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Trophy wife Dianne sells herself into sex slavery after her husband is imprisoned for fraud leaving her destitute, she has no marketable skills except sexual ones so this option seems preferable to becoming a streetwaker.
White Slave Auction - Dianne

Trophy wife Dianne sells herself into sex slavery after her husband is imprisoned for fraud leaving her destitute

"Your details have already been distributed in tonight's catalogue, along with your photograph, the majority of folks in the room are men, but although it's rare, we have two women bidding this evening. There are six women on the auction list tonight, somewhat less than normal, so proceedings will not last long. You Dianne, are the last on the auction block. In a little while, the women being auctioned will be taken into an adjoining room, where they will prepare firstly for their display, which will last an hour and then for the auction itself.

As expected, there were several men in immaculate, white flowing robes and headwear, clearly the Arabian oil merchants A flamboyant American in cowboy boots and western clothing chewed on a fat cigar, laughing loudly at his own humor. Most of the remainder could have been business people from anywhere in the world. Smart business suits were the order of the day. A few who had clearly met before were engaged in animated conversation, while others quietly stood alone, inspecting their catalogues and then trying to match de***********ions with the women in the room.

the blonde returned to take Dianne away, she stood quietly determined to keep her innermost turmoil hidden. In the preparation room, the six women to be auctioned were each pampered by two assistants. Their makeup was expertly applied, their hair was teased and brushed into place and with five minutes to go before the inspection hour, the auctioneer entered the room.

Brightly polished brass poles lined the display room, each with a loop at the top. escorted to the stage by one of their assistants, the assistant clamped padded handcuffs on their wrists and attached the cuffs to the ring atop each brass pole pulling their arms up to their full extent. Then walking behind the pole the handler pulled a hooked bar up between her legs, spreading her buttocks and placing the end of the hook at her asshole. “Relax and let this in!” as he pressed it into her anus.

Dianne felt the end of the hook slide into her and the attendant pushed it up so that she was sitting on the asshook completing the display. Then a blindfold was put over her eyes so that she was left hanging in darkness. "Your inspection time begins shortly and will cease when the auction begins."

The bidder gently pressed a finger to her lips, Dianne opened up and sucked gently, anticipating the next move correctly when the bidder teased her labia apart. moved her moistened finger over her clit, noting with satisfaction a slight shudder. She then squeezed first one and then the other nipple increasing pressure until Dianne whimpered in pain.

"My, my, you're a tall one," she observed in a plummy English accent.

"Yes Ma'am." The woman, who barely reached the height of Dianne's shoulders, squatted to run her hands gently along Dianne's calves, pausing at that sensitive spot behind the knees. she continued her upward exploration of Dianne's thighs, running her hands along the inside until her fingers brushed very gently against Dianne's pussy lips, touching her clit suggestively and then stroking down to her inner thighs again, until Dianne was unable to stop her response and started pulsing her hips to meet the woman's teasing hand. By the time her hands had hefted Dianne's breasts and pinched her nipples, she was quivering in anticipation.

Manicured fingers stroked the sides of her face, pausing at the edge of her perfect lips. She was unable to prevent herself from running her tongue across the corners of her mouth where those fingers had rested moments before. The inspection, unpleasant though it was at times, passed quickly, bringing the auctioneer back to the stage to instruct the assistants to release the slaves and take them back to the waiting room.

"Lot One," he called. The house lights remained dim, the first slave was escorted to the stage by her assistant. "The reserve price for Number One is $15,000. We all know she's worth far more than that. Do I hear twenty?"

In the uneasy silence that followed, the auctioneer addressed the slave directly. "Perhaps these good folk don't fully appreciate what they're getting here. She's totally uninhibited too”, droned the auctioneer, urging her to spread her pussy lips open and insert a couple of fingers.

"Fifteen" came the call from the back of the room. The dam burst and bidding rapidly ran through twenty, but stalling at twenty six, offered by one of the Arabian oil sheiks.

