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Pamela's creeping horror creeps into her lust.
[ All characters in this story are adults. Pamela's daughter, Adeline, is 22 years old, as stated in the first chapter. Also the story never depicts actual sex acts with Adeline, only mentions them - entirely ethical for an adult with Downs. ]

What was I thinking? Pamela stared at the drawer that should have contained the bug. But the cabinet's drawers had a gap between the back board and the back of the cabinet. She had walked her daughter to the work van and returned to an escaped insect. "Thing has the luck of a cartoon character." She tried to find humor in the ongoing chase.

The sectoid had terrified her when it flew into her bare chest and latched on to a nipple, but it hadn't drawn blood. She had washed the breast and applied an antibiotic ointment before taking her daughter to work. The creature still disgusted her, but having met the enemy at close quarters, she felt a little silly at her reaction. It was a bug. She would kill it. And in the meantime, Pamela chose to not think much about it. After hunting through the apartment for an hour, she gave up and took a nap.

She awoke feeling horny half an hour later. Pamela lay on top of her bed and masturbated, fingers inside her shorts and panties. She didn't like to wear a bra around the house, but she had donned a warm blouse. It took her a second to notice the sectoid which had climbed on the bed a minute or two into her self-pleasuring. It observed her from three feet away from her right hip.

"There you are, ugly fucker." She sneered at it. Her fingers diddled faster on her clit and vulva. "You must be some kind of pervert bug, always watching me when I jill myself." As was proper, Pamela had stored the bug spray in in a lockable cabinet. She considered kicking the insect, thinking to injure it enough to either smash on the floor or run for the spray can. The idea of bug guts in her bedroom was less appealing than the bug itself.

The bug moved slowly closer. Instead of freaking out, Pamela felt her arousal increase. The horror of it had a fetish effect, but she was too engrossed in finger fucking to realize that. "Go. Scoot!" She barked. It kept creeping until she could have smacked it with her right hand if it hadn't been busy with more timely efforts. Pamela groaned from a fresh spike to her horniness. "Gods curse you ugly beast! Uuhhhh!!" Her body shuddered, her orgasm about to burst.

Suddenly, the bug leaped and landed on Pamela's blouse. By smell it detected the woman's right nipple beneath its feet. It instantly latched its forelegs and mandibles to the cloth covering it.

The shock of its leap and muted bite triggered Pamela like nothing before. Her orgasm exploded with a power that electrocuted her thoughts and nervous system! Her body flailed and wailed, but the creature instinctively clung to her nipple, right through the warm cloth. It held on for the many long seconds of Pamela's orgasm. She stared directly into it's multi-lensed eyes and howled her pleasure at it!

Immediately after her climax, the woman's hand and arms were useless. She wanted to swat the thing, but also she was amazed by her sexual reaction to it. Pamela lay panting on her bed. Her thoughts were slow but deep, trying to decide what to make of it and herself.

The creature had managed to extend it feeding tube through the close weave of the woman's blouse and pierce her nipple but only after her body had stilled. It sucked nourishment while looking out for threats.

That the creature was again attached to her chest, no longer terrified Pamela. It's ugly proximity disgusted her, but the thing's grasp on her blouse and her nipple beneath, was painless, weaker than a pinch.

As the sexual glow in mind and body faded, Pamela abruptly swatted at the thing!

It flew away buzzing out of her room, untouched.

That night, after Adeline had returned from work, Pamela kissed and hugged her before heading to the bus stop. She wished she could tell her daughter that it was open season on bugs in their house, but the adult child had been charmed by the creature, somehow. Pamela shook her head. A child's mindset was a thing of beauty, often unsoiled by superficial things.

She didn't take her vibrator that night, confident that the strip club would not arouse her. It did not. Even the studly Michael didn't temp her, that night.

