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Chapter 01 of my new mind control series on Smashwords
Mom always told me that there were always a light at the end of the tunnel. You know, things get shit, but it’ll work out in the end. 

Kinda hard believing that when you’re getting the shit kicked out of you. 

“Stop moving pencil dick, or I might hit your face.”

Ace Brentwood, the school’s star football player, was having some fun with me. His idea of fun was to get his asshole to hold me down while he uses me as a punching bag. 

I wasn’t going to just stand there and take it, though. I jerked my body left and right, thrashing like a madman. Maybe if I was in too much trouble, they’d leave me alone. 

I hadn’t done anything to them. But sometimes assholes just want to pick on you for no reason. 

“This virgin is a slippery one,” Chet grunted behind me. He stank of cigarettes and body odor. That was almost enough to incapacitate me. 

“That’s because virgins have lots of energy. All they do is spend their free time being creepy, peeping on girls and jerking off to Japanese comics,” Kezia sneered. She was leaning by the mouth of the entrance of the alleyway, looking out for security guards. She was more interested in the two assholes tormenting me, though. 

“That's not me.” 

“Shut up, you little bitch.” Ace threw a jab, and it caught me right in the solar plexus. Blinding pain flashed in my gut. It crept outwards, like a hand climbing up out of my throat. It was hard to breathe, and I brought up my lunch. 

“You dirty fucker!” Chet shouted, as some of it landed on his pants. 


He let go of me and stomped on the back of my ankle, sending crashing to the ground. My hands clutched dirt and rainwater. 

Pain. I was surrounded by pain. 

“Fucking cunt,” he spat, kicking me in the stomach. My hands flew up to my head. If I was thinking clearly, I would’ve remembered that they wouldn’t touch my face. Too many questions would be raised and Riverdale academy didn’t like negative attention to tarnish their academy of excellence. 

“Guys, pigs are coming,” Kezia warned. 

“You’re fucking lucky, bitch,” Ace growled at me, and punched me again in the chest as a parting shot. I groaned and lay there inert and I watched the three figures disappear out of the alleyway. 

I didn’t want to go home. Not yet. My sister would be there. Either with one of her girlfriends or some random guy. Better to find somewhere to get cleaned up, so the next best place was my uncles. He had an office down by the red-light district. 

The bus ride was quite a way from Riverdale academy. It was going to be late by the time I got home, but I doubt anyone would notice. I spent most of my time holed up in my bedroom, anyway. Mom was worried about her baby boy’s future, saying that I lacked focus. Dad assumed everything was going to turn out fine. 

My sis didn’t give a shit. She had her own life to live. 

Coupled with the shit going on at school, I just wanted to tune everything out. 

Even people on the bus avoided me. But I had to give them some credit. I must’ve looked like a right mess. I was sopping wet and covered in dirt and god knows what else from the dank floor. 

I could walk, but my ankle throbbed like a bitch from where Chet kicked me. 

If only I could get my own back at them. I didn’t want to cause trouble, though. Mom wouldn’t cope if I got expelled. I definitely wouldn’t be able to fight them head on. 

My head hurt as well as my goddamn leg. 

I remembered vaguely where my uncle’s place was. Dad brought me there once to drop something off. 

I had to climb some stairs. Who the hell has an office in a building with no elevator? I vaguely remember him being on the top floor, too... 

My ankle throbbed with each step. Briefly, I considered turning back, but I had no where else to go. My stomach grumbled, too, and I had no cash. The stairway was dimly lit, and I thought maybe I had the wrong place. 

Then I remembered the film studio on the floor beneath my uncle’s office. 

It light up like a neon blue Christmas tree, and it was the same as the last time I came here. They tried to hide what they were really doing by plastering the windows with movie posters. Only that the posters were adult flyers and they did a shit job of it - it didn’t take me long to find a gap between the papers, peer in, and see two women eating each other out in the middle of the seedy studio. 

My cock panged. Some guys were buck naked in there, rubbing their dicks. I felt a low hum of resentment, knowing that I was the last kind of guy that would end up in a porno shoot. 