Numbers two and three drew spirited bidding as the crowd quickly realized that their chances of success with only six slaves on offer were limited, but when bidding started on Number Four interest surged. Number Four was pretty in a girl-next-door way, without being spectacular. The bid came immediately from another of the oil magnates, who then became locked in a fierce bidding war with the guy in the cowboy outfit. By the time they stopped, the oilman had picked up his prize for $130,000

Dianne's turn came. All the signs were in her favor. She was the last slave on offer and had attracted considerable interest during the inspection. The auctioneer asked her to pirouette for the crowd. Drawing herself up to her full height, she raised her arms above her head and crossed her wrists, twirling quickly.

"Seventy five!" from a distinctly European male voice. It drew a surprised gasp from several guests. There were no other bids and the successful bidder strode up to the stage to exchanged details with the finance director to transfer the funds to both the auctioneer and to Dianne's accounts.

Within minutes, Dianne found herself covered head to toe in a hooded coverall and shepherded into a luxury limo, beside a man who introduced himself as Helmut. As they travelled, he informed her that he was the procurer for a syndicate of brothel/escort services in major cities around the world, that he attended slave auctions looking for likely prospects to add to their stable of call girl/whores.

“I have the writeup from the auction house but please tell me in your own words about your sexual history.” So in the next half hour Dianna told him about herself, from first hand and blow jobs in high school to partying in college and a sugar daddy ho supported her when she flunked out, to being a trophy wife at 20 to a wealthy hedge fund millionaire. How her husband had on occasionally lent her to business partners but her life had come crashing down when he had been convicted of securities fraud she had been left nearly destitute.

“How did you feel about your husband lending you out?” She hadn’t liked it for the most part because the men were only interested In their own pleasure though a couple of times had been enjoyable, especially one time with a very muscular and endowed football player, who had made sure that she enjoyed their bedroom romps as much as he did. The encounter had left her sore and exhausted but well satisfied.

“Have you had sex with women or with multiple partners at the same time?” Yes, to both and she had sometimes enjoyed it.

“Why had she decided to sell herself as a sex slave?” Her only talents and skills were in the bedroom so she decided that being a sex slave was her best chance of avoiding having to go out on the streets as a whore.

“Part of my role as a procurer is to evaluate the new prospects, so let’s get out of that coverall and get over my lap.” In seconds Dianne had shed the coverall and was stretched, naked over Helmut’s lap.

He first rubbed his hand over her buttocks then pushed her legs apart so he could fondle her pussy. It was mortifying, but she found herself becoming wet. Then he smacked her bare ass. Hard! “Ouch!”

Bracing herself on the floor of the car against the plush carpet as he felt his way around, wetting his fingers. She closed her eyes, as a rush of tingles hit; the pleasure was intense, She nearly moaned as a finger brushed against her clit; the little nub like a hard pearl, which he manipulated by massaging it over and over.

“Oh…my…gosh!” Smack. “Ouch!” She squirmed over him, feeling his cock, fully engorged. The more she moved and fidgeted, the harder he seemed to get. It was distracting knowing that if he chose to, he could have her, because she didn’t want to stop him.

Smack! “Ouf! Smack! “Ooohhh…” Smack! A finger drove into her opening, which was saturated by her arousal. He wiggled and moved within her, massaging something wildly pleasurable. She would orgasm shortly, because an incredibly sensitive spot was being stimulated. “Oh! Oh, Sir!”

Smack! “Ouch!” she gasped, trying to catch her breath. She was nearly there, the tingling edges threatened. “Oh! More! Fuck me harder! Omigod!”

Instead of smacking her, he added a second finger, driving into her pussy with sharp, deep thrusts that brought her straight to the brink. She shuddered, as stars exploded behind her eyelids.

“Oh, my God! Oh…oooohhhh…God…” Her hair was a mess and her mascara was halfway down her face. He slid free, leaving her dripping with her own juices to sit on the floor, staring at him, not quite believing what had just happened.

What was it about this guy that turned her on so badly? He unzipped his pants, exposing silk boxers. An angry looking cock sprang out from the slit, throbbing and riddled with veins. He didn’t say anything, She I grabbed him, feeling the heat of his arousal and closed her lips over the cleaved and rounded end, sucking forcefully.

