wetly from both orifices.

I reached down and pulled her back from Alina’s cunt. Her hair was thicker and her face had taken on the typical bimbo-like features of the cow girl – big eyes, long lashes, luscious red lips.

And hanging from her chest were six big udders, similar in size and shape to the set that her mother had, except these were even thicker and milkier. Her aureoles were wide and pale brown, and her nipples trickled sweet cow milk.

The crowd, who had been watching this in relative silence, burst out and started cheering.

My mother, Shawna, knelt before me, looking like the perfect bimbo cow girl slut. She gazed up at me with her perfect little cow eyes and stroked my cock.

“Is my bull pleased with his mommy cow?” she asked, batting her long lashes.

“I am,” I said. “As soon as you give me a couple gallons of milk, I will formally welcome you to the herd.”

I slid my hard horse-like bull cock up between her tits, then up her chin. When she stuck out her tongue to lick it, I pulled it back.

“Not until you give me your first two gallons,” I said.

Lucy appeared as planned with a set of milkers. Thankfully she had prepared for the worst and brought six. She attached them to my mother’s newly-minted udders and turned on the portable milk machine. Immediately streams of milk began pouring from my mom’s big, veiny, milky cow tits.

Alina knelt down behind my mom and leaned her chin on her shoulder.

“I promised you I’d break in that asshole of yours while you milked. Ready?”

My mom leaned her head back, and my wife and mother kissed. Alina reached around and squeezed Shawna’s big milky tits, squirting a heavier flow into a milker that was already past it’s first gallon. Then Alina pushed my mother forward onto all fours, making the milkers clack against the floor as her big, heavy udders hung down.

There is something about becoming a cow (or a bull, for that matter) that you inherently know how to do certain things. My mother somehow knew intuitively what she could do to her asshole, because she leaned over and used her entire fist to pull her asshole open. Pink flesh and cow pussy juice slipped from her ass. Alina used my mother’s thick grool to lube up her hand, then slid first two fingers, then three, then her entire hand into my mom’s ass. Shawna closed her eyes and moaned as Alina pushed inside.

The milkers had reached two gallons and were still going strong, but I wasn’t going to stop Alina from warming up my mother for me. Alina was halfway to her elbow, pushing deeper and deeper. My mother arched her back and moaned, fresh streamers of milk pouring into the milker, as Alina reached her elbow, straightened her arm, and pushed just past.

The milker reached three gallons, and I gestured for Lucy to turn it off. She unhooked the milkers from Shawna’s six udders, leaving my mom’s nipples milky and puffy. I knelt down and pushed my mother’s shoulders up, causing Alina’s arm to slightly distend her stomach. My mom looked at me with her bimbo face and her big cow eyes. Her big, milky udders hung down in front of her. I leaned forward and we kissed, out tongues intertwining, her breath tasting like saffron and milk. I slipped my hard, horse-like bull cock up between her tits and slowly tit-fucked her, lubricating with her sweet milk. My cock rubbed against Alina’s hand inside her abdomen. Thick streamers of my bull semen mixed with my mother’s milk and coated her big veiny tits.

Alina slowly withdrew her arm from Shawna’s ass leaving it stretched and gaping. I kissed my mother again.

“Break me in,” she said. “Stretch all my holes. Go around the world. Make your mother your little milky cow slut.”

I stood up and turned to the crowd.

“This is my mother,” I said. “We turned her into a cow tonight, live in front of you and on our livestream. Hundreds are watching. Now I’m going to welcome her to the herd.”

There was an unexpected second or two of silence, like the crowd were caught offguard by this incestuous revelation. But then some woman in the back of the bar screamed “Fuck her! Fuck your mom!” After that, everyone cheered, egging me on.

I stroked my 25-inch bull cock, unleashing thick streamers of bull come down my mother’s face and tits. She opened her huge cow mouth dutifully and I slipped my monster cock inside, pushing inch-by-inch down her throat until her chin hit my balls. She choked once, retched a little, then settled down and just breathed gently as I held my cock in her throat for a count of ten. Then I gave three pulses of bull semen into her gullet and slowly withdrew my throat-slime-covered meat from her maw. When the head finally slipped past her lips, she opened her watery eyes and smiled.

“Good girl,” I said.

I pushed her down on all fours and moved behind her, stroking my cock and letting more streamers of bull juice slip from the tip. Her asshole was pink, gaping and ready, but I wanted to start with her wet cunt. The thick lobes of my mother’s labia were wide open, and they ran from the hood around her long clit, around her yawning vagina, and merged with the meaty flesh of her stretched sphincter. I gave my horse-like bull meat a hard stroke and slipped it into her wet cunt.

Shawna moaned as I pushed in deeper and deeper, grool and bull semen pouring out of her cunt around my five-to-six-inch-thick horse-shaped cock. Her lobes parted like the fucking Red Sea – and was almost as wet. About halfway down my 25-inch bull cock I felt the horse tip slide past her cervix. My mother gave a loud moan and arched her back, pushing her body backwards and driving the final foot of cock hard into her cunt. This unleashed a tidal wave of semen and grool. All six of her huge tits shook when her ass slammed against my toned stomach. Even I moaned at the sensation.

Helga, who had been operating the camera, moved to get a clear shot of my cock deep in my mom’s slit. I slid two fingers from each hand in beside my cock and pulled her open even wider, giving the viewers online a clear shot of my cock in Shawna’s cunt. I gave three pulses of bull juice into her, then began sliding back.

As my cock slipped from my mother’s cunt, Alina had come up and was using four fingers from each hand to pull my mom’s asshole wide open. A lobe of her pink cow assflesh popped out, coated with grool and begging me to drive my cock inside.

“Fuck my ass,” my mom urged, her eyes closed, her six big cow udders quivering in anticipation, milk streaming from long, hard nipples. When the tip of my cock finally slipped from her cunt, it hung open, her cervix pulled forward, gaped, and hovering just inside her yawning lobes.

“Ram it in my asshole,” my mother moaned. “Please, now. I want to be your little milky cow slut. Fill mommy’s cow whore asshole with your bull juice. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment.”

So I did. I drove my meat hard into my mom’s waiting asshole. It parted smoothly, as if this was the moment it had been waiting for, as if my 25 inches had been inside it a hundred times before. It was amazing. I went straight in and felt like I could have slid another foot inside her without any challenge.

“Oh fuck yeah,” my mother moaned. “Fuck me hard. Come on, make me come a hundred times. Fill me up. Get fucking busy.”

With that urging, I began frantically pistoning my cock in and out of my mother’s gaping asshole. She urged me to go harder and faster, as cow grool and bull come poured out of her ass. Her sphincter gaped even wider than my cock and pink ass flesh gripped my meat, sliding in and out of her asshole with each stroke of my pulsating, vein-covered bull cock.

Sweat poured off both of our bodies. As she had threatened, Alina appeared with an 24-inch-long strap-on around her hips. My mom looked up at her with her doe eyes, then opened her mouth. Alina slipped the dong all the way in.

It took a moment for Alina and I to get our motions in synch, but eventually we got a good rhythm and began spit-roasting my mom. Shawna’s eyes were closed, but moans and groans came from deep in her throat around the cock that Alina was pounding in and out of her mouth. Despite having just been milked, fresh saffron cow milk poured from my mom’s udders, puddling on the stage just below veiny tits that hung to the floor.

Sodomizing my mother was a transcendental experience. It was as if we were born for this moment. Me with my massive horse-like bull cock, my mother with her deep cow asshole. Me with my sculpted bull physique, my mom with her six udders and bimbo body. Me with endless bull energy, my mom with endless cow desire. It was incredible.

My wife and I spit-roasted my mother for what seemed like forever. Helga captured every angle, every stroke, every possible drop of bodily fluids that poured from us. The crowd was screaming their approval, but I barely heard it. All I knew was the rhythm of my cock sliding in and out of my mother’s asshole and the thud as both Alina and I would bottom out on each stroke.

I must have unloaded a half a gallon of bull juice, at least, into my mom’s asshole. And I would bet she exuded at least that much grool from her asshole and cunt. I have no idea how many times she came because I lost track at eight.

I thought it was time to slow down and give my mother a break, but my grandmother Bibi – Shawna’s mother – appeared beside me. She pulled me back, letting my cock slide out, then grabbed the shaft and pushed me back in with her holding on. My cock and my grandmother’s forearm slipped into my mother’s asshole. The diameter of the two combined must have been staggering.

My mother didn’t seem to care. The herbs she had taken to increase her chances of having more udders also seemed to have opened up her ass wider. She pulled off of Alina’s dong and egged me to fuck her harder before my wife grabbed her horns and forced her throat back down the strap on.

I lost track of time. I fucked, I fucked, I fucked. Come poured from my bull cock. Grool poured from my mother’s cow asshole. My grandmother switched hands twice, and still I fucked my mother’s deep, stretched asshole. On we went.

Finally, I decided I had had enough. I slowed down and slowly slid my cock from my mother’s asshole. Her inflamed red flesh slipped out around my cock, hanging out of the gaped sphincter. I walked around to where Alina was still face-fucking her. My wife slid her artificial cock out of my mother’s mouth. Shawna looked up at me and smiled. How she could smile after that abuse I had no idea. Clearly my mother had truly become another one of my slut cow girl herd.

Bibi, Shawna’s mother, moved into position and started sucking bull come from her daughter’s asshole, taking her red, inflamed, stretched assflesh into her mouth and licking off the juice. My mom moaned.

I gently took my mother’s cow horns and moved her face back to my cock.

“You wanted me to take you around the world,” I said, and drove my cock that had just come from her asshole straight down her throat. She moaned and retched, then fell silent as my balls hit her chin. I stroked my cock in and out of her mouth a dozen times, giving her several pulses of bull juice, before pulling back out and shooting several more loads across her face.

“Am I a good little mommy cow slut?” she asked, smiling, her visage coated in my bull juice.

I nodded.

The rest of the night was a blur. I fucked my mom’s ass off and on for the next two hours, before we finally closed up. I crawled into bed that night for the first time with two alpha cows – Alina my wife, and Shawna my mother. I was in the middle and surrounded by big milky udders as I slept. It was divine.

The next morning we all slept in. The wolves showed up around noon to help us clean up and get ready for starting normal operations on Monday.

Alina, Shawna, and I were sitting on the porch late in the afternoon taking a break when Lyca came up.

“Well, it looks like things are all set for Monday, and…” she started, but was interrupted by the sound of a police car coming down the driveway. It was the deputy we had met after we had been robbed a couple weeks before. He climbed out of his car and walked over to the porch. His face looked grim and he started talking without even going through any formalities.

“We’ve caught the criminals who stole your product...but it turns out there’s a lot more to this than just some stolen cow girl milk. We really could use your help.”


I stared at the Deputy blankly for a moment.

“You need our help?” I said. Alina and my mother, Shawna, both seemed similarly surprised.

Lyca recovered more quickly.

“What do you mean, Deputy?” she asked.

“Sorry,” he said, pausing to pull of his hat and wipe his brow with his forearm. “The past couple days have been trying. You guys did your first inspection a few days ago, right? And you had your milk tested and certified, right?”