Not that I wanted to be in a porno. 

I had to stop for breath when I got to the top and my leg was on fire.

“Uncle Frank?” I called out, rapping on the door. 

“Fuck off, you telemarketing scum!” I heard a gravelly voice said from the other side. 

“Uncle Frank, it’s me, Evan.” 

“I don’t know no Evan.” 

“Yes, you do, I’m your nephew.”

I heard a clack of metal and bolts being shifted. 

The door to the office pulled back, and I came face to face with my uncle. Only that his eyes were bloodshot and he looked like he lived off energy bars and coffee and very little else. 

“Evan, it’s you. Why didn’t you say so earlier? Damn kids with their pranks.” 

“But I- nevermind. Can I come in? I need a place to stay for a couple of hours. Just to clean up.” 

He looked past me and down the stairs. “Are you in trouble? You look like a mess. Did you rip a dealer off or something? Don’t you be bringing shit to my doorstep.” 

“No, it’s nothing like that. I just- I got into a tussle with some guys at school. I just want to clean up before mom see me like this and freak out.”

“Okay. Don’t touch anything.”

He stepped aside to let me in. 

The place was a mess. Shit was literally everywhere. Paper was strewn all over the floor. There were folders everywhere, and power tools were lying around haphazardly. Was that a blow-up doll on the sofa? 

I didn’t even know how he got any work done. Come to think of it, I didn’t really know what uncle Frank did. 

“You want a drink? I got coffee. Made it a few days ago, still good. Wait, how old are you? Are you allowed to drink coffee?” 

“I’m eighteen. And no thanks.”

He went to the kitchen corner of his office and grabbed a mug. “Suit yourself. There’s a toilet to the right. Think there’s a rag in there in the sink. Just move the vials off to the side. Careful, it’ll melt your skin. Oh wait, did I use the rag for them? Ah, whatever, you’ll find out in a minute.”

He started tinkering with something on a nearby desk. 

I went to the bathroom - no door. And found the hanging light switch. It wasn’t much better than the rest of the place. I gave myself a quick visual in the dirty mirror. 

As expected, my face was a bit tattered, but nothing suggesting that I had my ass kicked. 

My body was a different story, though. 

I lifted up my shirt and winced. In the mirror, I had a couple of red marks on my chest, surrounded by deep purple bruises. Good thing I wasn’t part of the swim club.

I turned on the tap and used my hand to wipe my face clean of the dirt. 

“Uncle Frank, do you have a shirt I can borrow?” 

“Fuck me, you don’t ask for much, do you?” he said over his shoulder. “There are some boxes by the cabinets. Check in there.”


I rifled through the boxes and found a tee that was about my size. I turned, so he couldn’t see my marks, and quickly pulled it on. 


I picked up another tee that was identical to mine and looked at the front. It said HORSE COCK with an arrow pointing down. 

“Uh, do you have anything else?” 

“Jesus, did George raise you to be an ungrateful little shit or something?” 


He sighed. “Okay, kid, maybe I’ve been a little hard on you. Socialising isn’t my forte. I spend most of my time with my work. Sometimes all I have for company are the moans coming up from the floorboards.”

“What do you do? Dad never said what you do. He said you’re an inventor or something.”

“Cute coming from that normie. Yeah, I make shit. Shit those hacks from Hartmore couldn’t possibly comprehend.”

“Didn’t aunt Phyllis go to Hartmore, too?” 

“Yes, she did. Graduated with full honors. Lucky bitch.”

“How come you didn’t graduate?” 

“Because apparently undergraduate students weren’t authorised to try start a nuclear exchange study program with the North Koreans. Shame too. They looked like they weren’t held back by red tape like us. Their boss has a pretty stylish haircut, too.”


“Anyway, the government took a shine to some of my inventions. They’re quite useful when it comes to funding.”

“Can you show me some stuff?” 

His eyes narrowed. “You’re not a spy, are you?” He pinched my cheek.

He led me to another room, and there were various boxes stacked on each other. Some had the words ‘top secret’ stamped on them. 

On the table there was a cell phone taken apart. Next to it were files with the word ‘Brain Hack App’ scrawled on it. 

