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This is a stand alone story but the second chapter depicting the fall of a not so happily married woman at the hands of a big cocked dominant male. In this chapter Amy, deals with the aftermath of giving in to a moment of weakness with a well endowed stranger her husband was trying to help. It depicts scenes of non-consent and reluctance as she discovers her true nature. If this is in anyway offensive, please find another story. If you choose to read on, please enjoy.

I sat in disbelief, wondering if Wayne would call first, or if Mom would get home with the kids first. Either one was going to be tough to deal with, after what had just happened.

It was like a bad dream. I had just given myself to a man I had never met before, only hours after he came to do work on our new house. The raw gape in my pussy, reminded me--it was real. That huge, hard cock had been inside me, pounding me as I begged the stranger to fuck me.

Wayne and I were going through a rough patch after the move, but he didn't deserve this. I wondered how I could face either one of them, and pretend nothing happened. But I had to. I could never tell Wayne and if I dared confide in Mom, it would not go well.

"Why did you buy those stupid bikinis, Amy!" I asked myself.

I had seen them at work, on sale--and it seemed like a cute idea for Mom and me. How could I have known, that Wayne had arranged for him to come to the house that day?

"Why the fuck didn't you tell me, Wayne! And why the fuck did you have to flirt with him, Mom!" I yelled, trying to push my guilt off on them.

But they didn't make me continue to flirt--when I was alone with him. They didn't make me touch his cock--after I teased him hard. They didn't make me do anything.

Suddenly the phone rang, and when I saw the phone number, it hit me. I forgot to call to interview a potential babysitter recommended by a friend from work.

"Hello, Betsy. So sorry, I've been dealing with some urgent matters at hand, and completely forgot to call," I said, frantically.

"No problem. I know the feeling well; can we reschedule, or I'm free now if you are," she said, politely.

I took a deep breath. "Now's good." I gained my composure and went to the office to get my notes. "Rachel has great things to say about you. Let's see..." I found my notes and her resumé. "It looks like you've been doing this for twelve years now?"

"Yes, with six different families. I've been at the Wachowskis for about four, and their kids are old enough to take care of themselves now."

As the interview continued, I felt a sense of normalcy again, and we continued for around forty-five minutes. She said she could start tomorrow, but I told her my mother was here for another week, and I would talk to my husband and get back with her by tomorrow.

I hung up, and normalcy evaporated quickly. I looked at the table where I had been thoroughly and completely fucked, just a couple hours earlier, and the mind-numbing tingle returned--between my legs. That cock filled me completely, and the thought of never having that feeling again, made the emptiness I was experiencing, seem overwhelming.

Why did I touch it in the first place? I had to know there was no turning back after that, but I did it anyway. It was just so damn big compared to Wayne, or anyone I had ever been with.

As I replayed that moment and how it felt in my hand, I found myself getting aroused all over again. It was almost hypnotic. Once I touched it, I knew I had to have it in my mouth and feel it me.

I tried to clear my mind, but it was so good. We agreed it could never happen again, but for this one moment, I decided to allow myself to think about it one last time. My pussy tingled again with moist heat at the thought.

I would go get my vibrator and let my mind go there one final time. I would come as many times as I had to, to make sure I would be strong tomorrow, when he came back to finish the work in the yard. After that, I would never see him again.

My distended pussy began to take control of my thoughts, and I knew what I needed to do. I would fuck myself and yell into a pillow, what I had screamed in my kitchen as he fucked me. "I'm coming for your cock!" over and over.

I was reminded that 'cock-slut' Amy, loved the taste of his cum and really wanted him to unload in my mouth earlier, but he told me if he did, he wasn't sure he'd recover a third time to fuck me. I had to know what it felt like inside me.

If I had it to do over, I would have sucked his cock sooner, instead of jacking him off first. Damn, he came so much, it felt like my head and face were covered. And if I'd have known he was gonna pull out and come all over my back and ass, I would have turned and taken his jizz in my mouth then, too.

I couldn't believe how obsessed I was. Eight hours ago, I'd never heard of him. I'd never been that crazy about the taste of cum, or even obsessed with sex. After meeting him, or should I say 'it', I couldn't wait to get my dildo and fuck myself senseless for his cock.

I couldn't wait another minute. I left my phone on vibrate in my purse, so I wouldn't be disturbed and started toward the bedroom. I thought, there should be enough time before Mom got home with the girls. If not, I would finish in bed tonight. My pussy throbbed in anticipation when reality suddenly hit with a ring of the doorbell.

I knew it couldn't be Mark. He wasn't coming back until morning, and knew Mom would be back at any time. I thought maybe it was Mom, but she had the car with the garage door opener, so it couldn't be her. So, I went to the door frustrated that it was probably a salesperson. I would get rid of them and get down to business with my plastic buddy.

When I opened it, my heart fell into my stomach and my face betrayed me. It was Mark! still in the clothes he'd worked in. The tight tank-T and the way-too-tight jean shorts. He was typing on his phone, and I heard a series of beeps before he looked up with a grin.

My face, my body language, my audible sigh--all told him I was flustered by his presence.

"Well, hello Mrs. Stilson, you've missed me, I can see. My eyes darted to his bulge, though I told myself not to stare. The outline of his semi-hard cock was amazingly apparent through the denim fabric. Even the ridge of his cock head was discernible.

I found myself biting my lip, as my eyes locked on his manhood and when I realized I was, in fact, staring--I looked up to see his arrogant grin, knowing I was teetering. His hands were behind his back, seeming to only further push his cock front and center.

"Did you forget something, Mark?" I asked, trying to keep strong.

"No, Mrs. Stilson. There is no forgetting anything about today, I promise. But I did bring you a little something to remember me by, in case it was not so memorable for you."

I felt like I was in a fog. I could hear myself repeating in my head, don't stare at his cock; when I looked into his eyes, it felt like he knew my every thought.

"Is everything okay, Mrs. Stilson, you look a little flustered..."

I looked at it and he made it pulse with a rush of blood, pushing against the fabric like it might burst through.

"Are you still hungry, Mrs. Stilson?"

I didn't understand the question, as his cock had me in a trance-like state. I recalled how warm and hard it felt.

"Mrs. Stilson? Are you going to invite me in? It's damn hot today." He wiped his brow.

I looked up at him with his arrogant smirk.

"Yes, of course, please come in," I half stuttered.

"Would you have any more of that delicious lemonade, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Sure, let me get you some." I turned and broke my gaze and led him back to the kitchen, where I had been thoroughly and complete fucked just over two hours earlier.

"You make that outfit look very good, Mrs. Stilson," he said in a soft voice and finished with a sigh.

His words sent a tingling rush through me, and I fought releasing a sigh of my own. I was wearing black sweats and a white-and-orange Orioles jersey. My breathing was broken and my mouth dry, as the lump in my throat intensified.

When I reached the refrigerator, I pulled out the lemonade, and turned--he stood dangerously close, holding an elongated box wrapped in red and white striped wrapping paper. He immediately set it on the counter and gazed at me. His eyes let me know his thoughts and I gasped, as my hand holding the pitcher began to tremble.

"Let me help you with that, Mrs. Stilson." He took it and sat it on the counter. "I'm glad you deem me worthy of your lemonade now, Mrs. Stilson."

As he called me 'Mrs. Stilson' for the hundredth time that day, I recalled our earlier encounter, when I was still harmlessly flirting with him. I told him lemonade was reserved for friends, who called me Amy. When he persisted with Mrs. Stilson, I gave him water.

My eyes darted from his eyes to his cock, as I felt my will slipping away. Mom had not texted as she normally would, before heading home with the kids. She liked to give me warning to prepare for the chaos of their return. That realization unleashed a flurry of wicked thoughts and in a last hope that maybe he could reign us in, I spoke out.

"Mom and the kids could be home any time. I think you should--"

"We should hurry, Mrs. Stilson," he interrupted. "I parked down the block so no one would see my car was back."

I took a step back, and--unable to look him in the eye--my eyes betrayed me again and locked on his stiffening dick. The arrogance of parking down the block, assuming I would be weak, did not escape me.

"Please," I whimpered, and couldn't think what to say next.

"You thanked me for letting you experience your nasty little fantasy--'cock-slut for a day'. The day's not over, Mrs. Stilson. Go ahead, touch it one more time, Mrs. Stilson."

I couldn't break my gaze and there was that button on his shorts, exposed and begging for me to undo it, so I could release it again. My breathing seemed so loud in the otherwise silent kitchen. My body swayed, as I looked for the will to resist.

But at that moment, I only saw the bulge in those shorts. There were no thoughts that Wayne might call, or Mom and the kids would return. Only the thought of hot hardness in my hand again.

"There's my hungry little cock-slut," his voice said softly, as I mindlessly dropped to my knees and began to rub the length of his stiffening rod through the fabric. "Tell me what you want, Mrs. Stilson."

I rubbed him slowly, pressing my palm firmly against him. "I want this big, fucking-sweaty cock in mouth again." I reached for the button. Frantically, undid it and pulled the zipper down. "I want to feel those balls empty in my mouth," I said, as I yanked his shorts and underwear to his knees. His boner bounced, pointing at me, and I looked up at him. "After you come, I want to suck you hard, then beg you to fuck me on my kitchen counter!"

His hard-on glistened with pre-cum, and I plunged it into my mouth swirling my tongue on his sensitive spot. I loved hearing a man moan when my tongue hits his man-clit.

"Oh fuck, Mrs. Stilson, I love how you think." His head rolled back, and he grunted as I mouth-fucked him furiously.

"Damn, Mrs. Stilson, you're a fucking animal," he groaned.

I whined and whimpered, as my head bobbed wildly. Hearing his words, I nodded and sucked him faster.

"God damn! you're gonna make me cum, you little slut."

I nodded and whimpered.

"If you do this, I'll be so fucking numb, I'll fuck that little cunt for an hour before I come again!"

I sucked as hard and as fast as I could, as the thought of being filled by his monster cock and pounded endlessly, possessed me.

His groans intensified and he breathed in quick puffs.

No matter how I tried, I could not take more than half his length, and I nearly gagged trying to go further. Saliva drenched my hand as I gripped his rod and deepthroated him. He was right. I was a lust-filled animal determined, to make him cum.

He gasped, "Fuck! Gonna... Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

His cock pulsed, as his hot, tangy, sweet cum flooded my mouth. I nodded and hummed, "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh."

"Fuck, Mrs. Stilson," he groaned intensely, as his body quaked.

I wanted every drop, but his cock was so big, and my head bobbed so fast, there was no chance. His cream mixed with my saliva leaked down his shaft and coated my hand. I squeezed his shaft and sucked him slowly, steady and hard--determined to keep him stiff for my screaming pussy.

