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I met Amanda at a singles cocktail party. Instant chemistry. Lots of questions. At thirty-nine she is two-years older than me. She told me her much older husband died a year ago.
The only man she has ever had. “I realize now I have missed out on a lot in life. A sex life and sexual pleasure especially, I am naive when I compare with my girlfriends. They tell me my past sex life could only be described as vanilla at best. I need a man to educate and show me what I have been missing.”

Over the following months I took great delight in educating Amanda sexually. She had soon lost her inhibitions as we continued to stretch our sexual boundaries and seek new levels of sexual pleasure.

“That really was something. When can we have it again?,” Amanda asked me later that night in the bath after we had been pleasured by two men, fifteen years younger than us. “Watching that boy sucking your rock hard cock while his buddy licked my cunt lips was an incredible new experience for me.

“They were very good. They knew how to edge and tease. After around seven minutes they stopped licking and sucking us and went to work on our nipples again. The way they both edged and teased us as we watched them licking our nipples was wonderful.

“And the way they talked to us as they brought us to orgasm was a bonus turn on. A whole new vocabulary for me. And watching them sucking each other’s big, thick cocks to orgasm was a real sexual education for me.

“Before today we discussed lots of options, let’s have some of those, soon?,” Amanda asked me. Remind me what those option were?,” Amanda asked a few days later while we were naked opposite each other in our sauna.

“There is enough room in our sauna for four people, six even. We could entertain another couple, perhaps two women, or even two men. Or they could entertain us.”

“Let’s remember that one. Tell me some more options.”

“Would you like another person to watch me fuck you Amanda?” I asked.

“Perhaps, tell me more? With a male or a female watching? Why not another couple watching?

“I would love to watch you fucking another woman. No kissing though.

“I would love another man to lick and kiss my big ass cheeks while we tongue kiss. I want to be naked apart from my heels, black stockings and garter belt. You are the only man who has ever kissed my ass.”

“Perhaps two young girls in their early twenties for us to share? Perhaps we could masturbate while another couple watched, preferably a much younger one.”

“Would you like me to watch another woman give you a blow job?”

“Yes I would, preferably while I watch another woman tongue fuck you at the same time.”

“Can you organise that for me? Or perhaps I might with Jane and Janet?”

“You told me you would you like me to watch another woman give you a blow job while you watch another woman tongue fucking me at the same time. My friends Jane and Janet will be here soon,” Amanda told me as she teased my nipples and watched my cock grow. “I told them what we want and they are very keen to meet you and pleasure us.

“That will be them now,” she whispered as the door bell rang. “Come in, we are in the next room.”

“Wow, oh fuck,” they both muttered in unison as they drank in our naked bodies.

Jane and Janet’s choices quickly became apparent as Jane kissed Amanda with the tip of her tongue and she returned her kisses. “You are a big boy,” Janet whispered as we tongue kissed. “A very big boy,” she told me as she ran a hand along my now fully erect cock.

The next thirty-minutes was taken up with wonderful sexual pleasure as Amanda and I sat side-by-side on the sofa with our legs spread as we watched each other receiving sexual pleasure from a woman.

“Run some more options past me?,” Amanda asked ten days later in the afterglow of sex in a range of positions.

“You wanted another man to lick and kiss your magnificent, big ass cheeks while we tongue kiss. You wanted to be naked apart from your heels, black stockings and garter belt. He will be the only the second man who has ever kissed your ass.”

A few days later Amanda was naked apart from her heels, black stockings and garter belt. I was also naked as we stood and kissed with just the tips of our tongues,

“John should be here very shortly. He is a twenty-year old boy with a very large cock. I told him he would be only the second man ever to lick and kiss your magnificent ass. And I told him you would love him to do it. And I told him he could masturbate while he watches us fucking.”

When John walked into the room Amanda had her back to him with her legs spread to flaunt her big ass for him. It did look magnificent framed by her garter belt.

“You know what I expect from you John. Do it. My man told me your cock is bigger than his, show me before you lick and kiss my ass,” Amanda told him as we tongue kissed. “You are huge, fucking huge,” she whispered as he licked and kissed her ass cheeks and she watched in the wall mirrors.