“What’s that?” 

“Ah, nothing. Was something I was tinkering with. Had an assistant, you know. He helped me with it. Told me I was an amazing guy. The best. He was around your age, too.”

“Cool. What happened to him?” 

“Ah, he stopped helping me out. Had some family issues.”

He rummaged through some boxes until he pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. 

“Whoa, uncle Frank, what are you doing?” 

“Check this out. This is one of my latest inventions.”

Cold sweat crawled down my spine. It just looked like a regular desert eagle pointing at me. I had seen enough action movies.

He pulled the trigger, and I thought my life was over. 

“Huh, it doesn’t work. What the hell.”

He started smacking the tip of the gun against the table. 

“Did you just try to shoot me?” 

“Relax, it’s a modified tool. I used the gun frame as a housing for my lazy emitter beam.” 

“A what?” 

“Lazy emitter beam. C’mon, the name tells you all you need to know. God, you kids are fucking dense nowadays. It’s a device that shoots out special rays that modify your mood levels. I’m talking total lethargy. Imagine the battlefield applications. Or even in a riot situation. Hit those fuckers with this ray, and no one wants to do jack shit. They’ll just sit there. I swear, it’ll work even better than some fake ass celebrity cracking open a can of Pepsi.”

He looked at his gun and pulled a face. “This is going to bug me. Okay, you stay here and don’t fucking touch anything. I’ll be right back.” 

He grabbed the gun and went back to his work desk, muttering something unintelligible. 

I fought the urge to nose through the top secret boxes. Partly out of fear. Uncle Frank wasn’t the most stable of people I knew, and who knew what was in those boxes. The device on the table drew my attention, though...

Brain Hack... Sounded like some sort of mind-altering device. It was in bits and pieces, too. And I wasn’t exactly the smartest person in the family to even know how to put it back together and get it to work. 

It seemed like most of my relatives on my dad’s side were kinda smart. Except for dad. He was still intelligent, but he was normal compared to uncle Frank. 

My foot hit something under the table. There was a box with a lid half closed over it. Curious, I picked it up. There were files related to the Brain Hack device. And also another phone in the box. 

Okay, curiosity got the better of me. I looked over and uncle Frank looked deep in concentration with his gun. 

I just wanted a peek, so I held the power button until the screen came to life. 

To my disappointment, it looked like a regular smartphone. I scrolled through the apps and nothing even resembled close to anything like a brain hacking thing. Maybe I was being stupid. 

There was a strange one on there, though. 

Nice Level app..? 

“Hey, Ethan, I think I fixed it!” Uncle Frank exclaimed. 

Panicking, I shoved the phone in my pants pocket and shoved the box back under the table. 

“What are you doing down there?” 

“Nothing, my back is hurting, so I thought I stretch it out.” 

“Whatever. Hey, you ready to try it out?” he said, pointing the gun at me. 

“Ah, no, I’m good. It was good seeing you, uncle, but mom called and she’s wondering when I’ll be home.”

“I see. Okay, nevermind. I’ll just try it out on some pedestrians or something. Be good to test out this device’s range. You reckon it’d work on a moving vehicle? Be good to test out its barrier piercing capabilities, too. Hit one of them taxi drivers.”

“Uh, I don’t think that’ll be a good idea.” 

“...Why not?” 


I grabbed the plate of food mom had left me in the fridge. The lights downstairs were off, which meant everyone had retired for the evening. I loaded up an anime series I downloaded over the weekend and sat in front of the screen, eating my dinner. The food was lovely, but I just couldn’t concentrate. 

I placed the phone on my desk, the one I swiped from my uncle’s place. Luckily, there was a fitting cable in my drawer full of miscellaneous crap, including charging cables. 

The NICE Level app... Was it a sign? Divine intervention from above? All I wanted was to be left alone and get the bullying to stop... And now this app might do that. I mean, if people were nice to me, then my life would be more peaceful, right?

