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Pamela's sectoid grows to its full, adult size, and its overriding instinct is to procreate.
[ All characters in this story are adults. Pamela's daughter, Adeline, is 22 years old, as stated in the first chapter. Also the story never depicts actual sex acts with Adeline, only mentions them - entirely ethical for an adult with Downs. ]

Adeline's lactation disappeared over the next few days. Her breasts fit the larger bra quite comfortably but hadn't shrank much for the lack of milk. Her mother donated her old bras to a thrift shop. They bought new ones in the right size from a discount clothing store.

Pamela, however, had to express a few ounces from her breasts every morning. She was amazed by how strong her orgasms remained after days of masturbation while the sectoid fed on her. She had taken to getting off twice a day, and still she felt horny at work. Except the performing women and generous men played no part in her constant arousal.

The pain in her nipples came and went, but over the days, she adjusted to their incredible sensitivity. Pamela was careful to search for signs of infection whenever her nipples hurt.

Another week of incredible sex and taking care of her wonderful, adult child, passed happily.

It was a day just before her 'weekend', when the sectoid failed to appear while Pamela, fully naked, masturbated upon her bed. The vibrator felt inadequate for her needs, but it was just used to get her started.

Half an hour of tepid stimulation went by, and still there was no sign of the bug. Pamela stopped to prevent chaffing, although her pussy was dripping ready for more action.

She donned her robe and sat on the side of her bed after storing her vibrator away. Had the thing escaped their house? Had one of her pitiful attempts to poison it finally caught up with the creature? She sat for a while in contemplation.

"MOMMA!" Adeline shrieked from the living room. "YOU DIDN'T!" She cried. "You promised!"

Pamela flew out of her room and found her daughter standing before large pile of something strange. The adult child was sobbing at the unmoving heap.

"Adeline!" The mother pleaded. "I didn't do anything to the bug! I don't know what that is." She kelt to the floor to examine it closer. The pile of bits were the same color as the bug but much lighter in shade. They were translucent however and piled together, they looked like they had belonged to the sectoid.

Pamela dared to touched the heap. A fragment of chitin toppled from the heap. Then she understood. "Honey, our bug isn't dead." Probably not, she thought to herself. "It's transformed into a new phase of its life. That's what a butterfly does. You know about Butterflies, right?"

Her daughter's sobs quieted slowly as the adult child contemplated the famous and wondrous lifecycle. "Really?"

"I think so, Sweetie. This is the shell that our bug left behind when it transformed. It's just like skin that peels off after a sunburn, except the bug is suppose to shed its hard skin or it can't grow."

"Wow." Adeline said softly.

The mother then gulped at the possibilities which sprang to mind. The utmost priority was to assure her daughter. "When a bug changes into a new form, it could look like anything. Don't be scared if you see something new. It could be larger and shaped very differently."

Pamela wasn't happy to be suggesting to her vulnerable daughter that the sectoid's new phase would be harmless. However if she said the creature might be dangerous, she doubted the adult child would believe her. The trust between them was still recovering from her lie weeks ago. "Now I'm going to say something important. Please, if you see it, do not touch it or let it get close to you." Pamela added less truthfully. "We don't want to frighten it. It may not remember us. Promise me that you'll call me right away, so we can watch it carefully to figure what it has changed into."

"I promise, Momma." Adeline looked a little frighted after her tears subsided. She was glad to make that promise.

Pamela didn't sleep easily that night, certain that the sectoid had reached a new stage in its lifecycle. She got up and turned on all the lights in her home, while checking ever nook for the third time that day.

She found it in the small utility closet, behind the filled laundry basket, which she had looked behind previously.

It was huge. How it fit in that dark corner amazed her. The thing looked like an American football on steroids, and that was just its abdomen. Its thorax and head jutted another three inches from its armored hind end. Roughly trapezoidal, it crouched in the dark, shallow gap as if afraid to explore the world.

Pamela had seen one just like it, when she first encountered the now decimated swarm. A rat nearly as big as the bug, had been devouring it rapaciously. The memory made her feel a little sorry for the otherwise intimidating creature.