“I guess,” I stammered, looking at Lyca.

She nodded. “We did all the usual things that come with an inspection, so yes.”

“Well when you submitted your milk to the local cooperative, they put it in their database, and got a match with another farm. They had been keeping an eye on that other farm for awhile. The paperwork the other farm was submitting looked a little shady but nothing they could take action on. The inspections were being submitted on time and were certified by someone with a credentials in another state, but still, nothing to set them off completely. But when you submitted your milk, a couple of your cows matched milk that had been submitted from that other farm.”

“Wait...the other farm submitted some of our stolen milk as their own for their inspection results?” I said. “That makes no sense.”

“Actually, it does. That’s probably the main reason they stole it. They weren’t interested in re-selling it, they wanted to use it for their own certification,” the Deputy said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because they’re shady as hell and their own milk won’t pass muster. The state knew you guys were legit because you had wolves running the show, and when they found you had a police report for stolen product - that was enough for the state board to send us in force with a couple of their inspectors to take a look at that other farm. What we found was ugly. There were a dozen cow girls, and another half-dozen each of pig and sheep girls. The conditions were deplorable, they were being kept in pens I wouldn’t want actual cows, pigs, and sheep to be kept in. It was awful.”

Lyca was shaking her head and cursing softly. Alina and Shawna looked shocked, and I felt the same.

“That’s terrible,” I said. “I don’t know what we can do to help, I will do whatever I can.”

“We’ve got two dozen cow, pig, and sheep girls at a hotel out by the interstate. Six of them just want to go home. So if Lyca’s pack can turn them into wolves instead of cow variants, we can get them reunited with their family. The other eighteen wanted to be cow/pig/sheep girls, but they were misled as to how they would be treated at the other farm. We don’t want to send them to the cow pounds – we’re trying to shut those horrible things down - so...”

“So what I think you’re saying,” Lyca interrupted. “Is they need a good bull and a good farm.”

“How many more can I take on?” I asked Lyca. “You told me I was already getting close to maxing out. I thought that was why I had a horse cock? Plus, what about these sheep and pig girls? They’re not cows, are they?”

“Pig girls and sheep girls are variants of cow girls,” Lyca replied. “Pig girls are, well, a lot curvier than cow girls, they have heavy hips, wide asses, and pregnant-looking stomachs that hold huge amounts of milk. They produce a lot of milk, but unless their diet is just right, it can be a lower quality. They were called pig girls before science knew they were just variants of cow girls – and they were called pigs because they were so chunky and because when they are aroused, milk from their belly comes out all their orifices – making a mess. Pig girls also have a mild skin condition. There is a special kind of mud that works best for them and they need to cover themselves in in a couple times a week. If we bring pig girls onto the farm, they will need a pig girl sty where we keep their special mud baths. You’ll love fucking pig girls, especially muddy pig girls. Sheep girls produce less milk, but their patch of fur runs all the way from just above their clit up to their collar bone. The fur is soft and warm and can be made into some amazing garments – and it is incredibly valuable. But let me emphasize again, these are all just variations on cow girls.”

“That’s a lot to digest,” I said. “But I still don’t understand how I can take on more cows if I am already maxing out.”

Lyca just smiled. “You leave the logistics to us wolves. If you’re willing to take them on, we will find a way to make it work. Let’s start out by meeting these other candidates, just give me a few minutes to make a couple of calls first.”

She stepped away to the side and talked on her phone while the deputy, Alina, Shawna, and I sat there quietly waiting for her return. My head was spinning. This was a lot of information to digest, especially after the anticipation and excitement the previous night had left us all feeling a little spent. I had no idea how Lyca was going to make this work. But I had seen enough from the wolves up to this point that I felt confident she had something up her sleeve that would work out.

And, frankly, I had come to trust Lyca. She had always kept my best interest at heart and delivered what she promised. That meant a lot after some of the shenanigans my mother-in-law and grandmother had pulled.

Finally she returned. Alina, Shawna and I climbed into my car, while Lyca and the Deputy hopped into his cruiser and pulled out.

It only took a few minutes to get to a Holiday Inn Express out by the throughway.

“We’ve got them all their own rooms for now, and they were able to spend the night in comfort for the first time in what I think has been several months of captivity,” the Deputy said as we climbed out of the cruiser. “When I talked to them this morning, they were all in pretty high spirits.”

“How long can we keep them up in the hotel?” Lyca asked. “I am guessing the state is only going to pay for their upkeep for so long.”

“We’ve cut a deal with the hotel, so we can keep them here for a little bit. But if this drags out more than a couple weeks, it’s going to get dicey.”

“So what, exactly, do you expect of me?” I asked.

“Here’s a list of the rooms where they are staying,” the deputy said, handing the list to Lyca. “Go interview each one, and if you decide they are good matches for your farm, then they’re yours. Once you have a housing situation figured out, we can move them out of here.”

“Do we ‘welcome them to the herd’ here?” I asked.

“Why not?” Lyca said. “We can bring in portable milking machines for their use, and we can bring groups of four or five to the farm each day. That way they will all have a couple days a week at the farm until we get this entire situation ironed out.”

“I guess,” I sighed. I looked at the list of girls over Lyca’s shoulder. “Maybe we get my first meeting with a pig girl and a sheep girl out of the way now?”

“You sound nervous,” Lyca said.

“Can you blame me? I’ve never seen one of these types before, so I’m not sure what I’m getting into.”

“Don’t worry about the sheep girls. They are just like regular cows except for the strip of fur. So you’ll adjust without an issue to the sheep girls. It’s the pig girls that can be a little jarring at first.”

I scanned down the list Lyca held.

“Right here, room 318. Jenna, a pig girl. We can go meet her. Shouldn’t she be somewhere she can get some of that mud you talked about?”

“We can get them some creams that will tide them over until we have a proper sty for them.”

The deputy bowed off, leaving Lyca, Alina, Shawna, and myself to pile into the elevator to the third floor.

We found room 318, and Lyca knocked. We heard someone approach the door and look out through the peephole. A sweet, feminine voice from inside called “who is it?”.

“I’m Lyca Blue. I’m the alpha she-wolf from the local wolf pack. With me are Brendan, Alina, and Shawna, the bull and alpha cows from the Daisy and Clover Cow Farm. The deputy sent us.”

I heard the sound of the door being unlocked, then it opened from the inside and I got my first glimpse of a pig girl.

She had the classic bimbo face of a cow girl – perfect ruby lips, long lashes, big gorgeous eyes, luxurious blonde hair that fell halfway down her back. Her big, milky udders stuck out in front of her, straining against the thin tank she wore, her wide aureoles and long nipples pushing through the fabric. As Lyca has warned, her hips and ass were bigger than the usual cow girl. Not immense, mind you, but still, this girl was thick underneath her tights. There was going be a lot to hold on to when I welcomed her to the herd.

Her horns were different from most cow girls. They were short and were coming out of the sides of her head just in front of her ears. They were slightly turned downwards and were more reminiscent of a pig’s tusks than a cow’s horns.

I could see her landing strip through the thin fabric of her tights and tank. It was a pale blonde that matched her hair.

But the most stunning part of her was her tummy. Extended out below her gigantic cow girl tits, her stomach did, indeed, look pregnant. Surprisingly, it was firm, it didn’t slosh, but there was clearly a lot of milk in there. Her big udders were pushed upwards and outwards by the bulb of milk in her abdomen so they jutted out even more than they did for a regular cow girl and stuck out a little to the outside.

“Why don’t you come on in,” Jenna said, gesturing us into the room. Five of us in the hotel room was a little crowded, but we made due.

“The deputy told me about what happened,” I began. “I am so sorry, that sounds inhumane.”

“It was, it was terrible,” Jenna said. “When you’re a cow girl, or a pig girl, you expect your bull to degrade you a little, it’s part of the fun. But you also get to set boundaries. If you tell your bull you can’t do something, they are supposed to back off. And you expect to be given a comfortable place to live, a good diet, mud for your skin, a loving herd. That farm we were at was just…ugh.” She shuddered. “But you’re not like that from what I understand, right?”

“No, not at all,” I said. “We work with wolves, and the law enforcement knows us. In fact they came to us for help with you guys. We want you to be a happy, milky cow...I mean pig girl.”

“I would love that. That’s why I became a pig girl. I want to be a little milky, chubby pig whore. I want a good bull to fuck me, I want lots of bull come inside me, and I want milk pouring from my tits, from my ass, from my cunt, from my mouth. And I want a nice mud sty to roll around in.” She rubbed her stomach. “I was pregnant once, and I loved it so much I wanted to feel that full tummy feeling all the time. I want huge bull cock sliding up against my big belly full of milk.”

She paused and sighed. “Is it okay if I ask a question?”

“Of course,” I said. “What do you want to know?”

“If I am going to join your farm, I need another one of the pig girls on your list to come with me.”

“Sure, we are meeting with all of them eventually, so they’ll all have the same choice as you.”

“But I want to know for sure she said yes. See, she’s my twin sister, her name is Olivia. Can we bring her in here too?”

I looked at Lyca, who shrugged, so I nodded. Jenna made a quick text on her cell phone and a few minutes later an identical pig girl was sitting next to her on the side of the hotel room bed.

We chatted with Olivia just as we had with Jenna. They both gave off a very positive vibe and were amenable to the arrangements that Lyca laid out. As we talked I kept feeling my eyes wandering down to the pig girls’ milky tits and their fat, milky tummies.

I hadn’t had much of an erotic vibe from Jenna or Olivia up until that very moment, when suddenly I realized I wanted to feel those full bellies of theirs. And, if I was honest, what I really wanted was to feel that bubble of milk pressed against my cock as I slipped it into whatever holes they preferred.

Olivia caught me checking out her pregnant-looking stomach for the third time.

“Have you ever felt a pig girl’s stomach?” she asked, smiling.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know pig girls existed until recently,” I said. “So no.”

“Let’s fix that now,” Jenna said and started to peel off her top, but Lyca put a hand on her arm and interrupted.

“Not so fast,” she said. “We need to go over a few details first.”

Jenna pouted for a moment, then nodded. “Sure, you seem like really nice people. If you’ll take me in and give me a nice farm to live at, I want to be a good little piglet whore for you.” Olivia nodded in agreement.

“Good,” Lyca said. “The farm where you will be going to does more than produce milk. It also has a cow bar, does live streams, has live milking, and other adult services. You will participate in these sorts of activities. We also require our girls to get the farm logo tattooed on their ass, sort of like a brand, and they also get certain standard piercings. Does that sound okay to you.”

“That sounds hot. I’m in,” Jenna said.

“Me too,” Olivia echoed. “But why isn’t she pierced?” She pointed at my mom, Shawna.

“She was just brought into the herd last night,” I replied. “Haven’t had a chance.”

“Oh, okay,” Olivia said, nodding. “By the way, how big know…” she gestured at my shorts.

“Brendan is immense,” Lyca replied. “25 plus inches long, six inches diameter at the base. He has a horse cock, so you know he’s huge. And he may still be growing, we aren’t sure.”

