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My lady Sarah and I are currently staying at an exclusive swingers resort. More than a week earlier we filled in a form outlining any sexual preferences we would like while staying there.

We have lived out some of our preferences including a wonderful cuckold session on the first night. See our story SARAH'S CUCKOLD - PART 1.
Some adult entertainment every night which we both enjoy and have our libidos stretched. Tonight it was a voluptuous woman Sarah’s age being pleasured by a much younger woman and her man.

It was very exciting watching him fucking her standing against a wall while his lady alternated kissing her and licking her large, erect nipples on her 36B tits.

“Our ladies want to have you while we watch. They have been watching you at the pool and the nude beach,” a man we now know as Brian confidently told us in the bar afterwards as Sarah crossed and recrossed her legs for him.

“This is Kay and Karen. As you can see they are much younger than us.

“You two are a pornogarpher’s delight. Your legs and ass and his large thick cock have aroused the four of us. We have all been fantasising about your naked bodies since we first watched by the pool, then the nude beach.”

“Tell me more, flattery will get you a long way,” Sarah smiles as the men ogle her thighs highlighted by her very short skirt.

“I am Kay and this is Karen. Our men are past their prime, they like to watch. And we enjoy them watching.”

“We are both thirty and bi, we have similar sexual fetishes. Sex with an older bi woman and her man at the same time. Even better if her man is thick and hung,” she tells us with a smile as their men listen and watch for our reaction.

“Would you like that while our men watch?”

Sarah and I are both looking them over as we decide if we are going to have them for new sexual partners.They are both very attractive size-12 women with short bobbed, blond hair dressed in heels, skin tight, black leather slacks and black silk blouses. Obviously no bras as Sarah and I ogle their nipples pushing against the silk.

“Our thirty-minute rule baby, do they pass?” I whisper to Sarah. We both agreed long ago if we are going to share new sexual partners we had to be comfortable having and giving oral sex for thirty-minutes.

“Yes, fine by me,” she smiles as she takes Kay’s hand and places it on her knee.

“You are a very exciting woman Sarah,” Kay whispers as they tongue kiss with a small crowd in the bar watching at a distance. “Tell us what you like Sarah?”

“We both have very strong sex drives. We are here to discover and enjoy new cuckold experiences. Sex with two younger women while their men watch will be very exciting for us. I love being licked and teased by both sexes. Both at the same time is even better. And I love my big ass being worshipped. And my man and I both love sex with an audience.”

“My guess is you have an exciting size-14 ass on a size-12 body,’ one of the men chips in as he puts a hand on Sarah’s ass. “And my guess is your man has a nine-inch erection.”

“Very good guess on both counts,” Sarah smiles teasingly.

“Tell them some more about yourself Sarah?,” Kay asks standing behind her as she kisses her neck.

“I am an exhibitionist and muti-orgasmic. My libido has been in overdrive since we arrived here. As is my man’s,” she flirts with a hand over my aroused cock.

“You really are an exciting couple. Our ladies want to sexually pleasure you while we watch. Our room in twenty-minutes? Would that be suitable?,” one of the men asks.

“Yes it would be,” Sarah smiles, enjoying being the centre of attention and a sex object after she looked at me for tacit approval.

“I really want this baby, two younger bi-women, so enjoy, you know your turn on is my turn on. We are going to cuckold each other again,” Sarah tells me in our room as we shower and change.

“What shall we wear baby?,” she asks standing in front of a wall mirror, naked apart from her heels. “Don’t forget to take a cock ring with you.”

“Less is more, we don’t have far to walk,” I tell her as we put on our very short matching black silk dressing gowns over our naked bodies.

“Don’t worry about a belt,” she whispers as we set off holding hands. As fate would have it we passed two other couples on the way with our gowns open. “Just what I hoped for,” Sarah tells me as she enjoys them ogling our partly naked bodies.

Huge sexual tension when we enter their room. The two older man are still dressed as they were twenty-minutes ago, sitting in separate armchairs. The two women are topless with skimpy, high-waisted, black g-strings and heels. Both have modest tits and gorgeous long legs with magnificent thighs.

“We are here for your sexual pleasure and ours,” Sarah tells them confidently as she walks over and stands legs apart in front of the men. Wonderful sexual tension as I stand behind her, tongue kiss her and very slowly slide her gown off and hand it to one of the men.

“Most men love my big, naked ass. How about you two men?,” she teases as she turns around so she can flaunt it for them, before she struts around the room to flaunt her naked body for two men and their much younger women.

I never tire of ogling her magnificent, naked ass when she walks. This time is a real buzz with four new people watching.

“Would you like to to lick and kiss and my big ass, both of you at the same time?,” she teases. “Or would you like to watch my man lick and kiss it? Or your ladies?”

“Your man then our ladies.”

“Magnificent, fucking magnificent. Both of you,” the two men murmur as one while Karen tongue kisses me and slides my gown off as Sarah positions herself so I can lick and kiss her ass cheeks.

I love kissing her ass at any time. With two old men and their much younger ladies watching, an extra buzz as I stroke my erection for them.

“And I love your almost bald cunt Sarah, love it,” one of them chimes in. “Very exciting. We took special notice of it while watching you both on the nude beach.”

We are standing naked in front of a mirror. Karen is standing behind me teasing my nipples, with her naked body pressing into me. I am behind Sarah teasing her nipples with my erection pressing against her. The other woman, Kay is on her knees in front of Sarah cupping her ass cheeks in her hand and licking her to orgasm, ever so slowly with two older men watching.

“Stand with your backs to the wall, facing our men, both of you,” Kay tells us. “I am going to lick Sarah to orgasm while Karen gives you a blow job.

“Kiss her with a hand on her ass while we pleasure you and perform for our old men.”

Wonderful, passionate tongue kissing as they expertly bought us to orgasm. I could feel Sarah’s orgasms. One, two, three, four. Then a huge, noisy orgasm with Kay sliding a finger into her as she relished squirting for the two men.

“Fucking incredible, what a turn on,” the two men moan as they watch her squirting.

“Now you, masturbate your nine-inch erection for us. Talk us though it,”

“I love masturbating for an audience wearing a cock ring,” I whisper as they watch me slide one on and clip it under my balls. “Masturbating for two men and three women is special, very special,” I whisper incredibly aroused as I hold their gaze one by one, and stroke the full length of my erection.

“Nearly there, so close. And so good, so fucking good,” I moan as I blow and watch the two men stroking their erections under their trousers.
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