When Pamela returned home, Adeline remained in her room. Pamela awoke early the next day, 9 AM. Her nipples ached slightly. She examined them in the brightly lit bathroom. She didn't see anything, but prodding them hurt more than she expected. Her left nipple produced one, bead of hazy liquid. She washed her breasts with plenty of soap and applied more antibiotic.

It was too early to wake Adeline. Inspired by her tender nipples, Pamela hunted for the bug, spray can in hand. Damn thing remained elusive.

"Momma, the maxi pad can is full." It was during breakfast that Adeline, wearing her bathrobe at the table, informed her mother.

"You know how to take it to the complex's trash bins."

"I don't want to." Adeline pouted.

"Don't make me go with you. I'll lecture you the entire way."

"You're being silly, Momma."

"You know I love you, but you have responsibilities in our home."

"I'll do it." The younger woman sighed.

Pamela had begun to menstruate a day earlier, but lightly. She had changed her tampon only a few times, dropping them into the can reserved for such things, without a glance into it. Maxi pads were easier for adult girls to deal with, but the pads filled up their can quickly.

They played card games after breakfast. Adeline was pretty good at Gin Rummy. Crazy Eights also suited the young woman. Cribbage was her upper limit, and her mother played beneath her skill for her daughter.

Pamela returned from walking Adeline to the work van, that day, and spent her free time cleaning house. She bought cleansers that might irritate the section into being more conspicuous, but she didn't want her daughter using them.

Pamela bathed afterwards and then lay on her bed, spray can beside her. She wore panties and her robe. She slipped three fingers into her vulva and began rubbing it and her clit. Her eyes scanned the room. Its atmosphere was the opposite of erotic.

When the bug failed to appear, Pamela's observations relaxed, and her attention turned mostly to the fingers then running in and out of her wet pussy. Her other hand slipped inside her robe and tested her nipples' tenderness. The sharp sensations from being tweaked, quickly heightened Pamela's arousal.

Fully horny, the woman reacted dully to the sectoid's appearance on her bed. "Now you show up!" She hissed. Pamela immediately thought to grab the can and use it, but both her hands were contributing to her growing horniness. She figured she deserved a good cum before ending the bug's life.

Once again, as the woman's orgasm approached, the bug crept up to her right side. Pamela's left hand was lightly pinching her left nipple through the robe. She stared fearlessly at the sectoid, but her heart beat faster as it drew closer. "You're going for my tit again, aren't you?" She puffed.

To show the horror that she was no longer afraid, she opened the right flap of her robe, exposing her heaving breast on that side. The hand retreated to her left nipple, uncovered it and resumed pinching. Whitish beads of liquid seeped out.

The baseball sized insect hopped up and onto the woman's bare tit and grasped the nipple with its forelegs. It weight however was negligible.

"Ooh!" Pamela gasped when the sectoid sank its mandibles into the rubbery nub she had made turgid. The pain, which she expected, was not as severe as she had first experienced. Her body was vibrating from the proximity of her impending orgasm.

When the throes of her climax wracked the woman's body, the creature held on dearly, somehow knowing that this 'earthquake' was not a threat.

It took a while for Pamela to catch her breath. Peak pleasure swirled through her senses for a long time. Her eyes were locked on the the creature's head, and its eyes returned her tense fascination. Only after the intense aftermath subsided did she see details of the bug's grasp on her wet nipple.

The thing had a needle imbedded in her tit! Sudden panic flushed her lingering reverie, and she grabbed at the can beside her. The bug flew off, followed by a sweet smelling spray of poison. It disappeared around the door into the hall.

"Fuck!" Pamela leaped up and chased into the hall, can at the ready. Again, she found humor in its lucky escape. "Bastard! You must be a male, having wooed a girl and left her."

Adrenaline faded from her system, and she wandered back to her room. She fell asleep face down on her bed.

"Momma?" Adeline rocked her mother's limp body. "It's time for your work."

"Uuugghhh." Her mother woke slowly. "Thanks for waking me." Pamela barely had the arm strength to push herself up to a sitting position, legs falling over the side of her bed. "Hello, Sweetie."