"Oh, my God, that's so good, Mrs. Stilson."

I should have been bothered by his repeated use of Mrs. Stilson, knowing it was his way of reminding me I was married and was doing this anyway. But for one day, I didn't care. I only cared about getting as much of his cock as I possibly could.

Amy 'cock-slut for a day' only found being called 'Mrs. Stilson' more arousing. Being a naughty cock-slut made it all the more intense.

I continued to suck, until I felt he was going to stay hard. Then, I licked him clean with a series of long slow licks, from balls to tip, stroking him as I tongued him.

After a moment, he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and asked me commandingly, "What do you want, Mrs. Stilson?"

I squeezed him firmly with both hands as I double-fisted his monster cock. "I want this cock inside me one last time. I want you to put my ass on the counter and fuck me, Mark. Fuck me so hard, that my tits are sore from bouncing so fast."

The image of one of my few orgasms in college came to mind, when my boyfriend fucked me so hard and fast, my tits were a blur. Unfortunately, just as I felt an orgasm building, he came inside me and started going soft before he got me over the top, but with perseverance he got me off before going completely limp. With Mark I would be taken, not only over the top, but cum like a screaming slut!

"Oh God, I love this fucking cock!" I said, before plunging him back in my mouth. He was fully hard again and after several bobs, I pulled off and looked at him.

"Please fuck me one last time, Mark," I begged.

He smiled and started to pull me up when the garage door began to rumble.

"Fuck, Mom's back!" I jumped up in a panic. Cum and saliva coated my chin and hands as Mark's glistening boner pointed skyward, with his pants at his knees.

"You've gotta go!" I barked, reaching for a paper towel.

Mark scrambled to pull up the too-tight shorts, and force his boner into his pants.

As I wet the towel, he bounced up and down to yank the shorts up. While I washed my face, I ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror and he worked his zipper up.

"Please go out the front, quick," I said, washing my face and neck.

"But Mrs. Stilson, you wanted more."

"Please, Mark! No time for teasing. Please go now!" I begged, desperately.

"One promise, Mrs. Stilson," he said, standing in the bathroom doorway.

The garage door started rumbling again, this time closing.

"What? This was a one-day thing, Mark." My tone let him know I was serious.

"That's fine, Mrs. Stilson. You just need to FaceTime me tonight, after everyone goes to bed, and open my present on the phone with me."

"Fine!" I growled, looking angrily at him. "Now please, out the front, now!"

"Thank you, Mrs. Stilson, talk to you soon." He smiled and I jerked my head toward the front door, as I dried off.

I could hear Mom's voice talking to the kids, as I ran toward the present on the kitchen counter. Mark reached the front door as I grabbed the package, and quickly shoved it into the cabinet under the sink. I stood up and acted like I was straightening up the kitchen, as they came through the door.

"Mommy!" they said in unison, and ran over to give me hugs. As they hugged my legs, I felt my heart rate begin to calm down. At least until the guilt rushed in.

"Gramma said we could swim before supper, if we hurry," said Caleb.

"Sounds good sweetie, go get your suits on," I said, as they ran to get changed.

Mom hung back. "Damn, Sweetie; I was hoping Mark would still be here. But he's coming back tomorrow, right?"

"Yes, Mom." I rolled my eyes trying to play it cool. But my heart raced, and I was paranoid she'd smell his cum on me, or the scent of my own sex in the air. "You're like a schoolgirl."

"A girl can dream. No harm in looking..."

A wave of guilt washed over me, so I changed the subject.

"How was the movie?"

"It was cute. They loved it. They shared a small popcorn and had one candy each."

"I'll go get my suit on and swim with them. You look comfy, and if you want some more quiet time, I got this."

"Thanks, I talked to the babysitter, Betsy. She seemed good. I might check out her references before Wayne calls. She was ready to start tomorrow, but I told her you had it covered for the week."

"You got it. I'm so glad you invited me. It's been great spending time with the kids," she said, turning to go.

"I haven't even thought about dinner. We might be going to CiCi's."

"Sweetie, you still seem stressed. Do you want me to take them and give you some more quiet time?"

"I can't ask you to do that, Mom..."

"It's settled, I'll take them. I love spending time with them, and you are clearly stressed. You can put on a Lifetime movie and munch on popcorn. You need to relax, Sweetie. That's why I'm here!"

My mind raced. I did need time to think, and the first matter at hand was getting the present out of the kitchen cabinet before Mom found it. Wayne could still call at any time, and I had to figure out how to deal with Mark.

"Thanks, Mom, I'm not sure what I would do without you."

She came in for a hug, and I prayed she didn't smell his cum on me. I may have been paranoid, but I thought I saw her sniffing subtly, when we broke the hug.

When she walked upstairs, I grabbed the present and slunk down the hall to my bedroom and slipped it under the bed. It was like a shoe box with the lid wrapped separately but taped onto the box. I wanted to see what was in it, but he said we would FaceTime and open it. I didn't want to tear the paper removing the tape.

I shook the box and could feel something shifting inside a little bit, but it must have been filled with packing paper, since it didn't thud against the side of the box. Then I had an idea how to open it. I forced myself to wait 'til they were in the pool, and so I made the calls to check references.

I spoke to the last two families Betsy worked for, and they were both thrilled with her. It was a relief that I may have found a good babysitter already, but my anxiety from the encounter with Mark overshadowed everything. My anxiety level took a huge leap when the phone rang--it was Wayne! I took a deep breath and put on my happy voice.

"Hi honey, how are you?" I asked, too cheerily.

"I'm great. I miss you. How are Caleb and Ashley?"

"They're swimming and about ready to get dressed and go to CiCi's. Do you want me to get them?" I asked, hoping he would.

"I hate to interrupt them if they're swimming--with your mom, I assume?"

"Yes, she's been great. Thanks for making the suggestion to bring her out."

"Did you get some down time today?"

My mind flashed the thought of Mark going down on me, but I brought it back quickly. "Some, but I did a lot of interviewing babysitters and think Betsy Ramirez may work out. She really sounds like she's got it together, and her references all loved her. Do you want me to set up some time for you to interview her?"

"I trust you, Amy. If she passes your scrutiny, I'm sure she's good. That will be a relief. Everything going okay at work?"

"Yeah, Tony's still an ass, but that's not gonna change. I have tomorrow off again, so I'm good."

The thought of Mark being back tomorrow brought another wave of guilt. Then it occurred to me, I'd better acknowledge he was here, or it would look bad when Wayne found out he was here, and I didn't say anything.

"I hope things get better with him. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that."

"It'll be okay, I'm getting used to it. By the way, your lawn guy came by today. A little heads up would have been nice."

"What?" he sounded confused.

"Your lawn guy, you met at the park? What's his name... Mark?" I replied, pretending I couldn't even remember his name. I wondered how Wayne could have forgotten. Then I said to myself, 'of course Wayne didn't suck his cock and get bent over and fucked by him.'

The memory of his cock inside me, sent a rush through me, but was quickly smothered by the wave of guilt. Oddly, in that moment I finally felt a sense of self control.

"Oh Mark. He showed up, today?"

"Yes, he did. Did he have the wrong day? He seemed a little confused that I wasn't expecting him."

Wayne seemed a little off, but I didn't think too much about it since I was completely off by all of this. "Yeah, it was supposed to be next Monday when I'm home. So is he coming back next week?"

"No, he'll be done tomorrow..."

"So he did work today?

"Yeah, he worked like a dog, and got more than half the bushes out." 'Cock-slut' Amy popped into my head with the thought, 'he fucked like a dog and cleaned my bush out.' "I paid him the four hundred you promised, but we need to pay him another four hundred tomorrow. That is hard work, and it is hot as hell this week.

Are you okay with that?"

"Sure, if you think so. How was he?" Wayne asked, sounding subdued.

"He was fine, I think Mom's living some kind of fantasy, like flirting with him. But he gives as good as he gets."

"Do you want me to call him and ask him to come back on Monday, when I'm home?"

"No, no, it's fine. Just give me a heads-up next time. It was a little awkward at first, but he showed me the receipt from the ATM from when you gave him the money to help pay his rent. That was nice of you, by the way," I added, as guilt took over again.

I wondered why I was so quick to poo poo the idea of waiting 'til Wayne was back, to let him finish. But the first instinct was to not let them get together around me. I didn't see that being a good idea at all.

"Just be careful around him. I felt bad for him and gave him some money, but we really don't know him. Make sure you or your mom are not alone with him, just to be safe. I really wanted to be there if he was going to work at the house. He didn't do anything inappropriate did he?"

Then came the big lie. "No, no he was a gentleman."--Up until the point he stuck his cock in my mouth, then bent me over the kitchen table and fucked the shit out of me.

"Good to hear. I miss you and love you."

"Ditto," I replied. It occurred to me that was the first time I ever used ditto with him.

"Are they still in the pool?"

"It's okay, I'll get them out. They will want to talk. Hold on."

I took the phone out and coaxed them out to talk to him. As I watched, guilt washed over me again. Lying seemed to come too easy, I thought to myself. But to tell any of this would ruin everything. When they finished, they hung up without handing me back the phone, giving me a sense of relief.

When they went to get dressed for CiCi's, my mind spun from guilt to replaying the events of the day with a warm tingling rush of excitement. I was disappointed in myself for being so weak, but my libido had not run this high for a long time; it felt like my body was in overload. I rocked nervously, as I waited for them to leave, contemplating the present under the bed. I wondered what it could be, but somehow knew it wouldn't be good.

When they left, I went to my bedroom and pulled it out from under the bed. I had some scissors and cut the scotch tape from all four sides. I opened it to see what appeared to be a pink-colored dildo, proportioned remarkably similar in size to Mark's cock. It was wrapped in bubble wrap with some other items inside. As I stared at it, I thought about how much bigger it was than my little plastic buddy. I was offended that he would give me such a thing, but outrage quickly turned to a shameful curiosity. I unwrapped it and took it in my hand, surprised by the realistic feel. I was reminded of the moment I touched his cock, and felt a warm rush.

I gripped it with both hands and noticed a ribbed section about two thirds the way toward the head. There was also a tube of lube, a charger, and a remote control. I took it all out and held the cock in my left hand and the remote in my right. The cock curved slightly backward with a rubberized ball sack, and on the flat end at the bottom of the ball sack, was the charger connection. I looked at the remote and there was a button with three wavy lines and an orange hue. I pushed it and felt the cock heat up in my hand, causing a similar reaction between my legs. The next button had the outline of a cock with a dotted-lined head extending beyond the solid lined cock head. When I pushed it, the cock extended from the ribbed section to the tip and began to vibrate; I held it as the cock extended and contracted repeatedly. It had about one inch of thrust, and when I hit the button the second time, the pace quickened.

