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Ever since HB 2469 passed, or the H-Bill as it was often called, Humiliation is the approved form of discipline. Laura, a high school teacher, breaks a rule and finds herself having to deal with ever increasing humiliation. She thought the humiliation of day one was bad, but day two adds a whole new set of challenges.
When the car pulled into the driveway, they saw that Allen was already home. Before Adam and Summer got out, she kissed the head of his cock and then tucked it into his pants so that he could pull up the zipper.

Allen greeted them before they got to the door. He walked up to Laura and said, “Welcome home dear.” He bent down to kiss her. It was not a normal welcome home peck. This time he placed one arm around her back and bent her backwards off balance as he gave her a deep passionate long kiss. With his other hand he reached between her legs to her exposed pussy and plunged several fingers deep into her and wiggled them. In moments, her legs quivered as an orgasm hit her. He stood her up and said, “Wow, it didn’t take much to put you over the top.”

“Allen! Please! Not in front of Adam and a guest!”

“I was just having a little fun. I had no idea you would climax so damn easy. You must have almost been there already. What got you so hot?”

“Allen, you have no idea what I have had to endure today.”

“Hello Summer. Adam texted me that you were going to spend some time here. I’m glad to see you again. Welcome to our home.” Then back to Laura, “Laura, I did not do anything to you that they have not already seen. In fact, I know they have seen and done a whole lot more.”

“Yes Laura, don’t worry. Remember I have spent time in an H-Store as a “Volunteer.” You can’t shock me.”

“I agree. Mom, you need to relax.”

“Whatevvvver. Allen, what are you doing at home so early? We usually get home before you.”

“I took a half day off. I wanted to be here when the items, we ordered from the H-Store, were delivered today.”

“Oh God, I forgot about that.”

“Don’t worry, I remembered. I had some free time while I waited, so I did a little research into the rules under the H-Bill for how things can or should be organized in personal homes, especially if there is a sentenced person in the house. I know Adam did similar research last night too. We have been texting each other about it today and we agree about the primarily rules that we should use to set up for our household.”

“What do you mean rules,” Laura asked.

“Remember, we talked about rules with the Bensons this morning. They are going to set up rules for their house. We need to set up rules for our house too. The H-Department has guidelines for how rules should be set up. In fact, one of the items delivered was an H-Bot system to help with the monitoring and enforcement. I called the H-Store this morning and added it to our order, per the suggestion of Adam. The installers linked it to the house network, but I have not finished setting it up because you all needed to be here.”

“What is an H-Bot system?” Laura asked.

“An H-Bot makes it much easier to set up and monitor the house rules. House rules have been proven to help maintain a healthy environment in a household. Let’s start the personal setup now.”

“Because you are already sentenced as a Green, and Adam has a pending transfer of the contract with Summer, they strongly recommended Adam and I have a priority. They installed it this afternoon and now all we have to do is finish setting up the personal accounts.”

“What model did you get Dad?”

“I sprang for the H2912 system.”

“Cool, that is the top-rated one, did you spring for the room extensions?”


“What are extensions?” Laura asked.

“There are units in each room to help monitor activities and you can use the remotes to ask for clarification of any rule or you can make rule adjustments if you have the authority to do so. It’s state of the art mom.”

“Now that everyone is here, I’m going to set up my profile. H-Bot” – When the light on the base unit came on “Per the H-Department guidelines, I Allen Burk, as head of the house, and the oldest non-sentenced person in the house set my rank is number 1.” The lights on the H-Bot ran through the spectrum and flashed white. Then it said in a slightly robotic voice. “Allen Burk, voice print and status level registered in the H-Department registry.”

“Adam, please set up your registration.” Allen said.

“H-Bot… I Adam Burk, being the second oldest non-sentenced individual, set my designation as number 2” After a pause and a blinking of lights, it responded with “Adam Burk, voice print and status level registered in the H-Department registry.”

“Summer, I assume you are familiar with the rule system?”

With a big smile she answered, “Yes, I am.”

“Okay then, I would like to give you a number 4 designation with a contract to Adam modifier. Do you accept?”

“With what I have seen and experienced so far with this family; I fully accept that designation in this household.”