I took a breath and pressed the app. It loaded up, and it seemed very janky. The load up wasn’t smooth, and the menu was barebones. There was a slider to adjust the NICE level, which was set to almost max. That too, was greyed out, so I couldn’t set it to the lowest level to test out the capabilities. 

All I could do was point it and press the big red button in the middle of the screen. I guess it was another one of uncle Frank’s inventions, in the alpha stages.


“What the?” 

The notification popped up and disappeared just as quickly. Apart from that, nothing else seemed to be happening. 

There wasn’t even any indication that it would even work. 

I went to bed. It was a stupid, impulsive act. I’ll sneak it back to my uncle before he knew it went missing. Good shit just didn’t happen to me. 

School was uneventful. Ace and Chet passed me by in the corridor between classes. They gave me the usual shit about not ratting on them. 

If they were fucking smarter than a potato, they would have realised that I haven’t once ratted on them. Besides, it was pointless. I hung out with some of my buddies who wanted to go into town to get the new Final Fantasy game. I declined, seeing as I had to drop by uncle Frank’s again. I already had an excuse ready - to return that gaudy T-shirt. 

The phone was in my pocket. I didn’t know why, but having it on me gave me a sense of comfort. It made me feel Zen, almost as much as watering the class plants. The soil the philodendrons were sitting on was drying out. 

“Here you go, guys. Drink up. Dont worry, I’ll make sure you lot will be looked after. Thank you for the delicious oxygen you make for us. We’re very grateful.”

I was part of the gardening club. Yeah, I know it seemed dumb, but it was a pretty chill place. It also gave me a place to keep to myself during recess, when Ace and his asshole buddies were looking for someone to torment.

“Did you know talking to yourself is a sign of madness?” 

I turned and saw a smiling Faith Westcott looking at me. 

“Actually, I was talking to the plants. Some studies suggest that they grow better when you talk to them nicely. And the opposite, when you shout at them.”

“It’s like they have feelings.”

“Yeah, I like to think so. But try not to think about it too much. No idea what we’d do if you get a crisis of morality when you start believing plants feel pain.” 

“Oh no, I’m a vegan. What else would I eat?” 

“I dunno, maybe start photosynthesizing or something.”

She laughed, and the sound warmed me right up. Faith was angelic. She was one of the few girls who didn’t seem to judge me. 

“Sorry for disturbing you. I always notice you tending to the plants and wanted to see how you are doing.”

“I’m good, thanks,” I lied. 

“I’ll see you around, Evan.” 

It was lame, but the fact that she even knew my name kinda made my day. 

My taste of happiness was short-lived, though. I was barely halfway down the hallway when someone grabbed me in a head lock and dragged me into the girl’s bathroom. 

I struggled and was slammed against the porcelain tiled wall. 

“God, watching that lovey-dovey scene made me wanna throw up.”

I looked up, and it was Kezia. Jesus fucking christ, these assholes don’t ever give me a break. 

“What do you want? And where’s your boyfriend?” 

Kezia grinned. “I don’t need Ace to handle a little pussy like you.”

Well, at least I wouldn’t get a beating. I was still kinda pissed that I looked so weak that even a girl thought she could push me around.

“I’m having a bad day,” she sighed. “So maybe you can cheer me up. There’s a pair of Louboutin stilettos that I have my eye on. A cute pink pair. Wouldn’t you think they’d look good on me?” 

She stuck her leg out to emphasise the point. Shame burned through me, but as much as a bitch Kezia was, she was gorgeous, too. She kept her skirt dangerously short, which the teachers bristled about. Well, the female teachers. But no one could actually enforce anything because she was Ace’s girl. 

Even my friends thought it was worth dealing with that sharp tongue of hers when she walked past up the stairway, just so they could see her juicy ass.

“So would you gift me some money so lil’ Kezia can get her shoes?” 

“You’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to give you anything.” 

She ignored me and started rifling through my bag. 

“Hey!” I stood to confront her.

She took a step back, pulling my shit out of my bag.

“I’d behave if I were you. A guy alone in the girl’s toilets, trapping me in with him? How would it look if I started screaming? Fucking hell, there’s nothing in here.”

