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My gf at the time fucks me and she tells me her story. Here are the details.
Kit’s Confession

With the exception that I have somewhat telescoped events and paraphrased our conversation to some extent, the following is a true story.

...And...There’s some photos of Kit in my Photo Gallery “Steweird” in the album "My G/F's and Models"


I met Kit in a hostel on the Isle of Skye one wet afternoon when she sat down in the chair next to me and struck up a conversation. We lingered over a couple cups of tea and found we had a lot in common. Hit it off right away. She struck me as very intelligent and had big hooters which I eyed up while wondering what she looked like naked and what she was like to ‘boink’. I thought it was encouraging when she caught me eyeing her chest and didn’t get pissed off or anything!

I had just finished a weird relationship with some girl named Leanne. Leanne had had me turned all upside down for a couple of months while I was convinced I was in love with her.

Eventually Leanne unceremoniously dumped me so she could devote most of her free time sleeping with some guy she fell head over heels in love with. Only later did I find out that while we were dating she was doing a couple other guys on the side, too.

So I was kicking around Europe, trying to forget the whole stupid affair with Leanne. I was not, in any way, wanting a new relationship and that, of course, is when a new relationship is guaranteed to happen.

Kit and I kept running into each other; In Glasgow, Llanberis, Dublin, Galway, Cork. We started doing things together. Going to museums or pubbing, always with a crowd of hostellers; a loose collection of temporary friends moving in and out of our little circle. Best friends we had met 18 hours earlier who would be gone off to Belfast or Cherbourg next day, never to enter our lives again. That was what backpacking was. Kit was the only constant. We got close without even realizing a friendship was developing.

Parisian Love-making

Parting in Cork, Kit and I decided to meet each other in Paris. As things worked out 5 of us shared a pensione for a couple of nights. It was a mixed group of two guys, three girls. I saw some accidental tit when the other girls were changing while trying to be modest. Notwithstanding, everyone behaved platonically until the last night when the other three had gone their own ways, out of our lives and Kit and I spent the whole evening alone.

In the beginning, it was pretty uneventful, that first night we shared a room with unlimited privacy. We had a good chat and polished off two bottles of the best French wine, purchased for a pittance of their cost back home.

The subject of old flames came up.

Kit told me all about Dave. She had had a long term relationship with him. Despite being very close it had been a disaster in bed and Kit had blamed herself until Dave finally admitted he was queer and buggered off to take some cock up his ass. From that point, things re-evolved into a strong friendship between them. I got the feeling she was now looking for a new beau and I resolved to avoid becoming that beau. My hard cock and the alcohol had other ideas.

I spoke a little about Leanne and a few other old flames. Kit didn’t seem a bit insecure about my past girlfriends and asked several questions, some quite intimate. My cock grew hard at the memory of fucking Leanne and Winnie but I was sitting and Kit did not see it.

As the evening became late Kit lay on the floor, very drunk. She rolled onto her back and stretched luxuriously. She seemed to have one or two more buttons undone on her blouse than seemed appropriate. She arched her back as if deliberately emphasizing the size of her breasts and looked at me. “Aren’t you going to kiss me?” She asked bluntly.

It had been 3 months since I’d shot cum in Leanne so I was obviously in the mood to find out what Kit was like in the sack but I was equally determined not to end up with a girlfriend when we woke up next morning. I had correctly deduced that Kit was not the kind of girl who did one night stands and I most certainly was not needing a steady girlfriend at this confusing time in my life. (I found out much later that Kit had always had a fantasy about falling in love in Paris.)

Unfortunately, I was too horny and too drunk to resist the temptation of Kit’s big boobs, sitting there on her chest, filling up her demin shirt. A nice portion of boob was exposed to my inspection.

Fatefully, I came over to her and gave her a hard kiss, then a second one that turned into a wet passionate French kiss. My hand slid up to grab her tit and squeeze it eagerly, enjoying the beautiful softness she was letting me hold.

Her top and bra were off in 5 minutes. She lay there, uninhibitedly, with her boobs exposed. Her erect nipples drew me down to suck hard on them. As each nipple rolled in my mouth Kit stroked my head. Then she suddenly announced, without ceremony “It’s too soon to have sex.” This sudden little bit of Victorian morality was kind of strange because she sure turned out to be such an uninhibited little pervert in so many other ways as the next months were going to prove.

