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“I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation.” the Uber driver told us as we alighted and she handed Sarah her card. “Feel free to give me a call, I am very well connected.”
On the drive home she had listened in while my lady Sarah told me,“That was an amazing experience, your arrangements were very exciting. An incredible tongue fuck for me while you watched, and a blow job for you while I watched. A huge build up, lots of teasing and edging for both of us with another couple watching. We both love to orgasm in sync, so good when we orgasm in sync with a new partner, mind blowing in fact.

“I will reverse your question that kick started tonight. What if you gave me carte blanche to choose a new lover or lovers for you, someone to provide you with sexual pleasure, while I watched? Tell me what your preferences would be?,” my lady Sarah asked me. “I know another man is a threat for you, and another woman is entertainment for both you and I. Or is it?”

“Let me think about it, though I know you well enough to guess what you might *********** for me as a new lover. Is the new lover or lovers just for me or are we to share? Even better instead of telling me, make it happen as a surprise for me. And us.”

“A huge coincidence, the Uber driver who gave me her card picked me up to go shopping,” Sarah told me week later. “She told me from what she overheard we sound like an exciting couple. I could help you find a new lover or lovers for your man. Does he have any preferences or fetishes?”

The fourth time the Uber driver picked me up, by now Kate and I are very friendly, she showed me some pics on her tablet of an incredibly glamorous woman, probably ten-years younger than us. “I know you are looking for someone to provide your man with sexual pleasure while you watch. This is Kym, I could arrange him for you and your man.”

“Did I hear you right, did you say him?,” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, I did say him Sarah. Would you like me to make the arrangements? And just a minor detail Sarah, I want to watch. May I?”

“Kate my favorite Uber driver is picking us at seven-thirty on Friday. She has a friend she wants us to meet,” I told my man Roger earlier in the week.

“The way you teased me while I watched you getting dressed was a turn on for me, you made me horny, lifting your dress and showing me your big ass as you tried on three different thongs, each one smaller than the previous one,” my man told me on the short drive, his hand on my knee as Kate watched in her mirror.

“I did it deliberately,” I told him as we kissed with the tips of our tongues, hoping he hadn’t realised Kate and I had organised another person for his sexual pleasure while she wanted to watch.

After a short drive I was a little surprised when Kate the Uber driver, opened the door with her key and announced our arrival. “In the next room Kate,” a husky voice replied.

“This is Roger and his lady Sarah for you Kym,” Kate told her by way of introduction. The pics on Kate’s tablet did not do justice to Kym, the incredibly glamorous woman, probably ten-years younger than us as she kissed me with the tip of her tongue then Roger and lastly Kate.

Roger was almost drooling as he looked Kym over and she him. A gorgeous creature, taller than average, strong Asian appearance and features, killer heels, black stockings, above the knee black cocktail dress highlighting a feminine body and curvy figure, short, cropped jet black hair, her face was handsome and attractive, rather than pretty, her long droopy earrings an extra touch of feline grace.

“I know all about the waiter with enhanced lips and unusual tongue you arranged for Sarah’s sexual pleasure while you watched him tongue fuck her. Tonight she wants me to repay you, make it up to you, while she watches,” Kym whispered as she kissed him with the tip of her tongue as she removed his shirt and ran her hands and fingertips over his chest. “I hope you are one of those men who likes having their nipples licked and sucked, because I am very good at it.

“So pleased you like it. Would you like to suck my nipples while your lady watches? You will need to remove my dress first.”

A real turn on for me watching my man remove Kym’s dress and looking at her naked body, apart from sexy black lingerie: a garter belt to hold up her stockings, a high-waisted thong and black bra.

Another buzz for me watching my man deftly removing her bra to reveal her good tits, bigger than mine, though my nipples are more attractive.

Kym was so feminine, the more I saw and watched I was doubting if she really was a ‘him’ as Kate had told me. When she turned her back so Roger could remove her thong as he undid the side clips. Her big naked ass looked magnificent, framed by the straps of her garter belt. Roger had his hands on her hips as he knelt and licked and kissed each of her ass cheeks in turn.

That was before she turned, legs spread, hands on hips as she flaunted her large, very erect cock for Roger, Kate and me.

Just as I hoped my man dropped his trousers, then his jock strap to flaunt his rock hard, thick, nine-erection for Kym. He had his hands on his hips as Kate had her hand on my knee. “Your man is magnificent, much bigger than I imagined,” she whispered.