She unfurled my tee and laughed. “Horse cock? Jesus christ, I seriously doubt it. Fucking limp dick pussy.”

She picked up my phone, which fell out of my pocket in the tussle. 

“Hmm, maybe I can cash this in.”

“Give that back.” 

“Ooo, I like that look. So angry. But what are you going to fucking do? Nothing. You know why? Because you’re weak. And the strong rules in this fucking world. Ha! I know why you want it back. You got some fucked up porn on here, don’t you?” 

“What? No.”

The screen came to life. I didn’t think I would’ve needed to password lock the damn thing. 

“There’s nothing on here. No social apps? Makes sense with a loser like you. What’s this? NICE App?” 

She started laughing. “Fucking amazing. What’s this? One of those apps that measures how nice you are? Let have a go.” 

“Hey, wait.” 

She held the phone up. “Looks like a camera app.”

She aimed it at herself and pressed the button. Then the bathroom was bathed in a flash of light. 

Did it work? Was Kezia going to be nice to me now? 

“What a shitty app. Doesn’t even fucking work!” She tossed it aside, hitting the bathroom floor. 

“You should be nice to me. Things will be better for us all if you were.” 

She looked at me like she looked at piece of shit. “Fuck off.”

I was an idiot to think it would’ve worked. She seemed no different. 

“Meh, you can have it back, probably worth fuck all, anyway. Waste of my goddamn time.”

She dropped my bag and went to the door. And she engaged the lock. 

“...You know what. I just had an idea. I just... That fucking smug face you had when you were talking to that goody-two-shoes. You think a loser like you actually has a chance with someone like Faith? You don’t fucking know your place in this world.”

“What? No, I don’t think that at all.”

She shoved me against the wall. “Don’t fucking lie. I saw it in your eyes,” she spat. Her hand cupped my crotch and sheer terror crawled down my spine. Was she going to hurt my balls? 

Instead, she undid my pants and pulled my cock out. 

“Huh. Not as small as I expected from a virgin loser like you.” 

I moaned. It was the first time I ever had my dick touched by anyone other than myself. Despite the fear, the anticipation of pain, my fucking dick stirred, growing in her hand. 

She started stroking it, her red manicure fingers curled over my shaft. 

“You like that, do you?” she laughed. “I bet you’re actually hating this right now. But I have a great idea. I bet a little bitch like you want nothing more than to give your shitty virginity to someone like Faith. Well, that’s not happening now.”

She got on her knees until her face was inches from my dick. I swallowed, feeling her breath dancing on my tip. “Yeah... I’m taking your cherry. Whether you like it or not,” she chuckled.

“K-Kezia wait. I- oh fuck.” 

I pressed my head back against the tiled wall behind me. Hot, wet heat enveloped my dick. I didn’t know such a feeling existed. I looked down, and Kezia’s mouth was wrapped around my dick. Something twisted in my gut. 

It was one thing to watch blowjob videos, to fantasize about it, but it was another thing entirely to actually experience it. 

Her cheeks hollowed. She was sucking me as if she had every intention of sucking my cum right out of my dick. 

God, this felt so wrong, but so good at the same time... One of my tormentors was on her knees in a dank toilet, pleasuring me with her mouth... 

She groaned as my dick pulsed in her mouth. She worked it back out of her mouth, drawing a band of precum and spit connecting my tip with her lips. 

“Are you enjoying this?” I asked. 

“O-of course not! This is about teaching you a lesson. I’m not enjoying this at all.” 

Somehow, I wasn’t convinced. She looked almost bashful. 

“At least your dick tastes clean. How does my mouth feel?” 

I swallowed. “It feels amazing, Kezia.”

She looked up at me as her tongue lashed against my slit, drawing my precum all over her taste buds. “Good. After I’m done with you, no other mouth would measure up to mine. Not that anyone would want to do this for you.”

She slurped and sucked, making the most sensual animal noises that stirred something in me. My nuts tensed and I knew I was close. 

“Kezia...” I moaned. My cock swelled, ready to unleash a torrent of cum. And then she pulled away.

My balls panged with a severe aching pain. Fuck... I should’ve known better. This was her way of tormenting me.