Talking to it would accomplish nothing, but she told it anyway. "Don't you even think of scaring my daughter! Or touching her." She nodded sharply.

Backing away from the laundry basket, Pamela called behind her. "Adeline. Adeline?" She raised her voice slowly, hoping not to startle the full grown sectoid."

On the third call of her daughter's name. Adeline responded. "Momma?"

"In the kitchen, Honey. I found it. You can see it if you want."

Adeline found her mom standing int the utility nooks' slatted doorway. "Where, Momma? Where?"

Her mother pointed to the basket. "It's behind that. Move slowly, Honey, if you want a look. We don't want to startle it." Pamela imagined, if the huge thing took flight, what a terrible fright that might be for her daughter.

Adeline eased into the space, peeking around the laundry. She gasped but not loudly, "Momma! She's-" Then abruptly, the young woman backed away, slipped past her mother, turned, and ran to her room. "Bright eyes." She worried aloud.

That was the name of her stuffed opossum. Pamela blinked. Confused, she retreated from the nook. Adeline returned with her toy in hand. She looked relieved. "I brought it a friend."

The mentally challenged young woman never ceased to surprise and delight her mother. Pamela wished that the stuffed animal could be appreciated by the transformed insect. She almost cried, her own appreciation for her daughter's gift, welling warmly in her heart. She hugged her dearest strongly. Adeline returned the hug tenuously.

They parted. "You can certainly try." The mother got out of her daughter's path to the nook. "But be very gentle."

Adeline went to the nook and crouched. She set her fake pet on the tile floor and slowly scooted it to the open side of the laundry basket. "Come out and play, you nice big bug. This friend wants to say hello."

The bug remained tucked as tightly as it could behind the tall, wicker basket.

"It's okay, Sweetheart. You did your best. Remember that it's looking at the world as if it was just born. Maybe it'll come out in a day or two." Pamela actually thought it might leave its hiding spot within an hour of being left alone, but she didn't want her daughter to get her hopes up.

"Won't she get hungry?"

"I'll leave a bowl of milk for it before we go to bed."

"Okay!" Pamela stood and backed away, leaving her toy in the nook.

"Don't you want Bright Eyes?"

"Yes." Adeline sounded a little confused by the question. Without another word, she walked rather quickly towards her room.

"Why do you think it's a female?" Her mother thought to ask.

"I know, Momma." She disappeared into her room and shut the door.

Pamela promised to think about that along her bus ride. It was time for her to go to work. She was grateful that her daughter hadn't freaked out at 'their' bug's incredible new size.

Work that night was as dull as butter or would have been if the mother hadn't constantly worried if her daughter was in danger or became frightened from the bug. She should have called in sick. As a result, her results at work suffered. Mr. Sykes called her into his office.

"You haven't been selling the booze as much as you used to, Pamela. Is something the matter?"

"I'm just worried about my daughter. We're dealing with a very strange situation at the moment."

"Huh, well, I suppose I can care a little about that, but you better do better starting tomorrow, or I'll have a more serious talk with you, and I will care a lot less."

"Of course, Mr. Sykes. She thought it best to speak formally. I'm sure I'll turn things around soon."

Dale Sykes shook his head with disappointment. "Go on home now and deal with whatever it is."

"Yes, Sir." Pamela was able to catch the bus home an hour earlier than usual.

She entered the apartment and was met by total darkness. She switched on the entry light and called her daughter's name. There was no reply. The rest of their home was filled with gloom. She went to Adeline's room, switching on the hall light along the way. "Adeline?" She called and knocked.

A loud gasp answered. "Momma! Aaahh! I'm-"

Pamela's face flushed red hot. "I'm sorry, Honey. Didn't mean to disturb you."

"IT's Uuunngh! Okay!"

The mother crept away from the door, embarrassment prodding her. She felt a little envious too, that her daughter was so free to enjoy her body's natural urges. Pamela took pride in her daughter's freedom from shame, and she began to forgive herself. She went into the main room. She was about to switch on the light when a scurrying sound screeched across the floor where it was darkest.

