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Susan woke up at 6 a.m. and couldn't fall asleep. She was tossing and turning, thinking about sex.
She had her hand between her legs, cupping her hairy pussy; it felt nice and warm. She kept thinking about John slowly hugging and kissing her sex-starved body. John was sleeping next to her; he came back from a week-long business trip late last night, and they both fell asleep from being tired. Susan kept thinking that she wanted John's cock inside of her; after all, it had been a long week without him. She decided to take a shower and wake him up later with a sexy surprise.

John woke up because of the massive erection, which was not letting him sleep. His hand immediately went to find Susan next to him. Susan's spot was empty but still warm from her body.

"Where is she," John thought.

Finally, he heard the sound of a shower. John loved peeping at Susan while she was washing up. The way the bathroom was designed, he could open the door and watch Susan's reflection in the mirror while showering, but it was in no way possible to see that the door was opened because of the angle.

He cracked open the door just in time to see Susan start lathering her body with shampoo. Susan was a beautiful woman of medium height with the perkiest breasts around.

It was clear that she was enjoying the whole process. She slowly massaged silky foam all around her figure. At one point, she squeezed her breasts and immediately arched her back. She was slowly caressing herself. One hand was squeezing her breast with two fingers tugging her nipple, and the other slowly went down between her legs. At that point, she was just trying to create as much foam as possible. It looked like she enjoyed the smooth feeling of shampoo all over her. She slightly put her thighs apart and started moving her hand from the top of her bush right between her legs. John could see that she was curling her two fingers and guiding them inside her foaming slit. With every move, she was arching more and putting her head back.

Suddenly she stopped, and John got scared, thinking maybe he got caught. Luckily, Susan stopped to take the shampoo bottle.

"Oh, she wants more foam," John was thinking.

But Susan had a different idea. Shampoo manufacturers got cleaver and started to shape their bottles in the shape of the phallus. So, without hesitation, Susan slowly inserted the bottle inside her wet snatch.

John's jaw dropped; he had never seen Susan masturbate in private, and it was a first for him. He kept looking at her face; it was clear that she was purely focused on penetration. She was biting her lips, opening her mouth, licking her lips, and mumbling something, but every move was about putting that imaginary cock as deep as possible into her.

She turned around without taking the bottle out, spread her legs even more, and increased her insertion speed. The left hand was controlling bottle penetration, but the right went straight to the asshole. At first, she put just one finger in, after which two more followed.

At that point, John closed the bathroom door and went back to bed. He had a raging boner and the desire to fuck Susan senseless, but at the same time, he was disappointed. For years, he tried to motivate Susan for anal sex, but the answer was always no.

"No fingers up my ass. No licking my ass. I will die before your dick sees my asshole", Susan responded every time John broached the subject or even tried something in the heat of passion. So he was upset that Susan felt free to fuck her asshole in private, but not with him.

He was lying in bed, thinking about what had just happened and what he had seen. He heard the bathroom door open, and he pretended to be asleep. Naked Susan slipped in under the blanket and right away performed a hard dick check. That's the game they play; when she is horny in the morning, the first thing she does is go for "a hard dick check".

After the peeping show John just received, he passed the hard dick check with flying colors, and his earlier disappointment did not affect his erection.

Since John didn't finish watching Susan, he had no idea if she finished herself off, but certainly it was not enough even if she did. She climbed right on top of him and started to gyrate on his hard dick while he was pretending to sleep.

Susan could feel engorged John's member pushing against her wet slit and throbbing clitoral area.

"Wake up, silly! Time for you to feel how your wife missed your cock", she whispered with a trembling voice into his ear.

"Well, if you missed it, it's time for you to show how bad," John said, no longer pretending to be asleep.

Both of them loved dirty talk. Sometimes they will say outrageous things to each other during sex, but never mention them again outside the bedroom.

"I want you inside, but the customary thing to do is for me to suck your first,” she exclaimed, taking John's underwear off with one move.

She took a hard prick into her hand, smiled, and said, "This is what I am talking about!"

She was about to put her lips around the red popping dick head, but John stopped her.

"No sucking until you truly show how much you miss me. I want you to convey how much you crave my cock", John loved ordering Susan around, and she was happy to play that game.

She lowered herself down over his hard penis and started enthusiastically licking the shaft up and down with an occasional tongue swirling around slitted knob .

"Yes, like that, but don't forget my balls."

Susan was on all fours and she lowered her head and started to vacuum balls right into her mouth.

"I want you in my mouth", she started to beg.

John started to ooze pre-cum from all the oral excitement.

After seeing a glistening cock's head covered in secretions, Susan grabbed John's shaft and started to suck.

She could taste him and she wanted more of his sperm. While John was away, Susan sucked her fingers after every masturbation, thinking of his prick in her mouth.

Just thinking about it made Susan bob her head vigorously.

John was watching the whole thing with amusement because he could clearly see that Susan missed him.

"I see that you love your husband's cock. Now show him your special skill", he winked at Susan.

Susan, without hesitation, managed to get the whole erected member into her throat, and without gagging, she slowly lifted her head while making a sucking, popping noise when dick left her mouth.

"Is this what you mean", she smiled.

"Don't stop, my cock loving wife," John insisted.

After a fourth deep throat, Susan felt tired, and she had the urge to scratch the itch between her legs.