I watched in awe, as the firm rubber dick thrust skyward and imagined what that might feel like inside of me. I stopped it and looked at the last button and it depicted a solid outlined cock head in the middle, with two dotted lined cock heads curving in opposite directions from the center cock head. When I pushed that button, the cock head began to vibrate wildly, and the head flopped side to side in random directions, swinging two inches from centerline, while thrusting up and down. It looked horrifying. I turned it off and it returned to its full upright and locked position, much to my relief.

In the bottom of the box was an envelope. Inside was a thank you card that read.


I read it in disbelief of his arrogance. That was never going to happen. I was pissed at myself for giving into weakness and emboldening him. Once again, the irony of signing off with XXOO did not escape me. There was no hugging and kissing involved in our earlier encounters.

I had his phone number from the resume exchange we made earlier, so I called.

"Well hello, Mrs. Stilson, what a pleasant surprise. Is there something I can do for you?" His voice was excited, yet condescending all at once.

"I just wanted to let you know, I got your present, and unfortunately, I am not going to be able to accept it." I held it in my hand, waving it back and forth.

"I don't understand, it seemed like the perfect gift. It was pretty obvious today that there is a definite need for a properly sized tool for the job."

"I am perfectly happy with things as they are, and as I said, today was a one-off event. I thank you for indulging a fantasy today, and I trust you will be man enough to move on."

"Of course, Mrs. Stilson, but you did say you were indulging for the day and the day is not over. I really wish I were there to lube up that sweet pussy with my tongue. Tasting you was heavenly, I must say..."

"Did you really think I would FaceTime with my ass in the air and masturbate for you to record it?"

"Good Idea with your ass in the air, Mrs. Stilson, we could watch it together sometime."

"I don't think you get it, Mark. There is no 'together sometime'. You're doing a job for us, and we are happy to pay you for it. And yes, you helped me live out a fantasy today, but that was a one-time event. I think it's safe to say we both enjoyed it, and both needed it. But you are a good looking guy and can find lots of outlets for your enjoyment. There is no shortage of young women looking for a young man with your attributes. Clearly, today was not your first time at seduction, and won't be your last. So, please, no more gifts or unannounced visits. Thanks again for a memorable day and see you bright and early."

I hung up, heart racing, and palms sweating on the big rubber cock in my hand. I felt good, all things considered. I put the rubber cock back in the box and thought about keeping it. But it was best to give it back. Who knew how it might come back to haunt me if I kept it. After seeing it, I would have to check into upgrading my plastic buddy, though. I was pretty sure I'd be using it a lot more after meeting Mark.

Then my phone dinged. It was a text from Mark.

Mark: I guess I'll just have to watch this then.

There was an attachment. I opened it and a video began of me bent over the table, tits jiggling as I pleaded, "I love your cock, Mark. It's so much bigger and better than my dildo. I need it so bad, please."

"Such a good girl, Mrs. Stilson. You and Wayne are so nice with such good manners. Thank you."

The camera captured a side view from my head to my ass as my right hand reached down and rubbed his cock head against my clit. Only his torso was in the picture, but it was clear who it was.

"That's so good, Mrs. Stilson, show me how the hot little slut makes herself come?"

"Oh Mark, I'm gonna come!"

I watched myself rub his cock head against my clit frantically, barely able to balance on my other hand.

"Oh God! I'm coming for your cock! I'm coming for ya. Ah!"

I watched my body quake and legs tremble, as I came on camera.

"Coming, f-f-for your... cock! Fuck! Fuck! Oh! Fuck!"

I stopped it as the progress bar at the bottom told me he had it all, including the pounding fuck that followed. The tingle returned between my legs, as I relived the moment, but quickly diminished when the reality hit that he recorded it all.

I sat down in shock. Was this a threat? It had to be, why else would he have sent it? Fuck! If he showed it to Wayne, that would be it. Marriage over. I felt a panic attack coming on and put my head between my knees to catch my breath and regroup.

After a few moments, I decided to call him again.

"Well, hello again, Mrs. Stilson. Tell me you've changed your mind. It is a woman's prerogative."

"I can't believe you recorded us. You need to delete it now," I said, angrily.

"Did you watch the whole thing, Mrs. Stilson?"

"No!" I barked.

"You should, it's very stimulating. I've watched it a half dozen times and it just gets better and better."

"You did that without my consent, and you need to delete it right now," I commanded.

"Keep it down, Mrs. Stilson, someone will hear," he said, feigning concern.

"No one's here right now..." I stopped wondering why I let that slip.

"Then you can demo my present for me?" he asked gleefully.

"No. I will not."

"Take a deep breath, Mrs. Stilson," he said firmly. "Think about your situation."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Who has the leverage in this situation, Mrs. Stilson?" he asked, calmly.

I went silent, knowing the answer, and desperately thinking of a way out.

"What is it you want Mr. Thomas?"

"I would like you to call me Mark, for starters, Mrs. Stilson."

"What is it you want... Mark?"

"I want to give you what you need, Mrs. Stilson, nothing more."

"And what is it you think I need, Mark?"

"I do appreciate your compliance, Mrs. Stilson. Thank you for calling me Mark. I think we've established what you need, Mrs. Stilson. A real fucking cock," He continued in his matter-of-fact manner, "I accept that today is a 'one off?' Is that what you called it?"

"Yes, it is."

"We're in complete agreement. But today is not over and I owe you two orgasms after the fabulous blowjob you gave me in your kitchen."

"Out of your respect for women?"

"You do pay attention, Mrs. Stilson. Thank you for that."

"So, here's how it's going to work. I'm going to hang up and call you back in five minutes on FaceTime. You're going to have my gift ready for use; that beautiful body free from all coverings; ass in the air, as you suggested, fully framed on my screen; so you can show me how a cock-slut uses a man-sized fuck-toy to make herself come. When you properly thank me by coming twice for me, we can call it a day. Tomorrow, I will bring my phone and we can delete the videos together, and go our separate ways--like ships that passed in the night. Are you in agreement, Mrs. Stilson?"

I stuttered trying to think of a response. "And if I refuse?"

"Then I'll keep our little video for a reminder of a remarkable day. I'll do my best to keep it private, but it really is good. On second thought, I'll call back in fifteen. That will give you time to watch the whole thing. If you answer my FaceTime, great; if not, I'll have my answer.

In the meantime, I want you to think about this. I will be thinking about that beautiful ass in the air and my tongue tasting that luscious pink paradise once again. Damn you tasted so good today, Mrs. Stilson. I'll never forget how warm and soft those precious pussy lips felt, wrapped around my tongue, while your tender smooth buns sandwiched my nose. It's torture to think I'll never experience that taste of heaven again.

So, please forgive my taking advantage of the situation, this one time. I just can't bear to miss one last dalliance before this magical day ends."

I couldn't believe how quickly his words had my pussy tingling despite his blackmail. I tried for one last plea, "But--" -- click -- he hung up before I could reply.

I was angry and turned on at the same time. I hated that in the midst of being manipulated and blackmailed, my pussy wet for him--after just a few words. But I recalled the mastery of his tongue, as he brought me to such bliss earlier. I wanted more, as badly as he did, but I had so much more to lose. Even as I told myself I had no choice but to comply, my pussy heated and moistened, in anticipation of surrendering to him, and the carnal lust he stirred inside me. It was terrifying, but my body tingled everywhere, thinking of him taking control. It felt as if my skin were covered in tiny bugs crawling and tickling me everywhere.

The internal battle was lost before it began, it seemed. The thoughts of resisting were quickly quashed by the ever-present tingle of excitement. As if an invisible magnet pulled me onward, melting my resistance away. I recalled the tripod we used for holiday pictures, and retrieved it from the closet. As I set it up and clamped in my phone, the little voice of reason screamed out. You're going to present yourself to this stranger like a porn slut! STOP!!!

But the butterflies of excitement pulled me forward, even as I set my phone in selfie mode and held my ass in the air on all fours, to get the best camera angle--that voice of sanity went unanswered. All of the frustrations and anxiety from the move, were washed away by tingling excitement. The feel of his tongue and that magnificent cock, working their magic replayed in my mind. For this one day, being a mother, a wife, and a career woman, would take a back seat. Today, my libido had full reign. I positioned my toys and the lube next to me on the bed.

Then, I stripped naked, climbed onto the bed with my phone and played the video. My naked ass in the air, I rested on my elbows holding the phone in both hands.

I picked up the video after I came from rubbing him against me. He teased my pussy with his cock head, and I rocked my hips in response.

"I think you might be ready, Mrs. Stilson. What do you think?"

"Please, I'm so fucking ready, Mark. Please give me that big fucking cock!"

"I love that slutty little mouth, and you did use the magic word... Your attitude is much improved, but I'll need one more thing, Mrs. Stilson."

I watched him continue to tease me.

"Please, Mark," I pleaded.

"So polite, thank you. A good cock-slut hits her knees and begs to clean her cunt-cum off when she's done. Are you a good cock-slut, Mrs. Stilson."

"Yes pl--"

I watched, as he pushed himself into me and my pussy steamed again, recalling the feeling of that massive heat filling me up.

"Nice and easy, Mrs. Stilson, you are so tight, I'm gonna take my time and make sure we both enjoy this."

"Thank you, Mark. It's so fucking warm."

I couldn't believe how he turned me into a potty-mouthed slut, as I watched him push in a little further with each thrust.

"Oh yes, there it is, Mrs. Stilson. Do you like that?"

"Oh God, yes!"

His hands gripped my hips, and I watched myself rock back and forth on his cock, moaning louder with each push.

He stood still, and I continued to rock. "The cock-slut likes to drive. Halfway there, Mrs. Stilson."

That's when I pushed slowly but firmly, forcing him all the way in.

Seeing that was all I needed. I stopped the video and FaceTime called him. I sat on the edge of the bed and held the phone out to get my breasts in the frame.

He answered, smiling, "Mrs. Stilson you're early..." his eyes widened, "and naked as directed. Thank you."

"I'm ready Mark. Please... before they get back from the movie."

"And you brought me to your bedroom, Mrs. Stilson. Naughty girl. Let's see the view, shall we?"

I nodded and stepped forward to put the phone in the tripod. It felt like I was outside my body again, as I did what that morning would have been completely unthinkable. I put the phone in place, climbed on the bed, and presented my naked ass for a stranger's pleasure.

"Oh, that's nice, Mrs. Stilson. I am so fucking hard for you."

I smiled like a kid, knowing how excited he was.

"A little to the left..."

I adjusted.

"Up a little..."

I did as commanded.

"I'm afraid we're gonna have to zoom it in some more, Mrs. Stilson."