He smelled like soap and musk, a heady and intoxicating combination. Nibbling around the edges, she licked down the shaft to the balls, were hidden in his boxers. He shifted, allowing greater access, and she pulled them out sucking one into her mouth, while massaging his cock.

He was wet and glistening, she laved him, working one and then the other then licked her way up, eating him again, making him moan. “That’s it…yeah…that’s so nice…”

Getting to her knees, a better position to take more of him, letting him slide to the back of her throat. “I’m getting really close.”

She gagged repeatedly, tears filling her eyes as she worked the entire length, bringing him to her tonsils. He grabbed himself suddenly, masturbating. I waited for him to explode, running my tongue across the taut skin of the head.

“Oh, holy…Jesus…” He was about to make a mess of himself, so she wrapped her lips around him, while he jetted into her mouth. “Oh, yeah, ooohhh…”

She swallowed every last drop, then scanning the limo for the mini bar, which held several bottles of booze and a bottle of champagne. she poured the bubbly fluid into the glass and drank it down, washing away the slightly bitter aftertaste of his sperm.


Arriving at the hotel's Royal Suite on the top floor of the hotel am entrance lobby, flanked by a fully stocked bar, led to a formal lounge area and dining room, which in turn led to a huge bedroom. It featured mirrored wardrobes along one wall, a floor to ceiling window opposite and behind the bed was an elevated platform encased to the ceiling by clear glass. Within the enclosure was a giant clawfoot bathtub and a shower wall. Discreetly placed in the space next to the bathtub was an ornate toilet and bidet combination.

This was hardly the introduction Dianne expected into slavery, "Strip!" This was the moment she dreaded most. Slowly and sensuously, she slid coverup from her shoulders and allowed it to drift to the floor. leaving her clad nothing but a pair of sandals.

“Turn around and bend over the chair,” Before she had time to consider the implications, Helmut's hand connected with her bare rump with sufficient force to bury Dianne's head into the seat. She wailed in pain and tried to stand.

Eight more blows were administered. Dianne sobbing uncontrollably from the pain of the final blows. "You will stand up now, Slave." Dianne pushed herself into a standing position, facing Helmut.

"If you think that causing you pain gave me pleasure, you would be gravely mistaken. It has to be clear to you that we are not boyfriend/girlfriend, but you have agreed to be my slave. "Now undress me."

She immediately spun around and began to unbutton Helmut's shirt, expressing no surprise at all when he closed in on her personal space and placed his hands behind her neck, drawing her into a soft, sensuous kiss while she continued her task. Helmut was slightly taller and heavier than her he was still able to lean over her. Gently removing his arms, she slid the shirt from his body to expose his muscled upper torso. Clearly this man kept himself in good shape.

The belt was next, the zipper was lowered and in moments, Helmut's slacks hit the floor. Turning to sit on the bed, he held up his feet to allow her to remove his shoes, which she did by kneeling directly in front of him, her face close enough to his groin to allow him to feel her hot breath.

His erection was close enough for her to kiss, but she waited for his instructions. His next move was an anticlimax. Placing his hands around her neck, he gently lifted her to a standing position and then rolled with her onto the bed.

Helmut's demeanor had changed completely, gently placing feathery kisses on her forehead, neck, shoulders, and ears and working down to suckle softly on a prominent nipple. Supporting his weight on his elbows, he increased the pressure of his sucking, groaning with satisfaction as he felt her start to respond. Now shifting to his hands and knees, his mouth worked its way down her body, but pausing periodically to return to her face and share a kiss with increasing passion, their tongues intertwining before he moved down again to lick her inner thighs but avoiding her core.

she found herself responding with increasing passion as he relentlessly continued his exploration of her body. When his fingers spread her labia she unhesitatingly opened for him, spreading her legs in invitation. Rolling over her, he pressed his raging erection to her pussy lips and started to ease forward.

"Yes," she whispered. "Please take me now, Sir." Murmuring an unintelligible response, he ignored her and held himself perfectly still, his penis just penetrating her sopping vagina. Desperate to feel him, she tried flexing her hips to draw him in, but he simply moved with her, increasing her frustration.

