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Every character in this story is 18+. It contains extreme penetration, distention, inflation, and weird & unusual sex with LARGE apendages. Muddled consent (a bit of everything).
“Aubrie, did you sleep at all last night?”

Aubrie was a pretty girl even at her worst, which was definitely how she ranked on this early morning shift. She had no makeup except for dried mascara tears, her normally silky-smooth blonde hair erupted like a mane out of her visor cap, her bright blue eyes were only half-open between drawn-out blinks, and the way she slouched against the register created all sorts of unwanted coffee orders with her breasts.

“No, not a wink,” she told her work friend Saige without the strength to turn her head. “ Tham kept me up all evening and all night. I was literally cumming nonstop for fourteen hours straight.” Aubrie twitched, her body still being ravaged by the orgasmic aftershocks of her night of forced pleasure. All of her male coworkers became not-so-subtly interested in the conversation. “My small intestines still haven't shrunk back to their normal size, if I swallowed a marble, it would fall out of my ass five seconds later.

“Thamuz the Internal Desecrator? I thought you guys broke up.”

“Oh, we did. We broke up because he couldn’t understand that I had a life outside of being his stretchy tentacle cozy. He acts like there's a magic number of orgasms that will win me back.”


“Yah, but it turns out that when you have the power to spawn demonic portals big enough for your thick tentacles, being asked for time apart doesn’t really matter.”

“Yikes, so he didn't even have the decency to rape you in person?”

“Nope. He didn’t even have the decency to be in the same plane of existence. I was sitting down on the couch alone in my apartment when the entrance of my holes all tore open at once. You’ve seen how big they are, right, his cock?”

“Of course. He wasn't very subtle when I came over to watch a movie with you guys.” Saige looked at her fist from several angles to help her estimate. “They’re thicker than my arms, and covered in squirmy little fingers like that plant in Finding Nemo. I bet you feel every single one of them tickling your insides.”

“Oh, I do, and he’s never satisfied with just one in each hole. Usually, if I’m not in the mood I can at least close my legs and clench my teeth, you know, to at least slow him down a little bit, but when he’s using his fucking portals, I’m just screwed. He’s even fucked me in places he couldn’t penetrate before.”

“I didn’t want to say anything, but is that why...” Saige had been playing a very easy game of spotting the difference with Aubrie’s body. The other coffee shop employees certainly noticed as well. Aubrie’s celibacy was huge news and their gazes were drawn in by something else that was huge.

“Why I have breasts bigger than my head and could barely stretch my work shirt over them this morning? Yup. They are like water balloons filled with gallons of squirming demon cum. I’ve had a literal river of cum flow through me last night and it took hours to flush it all out but how am I supposed to drain my tits? The cum’s thicker than milk, it’s not coming out of the nipple pores.” 

“Does it hurt? Getting your breasts fucked...”

“Like everything Thamuz does, it hurts like hell.” Aubrie jiggled her inflated boobs from side to side and winced. “But it’s so kinky that you can’t not be aroused no matter how angry you are, so you end up feeling angry and guilty. You said his tentacles are the size of your arms, right? So imagine getting kidnapped and gang-fisted in a dirty alley. It's so violent and raw that you can't stop yourself from cumming while their big forearms unbend your colon, right?”

“Erm, sure...” Saige wasn't 100% sure that her body would react the same way.

“The guys notice so they think ‘Hey, she loves it. Let’s keep going until she's at the brink of death,’ and they keep fisting you harder and deeper and invite more guys to fist you at the same time.” Aubrie was gesticulating fisting action with a grip around her forearm to help visualize her situation. “And you keep cumming so much that you have no chance to convince them that you'd rather be in bed with a good book. That’s what sex with Thamuz is like. That’s why I needed a break.”

The silence in the coffee shop was palpable while Aubrie finished fisting the invisible girl of her analogy.

“So, do I enjoy walking around with ultra-sensitive breasts sloshing with hot demon cum? No, but don't be surprised if I crumble into a fit of uncontrollable orgasms when someone brushes past me and accidentally rubs my nipples. Good thing we have these aprons.” Though the struggling green apron hid most of the front cleavage, the sides showed how Aubrie had barely managed to get the bottom of her shirt to hook over the nips. The apron was practically the only thing covering her breasts.”

“Elise Is going to say you’re a distraction again,” Saige warned her.

“Well, Elise can go fuck herself...” But Aubrie immediately regretted her choice of words and held her breath. “She’s right behind me isn’t she?”

“No, she’s never here this early.”

“OK, good. So yeah, fuck Elise. That midget would bitch about me taking the day off anyway; I might as well get paid to listen to her bitching.”

The two girls shared a few minutes of cursing the daughter of the franchise's owner before Aubrie brought the conversation back to her ex. “Hopefully Thamuz will let me sleep a few hours tonight...”

“Give me his number and I’ll talk to him. He needs to understand that your body is not his personal sperm dumpster.”

“Do not get involved. It sucks but he’s manageable right now. I'm just going to wait for him to get bored of me.”

The next five minutes went on without a single incident.

“Hmm, excuse me?” A customer flagged Saige over Aubrie’s shoulder. “Your cashier is just standing there with her hands over her mouth and throat. Can someone take my order?”

The hand over Aubrie’s mouth was to hide the gaping hole locked open against a crowd of cum-oozing anemones and the other tried to cover her massively distended throat bulging as if a cow’s heart was beating inside. And the reason she wasn’t moving was the paralysis from the intense distention of five tentacles rushing down her bowels.

“Just a moment, sir.” Saige helped Aubrie walk to the refrigerator where no one could see the shameful throat fuck in progress other than through a clouded reflection. “Is Thamuz having sex with you again?”