I groaned in frustration and rolled off the bed to adjust it.

"Okay, hit it once."

I did, and waited for a response.

"Once more, I think."

I hit it again.

"Better, let's try it again."

As I crawled back into position, I sensed he was seeing just how far he could push me, but we both knew he had all the control at that moment.

"Perfect, Mrs. Stilson. Now lube up that right hand and let's get you ready."

Leaning on my left elbow, I squeezed the lube into my right hand and reached between my legs to apply it. My labia were engorged and tender, and as the oily lube coated my clit, the tingling intensified.

"Damn I wish that it was my tongue touching you, Mrs. Stilson," he sighed.

"Oh, yes!" I panted. Recalling my hand on the back of his head as his tongue explored me.

"Is your little clit as hard as it was in my mouth earlier, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Oh yes, Mark. You make me feel so good."

"I want you to imagine my lips and tongue tasting that tender little pussy and lapping up your creamy sweet cum, Mrs. Stilson," he said softly, panting.

"Um-huh, um-huh," I nodded and squeaked, as my fingers penetrated my pussy, while my thumb worked my clit.

"My cock is so hard for you, Mrs. Stilson," he gasped.

The mental image of his huge, granite cock pushed me over the edge, and my fingers moved frantically as my climax approached in record time.

"I'm coming! Ah! Ah! Ah!" I screamed out, echoing through the bedroom. "Coming! Ah! For. Ah! Your. Cock!"

The orgasm overtook me, as my head dropped onto my forearm. "Clit's so fucking hard! Coming! For! Your! Cock!"

"So hard for you..." he grunted.

I shuddered from a climax as intense as any I'd ever had, in awe of the effect he had on me. My whole body trembled uncontrollably, as I fought to hold my knees under me. Finally, I couldn't take any more and my fingers slowed, to a gentle, circular rub--as my clit emitted its last few jolts of pleasure, causing convulsive spasms with each shot.

"Are you ready for your new toy, Mrs. Stilson. I've heated it up for you," he said, teasingly.

My panting continued, as I regained my composure. After several seconds, I reached for the dildo and to my amazement, it was warm. I wondered how he did that. I had turned it off and the remote still laid on the bed, yet it was at full warmth.

"How does that feel, Mrs. Stilson?"

"It's almost as hot as yours," I said, in amazement. Then it began to buzz in my hand, and I gasped.

"I've got control, Mrs. Stilson. Touch it to that sweet pussy, please." It stopped buzzing, but I did as commanded, and pressed the side of the shaft against my slit and moaned gently, as I began to slide it up and down against my wetness.

When it began to buzz again, I squealed, "Oh God, that feels... Ah!"

"Do you like that, Mrs. Stilson?" he taunted.

"Oh, yes!" I sighed.

"You like it when I'm in control, don't you... Mrs. Stilson?"

"Yes," I replied, pushing it harder against me.

"Do you want my cock inside you, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Oh, yes please," I gasped.

"I like your manners, Mrs. Stilson. Now, tell me what you want, like the little cock-slut you are today."

"Oh, Mark, I want your big, fucking cock inside me, please! I need you to fill my pussy and fuck me so hard. Can I please put your cock inside me," I begged, and began to press the cock head between my pussy lips.

"That's it, Mrs. Stilson, push it into that tight, little slit."

I wiggled and twisted it in.

"Oh yes, it feels, Oh!" I squealed, as the vibrator kicked up a level. "Fuck, that's ah!"

"Better than your little plastic buddy, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Yes! Ooohhh yes!

"A little deeper..."

"Oh yes," I squealed, as I worked it halfway in, resting my forehead on my left arm, with my right hand stretched back between my legs as far as I could reach to push the rubber cock inside me.

"I love watching those pink pussy lips clinging to it, Mrs. Stilson."

"It's so fucking big, just like your cock."

"Damn, I wish that were me, Mrs. Stilson," he groaned.

"Oh yes, please," I replied, pushing it further.

"I'm gonna need you to take your hand off the dildo, Mrs. Stilson. Show me how it looks inside you."

"Please, I want it all," I protested, even as I complied and brought my right hand down to help balance myself. I pressed my ass out and rocked it side to side, hoping to work it in deeper, but to no avail. When suddenly, it began to extend and contract inside of me.

"Oh my God, that feels, ooooohhhhh!" I sang out.

As it thrust in and out, it began to pull the vibrating cock deeper inside me.

"Yes, please fuck me, Mark!" I pleaded, and he apparently listened.

The dildo kicked into a faster speed and pulled itself a little deeper with each cycle, until I felt the rubber ball sack hit my clit.

"You like it when I'm in control, don't you, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Oh yes please, don't stop, Mark. Fuck me like I need it!"

"So you like my present, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Yes, so much. Thank you, ah!"

"Are you ready to come again so soon, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Oh God. Yes!"

It stopped suddenly, and I barked, "No, please."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Stilson, I was just being greedy. I love looking at that ass so much, I just don't want it to end. But that's not very gentlemanly..."

It began again, in low vibration and thrust. I found myself indulging him and wiggled my ass slowly, as I moaned my appreciation.

"I'm sorry it has to end, too. But we both know it has to. Please fuck me one last time, Mark. I wanna come for that big fucking cock one more time."

As I spoke those words, I could hardly grasp why this excited me. Posing my most-intimate areas for a stranger, talking like a slut--was unimaginable. But, the relentless tingling in my loins, from the moment I saw his manhood stuffed into those shorts that morning--had a grip on me. All the pent-up stress and anxiety were flowing into the hot, vibrating tool inside me, and nothing else mattered for just one day.

The vibration jumped back to high, and the cock penetrated faster. "Oh, please fuck me, Mark. Oh God, yes."

"Are you going to think of me every time you use this, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Yes, oh yes."

Suddenly, it turned to a whole new level, as it began to buck and pulsate inside me. He had turned it up to the horrifying setting I'd seen earlier. I raised my head and braced myself with both hands under me, thrusting my ass skyward, as I wailed with pleasure. A high-pitched howl emanated from deep within me.

"Are you my cock-slut, Mrs. Stilson?"

My howl turned into a "Ye-ehhhh-sss!" I'd never felt anything like it.

"Holy fuck, Mrs. Stilson, your whole ass is vibrating..."

"I, love, your, fuck-ing, cock!" I grunted in broken gasps. "Com-ing, for, your, cock!"

My body spasmed as the relentless dildo, stimulated every part of me. I groaned and croaked, as the orgasm gripped me, never wanting it to end. I could feel my ass vibrating as he described, and the flailing cock head swirled inside, while thrusting in and out. It felt like three cocks, as warm as Mark's was, all twirling inside me.

I could hardly maintain my balance on all fours as my body convulsed with nonstop electrifying pleasure. "Com-ing, for, your, cock!"

After a few moments, it became overwhelming, and the pleasure bordered on the edge of pain. But my clit still sent sporadic jolts of pleasure, pushing me further, until I reached the breaking point, and I collapsed flat on the bed.

"Off. Please, Mark!" I pleaded.

Thankfully, he complied quickly. "Is everything okay, Mrs. Stilson?" he asked, with a touch of mockery in his voice.

I lay there panting for a moment. "Oh, yes," I said, with a long exhale.

"I can't see you, Mrs. Stilson. Is it safe to say my present was a hit?"

I rolled over and sat up. I could see him seated in a chair, smiling like the Cheshire Cat. Once again, I found it ironic that, as I scooted closer to the camera and sat on the edge of the bed, I felt awkward showing my bare breasts to him as we talked, after exposing my lady parts in all their HD, high-zoom glory only seconds earlier.

Sitting there with a ten-inch dildo pushing firmly inside me was a bit awkward as well, but I had to say, the warmth was somehow soothing.

"Zoom it out please, so I can see you, Mrs. Stilson."

My unease grew, as I did as commanded. I turned the camera as I got the idea of straddling the corner of the bed would push my new buddy just a little deeper, when I sat again.

He smiled and nodded. "Perfect, Mrs. Stilson." I blushed a little, as he continued. "I have to say that was the most stimulating thing I think I've ever seen. I didn't think your friend, here, would survive being trapped in these jeans." He stood up and walked toward the camera and unbuttoned his pants.

The memory of releasing him from his shorts earlier, came rushing back, as he unzipped and pushed his pants and underwear down, releasing his raging hard-on.

"Oh that's so much better," he sighed, as his pink, granite hard-on pointed straight up. As he turned to the side, it almost exactly matched the curve of his belly and stood rigid, about an inch from his stomach. He pushed his pants further down, giving me a glimpse of his firm ass that I had the death grip on earlier.

I sighed, as he turned back to the camera putting his manhood front and center. "That's so unfair," I said, eyes fixed on the screen.

"You make me this way, Mrs. Stilson. I feel like the Viagra warning guy, with the four-hour erection. Maybe, I should seek medical attention."

I told myself the day wasn't over and saw a chance for a little turning of the tables.

"Nurse Stilson has what you need, Mark. If only you were here, I have a warm, wet place for you to put that."

"You little tease. I can be there in fifteen minutes."

"Unfortunately, Mom will be home at any time, but we can try a tele-med treatment session before they get here. It looks like you've got a free hand."

"Well then, tell me more about the in-person treatment plan, you would prescribe, Nurse Stilson."

I was pleased he played along, and for once, didn't refer to me as Mrs. Stilson.

"First, I will need you to disrobe to do a proper examination."

He smiled and looked for me to continue.

"Disrobe please, Mr. Thomas," I commanded.

Much to my delight, he complied. First, he removed this T-shirt, then completely removed his pants. Then, he returned to his seat with his boner nearly reaching his chest.

"Much better, Mr. Thomas, thank you. If you were here, I would need you to lie flat on your back, so we could perform your treatment with you in the most relaxed state possible."

"I see..." he replied, with a smile.

"As we have learned over time, nature's natural medicines are often the best. It turns out, the juices of the female of the species are the best medicine for someone in your condition."

"You don't say. And where might we obtain that sweet elixir, Nurse Stilson?"

"In cases like this, it needs to come directly from the source, Mr. Thomas. And fortunately, after looking at you, I have plenty available to share. I would need to straddle you, sir, to thoroughly apply the swelling cream. The first stage would involve pressing my moistened labia against your inflamed member, and apply the juices up and down the entire length of the enlarged area. We would need to rub in the medication vigorously for several minutes.

I pressed my hands on the corner of the bed between my spread legs and began to roll my hips forward and backward for effect. The effect that it had for me was pleasantly surprising, as it pressed the dildo tighter and wiggled it inside me as I rocked.

"For the tele-med treatment, you would need to stroke the engorged member by hand." He was already holding it and began to stroke slowly at the base.