"Do it Sir. Do it now. Please! I cannot wait any longer. I need to please you now." With no further warning, Helmut let his weight drop onto her, driving his full length into her in one hard stroke. Her response was immediate. Her legs curled over his hips and her ankles crossed, opening herself up obscenely while preventing him from withdrawing more than a little at a time.

They found their rhythm and kissed passionately while he continued to plumb her depths. His hands encircled her breasts, easing off until just the nipples remained between his finger and thumb, gently pinching, and squeezing.

Helmut ploughed her most intimate depths who devoured her mouth with his own. Their tempo increased until with a tiny cry, Dianne felt her orgasm overwhelm her. Her arms tightened around her lover's chest, her legs drew his body in and her whole body shuddered until Helmut, too, erupted inside her.

Slowly they came down from their high, each lost in their own thoughts. "That was beautiful," he murmured into her ear. "You were beautiful. You were the best!"

"mmmm, How soon can my Sir do this again?"

"Be careful what you wish for, Liebchen. I have taken a little blue pill this evening."

"That's good, because I can't wait for you to take me again. This time you will last much longer."

"We will see Little One. We will see." Pushing her head down his torso, he brought his cock to her lips and told her to clean it to bring it back to full hardness. Without hesitation, she engulfed him in her mouth, forcing him beyond the constriction and into her throat, coming up again only when her system was desperate for air.

For hours they played, exploring each other's bodies tasting, kissing, fondling until finally, completely exhausted, they slept, wrapped in each other's arms.

His erection was pressed into her behind and seemed to still be wet with the combined fluids of their extravagant lovemaking during the night.

"You will clean me with your mouth."


"You will clean me with your mouth. I will not repeat myself again." Now fully awake, Dianne realized that she must comply with his command and slowly turned to face him, sliding down his body until her lips reached his rampant member. She tentatively licked the tip, her senses assaulted by the pungent aroma of their stale, mixed juices. Bravely she opened her lips and accepted him, using her tongue to clean off the residue. Helmut's hips started thrusting, his excitement rising with her attention. Placing one hand behind her head, he pulled her down sharply, burying his member deep in her throat and holding her there until she began to struggle for breath. He backed off momentarily and after allowing her a couple of deep breaths, thrust himself back into her throat, repeating the treatment until the moment of his orgasmic explosion.

Sperm flowed into her mouth faster than she could swallow and she choked against him as he held her head firmly against his groin.

"Today we will shower, take breakfast and rest until it is time to go out. You have a ***********ion of dresses to choose from in your wardrobe. We will be attending a formal dinner with many important guests and will not return here until midnight. I expect you to be fully rested to enjoy yourself at dinner. We will dance. We will make love when we return and we will probably not wake until lunch time on Sunday."

"Thank you, Sir," she spluttered, rising from the bed, and making her way to the shower. After watching her delicious naked body enjoying the warm spray, he decided to join her, kissing her deeply while spreading shower gel over her voluptuous body. He gently caressed her breasts, and moved down to her pussy, opening her up and cleansing her thoroughly with his fingers. Turning her around, he then started to finger her anus, something she was not accustomed to. Steve was no fan of anal sex and she tensed at the intrusion. Without comment, Helmut worked a finger into her hole and once she relaxed a little, worked in a second. In response, Dianne reciprocated his actions, spreading shower gel over his entire body and paying particular attention to his cock and balls and tentatively testing his anus with an index finger.

Their ablutions complete, Dianne skipped out of the shower and quickly ***********ed one of the fluffy white towels from a rack, turning to her Master and gently patting him dry. His erection returned under her ministrations, so she dropped to her knees and took him back in her mouth, sucking him briskly to completion.

"Danke," he groaned, leaving her to dry herself and follow him back to bed. With a towel wrapped around her she was surprised to find a naked Helmut sitting on the edge of the bed, watching her approach without making eye contact.

"We will go down for breakfast in a moment, but first I need to thank you. You have made me very happy and I have come more times in the last twenty four hours than I have in the past year. I will want you again, many times."

"You have surprised me too, Sir. I am sorry that you found it necessary to punish me yesterday, but in a way, I needed the punishment to remind me of my place and my promise to you. I may have expected you to be rough with me, but you have treated me with tenderness, love, gentleness and compassion. I too have climaxed more often than I thought possible, yet still I look forward to the next time. We will enjoy each other tonight and tomorrow and I expect you to come again, many, many times."