Aubrie nodded and rolled her eyes either from exasperation or because her pussy had just been secretly penetrated too. From the way she was clenching the sides of the fridge, it was either the latter or both.

“Give me your phone, I’m going to call him.”

Aubrie shook her head vigorously at Saige's suggestion and made gagging noises that almost sounded like ‘I’ll be fine’. With perfect timing, five giant tentacles erupted from her ass, shredding her pants to ribbons. Time stopped for employees and clientele who all had front-row seats to Aubrie’s smooth and plump buttcheeks spread wide by five squirmy alien arms, sloppily moving in and out of the anus at clashing intervals. You could have heard a pin drop had it not been for the loud slurps and suction noises that a rectum makes when being quintuple-fisted from the inside. Under the ass, Aubrie’s pussy was also wide open as if multiple giant dildos were shoved deep in there.

“Is she one of those sex demons I keep hearing about?” the customer at the cash asked after several minutes of watching his barista distend at weird angles.

Saige didn’t want to get into all the details but she couldn’t have people spreading untrue rumors about her friend. “She’s not a sex demon, her ex-boyfriend is one and he opened a portal in her mouth that he’s using to violate the entire length of her digestive system.”

“Then how come she also has tentacles coming out of her mouth?”

“Well, look how lumpy she is. There’s probably also a portal in her ass that’s sending tentacles through like a two-way street.”

“Is she... enjoying it?”

It was hard to deny that Aubrie’s shaking legs and moan-like gargles meant anything else. “Imagine getting gang-fisted in an alley...” Saige stopped herself. Her friend's analogy might not be work-appropriate and she didn't remember how it ended. “She's enjoying it but she’s not happy about it. She'll be fine. What can I get for you today?”

Another perfect timing: the string of Aubrie’s apron snapped from a new chest development. Her breasts had grown a few more cup sizes now that tentacles were penetrating them with handy nipple portals. The black shirt rolled up like a bib and Aubrie’s massive juicy tits were out for everyone to enjoy. Aubrie couldn’t help herself, she was already cumming naked in public so there was little point in resisting the urge to pinch her erect nips between her fingers and add to the pleasure.

“That’s it, I’m calling Tham!”

Though you could only see the white of her rolled eyes, Aubrie must have heard her friend and shook her head while gargling precum from the holes between the anal tentacles erupting out of her mouth.

Saige had already grabbed the phone from the pocket of the ripped pants on the floor. “Yeah, Thamuz, it’s Saige, Aubrie’s friend... No, I don’t want a threesome. Listen, Aubrie is trying to work, can you leave her alone? ... I don’t care that you can feel her cum harder than she ever came before, you’re humiliating her in front of everybody... No, that has nothing to do with it... Well... well then you’re just a big jerk!”

Saige put Aubrie’s phone on the counter and approached the fridge-hugging tentacle hive to deliver some news. “So... he says that because you sent me to fight your battles, he’s going to use twice as many tentacles...”

Aubrie’s squirming intensified, you could follow the new bulges in the shadow of her big tits that were squirting salty milk all over the fridge’s door because the pressure inside them had reached a critical point. The pool of cum that surrounded Aubrie’s distended body thankfully circled down a nearby drain. Double the tentacles meant double the cum being pumped inside her ballooning womb and bloated guts.

“I didn’t know he had more to spare!”

“What is going on?! Everyone, back to work! Elise was here but the little tyrant had a good reason to be angry for once. The store had been accumulating customers peeking over the counter to watch an insanely busty girl collapsed on the floor getting internally rearranged into a repulsive octopus sushi but no one was taking their money! She stepped over Aubrie’s body and snapped her fingers in front of the distracted customer's face before taking the next order. “You’re definitely not getting paid for the time you spend having orgasms on my floor,” she bitched at Aubrie between two rushed lattes. “Or for the time it takes you to mop that mess of bubbling white tar.”

When the rush was over and everyone was finally watching the show with an overpriced coffee in their hands. Saige explained the situation to her young boss.

“Let me talk to this Thamuz the Internal Desecrator guy," Elise said. "I need him to get those tentacles out of there and wring all that cream out of her tits so she can pull her shirt down.”

Aubrie managed to express her disapproval in her own way by changing the tone of her moans.

Elise had already hit redial. “Is this Thamuz the Internal Desecrator? This is Aubrie’s boss. No, my name’s not Karen, it’s Elise. I need you to finish up your little long-distance hanky panky and let Aubrie get back to work ... Is that a threat? Why should I care how many more tentacles you can shove inside her? Do what you need to do to finish faster.” She put Aubrie’s phone in her pocket so she could call Thamuz again if he was still at it in an hour. All of the girl's holes were stretched like rubber bands around watermelons, how many more could he possibly fit in there?

But a few minutes later, ten more tentacle tips finished their internal voyage and wiggled out of Aubrie’s dislocated jaw and broken anus, spraying cum on Elise's immaculate apron and they thrashed around.

“Let me try again," Saige asked Elise for the phone.

“I'll put him on speaker so we can both scream at him."

Aubrie had this to say about the idea: “Nughhhhhhh! GLHHHHG!”

Two weeks later.

“Hey Aubrie, how did you sleep?”

“I didn’t. I can’t sleep anymore. I miss him, Saige. I miss him so much. I feel so empty without a hundred tentacles inside me.”

“Aww, you'll get over him. Maybe you can get a bunch of guys in an alley like you said.”

“I know he’s dating her to make me jealous, What could he possibly see in that little bitch?”

“At least he got her off our back. She almost never comes to work anymore.”

Meanwhile in Elise’s bedroom: “Don't be a wimp, there's room for more tentacles in my pee hole. Is that all the cum you have? You call yourself a sex demon and you can't even last two months straight?”
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