The woman paused. It had to be the sectoid. It sure was loud on its feet. She guessed that it was sensitive to bright lights. Returning to her room, she took an ever-ready flashlight from he dresser and covered the lens with a thin cloth. Perhaps it wouldn't fear a dim light as much.

Pamela returned to the gloomy living room and switched on her torch. It cast just enough illumination to prevent bumping into things or tripping. She crept to the kitchen and shined her light. The huge insect turned around and looked up from the tile floor. Behind it, a saucer of milk had been placed in the nook's entrance. Bright Eyes the opossum was sitting on its haunches next to the bowl, as if sharing her meal. The sectoid's eyes were tiny considering its new size, but they shined like reflectors along highways.

"Hello." She felt silly saying it, but it allowed her to allay lingering fear. The creature stood its ground. If its antennae hadn't been waving, she wouldn't have seen them. They swayed side to side, back to front, and even round and round. Was it sensing for danger?

"Honestly, I don't know what we can do about you. You're so big!" She talked to make herself more comfortable in its intimidating presence.

Her mood turned awkward. "Well, good night." Pamela retreated to her room and went to bed. She flipped on all the lights therein before tucking herself in. It took an hour to fall asleep.

The woman woke with a start. "Adeline!" In a dream, the huge sectoid had appeared abruptly and started chewing through her daughter's shirt!

"What time is it?" The brightly lit room gave no indication. Her phone read 8:37. Six hours of sleep wasn't terrible, but before Pamela could try to sleep longer, she had to pee. She tread slowly into the lit hallway. The bathroom's door was open but it wasn't lit within. She peeked and was greeted by the huge sectiod's waving antennae. The creature attempted to hide behind the sink's cabinet and the tub, but its head and thorax stuck out.

So far the bug hadn't made any movement towards her. Pamela considered switching on the light, but that might have startled it, and the last thing she wanted was a huge flying creature rushing out. Her bladder didn't care about the horror. She stepped in slowly and pried up the toilet lid. She took off her robe but used it like a matador's cape between her and the bug. Settling on the seat, she managed to cover her legs and waist while pulling down her panties.

Warm pee sizzled into the pot. She breathed a little easier. The bug hadn't budged. Its antennae halted their waving when the sound of pee hitting water issued, but that was its only reaction.

They held a staring contest, its eyes as reflective as ever. Neither cracked a smile nor grimace.

The footlong stalks wriggled slightly when the sound ended and Pamela wiped herself. She continued to stare at it, keeping the tissue pressed to the top of her slit. A new level of disgust filled her gut. She then realized what a mistake it had been to use the previous incarnation's grotesque form as a catalyst for orgasms.

Her fingers let go of the damp tissue and began to rub her clitoris. A slight moan sang around the room. The sectoid's antennae trembled while the woman slowly masturbated. It took slow steps out of its ineffective hiding space.

Pamela rammed two fingers into her cunt. They were instantly soaked with lubrication, and she fucked them quickly in an out while her thumb strummed the bulging clit. "Don't get any closer." She warned, half groaning from surprisingly strong arousal.

Each step the creature took, spurred Pamela to greater horniness. She finger fucked frantically when its antenna reached out and tapped her robe where it covered her knees.

"This is crazy!" She leaped up, shucked her panties, and darted through the door! Entering her room, she dived on her brightly lit bed, landing face down.

However Pamela took no pride from escaping the creature's shining eyes. She was too close to cumming! Unable to deny herself, she rolled onto her back and resumed masturbating - but less stridently. She kept her eyes on the open doorway to her room while fingering her greedy puss.

Her climax nearly erupted when the sectoid's angular head peered around the doorway. Apparently it could traverse brightly lit areas when it needed to. Pamela could only imagine what the new phase of bug needed from her.

The previous one had wanted milk. Even having accepted being aroused by the bug's not-yet-established-danger, Pamela recoiled at the thought of letting the huge figure straddle her body and drink from her now barely lactating breasts. "Stay out there." She hissed and began pinching her nipples. Her body arched upward. Bolts of lightning stabbed through her nerves and fried her brain. "AAAAAAA!! UUUHHHHH!!!" She howled! Her torso slammed upon the bed and shuddered from a prolonged orgasm. "OOoooohhh!!!"

