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Ever since HB 2469 passed, or the H-Bill as it was often called, Humiliation is the approved form of discipline. Laura, a high school teacher, breaks a rule and finds herself having to deal with ever increasing humiliation. She thought the humiliation of day one was bad, but day two adds a whole new set of challenges.
As she stood in the hall outside her room, the speakers came on. “All individuals currently serving a sentence, there are five minutes left in the last period. Please leave your classes now and head directly to the pickup area. You are to leave any personal items where they are. All personal items will be delivered to the area once you are there. Any delay in arriving at the pickup area could result in extending your sentence. That is all.”

So, there it is.

As she walked across the court, she saw the infamous five, as she had heard them being called, coming from their various classes. Just behind her were Albert and Tony. Also walking to the front was the girl that had a half Red and half Green and white band wearing only panties, Eddie, who was completely nude, and the girl with a half Green and half Red and White band wearing only a bra. Laura knew how she must feel!

When she got to the pickup line Jen was already standing in a spot. She had changed out of her long skirt into her gym shorts. Jen did have a good-looking body Laura thought. She had some killer legs to go along with those pert breasts of hers. “God,” she thought, “What the hell is she thinking. Jen is a student, And a girl too. But it had been fun going down on Summer last night… No! She was forced to go down on Summer. That was not by choice. But it was not as bad as she had expected. After all, Allen always said how good she tasted. What the Hell is going on? Being forced to be bottomless for two days is all it took to start fantasizing about going down on woman?”

Her thoughts were interrupted by someone calling her name. “Hello Ms. Burk. I did not realize your school put on a display like this.”

“What?” She looked around and saw a beautiful blonde naked girl talking to her. It took a moment for her to realize she was not a student. And another moment to realize just who this girl was. It was Adam’s girl Summer. “Hello Summer, What are you doing here?”

“I got off work a little while ago and thought I would surprise Adam and meet him here instead of at your house. Adam sent me a message that his friends did not believe he had a girl that he was linked to. I am here to show them that I am indeed linked to him. He was really nice to me last night and did not just take advantage of me in the condition I was in. He asked for permission. And then he did things to me that no one has ever done. I don’t know if it was beginners’ luck or if he is really that good, but I intend on finding out. He just seems like a nice guy.”

“He is, He is always nice. He is a good son. I am not sure I approve of him having a linked girl myself but there is not much I can do about it now, I guess.”

“I also want to thank you for going down on me last night too. That was one massive orgasm you gave me. I almost passed out. I bet you are popular with the woman.”

“I’ve never gone down on a woman before.” Laura blurted out before she realized what she was even saying.

“What! Well fuck me ten ways till Sunday, You are a natural just like your son! He …”

She was cut off at that point by Mark on a megaphone. “It looks like everyone is here, As well as a few others it appears.” He spied a few sentenced individuals that were not students or Faculty standing off to the sides. One was a mother of one of the students that was wearing sheer under garments and looked almost naked. Laura looked around and saw the husband smiling in the car. He was obviously the one prompting her to wait for her kid outside the car in her current condition. Another was a former student of the school but an older sister of a current student that was wearing only panties, Standing next to her was what appeared to be her fully clothed boyfriend, as he was holding her hand. Then there was Summer, completely nude.

“If you attend this school, Please find a circle, and place your feet in the designated foot spots and then lock your hands behind your heads. If you have a blue modifier on your band, you may be touched by anyone, up to a point, and you may not protest, as you already know. If you do not have a blue modifier, you may only be touched by those to whom you give permission. If someone touches you inappropriately, per your sentence, and you do not approve, you may protest. Any gross violations of these rules by any non-sentenced individuals is subject to a sentencing of their own, upon review of any monitoring footage, which is.” Everyone knew that there were a few points on campus that were not monitored. The pickup area was monitored by multiple angles. “When your ride is in the queue in front of you, you may then grab your things that are being placed at your feet now and enter your vehicles. If you break your stance and try to cover yourselves, additional time will be added to your sentence. All monitoring videos will be reviewed by computer or faculty to ensure that these rules are followed. Are there any questions?” He paused for a moment. “No, then have a good weekend and we will see you next Monday.” The bell rang a moment later and soon there were students walking out the gates to the pickup lines.