They came together, Dianne's towel forgotten, and kissed each other deeply.

Thinking it was expected of her, Dianne started to shed her clothes as they entered the suite, but he stopped her when she was reduced to panties and bra, reminding her that they had a long evening ahead. He stripped to his underwear and joined her on the bed, where the two of them quickly succumbed to a restful afternoon sleep.

Awakening late in the afternoon, Helmut slipped his hand into Dianne's panties, gently fingering her labia until she stirred into consciousness. How could she be enjoying such treatment at the hands of a complete stranger when her husband would be suffering the agony of not knowing how she was handling her slavery? Forcibly she pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind, concentrating her attention to the wonderful feelings in her pussy. She reached back to unsnap her bra, arching her back to present her breasts to his mouth. He hungrily feasted on her nipples, sucking and gently biting, then capturing her mouth with his, their tongues exploring each other.

He rose to remove her panties, allowing him to lavish his attentions on her pussy. He licked and sucked, using his fingers to penetrate her while his tongue sought her clit with his lips. He felt his erection rising and strengthening even before her fingers touched him there. His fingers spread her pussy open for his closer inspection, allowing his tongue free access. With two fingers from each hand he gently spread her open further, drawing a groan. Working deeper and deeper he noted here response was becoming increasingly excited. Her hips thrust to meet his intrusion.

He lifted her up to a squatting position and with one hand caressed her anal opening while his other hand pressed forward, now with four fingers fully inserted, stretching her pussy wider than she thought possible.

"Am I hurting you?"

"A little, but please don't stop." The hand that had caressed her anus went to her mouth, two fingers pressing in firmly. She gagged, coating his fingers in mucous, providing the lubrication he needed to penetrate her anal passage. She clung to his neck, unable to balance on her own, reveling in the fullness of his fingers.

Stooping slightly, he captured her nipple between his teeth and bit firmly. As she squealed he felt her pussy and arse contracting on his fingers. Dropping to his side, Helmut released her and forced here onto her back, lined up his erection and drove into her with purpose.

"Yes," she cried as his member split her open. Her open mouth invited him to kiss her deeply, never changing his rhythmic thrusting, until Dianne erupted in orgasm. He paused, giving her time to compose herself. Gasping for air, eyes closed tightly and with her hips still elevated to keep him fully seated within her, she waited for him to resume for his own climax.

He brought his hands around her arse and spread her open, but made no effort to resume thrusting, instead pulling her down hard so that their bodies were almost welded together.

"It is time for us to dress for dinner."

"But Sir, you haven't cum yet."

"Are you happy?"

"Very happy, Sir. Your loving is making me feel very, very special." Together they ascended the steps to

the shower, each cleansing the other in almost a ritual manner. Reluctantly they dried off and dressed, Dianne ***********ing a stunning off the shoulder burgundy gown.

"Leave your panties behind," he joked. She turned to him with a wicked smile and with flair, drew her panties down her legs and tossed them onto the bed. "Your wish is my command," she joked back at him. "And when we come back afterwards, I owe you a good cum."

The dinner was a grand affair, held in the grand ballroom of a nearby hotel. Helmut had arranged a limo and was greeted by name by a uniformed doorman. A formal escort in a flowing gown led the couple into the ballroom, seating them at a table at the head of the room on a slightly elevated stage. Helmut quickly made the introductions, introducing Dianne as his "companion" for the evening. Several of the names were familiar to Dianne. High profile industrialists and politicians mainly from European countries, were assembled at Helmut's table and it was clear that he not only knew all the guests there, but that he was regarded with great respect.

Between courses, Dianne drew his hand into her lap. He was surprised to find that she had drawn her gown right up to her hips and his fingers quickly homed in on her exposed vulva, gently massaging her outer lips. Leaning forward onto the table, she bit her bottom lip to prevent a moan from escaping and desperately tried to keep still despite her urge to pump her hips in time with his pressing hand.