It was incredible! Not only was her cum earth-shattering, that she could get shattered by the presence of such an awful-looking creature, astonished the quivering woman.

"Momma?" Adeline called from down the hall. Abruptly, the sectoid hurled itself upward and fanned its wings. It's great, frantic span brushed the sides of the doorway when it entered, five feet above ground!

"Adeline, stay back!" Her mother shouted and lurched into a protective ball. The sectoid flew over the bed and landed on the side farthest from the entrance. Pamela rolled off in the other direction and landed on her feet. She sprang through the door and rushed to meet her daughter!

"Momma!" The younger woman embraced her naked mother. "Did she frighten you?"

"Oh, Honey, I'm a mess and a wreck!" Pamela babbled spastically. She returned her daughter's hug but looked back to her room.

"Oh, Mommy, I love you." The adult child sniffed and hung her chin on her mother's shoulder.

"I-it's- I mean, Momma is okay - or will be, as long as that thing stays wherever it is.

"She's probably under your bed, Momma. Why is your room real bright? She doesn't like that."

"I didn't want her in there." Pamela didn't want to also admit that, having locked her door before going to bed, the bright lights made her feel safer. The mother sensed something newly disturbing. Adeline was as naked as she was!

Not the worst thing, given their lives' crazy circumstances. The mother quickly pulled out of her daughter's embrace, but she smiled to hide her guilt. "Thank you for checking on me. I'm sorry I yelled out."

"It's okay, Momma." Adeline said plainly. "I yell out sometimes." She could have meant any kind of yell, but Pamela had to swallow a bullet of shame, certain that her daughter meant joyous outcries.

The older woman took deep breaths to calm herself. She maintained a happy smile for her unperturbed, adult child who stood calmly looking down the hall.

Pamela's smile fell open when she saw her daughter's crotch! It was very red and the younger woman unconsciously rubbed her groin as if it itched slightly. "Adeline! Your crotch is infected again!"

"Huh?" She gave her mother a curious look.

"You're scratching yourself!"

Adeline looked down, frowned. "Yeah. I ran out of medicine cream."

"You should have told me." The mother wondered if her daughter had been using too much of the cream. The tube had been quite large. "We'll go the clinic as soon as it opens."


The events of their newly formed houseguest fled the mother's mind. She put her attention on dressing to escort her daughter. Their bus reached the clinic just as it was opening and Adeline was immediately seen by a nurse practitioner.

"The infection is not a pronounced." The unfamiliar nurse peered at the records of Adeline's previous visit. "I don't think antibiotics are required this time. They are so over proscribed these days. I'll write a pre***********ion for more anti-fungal and anti-infection ointment, but I'm surprised the first one ran out so quickly. A tube that size usually lasts several months." The nurse asked Adeline sternly. "How much are you using each time?"

"Not a lot." The woman girl shrank back.

"Show us, Honey." Pamela held out finger and thumb, shrinking and growing the gap to indicate a length of ointment.

Adeline's hand indicated a gap of about an inch.

"Hmmm." The nurse didn't like being sidelined by a parent, but she worried up at Pamela. "She must be using it frequently. Perhaps I should order another sequence of anti-biotics, unless you're comfortable monitoring your daughter's status."

"I'm comfortable with that, Ma-am."

They left the clinic with a full tube of ointment and a medical bill with way too many digits.

"Thank you, Momma."

Pamela wasn't sure what Adeline was thanking her for, but it didn't matter. She considered the possibility that her daughter might be washing her groin too often and/or too harshly. She discussed her concern while they rode the bus home, but Adeline described perfectly reasonable bathing habits.

The daughter then mentioned, "I got my period again."

"Seriously?" Pamela spoke without thinking. Her daughter's last period had end just over a week earlier. She considered taking another bus back to the clinic, but the expense persuaded her to rationalize that women's bodies, while not a complete mystery, could often upset expectations. Sighing, she wished she had bought more maxi-pads before boarding.