"Are you feeling bad?"

"No, Honey, just groggy." The combo of an incredible orgasm and a healthy dose of adrenaline had really sapped her strength! She had slept too long, making her feel even more tired. Pamela stood up and started to prepare for work. She had Pamela fix a sandwich for her to take with her. "There's a package of sliced turkey in the fridge."

In the bathroom, Pamela checked her nipples, especially the right one. They continued to be sore. Both, when prodded, exuded what looked like breast milk but just tiny drops. "How the fuck..." She shook her head and went to the shower. After drying herself, she applied ointment to her nipples. "I hope they aren't infected." The one trip to the doctor's, for her daughter, had cost a lot, and that was just the co-pay. Her nipples weren't unduly red however, nor did they itch. She gulped, hoping her diagnosis was correct.

After dressing in her room, she went to the kitchen. She thanked her daughter for the sandwich. She added to her 'lunch' bag, an apple and a packet of mixed nuts. They bought nuts in bulk and separated them into zippable snack bags.

Her night at work felt overly long and exhausting. Known for her convivial personality with the customers, she struggled to find her spark. Tips suffered, but her manager told her that everyone has slow days. Her sluggishness continued: waiting for the bus, riding the bus, and trudging back home.

Adeline met her at the front door. They hugged but Pamela hardly felt motherly. Adeline seemed distant too, but the mother blamed her lack of energy and didn't comment. Her daughter walked with her to her bedroom. "Good night, Momma. Get good sleep." Adeline left her.

"Thank you." Pamela shed her clothes and crawled halfway under the covers before fully, zonking out.

A throbbing pain in her left breast woke the mother early again, the next morning. The ache forced her to full attention. Pamela hurried to the bathroom and examined the nipple. It was swollen to twice its aroused size. She felt no arousal, but it was very stiff. Touching the tip made her wince, and a drop of the whitish fluid appeared. There was no way that her breast could be engorged with milk! Yet, she grit her teeth and bent over the sink. She cried out softly when she stroked the sore nipple from base to tip with a pinching finger and thumb. A stream of white fluid sprayed into the sink.

"Oh, dear gods!"

Curiosity drove Pamela to milk her right nipple. Only a few drops appeared, but still it was bizarre. When she had been breastfeeding Adeline, neither her daughter's lips nor the pump gave her nipples discomfort.

She next hoped that if she expressed all the milk from her swollen teat, the pain would go away. After a few difficult milking strokes, Pamela had to give up. Each pinch and pull elicited a spray of milk, but the pain only increased.

Going back to her room, she grabbed her phone and looked up painful lactation. None of the cases she read about could explain her situation. She registered for a nursing forum and posted the question. "My breasts haven't lactated in years, but I have a very sore nipple that expresses when milked by hand. The pain is sharp and discouraging. Anyone know what's happening?"

Answers were swift and plentiful. Pamela guessed that nursing women liked to be online while feeding a child.

"No. Go see a doctor."

"Sounds terrible. See your doctor."

"No. See a doctor."

And so on.

Despite the earnest advice, the suffering woman told herself she could wait to see if her nipple improved after a day of rest. It happened that this was a day off, and the pain was only sharp when she pinched the nipple. The ache was present but not consuming.

Having made her decision, Pamela turned to the next obvious question. Had the bug been at her nipple during the night? She had slept with her chest exposed. It was likely, but that didn't explain why her breast was full of milk!

Her next decision was, the bug had to die. The chance that its mandibles and/or proboscis had infected her was too great to be lax about hunting the creature down. She felt ashamed then for allowing it to bite her nipple on the previous day!

Pamela dressed in loose clothes and took a walk outside, to a cafe. She sat with her cappuccino and watched morning people preparing their thoughts for the day. She waited until it was that time when her daughter normally awakened, but along the walk back home, the occasional brush of her blouse against her left nipple did not provoke much discomfort.