“Oh...fuck...yeah,” Olivia squealed. Jenna hugged her.

Lyca brought the conversation back around to business.

“You will be located at a secondary site very near the main farm, we’re still working that out. You will have your own small cow house. You can have a car or anything you like, we have a very generous financial arrangement. You can take vacations, have your family come visit, whatever you want. We are a very open, family-friendly operation. You will be expected to provide full complements of milk, and to perform for our adult services. We will give you creams for your skin for the time being, but when the renovations are done you will have your own mud sty. The bull will probably only fuck you directly a couple of times a week. Outside of that, you’ll mostly be serviced by a milk maid. Is that okay?”

“A milk maid?” Jenna said. “Sweet. That’s the best of both worlds. Big milky tits and…”

Lyca cut her off again. “I’m glad you’re thrilled,” she said, glancing at me out of the corner of her eye.

“Wait,” I said. “What’s a milk maid? How does that fit in here? And why did you cut her off. I don’t understand.”

Lyca leaned over and pecked me on the cheek. “Like I said, leave the logistics to the wolves…and keep an open mind. Trust me, Brendan, it will be fine, you know by now that the wolves have your best interest at heart. Jenna, why don’t you show Brendan your big tummy and get all your holes nice and milky like you said you were going to?”

I was preparing to protest when Jenna peeled off her top and tossed it to the side, releasing her big milky udders and her massive, bulbous tummy. Olivia did the same, then they both slipped off their tights.

How to describe the bodies of the naked twin pig girls that stood in front of me. Wow. They had the typical big, milky udders like all the cows in my herd. They were veiny and had wide brown aureoles and long nipples that were starting to trickle milk.

Cow breasts are naturally firm and jut out in front of the cow girls prominently. In the case of the pig girls, the breasts were pushed slightly outward by the big mound of their stomach that looked for all the world like they were expecting. There was also a slight roll of fat that continued around the sides of their bodies to their back. Further down, their ass and hips were big – not huge, mind you, but definitely chubby and jiggly when they moved.

I was never one for chubby women before I became a bull. I was always one for the svelte, athletic girls. Becoming a bull had turned me on to the bimbo cow look with their big, milky udders. But I would have never expected I would find these roly-poly pig girls hot.

Yet, here I sat, my bull cock straining at my shorts, begging to be cut loose, as I looked at these twin pig girls and their big, milky tits and their bulging tummies.

Olivia was slightly closer to me, so I reached for her first. I ran my fingers up the soft, but firm curve of her fat stomach, feeling the slight give similar to the cow breasts I had gotten used to feeling. Their skin was incredibly soft and felt warm against my hands as I caressed the milky mound. I leaned forward and pulled Olivia’s breasts to my face, sucking down her milk and tasting pig girl milk for the first time. It had the same saffron undertones as the rest of the herd, but it wasn’t quite as sweet. I recalled what Lyca had said about their diet being so crucial and made a mental note that we needed to get that fixed right away. Still, if I had never tasted true cow girl milk, I would have found Olivia’s milk to be amazing.

Jenna, meanwhile, had slipped to her knees and fumbled with my shorts. I decided that it would be kind to waive the two-gallon requirement after what these women had been through, but I still had one question I had to ask them.

“Ladies, you probably already knew I was going to ask this. Oral, anal, or vaginal?”

“Pig girls love it in all our holes,” said Jenna. “It just comes with being a chubby little pig girl slut. It’s part of our mystique. You just put your bull cock where ever your mood suits you. We’ll be happy little pig whores whichever you choose.”

I pulled Olivia’s big, milky udders back to my face and sucked down some more of her pig girl milk. I rubbed my hands all over her big, bulbous tummy and then moved them along her back and squeezed the cellulite in her ass cheeks. Her thick ass jiggled.

Olivia pulled back from me, spread her legs a little and opened her mouth. Then she wrapped her arms around her fat stomach and squeezed. Milk gushed out of her big nipples. After another squeeze, more milk slipped from her cunt and ran down her thighs. Simultaneously, milk trickled from the corner of her mouth, ran down her chin and fell onto her big, fat titties and stomach.

It was messy, but hot. Another reason, I guessed, they were called pig girls.

Jenna, who was still on her knees, pulled my shorts down and let out a rather pig-like squeal.

“Holy shit, that’s huge,” she said, stroking my horse-shaped bull cock and bringing it fully to attention. “I fucking want that cock.” She opened her mouth in that special way that all types of cow girls can, and slipped the big head of my horse-like bull cock into her mouth. Thick streamers of milk slid from her mouth around my meat as she pulled it deeper inside of her. The feeling was amazing. I stood up, grabbed her horns, and slowly guided her milk-filled gullet down my cock. Her eyes were closed and the edges of her ruby lips were turned up in an enigmatic smile as her milk gushed out of her mouth around my thick meat. When her lips finally landed at the base of my two-foot bull cock, she moaned in pleasure.

Olivia, not to be ignored, leaned her big, fat tummy against the side of my chest, pressing her milky tits against me. I leaned down and kissed her, and she passed me a slug of milk from her mouth into mine. I gulped it down just in time for another mouthful to pass from her lips. I ran my hand down her back. Between her ass cheeks I could feel her meaty asshole, soaking wet. When I pulled my hand back, it, too, was covered in milk.

Lyca, not wanting to get turned into a pig girl or cow girl by all the juices flowing among the pig girls, mumbled something about waiting outside and slipped from the room.

Meanwhile, Jenna, being a good, submissive little pig girl slut, still had her mouth pressed around the base of my cock with the entire 25 inches deep inside her maw. My meat was pulsing a steady stream of bull come into her stomach. I could feel the big sac of milk in her fat tummy sloshing against my cock. Milk was cascading from her lips and down across her big belly and veiny, milky tits. The sensation of warm milk squirting from her throat around my cock was incredible. I took her horns/tusks in my hands like handlebars and began pistoning my meat in and out of her maw, face-fucking her. She let out a pig-like squeal of pleasure around my cock as I slid the immense shaft in and out of her pouty, stretched, bimbo pig lips. More milk poured from her mouth, hot around my throbbing meat.

Olivia moved behind Jenna, got down on her knees, and pulled her twin sister’s chubby ass cheeks apart. She slipped three fingers from each hand into Jenna’s ass and pulled it open, sending a spout of milk out of the pink meaty orifice. She leaned down and sucked the milk pouring from her sister’s asshole like she was drinking from a water fountain, covering her face with her sister’s anal milk.

At Jenna’s other end, I continued the pace, driving my cock in and out of her pig-girl lips, squirting more bull semen into her maw. She still had the smile on her face as thick threads of milk gushed out around my cock and ran down onto the hotel room carpet. Her fat tummy and milky tits jiggled as I pistoned my meat into her bimbo pig face.

Jenna shivered and I felt her come for the third or fourth time. A fresh load of milk squirted from her mouth around my cock. I gave her gullet four or five more shots of bull semen, then began sliding my cock from her distended throat. Milk and semen spurted from her lips as my thick, veiny shaft pulled out of her gullet. Finally, when my wide, horse-like cock head popped from her throat, she gave a little cough and looked up at me with her big, wide eyes and bimbo lips.

“Did my new bull like my milky throat?” she asked.

I nodded, then grabbed her sister Olivia’s tusks, spinning her around and pushing her gently onto all fours, pressing her face into her sister’s and letting her suck the bull semen and milk gushing from her lips.

I moved behind Olivia and pulled her fat pig girl ass cheeks apart, revealing her meaty cunt and thick, gaping asshole. Milk was slipping from both. I coated my cock with her milk, then pulled her raggedy asshole apart with my fingers. Milk gushed from her sphincter when I gaped her, pushed out by the pink flesh that popped out slightly. I pressed the wide head of my horse-like bull cock against the pink crinkly dome and slipped inside Olivia’s asshole.

Olivia moaned, pressing her fat stomach against her sister’s and and hugging as I slipped my throbbing, pulsating, ejaculating meat inside her sphincter. Milk and bull semen squirted out of her hole around my veiny cock. Jenna helped pull her sister’s fat ass cheeks apart as wide as possible so I could drive in deeply, stretching her thick, ragged asshole around my two-foot pillar of bull cock.

I realized I had almost forgotten about my wife and mother who had come with me. I glanced over in their direction. My mom had peeled off her top and all six of her big cow udders were hanging free. My wife had her lips attached to one of them and was sucking the thick milk from my mom’s engorged tit.

Olivia and Jenna also seemed to remember that there were other variations of cow girls in the room. My mother turned and pressed her big six-pack of milky udders into Olivia’s face, letting the pig slut suck from her big tits as I slowly drove my meat deeper and deeper into Olivia’s asshole. Jenna abandoned her sister and pressed her fat body against my wife’s, embracing her and falling onto the other bed in a passionate kiss. Alina stripped off her remaining clothes and spread Jenna’s legs, sucking down the pig girl milk that was gushing out of Jenna’s cunt and asshole.

I reached up and pushed Jenna’s face deeper into my mother’s udders as my washboard bull stomach finally hit Jenna’s ass, sending waves through her flabby cheeks. I was all the way inside the pig girl’s asshole, and I began slowly pistoning in and out of her sphincter, making her hips quiver and quake She moaned into my mother’s big udders as I sodomized her. My mother leaned forward and we kissed over Jenna’s chubby pig girl body, semen and milk squirting from Jenna’s asshole around my monster cock. I slipped two fingers from each hand into Jenna’s asshole on either side of my cock and stretched it even wider, eliciting another pig-like squeal from her as I pressed even deeper into her fat anus. Inside, I could feel the end of my cock bouncing against the big sac of milk in her tummy. It felt amazing as I poured more semen into her, adding to the load that was already in her deep pig girl ass.

By this point my mother had rolled onto all fours and Jenna had her arm in her ass almost to the elbow. My mother was moaning as Jenna pumped her asshole, and as I simultaneously sodomized Jenna. I stared at my mom’s gaping ass, which turned me on even more, sending more loads of semen into Jenna. She squealed yet again.

Alina and Olivia were in a 69 now, rolling around on the floor, and I felt Jenna come for the seventh or eighth time. I looked over at my mother’s ass again. I had only penetrated it for the first time the previous night, and I still wanted so much more. I figured it was a perfect way to end.

I jerked my monster bull cock out of Jenna’s milky ass, and nudged Jenna out of the way. When Jenna popped her arm out of my mother’s asshole, my mom looked up and smiled when she saw me hovering over her. No words passed between us, none needed to. I gave one mighty thrust and drove my cock all the way into my mother’s gaping, raggedy bottomless ass. She came hard around my meat as I shot load after load inside of her.

The ardor in the room subsided as I hugged my mother from behind and let my cock slowly soften inside her ass. At last I slipped from her sphincter, leaving it gaping and inflamed, dribbling my bull come.

“Welcome to the herd,” I said to Jenna and Olivia.

A knock came at the door and Jenna peeked out, then opened it, letting Lyca slip back in.