“Okay, go for it.”

“H-Bot… I Summer Tate, under pending transfer of contract to Adam Burk, currently serving as a sentenced Yellow, set my designation to number 4 in this household.” After a pause and a blinking of lights, it responded with “Summer Tate, voice print and status level registered in the H-Department registry.”

“Laura, do you freely accept the role of number 3?”

“I don’t understand. What are these number designations?”

“I know this is new to you, but the lower the number, the higher the authority. The higher the authorities can change designations of those with lower authority. They also have the responsibility of educating or disciplining those individuals if they are currently serving a sentence. They may determine if a lower authority person needs to serve a sentence, if they are not already serving a sentence, and what level and how long that sentence should be. Any sentencing is subject approval or modification by a higher authority if needed.”

“You are saying that Adam would have authority over me?”

“Yes, that is what I am saying. You are a sentenced person, and Adam is not, you cannot be over him. Really, since a majority of this household have already agreed to the rules, you don’t need to agree, you only need to follow them.”

“But Adam is my son. It is not right that he as control over me.”

“Mom, don’t worry, I won’t harm you. I may have you do things that you are not comfortable with doing, but I will not seriously harm you or put you in real danger. If I do, Dad will sentence me, and I will have to serve my time. Right dad?”

“Very much so. And if I violate the trust of all of you, and all three of you agree, you can demote me to a lower level of authority. There is a check and balance of sorts built into the system.”

“Remember, this morning, the Bensons were talking about setting up rules for their house. Most of my friends said that their parents were setting up systems in their houses too.”

“Laura, Please finish setting up your household account in the H-Bot system.”

“What do I need to do?”

“Just state your name, current sentence status, and number designation. The H-Bot will do the rest.”

“Okay, H-Bot… I Laura Burk, currently serving as a Green accept the designation of three in the household.” After a pause and a blinking of lights, it responded with “Laura Burk, voice print and status level registered in the H-Department registry.”

“Dad, since we have established the hierarchy, I need to report that Mom tried to disrupt my authority over Summer on the way home.”

“Is that true Summer?”

“Yes sir.”

“Laura, what did you do? Did you undermine Adam’s authority over Summer?”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Mom, don’t lie, you will only make things worse.”

“Summer, what happened?”

“When I met Adam at his school, he gave me a wonderful orgasm in front of his friends. It was marvelous and he treated me with the utmost respect. On the way to your house, Adam asked me to return the favor. Laura tried to tell Adam that he should not make me do that.”

“Laura, is that true?”

“Allen, please, it is not right that she give him a blow job in front of me. A son should not do that where his mother can see.”

“Adam, is this true?”

“Yes, I had to tell Mom to behave at least two times and she was about to go for a third, before I put her in her place. I told her that she is going to have to apologize to both Summer and me.”

“I see, and I completely agree.” Allen said.

“BUT…” Laura started to say but was cut off when Allen looked at her.

“Summer, for the next day, Let’s say until tomorrow evening at 6:00, You will be promoted to number 3 and Laura will be demoted to number 4. Summer, you will have limited authority over Laura. I give you authority to use and educate Laura as you see fit. That is, only while she is not otherwise occupied with something I or Adam may have her doing.”

“Allen, Please. Don’t do this.”

“Do you want me to add another day to Summers control over you?”


“Okay then. H-Bot… I Allen Burk do promote Summer to status of number 3 and demote Laura to number 4 until 6:00 PM tomorrow evening.” There was a pause and then, “Status change has been noted.”

Summer smiled and said, “Well, I don’t think that it is right that Laura is only a Green and I am a Yellow when I have a higher status than her. Do you agree Adam?”

With a smile Adam answered, “I agree.”

“Cool. H-Bot… I Summer, do change the sentence for Laura Burk from Green to Yellow during any time that I have a higher status designation.” There was a pause and the device responded with, “Status change registered of Laura Burk to Yellow for any time that Summer Tate has a higher designation than Laura Burk.”

Laura’s wrist band vibrated and suddenly turned Yellow.

“What, no! Green is bad enough! Now you are making me a Yellow?”

“Relax Laura, it is only while Summer has a higher designation. You will go back to green when your status reverses.”