"And then what, Nurse Stilson?" he asked, looking intently at the camera.

"Then, I would have to lean forward and brace myself with my hands on your pecs so I could properly position myself for your treatment. I would then need to balance on one hand as I guided the subject erection into my treatment chamber.

As big as it is, Mr. Thomas, the insertion process could take several--ha!--minutes." The dildo began to slowly vibrate again. My eyes widened from the sudden return of the tingle from within.

"Sounds like a well thought out treatment plan so far, but I could see how it could be very effective, Nurse Stilson. Please continue."

"I would have to work it slowly into the treatment chamber, so that its entire length was firmly encased. Then I would have to begin the rotational massage therapy." I began to rotate my hips in a circular motion, that enhanced the internal tingle.

"For your tele-med treatment, Mr. Thomas, you're going to need to more vigorously massage the affected area as I continue my de***********ion of the in-person treatment plan."

"Whatever you say, Nurse Stilson," he said, as he began to stroke the full length, slowly.

"After several minutes of the rotational massage, the primary therapeutic treatment will need to be administered. This involves a vigorous thrusting of the treatment chamber up and down on the troubled member." I began to bounce on the bed for effect.

"It's difficult to tell how long this treatment needs to be applied. It varies widely from patient to patient, but it must be continued until such time as the affected testicles empty their contents completely, which opens the vessels allowing the trapped blood to flow from the engorged member. At this point, Mr. Thomas, the tele-med treatment requires rapid and vigorous stimulation of the affected area." I was panting, as I bounced.

"At your command, Nurse Stilson." He stood up and walked toward the camera as the dildo kicked into high, and began to thrust at full speed.

"Oh!" I squealed. With each bounce, the dildo pressed fully in, and the rubber ball sack pressed on my clit. "Oh! Oh! Oh...!" I squealed, and quickly timed my bounces with the thrusts of the cock for maximum penetration.

Only his face filled the screen, as he turned the tables in an instant. "Round three of your tele-treatments has begun, Mrs. Stilson. You have the most chronic case of Cock-Slut Syndrome I've ever seen. Luckily, I've got the right treatment tool for the job."

""Oh! Oh! Oh...!" I continued, as it kicked into horrifying mode again.

"I think we found the right treatment plan, don't you, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes...!" I screamed, bouncing like an animal.

"I think you'll need to give yourself daily treatments, Mrs. Stilson."

"Yes! Yes! Yes...!"

"You can call me anytime if you want me to drive, Mrs. Stilson."

"Yes! Yes! Yes...!"

"What are you, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Cock! Slut! Cock! Slut! Oh! Fuck! Me! Mark!"

"You just keep teasing me, don't you, Mrs. Stilson. Do I give you what you need?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes...!"

"And you are coming again, aren't you?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes...!"

I bounced and yelled, "Yes! Yes! Yes...! Coming! For! Your! Cock! FUUUUUCK!"

Once again, the dildo took me to the edge and beyond. I was at my limit and rolled back on the bed and yanked it out, panting in a heap, naked and spent as the stranger that brought me unimaginable bliss, watched with his arrogant grin.

He backed up revealing his still-hard cock, as he began to speak. "Mrs. Stilson, you have made my day, hell, my fucking millennium. Thank you so much for the most memorable day ever. I feel like--"

The garage door began to rumble, and I was slapped back to reality. "Mom's home, gotta go," I barked, as I ran to the phone and cut it off as he blurted "Thanks a--"

I hurled the tripod and giant, horrifying dildo under the bed, grabbed my clothes and headed to the bathroom.

Before I could make myself presentable, Mom yelled out, "Amy, honey, we're home. We brought you a mac-and-cheese pizza."

"Awesome, be right down. I'm starved."

As I finished, I realized how sore my pussy was after being stretched and pounded like never before. I could feel how distended I was, as the air seemed to have unfettered access through my gaping labia. I applied aloe cream inside and out, and inserted a panty liner to keep the air out until I could recover. After that, I removed the giant cum-coated dildo from under my bed and cleaned it up in the sink. I contemplated where I could hide a giant dildo without Wayne finding it. The only place I could think of was my box of sentimental items on the top shelf of my closet. A new wave of guilt hit, as I put it in the box. It barely fit, as I placed it on top of some of my most-cherished keepsakes.

Then I headed down to see them getting games out for a game night. "How were the Minions?" I asked, cheerily.

"Awesome!" yelled Ashley

"Best one ever!" added Caleb.

They told me all about it, while I wolfed down almost a whole pizza. "How did you know Mac and Cheese is my favorite at CiCi's?"

"Uh, you only tell us every time, Mom," said Ashley, with an eye roll.

We had an amazing game night. I had not felt that stress free and relaxed in months. We played 'Candyland', 'Sorry', and 'Mouse Trap', and even did two rounds of each. After the kids went to bed, Mom got started almost immediately talking about Mark.

"How was the show, after I left?" she asked, like a teenager with a crush. "When he took his shirt off..." she hesitated, "almost had to change my undies."

"Oh God, Mom! TMI please!"

"What? I'm only human. I saw you eyeing his package, too. The man is hung... It was real, wasn't it? I mean it was in a different position and got bigger when we flirted..."

"Mom! What the fuck! You're married!"

"But I'm not dead. No harm in looking. I can't imagine trying to fit that thing..."

"Mom! Stop. Now!"

"So how long did you get to watch him?"

"He stayed a couple hours. I practically had to beg him to stop. Hot as it was, he just kept going determined to make the most of the day."

I couldn't help but smile at the double meaning of my words. I recalled begging him to stop the monster dildo.

"What time is he coming back?"

"He said bright and early."

"I'll make coffee," said Mom, with a devious grin.

"I've never seen you like this before. You're always a bit of a flirt, but wow, you're obsessed."

"I could have said the same about you earlier, but now, you are playin' it awfully cool. If I didn't know better, I'd think you gotcha some."

"Some of us have self-control, mother," I said, sarcastically.

Little did she know self-control was not in my vocabulary that day.

"Like I said, no harm in lookin'. Maybe, I'll make him breakfast."

"Why do I think you would be on the menu, mother!"

"Ooh yeah, served up warm and steamy."

"I'm going to bed. You are too much!"

"Good idea. I need to get some sleep, if I'm making breakfast."

"Night, Mom." I sounded like a pre-teen, embarrassed by her parents.

"Night, Sweetie, pleasant dreams."

I knew she would have pleasant dreams, that was certain. I, on the other hand, had a harder time. My mind raced with so many thoughts. On the one hand, it was the most satisfying day of my life. On the other hand, it was the most terrifying day of my life. This arrogant stranger now had two videos that would be completely devastating, if they ever got out--my marriage would be ruined at a minimum. As I lay in bed stewing, I felt the aloe poultice, I had cobbled together, had done the trick. My vaginal opening had recovered and the rawness I felt earlier, was much improved.

My mind started down the twisted, little cock-slut path. 'The day's not over... You could FaceTime him, one more time.'

Thankfully, the cock-slut voice was quickly squelched by the rational side that could hold its own, after six orgasms had quieted my overcharged libido. I examined my lady parts after the traumatic day, and though I was a little pinker than normal, the soreness was pretty much gone. I applied some more aloe and kept my pussy covered overnight. I lay there for a long while, replaying the events of the day, and the possible repercussions over and over in my mind, but eventually, I did fall asleep; thankful for one more day off. It would have been a long day at work with the little sleep I got.

I awoke to a quiet house, shocked at the time. It was already 10:00am. I fluffed my hair and went downstairs to discover Mom and the girls finishing breakfast.

"Well, hello, sleepyhead. I made pancakes and bacon. There are a few warm ones left in the oven for you," said Mom, cheerfully.

Just then, I heard Mark from the next room. "Erika, those were the best pancakes I think I've ever had..." He was rubbing his belly in another tight tank-T, and today, a pair of khaki cargo shorts. Not quite so tight, but still plenty of bulge. "Good morning, Mrs. Stilson. Good to see you again," he said, flatly. "As I was saying Erika, your husband's a lucky man. Gorgeous, can cook, and makes smart, good-looking grandkids." He stood next to her, and put an arm around her shoulder. "Thanks again. I guess I owe you one, now."

Mom blushed like a schoolgirl. "Honey, for you, I'd cook anytime you want. I'm glad you like it. We've got to keep up your strength. I will have to think about how you can repay me..." Her wicked little grin returned.

I rolled my eyes at Mom, and bobbed my head toward the kids.

"I'd better get back to work," said Mark, after noticing my signal, even if Mom was oblivious.

"I should be done in a couple hours, Mrs. Stilson. Then I can leave you in peace."

I decided to get dressed as mom and the kids prepped for the zoo. I put on some jeans and a tight T of my own. As I dressed, I found myself checking my ass and breasts in the mirror. Hoping for the chance to tease him a bit, as some sort of retribution for the day before. When I went downstairs, I saw Mom and Mark outside talking and laughing, as Mom put a hand on his bicep and squeezed. If I'm being honest, there was a pang of jealousy there. But I quickly told myself, 'Let her have a little fun and be thankful she's drawing his attention today.'

As I watched, I got a text from the new babysitter candidate.

Betsy: I am free today. If you'd like, I could accompany your mother and the children to the zoo. That would give me the opportunity to meet Caleb, Ashley and your mom in a relaxed environment before going straight to sitter duties.

Me: Sounds like a good idea, but I'll need to check with Mom. I know she's spent a lot of time with them and may welcome a break. Or she may want to hoard them for herself for another day.

Betsy: I understand she'll want as much time as she can get with them. Just let me know.

I went out and asked Mom to talk to her for a minute, and smiled at Mark. He looked at Mom. "Thanks again for breakfast, Erika, and have fun at the zoo. It was very nice to meet you."

"You, too, Mark. I have a feeling I will see you again. In the meantime, I'll think about how you can repay your debt," she teased, causing him to blush.

He went back to work, not acknowledging me. I was mad at myself for allowing that to bother me. I had made it clear, there would be no repeating of the previous day's events, and he was honoring that.

"Betsy called and suggested maybe joining you guys at the zoo, for a chance to meet the kids and spend a little time..."

"That would be good. I could use a second set of eyes. When they get wound up, two of them can be a handful. That'll give me a chance to meet her and see her in action."

"Great, I'll give her a call. What time were you planning to leave?"

"As soon as we're ready. Caleb and Ashley are getting their things. Should we meet her there?"

"Let me check." I went in and called her, as Mom stood there watching Mark work.