“It sounded like you guys were done, so I thought I would see if it was safe for me to come back,” Lyca said. “What do you think of your first taste of pig girl?”

“I like it,” I said. “But I think we made a mess of this hotel room.”

Lyca nodded. “We’ll have to pay for the hotel room cleaning. From now on if you’re welcoming pig girls we either put down plastic or take them back to the farm for their christening.”

“So do I get to meet a sheep girl now?” I asked.

“Sheep girls are pretty much the same as regular cows except they have that super soft fur strip. So they’re no big deal. What I think we really need to talk about now are milk maids.”


“Why the sudden change in plans?” my mom, Shawna, asked.

“Because the deputy just called,” Lyca said, rubbing her forehead with her hand. “There are apparently two other rogue farms the criminals who stole your milk were running. Law enforcement folks are working on sorting out who among the cow, pig, and sheep girls wants to go to a reputable farm, and who wants to go home. But it’s a fair bet that we have at least another one to two dozen girls who will potentially be joining your farm, assuming you are still willing. So getting an additional farm location is now priority numero uno. The property we were looking at didn’t pan out, but, as it turns out, there is a large spread of an old corn and wheat farm practically next door to your farm. In fact there is a section where the two properties even abut each other – very convenient. We could put in an asphalt drive and run equipment and carts between the two properties easy-peasy. The owner is older and is looking to sell, but doesn’t want it becoming condos or something like that. So a quiet, easy sale is best for all parties. Based upon what we are hearing, the property has a lot of land and should be enough to support all of these cow girls with room to spare. I want us to go look at it right now.”

“That all sounds great,” Alina said. “And I’m pretty sure I know who you mean. We even considered making that lady an offer for her farm before we bought our place, but it was pretty run down.”

“I remember her, too,” I added. “But can the three of us get back to interviews if the wolves have the logistics under control, as they always do?” I smiled my most charming smile.

“Yes and no,” Lyca said. “We need to do some more interviews, definitely. But the immediate need isn’t for cow, pig, or sheep girl interviews. The critical need is for milk maid interviews. After we go see this other farm, we should have time to knock out a couple before it gets towards evening. Sorry, I know this is a lot to process, and it’s not how you wanted to spend your Saturday afternoon, but the calls from the deputy threw everything into chaos.”

“Now wait a sec,” I interrupted. “A little while ago you were giving me the blow off when I asked about milk maids, now they’re so critical that we need to meet with candidates ASAP. Why? And what the hell is a milk maid anyway?”

“It’s complicated,” Lyca said. “And you need to keep a very open mind.”

“Just how open?”

“For you, probably not too much more open than you already are. For some bulls, it’s a pretty big stretch.”

“You’re making me nervous,” I said.

“It’s going to be fine,” Lyca added, patting my arm. “Milk maids are just another special kind of cow girl. A very, very special kind of cow girl. And there are two of them waiting for word from me to come by your farm for an interview. So we let’s go check out the other property, then head home. You and your alphas should clean up before you meet with the candidates. Right now you three smell like pig girl milk from a less-than-honorable farm.”

We climbed into my car, Lyca insisting I let Alina drive, then she explained about milk maids.

“Milk maids act as backup bulls in situations like we have here where there are more cows than a bull can service by himself alone. Once a milk maid has been dominated by her bull and has had all three of her holes filled with a bull’s semen, she begins producing the bull’s semen herself, and can use it to satisfy the bull’s cows on the bull’s behalf. The bull still should fuck each of his cows at least once a week or so, but as long as he fills up the milk maid regularly, she can take care of the day-to-day satisfaction of the extended herd.”

“That sounds...interesting, but there is a piece I am still unclear on,” I said.

Lyca bit her lip. “And what piece is that?”

“How can the milk maid ‘satisfy’ a cow girl on my behalf? I mean, she doesn’t have the right hardware, right?”

There was a long, uncomfortable pause.

“Right?” I added, more weakly.

“A milk maid takes a special set of supplements before becoming a cow girl. She has a mouth, an ass, and a cunt like a regular cow girl,” Lyca said. “But once a bull dominates her and fills her holes up, her clit grows into a cock that is identical to the bull’s – though an inch or so shorter.”

“A milk maid grows a cock?” I stammered.

Lyca nodded. “Yes, but a properly subservient milk maid will never have her cock out when around her bull unless he orders her to show it. A correctly dominated milk maid will have her cock retracted inside her body and will show only a large clit when around her dominating bull. But when alone around her bull’s cows, it is her job to fulfill all the duties of the bull. Just remember, the key to successfully using milk maids lies in proper domination. And also remember, we wolves are here to help you keep your milk maids in line, if we need to. But we only deal with quality milk maids, so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“This is...weird…” I said.

“And being a bull isn’t weird already?” my mom said.

“True, but this takes weird to a whole new level,” I sighed.

There was a long pause in the conversation. I stared off in the distance as we drove past our farm and just a short distance further down the road.

“We can explore more about the milk maids later,” Lyca said finally, with a sigh. “Because we have arrived at the farm we want to purchase.”

We pulled off the highway and onto a long dirt driveway leading to an aging farmhouse. A dozen yards behind the house was a dilapidated old barn. A low mountain ridge ran a quarter mile behind the farm. An elderly lady was sitting on the front porch of the house. The whole scene looked like something out of an Andrew Wyeth painting.

“Picturesque, but a mess,” I said, not even getting out of the car. “That house looks like its about to fall down, and the barn is already halfway there.”

“Yeah, looks like we’ll be starting from scratch here,” Lyca said. “But that’s okay. We can have these buildings cleared in two days. Within a week or two it’ll look like your farm. It’s all good. Just go easy on her. She probably would be brokenhearted if we told her we were thinking about tearing down the family farmhouse. I suspect she’s going off to live with her kids or something like that. Actually, how about if you let me do most of the talking?” Lyca added.

“Good idea,” I replied.

We got out of the car and slowly approached the lady sitting on the porch. She looked like she had to be at least 75, maybe older, and wore a plain faded, flowered dress of a rough fabric. Her long, white hair was pulled back into a no-nonsense pony tail. But while her face was withered, her crystal blue eyes peered out sharply. She stood as we approached, straight and strong, and smiled.

“You folks are from that cow farm up the road, right?” she asked.

“Yes,” Lyca said. “We’re very interested in…” she continued, but the lady cut her off.

“I’m Myrtle, this farm has been in my family for three generations. My husband is dead, my son and daughter moved to the city and I never hear from them. I’m the last of the breed. I’ll give you the property for your cow farm for just ten grand with one requirement. I’ve been reading about these cow girls you got over there, and I also figure you want to buy my farm to expand. From what I read on the internet, if you are expanding, you need some of those girls who fill in when there’s too many cows for the bull to satisfy.

“You mean a milk maid?” Lyca asked.

“Yeah, one of them. Make me one of them. As far as my farm goes, tear everything down, build it up like you did your other place. Do whatever works, just let me be a milk maid, let me have a big cock and fuck all them cow girls. Give me one of those cute little cow girl houses you got over at your place. I want it right over there with a nice view of the mountains. I been looking at those hills my entire life, and I don’t want to change now. Those are my only requirements. So, do we have a deal?”

“Um…” I said, looking at Lyca.

Lyca’s eyes got really wide for a moment, then she smiled.

“Myrtle, we can make that work for you. If that’s what you want, my wolves can draw up the paperwork and have it for you to sign, say, lunchtime tomorrow. You do understand that turning into a cow this late in life can have some unexpected...consequences.”

“You mean having six titties like that girl right there?” she pointed at my mom. “That works for me. As long as I get to be young again get one of those big bull cocks, six milky tits is fine by me.”

“And you understand a milk maid has to be subservient to her bull in all ways?”

“I know that,” Myrtle said. “I’ve been reading on the internet, I know all this stuff. I’ll do whatever I need to do to be a good little milk maid whore. Make me young again and my bull can do whatever he wants, where ever he wants, whenever he wants, in whichever hole he wants. I don’t care.”

“Plus you know we do some additional services besides just milk,” I added.

“Yep, doing the hot young camwhore thing sounds like a blast,” Myrtle shot back. “And the piercing and tattooing too.”

I think at this point my jaw was hanging open, hearing all this nasty talk out of this old, withered, sweet country gal. I was speechless, but Lyca, thankfully, was still all business. Not for the first time, I was grateful for the wolves. Not even for the first time that day.

Lyca reached into her briefcase and pulled out three bottles of pills.

“You need to take these for at least four days before we turn you into a cow in order to be primed to be a milk maid. Then the transition to cow then to milk maid can be done in one session. Myrtle, it is a pleasure doing business with you.”

“The pleasure is mine. Now if you don’t mind, I would like to be left alone to enjoy my last evening of life on this farm the way it used to be, before you make it over – and I start a brand new life.”

“Certainly,” Lyca said. We trooped back to the car without even having sat down.

Lyca shook her head when we got inside the car. “If these two milk maids we’re meeting shortly pan out, Myrtle will make three, that’s perfect,” Lyca said, laughing as Alina started the engine. “I’ve had easy business deals, but that was crazy.” She picked up her phone, called her attorneys to have them draw up the paperwork for the farm purchase, then she had a quick text conversation with someone.

“The first milk maid candidate will be at your house in 30 minutes. That should give just enough time to get home and for you three to freshen up.”

We scooted back to our farm. Shawna, Alina, and I washed off in the cow shower behind the barn, and pulled on some clean clothes, then took our seats on the front porch of the farmhouse. I had butterflies in my stomach like crazy but no idea why. Maybe it was the domination thing, or maybe it was just the idea of having milk maids with cocks hanging around my herd. Jealousy? I don’t know, but whatever it was, it felt weird.

Right on time, a Jeep came down the driveway and parked in front of the house. A cow girl in a light flowery sundress climbed out and approached us.

She had all the usual cow girl features – perfectly coiffed black hair, six inch horns sprouting from her head, bimbo-like face, long lashes, full red lips, big milky udders. I didn’t need to see her stomach to know she had a cow-like patch of fur on her abdomen.

To my surprise, she stopped at the foot of the steps leading up to the porch and looked down at the ground.

“Permission to approach?” she said.

I glanced at Lyca.

“Well, can she come up and join us?” Lyca asked.

“Of course, yes, come up,” I said. “Sorry, I am new at this.” I gestured towards an empty chair.

The cow girl took a seat and crossed her legs primly, keeping her eyes downcast.

“My name is Prudence,” she said. “I understand you are looking for a milk maid.”

“Yes, we are,” I said, starting to gain my confidence back a little. “A couple of them. We recently took on a bunch of new cows from an operation that wasn’t exactly working within the confines of the law. We have a couple dozen new cows, pigs, and sheep girls. I’m a pretty active bull, but that’s just too much.”

“Brendan has a horse cock,” Lyca added. “So you’ll get one too, like we talked about on the phone.”

“That sounds awesome,” Prudence said. “How big is it?”

“25 inches, and possibly still growing,” Lyca said. “Six inch diameter at the base.”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” she said. “That means I’ll be two feet and thick as a tree trunk. Sweet.” She paused, turning her eyes back to the ground. “Of course, that is, if the bull wants it.”