I was way too turned on to want to hear we weren’t going to screw quite yet and in no mood to jack off like in the innocent teen years with Virgin Winnie. “Let me just enjoy your nakedness, then” I said. I pulled my clothes off and lay naked on top of her, straddling her ribs. Her nipples were poking straight up, turning me on. My hard penis pointed towards her cleavage. On a whim I suddenly moved it up between her breasts. “Squeeze it.” I requested.

(ps please go to my Album for a picture of her squeezing my cock between her big rib balloons)

“I’ve heard about guys doing this to my friends.” Kit said as she enfolded my hardness in the white flesh of her lovely mushies.

I began to thrust slowly as my shaft slid pleasurably in her cleavage. Her breasts were still wet from me enthusiastically sucking and kissing them, leaving saliva all over her. It made a great lubricant. When it dried Kit re-lubricated me by licking my penis until it was drenched in enough of her own spit to let us continue with the tit-fuck; saliva-covered skin sliding pleasurably against saliva-covered skin.

I started stroking fast. After going so long without sex it didn’t take long for me to start squirting a large quantity of my sperm out onto her chest and neck. She calmly watched it flow out all over herself, enjoying how much exited my prick.

After, we cuddled together and talked while my semen dried on her perfumed skin, the two scents mixing together. She declined my offer to get some paper towels to wipe it off her; she told me she liked the smell of the stuff.

I love to hear girls talk about fucking. As we cuddled I asked her all about her past sex life with Dave and before. She answered all my questions very frankly until the subject of her first fuck came up and she answered somewhat vaguely, saying something about giving it up to “a friend of the family”. She got evasive when I pressed her for more details saying “I should not have done it” so I dropped it.

Kit and I slept in the same single bed that night, enjoying a second tit-fuck in the morning but we did not screw.

Fucking About in Europe

Over the next weeks we stayed together, wandering around Europe in the day and getting more sexually adventurous each evening. Oddly, it took a long time to finally get into some bonafide penetration:

1. In Compiègne she first sucked my cock but stopped before orgasm to have her tits plastered as I came.

2. In Chartres she asked me if I wouldn’t mind cumming in her mouth since no guy had done that to her yet. She swallowed it and said it tasted salty. She did not like my taste. (In future times it would be a sign of her love and arousal when she allowed me to fill her mouth with my jism then swallowing it despite her revulsion to the flavour; that would be precisely why I loved coming down her gullet)

3. In Amsterdam she asked me to enter her very briefly before she took me into her mouth and swallowed my sperm as if by apology for not letting me cum in her gash.

4. In Berlin I put on a rubber and fucked her for two hours straight. I still wasn’t allowed to cum inside her despite the rubber.

5. In Salzburg I discovered she liked to talk dirty. As I approached climax I started pounding her as fast as possible. She lay naked under me with her legs spread wide and repeated quietly “Jesus Christ!...Enjoy the fuck...Enjoy the fuck...” I still had to pull out before I came.

6. I photographed her topless for the first time in Pisa. I fucked the little exhibitionist after shooting quite a few rolls of her and it was obvious the photo-shoot had been a real turn-on for both of us.

7. In Rome she took me in the middle of her period. We did it in the bathtub so we wouldn’t make a mess, menstrual blood turning the water pink.

8. In Athens she let me come inside her, my sperm filling the rubber I still had to wear.

9. And at last, in Crete, we screwed without a rubber and Kit let me fill her up to her eyeballs with semen. We were stupidly using the rhythmn method but we both hated to use rubbers and Kit had confessed she loved to have a cock shoot that nasty tasting sperm into her. She was scared stiff of getting pregnant, but the thought of getting pregnant still titillated her.

Sometimes, because it turned me on, Kit would tell me all about the fantasies she had when she was still a young virgin. The one about the four teenage boys raping her repeatedly one hot summer afternoon in the woods behind the high school, or the one where she gets kidnapped, tied up and pissed on by the man next door, or the one where this cute guy she had a crush on would smear chocolate syrup on her tits then lick it all off while he fucked her in the kitchen.