Betsy decided it was probably best to meet there then, since time was short; she actually lived closer to the zoo.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the kitchen alone with Mark working in the yard, and the videos that could destroy my marriage were still in his possession. It suddenly hit me, just how awkward this would be. It was an unbelievable chain of events that all took place in less than twenty-four hours. I lost all control of myself, my dignity, and my self-respect. I gave it all away willingly, to a complete stranger with a big dick.

Now, I had to confront him and delete the videos. I thought I might actually throw up for a few minutes. I drank a cup of coffee, as I watched him work, through the living room window, and worked up the nerve.

Finally, I took a deep breath and went out to have the talk. The heat of the day was kicking in, and he had already removed his shirt. As I approached, he stopped and looked at me. I could not bring myself to look him in the eye, and so as my eyes turned down, the bulge caught my gaze and when I quickly raised them back up, his glistening chest and abs had me woozy. I found myself looking at a window on the house, as I spoke to him.

"Mrs. Stilson..."

"Mr. Thomas, I need to talk to you about the videos we discussed yesterday. I need proof that they are deleted and assurance that no copies have been made," I said, sternly.

"Yes, ma'am. I can show you where they are on the phone. You can feel free to have it to review and delete everything." He stepped up next to me, touching my shoulder with this arm, as he held the phone between us. "Here is the dot pattern to unlock it," He traced the letter G using the matrix of dots on the screen. Then he locked it out and said, "You try."

I did it and he proceeded to show me the FaceTime app, and where the recording was. As I stood there feeling his heat, I tried to focus, but my mind raced with the memories of yesterday in my kitchen. I barely took in the camera icon and video from yesterday. Lastly, he gave me access to his iCloud account, and his password.

"Take it for as long as you like, Mrs. Stilson. I assure you no copies were made of either."

"You assure me? Really. You recorded me without my knowledge, then blackmailed me with it to get me to do that twisted FaceTime with you last night. Forgive me if your assurance doesn't mean much. Do you have a laptop, Mr. Thomas?"

"Yes, ma'am. It's in the car. Would you like me to get it for you?"

"Yes, I would. I'll need full access to that, as well."

"Okay, I promise you, Mrs. Stilson, there are no copies anywhere but my phone. I'll be right back." He went to his car and pulled out a backpack and brought it to me. As he did, he told me his password. "Everbodylovespuppies!"

I had to hold back a laugh, reminding myself of the severity of the situation.

"Just to clarify, Mrs. Stilson. If you watch the FaceTime video, and watch it objectively, I'd ask you, does that look like a woman blackmailed into something she didn't want to do? I do feel bad about taking the video in your kitchen without your permission, and I've since thought about it and concluded, watching either video would really just be torture, knowing it will never happen again. Take them both, as long as you like. I've got at least a couple more hours' work. You may or may not believe it, but I didn't watch the FaceTime recording. If you do, you will be the first and only person to see it. There's nothing on the laptop at all, but feel free to take as much time as you want with it."

"Thank you," I said, without looking at him. I took the phone and laptop into the kitchen. I sat at the table he fucked me on the day before, and perused all the files and folders. I did searches of my name and phrases he may have used. It was a pretty sleazy feeling doing a file search of 'cock-slut, Mrs. Stilson, blowjob, dildo, masturbation' and several other terms that, twenty-four hours ago, were unthinkable adjectives for me.

I looked at his browser history and found nothing strange or perverted. I looked in the trash can and there were many old files still sitting there, but nothing suspicious. When I tried to look at his email, it needed a password. The same password worked for that. The only recent ones were sending out job applications and resumes. Lastly, I found his cloud account and examined it thoroughly. There was nothing new in it, and I could not find any sign of activity in the last two days.

Then as I was moving to the phone, I saw a shadow of motion outside the slider and turned quickly to see nothing. Paranoid, I quickly went to the living room and saw him still working through the sheer curtains. Nonetheless, I decided to move to the bedroom for some privacy. I first found the video recorded at the kitchen table. As I watched, try as I might, I could not control the moistening heat between my legs. The memory of his hot, hard cock filling me, pounding me, as I screamed from pleasure, was too much to suppress. When I watched it in its entirety, I could feel myself leaking in my panties. I quickly deleted it and went to the trash can to empty it, to make sure it was gone. Then I remembered he texted it to me and went to his texts and deleted all of them to and from me.

While there, I scrolled down and found some texts to a phone number. I looked at a few and he apparently had someone he was fucking that he called 'Captain Cock Sucker'. It sounded pretty twisted, but didn't affect me so I moved on. But apparently Mark was not quite so innocent as he let on. That wasn't surprising, considering how masterfully he manipulated me.

As I explored his phone for any hidden files, I found an app for the dildo. Don't ask me why, but I had to try it. So I got the dildo out and turned it on. After a moment, the app gave an indication the device was online. As I began to control it, I thought I heard movement in the hall. I quickly went over and whipped the door open, but there was no one there. I went to the guest bedroom and looked out to see Mark still working. My paranoia grew by the minute. In hindsight, it was likely driven by my lack of trust in myself after the events of the day before. I wondered how many others he'd manipulated. As I thought about it, I grew angrier with myself for losing control so badly.

I put his 'present' back in the box and back in my closet, thankful for the mental wake-up call. I found the FaceTime recording and clicked on it, to make sure it was, in fact, me. I watched myself in disbelief, as I presented my naked ass for the camera and spread oil on my engorged pussy. I had almost forgotten, that I had made myself come without using the monstrous toy, overwhelmed by the feel of my lubed fingers. I remember telling myself to turn it off, and to delete it, but I watched the entire recording, unable to stop myself.

Even more disappointing, my pussy was soaked from watching me degrade and humiliate myself for him. As I sat there, steaming down below, rationalizing that it might be better if I pulled the toy back out and used it, just to take the edge off and strengthen my resolve. As I reigned myself in again, I did another very questionable thing. I texted the video to my phone, then deleted it and the text from his phone, leaving copies of both on my phone. I told myself it was about me being in control of them, but in reality, it was another sign of weakness.

As I finished with his phone and laptop, I gathered myself to take them back and wrap things up with him. He was still working, sweating heavily in the Texas heat.

He was working in the front of the house, and I thought distance was best. So as I got closer to him, I held them up so he could see them and set them on the edge of the front porch.

This time, I looked him in the eye. "Thank you, Mr. Thomas. I have deleted everything. I hope to God, I can trust you. You should know I saw a bit of your exchange with a 'Captain Cock Sucker', and I can see you are not quite the innocent, jilted lover you pretend to be. We are both adults and I take responsibility for my own actions. But to make things perfectly clear--yesterday was a one-time thing and will never happen again. When you finish here, I will pay you for your work today and that will be the last time we will interact.

"Understood, Mrs. Stilson. I have very much enjoyed our 'interactions' and owe a big debt of gratitude to you and your mother for boosting my ego during a rough time. I hope letting you have complete access to my personal information and communications shows my sincerity in assuring you our interactions, though forever etched in my mind, never happened as far as the outside world is concerned..."

Even as he spoke, the thought of this being the end left a disturbingly empty feeling in my gut. His sweaty, rippling body, played in my head like a slow-motion B-movie scene of the handsome hunk mesmerizing the swooning leading lady. I tried to keep my gaze directed at his eyes to show strength, but I found them taking in his bare chest and abs and with a mind of their own, then they locked in on the bulge. When I snapped out of it, and returned to his eyes, he had that smug grin that quickly faded when he saw I had noticed.

"Well, I should get back to work so I can stop being a nuisance. I do thank you and your husband for your attention and kindness." He returned to removing the last few overgrown bushes.

"I did not mean to rush you doing your work. You look hot and tired, please pace yourself and take a break if you like. Can I get you some lemonade or water?"

"No thank you, Mrs. Stilson, I brought my own cooler of drinks today. I should not have inconvenienced you yesterday. My apologies," he said, with a tone of hurt feelings.

Not sure why, but I was suddenly hit by a pang of guilt. "You did not inconvenience me, Mr. Thomas. Please let me know if you change your mind and need anything."

I went inside and the sense of emptiness and finality rested in the pit of my stomach. I tried to distract myself by talking to some more babysitter candidates. I wanted a rotation of two or three to choose from to be safe. After talking to two, and arranging follow-up with one, I found myself watching him through the window, admiring his thin, muscled build, and the bulge from his more-than-impressive manhood. The thought of never feeling that again, crept toward obsession. But when I told myself, I had his present to fill that need, it calmed me.

After about an hour from our previous discussion, I approached and asked if he needed anything, and he dismissed me without so much as a look. As I turned and headed back inside, I found myself angered by his indifference. I knew he was giving me exactly what I asked for, but it didn't lessen my frustration. I wanted him to want more. To want me and suffer, knowing he couldn't have me. The feeling festered until I had an idea. I would put on the red bikini again and lay out for his viewing pleasure. Childish and petty as it was, that was the plan, and I did it.

I put it on, walked outside where all the neighbors could see me in my front yard. I only cared about getting a reaction from him.

I stood there, nearly nude, waiting for a reaction and there was none. He was shoveling the roots of one of the bushes and never looked up. I cleared my throat and had no reaction. Finally, I spoke. "I'm going to enjoy some quiet time by the pool. Let me know if you need anything."

"Thanks, Mrs. Stilson. I'm good," he said, without looking up.

I had to suppress stomping off, as I went back inside. I even glanced back to see if he was watching, and he was not. I lay by the pool for nearly an hour, not relaxed at all, but fuming at his lack of attention. So, I walked inside and watched from the window, making sure he could see me. He gave a quick wave and a smug grin that said, "Ha, I still have you." At that point, it sank in how pathetic I was, and I stupidly made it clear to him as well. I returned to my lounge chair and lay there for at least another hour, before dozing off.

I awoke to the sight of him standing next to my lounge chair--bulge front and center--hovering over me.

"Sorry to disturb you, Mrs. Stilson, but I am all done. The bushes are piled at the curb removed and mulch spread. Yesterday, you mentioned possibly needing help planting new ones. I could be available if you wanted, but given your words earlier, I am pretty sure that is no longer an option. Thanks again for your kindness, and a very memorable day. Before I go, could I please use your restroom?"

"Yes, you may, Mr. Thomas. Thank you for your hard work. The slider is open." The underlying pun popped into my head, as I fought not to stare just one last time. I did indulge, as he walked away, getting a last look at his ass and shoulders.

After he rounded the corner for the bathroom, it occurred to me that I needed to get his money from our cash stash in the bedroom. So, I went in, past the bathroom where I had taken my shower of shame the day before. The light peeked out from under the door, and I slipped by quietly. When I got upstairs to the bedroom, the door was closed, and I did not recall closing it. So I opened it quietly and stepped in, only to see Mark, kneeling next to the corner of the bed, sniffing the spot I had bounced on the night before.

