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A timid husband get tricked by his wife and in-laws into letting them become cows and him becoming their reluctant bull. They thought they would walk all over him, but once those bull hormones kicked in, they were in for a surprise. If you think the price of milk at your local market is high, you should check out the price of boutique cow girl titty juice.
Note: I recognize this fetish isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. But I take some significant liberties with the idea, and others may find it interesting. When I posted this originally elsewhere, a couple of the comments I got called this a bit of impressive world-building. Further on, you will meet friendly wolves, pig girls, and sheep girls, too (and maybe a few other types, if I follow through on some of my other ideas).

I hope you enjoy. So far as of this writing there are a total of eleven parts. I anticipate there being a few more parts before I exhaust all the ideas I have. When I started this series I thought I would be done in three or four parts, but here we are. :-)

I will post the rest of the completed content (parts VII - XI) in a few days.

Fields of Daisies and Clover – A Hucow Story


It was a beautiful day.

I sat on the porch and looked across our land, then sighed. The farm that my wife and I had bought a couple months back was still mostly gone to seed. We were in off-and-on negotiations with a local farmers cooperative to possibly run the actual farm itself, but unfortunately my wife seemed to keep dragging her feet on that aspect of things for some reason. Still, we had settled into our farmhouse and we were starting to make plans for the future, so things were looking up.

Some of our plans involved the farmhouse and barn itself. The barn was attached to the house, and the previous owners had finished the top floor of the barn into two large three-bedroom apartments with kitchens and balconies which they had rented out. We had been doing some touch-ups on the apartments and were just about to start looking for renters. An extra wing on the big old farmhouse had also been made into an apartment and we were getting ready to start sprucing that one up as well.

The lower half of the barn we had hardly touched. It was mostly just old, rusty farm equipment that we doubted whoever we hired to run the farm would want.

We had been going hard to get the rooms ready for rent and the farm functioning over the past couple of months. We hadn’t had much time to relax. We had to get ourselves financially stable before our slim margin of capital ran out. But with the two apartments ready to let, my wife, Alina, and I decided that a few days of a staycation at home and some “netflix and chill” time were in order.

My wife came out of the house and we piled into the car to run out to the store to get some munchies. The trip to the corner market took about fifteen minutes.

When we got home, there was a cow in the front yard.

“That cow is eating our lawn,” I said as we pulled into the driveway. “Why is she eating our lawn when there is an entire untouched field up behind the barn?”

The cow in our front yard stood a smidge under six feet and had long platinum blonde hair that hung halfway down her back and was perfectly coiffed. Her lips were full and red, and her lashes were long and luxurious. Her big, milky udders jutted out far in front of her and hung down almost to her waist. They were barely contained within the milk-soaked sheer cow-patterned bikini top she wore. Her mammaries sloshed when she moved, and her wide brown aureoles were visible under the translucent bikini. Her waist was narrow and her ass and hips looked sculpted. The thong bottom she wore disappeared between her perfect ass cheeks while a narrow strip of short mottled cow fur ran up from above her thong to just below her navel. She was a model of a perfect woman, if a perfect woman had immense, milk-filled glands and six inch horns coming out of the sides of her head.

“Oh, look at her,” my wife said. “Look at those big brown eyes and those long lashes. Oh, she’s so adorable.”

I have to admit, I was a little surprised at my wife’s reaction.

“I always wanted a cow when I was a little girl,” she continued. “But my parents never would get me one. They got me a pony instead. I always kind of resented that.”

“I don’t ever recall you mentioning that,” I said to her as we climbed out of the car. “In fact, I never even knew that cow girls were a real thing.”

“Yeah, I kind of blocked it out of my mind, no use crying over spilled cow milk. And yeah, they’re very real. I’ve always fantasized about having one of my own.”

I was still processing this information as Alina approached the cow. The cow was standing in our yard, bending down and pulling up tufts of grass that she would slowly munch on. When she bent over, the thong pressed against her thick, meaty labia, and the narrow cord failed to cover her crinkled, puckered, fuckable asshole.

“What’s your name, sweetie?” Alina asked, petting the cow on the head, running her hand down the cow’s back, then – to my continued surprise – running her fingers softly across the cow’s overwhelming chest.

“Helga,” said the cow, softly, chewing on the grass. She had a sweet, sexy, sultry voice.

“Hi Helga,” said Alina. “Did you get separated from your herd?”

“I don’t have a herd,” Helga said, a tear slipping down her cheek. “My parents didn’t approve of me becoming a cow so I got kicked out of the house. I have no place to go.”

“How old are you, sweetheart?”

“Nineteen,” said Helga. “My dad was real strict about things. He said if I ever became a cow he would disown me. I...I...I really didn’t think I would actually turn into a cow. I know what they say, but I thought it was just an urban legend…”

“Just an urban legend?” I asked my wife. “What’s she talking about?”

“The tales about how a girl becomes a cow.”

“How is that?”

“A girl becomes a cow by eating out another cow girl. The tales are true.”

“What?” I said. “Like lesbians? I never heard anything like that.”

“Not surprising,” Alina replied. “A few minutes ago you didn’t even think cows were real.”

I acceded her point. “True. It’s been an educational three minutes.”

My wife softly ran her fingers across the cow’s tits, circling the thick nipples that were practically boring through the milk-soaked bikini top. Then she took Helga’s hand. “Why don’t you come inside with us, beautiful. You can stay here until you figure out what to do.”

“Wait,” I said. “What know...cow paddies in the house?”

My wife glared at me.

“God, you really are a clueless,” she snapped. “A properly fed cow uses up all her nutrition in making milk. Feed your cow right, and there are no cow paddies. Just lovely, delicious milk. Milk from her big, bountiful titties. Her holes are soaking wet and just for fun, which is important, because a happy cow needs to have her girl places filled up with a bull’s cock juice regularly.”

I stared at my wife. This whole thing was making my head spin. On top of the mayhem of moving into this farmhouse and trying to get ourselves set up, it was just too much.

My wife led Helga into the house and left me to get the groceries from the car. I brought them in, put them away, then went into the living room. Then I gasped.

Helga’s top was completely off. Alina had her lips pressed against the cow’s big, wide, hard nipples, and was sucking the milk from her bulging tits. Helga had her head back and was making soft moans and my wife squeezed the cow’s breast and guzzled streams of her thick mommy-juice.

Up until that moment, I hadn’t found any of this to be even slightly arousing. In fact, since our marriage two years ago, I hadn’t even looked at another woman except Alina. But now, seeing my beautiful wife sucking this cow-girl’s tits, I felt something shift in my underwear.

Alina looked up as I entered, suddenly sheepish.

“Um...sorry...I just…” she stammered. “I always wanted a cowgirl, and now that I have one right here, in my’s amazing…”

She looked at me again, then smiled.

“Helga’s got another one too,” Alina said, indicating Helga’s other immense, milk-filled tit. “The milk is amazing.” With that, Alina peeled off her own top and bra, revealing her pert, small breasts, then went back to work on the tit she had been sucking a moment before.

My cock was pressing against the front of my shorts. I was in shock that my wife had just given me permission to suck another woman’s tits. I hesitated and almost left the room. But the look on my wife’s face and the look on the cow’s face were both so ecstatic that I knew I had to try this thing out while I had the chance. I was sure that any second now my dearly beloved would come to her senses, throw this cow girl out into the street, and tear me a new one for even thinking about touching this girl’s chest.

But until that happened, watching my now-topless wife suck the gargantuan tits of this topless cow girl was incredibly hot, so it was time to get some of my own cow juice.

I pulled off my T-shirt and sat down on the couch next to the cowgirl. She looked at me with her perfect brown eyes and luscious lips, her soft platinum blonde hair perfectly framing her face. I leaned in and kissed her, our tongues intertwining.

Her lips were soft and perfect. Her mouth sensual and delicious. Her breathe faintly tasted of milk and saffron. I slipped my lips from hers and ran my tongue down her chin and her neck, lifting up her big milker and tasting the wide aureoles. Helga gently squeezed her tit and a streamer of milk hit my lips. I tasted her mommy-juice. It was sweeter than any milk I had ever tasted - delicious, smooth, with an aftertaste like saffron. It wasn’t sticky like regular milk, it was soft and silky. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered hearing that cowgirl milk fetched ridiculously high prices, now I could see why.

I latched my lips onto the big, fat, nipple at the end of the cowgirl’s big, fat tit and sucked. I felt like I had left my body and was experiencing a plane of existence that I had never before touched. It was incredible. The cow girl was amazing.

I pulled back for a moment and noticed that my wife had stripped and now had one of her hands down the cow’s thong, rubbing her pussy. Suddenly this experience had just gone from drinking milk to a threesome. I was so intoxicated by the cowgirl’s milk that I didn’t care. I peeled off my shorts and let my hard meat stand free. It was purple and pulsating, throbbing with my heartbeat. The veins along the shaft of my cock matched the veins pulsing around the big tits of the cow.

Alina pulled her lips free from Helga’s still-gushing milky mounds and kissed me, then whispered in my ear as she stroked my cock.

“Do you love me?” she asked.

“Of course,” I whispered.

“Will you always be by my side, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad?”

“I will.”

“Will you still love me if I’m a cow girl too?”


“Please, Brendan,” she whispered. “I’ve always secretly wanted to be a cow girl. Now I have the chance. Please. Now you’ll have two cow girls, me and Helga. If we get you a third, you’ll become a bull and you can fuck the girls in your herd anytime you want. All any cow girl wants is her bull’s seed in her kitty or ass, and gallons of luscious, endless milk gushing from her big, delightful titties. Please say you don’t mind. We have those two apartments we can fill with cow girls you can fuck, and we can get milking equipment and sell the milk for a huge profit. We’ll be set for life. Please. I love you and I won’t do it if you say no, but if you want me to truly be happy, please say yes.”

I looked at my naked wife, and this almost-naked 19-year-old cow girl in front of her. My cock was pulsating. It didn’t care where I put it, it just wanted it in one of these two girls ASAP.

I tried to think clearly, but the intoxicating cow girl milk was making it difficult, and my arousal wasn’t helping.

One thing that was coming through clear was that the woman I loved wanted my permission to do something she really wanted – and in return it sounded like I was getting permission to fuck some other women. That part I tracked, and at the moment I was thinking more with my small head than my big one.

“…” I stammered. “Okay baby, you do what you want.”

“Thanks, sweetie, you won’t regret this.”

My wife practically ripped off the cowgirl’s thong. The girl’s heavy labia were bare but above her clitoris was that patch of fur – not pubic hair but real fur – that was white with mottles of black. The strip of cow fur ran up to just below Helga’s naval. My wife buried her face between the cow girl’s perfect thighs and planted her lips on the cow’s long clitoris.

The cow leaned back, her big monster tits sticking up in the air. I sat down beside her and pulled one of the mounds into my mouth, sucking the non-stop stream of saffron-tinged milk that poured from them. As much as I sucked out of her tit, it never seemed to sag or soften. She just kept making more. I felt like I could have sucked her breasts forever and they would never have run dry. The intoxicating nature of the cow milk made me want never want to pull my lips from Helga’s wide brown nipples.

I know now that’s the nature of the cow girl. They never run dry, especially a cow with a good bull fucking her regularly. And apparently I was supposed to become that bull, though I had no idea how.

I pulled back from Helga’s huge, milk-engorged breast and we kissed, our tongues intertwining. I felt her stiffen and streamers squirt from both her breasts, then I realized my wife’s work between the cow’s thighs had brought her to an orgasm.

I slipped back from the cow’s lips and looked down at my wife – and gasped.

The urban legends were true. A girl who eats out a cow girl becomes a cow girl.

My wife had always been thin and lithe – that was what I looked for in a woman. At least that was what I had looked for in a woman before today. Now, with a load of cow milk onboard, my tastes were changing – and so was my wife. When Alina leaned back from the cow girl’s thighs, she had a pair of horns like Helga’s sprouting from the sides of her head. Her curly, dark hair was now longer, thicker, luxuriant, and hung part way down her back. Her lips were fuller, her eyes perfectly lined. Her hips were slightly wider – but not enough to be fat, her waist was still narrow. She had a patch of pubic fur just like Helga’s, but her cunt and asshole were bare. But the most startling difference was her chest. She had a pair of immense glands like Helga’s, and they were already trickling milk.

Alina – my new cow-wife – stood and leaned forward, pushing her big cow glands into Helga’s face. The cow girl was delighted began sucking at my wife’s new, milk-engorged tits. Alina squeezed her mounds, pushing squirts of milk into Helga’s mouth and all over her face and hair. Helga didn’t seem to care, and she kept switching her lips back and forth between Alina’s big, brown, erect nipples.

As Alina bent over, she showed me her cunt and asshole. Her labia were thick and meaty like Helga’s had been and her asshole was thick and puckered. My cock was about to explode, I needed release, so I gave my meat several strokes, then slipped it into my wife’s sopping cunt.

Alina gasped as I pushed my shaft inside her. Her cunt was steaming hot, and she begged me to get busy fucking her. As Helga sucked on my wife’s tits, I began frantically reaming out my wife’s smoking slit.

Alina came almost immediately, her thick grool sliding down my shaft from her cunt and another streamer of grool slid from her asshole. There was another thing I learned today about cowgirls – their asshole was naturally lubricating. Good to know. I slipped a couple fingers inside her asshole as I fucked her and she came again, more juice sliding from her cunt and ass, running down my thighs.

I could feel my balls pulling tight against my body, my cock was ready to explode. Alina reached back and added another couple of fingers into her asshole, arching her back and pointing her huge, veiny tits skyward. She tightened her cunt muscles and that was all I could take. My thick seed began pumping into her unprotected, newly-minted, cow cunt.

I almost lost consciousness as my juice dumped into my wife’s body. Shot after shot dumped into her cunt, but my cock showed no sign of softening. Alina slid her soaked slit from my body, then nodded towards Helga, who had been rubbing her cunt as she watched my wife and I.

“Go satisfy the other half of your new herd,” Alina whispered and nudged me towards Helga.

My cock had always been pretty average, six inches or so, but as I looked down at my meat that was covered in my wife’s juices and my own semen, it looked like I had added another inch or so. What the fuck?

I didn’t have a lot of time to sit there and think about it, though. Helga pulled me down and began tit-fucking me with her big, bare, milky tits. The room reeked of milk, saffron, sweat, and semen as my cock disappeared between Helga’s mountainous mammaries. Though the pulses of ejaculation had slowed, they hadn’t stopped completely, so the milk coating them mixed with the thick soup of my jizz, making them slick and sticky. The sensation of my cock slipping between those mounds was indescribable, it was like fucking two huge, soft, firm water balloons.

Eventually, Helga pulled back, spread her legs, and begged me to bury my growing cock in between her thick lobes. I looked over at my wife, who just nodded towards Helga.

I gave my cock a hard stroke, then buried it in Helga’s steaming cow-slit.

Helga moaned and came as I began pistoning my cock in and out of her drenched cunt. I looked over at Alina, she was frantically masturbating as she watched me ream out Helga. My cock felt long and hard, throbbing with my pulse. The veins in my shaft matched the veins in the cow girl’s gargantuan tits – tits that were now shaking, quivering, and squirting with each stroke of my cock. My chest was coated with milk, my face too. My hair was plastered to my head with the cow-girl’s cow juice.

And still I stroked. My balls pulled closer to my body, not that they had ever loosened up after the last orgasm. I knew I was close to unloading again. Another orgasm rolled through Helga, and I heard my wife moan too as she came as well. Helga’s cunt tightened in the throws of her passion and that was all I could take. For the second time that afternoon, I shot my seed into a bare, gushing cow-girl hole, filling her up and overflowing, coating her thighs and asshole.

As slipped my throbbing, flagging erection from Helga’s cunt, I could clearly tell that I had added another inch or two of length, and some girth as well. I wondered how big I would get.

“That was fucking incredible,” Alina sighed. She reached over and gave my still-throbbing cock a slow stroke.

“We need to get some proper milking gear so we can sell all this milk and make some money. And we need to get you some more girls in your herd, so we can make a proper bull out of you.”