Piece by piece their clothing was scattered around the room. Helmut kneaded her breasts, pinching the nipples until she squirmed in discomfort, but at the same time, massaging his penis to erection.

They tumbled onto the large bed, his knees forcing her legs apart. Her hand, still grasping his now fully erect penis, guided him into her weeping vagina and raised her hips in anticipation to draw him in deeper. He groaned as he bottomed out, plunging repeatedly into her. Their lovemaking was missionary, gentle yet violent at the same time, their tongues dueling wetly as their mating continued until finally, completely exhausted again, they both reached orgasm and then slept, still joined together and too weary to attempt to separate.

On Sunday morning it was close to midday when Dianne awoke, alone in the huge bed, sunlight streaming through the window. Slowly opening her eyes, she finally came to focus on Helmut, sitting in an overstuffed seat near the window, just gazing longingly at the tall, naked beauty as she awoke.

"I must brush my teeth," she murmured as she slowly and gracefully moved from the bed to the to the washbasin within the glass enclosure. He watched her closely while she sat on the toilet, now completely at ease, emerging a few minutes later and going directly to her Master, leaning over him to plant a gentle, loving kiss on his forehead.

"Place your hands on the wall and lean forward. Now spread your legs wider. Good. Hold that position."

Bent at the waist, her breasts hung down and her hair covered her face while she looked down at the floor, wondering what was in store.

He gently kneaded her temples while standing beside her. She closed her eyes and focused on the sensations of his fingers as they flicked across her forehead, her eyes and nose and began to press at the corners of her mouth, gently easing their way inside, massaging her teeth and gums. Her tongue swiped across his busy fingers, disappointed when his hands moved from her mouth to her neck and shoulders, rubbing, pinching gently and steadily moving farther down. He moved from her side to a position directly behind her, taking care to avoid any body contact so all she felt was his hands, stroking, patting, pushing, working, teasing across her shoulders and then down her arms. As he leaned forward to reach her wrists, he planted soft kisses on her spine, still taking care to avoid body contact.

Dianne was squirming under his ministrations. She could feel her vulva becoming moist but dared not move from her position without his specific permission.

His hands reached under her breasts, squeezing gently at first and then increasing the pressure to the point of discomfort and allowing his fingers to slide downward until he held each nipple between thumb and finger, pinching with steadily increasing pressure until she cried out, but doggedly holding her position. She needed to please him this way. Releasing her nipples, he returned to play with her whole breast again, working them over until once again punishing the nipples. Over and over he repeated his teasing of her breasts, drawing murmurs of pleasure alternating with squeals of pain. Her fluid was now literally dripping from her and running down the insides of her thighs.

Leaving her breasts he moved down to her waist, toying with her belly button and swiping a hand quickly but deliberately over her steaming sex.

"You are very wet, my dear."

"It's all your fault, Sir," she giggled. "You do this to me."

"Stand up!" With some effort, she straightened up and turned her back to the wall to face him.

"You have never looked more beautiful. Lie on the bed." She moved to the bed, sat, and rolled suggestively onto her back.

"No, Liebchen. Face down." She rolled over, burying her head between two pillows.

"I will spend today learning every detail of your beautiful body. I will have you again. Many times."

"I am yours to please you as you command until midnight."

"I will have you again. Many times." He repeated.

"As often as you want until midnight, my sweet Master."

"You don't understand. I will have you again. "But Sir, the auction contract finishes at midnight tonight. It ends there."

With that he sat across her thighs and reaching forward, resumed his earlier exploration of her shoulders and upper back, running his hands from her neck, down her arms and across again, brushing the sides of her breasts.

"Turn over." He raised himself from her legs to allow her to comply.

Kicking her legs apart, he buried himself in her in one brutal thrust, simultaneously covering her mouth with his, his tongue searching hers. Tiring quickly after their earlier coupling, their lovemaking slowed from its violent beginning to a gentle exploration of each other's sex. Seeking variety, Helmut withdrew from Dianne and rolled her over into a kneeling position, then driving himself back into her sopping pussy and building up a slow and steady rhythm. There was no rush this time. His hands sought her breasts again, kneading the soft and pliable flesh and pinching repeatedly on the erect nipples. She fell into sync with his movements, murmuring her pleasure.