“That is such a turn on for me, watching Kym sucking your man’s erection. Look how he is soaking up the pleasure with his hands behind his head. Can I stroke his ass while I watch? Or would you like me to lick you while you watch?,” Kate asked.

“Better still I want you to watch my man sucking Kym’s erection,” I replied. “Do it for me baby, you know I love to watch you sucking a big, thick cock. This one is special, a drop dead gorgeous tranny,” I told him as I held his head and directed his pursed lips over Kym’s erection.

“You like that don’t you baby? So do I. So does Kate,” I whispered, very aroused. I have shared trannies with my man previously, always exciting for both of us. Kym has me very excited. I am going to have him, I must have him when he is finished with my man,” I told Kate as she watched me directing his head.

“If you are free on Thursday afternoon I will arrange it Sarah. Just you and Kym and me,” Kate told me as I looked at her in a new light. Uber driver or exciting sex object?

“You look very pleased with yourself Sarah,” my man smiled at me on the Thursday night. “Why such a self satisfied smile? Let me guess, you had wild sex with Kym and Kate the Uber driver this afternoon?”

“I did, I was the centre of attention as Kate tongue fucked me, she was incredibly good as she teased and edged me after I licked and sucked Kym’s tits while I stroked his erection. After my first orgasm Kym was sliding his erection between my lips in a fucking motion. So good, though I did feel just a little guilty without telling you or inviting you to join us.”

“You have breached our agreement Sarah,” he told me in a stern voice. “You know the consequences and punishment. A good spanking on your big ass. And sex for me from a new partner while you watch.”

“I am already looking forward to my punishment. Are you going to spank me? Or would you like to watch Kate the Uber driver spank me? Before she gives you a blow job while I watch? She is a real surprise and very talented.”

The next Friday night Roger and I were both naked when Kate arrived. She kissed me passionately and I returned her kisses, before she kissed Roger with the tip of her tongue while he reciprocated.

“So sorry I breached your rules with your lady. Though she and I are both excited and anticipating the spanking she wants me to give her,” Kate told Roger as we walked hand in hand to our sex room.

“Have you ever spanked her? Has she ever spanked you? Did you both enjoy it?,” she asked as we watched her don a black leather apron over her dress. An extra frisson for me as it became obvious she has some spanking experience.

“So sorry I breached your rules Sarah,” she told her as they passionately tongue kissed. “How hard do you want me to spank your magnificent, big ass?”

“Hard enough to turn me on, and turn my man on while he watches,” I whispered as my man helped me settle on a waist high, day bed, with a pillow under my hips, to present my ass for a spanking.

Roger was holding my hands, his flaccid cock close to me in my direct line of vision. “Such a magnificent, big ass Sarah, a great pity to hurt it, though you wanted this,” she told me as she teased my ass cheeks with her fingertips. Then a loud slap as her hand smacked my ass and I jolted.

Then another and another, each time louder and harder. “Am I hurting you Sarah? Is this what you and your man wanted?,” she asked as she repeated the dose, each time harder.

“Yes and yes, I love it, so does my man, a kinky turn on, look at the erection you have given him.”

“Is ten enough Sarah,” she asked as we passionately tongue kissed while rubbing cream over my stinging ass cheeks. “I hope that turned you on as much as it turned me on. It certainly turned your man on, look at the size of his erection. Can I follow your rules and give him sex, sex from a new partner while you watch?”

“I have never had a blow job from a Uber driver, and you are so good,” Roger was whispering as Kate demonstrated her expert fellatio skills on his erection for both of us.

“I told you she is a real surprise and very talented. Cunnilingus for me and fellatio for you,” I told him as I tongue kissed him, extra sexual pleasure for both of us.

“So sorry I breached your rules Sarah,” she managed to tell me with a smirk as Roger was standing with his back to a wall, hands behind his head as I was tongue kissing him, enjoying and adding to his sexual pleasure while Kate was edging and teasing the tip of his erection with her tongue and lips. “Swallow? Yes?,” she whispered as my man was fighting to hold back his orgasm.

Before he could answer his whole body trembled as he groaned, “So good, so fucking good as Kate swallowed with great aplomb.

“I hope we have all paid our dues and any breaches in regard to your agreement Sarah,” Kate told me with a huge smile as she readied to leave. If you and your man are free on Sunday I could combine cunnilingus and fellatio for both of you. And I and due for a spanking, a really good spanking on my big ass. Tell me yes Sarah?”
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