"Mr. Thomas, what are you doing!" I said, sounding disturbed. In reality, my heart raced as I learned I had gotten to him.

He jumped up startled but quickly recovered. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Stilson, but I just had to see the scene of our last 'interaction'," he said, using my words against me. "I have never had a more memorable 'interaction' over the phone. Come to think about it, you may be my most memorable in-person 'interaction', as well."

I tried to respond, but the sight of his boner, pushing his shorts over his belt line--stopped me in my tracks. He stood facing me, shirtless, cargo shorts tented big enough to sleep two. I'd never seen anything like it.

"When I caught your scent, I got to thinking about the taste of that creamy cunt of yours and lost myself. Before I knew it, I was breathing you in and bam, Mrs. Stilson--hard." He flashed his open palms next to his cock tent, as he said 'bam'. "I apologize, but you make me hard, Mrs. Stilson. That pussy tastes so damn good. No one's ever cum so hard, so easily for me. I felt like fucking Superman."

Fighting the urge to ravage him on the spot, I mustered up the will to ask him to leave. "Mr. Thomas, you need to leave. I have your address on your resume. I will send you the money you are owed. Being here is wholly inappropriate."

"Why can't you look me in the eye when you say that, Mrs. Stilson? Are you talking to me, or my cock...? It's kind of hard to tell."

I was staring at his dick, but it was impossible not to. I stood my ground, but kept my gaze on his cock. Somehow looking him in the eye would have made it worse.

"You've been begging for it all day, Mrs. Stilson. Stalking me through the curtains. Flaunting that hot little body in your slutty little swimsuit. Begging for a little attention you're not getting elsewhere. Stop pretending, Mrs. Stilson. Cock-slut for a day suited you. Why not live it every day, Mrs. Stilson. Drop to your knees and beg for it, cock-slut."

I could see it moving, as he seemed to be getting even bigger. He was making it pulse as he stepped toward me. I stood in the doorway, pussy gushing, trying not to tremble.

"I asked you to leave, Mr. Thomas," I said, with a cracking voice.

"If you think that's best, Nurse Stilson."

That comment sent a rush through me, as I recalled our FaceTime. I wanted to do everything I described last night, but tried not to let on. My throat was tight, and it was difficult to breathe, as he approached. I stared at his tent, holding my ground in the doorway as it got closer. He turned sideways to squeeze through the door and stopped... as his cock touched my belly through his shorts.

"Sorry, Nurse Stilson. This opening is a little tight," he said, looking down at me.

Our nearly nude bodies close enough to feel the heat. I felt his warm firmness through the fabric, as he rubbed it gently against me. My will broke down as my hand gripped his hard-on.

"How long have you felt this stiffening, Mr. Thomas," I said softly, as I began to rub him slowly.

"The better part of two days now, Nurse Stilson. I'm afraid the matter is quite serious, it seems the tele-med treatment was not successful. I think the inpatient treatment plan is the only hope. More importantly, it's clear your Chronic Cock-slut Syndrome has taken hold again, Mrs. Stilson. You have the treatment tool in hand.

Would you like me to use it on you, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Yes, please," I sighed. He had turned the tables again.

"Let's get you out of these clothes, Mrs. Stilson." His hand popped the clasp on the front of my bikini top and his hands grabbed a handful in one quick motion.

I whimpered, as his head lunged down, kissing my left nipple while his hands slid the straps off my shoulders and the top hit the floor. I thrust my chest forward, moaning my surrender. He moved to the right and began to kiss and lick the other one, holding it in his right hand as his left slid down the front of my bottoms. I gasped and pushed my chest hard against him, as his finger parted my pussy lips. He rubbed slowly up and down my length as his head rose up and he whispered in my ear.

"So soft and warm and wet, Mrs. Stilson..."

"Oh, Mark." I gripped his boner harder and brought my second hand around to free it.

"Not yet, Mrs. Stilson, we need to set the ground rules first," he said, his lips touching my ear as his finger curled inside me.

I moaned loud and long, as he entered me slowly.

"It's a new day, Mrs. Stilson, so we can assume you've decided to extend your new role on a more-permanent basis?"

I rocked my hips, fucking his finger. "Yes, yes, yes!" I yelled mindlessly, as he had me in a frenzy, I was rubbing with both hands. "So fucking big and so fucking hard..."

"I think you like it when I take control, don't you?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

"Are you my full-time cock-slut, Mrs. Stilson?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

"You'd say yes to anything right now, wouldn't you?" he whispered, with his hot breath flooding my ear.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I panted.

"What are you, Mrs. Stilson?" he asked in his arrogant tone, but the scent of his sweaty body, and his magical finger broke down all resistance.

"I'm your cock-slut, Mark, oh!"

"I like the way you call me Mr. Thomas with your prissy little attitude, so from now on, you are to refer to me as Mr. Thomas to remind you how much you like giving me control. Understood?"

There was no logic to the effect he had on me, I only knew I was on the verge of coming again, just from one finger. "Yes, Mr. Thomas, oh God, yes!

I want you to come on my finger, and then I want you to put your money where your mouth is and fuck me, Mrs. Stilson, and stop talking about it--woman up, and do what you talked about on the phone."

It was too much, his finger relentlessly rubbed my clit as I buried my face in his shoulder, breathing in his manly scent. "Mr. Thomas, I'm coming for your cock," I panted, as my body shuddered and I rubbed his hard-on.

My opened mouth pressed against his sweaty chest, as I came in a shuddering climax.

"You're coming in your panties, Mrs. Stilson."

I wailed, "Oh fuck, Mr. Thomas. Com-ing, for, your, cock!" I screamed in a high-pitched voice that echoed through the house, spasming against him, as I tasted his saltiness with my gaping mouth.

As it passed, I reached again for his button to remove his pants and ride his huge dick.

"Let's get comfortable, Mrs. Stilson. It's time to put your money where that hot little mouth is." He grabbed my hands and pulled me toward the bed.

I followed as he backed up to the foot of the bed, then sat and crawled back onto the bed and lay there, legs spread with his massive boner pushing hard against the shorts. I stood there, watching in awe, while he positioned himself for me. My hands were pushing down my bikini bottoms as if they had a mind of their own. The fantasy of last night was coming true, and I had no thought of stopping. I stepped out of the bathing suit and crawled slowly and hungrily, like a predator stalking its prey.

I stopped and unhooked his pants and pulled down his zipper, slowly and deliberately, looked up at him as I pulled the shorts and underwear down past his hips. I had to stop and pull the band of his briefs over his pink, granite cock in order to free him. He raised his ass and as I cleared his hips, he closed his legs touching my knees as I slid down the bed to remove the last of his clothes. I stood looking at his nakedness, as his clothes dropped to the floor. His hard-on levitated nearly an inch off his stomach, as I crawled back between his legs that he had opened wide for me. His hairless balls were held tightly in his firm, round ball sack.

"Nurse Stilson, what are you doing?" he teased in a voice, feigning shock, as my face moved closer to his balls.

"I'm going to have to perform an oral exam to properly assess the situation, Mr. Thomas," I said, as my tongue touched his wrinkled scrotum.

I lapped up his saltiness, first pressing my tongue against the bottom of his balls and separating them as I licked up to the base of his shaft. He pulled his feet up, raising his knees as I licked every bit of his balls, slowly and meticulously. His soft groans made me so wet, as I looked up his massive shaft to see his closed eyes and head hung back from the pleasure I was bringing him. Next, I took a long slow lick up the front of his shaft. His back arched and moans intensified as I licked his length. His man-scent caused a Pavlovian reaction in my mouth and my cunt, as I licked. When I reached his man clit, I swirled my tongue there, getting a taste of his sweet pre-cum.

Unable to contain myself any longer, I plunged his cock into my mouth, determined to quell the disappointment I felt from not making him come in my mouth the previous day. I had never been particularly fond of the taste of cum, but I needed to show him how much I wanted to service his cock, and as his pre-cum coated my tongue, I wanted more. I needed more. My head bobbed on his cock, sucking and wiggling my tongue determined to feel him unload in my mouth.

"Oh fuck, Mrs. Stilson, so good," he groaned.

Encouraged, I quickened the pace and was still only able to take half of him, occasionally stopping to focus on the tip, wiggling my tongue on his man clit. He moaned and grunted his pleasure, as I continued waiting for the eruption of his hot jizz, but his control was incredible.

After a moment he grunted. "Bring, me, that, ah, sweet, pus-sy, ah, Mis-sus, Stil-ah-son! Want, to, ah, taste, you!"

I didn't hesitate. I pulled off his cock and spun around straddling him. My left hand propped me up as my right gripped his cock and I began to suck him wildly as I lowered my spread womanhood to his waiting mouth. I had to make him come first. I was determined to feel him come in my mouth, for if I gave up the battle to his tongue, I would not be able to focus on pleasuring him.

I felt his hot breath, as I mouth-fucked him and slowly lowered myself to meet him. But as his tongue wiggled between my labia, I knew I was in trouble. I pulled off his cock and rolled my head back in a moan of bliss, lowering myself onto his face.

"Oh fuck, Mr. Thomas," I squeaked, rocking my hips. "Oh my God."

I was already losing the battle and plunged his cock back into my mouth, determined to win. I felt him gasp as I resumed, and found my hips rolling against his probing tongue. We both whimpered and moaned as the battle was on. My hips rocked to the rhythm of my plunging mouth, but it was too fast. I could feel an orgasm building. Sucking him furiously, I could feel I was about to lose, but could not stop myself.

Suddenly, his groan deepened, and his body stiffened as the first blast released into my mouth. I nodded my approval, as I bobbed and swallowed. It was thick, hot and salty-sweet as it flooded my mouth. He grunted into my cunt as my hips continued to rock, rubbing my cunt on his face.

My right hand gripped his shaft and jacked him off in time with my head bobs. I began to hum, "Um-huh, um-huh, um-huh," with each shot of cum. I swallowed as much as I could, but with the giant cock in my mouth there was no way to contain it all. A mixture of cum and saliva rolled down over my hand, as I milked him of every drop.

With his orgasm subsiding, my hip motion slowed, and he began to lick and suck my pussy with increased intensity. I again nodded my approval, as I sucked him slowly. His tongue waggled and head rolled as he focused his attention on my screaming pussy. I whimpered and groaned, as his tongue worked its magic again. No one had ever eaten my pussy like him. My knees spread wider, as I settled onto his face. He found a sweet spot and I pulled off to let him know.

"Fuck! Mr. Thomas, right there!" My hips rocked in tiny rapid thrusts. "Yes! Yes! Right fucking there! Fuck! Feels, so, good!"