Lyca smiled. “You seem appropriately subservient.”

“I am. I’m the best little submissive milk maid whore you could imagine. I’ll be a good girl. I promise.”

“Why do you want to be a milk maid?” I asked.

“I’ve always fantasized about having a cock. And I’ve always been a submissive. So it all fits together.”

“Ever been with a girl?” Lyca asked.

“I had a girlfriend in college and shortly after. We were together for three years,” Prudence replied.

“Okay, so do you prefer anal, oral, or vaginal?” I inquired.

“Whatever my bull wants is fine by me. I’m just a little milk maid whore.”

Lyca and I exchanged a glance, then I shrugged.

“She seems to fit the bill,” I said, just as the sound of another car coming up the driveway reached our ears.

“Good,” Lyca said. “Prudence, you can wait in the barn. We’ll be there shortly.”

Prudence stood, then I held up my hand.

“Not so fast,” I said. “Prudence, strip.”

Prudence smiled, then peeled off her dress, letting her big milky cow girl tits swing free. She had all the standard cow girl equipment, and I had an image flash through my mind of what she would look like with a two-foot horse cock. I had to admit, it was intriguing.

The other car had come to a stop and a red-haired cow girl in a pair of tights and a spaghetti tank climbed out. She stopped and looked at the scene playing out in front of her, then turned her eyes downward like Prudence had done.

“Am I interrupting something my bull is doing?” she asked, staring at the ground.

“No, not at all,” I said. “Prudence, please come here and sit at my feet.”

Prudence did as instructed and sat primly on the porch floor, naked, next to my feet. I gestured for the ginger cowgirl to come up onto the porch. She, too, stopped at the foot of the steps and asked for permission, which I granted.

“My name is Amelia,” she said when she was seated, still staring at the floor.

“Hello Amelia,” I said, feeling more and more comfortable by the minute. “Why do you want to me a milk maid?”

“Easy,” she said. “I was born bisexual with a strong thing for using strap-ons on my girlfriends. It made sense that I might want a cock of my own. But when it came to my boyfriends, I was always extremely submissive. A perfect combination for a milk maid, if it pleases my bull.”

“So far, I’m pleased,” I shot back. “Do you have a preference as to which hole you like?”

“Whatever makes my bull happy. Can I ask…?” she started, but Lyca interjected.

“25 long, six at the base, horse shaped, possibly still growing.”

“Wow, nice. Let me be a milk maid and I will be the most submissive whore you have in your herd, and I will keep your cow girls nice and satisfied – but only when you aren’t around, of course. When you are I am just another cow to be fucked by her bull. Sorry if I was too forward.”

I smiled to Lyca. Lyca nodded back.

“Prudence,” I said. “Strip Amelia.”

“Yes sir,” she said and stood up. Amelia stood and lifted her arms over her head, allowing Prudence to pull off her tank and letting her big, milky cow girl tits swing free. It looked like it had been a little while since she last milked, because a streamer of milk slipped from one of her long nipples. Prudence pulled down Amelia’s tights, and Amelia ran her hand down between her legs. Prudence licked one of Amelia’s milky nipples.

“Amelia, did I give you permission to touch yourself?” I asked. “And Prudence, did I give you permission to lick her udders?”

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence, then both girls said “no, sir” almost simultaneously, gazing back at the floor.

“To the barn with both of you,” I said. “If you are going to be my milk maids, you will clearly have to be broken in properly.”

“Helga has the barn all ready,” Lyca said. “If you want to turn them into milk maids now, there are already some online folks waiting for a show. First, let me cover a couple of key points for our new recruits.” She turned to Amelia and Prudence, “You understand that you will be milk maids, subservient to the bull. You also understand that you are participating in a farm that provides adult services like streaming, camshows, a cow bar, and the like. You will be expected to be active players on all of our enterprises. Does all of that sound fine to you?”

“Yes, thank you,” both girls said almost simultaneously.

Alina spoke up. “You also need to understand that we have our farm’s logo tattooed on your ass cheek, and you will need to have your nipples pierced like ours, as well as your labia near the clit, and a couple of other places. Is that okay?”

Both girls nodded. “That’s hot,” Amelia added.

“Great,” I replied, “Are you both fine with getting turned into maids now?”

“Yes, sir” they both replied. Though their faces were still downcast, I could see the smile play across their faces.

“Perfect,” Lyca said. “The barn is over there. The camera girl there is named Helga. Alina and Shawna, could you take the girls over while Brendan and I cover a couple more points? I noticed that a couple of the thigh-high boots in the barn are in need of a cleaning, if you get my drift.”

My wife and mother both smiled and nodded. The milk maid candidates also nodded but kept their eyes downcast. They started towards the barn, but I held up my hand and pointed at Prudence and Amelia.

“Crawl,” I said. They giggled, but did as told slipping down on their hands and knees. I slapped their butt cheeks and sent them off to the barn, watching their cute cow behinds (now with my red hand print) and their meaty cow labia and assholes as they crawled. Grool trickled from their orifices. When they were out of sight, I turned back to Lyca.

“They seem pretty submissive,” I said. “I take it that’s what we want?”

“Yes, nice and submissive, doing as you tell them. You should make sure you have them show their cocks before we are done tonight so we can make sure they came out okay and can satisfy the cows. Have them fuck your alphas. Helga will get a semen sample to make sure it matches you. Just make sure you fill up all three of their holes, and subjugate them thoroughly.”

“Got it,” I said.

Lyca gave me some pointers as to good ways to humiliate a milk maid, then I stripped, and made my way to the barn. Prudence and Amelia were on their knees wearing spiked collars that were chained to a barn post. Sharp nipple clamps were attached to their udders. Alina and Shawna were nude except for black thigh-high boots and the milk maids were engaged in thoroughly licking the boots clean, while receiving a gentle lashing across their backs and asses with the soft whips my wife and mother wielded over them. Helga had a camera and was filming the whole scene.

The activities in the barn definitely brought a surge to my horse-like bull cock and I felt it starting to rise, a thick streamer of semen slipping from the big horse head.

“Okay ladies,” I said. “Practice is over, time to get real. You both claim to know something about making women happy. There’s more to satisfying a cow girl than a gigantic cock. I’m not going to give you cocks and unleash you on my herd without knowing you could do the job without it. So I want you to make my mom and my wife happy using just your fingers and your mouth. And when I say fingers I mean just fingers, no fists, no arms, just fingers. Any questions?”

The milk maids shook their heads. Alina pulled up a chair in front of Prudence, and Shawna took a seat in front of Amelia.

Prudence reached out and ran her finger along my wife’s cunt, as Amelia opened her lips and approached my mother’s clit. I immediately held up my hand.

“Stop it, you dumb whores. What the fuck? What are you doing?” I yelled.

“What do you mean?” Prudence asked. “We’re doing what you said.”

“Yeah,” Amelia added. “We’re only using our fingers and mouth.”

“Well maybe it’s my fault for not saying you should also use your brain, too. Christ, you two are dumb. Okay, let me ask a question. What is the first thing you need to do before you try to satisfy a cow girl – or any woman for that matter? Any ideas?”

“Dinner and a movie?” Amelia said, and both the milk maids giggled.

I slapped one of Amelia’s udders hard enough to make her squeal.

“Any other bright ideas, bitch?”

Amelia stared at the floor, and Prudence just shook her head.

“Maybe you should use that mouth of yours to find out what the girl likes? Did that ever come to mind?”

“Oh…” Prudence said. She turned to Alina. “Do you prefer oral, anal, or in your pussy?”

“Vaginal,” my wife said.

“And you?” Amelia asked my mother.

“Ass all the way,” Shawna replied.

“Is that better?” Prudence asked.

“It’s a start,” I replied, then made a rolling gesture with my hand for them to proceed, but as soon as Amelia’s tongue touched my mother’s asshole, I hollered again.

“Wait, hold up! Seriously? You two really are unbelievable…” I shouted.

“What now?” Prudence said. “I thought you said…”

I interrupted. “And I thought I was dealing with girls of at least average intelligence. You two are short bus material. Do you really start in immediately on a cow girl’s cunt or asshole? Seriously? What is the most sensitive, sensual, erotic part of a cow girl’s body? The part that really gets them going? The part that sets them apart from other humans and other alternative humans? Any guesses? Either of you?”

Amelia held up her big milky tits. “The cow girl’s udders.”

“Right!” I said, slapping my forehead. “Jesus Christ. I was starting to get hard when I came in here but dealing with you two has destroyed the mood. If I need to interrupt either of you again, my cock is going to shrivel up and die.”

I slapped both of their asses and sat back. I figured I had humiliated enough for the moment, so I let things play out. Prudence immediately began sucking at my wife’s big milky udders, her mouth overflowing with delicious saffron milk, running down her chin and across both their tits. But Amelia, to her credit, leaned over and kissed my mother. The two shared a deep soul kiss, with Amelia’s pair of big cow tits rubbing up against my mother’s three pairs of big cow tits. Thick streamers of milk cascaded from their udders as they pressed together. But the kiss my mother and Amelia shared was far hotter than watching their tits gush. The both moaned, and their tongues slipped into each others mouths. When Amelia finally pulled back, you could see that both she and my mother were crazy turned on. An image flashed through my mind of Amelia with a two-foot horse cock bending my mother over and penetrating her asshole, udders quaking with her strokes. My cock, which had lost some of its timbre, started to rise. After a moment’s breather, they went back to their kissing.

Meanwhile Prudence had already made her way down past my wife’s tits to her cunt. I seized her hair and pulled her back.

“You seem like you’re in a pretty big hurry to get between my wife’s legs. Do I need to explain to you again about satisfying a woman?”

“I…” Prudence started, but I would have none of it. I forced her head all the way down to the thigh-high boots my wife wore.

“You need to spend a few minutes cleaning her boots with your tongue and reflecting about what you really need to do to keep my herd happy.”

Alina and I shared a look and Alina just shrugged.

“Slow learner,” my wife murmured.

I turned my attention back to Amelia and my mother. They were still in a lip lock, their bodies pressing together, and their hands roaming everywhere. My cock rocketed to full attention. I knew right then that Amelia would make a great milk maid. My meat was ready to fill all her holes right then, but my eyes just couldn’t get enough of the hot kissing and fondling going on between her and my mom. Milk gushed from their udders, and grool poured from their pussies and asses. Amelia was bent over kissing my mom, her red hair falling across my mother’s shoulders. I could see Amelia’s meaty sphincter and cunt gaping, revealing the pink flesh inside. I stroked my cock. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold off before I started penetrating Amelia’s open, begging holes, but I didn’t want to interrupt them. They were locked in their own little perfect world and it seemed like a crime to spoil it.

So I turned to the other candidate. Prudence was still licking Alina’s boots. I snagged her dark hair and pulled her back, slapping her across the face just hard enough to make her cheek pink but not enough to hurt her.

“Learned your lesson, bitch?” I asked.

Prudence nodded.