She really had a healthy attitude towards sex, albeit a little twisted. Yet all this time she was still evasive about her first fuck.

Fucking Kit’s Confession out of Her

About three months into our relationship the whole story finally came out. By then we were back in home. I had left my home province to be with her.

We parked in Vancouver’s Stanley Park one afternoon. Kit sucked me off while people were parked on either side of us. Her head discreetly bobbed up and down over my hardness thrusting up into her sucking mouth. She mostly managed to keep her head below the car windows. Mostly.

“I wanted them to know I was sucking your cock.” she told me that evening. I found her exhibitionism arousing.

I was dicking her on her couch in front of the TV. I asked her again all about her first time. She demurred. I started moving in and out of her real slowly, as if threatening not to fuck her properly until she told me. In response Kit evasively told me “it was wrong of me.”

I got really horny in anticipation of a salacious lost-virginity story. I rammed her hard a few times to reward her for volunteering that much information then changed to that slow rythmic movement from before while persistantly asking for more information.

“Tell me...” I said quietly as I pushed my penis fully into her then slowly drew it out to push it in again. “Who was it?”

Gradually the story unfolded. At first Kit volunteered information hesitantly but as I continued fucking her and asking questions she saw that I was getting more and more turned on by what she was confessing to and started talking very freely about her guilty past until my questions died out and I just let her talk, as if it was a relief for her to finally tell someone about it.


‘Fessing Up

As a virgin teen, Kit had gone off to help out at the family farm. Her Grandmother was ill and Kit had been volunteered to help out with the chores. At first it was a bit dull being stuck on the farm. Then Kit’s cousin came home from College for the summer...

He was 21. Kit had a thing for older men and her hormones started telling her to act like a slut.

Without thinking about where it could lead Kit spent the next two months driving him wild by bending over in front of him to give him an eyeful of her ample teenage cleavage or walking around in skimpy clothing.

She admitted to me that even as a little girl with her breasts just beginning to grow she liked when she caught boys in class trying to see down her top. Like one time she dropped her pen and had trouble pulling it out from under the legs of her desk. As she straightened back up she realized the boy next to her had had a great eyeful of her early blooming boobs. “That was all I thought it was with my cousin,” she said “I was just enjoying letting one more boy have a good look.”

She told me she would deliberately go braless when he came in from the farm work and would wander around in front of him in a tight top so he could watch her bounce. She was acutely aware that her firm C-cups were swaying erotically in front of him. When she got close to him she would let them brush lightly against him then say “Oh,...excuse me” rather transparently.

I looked down at her big boobs swaying under my thrusts, imagining them 10 years earlier, jiggling for her cousin’s enjoyment. I started fucking her hard. “God, it must have been torture for him, Kit” I was getting off thinking how horny she must have gotten him. “He must have had a constant erection whenever you were around.”

“Do you think so?” she asked as if the concept had never occurred to her before.

I couldn’t believe Kit, at her age, could be that naïve. By way of an answer I described my cock's reaction to a girl named Karen Sailes in High School and the see-thru top she wore braless one day in class. As I talked and thrusted I felt Kit becoming very wet. The revelation that boys got hard just looking at provocatively dressed girls both fascinated and aroused her.

“So, if the guys in high school accidently got a good eyeful of my cleavage they would have got a hard-ons?” she asked. I just nodded and kept thrusting. She grinned up at me “God, how many cocks do you suppose I got hard in school?”

She described some of the clothes she wore back then. Nothing see-thru or anything but Kit liked the attention her new breasts were getting her. She chose tops that showed her cleavage and bought bras that accented the fullness of her mams.

All this time while she was talking I had been coming close to climaxing. Each time I had held off completion by slowing down because I was enjoying the conversation and didn’t want it to end. But as she spoke about her days in school teasing the boys I was so into it that I couldn’t hold back anymore.

Since Kit still wasn’t using birth control I pulled out suddenly and pushed my hard cock against her. I gushed a fairly big load all over her bush. Tons of spunk had gathered in my cock each time I had approached orgasm and now spewed out all over her flat tummy and into her red pubic hair.

After I was sated, I rolled off her and pulled her into my arms. I had finally found out her secret first fuck story.