“But if we go out, I will be completely naked for the next day!”

“And that will be fun to see. I like having you semi naked, it will only be better with you completely naked. Adam and I will both have completely naked beautiful ladies with us,” Allen said.

“Summer, do you have anything else you want Mom to do, to apologize for what she did in the car?”

“No, not yet. I have some things in mind, but not yet. Laura, don’t worry, I promise it will be as enjoyable as it is educational for you.”

“Allen, please don’t let Summer do this to me. Why do I have to do this?”

“Laura, you know what you did was wrong. You were sentenced Green for your mistake at the School, then you tried to undercut Adam’s legal authority over Summer, so now there have to be consequences. Don’t make things worse.”

“It is just so damn hard.”

Summer said, “Come here Laura, we need to remove that top.” Reluctantly Laura walked over to Summer. Summer ran her hands across the material that was covering her breasts. “I like the feeling of this material. It is nice and thin. When I flick my finger across your nipple though the material you can clearly see it get hard.”

“Summer, please don’t do this in front of Adam.”

“You are so right. I should not be doing this through the material of your top when you are in violation of your Yellow status. Let’s get this off.” She hooked her fingers under the bottom edge and lifted. Soon Laura’s tits were exposed. As Summer continued to raise the material, Laura had to raise her arms so that the garment could be pulled off.

Before Laura could put her arms down, Summer leaned in and sucked a nipple into her mouth and bit down lightly with her teeth. Laura moaned as she did so. After a few more flicks with her tongue on the now hard nipple Summer switched the other nipple and repeated the process. Then she stood back and looked at her results. “There that looks nice. What do you think Adam, Allen?”

“That is fucking hot,” Allen said. Summer turned back to assaulting Laura’s body. As she kept Laura distracted, Allen drew Adam to the side and said, “Adam, thank you connecting with Summer. I like how she operates.”

“I agree Dad, Summer is incredible. She has told me a few things she want to do with, or rather to, mom. I think she has plans for you too if you are up to it.”

“I think that would be fun. There are things that I have wanted to do with your mother for a very long time and now I have the chance. I am going to do everything I can to fulfill those dreams.”

“Does that go both ways?”

“Of course, it does. I know I can’t do this alone. I am going to need both you and Summer to help. I think Summer is open to some wild ideas. She also seems to have a good heart in her. She has shown that while she wants to push Laura’s limits, she will also be there to offer support when she needs it.”

“Cool. I think this will be a fun adventure.”

“Agreed. I don’t think she remembers that we have an anniversary party with family and friends tomorrow. Let’s not remind her until we need to. With any luck, and a few distractions, she will not remember until we are headed out to the party. Just and FYI, I’ve ordered a few extra things to be sent to the party site.”

“What did you order?”

“I’m going to keep that little secret for now.”

Turning back to Laura and Summer Allen said, “Summer, Thank you for making Laura Yellow compliant. Now you need to let her be.”

Summer let Laura’s right nipple slip from her mouth and removed her hand from between Laura’s legs. “Aww, I was just about to get her over the top.”

“That is Okay, she will keep.”

Laura whimpered. Her hands crept slowly to her pussy. Allen noticed and said, “Now Laura, none of that now. There will be plenty of time for that later.”

“But… I’m… So close, Please.”

“No, Hands on your side. NOW!”

The doorbell rang at that moment. “Oh, there is the Pizza I ordered. Laura, please get the door and use your fingerprint to pay for it.”

“But I am completely nude!”

“You currently have a Yellow status. You are supposed to be nude. I would expect nothing less.” Allen said.

Mumbling, Laura went to the door and opened it. Standing in the doorway was the pizza delivery guy with two boxes of pizzas and a box of bread sticks. “Oh! Wow! Cool, I don’t get too many nudes answering the door… Wait I know you! You’re Ms. Burk! I had you as my teacher a few years ago. It’s me, David. I always thought you were attractive back then, but fuck me silly, you are even better nude! You just made my evening. How did you get to be a Yellow!”