The mother looked under her bed when she reached her room. She had turned off all the apartment's lights before going to the clinic. The sectiod had left her room. She found it behind the laundry basket and refrained from disturbing it.

Adeline was in the bathroom, applying ointment. She assigned a few chores to her daughter before taking her outside and waiting for the work van to pick up the adult girl.

She had laundry to do for the both of them, but the bug's presence was a puzzle to be figured out. She succeeded at calmly driving the creature into the living room, by shuttering all the windows and shining the flashlight behind the wicker basket. It scuttled by her, antennae waving nervously.

While three loads of wash ran one after another, she scrubbed the kitchen and vacuumed her room. She considered cleaning Adeline's room, but the mother had made a promise to herself, to only go in there with Adeline's permission and presence. She felt that giving her daughter a space for personal autonomy was very important for a woman unable to earn one in the world. That didn't mean she didn't supervise Adeline to regularly clean the room. They usually had a pleasant time sharing that chore.

Having finished 'enough cleaning for a day,' Pamela smiled at her daughter's closed door as she headed to her own bedroom for a nap. She shut her door and quickly fell asleep.

The alarm woke her with plenty of time to prepare for Adeline's return and going to work. Her pussy awoke with a not so subtle need for sex.

She got out of bed to fetch her vibrator but also to open her door. The light of an overcast afternoon, filtered through curtains, lit her room dimly. Pamela took off her panties and nightshirt and lay on her back. She teased her furry muff with the head of her toy without switching it on. She kept her eyes on the open doorway.

Her pussy lubricated quickly, and she was about to start the vibrator when the huge sectoid crept into the room, its antennae waving all around.

Curiosity had driven her to discover what the large version of her strange partner would do while she masturbated. It was clearly attracted to the sounds or perhaps the scents of her self-pleasuring. But when it, with great caution, inched up the end of her bed, she gasped!

Gods, it was such a fright, standing on the far edge while she lay naked before it. She clamped her legs together, held her breath, and waited.

Like a blind man, the creature tapped its long antennae up her body, testing her from feet to waist. When one stalk touched her glistening vee of hair, the other flew to the spot, and both tried to insert their tips into her crotch.

Pamela wanted to leap away, but sheer sexual arousal fortified her courage. It was just 'tasting' her, she guessed and tried humor to calm herself. "At least you could buy me a drink before-"

The creature stepped forward, its six legs straddling her ankles.

What the fuck, Pamela? Get out, now! But creeping panic was smothered by intense horniness and burgeoning curiosity. She dared not let herself imagine what awful things could potentially happen. She focused on its glittering, multi-lensed eyes.

There came a certain disappointment when the creature continued forward, its head totally ignoring her wet sex. She spread her arms when each antenna found her heaving breasts and swept along turgid nipples. This allowed the sectoid to straddle her belly, its forelegs stopping astride below her tits. The head bent down by a few degrees, but what could be described as a tongue, nearly a foot in length and narrow like a phone charging cable, thrust out and lashed her left nipple!

The impact was light, but the surprise of it nearly caused the fascinated woman to scramble away screaming!

Pamela's heart raced! Her lungs huffed and puffed like a steam engine beneath an insect nearly half her length and nearly as wide! The tongue flicked out a second time, to lash her right nipple. It caused little pain, but that second time, she noticed that the tongue was slick with some fluid which it slapdashed across her nipples. She glanced down and saw wet lines left behind.

Determination to persevere through the bug's behavior, unless harm was certain, allowed Pamela to ride through her arousal's brief decline. She kept telling herself, that despite its size, its body mass was nothing compared to her muscles and weight. Its chitin armor would very likely to crack from a decent punch, else it wouldn't be light enough to fly. She trusted in her, top of the food chain evolution as a human being, to destroy the beast should it make one threatening move!

The homeless scientist had declared that sectoids were out of their survival niche, in the city. She had seen them decimated by nearly every kind of city animal that ate bugs. Pamela almost felt sorry for the horror standing astride her naked, hot body.