I pressed up, and threw my head back, with a hand on each of his thighs. I rode his tongue and lips, as he had me on the verge, yet again. "No one's ever... Oh... So good!" I went into a rhythm of rolling hips and high-pitched moans of pleasure. "I'm gonna, ah! Come for, ah, your cock... So hard!"

I screamed at the ceiling, as he brought me to an Earth-moving climax. Com-ing, for, your, cock! Com-ing, for, your, cock! Com-ing, for, your, cock! Com-ing, for, your, cock...!"

I'm unsure how many times I repeated that, but it continued until my rolling hips stopped rolling and spasmed with each shot of orgasmic bliss my clit released. As my orgasm finally passed, I slid his semi-hard cock back in my mouth and sucked him slowly back to full stiffness.

I pulled off and stroked him slowly, while he lapped at my engorged labia. "Mr. Robinson, it appears the oral treatment has not fully alleviated your condition, so it appears we will have to try the direct application of female pussy juices to the inflamed... area. May I?"

"Yes, please, Nurse Stilson. Please continue the treatment plan you outlined earlier."

So I spun around and straddled his cock, which laid flat on his tummy. I lowered my spread pussy down to rest on his shaft, as I placed my hands on his chest. I pressed myself against his shaft, saddling his cock with my pussy lips. Then I rubbed up the length of his shaft slowly and firmly, spreading a mixture of our cum and saliva over his full ten inches. When I reached his head, I wiggled there, focused on his sweet spot, and teasing as the head pushed my lips apart. Next, I continued to saddle him and pushed back down to his balls.

"Mr. Thomas, this is the hardest, most-swollen cock, I've ever encountered. It's going to take a thorough and aggressive treatment plan." As I rolled forward up his length, my clit rolled out and rubbed against his stiff warmth. My eyes closed and moaned. "Oh yes. It's so hot and hard against my cunt, Mr. Thomas."

"Nurse Stilson, I love when you talk like a slut," he sighed.

"This is the biggest, hottest, hardest cock I've ever seen, Mr. Thomas. I'm going to do whatever it takes to fuck the swelling out of this monster--no matter how many treatments it takes."

The feel of the hot steel rubbing against me was all consuming. It just seemed to go on forever, as I pushed up and down the length. I moved steadily up and down rubbing my juices on his stiff heat. My eyes were closed and my hips rocked, as I lived out the fantasy I had concocted.

"You love your job, don't you, Nurse Stilson?"

"Oh yes, so much, Mr. Thomas. So fucking much."

"What are you, Nurse Stilson?"

"I'm an LPCS. A Licensed Practical Cock-Slut. Oh, God I love your cock." My hips were rolling faster and harder. "I'm gonna have to come all over this cock to make it better, Mr. Thomas."

"Thank you, Nurse Stilson. I admire your dedication."

"Any--ah!--thing to help--ah!--others, Mr. Thomas!" I pushed hard into his chest, rubbing wildly against him. "Oh, Mr. Fucking Thomas. So fucking big and so fucking hot! Aaaahhhh!" I wailed, as orgasm number three was already on me.

"I wanna be your cock-slut, Mr. Thomas..."

"Position accepted, Nurse Stilson. We'll need to work a schedule for regular treatments."

"Oh yes, I'm coming for your cock..."

"Look at me when you come, Mrs. Stilson," he commanded.

I opened my eyes to see his smug smile, but the hot, hard flesh between us was all I cared about.

"Coming for your cock! Com-ing, so, hard, for, your, cock!"

I stared at him, mouth agape, whining like an animal, as I came spreading hot cunt-cum on this cock. When the orgasm passed, I needed to finish the fantasy.

"Please let me ride your cock, Mr. Thomas. I need you to fill me up, please!"

Before he could answer, I slipped off his cock and began to push his cock head into me.

As my pussy hit his stomach, he sighed, "Damn that little pussy is on fire, Mrs. Stilson."

I took that as a yes and began to push him into me slowly. I wriggled as I pushed, and his head slipped in a bit easier than the day before. Still looking into his brown eyes, I pushed him in about an inch, backed off halfway, and in another inch.

"It feels so good inside me," I whimpered. "I need this cock so bad. Oooohhhhh."

"Nurse Stilson, you've definitely got the cure."

I soon had him all the way in and pushed myself up to the upright position, with my heels touching my ass and my hands on my thighs for balance. I pulled up, straightening my legs to pull up half his length, before dropping back down. As I bottomed out, I let out a screech of pleasure and bounced back up.

"You're so fucking tight, Mrs. Stilson. Oh, fuck!" he groaned. "Ride it, cock-slut!"

"Oh God, yes, so fucking big and hard. I love your fucking cock, Mr. Thomas." I began to bounce, feeling so completely filled when my pussy touched his balls.

"So, fucking big! So fucking good! I love your fucking cock, so much. Oh my God, I'm coming again."

His expression turned from arrogant to serious, and he was getting close.

"I'm coming for your cock!" I yelled into his desperate eyes, and realized he was close, too.

The monster dick pulled my clit inside with each down stroke, sending a convulsive jolt of orgasmic bliss through my lower body. I came hard, mouth agape, no longer able to speak, as I pounded myself onto his pelvis. I wailed loud and long as I came for the biggest cock I'd ever had, shamelessly bouncing as fast as I could. This time, I wanted to come first. I wanted control when I made him come this time.

When his orgasm hit, he let me know. "I'm gonna come, Mrs. Stilson," he grunted.

His expression was one of, I'm coming inside you unless you do something about it. I wanted to feel him come inside me, but could not take the chance.

I continued to pound him as I saw his eyes closed and mouth open. Knowing he was at the point of no return, I jumped off and lay between his legs as cum gushed out, covering his large purple head. I grasped his shaft and took him in my mouth and swallowed all of it this time, swirling my tongue on his sensitive spot as his cock pulsed, unloading his seed in my mouth.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!" he grunted. "Such a good cock-slut!"

As his body shuddered, a feeling of power washed over me, despite the fact that I was sucking this near-stranger's cock, tasting the cocktail of our cum mixture and feeling the air penetrating my spent, gaping cunt. I had let him control me, take me repeatedly while calling me his cock-slut for the two most sexually satisfying days of my life, but still could not bring myself to release him from my mouth, until I had licked him clean.

With my libido satisfied, my sensible side was again able to be heard. The inner voice told me, "Get him out of here immediately, Amy. Get him out and do not call him again. Pretend these two days never happened and move on."

But as he softened, I knew I would be back again, begging for him if needed. He had awoken a need, from deep inside me. A need to serve cock. And Mr. Mark Thomas had the most glorious cock I'd ever seen. I continued to suck him dry, then for good measure, licked his balls to collect the remnants of cum that had dripped down to them.

"Damn, Nurse Stilson, you are truly a professional, thank you." I nodded. "We'll need to schedule another session, after your mom leaves..." I nodded emphatically, as I kissed his balls.

When I finished with his balls, I took his softening cock back into my mouth one more time; I knew I could take him all, in his flaccid state. As I finally reached his balls with his cock in my mouth, I was in awe of how he filled my mouth completely, even soft.

"I'm going to need you to greet me in the sluttiest nurse's uniform you can find, the next time we get together, Mrs. Stilson. Understood?"

I nodded, even though I should have been offended by his arrogance; the thought of seeing his expression, seeing me in such an outfit excited me. The image of a super-short, white jumper skirt and half-buttoned, skintight shirt-top with the hat, made me tingle in anticipation.

As I released his cock, I looked up as he smiled down at me, with a contented grin that made me feel guilty and proud at the same time. I slid off the end of the bed and stood there excited by his hungry eyes, and yet embarrassed by my nakedness. As I bent down for my bikini bottoms, they weren't nearly enough to eliminate the sudden feeling of naked vulnerability.

Suddenly, he slipped up behind me and rubbed my ass with both hands. "Please don't cover that beautiful ass, Mrs. Stilson. Give me just one more minute to enjoy this sexy body before I have to leave."

Once again, the feel of his touch sent a tingling wave through my body, and as I stood up, his hands moved to my shoulders and he pressed against my back and began kissing my neck from behind. I reached up with my hand and caressed his hair as he gently kissed my neck. His cock pressed against my lower back and ass, and I found myself wetting again even after four orgasms. I had never imagined anything like this.

His hands drifted to my breasts as he continued softly kissing my neck. "You are so incredibly sexy, Mrs. Stilson," he whispered, as the goosebumps spread down my back from his soft touch and warm breath. "I love feeling your skin, Mrs. Stilson, so warm and delicate."

His right hand slid down my belly and I found myself melting away from his touch. My head rolled back against his shoulder as he kissed and caressed, and I cooed my approval. He swirled his fingertips around my belly button, and I gasped with pleasure. My breathing turned to panting as his hand lowered through my muff, and his finger slipped softly between my soaked labia.

"You're insatiable, Mrs. Stilson," he whispered, as I spread my legs, surrendering yet again.

I moaned, "Oh God, you excite me so much."

His cock began to heat up, as he slid up and down my moistened slit.

"What are you Mrs. Stilson?" he asked, softly.

I answered eagerly, "I'm your cock-slut, Mr. Thomas. I don't ever want you to stop..."

"Excellent attitude, Nurse Stilson. I can't wait to see you in uniform," he whispered, softly.

I caressed his head, as he kissed my neck, and I nodded my agreement.

"Good, then we'll continue when I see you in uniform next time." He released and stepped back almost causing me to fall over.

"Thank you for a wonderful day and the chance to work for you again, Mrs. Stilson. But I need to go get cleaned up for a job interview this afternoon. I hope you found my work satisfactory today." He was already putting his shorts back on, as if nothing had just happened between us.

As he spoke, I went from shock to disappointment followed by anger. I could find no words.

"If you could get me my payment for today, I would be most grateful. I can't thank you and your husband enough for all you've both done for me in my time of need."

He stood there looking at me casually, as if totally oblivious to just revving me up and walking away.

I stood staring, then saw a crack in his serious expression. I smiled and shook my head. "That was mean, Mr. Thomas."

"Payback's a bitch they say." He sucked the finger that had been inside of me.

"Always leave them wanting more, they say."

"Payback is a bitch, remember that," I said, as I walked toward the closet to get the cash to pay him.

"I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you walk away. Um," he said, hungrily.

I walked back with five hundred dollars, and stopped directly in front of him. Then I gripped his cock in my left hand through the shorts, relishing the heat and heft of his ample manhood one last time.

"Thanks for all you hard work, Mr. Thomas. Your swelling issue seems much better. I look forward to your next treatment session."

I handed him the money and gave him the last look at my ass as I headed for the bathroom. "You have a nice day, Mr. Thomas. I trust you can show yourself out."

"God, I love that ass..." he said, as I closed the door behind me.
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