Laura felt her entire body blush. She wanted to find a hole and hide in it. It was bad enough to be seen in the neighborhood and at school, but now a former student gets to see her as a full-on Yellow. She wanted to die. “I, I, I got in trouble for leaving my room unattended at school and got a Green sentence and then just a little while ago because I broke some silly rule in my household, I got upgraded to Yellow for a day.”

“Oh wow, Lucky me to be here for the Yellow upgrade. Too bad it didn’t have a blue modifier too.”

Allen came up behind her and said, “Laura, do you know the delivery guy?”

“Yes, he was in a class of mine a couple years ago.”

“Well then, give me the food and let the man see you in all your glory.” Allen handed the food off to Adam and continued talking. “Laura, why don’t you put your hands on your head and turn around in a circle so this young man can see you properly?”

“Allen, Please don’t make me do this. Please I beg you!”

“David, was it? Did I hear you say that you wish she had a blue modifier to go with her Yellow sentence? Let’s see what I can do for you. You have been very patient while my wife had been misbehaving. I think I need to correct that issue.” He pressed a couple buttons on his band and suddenly her band vibrated and became Yellow with blue. “Laura now put your hands on your head like I asked, or I will need to up your punishment level again.”

She could hear Adam and Summer snickering behind her and knew that everyone was watching her. When she finally complied, Allen said, “There you go David.”

David put the finger scanner in the holder on his hip and reached out with both hands and grabbed her tits. “Wow, I always wondered what these felt like. They are so nice, firm, and warm. They are bigger than my girlfriend’s. Can I feel her lower parts too?”

Allen said, “As a Yellow with Blue you can do anything you want but have sex with her. Have at it.”

David’s hands moved down her sides and soon he was standing next to her instead of in front of her. One had was cupping her round ass while the other hand was rubbing her pussy. Soon a finger on each hand found a way to each of her holes and he started pumping in and out. The aborted climax she had almost had a little while ago came back with a vengeance and soon she was orgasming on David’s fingers. David supported her lower body and Allen held her shoulders to steady her as her body shook.

When she was done shaking David removed his hands and said, “Thank you Ms. Burk. You really made my day. Enjoy the pizzas.” He turned and headed toward his car.

Before he got to his car Allen called out, “David wait, Laura never scanned her finger to pay for the food.” David was about to come back to the door when Allen said, “No wait by your car, Laura can come to you and pay you out by the street.”

Laura looked at Allen with a blank stare. She did not understand what he had said. “Laura, You need to go out to David’s car so that he can scan your finger. You need to pay for the food.” In a trance she walked out to the street and put her finger on the scanner that David held out to her. As she scanned her finger, he used his other hand to run a finger of his own up her pussy lips one last time. As Laura turned to come back into the house Allen saw David stick the now wet finger into his mouth and lick it clean. Then he got into his car and drove off.

Once they were all in the house Allen saw that Adam had set out some plates and had put the pizza on the kitchen counter.

“Dig in,” He said.

“So Summer, what do you do for work?”

“I work in a clothing store.”

“Really! You? work in a clothing store,” Adam said.

“Yes, I do. I know it’s ironic, but I worked there before I got sentenced, and now I get to enjoy the clothes vicariously thru the woman that buy clothes from me.”

“I think that is cool.” Adam Said.

“Don’t you get depressed selling clothes you are not allowed to wear?” Laura asked.

“I did at first, but then it kind of became fun. Now I get to dress others. Women are not intimidated by me as a Yellow. I’m getting bigger sales than ever before. I used to wear really cute clothes, but women would complain that the clothes we sold looked great on me but not on them. As a Yellow I get to tell them how much I envy how good they look in the clothes they try on. It seems to work because my sales have increased by 20 percent since my sentencing.”

They were about done eating when Laura got up, went to the cupboard, and came back in with a clear carafe.

“Laura…?” Allen started, but Summer put her hand on his arm to stop him.

“Just a minute,” Laura responded.

Laura stood facing them, spread her legs out wide, squatted a little and placed the carafe between her legs and started to pee into it. When she was done peeing, she rubbed the edge of the vase on her clit until she had a small orgasm. When she was done, she looked up and saw three shocked faces. It was only then that she realized what she had done.

“Laura, Why did you just pee in the middle of the dining room?”

“Oh God. Oh God. Why did I just do that in front of you?”