I glanced back at Amelia and my mom who were fingering each other frantically, staring deep into each other’s eyes. I decided to let sleeping dogs lies – or let fucking cows fuck. So I gave my cock a couple of hard strokes, bringing out a thick tendril of bull semen, and hovered my cock in front of Prudence’s face.

“You’ve already disappointed me,” I said, looking down at her. “But we are in a bit of a time crunch so we need to make due with what we got, even dumb whores like you.” I sighed, gave my cock a couple more strokes, then drove it roughly down Prudence’s throat.

I took at least a little satisfaction in the fact that Prudence barely even coughed, taking all 25 inches down her gullet. When my balls hit her chin, she just smiled around my gargantuan meat. I grabbed her cow horns for leverage and shook my cock around in her mouth, then began driving it in and out of her throat. But not even a hard face fuck managed to elicit a gag or a retch. However disappointing she had been in satisfying my wife, her ability to take a cock down her throat was admirable. After three or four dozen strokes into her gullet, I gave up trying to make her retch and shot three loads of bull semen into her, then jerked my horse-like bull cock out of her mouth roughly. She still just smiled up at me serenely.

“You little whore,” I murmured and slapped her across the face. I shoved my arm past the wrist down her throat and back out. Still nary a retch.

Prudence’s composure annoyed me, but I had to respect it. I slipped my hands roughly under her armpits and picked her up, pushing her back against one of the barn’s support pillars and driving my cock into her soaking cunt, penetrating her gaped cervix and shooting a load of bull semen into her hole. She wrapped her legs around my hips and pushed her lips against mine, as her big milky cow tits pressed against my chest sending streamers of saffron milk cascading across my muscular chest and abs. I pounded her against the pillar as I pistoned my meat in and out of her meaty labia and gaping snatch. My bull semen and her cunt juice mixed with the milk pouring from her big udders to form a delightful mixture that ran down my balls and thighs. I reached around and grabbed her ass for leverage, stretching her asshole open as I continued to violate her cunt with gusto. Helga got a clear camera shot for the audience of me pounding Prudence, and of her open, gaping asshole.

I shot several loads more of my bull semen into her cunt, then ripped my meat out hard. The head of my cock grabbed the inside of her gaped cervix and tugged it back a little, leaving it open and hovering just inside Prudence’s yawning, stretched vag. I dropped her, spun her around, and bent her over against the barn pillar. Her asshole was already wide open, gaping, and sluicing grool. I gave my horse-like bull cock several strokes then pushed it into her deep cow asshole, beginning a hard sodomization of this new milk maid.

I meant to fuck her ass for at least a couple of minutes before I filled her last hole. But at that moment I made the mistake of looking over at Amelia and my mom for the first time since I had started working over Prudence. Amelia was on her knees between my mom’s legs, and in defiance of my rules about fingers-and-mouths-only, she had her lips locked on my mom’s clit and her arm up past her elbow in my mom’s meaty, overused asshole. But I didn’t mind. My mom was leaned back, her eyes closed, her mouth parted slightly, her face a mask of orgiastic passion. Steady streams of milk slipped from all six of her tits.

That scene was one of the hottest thing I had seen since becoming a bull – and I had seen a lot of hot things recently. My cock immediately shot eight or nine steaming loads straight into Prudence’s stretched asshole, filling her third and final orifice.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Lyca had slipped into the room. She mouthed “pull out”. So I slowly slid my cock from Prudence’s asshole, leaving it gaping with pink assflesh hanging out. As soon as my cock popped from her orifice, her eyes got wide. She dropped to her knees and her hands went to her cunt. The look of surprise on her face slowly faded, to be replaced with curiosity, then delight.

Prudence looked up at me, then looked down at the ground, putting on her subservient demeanor.

“My bull shouldn’t worry, I won’t show my cock when around him,” she said, her dark hair half covering her downturned face.

“I need to see it,” I said. “We need to make sure it looks and works okay. Just this one time I need to see it. I probably won’t ask again.”

“If that’s what my bull wants, I will do what I am told,” Prudence said. Still kneeling on the floor she spread her legs and leaned back.

What happened next was yet another strange, wonderful moment in this strange, wonderful journey I was on. Her clitoris looked slightly thicker and bigger than it had previously, but suddenly it seemed to almost erupt from its hood. First a horse-like cock head emerged, spreading out wide as it slipped free of her body. Then the long, thick shaft, covered with purple, pulsating veins grew in front of her. It slid all the way out until it was almost two feet long, hard and slightly pointed upwards, hovering below her big milky udders.

“Is my bull pleased?” she asked, as a thick streamer of semen – my bull semen – slid from the tip of her newly-formed cock.

“I don’t know about your bull, but your alpha is pretty pleased,” Alina said. She slipped to the floor and pushed Prudence onto her back, pulling the newly-minted milk maid cock inside her pussy and sliding her body down the milk maid’s new meat. When her labia hit the heavy base of Prudence’s cock, she moaned and leaned forward. The two kissed as my wife began slowly fucking Prudence.

It struck me that Prudence should be the one doing the work, since she was the milk maid, but I figured I had already humiliated her enough that night. Plus my wife was clearly enjoying Prudence’s cock, and this time around there actually seemed to be something resembling passion in Prudence’s response to my wife. The pressure of the big shaft inside of her vagina caused Alina’s asshole to gape open, and thick streamers of grool poured from her anus as pussy juice and bull semen gushed out of her cunt.

Amelia and my mother had slowed their own ministrations as they watched Prudence get her cock. I came over to Amelia and patted her on the head. I really didn’t want to interrupt their tete-a-tete, but it had to be done.

“Ready?” I asked. Amelia nodded and opened her mouth, allowing me to slide my cock inside. Unlike problematic Prudence, Amelia really was a good little cow girl slut. Thinking that I wanted to let her get back to satisfying my mom as quickly as possible, I gave her gullet a couple shots of come, then had her stand up and bend over so I could dump more semen in her cunt, then her asshole. As soon as I pulled from her ass, she dropped back down on her knees like she had been before and went back to work on my mother’s asshole. She didn’t make any faces, or show any outward sign that anything was different. Lyca and I shared a look, and after watching Amelia fist my mom’s anus for two or three minutes, I tapped her on the shoulder.

“You need to show me your cock, sweetie,” I said. “I need to make sure it’s okay, and it’s serviceable. So get it out and use it on my mom instead of your arm.”

Amelia nodded and stood up. Unlike Prudence, she didn’t make a big show of sliding it out slowly. It erupted so quickly it seemed to almost magically appear. It wasn’t as big as mine, but damn it was close, and it was definitely bigger than Prudence’s.

“Oh hell yeah,” my mom said. She rolled over onto all fours and guided Amelia’s cock into her gaped asshole. Amelia slowly slid inside then pressed her body against my mother’s back. My mom tilted her head to the side so they could kiss as Amelia slowly fucked her asshole. Watching Amelia moving her ass and hips, it was clear she had definitely had some practice with strap-ons.

The magnetism between my mom and Amelia picked up unabated where it had left off, only I swear it was even hotter. Their motions were slow, passionate, needful. Their bodies were coated with a thin glow of sweat, semen, and milk as their skin slid slickly across each other in the rhythm of Amelia’s steady fuck. Holy shit it was hot.

I glanced at Prudence and my wife. The spark that had been missing before seemed to finally have come to life a little. Prudence was on top now. Alina had her legs wrapped around Prudence’s hips and the milk maid was steadily driving her big horse-like cock in and out of my wife’s cunt. Alina’s eyes were closed, her mouth was slightly open, and a steady trickle of milk slipped from her big milky udders. Prudence leaned forward, pressing her own milky udders against Alina’s, and the two kissed.

Having already unloaded into both the milk maids, I hovered back for a few minutes, watching the action, letting Helga get some super-hot footage for the folks at home. Finally I decided it was time to wrap things up. I grabbed Prudence and Amelia by their hair, pulled them back from my alphas and forced them down onto their knees. I drove my cock into Prudence’s mouth and face fucked her hard until I felt a massive load had built up in my bull balls. Then I ripped my meat from her mouth, shooting a load that coated her face from forehead to chin. I turned to Amelia and repeated the performance, turning her face into a mask of my come.

Helga pulled out some plastic sample cups and took some semen from both the new milk maids, then I crossed my arms and stood before the two, my cock still hard and throbbing in front of me.

“Put your cocks away now,” I ordered. Prudence and Amelia, their faces still coated with jizz, did as ordered, and a moment later their horse-like meat had disappeared inside their bodies.

“Never forget that your job is to serve your bull, and that you serve the bull by keeping his cows happy when he is not around. Do you understand?” I asked. Both of them nodded.

I tossed them a couple of towels, and once they had cleaned up I gave them both hugs.

“Sorry to have had to do that to you, but it was necessary. I’m glad you joined us. Welcome to the herd,” I said.


The next few days passed relatively smoothly. We kind of took a slow day on Sunday after the craziness recently. The girls who hadn’t been tattooed and pierced yet went and took care of that – including my mom. She looked incredibly hot with big gold loops through her six long nipples. It was breathtaking. I was so turned on by her that as soon as they got home I took her up to one of the cam studios, where I tit fucked her and then bent her over and sodomized her for a live audience.

On Monday we had our weekly inspection. The big question we were all hoping to answer was just how deep my mom’s ass was. Unfortunately, the wolves’ equipment was too short. If we wanted an answer we were going to have to get creative at the next inspection – or get an insanely long dong. Her overdoing it with those herbs before her transition did things to her body that we were still trying to get a handle on.

On Monday and Tuesday we continued the interviews of the cow, sheep, and pig girls from the other farm. They pretty much all seemed solid, so we indoctrinated them. We added ten girls to the herd on Monday and Tuesday, but there were still 15 more to interview.

We put Myrtle up at the hotel where the other girls were while we started renovated her land (we had made terms with the hotel owners after the incident with the pig girls). Myrtle signed the paperwork on Sunday and the wolves arrived first thing Monday morning. By Monday night the property was leveled, and on Tuesday they started work on the utility lines around the landscape.

Tuesday evening my alphas and I were sitting on the front porch with Lyca going over the plans for Myrtle’s property. We asked a few questions, but ended up giving the green light to the plans with a couple of tweaks. One of the most exciting parts of the plan, was the inclusion of a section for the wolves. They would have an area where they could stay when at the farm, and there could be a permanent contingent of wolves onsite. Similarly, the wolves said they were building the cows an area at their headquarters that we would get to see when we went there for Helga’s conversion.

It was a sign of the bond that that been building between the pack and the farm. We were more than business partners, we were comrades and allies. It was beautiful.

Afterwards, we opened a bottle of wine and sat in the falling light enjoying the evening.

“Oh, one other thing,” Lyca said, sipping her wine. “Helga has completed her studies and is ready to join the pack. Would the three of you be available Saturday night for the ritual? Are you still up for attending and sponsoring her?”

“Of course,” I said. “It would be an honor.”

“Great, I’ll send you all the details.”

“I’ve been thinking,” Alina said. “What’s involved with someone becoming a wolf? What’s the ritual like for them to join the pack?”