From its towering vantage point, the ugly bug proceeded to simply lick its long tongue against her nipples. This fascinated the horny female all over again. Although the tongue's light slaps were nearly painless, after many licks, her nipples tightened up and punched out as far as they would go!

What was more painful, was the heat building within her clasped loins. She wanted to reach in and resume masturbating while the horror's tongue lashed at her nipples. Yet Pamela hesitated, worried that she might spook the creature.

There quickly came the time when both her nipples were dripping with sectoid saliva. The creature continued to lick them but also, perhaps satisfied that it was not in danger from the woman, it bent outward its four hind leg, tilting its grotesque body so that it's rear descended upon the naked flesh beneath it.

"Oh, gods." Pamela hissed. Was it just starting its tonguing assault on her tits? Was it settling in to lick her, potentially for hours, like it had milked her in its previous incarnation?

When the rear of its abdomen rested on her belly and waist, the aroused woman was encouraged that its weight was as negligible as she had deduced. But now, there was no way to slip a hand between the bug's butt and her seeping gash. Less happy but less afraid, she relaxed her clamped legs. Perhaps, after giving them a rest, she could wriggle her hips in a way that would stimulate her clit. It wouldn't take much to trigger what promised to be a more than satisfying orgasm.

The long tongue stabbed lazily, alternating between the woman's glistening nipples at random. Angled up, its bug eyes were aimed at the wall behind her head. The antennae were waving around sensing for danger from elsewhere than beneath it.

"Ow!" Pamela blurted when the tongue struck her right tit, the tip nearly soaked with goo, felt as if it had been stabbed!

Shocked by the unexpected pain, she looked sharply at that nipple. But what had seemed like a normal 'lick' from the sectoid had burned briefly as if a glowing matchhead had brushed her nipple! She saw no blood, but the tip looked a little red and raw. She wondered if something in the bug's saliva was affecting it, spurred on by lashes from the shooting tongue.

Her frantic thought was interrupted by the tongue's next strike to the same nipple! "Unnghh!" She grunted, the pain was nearly as sharp but faded quickly! It's like I'm being bitten but in a new way. Pamela remembered how the sectoid's previous phase would clamp its forelegs and mandibles into the rubbery buds of her heaving tits. These brief sharp pains were no worse, just surprising.

Pamela heard herself coo when the tongue lashed her other nipple, causing the same jolt of discomfort. "Aaahh!" She focused on the discomfort and brief pain from successive tongue lashes, and began to grind her thighs together, not realizing that she was also rubbing the sectoid's tail end. She wanted too badly to cum from the flicks of pain in her tits and her grinding, inner thighs.

Unknown to Pamela, the insect's strange evolution had allowed it to sense the onset of a human orgasm. This incredible development was guided by thousands of years of cohabitating with technologically unsophisticated bands of humans, in what was once called the cradle of humanity or Eden. By random chance and the proclivity of humans to fetishize outrageous things, a loose symbiosis arose between the two species. Separated from mankind, sectoids could still reproduce except not as profusely as when mating with a human. Their extinction was all but certain when humans, in territories which overlapped sectoid, ecological niches, learned that insects were a prime source of disease.

What Pamela suddenly discovered was, at the crest of her sexual response cycle, instinct caused the insect to jab the tip of its abdomen into her groin! From the end it, a fat tube exploded into the climaxing woman's dripping cunt!

"AAAA!!" Pamela screamed and lurched from the fat organ which had speared inside her loins! Her abrupt reaction served only to press her crotch harder against the bug's embedding rear end! The thick protrusion sank deeper.

However, panic and shock were instantly overwhelmed by an orgasm which shattered her mind! The bug-fucked woman collapsed unconscious beneath her raping assailant.


2023-09-01 23:39:31
Hey! It's me again! Another cute addition to the story! Not going to lie, lost some wind in my sail finding out it was a female. Though, having more daughter and mother moments was endearing and genuinely interesting. I hope the creature grows bigger and I can just pretend it's a male, haha. I know that's not how insects work, but hey, it's a fantastical creature regardless! Thanks for the post!

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