(ps - While dating her, I splooged on her abdomen and lady pelt a lot, as I described above. After we broke up and she started dating her future husband, she told him how I would frequently and enthusiastically blow my load all over her. Still occasionally chatting by telephone with her, Kit confided to me that the guy got all upset at the thought of another penis blowing white hot sticky stuff all over his woman previous to him even meeting her. His jealous insecure discomfort at having to share Kit with a previous boy friend he never even met turns me on to this day. Kit and I had hung out quite a bit with that faggot, Dave, when I dated her and it never bothered me that his gay-ass prick had frequently fucked her before mine did. I liked it, in fact, and Kit had permission to do him if she wanted.

Kissing Cousins

As usual, we left my sperm to dry on her while we cuddled. I played with her funbags. The smell of my pecker-puke filled Kit’s living room.

After a little while I asked Kit how the rest of that summer with her cousin had gone.

“I guess one day he couldn’t take all that cockteasing I was doing.” Kit replied, snuggling closer and not hesitating a second to continue the story despite her previous reticence. “I had just finished showing him a good portion of my breasts by bending over pretending to read something in the paper on the coffee table and then I wandered over to look out the living room window so he could look at my ass for a while.

“He suddenly came up silently behind me and abruptly cupped each of my braless boobs in his hands. He pulled my shoulder blades into his chest and gently kneaded my girls. I let him squeeze my nipples between his thumb and forefinger for a second or two. Then, the enormity of the sinful thing we were doing hit me...I mean...he was my cousin!”

The little tease had fully expected him to continue ogling her young body for the rest of the summer without doing anything about it. As his hands grabbed her intimately she panicked and turned to push him away. I surmised she hadn’t understood the dangerous situation she had precipitated and suddenly it was beyond the limits she had subconsciously set.

“I told him to stop but he didn’t answer. He pushed me back against the wall with his strong farmer’s arms. The rough way he did that did something inside and I felt my pussy start to tingle and butterflies erupted in my stomach. He gripped my upper arms and pinned my shoulders against the wall. He just kept me there while I stared at him and felt my nipples hardening. He stared openly at them and I was so embarassed that they were hardening in full view of my horny cousin but so willing to let him see.”

“He suddenly whispered ‘You’re just a little cockteaser, aren’t you?’ then pressed himself against me and clenched my boob hard.”

“I told him no I wasn’t a cockteaser but I didn’t sound sure about that, even to myself. So he grabbed my hand and forced it down the front of his sweatpants and said “Oh, you aren’t? Then what’s this!?”

“My fingers instinctively curled around the first cock I ever felt. It was red hot and hard, but spongy, too.”

“I don’t know what I expected a hard-on to feel like but it wasn’t that. I squeezed it a few times while my heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to throw up.”


Kit’s First Time

At this point, I could see by the way she looked straight at me that she was now fully enjoying telling me all about the whole sordid episode. I watched her nipples harden as I fondled her tits. I was not the least jealous that her cousin was the first to see those hard nipples.

“And then he fucked you?” I prompted her.

“No, I wasn’t ready to go that far yet. I hadn’t expected him to do anything to me, I guess, just to look at my tits all summer. Jesus, I was stupid!”

That made me laugh a little, then I rolled back on top of her. I had only cum on Kit an hour earlier but the thought of her getting felt up by her own cousin was such a turn on that I was rock hard again. I positioned myself between her legs and stuck my prick into her wet pussy. She registered a brief look of surprise then smiled up at me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and settled in to get screwed again. Thick half-dried semen drenched her red thatch from my last blast. It felt cold against my abdomen and “squlitched” as I moved against Kit, then apart again.

“We didn’t fuck until the next afternoon” she stated simply as I began to move inside her. She casually lay there, legs wide for me and kept chatting. “Everyone else was upstairs napping. When the house was quiet and we knew everyone else was asleep he came to me. I had hoped he would. He fondled me freely as I sat there on the couch loving the feel of my cousin’s big strong hands squeezing my tits through my tank top.

“Without asking, he yanked my top up to my arm pits, pulled my shorts down, unzipped his jeans, pulled his prick out and did me in total silence right there; my first time.