Fucking Amanda that day had a new dimension as we both watched John masturbating while we fucked. Even better as Amanda talked to him while he masturbated for us. “Did my big ass turn you on? It turned me on. Are you excited watching a couple twice your age fucking?”

“I am hooked, I never realised what I had been missing, sex with an extra person is an absolute buzz for me,” she told me later that day.

“Can I have you and another woman at the same time? I could suck your cock while she tongue fucks me. A woman with big firm tits and large nipples?

“And two men, you and another man at the same time?”

“We have had an amazing range of sex with extra people without fucking them. I am past forty and I have only ever had intercourse with two men,” Amanda confided in the afterglow of another wonderful session. “You know where this conversation is leading don’t you? I want to fuck another man to bring my tally up to three men. Would you mind? Would you like to watch?”

“Fine by me, as long I can fuck another woman at the same time. We could watch each other fucking,” I replied excited at the idea. “Do you have a man in mind?”

“I was hoping you could organise a suitable man, you seem to have lots of contacts.:

“I really do want to fuck a new man, these men are a real turn on for me,” she whispered as I scrolled through some pics of naked men flaccid, then with erections on my computer. Then some more pics of the same men fucking women.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?,” she asked as she listened in to my phone call to Peter to firm up the arrangements.

I had told Peter my lover Amanda, more than forty-years old, had only ever had sex with two men, the second being me. “She wants to live out one of her fantasies, a four-way with a man ten-years younger than her with a very large cock and a woman her age with a magnificent pair of tits.

“Amanda wants to fuck another man to bring her tally up to three men. She asked me would I mind? And would I like to watch? I told her fine by me, as long I can fuck another woman at the same time.”

“She is very photogenic,” he told me as I showed him some pics of Amanda fully dressed, then naked. “And very fuckable. That means you want to have my lady Pam? Let’s do it, this Saturday.”

The following Saturday afternoon we were naked in our sauna with a new couple we are going to have swaps with. Pam and Peter are sitting opposite as we drink in each others naked bodies.

Peter is a thirty-year old jock, with a very large, thick cock, bigger than me, an extra turn on for me. Pam, his lady is a voluptuous forty-year old with a magnificent pair of tits.

Huge sexual tension when they arrived. The way Amanda was dressed made it obvious she wanted to fuck the third man she had ever had. Heels and one of my business shirts with just one button fastened, to highlight her legs and cleavage.

Pam was wearing heels, tight leather slacks and a silk blouse. Obviously no bra as her nipples poked against the silk. Peter was tongue kissing Amanda as she returned his kisses while he undid Pam’s blouse.

“Thirty-six D cup,” Peter told us he removed her blouse for us. Her tits really were magnificent, just starting to sag with large nipples. Amanda was licking and sucking Pam’s nipples as Peter shrugged off his shirt and trousers

“This is one of my fantasies, a four-way with a man ten-years younger than me with a very large cock and a woman my age with a magnificent pair of tits,” Amanda whispered as she ran a hand along his already erect cock while she licked and sucked her nipples.

“How do you want me to fuck you Amanda,” Peter asked nonchalantly as he took one of Amanda’s hands and ran it along his erection while she was sucking his lady’s tits.

“Doggy style,” his lady Pam replied before Amanda could answer. “And her man can fuck me in the same position alongside her. I want to kiss her while we are fucking. Is that fine with you Amanda?”

Wonderful foreplay as Peter and I kissed each other’s ladies, each of them with a hand on our erections before we licked and sucked their tits.

The two women were kissing each other passionately before they leaned on the back of a couch and kept on kissing. I watched on in awe as Peter grasped my lady’s ass cheeks and slowly fed his very large cock into her.

Then out of the corner of his eye Peter watched me grasp his lady’s and slide my very erect cock into his lady while she and my lady continued kissing each other.

“That was an incredible fuck, so good,” our first MMFF,” Amanda told me when we were in the bath together that night as she teased my almost fully erect cock. “What can we do next time for our mutual sexual pleasure? Something exciting and kinky? What can you organise for me? And us?”

“Organising something exciting and kinky for your sexual pleasure is becoming increasingly difficult,” I told Amanda two weeks later. “However I have organised Felicia to visit us this Friday night. She is an incredibly glamorous, exciting and talented lady,” I told her before I showed her some pics on my phone.

