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As Dave prepares to return to his "normal life" after being used as a fuck toy for more than a week, he has one last encounter with Beth, the woman who helped turn him.

I woke up about 10:30 to a knock on the door from house, keeping.

"Come back later please!" I growled, my head aching. I called down to the front desk and they agreed to a 2:00PM check out. I started to doze off again when another rude awakening.

Ding! It was a text from Beth.


Me: TILL 2


I was spent but she was so amazing, I could not say no.


Beth: K

I rolled out, popped some aspirin and did the morning routine again, shit, shower, shave, hair remover and her enema kit for a good cleanout. I put on my sweats and no panties. I really needed a break from that for a while. I cleaned up the room as best I could and anxiously awaited her visit.

Despite the long week, my dick stiffened a bit at the thought of her gorgeous ass and beautiful body. I thought I best not get excited; this could have something to do with her brother and I was sworn to secrecy. My mind whirled as I was startled by the knock.

I ran to the door and opened it to the vision of her flowing dark hair, and another form fitting dress, that cut low between her handful sized breasts. She had a large matching handbag.

"Welcome beautiful, please come in!" I said smiling.

She grinned and blushed a little as she came in.

"Have a seat," I said pointing toward the sofa. "Would you like a beer...or a shot of tequila?" I asked looking around for any other option.

"I'm fine" she said laughing at my nervousness. "I wanted to thank you Mr. Thompson...Shane came by last night, and we had a long talk. He told me you were good to him and brought to light some feelings he has been repressing. You brought out his true feelings and desires, and your timing...impeccable. He was supposed to be married in 6 months, but thanks to you and the boys, he has avoided the potential worst mistake of his life."

"He clearly seemed to enjoy the past couple days, I did encourage him to think before making an rash decisions, but his future seems clear." I said, feeling awkward, like I was betraying him, but she knew all the details. "What did he think of Nate?" I asked thinking he may be a good option for exploring his new desires.

"Funny you asked that, they are gonna get together tonight to talk." She said raising her eyebrows.

"Good, Nate seems a little more settled in things. He could really help him understand how to deal...Know what I mean?" I asked, thinking about my own situation, and taking a seat next to her on the couch.

"Yeah, they are close in age too," she said seriously.

"I know I am old, don't rub it in!" I chuckled.

"You have a very young cock, I must say." She said smiling..."Don't worry, I know you have been ridden hard this week, I am not here to abuse your body further. I just wanted to say thank you for helping out my brother, in more ways than one! If there is ever anything I can do to repay you, let me know."

"You can abuse my body any time you like! Trust me. You are one of the primary things I will be thinking about in the coming days. I don't know how I will Face my wife tomorrow. I better start with a gift, and go from there. Hey, aren't you a masseuse? Maybe I can give her a massage day to make up for missing vacation."

"Yes, you could, do you have a picture of her?" she asked, thinking.

"I do," I said pulling one out of my wallet.

"She's beautiful...You did good Mr. Thompson." she said contemplating. "A full body deep tissue massage is generally $500, but I may offer you a special deal. You obviously have a lot to think about, but your situation could be easier, if maybe your wife had some discoveries of her own...What do you say to the possibility of spicing things up for her too?", she said smiling a devious smile.

"What do you mean?" I asked with my dick stirring.

"You send her for a private session, 4-6 hours, with me free of charge. If nothing happens but a massage, it's free. If somehow, she has an orgasm during the session, you owe me $250. If she makes me cum too, it's $500. If we both have multiple orgasms, $750. Finally, if I get her to agree to a male friend and I, joining the two of you in your bedroom it's $1000...Deal?" She said holding out her hand.

I grabbed and shook, with my dick at attention. "Deal! When and where?"

"I am free next Saturday if that works," she said gently gripping my hard-on. And regardless of what happens in the future, I have one favor to ask, if you’re up for it. It feels like you are. (She gave me a squeeze). Will you masturbate with me and my new toy?"

My heart rate jumped, "Anything for you darlin'."

She released my dick, reached into the handbag and pulled out a double ended semi flexible dildo, each end about 10 inches long. She laid it on the couch next to her.