“Who on earth would we even think of asking to become cow girls. And what do you mean by a proper bull?” I asked.

“Oh, I know of a couple ladies already,” said Alina. “In fact, I already texted them both and asked them to dinner tonight.”


“What?” I said. “Who?”

“My mom, and my sister.”

“What?” I repeated. I realized I had been saying “what?” a lot lately and I was starting to sound like a moron.

“You heard me. Come on, Brendan, look at you. Your cock is already growing. You’ll make a great bull. We just need more cows for your herd, and milking gear so we can harvest all this delightful milk. I’ve even got one or two more cow girl candidates beyond my mom and sister to possibly round out the herd. We’ll make a killing.”

The mental haze from my arousal and the cow milk was starting to lift and I had a moment of clarity.

“You planned this, didn’t you?” I said. “I don’t know who else you are working with, but you wanted this to happen. I bet you knew Helga even before she showed up here.”

“Actually no, I didn’t know Helga,” Alina replied. “But I admit, my mom, my sister, and one partner did some planning to try to bring this into reality. Didn’t you notice the little patches of clover in the lawn that are so attractive to cow girls? Or smell the cow-girl-pheromones I laced throughout the yard to try to bring one in?”

Now that she mentioned it, I had noticed the clover and the odd smells, but I had dismissed both owing to my shoddy lawn maintenance. Now it made sense.

“You manipulated me…” I started, but Alina interrupted me with a hard stroke of my cock.

“Please don’t be angry. You’ll like being our bull, I promise. You’ll get a huge cock that you can use on me, Helga, my mom, my sister, and who knows who else – and you can fuck us in whatever hole suits your fancy at the moment – cow girls are designed to take their big bull’s cock where ever he wants to shove it, as long as he keeps filling them up with his thick bull seed. Plus you will get as much of that juicy milk as you can handle.” Alina trailed off and pushed her milk-laden mounds in my direction, but I didn’t take the bait this time.

“So who is the other ‘lady partner’ you mentioned?” I asked.

“That’s a secret for now,” Alina replied. “If it goes well with my mom and sis, we’ll talk. Remember, we only need one more girl in your herd for you to become a full-fledged bull. So if either my mom or sister decide they are in – and they probably both will – you’re gonna be hung like a … bull.”

“I don’t know about this…”

“Brendan, please, do it for me…”

I pulled away from my wife and got dressed. I needed some head space.

“I’m going for a drive,” I said and went out to the car, starting up and driving nowhere in particular.

When I thought about it objectively, I realized this whole farm thing had been a setup. Alina had wanted to be a cow girl, and she had manipulated this situation, with the help of her mom and sister, along with some other mystery person.

This was grounds for a divorce. Hell, this was grounds for a lawsuit of epic proportions. But I loved my wife. I still loved her even after I had been used. Sadly that was the story of my life, I was always getting pushed around.

I sighed. I didn’t know what it meant to be a “bull”. Maybe it still could be okay.

But the principal of the thing. This was a violation of the basic tenets of openness in a relationship.

My head spun round and round. I didn’t know what to do. So I did the only logical thing. I pulled over into a roadside park and called my mom.

Mom lived about two hours from us and usually came for a visit once a month or so. She was in her late forties and widowed. She answered on the second ring.

“Hi honey,” she said.

“Hi mom,” I replied.

“You don’t sound good,” she said immediately. Moms just have a way of knowing things. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m having a little spat with Alina.”

“What’s going on, tell me everything.”

I sighed. She was my mom, I didn’t want to tell her ‘everything’ in detail, but I needed her to know the basics.

“Do you know what a cow girl is?” I asked.

“Do you mean like a girl cowboy?”

“No, I mean a girl who has horns and produces a lot of special milk from her really know...”

“Oh, right,” my mom said. “That kind of cow girl. What about them?”

“There was one in the front lawn today, and Alina brought it inside and…” I trailed off.

“I’m guessing Alina’s a cow girl now, isn’t she.”


“So you have two cow girls at home, you get a third and you can be a bull. You have a nice spread there to build your herd, so what’s the problem?” my mother said.

“Mom! Not helpful!” I exclaimed.

“Brendan, relax. It’s not the end of the world. If you gave it a try you might like it.”

“So that’s your advice, to go with it?”

“Pretty much, sweetheart. Look, your biggest problem with being a bull is that you need to take charge. That doesn’t come naturally to you. Honestly, honey, you’ve always been a milquetoast. You let Alina boss you around, you let everyone boss you around. It’s time to change that. If you’re going to be the bull, you need to take charge and give the cows their marching orders. If you can just push yourself a little, it will be fantastic. I know that talking with your mother about sex isn’t necessarily a comfortable thing – but you will literally have all the sex you can possibly handle and loads of that delightful cow girl milk. It will be fantastic if you just have a little faith in yourself. You can do it, I have faith in you.”

“That’s not the advice I was expecting from you. I thought you’d feel bad for me. I thought you’d tell me to dump Alina and come home so you could make me chocolate milk and cookies.”

“Sorry honey. I don’t think the right solution here is running away. I think it’s time to take the horns – literally – and bend her over...and...well, you get the picture. The next time I come for a visit I’ll make you cookies. We can eat them while drinking cow girl milk and you can tell me how great you did. But right now, it’s time for action. Go get ‘em tiger!”

I wrapped up the call with my mom and leaned back in the car. The thought of going back to the house scared me on one hand and stimulated me on the other. I wondered what it meant to be a bull. I wondered what it would be like.

I wondered if Alina’s mom or sister were going to eat out her cunt in order to become cows, or if they would want to eat out Helga. Suddenly I realized that I could make that decision, because I was the bull. My mom was right. It was at least worth a shot. I was going to go home and take charge.

When I imagined Alina getting eaten out by her mom and sister, my cock began pressing against my shorts again. I looked down at the bulge. Maybe it was my imagination, but I think I had grown a little more.

It was late afternoon when I got home. Alina and Helga were preparing salads for dinner. Since we didn’t have any women’s clothes in the house that fit their new bodies, they had pulled on oversized shirts from my closet with just tiny thongs underneath. The shirts were mostly unbuttoned, and their big, milky tits hung down in front of them. It looked like some of the milk had been pumped from their tits, and when I opened the fridge there were four full gallon milk bottles inside.

“How did you pump your breasts?” I asked.

Alina looked at me sheepishly.

“I guess you wouldn’t believe me if I said we happened to find milking equipment in the basement…” she replied.

“No, I wouldn’t,” I said, slapping her ass hard enough for her to turn and look at me strange. “And there won’t be any more games like that again, you got it? The only bull on this farm is me, and my cows will fall in line. That goes for your sister and your mother too. And once I am officially the bull, you have to tell me who this mystery partner is, that’s an order.”

Alina looked at me like she had no idea who this person was who had appeared in her house. I realized my mother was right, I could do this. And as I adjusted to the whole idea of being a bull, the less it bothered me. And in fact, Alina’s mom, Lucy, was pretty much the image of a MILF, so I was actually starting to look forward to turning her into a cow and fucking her, along with Alina’s sister, Angela.

Alina and Helga had already showered and it was getting near time for my in-laws to arrive, so I scooted upstairs to shower and change. Seeing myself naked in the mirror – or more specifically, seeing my cock in the mirror – was a shock. I was definitely growing. Wow.

When I was clean and dressed I paused at the top of the stairs. Our dinner guests had arrived and below I could hear my wife talking to her mother and sister. In a day that had already been shocking, their conversation was even more shocking.

Sister-in-Law: Your tits are amazing sis, I can’t wait to get a pair of my own. Big and milky. Has your husband’s cock gotten any bigger yet?

Wife: Just a tad. You need a full herd of three or more before the bull grows into his cock.

Mother-in-Law: Any anal?

Wife: He was never much into anal in the past, so I think it may take awhile for him to come around to that side.

MIL: Hmmm. I hope it doesn’t take too long. He’s such a little simpering wimp, this better bring him out of his shell enough to put that bull cock to use. If it doesn’t, we may have to declare this experiment a failure and take him to the cow pound to be put down.

Wife: What? Mom, no! Nobody’s going to the cow pound! Don’t say that!

MIL: Okay, fine. Whatever. Where is that husband of yours anyway? How long does it take him to shower? I hope he’s not wasting any of that bull seed clogging up the shower drain.

That conversation made me see red. Just more evidence that I had been played. And that comment about taking me to the cow pound was just too fucking much. I had to take a moment to let myself cool before I made my way downstairs.

“Well here he is, finally,” my mother-in-law Lucy said. “The bull-in-training.”

She had red hair and a fit body and was wearing jeans and a white spaghetti tank. Angela, Alina’s sister, was a little on the chubby side but not so much that she wasn’t cute. Angela had on tights and a T-shirt. They both gave me hugs.

“So what have you done to my daughter?” Lucy said, snidely. “Was this your idea?”

I narrowed my eyes and looked at Lucy. It was done with her shit. I wasn’t going to play the milquetoast anymore.

“Cut the crap, it was yours, and your daughters’ ideas. Do you have a thing for bull cock?” I shot back.

“Real bull cock, yes. Weakling bull cock like yours, not so much,” she sneered.

“Then you can get the fuck out,” I said, grabbing her by the hair, shoving her towards the door and slapping her hard on the ass. She stumbled and fell to her knees. I glared at her as I continued. “If you think you’re going to join my herd with an attitude like that, you got another think coming. Get out of my house.”

“Brendan!” my wife said. “You can’t mean that.”

“The fuck I can’t, and that applies to all of you. And if you don’t comply, you’ll be the ones heading to the cow pound, not me. So you did this and considered my expendable if it didn’t?”

My wife spoke up. “You were not expendable! Nobody ever said anything about the cow pound!”

“That’s not what I heard just a second ago.” I snapped Lucy’s head back by her hair. “You fucking bitch. I bet this was your idea, wasn’t it, cunt?”


“I fucking knew it,” I said, slapping her across the face hard enough to leave a red mark and knocking her onto all fours. “So do you want to be part of the herd..of MY herd...or not? Let’s cut to the chase.”

Lucy looked up at me, then to her daughters, then back at me, her cheek bright red, a single tear trickling down. She seemed unsure what to do about this new version of her son-in-law she had never seen before. Finally she spoke, still with a defiant tone in her voice.

“Yes Brendan, I do. So let me get between Helga’s hips and we’ll get this thing over with.”

I held up my hand. “Not so fast, bitch. In my herd, if you want to join you have to eat out my wife’s cunt, not Helga’s.”

“What? She’s my daughter!”

“A little mother-daughter action. Sounds hot.”

“, Brendan, this is not how we planned this going down. What the hell has gotten into you? You’ve actually grown a pair.”

I considered giving her another slap for that remark, but stayed my hand. Despite needing to lay down the law, I didn’t want to go overboard. Instead I grabbed her hair and forced her face down onto the floor. I set my foot on the top of her head and pulled her hands behind her back, pressing a knee into the small of her back.

“Watch what you say, cunt,” I sneered. “I’m the bull, I’m your bull, so you will do what I say or you will be the one going to the cow pound. I want my cows to be happy, I want my cows to be full of milk and my bull seed. But any cow of mine needs to stay in line, because I can’t run a farm without cooperation. So if you want to be part of my herd, you’ll undress and get between your daughter’s thighs. If you’re uncomfortable with that idea, I suggest you start by sucking on her tits for a few. That cow juice will knock down most of your inhibitions pretty quick. And if that’s still not enough for you, then don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Got it?”

As I spoke, my cock was surging, pressing against the front of my shorts. If my mother-in-law wanted some anal, I was ready to supply it, but first she needed to get her cow on. I let go of her prone form and moved back. She knelt there, looking back and forth between me and Alina, almost seeming in shock. I slipped my wife’s top off, completely exposing her big, milky tits. I could see that they had already begun refilling after having been pumped earlier. They were big, fat, veiny, and hung down nearly to her waist, while sticking out a couple off feet in front of her. The big wide aureoles were dark and pebbled, and the nipples were long with droplets of milk emerging from the tip. I gestured for Alina to kneel, picked one of her tits up, and held it in front of Lucy.

Lucy didn’t move. I had a moment of panic. What if she didn’t comply? What if all my bravado ended up washing away like spilled milk? Yeah, I had put up a good act, but was it really good enough to force my cows to comply or was I about to become the first milquetoast bull in hucow history?

Lucy still didn’t move. Fuck her. I slapped her across the face again. Then I straddled her, took her head in my hands and forced her lips to Alina’s bountiful, milky, cow girl mountains, pushing her face into the soft, saffron-scented flesh.

When Lucy still didn’t comply, I jammed my knee into the small of her back hard enough to make her cry out. Finally, she opened her lips and sucked her daughter’s nipple into her mouth.

Alina moaned as her mom drank down her saffron-tinged mammary juice, and her moan was followed a moment later by one from Lucy. Her resistance started to melt away.

“Jesus Christ, this is incredible,” Lucy murmured around Alina’s tit. She had stopped fighting and now had both hands squeezing her daughter’s mammary as she took mouthful after mouthful from Alina’s gland. I let go of her and bent down to my wife’s other breast, latching onto her other nipple and sucking down her saffron milk in thick draughts. I felt the surge of slight intoxication rocket through me. Any self-doubt I had was swept away. I was the bull. I was going to bring my cows to heel.

“That’s enough,” I said, pulling Lucy back from Alina’s tit by her hair. “It’s time for you to get your cow on. Get undressed.” Lucy paused, resisting again. I was sick of her shit. I grabbed the front of her tank and jerked it down hard. The spaghetti straps broke and the fabric scraped across her flesh, leaving the skin of her big mom-tits scratched and red. I squeezed her tits hard and stretched out the nipple, digging my fingernails into the aureoles. She jerked back and looked up at me, a slightly wounded look on her face, her tits scraped, scratched and red. One of the scratches was deep enough that a little blood was pooling in the scrape.

Lucy stared at me, a moment of defiance flashing across her face again. I lifted my hand to administer a fresh bitch slap, but she cowered.

“I’ll comply,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

She pushed her top the rest of the way down, and slid out of her jeans to reveal her toned body. She pointed her tits at me like she thought I should be impressed. I ignored it. I gently nudged Alina back onto the couch and pulled her legs apart, roughly shoving Lucy’s face down into Alina’s meaty cow cunt. My wife’s cunt lips were wet and pussy juice ran down across her thick, puckered asshole that was gushing out cunt juice on its own. Milk sluiced from her tits down her stomach, mixing with her other emanations and giving off a heady, erotic aroma that was irresistible.

Thankfully, the fragrance wafting off her daughter drove Lucy beyond noncompliance, because I was tired of dealing with her rebelliousness. Lucy now wanted nothing more than to get between her little girl’s lobes and turn herself into a cow. She buried herself into Alina’s cunt with reckless abandon.

I pulled off my shirt and shorts, letting my cock pop free. I was definitely growing and I guessed I was close to nine inches. A thick streamer of pre-come was dribbling from the purple tip of my meat. I was ready to plough my mother-in-law’s holes, and then to work over my sister-in-law. I was going to be a real bull before the night was out.

While I had been disciplining Lucy, my sister-in-law had started sucking hard at Helga’s veiny, milk-engorged cow tits. Angela had her top off and her chubby-girl tits were shaking as she drank every drop of saffron-tinged milk she could from Helga’s mounds.

I pulled Helga’s other mound to my lips and sucked hard at her tit, taking in mouthfuls of her juice. I reached down and pulled off Angela’s tights, leaving her chubby ass bare. Then I turned my attention back to my wife and her mother.

Lucy hadn’t been slacking, but it took a little longer for her than it had taken for Alina, I wasn’t sure why. But finally she had transitioned. She now had the perfectly sculpted ass and stomach of a cow, and her big, milk-filled tits were hanging down to the floor as she bent over and continued to suck at her daughter’s cunt. Lucy’s thick meaty labia seemed to extend so far towards her asshole that they eventually just merged with her sphincter’s flesh. Her crinkled anus was at least three inches long and both her cunt and her ass were assaying pussy juice. Her asshole was already gaping all by itself.