She cried out when he withdrew but held her kneeling position while he turned and slid beneath her to clamp his mouth over her wet pussy. His tongue swiped across her anus, perineum and vagina, then sucked in the nub of her clit until she could take no more.

"Please, Sir," she pleaded.

"What do you want Little One."

"I need you back inside me. I've climaxed so many times that my tummy hurts. My pussy is sore too, but I need you to finish me. Now." Pushing his head away from her pussy, she fell across the bed, facing him and dragging him to her in a frantic hug. With one hand she took his cock and placed it at her entrance, bucking up with her hips to ensure it entered immediately. Helmut was nearing his climax too and drove into her hard and fast until with a mighty groan, he released himself in her, flooding her already soggy pussy with his discharge.

They fell together and within moments, slept soundly.

It was midafternoon when they awoke again. "I have never had so much sex in such a short time. My pussy is sore and my body aches all over. My bottom still hurts from the spanking you gave me before we first made love and my nipples feel as though they are burning. And I smell of sex. And the bed is a wet and soggy mess. And I need a shower."

" I hate to admit it, but I am sore also. Let's have a long warm shower together and then we can think about finding something to eat."

Naked, they made their way to the shower. "I will wash you first," she volunteered, reaching for the shower gel.

Starting at his scalp, she worked the lather into his body, paying particular attention to his underarms, his nipples, and his cock, which to his great surprise, was beginning to rise again. "Have you taken another of those blue pills?"

"Not since Friday evening. I found I didn't need them after all." Her fingers closed around his cock, gently working the slippery, soapy suds along its length. Then she surprised him, when her fingers cupped his balls, squeezed them gently for a moment and slipped further back to tease his anus. His feet spread without being asked, allowing her better access and inevitably a finger, well lubricated with soap suds, wormed its way inside. A second finger joined moments later, drawing a groan from Helmut. With her free hand she massaged his now fully erect cock until he erupted all over her hair, face and chest.

"My turn now." He mimicked her actions, beginning with her hair and face and working his way down.

When he reached her breasts, he paused.

"How sore are your nipples?"

"They are tender, Sir. You have treated them a little roughly this weekend."

"Can they take some more?"

She paused as if debating her response, and coming to a decision, folded her arms behind her back, thrust out her chest and said: "They are yours, Sir."

"You know you don't have to do this for me."

"Yes, I know. But you are wrong - I do have to do this for you. We agreed to a contract and what you are asking is well within your right to ask. Besides, I have said my nipples are sore. I have not said I have not enjoyed their punishment."

His mouth descended on her left nipple, gently drawing it between his teeth, while his hand went to the right breast, capturing the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Just as she began to murmur her approval, his fingers tightened up, hard. She winced in pain but at the same time his teeth sank into the other, and despite her best effort to keep quiet, she let out an involuntary squeal of pain.

"Are you OK?" he grinned at her in her discomfort.

"Yes Sir. It really hurt though."

"Can you take more?"

No hesitation. "Yes Sir. If you want to, I can take more" Taking a nipple with each hand, he applied a little pressure, and pulled. With grim determination, she kept her arms locked together behind her back and fought back the cry that built desperately in her throat.

He released the nipples momentarily, but only to take a full handful of each breast and squeeze them hard. This time she could not hold back her cry of pain, but stoically kept her arms locked behind her back, which had the effect of thrusting her chest forward.

He reverted to pinching her nipples. Gently at first, and slowly increasing the pressure until she winced, but still made no effort to turn away from him. By this time, tears stained her face but still she maintained her stance, as if inviting him to continue.

It was almost like a battle of wills - Helmut applying more and more pain until he forced Dianne to break, and Dianne equally determined to take whatever he could do to her without giving him the satisfaction of seeing her break down. "Still OK?"

"Yes, Sir." Stepping back a little, he slapped the side of each breast with force, bringing a sharp cry. He went back to her nipples again. Pinching and pulling with increasing intensity. She was now sobbing with the intensity of the pain, but still making no effort to turn away or shield herself with her arms. She looked up at him. It was the first time she had lifted her gaze from the floor, forcing herself to concentrate on the pattern of the floor tiles to divert her thoughts from the awful punishment her nipples were forced to endure.