She started to climb on top of John with the intention of slamming herself on the hard cock. Susan was ready for the feeling of prick spreading her flaming pussy walls, but John grabbed her ass in such a way that his dick barely touched her.

"Stop it. Fuck me, fuck my cunt," Susan screamed.

"If you want it, beg for it," John responded.

"I want my husband's cock inside of me now. By the way, last night I had an urge. I cannot explain it, but I wanted something to take care of burning need," Susan confessed.

John realized that the whole morning bathroom scene could be explained by the fact that Susan was very horny.

Without warning, he thrust into Susan with his hips and, at the same time, pushed her buttocks down with his hands.

"Yes, I want that dirty cock", Susan screamed and started to lift herself up and down while riding John. She wanted to be fucked by that hard, thrusting prick!

A few seconds later, without slowing down, she started to rub her clitoral area as fast as she was riding.

"There is nothing better than your dick in me," Susan shouted.

"Better than a shampoo bottle?", John inquired.

"Anything is better," Susan responded without slowing down.

John had both hands on Susan's butt, and he slowly spread her butt chicks with his fingers very close to her asshole.

"So you're saying that my fingers inside your ass are better since you said anything is better", he said, trying to provoke Susan.

"Never, never, never". She responded and increased her riding tempo.

John was sending hints to Susan that he saw everything this morning, but she was not confessing. Dirty talk, his fingers around her asshole, and her ass fingering this morning made her think about doing the same with her husband.

The whole ass game was new to Susan. It all started a few months ago when she put her finger in her butt hole and managed to get an incredible orgasm by rubbing her clit while playing with her butt. Over time, she got curious to the point that she tried her nine-inch dong in her ass. It turned out that with enough lube, it slowly went in, and it felt incredible to have not one but two holes to be filled with cocks after she tried a shampoo bottle at the same time.

Susan knew that John wanted to try anal with her since he was hinting at it all the time. She admitted to herself that after trying it on her own, she would not mind trying it with John because everything is better with him, it was just a matter of right mood and time.

Susan snapped out of her anal thoughts about John and laid down on the bed with her legs open. She spread her hairy pussy-lips with fingers, so John could see her open sweltering cunt!

"Come here and pound me hard."

"Talk to me dirty," she begged.

"You start," John replied.

"I'm your cum slut with a dirty mouth from your cock and sperm. Come here and fuck me," she demanded.

Susan knew that John had oral fixation, so anything with cum and mouth drove him crazy.

John jumped on top of Susan and started to drill her.

"You're my sexy cum dumpster," he said, pushing his luck with the choice of words.

"Not a cum dumpster, but a receptacle. I like receptacles better," Susan countered to his surprise.

"In this case, I am going to make a cum deposit into my receptacle," John laughed.

"I would like that,” Susan eagerly replied.

"As a matter of fact, I want you to suck my clit and later to jerk off and cum in my mouth at the same time I orgasm", "Can you do that?" Susan asked.

"Yes"” John answered.

Susan grabbed the top part of her hairy slit and spread open in such away that wet clit popped from under foreskin.

"Pull it up more, I want it to see everything", John gasped with anticipation of sucking the magic button.

He started touching soft thighs while slowly moving with kisses from thighs to open pussy mouth. Susan tasted sweet with hint of sour at the same time, he could not resist and stuck his tongue inside her.

"Higher!", exclaimed Susan in anticipation of John's mouth. She continued to pull with full force all around, exposing fully erected clitoris.

John's tongue slowly moved up the cunt right to the rock hard target. He slowly swirled tongue around and started gently sucking hard clit. He looked up at Susan, her head moved sideways and she had an expression of complete bliss and delight on her face.

"This is so nice"” she stated with wicked smile on her face.

"Now finger me"” Susan demanded.

While sucking Susan's clit, John slid two fingers into her wet cunt and started to massage g-spot.

"Do you want to suck my cock", John mumbled with mouth full of pussy.

"Yes, I want your hard cock"” Susan responded with deliberate exaggeration in her voice.

"Yes, my cum-loving wife!" John quickly positioned his hard prick over Susan's eager mouth.

He started to masturbate with left hand while she was opening her mouth, showing her tongue, and licking and sucking him. Susan continued thrusting herself into his right hand fingers while rubbing her clit.

John placed a pillow under Susan's head to make her a better target for all the jism he was saving during his business trip. She weaved her hips and ass around in circles, making her clit brush against the tip of her finger. He watched her beautiful face in ecstasy, mouth open, craving cum.

"You tell me when you are ready", John was edging and waiting for Susan to come.

"Now", she screamed.

John stroked a few more times and started to spew long strings of cum into her mouth.

The first rope of cum hit Susan's throat, but she knew better not to close her mouth because more cum was coming, and she wanted every single drop. She had not explanation, but the waives of pleasure through her body and I thought of her husband being satisfied made her cry out for all the spunk she could get.

Slowly, rope by rope, cum started to accumulate into a puddle on top of her tongue. She put his whole head in her mouth, and while holding dick in her mouth swallowed the whole accumulation. Susan had her lips wrapped hard around cock head while pumping John for every last drop. He felt how his contractions synchronized with Susan's hard pumping and he could visualize how small squirts of cum leftovers trickled into her mouth.

Susan let go of his prick, swallowed final load and opened her mouth wide with tongue out to show job well done.

She looked him in the eyes, pinched his nipple hard and said, "Welcome home, husband."
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