Rather than grabbing Lucy’s hair this time, I pulled her back by her horns. Lucy’s face had taken on the typical bimbofied characteristics of a cow – thick red lips, long lashes, perfectly-coiffed long hair. My wife’s cunt juice ran down Lucy’s face and she smiled at me.

“I’m so sorry for being a bad cow. Can my bull fuck my ass now, please?” she begged.

“I will in a few minutes, because I want all my cows to be happy cows. But first you need to meet your quota, sweetheart. Business before pleasure.” I handed her a pair of pumps and two gallon bottles. “Get busy.”

Lucy complied, attaching the pumps to her newly-minted monstrous cow tits and began pulling out copious quantities of saffron-tinged milk. At the same time, Angela, seeing that Alina’s cunt was free, disengaged from Helga’s tit and buried her face in her sister’s cow slit.

I came up behind Lucy, letting my cock run up and down the outside of her juicy asshole as she pumped. I reached around and squeezed her tits, jettisoning still more of the delightful milk. Lucy closed her eyes and moaned, leaning her face back to me and kissing me.

“Baby, I’m so glad you’re my bull,” my mother-in-law whispered. “I’ll do whatever you want, I promise. I’ll be a good cow, I’ll be your best little milky anal whore cow. I’m sorry I was such a bitch.”

I slipped a finger in her ass and squeezed the flesh of her sphincter hard between the finger and my thumb. It got a moan from Lucy. Her already well-used asshole was gaping, raggedy, and ready. My cock was practically dying of anticipation as I watched her meet her quota. Finally she had given me two gallons of milk. I patted her on the head as she pulled off the pumps, leaving her big brown nipples puffy and blood-engorged.

“God, will you fuck my ass now?” she whispered.

I didn’t bother answering, instead I just pushed her back down onto all fours. She looked over her shoulder at me with her big brown cow eyes and long lashes. Her look begged me to fill her with my bull juice.

I rubbed my cock around the outside of her ass. I knew that this was the moment of truth. Once I fucked Lucy, I would now have three cows in my herd, and I would become a full-blown bull. It was time. I was truly ready. I had no idea what was going to happen to me, but I just knew it meant fucking these hot women any time I wanted. That was good enough.

“See, isn’t it great to be a good girl?” I said to Lucy, sliding my cock into her slick, meaty asshole.

Lucy moaned as I slid inch after inch inside of her until my balls bounced against her soaking cunt.

Then it happened.

A surge shot through me ten times more powerful than the intoxication from the cow’s milk. I gasped, feeling a pair of horns shoot from the front of my forehead. The muscles throughout my body grew exponentially, leaving me looking like a steroid-freak body builder. My balls expanded. But the strongest surge was straight through my cock. It grew suddenly and massively deep into Lucy’s ass.

“ god oh god oh god,” Lucy cried, coming hard around my cock that was now far deeper into her that anything she had ever experienced before. I was afraid of hurting her so I began pulling back. I looked down and was shocked that my meat was probably three or four inches in diameter, and as I pulled out, it just kept coming out of Lucy’s asshole. Inch after inch of long, thick, purple meat slipped from from my mother-in-law’s cow ass. A foot – eighteen inches – and finally almost two feet before the very end of my bull cock finally popped out Lucy’s ass. Her assflesh gripped my meat and hung out of her asshole after I had withdrawn, pink flesh hanging down in front of her gaped cunt.

I stared at my cock. It was immense. This was the cock that I needed to satisfy a cow. Holy shit.

“Please get that thing back inside me,” Lucy begged, pushing her ass back towards my cock. “All of it. You promised you’d fuck me and fill me with bull juice if I met your quota. Aren’t you going to honor that?”

“I always honor my promises to my cows, especially good cows,” I said. I patted her head between her horns then slid my purple, pulsating bull cock back into Lucy’s ass. She took it all and begged me to fuck her hard and fast. I was happy to comply, pistoning my hot, hard, new meat in and out of her hot, wet, new anus. A bull cock in a cow ass (or a cow cunt, or cow mouth) is a thing of perfect harmony.

I thought that Lucy might ask me to slow down or stop at some point, but she let me drive the entirety of my meat back into her ass without any hesitation. Her only exhortations were for me to speed up rather than back up. Once my big bull balls had bumped against her cunt and my washboard bull stomach was pressing against her ass, I finally completely realized that a cow’s body was truly meant to take a big bull’s cock anywhere he wants to put it. A cow may have preferences, but the bull is in charge.

So with that, I began pistoning my meat in and out of my mother-in-law’s asshole. She moaned as I worked, juice sliding from her ass and cunt as my huge bull meat worked her over. She was bent over on all fours and her cow tits hung all the way to the floor, jiggling and shaking as I drove my cock in and out of her. The sensation of having that much rock hard, purple, throbbing flesh sliding through my mother-in-law’s asshole was incredible. It felt like my entire body was one big nerve, and that nerve was attuned to the sensation of my flesh rubbing against Lucy’s. She squeezed her ass muscles and gripped my cock, causing her pinkish-red, crumpled ass-flesh to slide several inches out of her meaty, gaping sphincter with each stroke. I reached down and grabbed her horns, pulling her up so her back pressed against my chest. She leaned her head back and we kissed as I squeezed her tits and sent thick streamers of cow milk arcing through the air. Lucy moaned and I felt an orgasm waft through her, tightening her ass muscles around my cock even harder, forcing her flesh to grip my meat like a sheath.

I almost came but fought for control as Lucy moaned again and ran her hands up her stomach, stroking my cock that was pressed against her abdomen. It was a strange sensation. She came again, and that was all I could take. My first orgasm as a full-fledged bull erupted from the end of my cock into my mother-in-laws ass.

Lucy screamed as I poured load after load of my bull come into her cow-ass. My knees quaked in an orgasm more intense than anything I had ever felt. Shot after shot rocketed up the long length of my meat and out into Lucy’s ass.

After a dozen intense pulses, the throbs slowed a little. Lucy gave another moan and slipped forward, laying down on the floor, barely conscious, in the ebbing afterglow of her orgasm. Her asshole stayed wide open, pink assflesh hanging out, trickling thick loads of my seed mixed with her juice. Alina knelt down, sucking mouthfuls of my bull semen from her mother’s gaped, distended sphincter and crinkled extruded flesh.

I was still watching her when I felt another pair of hands grab my monster bull cock. It was Angela. She held up her two full gallon jugs of milk. So having fulfilled her quota for the day, it was her turn to officially join the herd. She gestured me towards the couch then positioned her body between my legs. My cock was still hard as a rock, though the pulses had almost stopped. A streamer of semen slipped down the side. Angela ran her tongue up the shaft and licked off the jizz, then it around the head, pulling the tip into her mouth through her thick, lucious cow lips.

My brain was telling me there was no way my sister-in-law – or any woman for that matter – could take the entirety of my meat down her throat. It was just impossible. But then I remembered what I had seen Lucy do a moment ago. These were my cows, they could take all of my meat in all of their holes.

My sister-in-law sucked, gulped, swallowed. Inch after inch of my cock went into her throat. It was unbelievable. As she slid up the shaft, my meat got thicker near the base, and somehow she managed to open her mouth wide enough to take it all without scraping her teeth on my cock. When her chin hit my balls, I gasped. It was incredible.

She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and shook her head.

I snatched her horns and pumped my cock with her face - using her like a sex toy with handlebars. Somehow she managed to smile around my big bull cock. Being treated like a sex object was the cow’s way of life.

I had come just a few minutes before, but I felt my balls tighten as I slid my sister-in-law’s face up and down my cock. She moaned around my meat, her throat contracted, and that was all I could take. Thick loads of my bull seed shot into Angela’s body as I continued to force her head up and down the shaft, draining every drop I could from my cock.

She gagged a couple times, but didn’t struggle. When I finally let go of her horns, she slowly slid my monster bull cock out of her mouth and smiled, streamers of my bull come running down her chin.

My cock was still pulsating and hard, I wondered how long before it would slow down. I stood up and looked down at my herd who were all kneeling on the floor, looking up at me with their big brown cow eyes. They were smiling happily, their big cow tits trickling milk. They stroked my cock, squeezed and sucked each others tits, laughed and giggled.

They were beautiful. They were my cows. I was their bull.


The afterglow from our romp slowly faded. We separated, cleaned up, and sat down for dinner. Once everyone was munching on their cow salad, I brought the conversation around to weightier matters.

“I hate to break the mood, but we need to talk about how we proceed from here. We now have four productive cows, which should provide us enough money to get started on the cow farm, but we have planning to do. First off, living arrangements. My herd should all be in one place. We have the apartments above the barn, and the apartment in the wing of the farmhouse. This makes for a combined total of eight bedrooms for cows – six in the barn and two in the house. Since Alina and I sleep together, the three of you – Lucy, Helga, Angela – can live in one of the apartments above the barn. That leaves us room for five more cows until we build more housing. Is everyone onboard with living on the farm?”

Cow heads, with their big brown eyes, their full red lips, their perfectly sculpted noses, nodded all around the room, their big milky tits shaking when they did so.

“Good. Second point, all cows are expected to produce a minimum of two gallons of milk a day. From what I have seen, that shouldn’t be an issue. And if you can produce more, great, more milk means more money. Any concerns about that?”

All four cows batted their long lashes and shook their cute little horned heads, all eight glands jiggled.

“Great. Third point. After all expenses are paid, Alina and I get 40% of the profit, 40% is split among the rest of the cows, and 20% is invested. The proceeds from the investments are split just like the rest of the profits – 40/40/20. Hopefully the investments will build rapidly and the whole cycle will become self-sustaining within a couple of years. Any concerns about that?”

More shaking of the flawless hair on flawless cow heads. More milky mammaries quivered. Some trickled out dribbles of saffron-tinged milk.

“Fabulous,” I continued. “Point number four, we need a good investment manager to manage that 20%. Any suggestions?”

Lucy spoke up. “I’ve had a good money manager for the last ten years or so. He used to be my husband’s investment counselor back when he was around. If anyone can get us a good rate of return, he can. I can get in touch with him tomorrow.”

“Perfect,” I said. “Any objections?” I asked the cows.

More cow head shakes and jiggling udders.

“Superb. Fifth point. We need to market our milk. Any ideas?”

“We need a brand,” my wife said. “Something that sounds nice, farm-like, happy, and milky.”

“Exactly,” I said. “Any ideas.”

There was a long silence around the table as we chewed our salads quietly.

“Hey,” Angela, my sister-in-law finally said, breaking the silence. “There’s a big pasture up behind the barn. It’s full of clover and daisies. So how about Daisies and Clover Cow Farm?”

“Ooh, I like that,” said Helga. The other cows nodded their assent.

“We should get tattoos!” interjected Angela. “Everyone in the herd should have the same tattoo!”

“Yeah,” Alina said. “And we can get rings, too.”

“Rings, like wedding rings?” I asked.

“No, like maybe nose rings or nipple rings or some other kind of ring.”

“Not sure about nipple piercings if we’re gonna pump,” Helga said.

“I’ve heard cow girls are okay with nipple piercings,” my wife said. “But, I agree we need more research before we go down that alley.”

“What do you call the rings that are on the side of your nose?” Lucy asked. “Not the septum, but the side.”

“A nostril ring,” Angela replied. “What a great idea, we each get the same tattoos and the same nostril rings. That way we know we’re part of the herd.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said. “But coming back to the branding thing, if Daisies and Clover Cow Farm is our thing, we need branding, we need a website, we need marketing, and we need to get our milk out there.”

“I used to do web design and e-commerce in a prior job,” Angela said. “I can get something set up in a couple of days. I will come up with a couple of possible logos.”

“Great,” I said. “Finally, we need some publicity and possibly some cow recruitment.”

“There’s a farmer’s market in two weeks down at the fairgrounds,” Helga interjected. “I’ll see if we can get a slot. Once we get that logo worked up, we can get some shirts printed out we can all wear. We can both market our milk and maybe even recruit a cow or two.”

“Perfect. I think those are the major business points – except for one.”

I scanned the cows. They all were chewing placidly on their salads.

I sighed. “Who is your other partner?”

There was a long silence. Lucy looked at Angela then they both looked at my wife. My wife looked nervously down and diddled with her phone, seemingly texting someone. It irked me that she would text at a moment like this, but I tried to ignore it.

“Well…?” I prompted. “Follow orders, cows. Who is the other partner?”

Lucy sighed. “The other partner was more of a business partner, not a cow partner. They were pretty ambivalent about becoming a cow or joining your herd.”

“Great, fine, no problem. Who is it?” I prompted.

Silence continued to rule the room. I pushed my chair back and stood up, pounding a fist on the table.

“Cows! I need an answer. Now!”

As I said that my phone rang. It was my mom. I was going to let it go to voicemail but decided I needed a second to chill before I said or did anything rash with the cows.

“Hi Mom,” I answered.

“Hi Brendan. It’s me,” my mom said.

“Obviously it’s you, I recognize your voice,” I replied, flipping the phone to speaker and glaring around the room. “Look, this is kind of a bad time. You were right about taking charge. But the cows are getting out of line and I need to handle this. Can I call you back?”

“I know. That’s what I’m telling you. It’s me.”

“What’s you? What are you talking about?” I think I might have lost a couple brain cells in the transition to a bull, because I just wasn’t getting it.

“Brendan! It’s me. I’m the other partner.”

“You’re…you’re...holy shit. Mom, why?”

“You were always such a milquetoast. I’ve tried to get you to toughen up throughout your life. Remember when I made you try out for soccer and the coach said you were the first player he had ever seen who was suspended for an accumulation of diving yellow cards? And then there was that wilderness school I sent you to where you got lost and they had to send in the search and rescue. Then I signed you up for wood shop in high school and you almost cut off your pinkie with a table saw.”

I sighed. My mom sighed. The cows all sighed. Then mom continued.

“Look, sweetheart. Alina and I want the best for you. And Lucy was...well, persuasive is too gentle a term. Pushy probably would be a better choice. That, and Alina has always had a thing for cows, so this seemed like a logical way to bring you out of your shell. And it seems like it worked, you really told those cows what to do. I have to admit though, I have moments when I wonder if I should have let Lucy talk me into this.”

There was a lot of silence. I glared at my mother-in-law.

My mom added “Whatever Lucy said about the cow pound was just her. We never intended for you to go to a cow pound, I promise. She was out of line and it sounds like you handled it well. I honestly wish I had a video of you slapping Lucy around, restraining her, and forcing her between Alina’s thighs. That must have been fucking awesome.”

That got giggles from all the cows – except Lucy, who frowned, absently rubbing the cheek where I had slapped her. I continued glaring at my mother-in-law.

“So...does this mean you want to become a cow and join the herd?” I asked. My mom being the additional partner was an unexpected twist.

“24 hours ago, my answer would have been a definite ‘no’. Hearing about what has happened this evening makes me wonder. I don’t know, but after what you did to Lucy and Alina, you really can’t deny me if I decide I want to join you.”

I gulped. By forcing Lucy and her daughters to have sex, I had just painted myself into a corner.

“But,” mom concluded, “as of right now I am not ready to take that leap.”

I felt relieved. Then I felt hypocritical for feeling relieved. Then the image of fucking my mom as a cow popped into my head and I felt horny about that image. Then I felt weird about feeling horny about that image.

I shook my head to try to clear the cobwebs.

Lucy spoke to my mom. “You seriously should reconsider. Take a good look at that dick pick I sent you. Mama mia!”

“Lucy!” I said. “What my mom decides – one way or the other – is her choice. You are not the bull. I am. Got it, bitch?”

My mother-in-law seemed, for the first time, to sort of realize she had done something bad. She almost looked slightly mollified even. What a shocker.

I continued, turning back to my mother. “Mom, this is your decision, not mine. I will respect whatever you decide.” My pride tasted bitter going down, but it felt good in a way. Integrity isn’t always tasty at first, but the aftertaste is always sweet.

“Thank you Brendan.”