What she saw surprised her. Helmut too, was openly weeping at her discomfort yet perversely was not willing to stop his painful treatment. Dianne made the decision for him. Breaking her frozen stance, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply and passionately. The two clung together laughing and crying at the same time.

"Have you finished, Sir?"

"I don't think so, but I think you have reached your limit, Little One." A faint smile crossed her lips despite the tears as she straightened up again and folded her arms behind her back, as they were before. Thrusting her chest forward, she wordlessly challenged him to continue.

The challenge was as brutal as it was short lived. Helmut slapped her breasts hard, several times before grasping them firmly in his hands and squeezing. The pain, coming on top of the ache she already felt, was excruciating, but she kept her lips firmly closed and did not cry. Releasing his grip from her breasts, he turned his attention to her nipples for the final time. There was no tenderness in his manipulation of them. He pinched and twisted them until finally, Dianne cried out for mercy.

He stopped instantly, raining gently kisses on her breasts and nipples. He drew her back to the bed again so the two could lie side by side. His protective arms enveloped her body, curling her into him while he continued to pet and kiss. Dianne's sobbing eased and eventually stopped.

"Oh, Sir. My tits hurt so much. I did not know I could endure such pain for so long, but even at the end, I did not want you to stop. I can't explain it to you, but there was a reward for me in enduring your pain. There was satisfaction for me in giving you what you wanted from me. I will probably be sore for days, but I loved it. Please hold me now and kiss me some more. I believe that your punishment was not done with malice, but with love. I will forever wonder how much more I could take in the right circumstances."

He kissed her breasts all over and very, very gently sucked on her nipples while she cooed and murmured her approval. He touched her pussy lips, noting that she flinched when he started to penetrate her there. He realized that she was sore from the frequency of their lovemaking and avoided adding to her discomfort there. Turning her over, he rubbed her bruised rump, noting that the bruising was still very blue and angry.

"Are you sore there?" They kissed and fondled, murmuring sweet nothings through their foreplay until Dianne moved quickly to engulf his erection in her greedy mouth, taking it to the back of her mouth and then forcibly pulling him to her, into her throat until his pubic hair was pressed against her lips. Coming up for air and dribbling saliva, she grasped him firmly and throated him again and again until he warned her that he was about to cum.

"Do it!" she urged. "Fill up my mouth with your cum." The volume of his first couple of spurts was more than she could swallow and his cum dribbled from her mouth as she continued to devour his gift. Drawing his head to her breast, she urged him to suckle her, bringing his hands in to play as well. With her constant encouragement his strong hands massaged her breasts while his mouth alternated from one nipple to the other in turn, sucking and gently biting. To his surprise, he found himself fully erect again and slowly eased into her drenched pussy.

She knew he would last much longer the second time and reveled in the feel of him inside her. She loved the pain in her breasts and nipples as he steadily worked them over, squeezing steadily harder and nipping at her with his teeth. Her own orgasm was fast approaching, the combination of her painful nipples and over-sensitive pussy bringing her to the precipice.

His kiss ended the conversation and Dianne slowly came down from her high, her hips still flexing in time to Steve's thrusting while building up to the next orgasm. The feeling of Dianne's pussy contracting on his cock was driving him to his second orgasm. He freed his hands, slapped her breasts firmly and pinched her nipples again, hard. She squealed in pain and thrust her hips up to meet him at precisely the moment he ejaculated buried deep within her.

Dianne served out her slave contract as an escort and brothel worker in various European cities eventually landing in Berlin where she became the favorite of several wealthy businessmen one of whom helped her get the necessary papers for residency and to purchase an apartment.

Since her slavery had been voluntary her purchase price had been escrowed in an investment fund, she had also received generous gifts from some of her patrons and was now moderately wealthy. Declining the offer to continue with the syndicate she set herself up as a freelance escort and mistress of her patrons, one of whom she allowed to persuade her to have a child with him. She now spends her days raising her daughter and accompanying her patron whenever he needs arm candy and of course fucking him as needed.
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