“Laura, why would you even think of doing that?”

“Oh Allen. I’ve had to do that in each of my classes today. They made me drink twelve liters of water and then, when I had to pee, I could only pee in a carafe in front of the class with all my students watching me. When I had to go, just now, I did what I have done all day without thinking about it.”

“I am so sorry I did in front of you. God, I am so embarrassed.” Laura just stood there with her head down. She held onto the carafe and looked at it as if she did not know what to do with it now.

Summer got up and walked over to her and took the carafe from her hand and walked away leaving her standing there with her head still down. Summer looked at it and wondered what to do with it then an idea popped into her head, and she smiled a devious smile. Adam was watching her and cocked his head to the side as if to say “What?”

Summer walked into the kitchen and looked in the refrigerator. She turned to Adam and said, “Do you have a funnel?” Adam fumbled around in a few drawers and found one and handed it to her. She took a large bottle of water and poured out the contents, then she used the funnel to pour the contents of the carafe into it, almost filling it. She topped it off with water from the tap. She saw a marker on the counter and placed a large X on the side and placed it in the refrigerator. She looked back at Adam, and he just smiled at her. He was not sure what she was planning but was willing to go along with her. Then they walked back into the dining room.

Allen was still looking at Laura in wonder and telling her that it was Okay. “Adam, can you please clean up the leftovers? Your mother and I need to sit in the living room for a while.”

“Sure dad. Summer, can you help?”

Allen put his arm around Laura and told her it was Okay as they walked into the living room and out of site.

When they were alone, Adam said, “Why did you put mom’s pee in the refrigerator?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but I thought it might be useful later. I know some people are into drinking pee, or making others drink pee. I am not particularly fond of it myself, but if you tell me to, I will drink it right now for you. I had to do that a couple of times at the H-Store. I almost gagged the first time I had to, but once I did it, I realized there are worse things in the world. We may want to use it with your mother but I’m not sure how, when, or even if. I just want to keep it as a possible option.”

“Summer, You are fucking amazing. I would never think of that. Should we use that to punish mom for what she said to us on the way home?”

“Not just yet. I want to see what your dad got delivered today. Let’s see what they are up to.”

As they walked into the room Allen was saying, “Laura, this is the sawhorse that we ordered. It is not motorized but it is movable. It has more features than we realized. It has braces for arms and legs that fold down or up from the cross beam of the sawhorse. It just takes a little longer to set up. It has different configurations for the cross beam. It can totally be made into a very painful discipline device. I don’t think I would ever use it like that, but it is available.”

“I don’t understand How would it be used for a painful discipline device?” Laura asked.

“Well, you can turn the padded top over and have the narrow brace board pointed up. Then you have the person to be disciplined stand above it and turn the crank to raise the level of the board up until it lifts the person off the ground.”

“OW! That would be painful. Please don’t do that to me.”

“I don’t plan on doing that ever, it is just one of the multiple configurations that can be set up. Most configurations are meant for pleasure, not pain.”

“Summer, what do you think of our new toy?”

“That was a popular model in the store. I have spent some time on one of these myself. It may not be like that motorized one you used, but this one is much more versatile. Depending on how the attachments are positioned, the designated person can be placed either face down or face up and you can have almost complete access to anywhere on their body.”

“Laura, want to give it a whorl?” Allen said.

“Not really.” She replied.

“Let me restate that. Laura let’s give this a whorl. I want to see how this works. Summer, you have some experience with this, any suggestions for the trial run?”

“I would love to help. I think face up would be best. I want to see her face when you fuck her.”

“Laura, you heard Summer. Get on your back on the padded bar. We will all help.” After some experimentation, Laura soon found herself on her back with her arms near her sides and her legs raised and spread wide. She felt completely vulnerable. Even more so than she had on the other sawhorse. There she had been face down with her arms and legs strapped down the legs of the sawhorse. Even if her arms had been over her head she would have felt better. With her arms bound near her sides it felt even more restricting. She thought it was silly because she knew she couldn’t move her arms if they were down the legs of the sawhorse or near her sides, but arms near her sides just felt more restricting for some strange reason. Her legs up and spread, was also much worse than when she faced down.