I took a moment to run through all the things we had discussed right before she called, then we wrapped up and hung up.

“We’ve been bad cows, haven’t we?” Angela said when the phone call was over.

I nodded.

“Bad cows have to spanked,” Alina pointed out.

“Hog tied and spanked,” Angela added.

“Hog tied, spanked, and fucked hard by a big bull cock,” Lucy piled on.

“I wasn’t bad, but can I play too?” Helga asked.

Alina looked at me sheepishly. “I guess you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I happened to find a couple whips and paddles in the attic?”

I stared at the cows, not sure what to say, then decided that if that’s what they wanted, that’s what they would get. At least most of the cows would. Lucy I had other plans for. Her behavior had been reprehensible.

I ordered Alina to get a paddle and a moment later she returned with a wooden hand paddle that looked like it could leave some nice pink asses, and some rope. I gestured for them to follow me. When Lucy reached for a top to get dressed, I shook my head. They were going to do this naked.

I walked out into the lower level of the barn. Along one side were long-empty stalls where animals once had lived, with rusty tools filling most of the slots. Along the other wall were a rusted out tractor and bailer and a few other implements. And along the center, like a lot of other barns, were some support columns.

I think certain knowledge was automatically imparted to me when I became a bull, because even though I had never tied up a human being before, in short order I had the cows tied quite handily to columns. Helga and Angela were tied to one column, and Alina and her mom were tied to another column. The cows seemed to know what to do because as soon as their wrists were bound to the iron posts, they all immediately bent over, wiggling their perfect little asses in the air and leaning far enough down that their massive tits almost dragged on the floor. Alina and her mom had leaned forward and were kissing, and Angela and Helga were headed in that direction.

My bull cock was partially erect and pulsating as I walked around to the cows, feeling each of their asses, squeezing their big milky tits, sliding three or four fingers into their cunts and assholes, eliciting moans and thick streamers of grool from their slits and meaty sphincters. Puddles of milk were forming underneath their heavy udders as they were hot and horny in anticipation of what was to come. Their holes were gaping, revealing pink ass flesh and yawning cervices that were hovering just inside their wide-open slits.

I took the paddle Alina had given me and walked over to Lucy. I ran my fingers up her fleshy labia and her long, deep asshole. She moaned and begged me to spank her.

“This whole cow farm idea was yours, wasn’t it?” I said, sliding three fingers into her soaked asshole, then four, then my entire hand.

“It was Alina’s,” she protested, pulling her perfect lips away from her daughter’s mouth. “She always wanted a cow from when she was a kid.”

I looked at my wife, who shook her head.

“Nope, I always liked cows, but I never had the idea to try to become one until mom planted that idea in my mind,” Alina replied. “This whole setup was her idea, I just went along.”

“Is this true?” I asked Lucy.

Lucy gulped, then nodded then stared at the floor. “It is. Are you going to spank me now for being a bad cow?”

I had been sliding my arm into Lucy’s asshole as we talked and I was almost to my elbow. I squeezed a hunk of assflesh between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it hard. Lucy howled. I slipped my hand out, then I used both hands to pull her asshole wide open, causing a mountain of pink to slip out. I teased the crumpled assflesh with the tip of my cock – but I didn’t actually penetrate her.

“No, not yet,” I said.

I moved to my wife, who looked up at me with big brown cow eyes. Her udders were hanging just above the ground and a steady stream of milk was trickling from the long brown nipples.

“Why did you go along?” I asked.

Alina sighed. “You were such a pushover, and I always let my mom push me around. It seemed harmless, though. I figured we could turn you into a bull and you would do what we said. We didn’t expect you’d take charge.”

“I see,” I said. I took the paddle and ran it up and down my wife’s perfectly sculpted ass then pulled it back and paddled her across her ass cheek. “You are a very bad cow.” I said, accentuating that with another stroke.

Alina squealed. “Spank me more,” she begged. “I’m a very, very naughty cow. Make my cow ass nice and pink!”

Like just about everything else that had taken place the past 24 hours, this was a new experience so I was going on feel, but I started spanking my wife’s ass. I paddled one side, then paddled the other. I slid my fist into her cunt and the handle of the paddle into her ass. When I felt her come, I paddled some more. The slap of the wooden paddle on her ass cheeks echoed in the lower level of the barn.

Alina’s ass cheeks turned rosy pink and thick streamers of cow grool slid down her legs. Her big tits quaked with each stroke of the paddle, dribbling milk on the floor.

I pulled back and made like I was going to move to Lucy. She wiggled her ass and pushed it in my direction, but again I just stretched my mother-in-law’s ass wide open, then left it that way. I moved past her to the other column where Angela and Helga were tied. Helga had her body pressed against the column and Angela was sucking hard on her big, milky tits. Thick streamers of saffron-tinged milk coated Angela’s face and both of their chests, trickling down to their patches of cow fur on their lower abdomen, and then down between their perfect thighs. I ran my fingers up Angela’s cunt, then slid three fingers into her meaty asshole.

“So what was your role in this?” I asked her.

“I helped my mother convince my sister,” she said, squeezing her asshole around my fingers and pressing the sphincter against my hand as if begging me to go deeper. I added another finger so I had four inside.

“So you helped pressure my wife to lie and manipulate me?”

“Yes,” Angela said. “I’ve been a very naughty cow. I deserve a good spanking.”

I didn’t stop paddling my sister-in-law’s ass until it was bright red, then I added a few more spanks. I gave her ass a quick fist and left it hanging open, then moved on to Helga.

“You didn’t do anything naughty, did you?” I asked her. She shook her head.

I spanked Helga just a little, enough to make her happy. Then I sent her back to the house to fetch the pumps, there was entirely too much milk going to waste. When she got back, I had her hook up the pumps to my wife.

While Alina’s tits were pumped, I slipped up behind her and pulled her back against my chest.

“I’m sorry your mother and sister pressured you,” I said. “Now that you see what it’s like, do you really want to be a cow?”

“Yes, I do,” she said. “But I only want it if you want me to be one.”

“If that’s what you want, that’s what I want,” I said. She turned her head to the side and we kissed. My bull cock was hard and throbbing and it slipped up between her legs.

“Fuck me,” Alina whispered in my ear. “I want your bull cock inside my cow cervix.”

My bull cock didn’t have a pre-come setting, it just went straight to trickling semen, and a ropy strand was hanging from the tip. I leaned back and slipped my monster bull cock into my wife’s slit, pressing all the way in until my washboard stomach pressed against her sculpted ass. The muscular ring of her cervix was already wide open, letting my bull cock penetrate into the deepest recesses of her womb. It only took a couple of strokes before the trickle of bull come from my cock became a flood and Alina got her wish that she be filled from the tip of her labia to the depths of her uterus with my juices. I reached around and squeezed more milk from her tits as I dumped my load inside her cow cunt.

After a dozen or so pulses, I slid my meat out of Alina’s slit, leaving it pink, gaped, and throbbing. Her yawning cervix hung just inside her wide open cunt lips, thick streamers of my bull juice gushing out. I untied my wife and gestured for Helga to move the pumps to Angela. As soon as they were attached, I grabbed Angela by the horns and bent her over.

“Never, ever pressure another one of my cows, ever again, got it?” I said to her.

Angela nodded meekly as I slid my nearly two-foot bull cock into her ass. My meat was still pulsing, and the ejaculation that had slowed picked up fresh once my meat was firmly into my sister-in-law’s ass. I roughly reached around and squeezed her tits, forcing more milk out into the jugs and getting a half-pleasure-half-pain moan from Angela. I only allowed her a few pulses of bull juice before I pulled out and left her hanging wide open.

“I want more,” she begged.

“Next time,” I said. “I still want happy cows, but this is your punishment for pressuring my wife.” I walked around to her front and slapped her across the face twice, turning her cheeks bright red. A trickle of a tear slipped from the corner of her eye.

Helga had already attached the pumps to Lucy’s nipples. I took the rope that I had used to tie up Helga and wrapped it around Lucy’s big udders, squeezing out more milk. Lucy looked up at me with big, sad, brown eyes.

“I really was a very bad cow, wasn’t I?” she said. This time there was no sense of playfulness in her voice. She honestly sounded remorseful. I grabbed her horns and pressed her face hard against the pillar where she was tied. The rough wood scraped against her skin.

“Yes, you were,” I said and slid the head of my cock into her asshole – but only the head. I allowed her two pulses of bull juice before pulling out and leaving her looking sad as lots of milk was roughly squeezed from her tits.

I turned to Helga.

“You weren’t a bad girl at all, were you?”

She shook her head.

“How do you want your juice?” I asked her. She backed up against a column and stood facing me, her mountainous tits hanging down, her legs slightly apart, her patch of cow fur above her big lobes. She used her fingers to part her cunt lips.

I put my hands on her ass cheeks, lifted her up, and slid her pussy down my bull cock all the way do the base, sending my shaft through her cervix and into the deepest recesses beyond. She moaned and leaned back against the column as I began pistoning my cock in and out of her cunt. She pressed her big chest against me, sending thick streamers of milk down my stomach, and wrapped her legs around my hips, pressing her cunt against my body and driving me as far inside as I could go. We kissed and I continued to stroke my bull meat in and out of her cow slit, the shaft ripping through her cervix, my bull balls bouncing against her asshole that was now gaping from the pressure of my cock in her cunt. Pulse after pulse of my bull seed poured deep into her bare pussy, filling her up, and running out down her legs.

I turned to the other cows as we fucked.

“See, this is what awaits good cows. Don’t you want to be good cows?”

A murmur of assent ran through the other cows as I felt Helga come for the third or fourth time.

I pulled her off my body and we kissed. Then Alina and I stood in front of Alina’s mom, glaring down at her.

“This was all your idea, you absolute bitch,” I said. I slapped her across the face again.

Lucy nodded, looking very sad with her wrists still tied to the post, ropes still around her tits, and pumps still attached. Her unsatisfied body had barely been penetrated, and she hardly had any bull juice inside of her. There on her face and chest, and I knew there were mores cuts and scrapes under the ropes. A trickle of blood ran down the outside of her left breast. I thought very seriously about leaving her tied up there all night, but even though I wasn’t a milquetoast anymore, that didn’t mean I was cruel. I had Alina undo the ropes around her tits, unhook the pumps, and untie her. When she was free, I pushed her down onto her knees in front of me, letting her stare at my huge, semen-covered bull cock that she so desired, but not letting her touch it.

“There will be no more shenanigans out of you, is that clear?” I said. Lucy nodded, looking like a very sad cow who had learned her lesson.

“I’m very sorry,” she said. “Can I get just a little more bull juice?”

I thought about denying her, but instead I bent my wife over and pressed my bull cock into her fleshy asshole, unleashing several shots of my thick bull semen into her anus. When I pulled out I pushed her stretched ass into her mother’s face.

“You’ll only get more bull juice if you suck it from your daughter’s cow girl asshole,” I said.

There was no more hesitation. Lucy dove into Alina’s gaped sphincter and sucked out my semen. My wife came at least twice as her mother ate her ass.


When Lucy was done sucking my bull juice out of her cow daughter’s ass, we all went back into the house. The day was getting long, so I poured everyone a glass of wine and we sat out on the back deck looking at the twilight sky.

“Tomorrow we need to figure out what we are going to wear,” Helga said. “None of the cows’ clothes fit anymore. Also, have you noticed, when we first became cows, our tits were all soft, but over the evening they firmed up? Look at our nipples, they were pointed at the floor before, now they’re level or slightly upturned and their hard as rocks even when we’re not aroused. Even more, our tits shift around with the milk inside. It’s crazy. How the fuck is anybody going to work out a bra size for us?”

“Oh, wow” I said. “That’s true. We should have thought about this before we turned everyone into a cow.”

“We did, actually” my wife said. “Cow girls have a unique blend of collagen, skeletal structure, and musculature. Their body is designed to carry these big sloshing bags of milk around without sagging. I think that’s what Helga’s seeing as we adjust to our new bodies. So bras are kind of optional. Also…” she paused and glanced at me.

“So this is where you tell me about more stuff you ‘found in the basement’?” I sneered.

“The attic, actually,” my wife said, sheepishly. “Come on, girls, let’s bring it all down.”

A few minutes later a pile of shipping boxes emblazoned with “The Cow Girl Corral” lay scattered around the living room with the cows having their own little try-on party. I watched irritatedly behind drooping eyelids. It had been a long day and I had put up with a lot of bullshit. I was exhausted.

Lucy saw me yawn and glanced at the clock.

“We should probably be going,” she said to Angela. “We have an early day tomorrow.”

“What do you mean?” I said. “You live here now. The only reason you have to get home is to pack and get ready to move.”

“Exactly,” Angela said. “We’ve been downsizing for months getting ready for this day. The movers come tomorrow first thing.”

I sighed and shook my head. I’d had enough secrets for one day. I got up, waved goodnight to everyone, and left my wife to see the other cows out and to help Helga get the fold-out couch set up.

I took a shower and was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling of the bedroom when my wife came in. She didn’t say anything at first, but went in for a quick shower as well, finally joining me in bed and laying next to me. She lay her damp, horned head on my chest.

“How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?” she asked.

“Well, there are the sorry’s for the things you did that I don’t know about yet. And there are the sorry’s for the things you haven’t done yet. And there are the sorry’s for the hurt I am still feeling for the things I do know about. So there are probably quite a few more coming due soon.”

“I don’t think there are any more surprises. And I promise I won’t fuck up any more.”

“That’s a start,” I said. “Honestly, I don’t regret you being a cow or me being a bull, but I do still resent how it happened. And I resent the hell out of your mother.”

“You have my word I will never lie to you again. Ever. Cross my bovine little heart. I just hope you can forgive me.”

We fell asleep and slept soundly, only being woken up at almost noon when the moving vans arrived with some young buff dudes who looked like they weren’t sure what to make of these super-hot, big-busted, bimbo babes with horns on their heads and damp tops.

Some of Angela’s and Lucy’s stuff went into their apartment (including a bed and some furniture for poor Helga), some went other places in the house, and some things we stored in an outbuilding. By the end of the day, the three of them were cozy in their new apartment above the barn.

The day after the move, Angela got busy on our website and logo. Soon after, Daisies and Clover Cow Farm got an internet site and we started selling milk. Cow girl milk went for ridiculous prices – it was quite the delicacy among the 1% - and we shipped gallons of frozen milk around the country. Literally within hours we were flush with cash which let us order industrial milk pumps and freezers.

But to make room for the pumps and freezers we had to clear out the lower level of the barn. We all updated our tetanus shots and spent a day dawn-to-dusk hauling old rusty farm gear to the dump. Next I paid a buddy who did home renovations for a super fast extreme makeover of the lower barn. The stalls became comfy spaces where the cows could go to pump a couple of times a day, but I left the beams across the ceiling and some of the old fixtures hanging just as kind of a rustic barnyard touch.

The financial manager Lucy brought in helped us keep our money in order and started investing the extra.

During this time, I had a couple of conversations with my mother. They were just general discussions about how the farm was coming, how the cows were doing, etc. There were no discussions about her becoming a cow. I have to admit that part of me was a little disappointed. There was a corner of my brain that had become a little infatuated with the idea of my mom as a busty, bimbofied, cow girl taking my bull cock in any hole I wanted.

We were now about a week in from C-Day (the day the girls became cows). Things seemed to be going well. We were sitting around that morning drinking our coffee sweetened with cow girl milk – the first morning of really relaxing since the whole cow thing began – when Angela spoke up.

“So, I think it’s time we talk tattoos and piercings,” she said. “We discussed the topic that first night, but it all got put aside as we got busy doing all the things we need to do. I think we’re in a good enough spot that we can do that today.”

“Yeah,” Lucy said. “I’ve been thinking about that too, and I’ve been doing some research about cow girls and piercings.”

“Really, what did you learn?” Alina asked.

“Cows and bulls heal fast, and that includes piercings,” her mother replied. “And they stay open really well, especially nipple piercings – the pumping keeps them open – it even stretches the holes out some.”

Lucy pulled her phone out and showed us all some photos on the internet.