“Actually, those are two completely different questions,” Lyca replied. “Becoming a wolf is pretty straightforward. Joining a pack is a little more complicated.”

“Let’s start with the simple then,” my wife said. “How difficult is it for someone – say a cow girl, for example – to become a wolf?”

“Just becoming a lone wolf not associated with a pack? It’s pretty straightforward. They have to drink a mixture of herbs and the blood of an alpha or beta she-wolf.”

“How much blood?”

“Not much, like a cup. I have a little drawn every few days and frozen, so do my betas, that way the pack always has an ample supply – it has several uses.” Lyca looked at Alina. “I have a feeling there’s a reason behind your questioning.”

“,” Alina replied, turning to my mother. “How long did you take the herbs to give yourself the extra udders.”

“I took them way longer than I needed to. I started taking them a couple of weeks before the actual transition.”

“Holy shit,” Lyca interjected. “That’s crazy. Normally you only need to take them for a couple of days.”

“Yeah, and I kind of took extra doses too. I really wanted the nice six pack of titties I have,” my mom said. She pulled her shirt up and ran her hands up her six big udders with their gold rings. God they were hot. My cock stirred but I fought it back down.

Lyca turned back to Alina. “What are you driving at with these questions?”

“Okay, this may be crazy, but hear me out,” Alina said animatedly. “What if I switched from being a cow girl to a wolf girl, then took high doses of the same herbs Shawna took for a couple of days, then transitioned back to being a cow. Can I do that? Would I get six udders too?”

Lyca played absently with one of her nipple piercings through her tank top as she considered Alina’s question. “Some people who are into extreme body modifications have done repeated transitions between different types of alternate humans – literally dozens and dozens of transitions – like fifty-plus. When you start getting that high, you run the risk of permanently damaging your DNA and causing a whole host of problems. But just doing a handful of transitions over the course of your life is not risky. What you are proposing should work. And you would only need to be a wolf for a short time period. You could take the herbs for a couple of days, then we make you a wolf, then you transition right back. In theory, you should end up with four or six udders – six if you take the higher doses that Shawna took.”

“Can we do this for other cows, if they are interested?”

Lyca shrugged, nodded. “As long as we don’t deplete the pack’s blood supply, sure. And unless you plan on bringing in a couple more busloads of cows tomorrow I don’t think that should be a problem.”

“Would this work for the milk maids, too?” I asked.

“Should,” Lyca said. “We just would need to make sure we put them on the milk maid supplements as well as the udder supplements. If we move quickly back to being a cow after turning them into a wolf they might not even lose their cock. Who among your herd – milk maid or otherwise - do you think might be interested?”

“I know for sure that I am interested, and that mom and sister would be interested,” Alina replied.

“So maybe we try this out on you three, and if it works we offer it to other cows who are interested?” Lyca said. Alina nodded but I held up my hand.

“And what if it doesn’t work? Is there a risk that something will go horribly wrong?” I asked.

“The only thing I can foresee going wrong is that they would just have the same pair of tits they’ve got right now when we’re done,” Lyca said. “I will run it past my medical guys, but I have seen a lot of transitions over the years, and I would be shocked if they raised concerns.”

Alina texted Lucy and Angela. They were just wrapping up a camshow and said they would be out in a few minutes. My mom scooted up to our room and brought down the leftover supplement pills she had used before becoming a cow, and Lyca brought out a few more from her supply.

When Lucy and Angela joined us about fifteen minutes later they were straight from their camshow by way of the cow shower behind the barn. Their hair was wet and they hadn’t bothered getting dressed. Their big, veiny, milky, pierced cow udders were bare and jiggling.

“What’s up?” my mother-in-law asked as she sat down. She looked down at the pill bottles on the porch table. “What are these?”

“These are the herbs you take to get extra udders when you become a cow,” Alina said.

“Yeah, I wish I’d taken some of those myself,” Angela added.

“Well, as a matter of fact, that’s what we wanted to talk to you about,” Alina replied, laying out the rough plan we had formulated.

“So you’re saying that if I take these today and tomorrow, Thursday I can transition to a wolf, then immediately transition back, and I should get six tits like Shawna? And like Bibi?” Lucy asked.

“That’s the idea,” Alina said.

“Oh hell yeah,” Lucy said, reaching for the supplement bottle. “How many do I take?”

“Aren’t you forgetting just one thing?” Shawna asked.

“What would that be?” Alina replied.

“Getting the bull’s approval.”

They all turned and looked at me.

“This is your decision, as far as I am concerned,” I said. “Each of you get to decide for yourself whether you want to have some additional udders. I will put no pressure on any of you either way. I will just note that more udders means more milk means more money. And more udders means the bull gets more titties to play with. But it’s your call.”

“Then it’s settled,” Alina said. “And the timing is perfect because Myrtle should be ready to be transitioned on Thursday, too. We can do everything at once.”

“Not so fast,” Lyca interjected. “We’ve been moving swiftly bringing cows, pigs, sheep, milk maids into the fold. While we haven’t exactly broken any farming regulations, we have bent the protocols a smidge. Let’s not bite off more than we can chew. I want to get our milk maids lined up, then we can talk about getting you guys extra udders after the ceremonies this weekend.”

There were looks of disappointment from the cows, but I nodded to Lyca.

“That makes sense,” I said. “Sorry to disappoint the cows, but I trust your judgment. We can do the extra udders when you tell us we’re ready.”

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday continued apace with the interviews, and with the work on Myrtle’s farm. Plumbing and electrical were laid down, and work on building a path between the two farm sites raced ahead. We even decided to put in a huge pool and sauna for the girls roughly in the middle between the two locations, reachable by our little asphalt path. The mud area for the pigs was nearby as well. And the wolves’ den was behind it in the woods. It was all cute as hell on the plans and we couldn’t wait for it to be finished. The two farms would essentially be one facility connected by a short private road.

Of course, the money continued to roll in from the milk sales. And thankfully it appears law enforcement had located all of the rogue farms, so no more new cows were added to our queue. By the end of the day Wednesday we only had a handful more to interview and indoctrinate.

Thursday morning we were excited for the plans that afternoon to turn Myrtle into a milk maid. We were running cows down to the tattoo/piercing place every morning, so Alina and Lucy took care of that duty, but by 1:00 in the afternoon we were all sauntering towards the barn.

I had made a surprise guest appearance at a camshow to humiliate Prudence and keep her humble about her new equipment, so by the time I showered and made it to the barn all the key players were there – my alpha cow wife (Alina), my mother-in-law (Lucy), my sister-in-law (Angela), and our milk-maid-in-waiting (Myrtle). Helga was manning the cams, as usual, and Lyca was there with the blood potion. Also in attendance were my alpha cow mom (Shawna) and my omega cow grandmother (Bibi). Everyone was nude except for Helga in her special outfit, and Myrtle in a robe. Given her age, I had granted Myrtle this one consolation with the understanding that the robe came off the moment she became a hot young cow.

I nodded to my mom and wife, deferring to whichever alpha cow wanted to do the honors. Shawna raised her hand.

My mom nodded and moved to the chair sitting in the middle of the barn. She spread her legs underneath her six big, pierced udders and slid a finger into her slit while gesturing for Myrtle to come over.

Myrtle had the look of a woman who had just gotten a new lease on life and couldn’t wait to get started. She knelt down in front of my mother. My mother leaned forward and kissed Myrtle’s forehead, then pulled the older woman’s ancient lips to one of her six big udders. Myrtle sucked out a few mouthfuls of the sweet saffron milk, but seemed to be anxious to get on with the affair, because after just a handful of swallows, she ran her tongue down my mom’s abdomen through her cow landing strip to her thick, meaty labia.

I knew from previous experience that it would take Myrtle several minutes of sucking down cow girl grool before she would transition into a cow girl herself because of her advanced age. As expected, she took forever. My mom, who was finding out that Myrtle knew her way around a woman’s anatomy, was over the moon. She was leaned back in the chair, pulling her tits up to her mouth and sucking on her own milk, and murmuring. Eventually just tossed her head back and closed her eyes, her hair cascading over the back of the chair.

“Fuck, country girl, where they hell did you learn to do that?” Shawna asked, looking down at Myrtle, who continued to plough her cunt with her tongue. Myrtle just winked. My mom moaned again and closed her eyes, reaching down and pulling Myrtle’s face even more deeply into her cow cunt.

Finally, after over ten minutes, during which I thought my mom would die of overstimulation, it happened. Though she still had the robe on, I could see that Myrtle’s hair was now long, luxurious, and blindingly white with hints of blonde. The robe had been forced open by the six huge, milky udders that now hung from her chest with their big, long, hard nipples reaching to the floor. I approached her and pulled off the robe, revealing her thick, meaty cow asshole and cunt that were gushing grool.

I grabbed her gorgeous white hair and pulled her back. As expected, she had six inch cow horns. Her face looked like she was in her late thirties or early forties, and had taken on the standard bimbo-like cow features – thick lips, long lashes, big doe eyes – though her irises retained their icy blue color. I had to admit, she was incredibly beautiful and hot. Her big, veiny udders were trickling a steady stream of milk, and a thread of grool hung off her big clit.

“Is my bull pleased?” she asked, smiling a coy smile.

“Yes,” I said. “But you need to now give us at least two gallons of milk before I fuck you and turn you into a milk maid.”

“Yes, sir,” she said. Lyca pulled her over to a milk machine and attached one milker to each of her big firm tits.

As Myrtle pumped her tits, my other alpha decided she wanted to find out what she was missing. Alina nudged Shawna from the chair in front of Myrtle and sat down. Our budding milk maid dove in.

“Oh...fuck,” my wife moaned, as Myrtle showed her the things she learned down on the farm. “Oh fuck yeah.” My wife’s tits shook and squirted milk across Myrtles beautiful white/blonde hair. Thick streamers of Alina’s cunt and ass grool ran down Myrtle’s chest and trickled off the milkers attached to her udders.

Myrtle reached two, then three, then four gallons. I could have stopped things right then, but my wife seemed to be having too much fun. So I let the milker run to six gallons before I stopped it.

“Only one thing left to do,” Lyca said. “Turn Myrtle into a milk maid.”

I was ready to fill our new milk maid up. Lyca unhooked the milkers from Myrtle’s six gargantuan tits, and Myrtle stopped licking my wife and crawled on her knees to me like a nice subservient cow whore.

She knelt at my feet and looked up at me with her big blue doe eyes, her long lashes, her bimbo lips, and her white/blonde perfect hair.

“Can my bull fill up all my holes now?” she asked. “I want to be a good little milk maid slut and take good care of all my bull’s cows when he isn’t around. It’s like I’ve been waiting my entire life for this moment.”

I was so turned on by her perfect cow body and six huge udders that I didn’t even bother answering the question. My cock was already almost out to its full 25 inch erect length, the horse-like cock head was pulsating and wide. A thick streamer of bull come slid from the tip as I grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and pushed my cock into her mouth.

The way Myrtle took my bull cock you would have thought she had been sucking two foot poles her entire, long life. Even Helga, who was filming this for an audience of over 200, shook her head. My meat went straight down Myrtle’s gullet without a hitch. When my balls bounced against her chin she giggled and shook her head, sending thick streamers of throat slime and bull come sliding from her chin.