“I felt so wicked letting my own cousin have me with the chance of getting caught just somehow making it even better, and all I could think was ‘God, this feels so good!

“But it was all so frustrating, too, because he would look at my boobs jiggling with each hard thrust he made and get really turned on by it so that he would start humping me really fast and it would feel so good. But then the couch would start banging the wall and he would slow down again for fear everyone upstairs would hear us having sex. We neither of us came because we couldn’t get right into doing it hard and fast and then we had to stop quickly and get decent when we heard my uncle coming downstairs.

“All my cousin had to do was get his cock back in his pants but since he was so hard he almost didn’t finish in time. I still laugh at the image of him trying to stuff his erection into his jeans, with the rubber still on it. It seemed so ludicrous that anyone would expect to cram that big thing into those tight Levis. Just as he zipped up my Uncle walked hesitantly into the room. My clothes were in place but untucked and in disarray and the cushions on the couch were all messed up. My uncle gave me a sober, guilty look like he knew what his son and niece had been doing but if so he didn’t say anything.

“And do you know what we did after that?” She looked me straight in the eye. I didn’t say anything as I fucked away.

“We fucked in the field and in the woods, in the barn and in a farmer’s lane halfway to town...we fucked a lot; every chance he got. All the time we were fucking I felt so horrible but I didn’t wanna stop fucking. It felt so good!”

Her tongue dwelt proudly on every “fuck” she spoke, enjoying me hear her say it. “I liked his dick in me” she concluded.

She fell silent for a minute, looking up at me for a reaction. I was thrusting into her as deep as I could drive it, I was so aroused. Kit lifted her head an inch and kissed me tentatively as if it was some sort of test to see if her story was repulsing me. I broke rhythmn briefly to kiss her back.

She looked down at my body moving against her. She watched my cock sliding in and out of her and I wondered if she was comparing it to her cousin’s. Then she whispered in a sexually excited tone “yeah...keep fucking me like that.” and dropped her head back to the sofa cushion. She looked at me hard for a second and seeing how this story was turning me on, instead of disgusting me, continued talking. I just kept screwing her.


Incestuous Guilt & My 2nd Orgasm

“Suddenly, he would become very distant for a while; sometimes avoid me for an entire week. During those times, whenever our eyes met he would quickly look away in guilt.

“I would be humiliated; thinking how I was used and rejected. I felt unattractive because my cousin didn’t want my body, anymore. I would wonder what I had done wrong.

“And, of course, he would eventually give in to temptation and wake me up in the middle of the night by climbing into my bed with me. I would pull up my thin nightshirt to above my breasts, thrilled that he wanted me again and he would silently hump me in the dark while the entire farmhouse slept around us.”

I changed the motion of my fucking to a slower, more forceful one. I did it so I could watch her tits quiver as I rammed it into Kit. She was very wet.

“Having him holding my naked body and giving it to me felt so good I just wanted to keep fucking but things were getting so obvious. We would disappear for no reason for an hour then just show up together, but apart, if you know what I mean. I started to notice no one would look at us when we did that. If they spoke to me they seemed very uncomfortable.”

I changed rhythm again to a quick, fast one. “They knew...” I said to Kit, my agitated voice betraying my arousal at the thought.

“You sick bastard! You like that I fucked my cousin, don’t you?” She seemed to want confirmation but I didn’t answer, just kept thrusting into her like an animal as I felt my orgasm mounting.

“Come in me!” she ordered/offered.

It was a pretty safe time in her cycle so I didn’t need any more coaxing than that to empty myself into her. I started humping her furiously, like a mental patient.

It didn’t take long to peak and as I shot a blast of my cum I made three final hard thrusts while whispering crudely in her ear “...fucked your own cousin...ya horny slut...”

“I’m not a slut.” She snapped in an annoyed tone. Ironically, she lay there naked and fucking with her legs spread apart.

“You let guys like me fuck you.” I told her as my penis finished emptying my balls inside her. “That makes you a slut.”

The “slut” didn’t argue. I relaxed on top of her as my cock softened, still in her.


Talking it Over and a Short Fuck

When we were done she held me tightly. She suddenly said very quietly “I thought you would think I was really sick. Maybe even leave me....”