“Wow,” Angela said. “I want some big gold rings hanging from my big milky tits. In fact look at that photo…” she pointed to one of the pics on Lucy’s phone “...that girl’s nips are standing straight up even though she’s got a heavy ring hanging on them – and it’s stretching out her piercing hole. Wow, that’s fucking hot.”

“I want nipple rings big enough to hang drapery on,” my mother-in-law murmured, her eyes wide and face flushed as she looked at the photos.

“You know, if we heal that well, once we get the piercings done, we can swap in and out all kind of weird shit,” Alina said. “We just need the hardware, then we can take them in and out ourselves.”

“What about tattoos, do they similarly heal well?” I asked.

“According to this, yes,” my wife said. “This whole thing looks pretty painless for cows.”

After breakfast and the morning milking – during which my wife did some researching of local tattoo parlors – the cows all piled in the car and headed to the best-rated local tattoo & piercing palace Alina could find. I hung around the farm doing some chores, doing some finishing touches on some of the barn renovations, and other stuff.

Around noon I got a call from my mom. We talked for a bit, mostly just run of the mill stuff, but one exchange stuck in my head. It went something like this:

Me: “I’ve been going a little hard on Lucy. I know she’s the mastermind of this whole plot, and I know she pressured you. But at some point I’m going to have to just let her be one of the cows.”

Mom: “Along those lines, I had a conversation with my mom – your grandmother – the other day. She said something that I am still having trouble interpreting.”

Me: “Really? What?”

Mom: “I told her about you and the whole cow thing, and how it all went down. When I was done, she said ‘Glad that bitch finally went through with it.’”

Me: “What was that supposed to mean?”

Mom: [sighed] “I tried to probe her a little and got mostly cryptic replies. You know your grandmother always hated that you were so weak-willed. Based upon what little I could figure out from her, I think she randomly ran into Lucy sometime about eighteen months ago and planted the whole cow idea in her mind. Apparently they’ve talked often since that meeting and your grandmother had pushed the point.”

Me: “So is grandma behind this whole thing?” I said, shocked.

Mom: “I don’t know. But either way, it seems she at least influenced – if not pressured – Lucy into this. I don’t know how much that influenced Lucy, but it probably at least nudged her along. If you find a way to ask Lucy about it tactfully, it might be educational.”

Me: “I will try.”

Mom: “Let me know what she says. And…” [long pause]

Me: “What?”

Mom: “I’ve been thinking more about joining the herd. Would you hate me if I became one of your cows? Would it be too weird or do you think it would be okay?”

Me: “I’ve been thinking about that some too. It would be more than okay. I think it would be incredibly sexy.”

Mom: “Wow, that’s amazing. I’m starting to feel that way too. Let me think about it a little more, but I’m glad you’re excited by the idea.”

Afterwards, I tried not to think too hard about that conversation, but it lurked in the back of my mind...

Meanwhile, luckily, the tattoo palace where the cows went had some extra staff on duty. Getting four cow girls tattooed and pierced took awhile but not as much time as I had expected. They left around 9:00 and got back a little after 2:00. I had finished my chores and showered and was sitting inside with a beer watching an afternoon ballgame when they came in.

“We’re baaaaack!” Alina called out from the kitchen. “Close your eyes! We want this to be a surprise!”

I closed my eyes and heard the girls come into the living room, followed by the sound of clothes being discarded. When I was given permission to open my eyes, the girls were standing in a row facing me, nude. All the cows now had their right horn pierced and their left horn capped with little gold tips. Their nipples all had huge gold rings that had to be at least three inches in diameter and were thicker than your phone charger cable. Hanging across their chests between the two nipple rings were thin gold chains. Their left nostril and their belly buttons had small rings, and there were thick barbells in their labia next to their meaty clitorises.

Once I had taken in their fronts, they turned around. Tattooed on the right side of their asses about five inches wide was our farms’ logo – the ink looked like it was about 90% healed. Then the cows bent over and pulled their ass cheeks apart. There were little rings in the meat of their sphincters.

“Wow,” I said. “Just wow. You guys went to town.”

“Go big or go home,” my mother-in-law replied.

I reached out and pulled Alina to me, gently touching her newly-pierced nipple.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“No, it’s not even sensitive. Look…” She looped her pinky into the gold ring and stretched her nipple out far enough that the hole the ring was in doubled in size before she released it. She unhooked the ring and pulled it out, straddled me, sat in my lap, and pushed her big brown nipple towards my lips. “Still works properly, too,” she added.

I sucked her long nip into my mouth. Thick streamers of saffron-tinged milk trickled out, making me realize I had gone all day without any tastes of the cows’ magic juice. I felt the intoxicating surge that came with the cows’ milk race through me, and I sucked more down.

Sucking on my wife’s tit stretched out the nipple, and I could feel the new pierced hole stretching with it. I was able to slip the tip of my tongue into her pierced nipple hole. She moaned and leaned her head back. Clearly, rather than hurting, this felt good.

I pulled back for a second. I noticed that while I had been sucking on her one tit, my wife had rotated the ring around her other nip a couple of turns, twisting her nipple. She pressed her hand into her tit and milk trickled out from the twisted brown flesh.

This was hot, it was weird, and it was kinky. And it was not what I had expected when they had talked about getting piercings. My bull cock was pressing hard against my shorts and against her bare cunt and asshole that were soaking wet.

Alina rose and stepped back.

“But that’s not the best of it,” Lucy added, throwing a plastic bag from a hardware store in my lap. I opened it up. It had a bunch of small iron loops a little wider in diameter than the gold hoops in their nipples were, a whole lot of lengths of metal chain, and a dog leash. I looked closely at the iron loops and realized they were round carabiners.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“That was Lucy’s idea,” Helga said.

“...but we all agreed to it,” Angela added quickly.

“What is it, though?” I repeated my earlier question.

“We need to go milk before out tits explode,” Lucy said. “Why don’t you come out with us? We can demonstrate after.”

I followed the cows out into the barn. The girls all took seats in the stalls, pulled out their nipple piercings, and attached the pumps to their big, milky tits. They all leaned back and closed their eyes, letting the thick milk spill from their breasts into the pumps, a look of bliss on their faces.. Helga and Alina were slowly rubbing their clits as they pumped.

Once Lucy had pumped over a half gallon from each of her tits, she pulled off the pumps. I noticed that she had the hardware store bag sitting next to her on the floor. She reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of carabiners and attached them to the holes in her nipples where the gold rings had been earlier. She then pulled out a heavy metal chain and attached it to the carabiners, stretching it across her chest like the gold chain had been earlier. Finally, she pulled a dog leash from the bag and hooked it into center of the chain.

Alina detached her pumps and came up behind her mother, repeating the performance, except instead of attaching herself to the leash, she wrapped a chain around her mother’s waist and attached that to her nipple chain. Angela followed the pattern and hooked up behind her sister, and Helga became the end of the train.

When the girls were all lined up, Lucy held out the other end of the dog leash for me.

“Any time you want, you can take your cow girls for a nice walk,” she said.

I laughed. “I hardly think we can go for a walk in public with your udders hanging out like that.”

“Actually,” Alina said. “I checked while we were sitting around in the tattoo and piercing place. Human livestock – including cows and bulls – are exempt from human decency laws. We can wear whatever the fuck we want in public, including nothing at all. We’re considered livestock, so we can even rut if we want to.”

I stared at my wife and my mother-in-law, not sure how to process this new information.

“Well, either way, we’re not going anywhere this afternoon,” I said,

“Why not?” Alina said.

“Yeah, it’s only 3:30!” Lucy protested.

“We should go down to that town park with the little pond!” Helga interjected.

“Yeah, they have a nice little walking path,” said Angela.

I looked from cow to cow.

“So are you proposing you go to the town park with you four dressed like, chained together like that?”

“Yeah!” all four of them ejaculated.

“Are you sure about that law?” I asked Alina. She nodded and pulled it up on her phone. Sure as shit, she was right.

“Okay,” I said. “Can you at least humor me and wear shorts?”

That request was met with much histrionics, but they did agree to wear short shorts. They disconnected their chain line and went off to put them on.

The ride to the park only took about ten minutes and was spent in almost silence.

We got there and parked. The cows jumped out happily and began linking themselves together like they had shown me in the barn. I sat in my SUV staring straight ahead. I couldn’t believe I was about to take part in this. I was totally okay with the cows doing their thing on the farm. But at a public park? This was whacked.

There were a handful of other cars in the small lot, and a young couple was in the process of loading their car in preparation to leave. When I got out of the car, I noticed the woman was looking at the line of chained-together cows. I was waiting for her to say something, but she just smiled to me and they got into their car and left. Hmm, interesting.

The cows had lined up with Lucy in front. Despite trying to be kinder to my mother-in-law, I demoted her and moved Alina to the head of the line. My wife was the alpha, she went in front. The order of the herd had to be maintained. If I let that slip there would be chaos in the herd.

Once they were hooked up, we started down the walking path. The paved path was only about a mile long and ran along a little pond. There was a pair of older women out in their joggers power walking, there was a young couple, there was a group of bird watchers. All of them just smiled and waved as we walked by – big milky cow udders jiggling, long nipples being stretched by iron rings and chains.

What the fuck?

When we got back to the car the cows unhooked and we climbed in. I sat there in the driver’s seat stunned.

“How…?” I started. “What...was...was I the only person here who knew that cows and bulls had a different dress code?”

“Different dress code?” my wife asked. “More like no dress code.”

“This is too freaky for me,” I said. “We need to go home so I can process this.”

When we got home, the cows headed back into the barn for an additional milking session since the walk had gotten their juices flowing. I sat on the deck for a few minutes then followed them into the barn.

It was getting on in the day and I hadn’t given the cows any bull juice yet. It was probably time.

I went into the barn and looked at the cows milking. I turned to my mother-in-law. Most of the past week I had been only giving her enough bull cock and bull juice to sustain her. She had never been the real target of my bull affection. I had reserved that to my wife and the other two cows. I remember what my mother had said and considered the possibility that she had been, basically, the fall girl – or fall cow – for my grandmother. Against my will a shot of guilt coursed through me.

Maybe it was my turn to be wrong. Maybe it was my turn to fill Lucy up with as much bull juice as she could take. I tossed my shirt and shorts to the side and gave my meat a hard stroke staring at Lucy. She looked up at me curiously, unsure why she was the unbidden center of my attention.

My bull cock was big, hard, and pulsating with thick ropy veins throbbing along the sides. A tendril of bull semen slipped from the tip in a long creamy thread. I walked over to her and hovered the tip of my cock in front of her lips, letting her lick the thread of come.

I let her lick and suck at the end of my cock as she finished up pumping and disconnected. The other cows wrapped up as well. Lucy slipped the gold nipple rings back into place and the gold chain across her chest.

I reached out and jerked her chain. She resisted, and her nipples stretched out in front of her. I gave the chain another harder tug, and this time she relented and let me pull her to me. I kissed her hard.

“What do you want me to do to you?” I murmured to my mother-in-law as our lips parted. “Anal? Oral? Maybe do some more piercings on my own?”

“What have I been begging for all week?” she shot back.

I smiled at her then pushed her away, determined to tease her one last time. I seized my wife, bent her over right in front of Lucy, then drove my cock into her deep cow ass, dumping several loads of semen into her hole while her mother watched, jealous. After a half dozen pumps of bull juice, I pulled out and pushed her onto all fours, her asshole in the air.

I gave Lucy’s chain one more hard tug, stretching out her nipples a couple of inches, then I grabbed her horns and spun her around, bending her over and pushing her face into her daughter’s bull-come-filled ass. Lucy sucked at Alina’s sphincter with abandon. Meanwhile, I spread Lucy’s cheeks. Her fleshy cow sphincter with its little gold ring stood there drenched in its juices, puckered and wet.

Angela appeared beside me. She pushed my hands aside and used three fingers from each hand to pull her mother’s asshole wide open, showing the pink flesh inside – pink flesh I had been depriving from being fulfilled anymore than absolutely necessary. Another pang of guilt shot through me. It was truly time to put things right.

My immense, nearly two-foot-long bull cock was throbbing and pouring out loads of my bull semen as I drove it into my mother-in-law’s thick, soaking, meaty, cow asshole. I gave her every inch as she sucked my come from her daughter’s ass.

I pushed inside Lucy’s anus until my balls hit her drenched cow slit. My cock at it’s base was almost four inches in diameter but I felt like Lucy could have taken more. I hadn’t really thoroughly worked her ass over since she became a cow – I was so intent on punishing her that I deprived her (and myself) of the best ass fuck in my herd. I was determined to make up for that as I began driving my meat in and out of her meaty ass. Thick streamers of my come poured out from her asshole around my meat. Angela, Lucy’s other daughter, lay down and positioned her head under her mother’s hips, opening her mouth wide and sucking up my come pouring out of her mother’s ass.

Lucy’s big, milky tits shook as I fucked her. I took full advantage of my huge meat to take long, hard strokes. When I pulled back, her pinkish-red anal flesh gripped my meat, clinging to the shaft and sticking out of her ass. That drove me into even a crazier frenzy, pumping harder and pouring more bull juice inside her. Helga pressed her tits into my face, letting me suck down draughts of her saffron-tinged milk as I reamed out Lucy.

Finally, I felt Lucy come for about the tenth time. I reached down and pulled her up by her horns, pressing her back against my muscled chest, and leaning my lips against her ear.

I whispered to her. “Did my grandmother pressure you?” I said so softly nobody else but her could hear.

She didn’t say anything right away. But the way her asshole tightened around my cock and her entire body tensed, I knew something wasn’t right. She leaned her face back so her lips were near my ear.

“She wanted you to become a bull. Once you’re a little more established she wants to become a cow because it will let her recapture her youth and beauty. She wants to join the herd to become young again. The final act in her plan was to take you to the cow pound and get a more experienced bull to take over the herd. That’s the entire truth and I am so sorry for what I did.”

“I’m sorry you were in the middle of this,” I said.

“I’m glad to be a cow. I love you and I’m glad you’re my bull. I think you know how to make it up to me.”

I gave her a dozen more strokes – enough to bring her to another climax – then I pulled out of her asshole leaving it gaped and inflamed with her assflesh hanging out while overflowing with my bull juice.

“Tonight, we make up for the past week. All of you get your bull juice from Lucy’s ass,” I said. “When it’s empty, I’ll refill it.” The other cows looked at me for a moment then dove in, taking turns sucking my come from Lucy’s stretched, gaping, inflamed asshole as my mother-in-law moaned to climax after climax.

I moved around in front of Lucy, hanging my bull cock in front of her face, letting her lick come and juice off my meat that had just been pulled from her asshole. I pushed my cock all the way into her throat, pulled out, then knelt down and kissed her.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered.

I reloaded her twice that night before the cows were all satisfied.


The next few days were relatively quiet. The two additional potential cow candidates that Lucy had mentioned came by to check things out and have an interview with Alina and I. Part of the interview was getting a good look at Alina and my bodies. One of the candidates saw my cock and said ‘no way’. The other candidate, Ykaterina, was the age of Lucy and my mom. She originally hailed from Eastern Europe and talked a lot about the cow girl farms in the old country. Within an hour of her interview she ate out Alina, soaked her cervix in my bull juice, and became cow #5. We got her tattooed, pierced, and she moved into one of the rooms in the second barn apartment. This girl was born to be a cow, and like Angelina, she had no gag reflex. The first thing she did after becoming a cow and milking out her first two gallons of juice was get down on her knees and suck my two feet of bull cock all the way down her throat without even a hitch. When I pulled out she had a big smile on her face. The next day I went out to the barn and she had Lucy’s arm in her mouth almost to the elbow.

Ykaterina, like Lucy, was a milk demon and producing at least five gallons on most days. I think the older you are when you become a cow, the more you produced.

We had built up a supply of frozen milk preparing for the farmer’s market that was coming up at the fairgrounds and were excited about the prospect. Unfortunately our pretty picture was soon to be marred.