Allen undressed and walked up to Laura’s head with his 7-inch cock. He flipped a lever and the brace behind her head dropped away forcing her to either strain to keep her head level or relax and let her head drop back. As soon as she let her head drop back Allen simply said, “Open.” She did and he moved forward and started fucking her face. At that angle he had full access to her tits, and he took full advantage of that fact. He mauled them and tweaked her nipples causing her to moan around his hardening cock that was stuffed into her mouth. “This is fun,” He said. “Your mother never likes to let me just fuck her face like this. She says I get too deep and cause her to gag. I know I am not that big, but I guess I am bigger than she is comfortable with. I can feel her gagging when I am all the way in, but with her tied down like this, I can still fuck her face and she can’t stop me. I am not going to suffocate her but look how her throat moves as I push in all the way. That is so fucking hot. I have always wanted to do this, but she always pushes me off.” Allen was sure to pull out far enough every few strokes to allow her to get a breath. After a few minutes, Allen said, “I don’t think I should abuse her too much. I know she is not used to deep throating me. But with this little toy I can train her.”

Coughing, Laura said, “Allen, why did you do that? You know how I hate it when you are so rough when you are in my mouth. I don’t like it when you push all the way in. It is not comfortable.”

“Laura, you are capable of so much more, if you just exert yourself. You just have to push past your comfort level.”

“Talking about comfort, let’s put this head rest back in place. There now isn’t that better?”

“Thank you, Summer.”

“Now let me lower this side of the sawhorse. I just need your head a little lower. Allen, is she still Okay for you on that side?”

“Yes, She is open and ready and I’m still hard from fucking her mouth. I’m all good. What are you planning?”

“Laura tried to hinder Adam’s pleasure when I was just trying to return the favor to him for what he had done for me. She did not want to see me give him a blow job.”

“I had to put her in her place several times. Summer and I want to show mom that that is not her place to protest what I do to and with Summer. While you are fucking mom, I plan on fucking Summer in front of mom’s face.”

“Adam! No don’t do that. I don’t need to see that. It is not right for a mother to see her son fucking.”

Allen was about to say something, but Summer cut him off by saying, “Laura, I don’t think you understand. Allen has a number 1 designation, and Adam is number 2. They can do almost anything they want in this household. I am currently number 3 and you are currently number 4. You have the least amount of rights in this house. I don’t think your current yellow and blue designation is enough. H-Bot… I Summer Tate, do declare that until I say otherwise Laura is demoted to a NoNa Status within this household.”

There was a pause and the voice stated, “Number 4 in this house currently has a No Name Status.”

Laura felt a buzz on her wrist, and she could just see out of the corner of her eye that her band was solid Blue. “What just happened? Allen, please don’t let her do this! It is not right! I am your wife! I have rights! Please say something!”

“Well Summer, this is all within your rights. You are number 3 in this house and while I could override your command over number 4, now known as a NoNa, I am curious to see where this goes. She has been protesting the rules all night long and questioning all our authorities, I see no reason to counter your command.”


“Quiet NoNa, you currently have no rights over your body. You have misbehaved all evening so now you have to serve your penance.”


“I said quiet!” Allen reached and grabbed both her nipples and twisted. She yelled out in pain. “The more you misbehave, the worse things will go for you. Summer has declared you a NoNa. Until I see a valid reason, I am not going to counter her orders.”

“Come on Adam, Get that wonderful cock over here and fuck me. This NoNa can have the best view in the house!” Summer straddled Laura’s face and Adam came up behind her. She reached between her legs and guided him into her pussy.

“Adam, it may be in the wrong for your father to say this, but Summer’s face looks like she really likes it when you fuck her. Fuck her hard son! I hate to admit it, but I am a little jealous of you.”

“Dad, if you want, in a little while we can switch. Summer told me she was hoping you would want to do that. Ever since she saw you going at it with mom at the H-Store she wanted to try getting it on with you. I will agree to it, but only if I get a fair trade.”