“Get the fuck on the floor,” she hissed. 

Confused, I did what she told me to. She stood over me and I watched as she lifted her skirt up. 

I sucked in a breath. Kezia pulled her panties aside, exposing her shaved pussy. What’s more, her lips looked inflamed and soaked with her own excitement. 

She grabbed my dick and licked her lips. “I’m going to devour your pathetic virgin cock.” 

I was helpless to do anything as she aimed my cock directly at her hot, wet entrance. 

And she drove her hips down on me. 

“Oh, fuck..!” I cried out. She was hot and tight and my mind went blank as my cock was enveloped by her pussy. 

“Holy shit. Why does your dick feel so fucking good?” she moaned. She let out a breath and chuckled. “It’s mine now. Your cherry is mine. Not that bitch, Faith. Mine. Fuck, that’s nice.”

I didn’t care that I was on the bathroom floor. Jesus, the feeling of being inside a vagina... Even if it was someone I detested... Christ, it felt amazing. The inner walls of her pussy keep thrumming and clenching around me, milking my dick, coaxing the cum to the surface. 

Kezia bounced about me, moaning in pleasure. She used one hand to squeeze her breast through her shirt, which disappointed me a little - I sorely wanted to see them. 

The other hand, she rubbed her clit. From what I understood, that felt good for girls when they did that. 

“Fucking maggot... With such a delicious dick...” she whimpered. Her face was tight with pleasure. Under the eye shadow and shitty attitude, a part of me thought she was kinda cute. I shook my head, there must’ve been something wrong with me. 

Her hips bounced harder and if it was possible, her pussy tightened around me even more. 

“Kezia... I can’t... I can’t hold it in anymore,” I grimaced. 

“No! Don’t you fucking dare you little bastard. Not without me. Not until I cum.”

I grabbed her hips and tried to think about all the shitty things she had done to me. Throwing my bag into the bin... Laughing when Chet threw toilet water all over me... But the fact that my dick was deep inside her only made everything hotter. I was fucking my tormentor...

She slammed her ass down hard and her hand was a blur over her clit. “Fuck!!!” she howled. Her entire body shuddered and tightened and relaxed and tightened over and over. I thought she was having an attack. 

“I-I’m going to cum...” 

She leaned in, panting heavily into my face. She was so close, and her lips looked so soft and shiny...

“Cum, you piece of shit. Fill my cunt up with cum. I’m taking your fucking virginity.”

My face tightened. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. Even if I was going to pay for it, my hands grabbed her deliciously round and soft buttocks, holding her tight against me. 

“Oh, shit!” 

It was like my body had a mind of its own. My hips drove upwards, trying to reach the deepest depths of Kezia’s core. She met me, driving down to swallow as much of my dick as she could. 

Her eyes were crazed, manic. Like a beautiful, dangerous mad woman given exactly what she wanted. 

Then she snaked her tongue into my mouth. 

My eyes went wide, and I tasted the obscene mix of cigarettes and bubblegum. I groaned into her mouth as my cock swelled painfully. 

And I came. 

My body shuddered violently as a wave of heat washed through me, compacting into a laser tightness and shooting forth out of my dick. 

“Cum, you fucker,” she mewled into my ear. “Cum.” 

Thick ropes of my cum blasted deep into her pussy. A part of me wondered if she was on the pill. Most of me didn’t care for anything other than filling her up. 

I was surrounded by her heat and scent, smelling faintly of her sweat, perfume and sex. 

In a strange, almost tender moment, she nestled against me, waiting to catch her breath. 

Then she looked at me, blinked a few times and stood. She pulled her panties back in place, seemingly unbothered that my cum was still deep inside her. No doubt it was going to leak out slowly, too. 

She looked down at me and smiled. It wasn’t an angelic smile. “That’s right, maggot. I took your virginity. There’s nothing you could do that would ever change that fact. You’re going to live out your days knowing that. I’ll see you around.”

She chuckled, grabbed her bag and left the toilet. 

For some reason, that her idea of punishment didn’t bother me at all. 

Not one bit.

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