Two days out from the market, Alina and I were woken by Helga knocking frantically on our bedroom door. I sleepily looked over at the clock, it read 5:30 AM. What the hell. Alina mumbled something.

“Come in,” I called. Helga and her big milky udders tumbled naked into the bedroom, breathless.

“The barn!” she said. “We’ve been robbed!”

I raced out to the freezers. We hadn’t been completely cleaned out, but we had definitely been hit. The perps got away with 20 gallons of frozen cow girl milk – that’s $30K worth of product (yeah, boutique cow girl titty juice goes for $1,500 gallon, it’s insane).

The other cows heard the commotion and joined us in the barn. I don’t think we were too upset about the financial loss – we were producing about that much in an average day now that we had five cows. I think it was more a feeling of violation.

Alina called the police and a little while later a local deputy came out to take a report. He was polite and competent. He surveyed the scene and took a couple of prints, then he was sat down at the picnic table in our side yard filling out the paperwork.

“So what security do you have here?” he asked.

“Not really much,” I said. “We never gave it a thought. Who raids a barn for milk?”

“When the milk goes for over a grand a pop – a lot of people,” he said. “You folks working with a pack?”

“A pack?” I asked.

“A wolf pack. For security.”

I was about to say something stupid that would put my ignorance of all things cow on display when, thankfully, my wife jumped in.

“I didn’t know there were any wolves around here,” she said. “I thought they were predominantly out west.”

“There are wolf packs everywhere,” the deputy said. “We work with them whenever there is an issue with human livestock. Wolves are dependable, reliable, honorable, and trustworthy. Here.”

He handed me a card that was emblazoned with a logo of a howling wolf and said “Lyca Blue, Alpha She-Wolf, Pack 759, USA” with a phone number and an email address.

“Give her a holler, she and her beta wolves can help you out with security and with turning even more of a profit out of this place. From what I can see here, you guys have a lot of potential but need guidance. I’ve known Lyca since we were brats on the playground, she’s quality people.”

Once the deputy had given us the paperwork and made for his car, I turned to Alina.

“Wolves? Like four legs and howl at the moon?” I asked.

“No, silly, just slightly different people – not unlike cows and bulls. They are professionals – usually attorneys, MBAs, architects, techies, people like that - who help out others. They have a particular specialty of helping human livestock farms and other alternate-human enterprises.

“If they’re so helpful to cow farms, why am I just now hearing about them?” I asked.

Before my wife could answer, Lucy came out to where we sat and answered for her.

“Because your grandmother convinced my daughter and I – and your mother too – that we could handle this ourselves and that we didn’t need any help. Guess she was wrong. About a lot of things. Some of the businesses that I’ve heard wolves set up for cow farms are amazing...and hotter than hell. If this Lyca person is worth her salt, I think you’ll like what she comes up with.”

We had just been robbed of some pretty valuable product, so we were highly motivated to take some action right away. My wife called the alpha she-wolf on the card and while we waited for a callback, I called my mom and filled her in on what had happened.

The she-wolf called us back quickly, and two hours later a black SUV pulled up in front of the farmhouse.

Three women climbed out of the truck. Not unlike cows, apparently she-wolves look similar too. They all were tall and lithe. They wore very-low-riding black leather pants that showed a gratuitous coin slot (if they were any lower they would be shown their clit) and tiny, tight white tank tops pressed against small, perky, barbell-pierced tits. The low-cut leather pants revealed a narrow strip of thick, tawny gray wolf fur that ran up their abdomen from to just below their navel – similar in shape and location to the cow fur landing strip the cows had on their pelvis.

The lead woman had black hair that was heavily salted with a light wolf-like gray that matched her landing strip. The other two women had blonde hair with the similar salting of gray.

The first woman had a friendly smile on her face that revealed long sharp canine fangs. She held out her hand.

“I’m Lyca, you must be Alina and Brendan. These are two of my betas, Xana and Tori. We’re here to help.”

“Yes,” I said. “I’m the bull, Alina is my wife and alpha cow. We were robbed last night. We didn’t have any security, never really gave it much thought. I understand that you can help with that, as well as with some other business ideas. We’re all ears.”

“Sorry you got robbed,” Lyca said. “But we’re here to make things better. If you can show us around the farm so we can get our bearings, we can then give you a rundown of how we can help.”

The next hour was spent giving Lyca and her betas a tour of the facility. Xana and Tori asked a few questions, but Lyca did most of the talking. When we were finished, we adjourned to the picnic table.

“So...what do you think?” I asked.

“Well, you have a pretty good spread,” Lyca said. “The security should be pretty simple, and your options for expanding your lines of business are virtually endless.”

“Let’s start with getting things secure,” I said.

“No worries. We should hook this place up with external and perimeter cameras with motion detection, including 24x7 monitoring. The pack already has a security contract, so that’s pretty simple. We can have those guys out here tomorrow. Until the cameras are installed we’ll have a couple guys from the pack patrolling tonight. Those freezers already have security controls you aren’t using, we can hook into them, no biggie. If you want to add improved locks to the house and barn you can, but most cow farms like the open feel. A perimeter fence would be a good idea as well. In our experience, cams, motion detectors, and fencing are usually enough to get you to basic cow farm security 101.”

“And what will that cost us?” I asked.

“That’s easy. We give you a volunteer member of our pack to become a milk-producing cow and who will be part of your herd. 40% of her after-cost proceeds go to the pack, 30% go to her, and 30% go to your herd. That’s our standard security contract. If you want business services as well, those after-cost proceeds are split 50-50 in most cases between the herd and the pack. I come out once a week for an inspection to make sure you guys would pass code, which includes testing the cow’s milk and the bull’s cock.” She smiled.

“If I tried to put my bull cock in any of your holes, I’d kill you.”

“She-wolf alphas and betas can take bull cocks vaginally. If we execute a security contract today, you’ll be giving me my first run-through shortly. Just keep in mind, she-wolves stay away from the cows’ cunts – for obvious reasons. We don’t want to be turned into cows ourselves. So does this all sound palatable?”

Alina and I looked at each other, then we both nodded.

“Fair enough,” I said. “I look forward to giving you a taste of some bull meat. The security piece is definitely a go. What other business services are you offering?”

Lyca smiled. “This is where it starts to get fun,” she said. “You’ve got a great spread here, lots of room for additional structures and initiatives. The simplest is flavored milk. We have a nutritionist work with you to work out a diet from some of your cows that will have them producing chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, banana or other flavored milks. It adds about 25% to the sale value.”

“Interesting idea.”

“And we’ve got a lot more. Let’s spice things up. Literally everyone loves to watch cows. And everyone would love to watch cows milk, watch cows get fucked by their bulls, watch cows do just about anything. So there are a lot of money-making opportunities.”

“Cow voyeurism?”

“If you wish, you can totally call it that,” Lyca replied. “But this is the age of Internet voyeurism, after all. So coming back to business, for starters, there’s grazing. I see two cows up in your field naked, munching on the clover, and since we’ve been here talking, two cars have stopped along the side of the road to gawk or take pictures. That’s a missed opportunity. The fence we put up should be a privacy fence with bleachers by the pasture. Then we can charge folks to watch the cows graze, and do the other things that cows do when grazing – for example frolicking like they are now,” she said, nodding towards the pasture. Sure enough, Ykaterina and Angela were kissing and petting.

Lyca continued. “Then there’s milking. There are two ways to handle the milking. You can either have a common milking viewing area where folks pay to get a stadium-style seat for the morning or evening milking, or – if you want to really rake in money – you can have each milking stall set up in front of a plexiglass wall with a private viewing booth in front of them. While they milk, the person in the private booth can do whatever they like – in private seen only by the cow.”

“I assume this is something popular among the lonely guys,” I said.

“You might be surprised. Women and couples make up about 75% of your milk viewing audience. Big cow udders have a universal appeal, even to women.”


“The next possibility business area ramps up the intensity even higher and requires a little work from the cows. Any of your cows ever dance?”

“Dance? As in a night out on the town?”

Alina interjected. “I think she means the kind of dancing that involves a brass pole.”

“Oh wow,” I said. “I don’t think so. I see where you’re going. Wow, that’s a crazy idea.”

“Crazy, maybe,” Lyca said. “But it brings in tons of money. And again, women and couples are just as likely as men to come to a cow bar to watch cows dance and do their thing. And if you really, really, really want to ramp it up, you can have the bull come in and fuck them right there on stage – or even shoot some of that bull juice out into the audience.”

Up until that moment, I had been taking a pretty cool, clinical view of the whole cow voyeurism idea. But suddenly with the idea of fucking the cows in front of an audience out there, I was fighting down a massive bull cock erection. That idea sounded hot. Insanely hot.

The idea of my mother joining the herd and me fucking her in front of an audience leapt unbidden to my mind. My cock strained at my shorts against my better judgment.

“Wow,” I said, not for the first time since the conversation began. “Just wow.”

“Additionally, there are also options for livestreaming shows, web camming, and setting up each of the cows with their own Snap, Insta, and OF pages, or any other social media you designate. We will manage your farm’s and individual cows’ adult social media services for you, you just need to provide the hot content.”

“Wow,” I said yet again.

“You probably want time to think about the additional business options, but it sounds like you are ready to start with the security piece, right?”

“I’m the bull, so I could make all the decisions on my own, but I want to at least get the cows input before I make the call about the spectators and social media. But the security stuff is a definite go,” I said. I stared out over the pasture. Lucy had joined the frolicking. Milky quivering tits jiggled as Ykaterina’s arm was almost elbow-deep into my mother-in-law’s cavernous ass while Lucy and Angela had a mother-daughter soul-kiss.

“You are a very enlightened bull,” Lyca said and nodded to Tori and Xana, who went to the SUV and came back with some papers they started drawing up. The other woman who had been in the SUV came out as well. She was dressed like the other wolves.

“I’m Violet,” she said, introducing herself. “I always wanted to be a cow more than I wanted to be a wolf. This is exciting.”

“Violet will be the wolves’ cow per the contract,” Lyca said. “We entrust her to you and expect she will be properly taken care of, including being well-fucked by the bull.”

“Absolutely,” I said.

“So the last thing I need to do before we sign the papers is to meet and inspect the livestock. Have you ever had a formal cow and bull inspection?”

“No, never knew it was a thing,” I said.

Lyca laughed. “There are some links in the paperwork we’ll give you. Next week when I come by for the weekly visit, we’ll go through an official cow inspection. You’ll breeze through from what I’ve seen, just going forward make sure you have all your cow medical records in order. So today, we’ll have a lightweight once over so I know everything is in order before we sign any paperwork. Can you gather the cows?”

“Sure,” I said. Alina stepped away and rounded up the herd, unfortunately breaking up the hot, deep hole frolicking that was taking place in the clover pasture.

The five cows lined up in front of Lyca, Alina in the lead. Big, milky, veiny tits with large, heavy ring piercings of gold, silver, or iron (where the fuck did Lucy find those monsters?) were arrayed in front of us. Lucy, Ykaterina, and Angela were still nude from their frolic in the field, thick streamers of grool sliding down the insides of their thighs. I don’t think my mother-in-law’s ass ever completely closed anymore. Helga, who had been napping, came out sleepily in a T-shirt and a thong.

“So what do you need us to do?” Alina asked.

“Tastes, from the tap,” she said. “Both breasts. I also need a feel of your kitties and your assholes, but just fingers, nothing deep. I can’t taste between your legs because then I would become a cow too, but Violet will do that duty for me because she is supposed to become a cow anyway. When we’re done, the bull can fuck her, allowing her to join your herd.”

“Our alpha is Alina,” I said. “She’s the one you eat to join the herd. Then once Violet is a cow, she can taste the rest. Normally we need two gallons of milk before I fuck the candidate, but that won’t be needed for Violet.”

“No problem,” Lyca said.

Behind her, Xana appeared with a camera setup.

“Are you filming this?” Helga asked.

“If you allow it,” Lyca replied. “If you want to do the social media thing you will need to get used to it.”

“What does she mean?” Lucy asked.

I gave the cows a rundown of what Lyca had offered around ‘additional business services’.

“Wow...that’s…hot,” Helga whispered.

“Yeah...fucking hot,” Lucy said. “I’m in, everything. Social media, private milking shows, stripper shows, live rutting on stage. Anything you want up my cow ass. All of it. Sign me the fuck up.”

“Me too,” Angela said.

“Weird but yes,” Helga said.

Ykaterina said something that sounded positive in her native tongue.

I realized my hesitancy had been unfounded. Cows were made to lactate and fuck bulls. Bulls were made to fuck the cows and keep them in line. Of course the cows would jump at the chance to be hot, horny, milk bimbos in front of an audience. Duh.

“So I guess you need to add on the business services to that contract,” Alina said to Tori, who was working diligently on the paperwork.

By now, Xana had the camera ready. Lyca reached out to Alina and tugged at her top.

Alina had been wearing a somewhat modest (as modest as anything a cow girl wears) blouse and a pair of khaki shorts. She peeled off her top, letting her mammoth cow girl tits and big pierced rings pop free, then stepped towards Lyca.

The alpha she-wolf pulled off her own top, exposing her tiny tits and barbell piercings. She leaned forward and pulled Alina towards her. My wife started to unhook her piercings, but Lyca shook her head, instead, she ran her tongue around the outside of the big brown aureoles then squeezed Alina’s milky breast. A thick streamer of milk shot out around the piercing and into Lyca’s lips.

Lyca nodded, then switched to the other tit. Alina slipped her finger into the ring and used it to stretch her nipple out. Lyca teased the piercing hole, then squeezed out a trickle of milk.

“Excellent flavor,” Lyca said, then gestured for the next cow in line.

Violet, meanwhile, had stripped and was on her knees. When Lyca was done with Alina, Violet gently guided my wife to have a seat on the picnic table bench, then pulled Alina’s thighs apart.

Violet dove in between Alina’s thighs and began licking my wife’s meaty labia and thick sphincter. Alina closed her eyes and seemed to be very quickly lost in whatever exactly it was that Violet was doing to her. Next to her, Lyca pulled Lucy’s tits and big metal piercings to her face. Lucy used the metal loops to stretch out her nipples then twisted them like rubber band propellers on a toy airplane. Lyca licked the brown, twisted flesh of Lucy’s nipples, then squeezed the veiny, milky udders. A trickle of milk slipped out from the stretched, tight brown flesh.

Violet, meanwhile, had become a cow. She had the standard 6-inch horns, huge milky tits, and bimbofied face and body. Her landing strip had gone from wolfish gray to cow-like mottled. She pulled back from my wife’s cunt, finally allowing Alina to catch her breath and slip out. Violet gave a thumb’s up to Lyca and Lucy moved in for Violet’s attention. As Violet dove into Lucy’s cunt and asshole, and as Lyca began working over Helga’s tits, I knew it was time to officially welcome Violet to the herd.

I peeled off my shirt and shorts, uncovering my muscled bull body and immense, two-foot bull cock. I paused for Xana to get in a long slow camera pan up and down my body and my pulsating meat. I gave my cock and balls a few pulses, sending thick streamers of bull come from the tip. Xana let her camera follow the thread of bull juice all the way the the ground. Once I had given the camera girl the shots she wanted, I moved in behind Violet, who had just brought Lucy to a crashing orgasm. I tapped Violet on the hips.

“Ass or cunt?” I asked. She reached around and slipped three fingers into her newly-minted, meaty, juicy cow asshole. I began sliding my immense bull cock inside Violet’s cow anus, christening her and welcoming her to my herd. More thick loads of bull juice dumped from my cock as I drove deeper into parts of Violet’s body that hadn’t even existed a few moments ago. She now had her face between Helga’s thighs, but had to pause and moan as I drove the last six inches of my meat into her ass.

“Oh...fuck...yeah,” she murmured and went back to work on Helga’s soaked cunt.

I worked my cock in and out of Violet’s meaty asshole as she and Lyca worked through the rest of the herd. Streamers of cow grool and bull juice sluiced from her ass around my meat and ran down her gaped cunt. When the last of the rest herd had finally passed, she slowly slipped from my cock, leaving her ass gaping and red and trickling my bull come.