"Help me out of this dress," she said kicking off her shoes and standing up.

I stood up and gripped her tight dress at the mid-thigh hem. I could not resist caressing her soft skin on her lower thigh. I slowly pealed up her dress revealing her beautifully, curved hips. She wore no underwear! Her perfectly manicure tuft of black hair sat atop her shaved dark pink pussy.

I ran the back of my fingers over her silky-smooth belly, as I pulled her dress further up revealing her firm and perky handful sized breast. I bent forward and kissed her protruding left nipple while shoving her dress over her head. She sighed and I moved to the right nipple, not wanting to discriminate. Her dress tossed aside, I dropped to my Knees, nestling my nose into her black bush, gently kissing her warm silky soft pussy lips.

Her scent made my dick throb, with a rush of blood. I extended my tongue, tickling her pussy as I licked as lightly as I could, the length of her slit. Her juices were flowing as her taste flooded my tongue. She spread her legs to give me full access.

I continued outlining her lips with my tongue tip then sliding down pressing my tongue in separating her hot silky labia. Her sighs encouraged me to go deeper, extending my tongue and pressing in, until my lips pressed against hers.

"Oh yes, Mr. Thompson work that tongue!" She said, caressing the back of my head.

She pressed my head firmly against her drenched pussy. Rubbing my head up and down against her pussy. I worked my tongue in and out, and as I put my lips in contact with her clit. I sucked it in my mouth and wiggled my tongue, rapidly against it.

"Yes, suck my fucking pussy, Mr. Thompson! Oh God that tongue! Lick my clit," she squealed.

Her hips gyrated as she smeared her cum all over my face, my tongue continuing my rapid-fire assault on her clit.

My hands had gripped the back of her legs helping maintain contact with her juicy cunt. I nearly came in my sweats as I gripped that beautiful smooth ass. Her skin was like fine satin, and steamy warm. It shook as she gave in to her pending orgasm.

"Oh God, that feels good, I'm coming! Oh God! AAAHHH!" She screeched as I pressed my flattened tongue firmly against her clit and moved my head in small circles, rubbing her clit with my tongue!

Her ass and thighs trembled as she came in my mouth.

"Oh Mr. Thompson! fuck my pussy with that tongue! Yes! Oh God YYeeesss!" She howled, flooding my face with her warm pussy juice.

She grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me upward, immediately grabbing my waist band and untying my sweats. Get these off it's time to test out my new toy. Where's the lube. I wiggled free of my sweats, kicked them off and grabbed the strawberry lube from the desk drawer.

She squirted some on one end and began stroking it onto the dildo. She handed it to me, and I applied it to the other end.

"Holly shit!" I said startled. "It's warm!"

She smiled. "It has a heater and wait for it... (she twisted a ring in the center, and it began to vibrate) Wait till you feel that in your ass! Before we say "adieu", We're gonna fuck this toy ass to ass and jack off together. Any objection?"

"Hell no!" I said emphatically.

"Good I need you to lube my ass first," she said getting in her hands and kneed on the sofa. She spread he knees and hunkered down, exposing her dark pink sphincter between her round perfect cheeks.

When I saw the little mole on her left cheek, I had to kiss it again. I whipped off my sweatshirt and knelt behind her kissing her left cheek and tracing my tongue around both cheeks before gripping her round ass and spreading her wide.

She sighed, "Mr. Thompson...I like how your mind works...a good old school lube j... Whew!" She gasped and my tongue hit its target.

I pressed my face into her satin crack, wiggling my tongue against her wrinkled dark pink hole. I pressed my tongue and moved it up and down wetting her crack with my saliva.

"Oh my that feels good, Mr. Thompson! Lick my fucking asshole!" She moaned as she reached back and gripped the back of my head and ground my tongue in her sweet ass.

She released me and quickly grabbed the lube. "Turn around!"

I assumed the position and she squirted lube in my ass crack and began rubbing it in, moving from my balls to my back dragging her lubed fingers over my tingling asshole. She slid one in and slowly fucked me with it. I arched my back in approval.

"You like my finger in your ass, don't you, ya fuckin' slut!" she yelled slipping in as second.