I was going to take it easy on her but she began face fucking my cock frantically, pounding her mouth up and down my shaft like a woman crazed. Maybe she was crazed – I don’t know what her life had been like with her husband but maybe she was crazed by 80 years of unsatisfaction. But whatever it was, she was taking my pole down her gaping cow maw like an undersexed succubus.

Meanwhile, Lucy, Angela, Shawna, and Alina were in a hot, smoking foursome on the floor of the barn, making a milky, grooly, pile of gaping holes and jiggling flesh. I tore my eyes away, wrestling for control of my libido as Myrtle continued to wreck my meat with her face.

“Oh god yeah,” I gasped, trying to hold back, but my cock had other plans. I shot several streamers of semen into her throat. Myrtle giggled again and pulled back, my monster horse-shaped cock sliding easily from her throat. She turned around and pushed two fingers in her cunt and two fingers in her asshole and was gaping both meaty, fleshy holes wide, showing the soaking wet pink inside. My horse-like bull cock was streaming bull come from it’s wide, gaping tip as I drove it into Myrtle’s brand new cow cunt, penetrating her gaping cervix and pushing all the way in. She moaned and pressed her body against mine, trying to push me deeper inside. I swear she could have taken another foot if I had it. I closed my eyes, afraid if I looked over at what the girls were doing I would pop right away, and began pistoning my cock in and out of Myrtle’s cunt. She moaned and looked back at me over her shoulder with her best “fuck me” cow eyes. A puddle of milk was forming on the floor where her six huge udders were still leaking, jiggling as I fucked her. She moaned again and a thick streamer of grool and bull come slid out of her cunt around my throbbing purple cock. I pounded my body against hers as my cock slipped in and out of her slit, sliding through the aperture of her cervix, her cunt flesh gripping the shaft with each stroke.

Myrtle reached back and slid four fingers into her asshole and stretched it, revealing the pink flesh and cunt juice inside.

“Fuck my ass,” she moaned. “Make me your good little milk maid whore.”

I was so aroused there was practically steam coming off my body. I shot four thick loads of bull juice into her cunt and ripped my cock out roughly, leaving her yawning cervix hanging several inches outside her stretched cunt. I didn’t even bother giving myself any strokes between holes, just drove my meat into Myrtles’s stretched, meaty cow asshole.

If Myrtle had been an easy fuck in her other holes, my cock ripped through her asshole like a hot knife through butter. There was no resistance at all as I slid by 25 inches of hard bull meat into her soaking wet cow ass. Her sphincter stretched easily to accommodate my six inch diameter cock base, and once I was all the way in, she reached around and slid four fingers inside her ass and stretched it open another inch or two. It was amazing. I grabbed her horns and used them as leverage as I pistoned my two feet of horse-shaped bull cock in and out of her asshole. I closed my eyes, feeling thick streamers of jizz slipping from the gaping tip of my cock deep into Myrtle’s anus. I moaned. I could feel her fingers still stretching her asshole even wider, begging me to go as deep as I possibly could. Her pink anal flesh gripped my cock and slipped in and out of her sphincter with each stroke, sliding out as far as a foot when I pulled back long.

I was trying to hold back, to make it last, but then I again made the mistake of looking over at the other cow girls.

My wife had her arm in her mother’s asshole past the elbow, and her sister was sucking on my mom’s distended, gaped cervix.

That was enough to drive me over the edge. I shot three or four thick streamers of bull come into Myrtle’s stretched gaping asshole, then ripped my cock out, leaving her pink assflesh hanging out from her sphincter. She reached around and stroked her flesh, even as she pressed her other hand against her clit, feeling the eruption of her new horse-shaped cock inside of her body.

Myrtle had assumed a very subservient pose, kneeling off to the side and just quietly watching the goings on.

The only cow present who wasn’t involved in the fuck pile was my grandmother, Bibi.

“Myrtle,” I said. “Just this once, I need you to show us your cock when I am around. I want you to go fuck my grandmother’s ass and make sure everything works okay.”

“Are you sure?” Myrtle asked.

“Are you questioning me?” I shot back sternly.

“No, sir,” Myrtle said.

Bibi knelt down in front of Myrtle and ran her fingers up the new milk maid’s cunt, then wrapped her lips around Myrtle’s clit (which was really the tip of her new cock) and began sucking. Myrtle moaned and closed her eyes. Bibi pulled back and Myrtle’s two feet of horse-shaped cock – mirroring my own – erupted from its hood, a thick streamer of bull semen sliding from the tip. My grandmother rolled over onto all fours and used her hands to pull her ass cheeks apart, exposing her meaty cow asshole. Myrtle looked at me and I pointed sternly at Bibi’s ass. Myrtle smiled and began sliding her cock into my grandmother’s ass.

My cock was still throbbing. My wife disengaged from the cow pile, crawled over in front of me, and pulled my monster cock between her legs, sliding her cunt down my shaft. My meat slipped inside her, penetrating her cervix and pushing far into her body. She took it all, straddling my bull cock and leaning forward, pressing her big, pierced, milky tits into my face.

“Please fill me up,” she whispered, pressing her lips to mine. I didn’t need the invitation. I was already primed, she was already primed. She wiggled her hips and I shot. Load after load of bull semen poured into her open hole from my big cock. I gasped. She moaned. We both came and came again, locked in our own little world for a beautiful moment.

As my climax finally ebbed, I opened my eyes and glanced over at Myrtle. She was pulling her cock out of my grandmother’s stretched, crinkled, distended ass and reaching for my mother. Shawna shook her head, telling her to stop. Myrtle didn’t even slow down, but pressed forward, trying to push her cock towards my mother. Shawna gave Myrtle a hard shove and the milk maid stumbled backwards.

“I am your alpha,” my mom snarled at Myrtle. “Stand down now. On your knees, bitch!”

Myrtle stepped back, her cock still pulsing out my bull semen across the floor. Her six big tits were trickling cow juice. When I looked at her face, the look was not of defiance, but of confusion. Her eyes roved around the room, unsure where to land.

The poor girl had so many new feelings and thoughts racing through her she didn’t know what to think. Everything was new. A few days ago she had been an old woman living alone on a nearly-abandoned farm. Now...all this. I felt sympathy for her, but discipline in the herd had to be maintained. And if she was going to be a milk maid, she had to understand her place. Still, I wasn’t going to be too hard on her. She wasn’t being willfully defiant.

I dumped a heavy load into my wife’s womb, then slipped her off my meat, leaving her yawning cervix hanging out of her gaped cunt. I gestured for my alphas – Alina and Shawna – to stand beside me, then seized Myrtle’s hair and forced her down to her knees in front of me. I considered slapping her, but stayed my hand. My alphas and I crowded around my new, wayward milkmaid.

“Did I tell you to fuck my mom?” I snarled.

“No sir,” she said, tears trickling down her cheeks.

“Do you have a problem with me being your bull?” I asked.

“No sir,” she replied meekly.

“You understood what it meant to be a milk maid, and you understood that you were subservient to the bull.”

“I’m sorry. I got carried away. This is all new. It won’t happen again,” she sniffled.

“Do you want to be a milk maid at my farm or do you want to go somewhere else?”

“I...I...I want to stay,”

“You are a milk maid. You are there to fill the cows when I am not around. That does not make you an alpha or a beta. You are still just a cow. Never again challenge my authority or the authority of my alphas. I understand this is all new, so I will let it go this time, but next time you disobey there will be repercussions, understood?”

“Yes sir. Thank you. wouldn’t send me to the cow pound would you?” she asked.

The mention of the cow pound touched my heart. “No cow, no matter how badly she misbehaves, will ever go to the cow pound from this farm. Never ever,” I said. “You may be banished, or turned into a lone wolf, or otherwise punished. Things may get unpleasant. But nothing you do will get you sent to the cow pound on my watch.”

“Thank you,” Myrtle said. “I’m so sorry.”

I helped her to her feet and gave her a hug, and my mother and wife gave her hugs as well.

Helga wrapped up the cam session, and we all trooped down to the cow showers to clean up.

At that point, we were all pretty tired and looking forward to a day or so of quiet before the big ceremony to induct Helga into the pack and cement the relationship between the pack and the farm.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as planned.

Myrtle and I were the last of the crew to shower after the her conversion and we were stepping out of the cow showers when Jenna and Olivia came galloping up to us. The pig girls were having their day at the farm (they were still living in the hotel) and had been wallowing in the temporary mud bath we had set up for them. They were covered head-to-toe in mud, their big milk-filled udders and fat, pregnant-looking tummy all smeared and caked with the stuff. Trickles of milk from their udders, cunt, and asshole ran through the mud on their tits, stomach, and thighs. I definitely could understand why they were called pig girls.

As they approached, I realized something was off about the twins. In an almost zombie-like monotone, both the pig girls murmured “Cock! Coooooooooooock!”

Before I could say anything, they both were on their knees, one in front of me, one in front of our newly-minted milk maid, Myrtle. Jenna latched her lips on my cock without asking permission and started sucking. Olivia did the same to Myrtle.

I seized Jenna’s tusks and tried to pull her off my meat, but she was vacuum-locked on my cock, sucking my cock into her throat, pulling it all the way down, and getting me hard without my permission.

Poor Myrtle next to me, who was still sorting out all her feelings from just having been turned into a milk maid, was practically in shock.

“My bull, cock...I don’t want to show it around my bull...but she...”

I knew there was no way Myrtle could withstand this suction-like action of Olivia’s lips on her brand new milk maid cock.

“It’s okay, Myrtle. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s okay to let it out,” I said.

I slapped Jenna hard, then slapped her again. I punched her, then grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard. Nothing stopped that oral onslaught on my cock.

What the fuck…?

Then I did the only thing I could think of at the moment.

“HELP!” I screamed.

Lyca and her betas, who had been talking to one of the contractors over by the pasture looked in my direction.

“Fuck!” she shouted. “Xana – get the prods!”

She started running towards me and Myrtle, the pig girls still firmly attached to our cocks. Xana raced to the wolves’ SUV parked in the driveway. As Lyca reached me, Xana reached the SUV.

While cows and bulls are bulky, powerful, but not very athletic, wolves are lithe, fast, and full of finesse. In a movement that could have been a scene out of an action movie, Xana whipped a pair of cattle prods out from a black case in the SUV and sent them spinning in a perfect arc towards Lyca, who snatched them out of the air and in a fluid zapped Jenna and Olivia.

The pig girls jerked up and fell backwards stunned. Xana appeared with handcuffs and slapped them on the twins.

“Fuck,” Lyca said, looking down at the prone pig girls. “This is what happens when we try to move too fast bringing cow girls into a new farm. Fuck me for not being more careful about protocols. Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“What?” I said, rubbing my cock that was still sore and bleeding a little from where the pig girl bit into it when the prod hit her. “What’s going on?”

“Fuck,” Lyca repeated. “We need to quarantine the farm. We’ve got an outbreak of Mad Cow Girl Disease.”

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