She went to the bathroom and examined her breast. The nipple was far less swollen. She tried a single milking. It sprayed, but it wasn't nearly as sensitive. Pamela ended up milking her left tit until it only dripped like her right nipple, and that didn't take very long, she discovered. Her breast produced less than a quarter cup! Her other nipple gave only thin drops.

"Morning, Momma." Adeline entered and looked at her mother's face via the mirror. "Uh, I have to pee."

"Sure, Honey. I'll start breakfast. Pamela closed the door behind her but stopped just outside. A question came to her, "Adeline, have you seen the large insect which you put in the drawer a couple days ago?"

"I'm peeing, Momma." It was her daughter's way of wanting privacy.

The mother repeated her question during breakfast.

Adeline pursed her lips and looked away. "I looked in the drawer, but it wasn't there, yesterday."

Pamela might have dropped the matter, except she recognized her daughter's rather surprisingly clever way to avoid telling the truth by answering a similar but different question. She would have made an excellent politician.

"Have you been keeping the bug in your room?"

The adult child pouted. She looked down. "Yes, Momma. I feel sorry for it."

Gods! Pamela almost blurted. She took a few seconds to calm herself. "Is in there now?"

"I didn't see it when I woke up." The adult child appeared to avoid the second question, but her mother wasn't sure. It was a tricky thing about her daughter. Only gentle and careful questioning would get the truth.

"Do you think it's in your room right now?"

"No." Adeline met her mother's firm gaze. She wasn't lying about not seeing the bug.

"Okay." Pamela gave a light smile. "But if you see it, please let me know, right away. I need you to do that."

"Are you going to hurt it?"

"I can't have it living with us, Adeline. It's not sanitary, but I will only put it outside. That's where it belongs."

Her daughter looked away again, the way she did when she was thinking hard. Pamela tried not to stare as she ate a few bites of oatmeal, waiting for Adeline to confirm understanding.

"Okay, Momma. I'll let you know if I see that bug." She nodded, her eyes returning softly with a smile for her mother.

"Thank you, Dear."

When Pamela had a day off, Adeline also had the day off. They took a bus to a shopping mall and browsed. She bought a pretty dress for her daughter. It was deeply discounted at an outlet store. They had lunch in the food court. She ordered a shrimp salad, but she allowed her daughter to get fish and chips. The mother worried about how adult-children were prone to obesity, but she blamed their parents. Adeline's metabolism was quite hearty, and a stray fattening meal wouldn't push it over the edge.

"Momma, my bra is very tight." Adeline spoke during lunch. Was she also worried about her weight? She understood that eating too much made a person fat.

Pamela's daughter's bras were at least a year old. The young woman was old enough for her natural breast size to settle, but changes certainly could develop. "Then it's good that we're shopping here. Let's see if you need a larger one."

The lingerie clerk was pleasant and helpful, but after ***********ing a few larger sizes of plain bras, Pamela hustled her daughter into a changing booth with a, "Thank you. I'll handle this."

She waited for her daughter who bared her upper torso without shame or hesitation. Pamela ignored her child's nakedness and examined the bra. It was worn but still quite usable. That didn't mean it wasn't time to buy a new one. She picked up the smallest of the larger bras and held it out. That's when she noticed Adeline's swollen nipples. Pamela dropped the bra?

"Momma?" Her surprised daughter blinked at the fallen bra.

"Adeline, did you let the bug bite your nipples?" It was the closest thing to an angry accusation that the mother had given her daughter for years.

The young woman shrank back, her emotions alway sensitive to wrongness. "I'm sorry."

"Oh, Sweetheart, you didn't know!" Pamela was sorrier, to have allowed the sectoid to exist in their home!

"When did it happen?"

"It woke me up. I called for you, but you were gone. I didn't want to hurt it."

"It must have hurt you!" Pamela knew how much it could hurt.

"Not very much." Adeline did not lie nor soften the truth. She didn't act hurt.

"How long did you let it bite?"