"Yes, please finger my ass! I grunted. "I need it please give me three!"

She slid it in and yelled again, "You are a little ass whore, aren't you! You fuckin' like it!. What else do you want, slut?"

"Put that fuck dildo in my ass! I wanna jack off with it vibrating my ass!" I panted.

She pulled out and I heard the dido turn on. My ass puckered in anticipation.

"Oooh," I cooed, as the vibrating dickhead pressed against my greased asshole. "Oh God, its vibrating my balls! Put it in me please!"

I stiffened, arched my back and looked toward the ceiling, as she slid it in me. I pushed myself onto it until her hand touched my ass. It sent waves of pleasure through my testicles and my asshole as my sphincter gripped the vibrating tool. I rocked slowly pushing it in and out while she held on to it and suddenly turned it up to a new level.

"Oh shit Beth, hurry, I might cum just having it in my ass!" I said clenching my teeth.

She released the dildo and reached into her bag and pulled out the hand vibrator and strapped it to the back of her hand.

Kneeling on all fours and struggled to grip the dildo with my asshole as the weight of the other end and the vibration were pulling it out. Just as I was losing the battle, she gripped the other end and slid her feet between my spread knees. She positioned the dildo head against her waiting asshole and pressed it in pushing my end back in to the hilt.

"Oh God! That feels good!" She whispered, shoving it slowly in, and humping gently as she pushed on.

We began to rock in unison. Pushing further and harder with each rock. Then, her hand vibrator kicked on.

"My pussy is so wet, from that magic tongue...a, a, a, a, aaaahhh, it’s so fucking warm, It's Like having your dick in me Mr. Thompson! Oh God it's so good!" She shrieked, slapping our assed together as we fucked the magic toy. "Cum for me Mr. Thompson! Tell me how much you like it Fuck Toy!"

Jacking off with my lubed hand, I hollered, "Oh fuck I like it in my ass! It's so fucking hot! It's Vibrating my balls! (I was slamming against her ass with each lunge). Fuck my ass! Of fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck Yes! I'm fucking coming, please fuck me hard!"

She almost cried, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, coming, oh, oh, oh."

My body convulsed like being electrocuted, my hand pounded my lubed dick as the dildo, vibrated my contracting balls. I shot a jet of cum onto the sofa as series of guttural grunts came from my trembling mouth, the orgasm shook my body.

"I'm still coming...Oh G, G, God Mr. Thompson! I'mmmm c, commmmmming!

She stopped thrusting and just shook her body on the dildo as she continued to groan loudly. She slowly stopped shaking and slid off the dildo and sat on the sofa, panting.

The dildo dropped and pulled the other end out of my ass. I grabbed it as it fell out and collapsed on the couch. I smiled at her and tilted my head back on the back of the couch, looking at the ceiling.

"Holy shit, that was incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I said feeling completely content.

"Thank you for the sendoff," she said, breathing deep. "It has been a pleasure. Oh crap, I am supposed to meet my friends for a late lunch today!"

She jumped up and grabbed her dress, the dildo and handbag and ran into the bathroom. The water ran for a minute, and she came out looking remarkably great. I lose all track of time with you!" she said smiling, handing me a flyer and business card for her massage services. "The address is on the card. If Saturday is good for your wife, let me know what time works. Remember, 5-6 hours, so plan accordingly."

She bent down and kissed my forehead. "You are definitely my favorite trainee. I can't wait to meet your wife. Hopefully, she will be up for some training too! Don't worry, If I get to meet her, I will not share anything with her. Only that we met at the travel agency, and you heard from Danny that I did massage."

"Thanks Beth, hopefully we'll see you soon." I said as she slipped out the door.

It was 1:45 and I needed to check out, so I threw on my sweats, packed up the few remaining things and loaded the car. I took one last walk through and took a moment to replay the week's events. I needed to get home, relax, and think about my future.

I left the room running the encounters I had in the room over again in my head. I was exhausted and confused and completely spent, sexually. Hopefully with my Wife and Daughter coming home, some quiet time with my girls will give me a sense of normalcy again and this past 2 weeks will be a wild sexy memory, I can revisit in my mind from time to time.

The End
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