NoNa was in the perfect position for Allen to fuck her surprisingly wet pussy. He ran his hands across her full tits, down her sides feeling her ribs as he moved and settled on her hip bones to give him extra leverage. Just for what he was able to do with his wife made it worth the cost. He looked up and saw how Adam and Summer were having fun. That was just icing on the cake. Surprisingly soon, Summer started quiver with an orgasm. He looked down and saw Summer’s pussy dripping onto Laura’s face. God that was so hot.

Shortly after Summer came, Adam stated to quiver with his own orgasm as he buried his cock as deep into the semi bent over girl as he could.

“Summer, I love your pussy. What the fuck were you doing to me. It felt like you were messaging my cock as I fucked you. It was incredible.”

“I’m glad you liked it. I was spasming in my pussy as you were fucking me. You were pinching my nipples just right. God you are fun. But look your cock is all messy now. What are we going to do about that? You want me to clean it off for you?”

“No, I think I will have the NoNa clean me off.”

“Great idea! Open up NoNa. Clean Adam off nice and clean.”

“No! No no no! He is my son. That is so wrong!”

“NoNa, you forget you don’t get a say in this.” Summer reached over and started pinching Laura’s nipples until she yelled out in pain.

As soon as her mouth was open, Adam rammed his cock in. “Now clean me off nice and clean.”

Laura was so shocked she started sucking. As soon as Allen saw her sucking on Adam’s cock, he came hard in her pussy with a massive orgasm. Had he not been holding onto her hips he would have fallen to the floor. “That is even hotter to see in real than I had even imagined it in my mind.” Laura thought what the fuck when she heard that.

“This NoNa’s mouth feels so good on my cock, but I think she has it all nice and clean now. Dad, are you ready to switch?”

“Give me a moment. I’m not exactly a teen anymore, like you.”

“Does this help Allen?” Summer straddled NoNa’s head again and turned NoNa’s head so that it was looking straight up and said, “Okay NoNa, Time to clean me out now.”

“No, no it is not right, My son just came in you. I should not have to clean you out.”

“Well, that didn’t stop you last night in the store.” The look of horror in NoNa’s face said it all and Summer laughed. “That is right NoNa, Adam had just cum in me a few minutes before you drove up on that fancy sawhorse, and you cleaned me out really good. It was so fucking hot. You made me cum so fucking hard.”

Allen was instantly hard after that little interchange. When Summer saw Allen’s reaction she said, “Allen, it looks like my pussy is occupied by this NoNa, you are going to have to settle for my ass. Is that Okay with you?”

“Fuck Yes. This NoNa can watch as I drill you. Maybe she can even clean my deposit out after I am done.”

“I think that would be a good way for this NoNa to finish apologizing to me for what she did to me and Adam.”

“Hay dad, your using Summer’s ass, mind if I use this NoNa’s ass?”

“Go for it, son. Her Pussy is full of my cum, you might as well fill her ass with yours.”

Soon NoNa was watching Allen fuck Summer in the ass as she was forced to clean her son’s cum out of Summers pussy. Then she felt an assault on her asshole as Adam started forcing his way in. She never really enjoyed anal, but this wasn’t as uncomfortable as she expected. Adam was slightly smaller than Allen. Not exactly pleasant, but not, not pleasant.

Her mind became a hurricane of thoughts. A few days ago, she was living a normal life with a normal family. Now she was being forced to clean out her son’s cum from his, his what? Slave, servant, contractee, Contractee was just too clinical! She was not sure what the fuck Summer was! Then her husband was fucking this girl in the ass as her son fucked her in the ass. How the fuck did things change so fast?!?

The sensations were just too much. She felt as if her body had a mind of its own, pleasure flooded every nerve in her body, even nerves she had not known she had. Soon her entire body shook as she was hit with the most massive orgasm she had ever experienced. The world exploded simultaneously in white and black. It made no sense that any part of her rational mind could understand. It just was.

Later she was not entirely aware when Adam ordered Summer to clean out her pussy and ass with her tongue. Small tremors would occasionally run through her, but no words ever left her lips nor rational thoughts ran though her overloaded brain.

When they were done with her, they unstrapped her from the restraints and Allen gently carried her to the bed and tucked her in. She was in a deep sleep and never stirred during the night. Any time Allen woke, he checked on her and she seemed to be resting easily and she always had a small smile on her face.
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