My bull cock was still hard and throbbing, globs of creamy bull semen dripping from the tip. Lyca was sitting at the end of the picnic table, her legs spread. Her cunt lips were hairless and wet, beneath the strip of wolf fur on her lower abdomen.

“It’s time to seal the deal,” she said. She reached for my bull cock and guided it towards her cunt, then leaned back on the table.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked as my pulsating meat throbbed my seed across her labia. “The cows are bigger than you are, this is going to hurt.”

“It won’t hurt me, and it’s my favorite part of the contract,” she said, smiling, and pulled my cock head inside her. I slowly slid inch-by-inch into her she-wolf cunt. Her thin abdomen bulged as I slipped in, creating a ridge that crept up past her navel and disappeared under her ribcage. When my balls finally bounced against her asshole, I figured the end of my cock had to be behind her tits.

She begged me to fuck her, so I complied. Bull cock pistoned in and out of wolfen vag. Tori, the beta that wasn’t filming, stripped off her leather pants and hovered her cunt over her alpha’s face. Lyca dove in, sucking on her beta’s clit and slipping a couple fingers into her tiny, puckered she-wolf ass. Off to the side, the cows were fucking and sucking amongst themselves. Milky tits were jiggling and saffron-tinged cow juice was everywhere. Lucy, Angela, and Alina were having a threesome in still more mother-daughter-sister action, and Helga and Ykaterina were paired off. Xana was wandering among the different pairings, capturing the action, occasionally zooming in to get graphic deep penetration shots.

My cock continued to pour juice into Lyca. I felt her come once, twice, then my own throbbing cock came in a fresh burst of bull juice. Lyca pushed Tori off her and sat up, wrapping her legs around my waist and hugging me, as pulse after pulse of bull juice dumped into her cunt. It overflowed and ran down across her puckered asshole and thighs. Tori tapped my thighs to get me to spread stance so she could get a graphic shot of my cock in Lyca’s cunt and the heavy flow of wolfen grool and bull come that gushed down our legs.

Eventually Lyca loosened her grip and slipped back onto the picnic table. I pulled my cock out of her body.

She smiled.

“Time to sign,” she said as casually as if she had just been sitting around drinking beers, not fucking like rabbits. Tori dug out the papers she had worked up and I began reading them.

“It’s 1:00 now. The security detail will be here by 5:00,” Lyca said as I reviewed the contract. “The security camera and fencing folks will be here first thing tomorrow morning. Our planners will be here tomorrow also, to start planning out the additional structures required for the private milk viewing area, the stripper area, camming rooms, and the other initiatives. The techs and PR wolves will come by to start working with your herd on your social media presence. This is all very exciting!” she said.

My phone rang. I glanced down. It was my mother.

“Hi mom. We’re…” I started, but that was as far as I got before she interrupted me breathlessly.

“Brendan, watch out. Your grandmother is on the way. I told her about what happened this morning, then a few minutes ago she called and she was almost to your house. I think she intends to try to take charge.”

“I’d like to see her try,” I sneered, turning back to the contract. I heard a car coming down the driveway and looked up – it was my grandmother’s. I swore.

“Where do I sign?” I asked Lyca. She flipped to the last page of the contract and I scribbled out my John Hancock as my grandmother slammed her car into park and leapt out.

“I’m in charge here. Don’t you sign anything!” she called.

“I’m the bull,” I shot back. “You aren’t in charge of shit except getting the fuck off my land. You were going to send me to the cow pound to be put down, you festering fetid cunt. You’ve done enough damage already. Either get down on your knees, eat out my wife, and become a subservient little herd cow, or leave us the fuck alone. What’s your decision?”


My grandmother and I stared at each other. Silence descended upon us.

Let me pause the action for just a second and paint the picture, because it’s pretty entertaining. My grandmother is about 65. She has generally taken good care of herself, and if you are inclined in that direction, you would qualify her a gilf with a fit curvy body and relatively firm big chest. Her hair was white with a managed tint of platinum and pulled back in a pony tail. She wore a white blouse that was fairly business-like though plunging low enough to show the cleavage where her bra shoved her tits together, and a pair of tight jeans.

Also, worth noting, her name is Bibi. I always called her grandma, but with her recent antics I was done giving her an honorific. She has always been strong willed but she was totally over the top now.

Meanwhile, everyone else in this picture is naked and either a bull/cow or a she-wolf. I’m standing there, my immense bull cock is still partially erect and dribbling semen. All the cows are in the grass in the midst of what can best be called a steaming six-way, covered in cow grool and saffron milk. It is a hot mess of big jiggling udders. Xana, a beta she-wolf, has the camera now and is filming the milky, pierced, wet, gaping cow action. The cows are totally into the cam and are putting on an incredibly hot show. The scent of pussy and saffron fills the air. Tori, the other beta she-wolf is sitting at the picnic table next to her alpha, Lyca, who is folding up the contract and tucking it safely away in an attache, while saying she would email me a copy of the paperwork. Lyca’s ass and her spot on the picnic bench are soaking wet as streamers of my bull come and her wolfen grool continue to trickle from her cunt.

Okay, so with that graphic de***********ion, we can roll the action again…

“What did you say?” Bibi, said. “How dare you talk to your grandmother that way.”

“No, Bibi, how dare you talk to me that way,” I shot back. “You pushed my mother, my wife, my mother-in-law into this, forcing me into a corner. You wanted me dead. I’m not upset about being a bull or about having a herd of cows, but I am upset about how it came to be and upset that you planned to murder me. I understand you want to be a cow, that’s fine, but your behavior is not okay. If you want to be part of my herd, be courteous and respectful like the rest of us.”

Bibi’s eyes narrowed. “Oh, I get it. Now that you’re the bull, you think you’re hot shit. I know you, I’ve known you since you were a kid. I know that underneath you are still that little milquetoast wimp you’ve always been. So back down. You lose. I’m in charge here.”

I shook my head and simply said “No, you’re not.”

Lyca tapped me on the shoulder. “I have security staff on standby,” she said. “I can have a couple of burly wolf dudes here to escort her off the property inside fifteen minutes.”

“It’s fine,” I said. “I can handle her.”

“Okay,” Lyca nodded, then turned to my grandmother. “Women your age who become cows…” she began, but my grandmother cut her off.

“I don’t need help from a fucking dog,” Bibi said.

“You just should know that golden age women who…” Lyca started again, but again Bibi cut her off.

“Are you deaf or stupid? Get lost, mutt.”

Lyca made a dismissive gesture and stood up, gathering her clothes and belongings. She pecked me on the cheek.

“The security squad will be here by five, and I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of the team. If things get out of control with Ms. Personality here, just call. Thanks for your business and for the earth-shattering bull fuck. I look forward to getting more of that cock.” She stroked my meat one last time, gave Violet a hug, then gestured for Tori and Xana to follow her to the SUV.

As if an afterthought, Lyca came back with a black case and a large black duffel bag.

“The case has a couple of cameras, batteries, and memory sticks,” she said. “If you want to do some filming for stuff you can post on your OF or other sites when they are set up, have fun. The duffel bag has a ***********ion of toys. Tomorrow my team can work out what nasty little sex aids you want to use in your videos and stage shows, but these will get you started.”

She returned to her beta wolves by the SUV. They hopped in and took off without even bothering to pull on their clothes. The joys of being alternative humans.

I turned back to my grandmother. I’d had enough. I advanced on her, but she stood her ground. When I was right in front of her, she grabbed my horns as if she was going to try to strongarm me down to the ground. I stood stock still and she just ended up literally hanging off my horns.


I slapped her hard across the face, knocking her from her perch and sending her to the ground on all fours, holding her cheek. I grabbed her ponytail and forced her the rest of the way down, her face pressed hard against the gravel, her body laying prone on the driveway. I pushed my knee against her ass and held her down.

“Your rudeness was unnecessary, bitch,” I said. “The wolves are helping me, I won’t tolerate that behavior from you.”

“I’m the one who will decide what’s permitted, not you,” Bibi sneered. You would have thought that being forced to the ground would have been enough, but apparently not. The fact that my entire body was rippling with muscles and that I had a cock that could have torn her in two if I wanted wasn’t enough to mollify her either. I had to admit, my grandmother had spunk.

“Wrong,” I said. “You convinced my mother that turning me into a bull would help me overcome my temerity. Actually you were right, and I’m putting my foot down about you. This farm is mine, its operations are mine. My name is on the deed, and my name is on the contract with the wolves. I am the cows’ bull. I am in charge, period. So either be a decent human being or get the fuck off my land,” I said. I stood my ground, she was not pushing me around anymore.

Bibi looked angry, but her mouth stood open. Then slowly the anger faded, and it was replaced by shock. Then the shock slipped away to be replaced by uncertainty, then to disbelief, and finally to dismay. Tears welled in her eyes and ran down the dust on her nose and cheeks before sinking into the driveway pressed against her ear.

“But...but Brendan,” she finally said. “I’m getting old. I’m not ready for this. Help me. I want to be a cow, too.”

She looked really, really sad. And even though I had a newly-discovered bullish side, I still had feelings. And those feeling went out to my grandmother now that she was being real rather than obnoxious. I let go of her and stepped back, she rolled over and sat up in the gravel.

“Look,” I said. “I am fine with you being a cow, I’m fine with my mother joining us too. I just need you to understand you are not the alpha, you are not the beta. You will be the omega – the very bottom of the milking order. If you behave and be a good cow, someday you can become just another cow in the herd. But that is all you will ever be. And if you become a cow and don’t comply with orders, you will be brought to heel. What I did today was just the beginning, and if you don’t believe me, ask Lucy about her early days as a cow in my herd. And nobody associated with my herd will ever, ever, ever be sent to the cow pound. I never want to hear that word again. So can you accept my total domination as your bull?”

“I...I’ll be nice, I promise,” she said, looking mollified.

“Great,” I said. “See, wasn’t that easy? It’s been a long day and it’s just early afternoon. I’m exhausted. You can hang around here if you want, or you can come back. Tomorrow’s going to be nuts with the wolves coming back, and the day after is the farmer’s market. So maybe Sunday we can turn you into a cow. And we will be filming your conversion, so be prepared. Plan to get plowed and cowed on Sunday.”

Bibi nodded quietly and climbed to her feet. “I have some things I want to take care of,” she said, and headed to her car. Then she turned back and, to my surprise, gave me a big smile. She pulled her blouse open, tugged her tits free, and gave them a jiggle. “Have those cameras hot and ready on Sunday.” She winked, then got in the car and drove away.

I looked over at the cows. They had paused in their orgie to watch the little drama that had unfolded with Bibi, but had now gone back to sucking and fucking, elbows deep, in the clover – and occasionally munching that same clover. Helga had dumped out the dildos – there was a variety of shapes and sizes – and was working the camera as the cows got busy with their new toys.

I told them to save some milk for the customers, then picked a handful of that same clover for a snack and went inside to take a nap. I lay down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. What the fuck had I gotten myself into? Cows, wolves, magical milk, incest. Holy shit.

I heard a footstep in the doorway and turned. Alina came in and sat on the edge of the bed, smelling like sex and saffron. The heavy gold chain running between her large gold nipple rings glinted in the afternoon light.

“You okay?” she asked.

I nodded. “Yeah, just tired.”

“I’m really proud of how you handled your grandmother.”

“Thanks. Did you catch that it sounded like Lyca was trying to warn Bibi of something if she became a cow this late in life? Do you know what that was?”

“The later in life you become a cow, the more milk you produce, and the stronger your libido. Older cows sometimes have extra udders or can be horny as hell. I mean, look at the way my mom turned out, and your grandmother is twenty years older.”

“Does Bibi know this?” I asked.

“I assume she does. She sure as hell acts like she knows everything there is to know about being a cow. But after what I saw today – there is no way I’m telling her. At this point, if she hasn’t done her research, tough titty.”

“Yeah, all the more milk to sell and more tits in front of the paying audiences.”

Alina kissed me then headed back out presumably to rejoin the cow orgy already in progress. I closed my eyes and listened to the birds chirp and the occasional loud moan from the cows. It was peaceful.

I woke up when the security guys rolled in at 5:00. They were big, burly dudes with long gray beards the same tawny color as the she-wolves’ landing strip. They wore black jeans, black tanks, and black boots. They were a little scary at first blush, but they were real friendly and real professional. They began regular circuits around the perimeter of the farm.

Meanwhile, the cows were milking and when they finished, I gave them all a solid fuck, then loaded up Lucy’s and Alina’s asses with extra bull juice for the cows to suck out. The rest of the evening was mostly quiet.

I got up the next day bright eyed and bushy tailed. It was the start of a new day at Daisy and Clover Cow Farm. At 9:00 sharp a seeming convoy rolled in. Lyca climbed out of the lead SUV along with Tori, Xana, and three other similar women I shortly found out were Lyca’s other betas. The other betas spread out with the folks from the other SUVs. Some of the people they had brought looked like regular humans, others were clearly wolves – both male and female. The beta she-wolves were easy to spot – they had a certain something about them that made them stand out from the others.

Posts went in and fencing went up. Security cameras were mounted. Land surveys were conducted and plans drawn up. Websites were designed. Toys and cams were discussed. A lot of shit happened all at once. Lyca and her team did a pretty good job directing and filtering, but still my head spun.

By the end of the first day of wolves’ involvement, half of the farm was covered by the privacy fence (including the pasture where the gawkers like to stop), we had some first cuts of locations to put things like the cow bar and the milking viewing area, the pasture bleachers, and additional cow housing. A full security system covered the property perimeter, and all of the cows had their own Insta pages.

Late in the afternoon, I sat talking to Lyca.

“The farmer’s market is tomorrow,” I said. “There’s so much going on, should I forget about that?”

“Nope, I have another team already standing by to get twenty or so gallons there. I doubt you will sell a lot of product there, but it will be good for publicity. You need to have two or three of your cows come with you, in addition to your wife. We don’t want them doing anything crazy, but having naked cows hanging out will attract attention. We can have them fill cups of milk straight from the taps to give out as free samples. People will love it. Everybody loves naked cows. Plus, I bet we will pick up a couple additional candidates to become cows. If we don’t, we have a list of women who have contacted the pack about becoming a cow, we can start reaching out to them.”

“Cool, I’ll ask the cows tonight for volunteers. Oh, also, Sunday my grandmother is coming over to be turned into a cow. We’re filming it.”

“So you guys made your peace?”

“Yes, once she realized I was not taking her bullshit she actually got all weepy, I don’t think she will be a problem. And Alina told me about the risks with older women becoming cows. If Bibi gets a bunch of udders hanging off her chest, that’s her problem.” I paused. “You’re not bothered by my grandmother getting fucked by her grandson?”

“Nope,” Lyca said. “Cows, bulls, wolves – we do that sort of thing all the time. All my betas are my daughters, and we all keep each other happy.”

That night when I was giving the cows their evening fuck after their milking, I asked who wanted to come to the market in addition to Alina. Lucy, obviously, volunteered, as did Angela and Violet.

The next day we got an early start and headed out to the market. It was just under an hour away and we got there and set up for the opening time of 8:00. We gave out a bunch of samples in cups we squeezed right from the cows’ tits, and even let two raffle winners have milk squirted directly into their mouths – though they had to stay about a foot back from the cows. We let folks take pictures with the cows, and I even pulled off my clothes for about an hour so customers could get a gander at the bull. Within minutes of me disrobing, we had three possible candidates to become cows we needed to follow up with for interviews later.

The market lasted six hours and after packing up, we were home by 4:00. The perimeter fence was about done, and work was continuing apace on a lot of fronts. The farm was a hive of activity.

The cows went into the barn for their milking and I sat out at the picnic table watching the mayhem. My phone rang. It was my mother.

Me: “Hi Mom.”

Mom: “Hi Brendan. I understand your grandmother is coming by tomorrow to be turned into a cow.”

Me: “Yes, we’re going to film it, too.”

Mom. “Cool.” Long pause. “I’ve decided I’m in. We don’t have to do it right away, but when you think you’re ready to have me, I’m ready too.”