“No.” I answered. I was looking into her eyes and gently caressed the side of her face. I had always thought Kit was a complicated puzzle and I now felt like the last missing piece had been snapped into place.

Having just had that second orgasm, my sex drive was in hibernation and for the first time since Kit started her confession, I was able to view it objectively, without the bias generated by the fact that I was highly aroused by the story of my girlfriend repeatedly cock-wrestling with her own first cousin.

“Why does me screwing my cousin turn you on?” She asked while caressing my soft cock slowly, as if hoping I would want to fuck some more. A few belated drops of sperm oozed out of me, much too late to join their millions of cousins deep inside Kit. She rubbed them all up and down on my flacid dick.

I kissed her very gently on the tip of her nose, like I always did when I was feeling especially fond of Kit.

“I don’t know why it turns me on....” I answered “ were a wicked young lady going after what you wanted, I guess. The way you walked all over a whole bunch of sexual taboos....and your sexual self-confidence while doing’s just a turn-on for me; how you were able to get your cousin all worked up until he couldn’t keep his hands off he couldn’t stay away from your seductive body even when he knew it was wrong...I like that you went after what you wanted. And you weren’t hurting anyone, you were just enjoying your young body by tempting an attractive boy.”

Kit looked at me like I had just said something unbelievably intelligent. “Oh, Christ!!” She exclaimed as if the light just went on. “I never looked at it like that!....I seduced him! That’s why I feel so guilty; not because he seduced me! She mulled that thought over to herself.”....I seduced him...Jesus....” she trailed off into silence.

“God, Kit. Did you not see that before?”

“No, I put everything out of my mind. I’ve never relived it ‘til I told you all the details...I just lived with all the guilt and shame of being an incest victim of a sexually aggressive male just like feminists and the news media convinced me I was. Hell, I was the predator, not the victim....”

Kit was still absent-mindedly playing with my cock and she was finally having some affect on me. “I would have loved to have watched him fucking you.” I told her bluntly as she slowly stroked me.

That was the wonderful thing about Kit; you could say the rudest things to her and she wouldn’t get all prissy like a lot of girls would. She gave me a look betraying her own sexual arousal at the thought of putting on such a show for me; perhaps also thinking it might be nice to have another romp with her lucky cousin.

“So I shouldn’t be feeling guilty that I gave it to my own cousin? That I used my tits to get him to fuck me?”

“Not in my opinion.” I answered. I was growing hard again as her hand worked me faster.

She was silent a second as she looked down at my erection, then grinned at me with obvious pleasure “Look how big it is!” she chortled.

She climbed on top of me then and kissed me very hard. She impaled herself on my stiff meat and began rolling her hips in a fucking motion.

I’m only human, so my third erection didn’t last very long before I became soft again, without cumming. A little disappointed, Kit laid her head on my chest and snuggled. She soon fell asleep, breathing softly, her breasts pressed warmly against my ribs. I reached down and pulled the light sofa quilt over her shoulders and I held my girlfriend in my arms while she slept.



I got a great paying job in another city & decided to end our relationship at that point. In my own selfish way I loved Kit very much but our time together had started before I had dealt emotionally with Leanne and somehow that had always held me back from committing to Kit the way a boyfriend ought to.

I looked up Kit whenever I got back to town on business. Finally making some decent coin, it was nice to take her to restaurants I couldn’t have afforded back when we were dating and I had that crappy job.

Against her friends’ advice we would sleep together. After sex, we would cuddle up spoon-fashion all night same as we used to do when we were going out.

The photo of Kit lying on her back on the floor, was taken on one of these visits. The photo of her sucking my cock was another one.

Inevitably, Kit met some guy ready to commit to a serious relationship. I still wanted her and unashamedly tried to convince her she could screw me without him ever knowing but she was determined to stay loyal to his prick.

Well, I knew she would; she had been quite loyal to me, too, even though she had had my permission to go to bed with anyone she wanted to.

I only heard from Kit once more after that, following several years of silence. She found me through the internet and e-mailed me to let me know she and her husband had had a kid. I guess I was happy for her but I always will wonder if hubby will ever know about the cousin she had seduced as a horny, but liberated, teen.


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