"Not too long." The adult child bit her lip. Her mother guessed that she'd let it feed for at least several minutes.

Pamela leaned forward and kissed her daughter's cheek. She gently clasped Adeline's left shoulder. The young woman was close to tears with sorrow. "Everything's okay. Momma is here for you."

"Thank you, Momma."

"I need to touch your breasts and nipples, now, to see if it injured you. Will that be okay?"

"Uh," Adeline looked down her naked torso. "I guess it's okay." She trusted her mother more than anyone.

Like a doctor, Pamela cupped her daughter's left breast and hefted it slowly. "Does that hurt?"

"No, Momma."

She touched the nipple gently. Adeline flinched but didn't escape the touch. "How's this?"

"Momma, that feels, uh, funny." She looked surprised.

Her mother guessed that her nipples were very sensitive. "But it doesn't hurt? Are you sure?"

"Yes, Momma."

"Okay. Now I would like to give the nipple a little pinch, but I won't if you think it will hurt."

The adult child breathed a little faster. "It doesn't hurt..."

Pamela hated the thought that her touch might be stimulating her daughter libido, but she needed to test if Adeline's larger breasts were due to generated milk. "I'll be quick." She held up her daughter's old bra to the breast. She pinched the base of her daughter's right nipple and tugged it. Milk sprayed out, soaking into the inside of the bra cup.

Adeline gasped and her body convulsed. "Momma!"

"Did that hurt?" The mother fought against her revulsion at having aroused her daughter, even incidentally.

"No, Momma. It felt good! What is the stuff that came out? Am I sick?" She didn't sound very alarmed.

"You're not sick, Adeline. I'll explain later. We need to buy a bra and go home."

"Okay." She donned the new bra before they went to the cashier.

Pamela wanted to explain lactation to her daughter on the bus ride, but there were too many people who might have raised eyebrows at such innocent talk.

When they reached their apartment, Pamela made tea and sat down with her daughter. She searched with her phone for illustrations about the subject while explaining how women were able to nurse their children.

At one point, Adeline pouted. "I don't want to be a cow, Momma."

"You are not a cow and never will be, Sweetheart." Pamela had to restrain her amusement. "Lots of animals nurse their young, from pandas to dolphins. It's one thing that connects us with them. It's called being a mammal.

"Oh." Adeline had to think long about that, but she seemed pleased to be compared with pandas and dolphins.

Lecture over, Pamela asked again, "Will you let me know if you see the big bug?"

"Yes, Momma." She got up and went to her room.

Pamela felt rather accomplished, and with time on her hands, she went to her room, spray can in hand, to masturbate. She closed her bedroom door, hoping that would keep the sectoid away.

It didn't. Halfway through arousing herself, the mother, in panties only, noticed the creature appear on the right side of her bed. This time she grabbed the can, but when she pressed the button, its poison sprayed in the wrong direction!

Fortunately it didn't catch her in the face, but the fumes distracted Pamela. The creature flew down from the mattress, probably to hide under the bed. She had been too hasty to spray the can, and she kicked herself. She knew better than to press the button before orienting the can!

The fumes were strong in the shuttered room. She coughed and got up. She opened the door for better air.

ZZZzzzz! The sectoid zoomed past her. The can was still in her hand, and she let loose with better aim. It was unlikely to have caught much of the poison, unfortunately. Pamela stood in the doorway and let her room air.

Adeline came out of her room. "That bug is in my ro-" She stopped upon seeing her mother. Her face scrunched unhappily. "You said you weren't going to hurt it!"

"I-I" Pamela stuttered, caught in her lie. Adeline knew what kind of spray was in her hand. "I'm sorry." Grief and guilt welled up in the older woman's heart. Adult children take lies very very seriously.

Pamela fled to her room, crying. "You can't have it, Momma!"

A mother's need to protect her child drove Pamela beyond her guilt. She marched to her daughter's room and opened the door. "I'm sorry, Adeline, but it bit you, and I can't allow that to happen again!"