Me: “I’m glad, I want you in my herd so badly...”

Mom: “Me too. When do you want to do this?”

Me: “I want to do you separate from Bibi. I don’t want her overshadowing you. I want all the social media stuff to be set up, and the livestreaming ready. I want this to be a cow fuck for the ages. Can you wait just a few more days until we have everything lined up?”

Mom: “Yes, just tell me when, I will be there...”

Me: “Can I ask you one question, though? It’s a question a bull asks his cows, and I kind of want to know…”

Mom: “Ask me anything. I’m now just your subservient little slut cow.”

Me: “Oral, anal, or vaginal?”

Mom: “I want your bull cock all the way up my ass. No hesitation. And I can guarantee that’s what your grandmother wants too.”

My bull cock was rock hard. Forget my grandmother, I wanted my mom. I wanted to turn her into a cow and sodomize her.

Me: “That is so hot. I don’t care about Bibi, I can’t wait to suck my mom’s milky cow tits and then stretch open your cow meaty asshole and slide in my bull cock.”

Mom: “And I can’t wait to have a meaty cow asshole you can pound with your massive bull cock 24/7. I want to be my son’s milky, subservient cow slut. I am your cow whore, part of your cow herd, I will do what you tell me to do. Holy shit, I am so wet right now.”

I could hear her masturbating...

Me: “My bull cock is rock hard...I am so ready to turn you…”

Mom: Moans. “Christ, I just fucking came like a faucet...”

Once my mom came down from Olympus, we wrapped up and I promised her I would follow up in a couple of days. Then I went into the barn and dumped endless loads into the cows’ bottomless holes while thinking of how it would feel to sodomize my mom’s cow ass.

Before I went to bed, I decided I would make sure Bibi was gently reminded who was in charge. I called her at 11:00 PM and told her to be there at 2:00 sharp the next afternoon. She was very subservient and agreeing. She was also very aroused and asked questions about what to wear, etc. I decided to pose the question I asked my mom to her, and as my mom predicted, my grandmother wanted anal. She also dropped a cryptic hint about what her cow chest might look like that led me to think she was hoping for non-standard udders.

By the time I hung up, I was pretty sure she was masturbating.

Sunday morning I approved the plans for building the cow bar, the milking viewing area, the camming house, and additional cow housing. All the cows got their OF sites that morning and were pretty keyed up to start posting and streaming, though they had to use their bedrooms. The first live stream was taken that morning as I gave my wife and her mother a load of bull cock and juice – and the rest of the herd drank my semen from their assholes. Then I went around and fucked each cow in their preferred hole.

Despite that, I was still keyed up when early afternoon came around. We had cams ready to go in the barn and the feeds live when she pulled up at 2:00 exactly. I stood at the entrance to the barn as watched as she slipped from her car.

I had been wearing just a pair of shorts, but as she got out of the car, I pushed them to the ground and let my purple, pulsating bull cock loose.

She wore a spaghetti strap tank that was thin and showed her big, wide granny nipples underneath. She had on a similarly light-colored pair of short tights that clung to her cameltoe.

She walked slowly towards me, swaying her hips side to side as she approached. I had to admit, she was hot. Even putting aside the whole cow thing, I wanted to fuck her.

I held up my hand and she stopped.

“Crawl,” I said.

There were workers around, including wolves, and they all seemed to hear me say that because a lot of them turned to watch. My grandmother dropped to her knees and slowly crawled towards me. I could see down into her cleavage between her big granny tits. She stopped when she was at my feet.

“I’m ready,” she said softly, looking up at me with doe eyes. “You’re my bull. I’m just another subservient cow. I’m not the alpha, I’m the omega. I’m the lowest, milkiest, anal whore cow on the milking order. Every other cow is higher up the chain than me.”

“Yes, you are the lowest cow. But every day you are a young, beautiful, milky, bimbofied cow, you need to show your gratitude. Every single day. You won’t be elevated to being a regular cow until I see you are sufficiently grateful enough. Until then, you are just the omega, the bottom cow. The lowest milky anal slut on the farm. Do you understand?”

“I do. And being the lowest, filthiest, milky cow slut on the farm makes me so hot.”

I slapped my grandmother hard across the face, she flinched but then turned her reddened face back up to me, smiling. I yanked off her top roughly, scraping it across her flesh, leaving scratches, and letting her big tits swing free. Then I pushed her back onto all fours and jerked off her shorts. She sat there on her hands and knees, looking up at me with dampened doe eyes, her face inches from my bull cock that was hard and throbbing.

I stepped to the side and slapped Bibi’s face then her ass, nudging her into the barn and closing the door after her.

The cows were sitting to the side of the milking area of the barn, watching. There were two cams on stands, with Tori and Xana operating them. Lyca stood to the side.

In the center of the milking area, on a single chair, was Alina, nude.

“Alina is my wife,” I said. “She’s the alpha cow. You always follow her directions like my own. She’s the one you need to eat out to join my herd. Crawl to her.”

I slapped my grandmother’s ass again and she began crawling on her hands and knees towards Alina. As she went, I had a moment of concern, so I stepped forward and grabbed her head by the hair, pulling it back. She stopped and looked up at me, her eyes registering concern and a little fear.

“Unlike you, I’m not a total piece of shit, so I can’t let you do this without being 100% sure you know what you might be getting into,” I said, looking down at her. “You do understand that a woman of your age can end up with unusual udders, right? And an exceptional sex drive?”

My grandmother smiled up at me, an honest, kind smile. Something I hadn’t seen before.

“I like you as a bull,” she said. “You’re kind. I don’t deserve you as my bull or Alina as my alpha. Yes, I know what I am going to end up looking like, and I’m excited about it. Thank you.”

“You’re fucking right you don’t deserve me, whore,” I replied. Letting her hair go and giving her one more slap across her cheek just because I felt like it. I gestured to my wife, who had her legs open and was gently massaging her thick cow clit that was standing up hard a couple of inches above her soaked cunt and asshole. Alina’s gargantuan cow udders trickled saffron tinged milk. As Bibi approached her, she pulled my grandmother’s face up to a big, pierced tit, squeezing out a thick streamer of milk into her mouth.

Alina slipped her finger into her gold nipple ring and stretched out her tit while Bibi licked and sucked at the milky piercing. She switched from one breast to the other, gulping down thick streamers of cow milk. Meanwhile Xana and Tori captured the action, filming ever single move and livestreaming on our cow farm’s website. I moved to the monitor and checked the stats - there were about fifty people watching the action, and the crowd was growing.

I felt a sense of nervousness that I had never felt for any of the other cows I had converted. I think that the uncertainty as to what, exactly, my grandmother would look like once she ate out Alina contributed to it. I gulped down my nerves and moved back to where Bibi was breastfeeding at my wife’s udders. I gently pulled Bibi back and moved her face between Alina’s thighs.

“It’s time for you to become a cow,” I said, pushing my grandmother’s face into my wife’s cunt.

Bibi didn’t need any encouragement. She dove into Alina’s slit, pulling apart her meaty cow labia and lapping up and down her slit. She slid two, three, four fingers into Alina’s soaked asshole, then slipped her tongue inside her cunt, teasing the flesh in between. Alina leaned her head back and moaned, sliding three fingers into her slit and pulling herself open for Bibi’s tongue to reach deep inside.

Bibi ate out Alina for at least five solid minutes, the beta she-wolves filming the entire session. It was hot, it was smoking, it was incredible. Bibi’s hair was soaked to her head with Alina’s cunt juice and milk. But I noticed that Bibi wasn’t transitioning. She hadn’t grown horns, her tits hadn’t filled with milk, she hadn’t gotten all bimbofied. Nothing.

I was becoming concerned when Bibi suddenly stiffened and froze. I gulped. This had not happened with any of the other cows. It had always been a super smooth transition. Everyone stared.

It happened all at once. Six inch horns erupted from her head. Bibi’s hips shifted and became perfect, sculpted thighs and ass. Her waist narrowed giving her a perfect hourglass. Her asshole and cunt thickened and turned dark, meaty and gaping. Her hair turned a practically blinding white with only a tiny hint of blonde around the edges. Her face – her entire body - went from looking like her sixties to looking like her thirties, with the usual cow bimbo adjustments – full lips, long lashes, perfect bimbo features. Most of her pubic hair disappeared, but a landing strip of cow fur ran from just above her clit to just below her navel.

And then there were her udders.

Imagine an immense water balloon that is all one balloon but is slightly pinched into three individual sections. Then imagine two of these three-sectioned balloons side-by-side running vertically up and down a woman’s chest from just below her shoulder to just above her waist, with each of the balloon segments having it’s own big, brown aureole and nipple.

Another way to look at it is if you’ve ever been to Jackson Hole and seen the Tetons with the three big peaks towering up there above the massive mountain – imagine two of those three-topped ridges running shoulder-to-waist on either side of Bibi’s chest and stomach.

Or maybe you would prefer the image of a banana float sundae - a big banana topped with three individual piles of ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. Now imagine two of these running up and down the sides of my grandmother’s chest.

Actually, I think I like the ice cream image best of all.

Whichever image works for you is fine. But either way, the sight was pretty impressive. A big milky sac with three tits stacked on the left side of her chest, another big milky sac with three tits stacked on the right side of her chest. All of them dribbling milk even as Bibi’s asshole and pussy gaped wide and dripped out cunt juice.

I hadn’t even bull-fucked her once, and her holes were already wide open.

Bibi leaned back and ran her hands up and down her two big, triple-sectioned udders. Then she looked at me and beamed.

“Is my bull happy with his filthy subservient slut grandmother’s big cow udders?”

The question was pretty much unnecessary, because my bull cock was hard, purple, and starting to trickle a lot of bull juice. The other cows had come over and knelt around me, taking turns licking the trickling come from my cock so as not to waste any.

“Your bull is very happy with them,” I said. “Now I need at least two gallons of milk before I welcome you officially to the herd, whore.” Lucy brought long tubes that attached to the industrial milkers, but she only brought two. Bibi shook her head.

“You’re going to have to do better than that,” she said, in her sultry, cow voice. Lucy left and returned with four more long milkers that she attached to Bibi’s big tits. My hot cow bimbo grandmother now had six milking tubes attached to all six of her tits, leading back to the industrial milkers. Her head slowly sank backwards and she slid a hand down between her thighs, slowly stroking her meaty cow cunt. She looked up at the camera that was filming this whole event and smiled.

Lyca slipped over and handed Bibi a big, fat dildo. It had to be five inches in diameter and a couple feet long. Bibi set the dong on the mat where she knelt and pushed her cow cunt down the shaft, squeezing out thick streamers of cow grool from her hole. As it pushed deeper into her body, more streamers of grool slid from her meaty, wide-open asshole.

I glanced over at the milkers, they had already sucked out a gallon and Bibi looked like she had barely even scratched the surface. The monitor that showed the camshow was up to 500 viewers and was raking in the cash. Bibi looked up at the camera and gave it her best orgasmic face, then bent over and showed the camera where the dildo was penetrating her soaking cunt, causing her deep, fleshy, crinkled asshole to gape even wider and reveal the pink flesh inside. Xana got a super close-up of her distended asshole.

The milker was already up to three gallons of milk. I slipped up behind Bibi and kissed her neck, running my hands up along her sides, touching the edges of her big tits. She smelled of perfume, saffron, and pussy.

“It’s time for you to join my herd, slag,” I said. “You can take off the milkers. You met your quota.”

“But they feel so good,” she said, pulling my hand against one of her tits and using it to squeeze it. “Can I leave them on while you fuck my asshole? And the dildo too – it feels so good inside my cervix. Pretty please? I promise to be a good cow. I promise to be the best, milkiest, most subservient, most sluttiest cow you have in your herd. I can’t wait to be the omega cow, the bottom of the milking order, the lowest rung of the ladder, the whorest of whores, the one all the other cows spit on. But can I leave them on?”

She leaned forward and pointed her asshole at me. Her big udders hung down in front of her, the milkers hanging off them like some kind of kinky jewelry. Her cunt was full of dildo and the pressure made a massive lobe of crumpled pink flesh stick out of her ass four or five inches.

Xana was shooting over my shoulder, so the folks watching had a clear view of my grandmother’s extended assflesh.

For all the resentment I had built up against my grandmother over the past week, I was hot and hard and ready to drive my meat home. My bull cock was purple and pulsating. Thick streamers of bull semen were assaying from the tip. I shot a single load of come across her domed ass flesh and used my thumbs to pull the hole at the center open wide for the camera. I gaped her as wide as I dared, but felt like her cavernous asshole could have even gone wider. It was clear my grandmother’s raggedy ass was no stranger to anal from way before she became a cow. Then I slowly started sliding my bull cock inside my grandmother’s cow anus.

Xana had moved and had the camera hovering just a couple feet above my meat and my grandmother’s hole, so the audience had a clear view of my cock going into her. She moved the camera for a moment to show the tubes attached to Bibi’s tits and the steady stream of milk pumping out, then she came back to my cock. I pushed all the way in until my stomach bumped against Bibi’s perfect ass. She moaned hard and wiggled her body, making the plastic pumping tubes clack against each other.

“God, I feel like this is the moment I’ve been waiting for my entire life,” she murmured as I began pistoning my bull cock in and out of her. I could feel the dildo in her cunt pressing against my meat, heightening the sensation. Pulses of bull come shot from my cock into her ass, filling her up, overflowing her as I continued to sodomize my grandmother. I felt her come repeatedly. Her ass flesh gripped my meat and slipped in and out of her crinkly sphincter with my strokes.

I glanced over again at the milkers. The flow of milk had slowed to a trickle. She had maxed out at six gallons – one per breast. That sent a fresh surge through me a even more bull juice slid from my cock.

Bibi had felt her flow slacken, so she had begun disconnecting the pumps from her tits. I reached around and felt one of her newly-freed nipples. It was hard and blood engorged. I squeezed it and stretched it out. She moaned and pulled one of the others even further.

I cranked up the pace of my fucking, reaming my grandmother in and out, harder and harder. Her assflesh gripped my cock and slid nearly a foot out of her sphincter with each stroke. Her six big tits jiggled and I reached around to squeeze them. Already I could feel fresh milk starting to fill them up. That made me even hotter. More bull semen rocketed into her ass.

I pushed her back down to all fours and pulled out of her ass, leaving her gushing with a huge lobe of crinkled, red inflamed flesh hanging out of her sphincter. I pulled the dildo out of her cunt, and drove my cock to the hilt once in her slit, then I moved around to her face and hovered my still-pulsing cock in front of her mouth. When she opened her lips, I pushed all two feet down her throat, then pulled back out.

She just smiled at me.

“Am I good cow?” she asked, looking up at me with her big brown cow eyes with long lashes.

“You might be an adequate cow, and if you keep up this way,” I said to her. I slapped her once across the face then added “But you are still the bottom of the milking order. Don’t expect another fuck like this until you’ve proven what a good cow you are, worthless whore.”

Xana moved the camera back to a stand and a more generic camera angle to capture the afterglow as I kissed my newest cow and the other cows came around to congratulate her. The pulsing of my cock slowed.

I moved to the side and sat down, taking a drink of water and watching the chats in the webcam room. Lyca came up beside me.

“You made some pretty good cash off that show, but it’s only a drop in the bucket compared to where we’ll ultimately get. My betas are going to clean up here. I’m going home for now, but I will be back tomorrow. We need to have our first official inspection. Have you read through the documents and watched the videos about the inspection process I told you about?”

“I haven’t yet,” I said. “I’ve been a little busy.”

“I understand. Now would be a good time to go up and watch those videos, so you know what to expect tomorrow, okay?”

I nodded. Lyca gave me a peck on the cheek and a quick lick of bull semen from the end of my cock, then walked out of the barn. A second later I heard her SUV start up outside.

I told the cows I would be back in a couple hours for the evening fuck, then went up to my office in the farmhouse. I found the paperwork Lyca had given me, and started up the instructional video about the cow and bull inspection process.

Once I had watched the video – twice – I leaned back in the chair.

The next day was going to be...interesting.

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