“She is incredibly glamorous. But what is it that makes her exciting? And what special talents does she possess?,” Amanda asked, her interest piqued as I shrugged off her questions.

“Dress to impress, so will I,” I told Amanda before Felicia arrived on the Friday. “You look even more fuckable than usual,” I told her after I watched her prepare. Heels, a sexy black thong, and a short backless, black cocktail dress. I had decided on skin tight, white slacks and a black silk shirt.

“Wow, you are an incredibly glamorous lady Felicia,” Amanda told her as they kissed with the tips of their tongues. “My man told me you are exciting and talented. I am looking forward to learning what makes you exciting and especially the talented part,” Amanda smiled as they looked each other over.

Felicia taller than average, feminine body, shoulder length blond hair, large gold loopy earrings, an almost identical short backless, black cocktail dress, to the one Amanda was wearing and strappy heels.

“This is very exciting for me with my man watching,” Amanda whispered as Felicia returned her passionate tongue kisses. “I want to have you. Would you like my man to undress you for me so I can suckle your tits while he watches?” I couldn’t help running my fingertips along Felicia’s bare back while I stood behind her as I slid the the top of her dress to her waist,

“Your tits are magnificent, so firm,” Amanda told her before I watched her feasting on her tits.

“Let me show you how talented I am Amanda,” Felicia smiled as she turned her back and let her dress fall to her ankles, then her sexy male jock strap.

“Wow,” both Amanda and I exclaimed as we ogled her big, firm, though beautifully proportioned ass.

“Am I talented enough for you Amanda?,” Felicia teased as she turned and teased her large, thick erection for us. “You know I want to have both of you,” she smiled as she sat on the chair facing a wall mirror I had deliberately chosen.

“You really are exciting and talented,” Amanda whispered as I helped her undress and flaunt her naked body for Felicia and I. “I have long fantasised about sharing a tranny with my man, a well hung one is a bonus,” she told us while she passionately tongue kissed me then Felicia.

“Felicia really is exciting and talented,” I muttered to Amanda while I watched her giving Felicia a blow job as I slid my erection between her pursed lips in a fucking motion.

“You told me organising something exciting and kinky for my sexual pleasure is becoming increasingly difficult. Perhaps not.” Amanda told me the next day. “I have organised a return visit from Felicia next Friday night. She really is exciting and talented.

“Next time I want you to tongue fuck me while I give Felicia a blow job. Or would you like me to watch Felicia give you a blow job? Perhaps even better, I want to watch you give Felicia a blow job?”

Amanda had insisted she wanted me naked under my short, black silk dressing gown with an erection when Felicia arrived. Amanda and I had been looking forward to having sexual contact with her for a week, though not quite sure how it might play out.

Felicia kissed both of us with the tip of her tongue before Amanda opened my gown to show her my erection. “Your call baby? Or do you want Felicia to decide?,” Amanda asked in a soft voice.

“Exactly what is it you want me to decide?,” Felicia teased as she turned her back and slipped out of her dress, and stood with her hands on her hips to flaunt her almost naked body for us. Magnificent big ass, no bra, black stockings and a garter belt with lots of bare flesh above her stockings, “Do you think I am exciting and talented?,” she teased as she turned to flaunt her large, thick erection framed by her garter belt for Amanda and me.

“Remind me what is it you want me to decide?,” she continued teasing. “Is it, one: you want to tongue fuck your lady Amanda while she gives me a blow job? Or two: you would like Amanda to watch me give you a blow job? Or three: perhaps even better, I want Amanda to watch you give me a blow job?”

“I am excited at all three of those options, let’s have them all,” Amanda replied as Felicia helped her undress. “We need to change the order of two and three though. First up, I want my man to tongue fuck me while I give you a blow job Felicia. Secondly, I want to watch my man give you a blow job. Thirdly, I want to watch you give my man a blow job.”

“Felicia was an incredibly exciting and talented person,” Amanda told me in the bath the next day. We both had our way with her. Probably the most exciting was watching you give Felicia a blow job. I never realised you were talented in that regard. And the noise you made after Felicia edged you before she bought you to orgasm while you and I tongue kissed was a wonderful new experience for us,

“I can see I have aroused you and turned you on just by talking about her. What could be better right now than a fuck, missionary style, long, slow and hard, very hard.”
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