"NO, Momma!" Adeline screamed! She burst into tears and stamped her feet.

Pamela ignored her daughter's meltdown. She searched high and low, but she didn't find even a wriggling antenna of the large bug. That incongruity vexed her. How the hells could such a creature evade careful scrutiny?

Finally, she returned to her daughter and hugged her waist from behind. "Honey, you have to trust me."

"No, Momma. You lied." It was a simple truth that wrecked all attempts at persuasion.

Pamela nearly had a meltdown. She felt useless and unreliable. She left her daughter standing in her daughter's bedroom. Pamela went to her room for a good cry. She considered that her extreme switch of emotions was probably influenced by her oncoming period, but she knew that was more of an excuse than reality. Still, she felt like she felt. Sitting mostly naked on the side of her bed, she sobbed until her sudden and serious self-loathing eased. Feeling like a wreck of a mother, she lay down and stared at the white ceiling.

ZZZZzzzz! The sectoid landed on her chest.

Pamela looked for the can, but it must have fallen on the floor. She swiped at the creature, but it flew quickly away. But then it returned and landed on her right breast.

She wanted to swat it again, but tears returned to her eyes. "Go ahead. I deserve it."

The creature sank its mandibles and proboscis into Pamela's quivering nipple. It clutched with its forelegs and began to feed. What the defeated woman couldn't have known, like mosquitoes, the insect's saliva contained a light anesthetic to prevent its prey from detecting its needle's insertion. The saliva also contained a mix of hormones. They were only strong enough to promote slight lactation, but that was sufficient for the weirdly evolved creature. It drank milk, not blood.

Regular exposure to the hormones increased the amount of milk produced but the maximum amount was low.

Pamela's grief drew her asleep, having given in to the sectoid's need. When she woke, it was dark outside. The bug was gone, but her right nipple ached!

She immediately understood her pain but was completely surprised by her emotions. Pamela was had become very horny. The intense need for sexual release was probably what had woken her. She called out the door. "Adeline?"

There was no response. Pamela guessed that her daughter had shut herself in her room. The mother's guilt returned but didn't stop her from pressing her right hand under the top of her panties and slip two fingers into her slick cunt.

She frigged herself quickly!

As if by command, the baseball sized sectoid buzzed into the room and landed on Pamela's left tit. It clamped its forelegs and mandibles to the nipple and speared its needle like straw into the sensitive flesh.

The self-pleasuring woman groaned from the bite. She knew she would cum soon.

When she did, it was just as incredible as the last time! Her body heaved and convulsed under the bug's tenacious grip! The grotesque situation was fully ingrained with Pamela's minor fetishes.

She panted and groaned, and she gave a lazy swat at the creature on her bare tit. It zoomed away down the hall.

Even before her reverie faded, Pamela climbed off the bed and wobbled on rubber legs until she reached the door to her daughter's room. She knocked. "Adeline?"

"Yes, Momma?"

"I want you to make a big promise. I'll let the bug live with us, but only if you promise that you will never let it bite you again. That's important. I will get rid of it if you break your promise."

"OH, yes, Momma! I promise. I do! Thank you, Momma. I won't break my promise!" Adeline's reaction sounded almost orgasmic.

Pamela left the door, shaking her head. The mind of an adult child was a wonder and a terror to unchecked human thinking.


2023-08-31 20:21:53
Well, thank you for commenting, LadyAeloraVaelius! I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised by the next chapter. I'm just waiting for XNXX to approve it.

Earnest and encouraging critiques are the best way to reward and motivate my writing.


2023-08-30 13:50:12
Honestly not much into insects but I genuinely appreciate your slowburn intro and hope that things develop this way over time as opposed to mindless eggsluts in the next chapter. I also hope he gets bigger soon (supply of milk perhaps? Cx) since insects lack one of my favourite attributes (balls), I hope something else will teplace that intense fetish of mine. Thanks for publishing!

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