Within a few moments Pam appeared next to Tony, and she placed her hand down his underpants. She leaned over to him and placed her head on his shoulder. Tony put his arm around her for a moment before returning his hand to his head, and they just stood there. She got there before anyone else from Laura’s 7th period class so, she must have almost run to get there so soon, as Laura’s class was across campus. A few minutes later Arbenita appeared next to Albert. She was not as forward as Pam, which was a total role reversal for the two. She just put her arm around Albert, and he did the same to her for a moment but noticed a stern look by Mark Owens, he quickly replaced his hands on his head. If the guys were not in their underwear, with their hands on their heads. And had Pam not had her hand down the front of Tony’s underwear, it would have looked perfectly normal for the pickup line.

Laura heard some cheering and looked down the line. She could see a crowd near Thomas clapping. It took her a moment to see Jessie kneeling in front of him. Jessie was just starting to stand up. As she did, she raised her hands and looked around. There was something on her face and then Laura realized she had just gotten a facial from Thomas and she was showing it off to everyone.

A moment later there was another cheer. This time Laura saw a crowd around Marian kneeling in front of Hector. As Marian stood up, she too had gotten a facial from Hector. The two girls shook hands then Marian made a sweeping motion with both of her hands behind her as she bowed to Jessie. There was clapping and cheering by the students nearby. Evidently the two had had some competition and Jessie had won.

Melanie, Heather, and Maria also had their fan clubs around them.

It looked like Melanie had half of the cross-country track team around her, male and female. It looked like they were playing a relay race. One person had the glowing bright pink dildo, from yesterday, pumping in and out of her pussy. Another person was behind her with their face buried between her ass cheeks. Two more were massaging her tits, and another two were running their hands up and down her sides. After about 30 seconds or so, someone would call out “switch!”, and all six would change positions. They appeared to be alternating between male and female. Melonie would periodically though her head back as her body would quiver. Had there not been six people in contact with her at all times, it looked like she would have collapsed.

While Heather had her hands on her head, Jerry, one of Laura’s students from last year, was slowly pumping the blue dildo from yesterday, in and out of her bright red bush. It was very erotic to watch the contrast of blue and red. Two other guys were massaging her small tits with one of their hands and had the other hand on the closest ass cheek. She had a big smile on her face. They all seemed to be just relaxed and talking and laughing. Jerry did not seem to be trying to make her cum because he was pumping in and out so slowly. One time, when he had pumped the dildo deep into her, he tweaked her clit with his fingers holding the dildo. She jerked back and momentarily removed one of her hands from her head and playfully slapped him on his head. All three laughed and they continued the slow action. Had Heather not been nude with three guys playing with her erogenous zones, they could have simply been four friends talking in a group after school. It was almost as if the action going on was not sexual at all.

Maria was also having her fun. There was a line of students that would step up in front of her and give a very passionate kiss and grope. About every 30 seconds one would step away and the next person in line would step up. It looked like a friend of Maria had a timer and was coordinating how long each person had access to Maria. Again, it seemed to alternate between male and female in the lineup. Maria had to keep her hands on her head, but the kissing groper ran their hands everywhere else. While one groper concentrated on mauling her large tits, The next groper would concentrate on jamming their fingers into her pussy between her widely spread legs. Her legs were spread wider than the circle on the ground to give maximum access. A couple of the gropers reached around and grabbed her well rounded ass. Though Laura could not tell for sure, but it looked like at least several of the ass grabbers had at least a finger or two up her ass. Maria seemed to really like it, because her hands would leave her head and she would grab their ass and pull them into her body and grind against their crotch. But then she would remember where she was and place her hands on top of her head again.

Laura was amazed at how well these students were embracing the partial or full nude “punishment” and groping. She was being forced to be bottomless and hated every minute. Then there were the things that Allen had made her do in front of their neighbors, it was horrible, but god it was so so… No, it was horrible. It was humiliating, it was shameful, it was HOT. NO! NO, no, no, it was embarrassing, it was humiliating, it was, it was … BAD. Not Good. She has to be partly nude in front of all of the school and her son.

As she was standing there watching, another feeling hit. Her bladder was full. Oh God not now. Maybe if she ignored it. God, she had to hold her hands on her head. How could she use the Carafe? She was starting to panic when she saw Summer standing to the side.

“Summer, Can you please come here?”

“Yes Ms. Burk? What do you want?”

“Please call me Laura. If we are going to be seeing more of each other, we need to be comfortable around each other.”

“OK, Laura, personally I already feel quite comfortable around you, especially you tongue, that is.” Summer chuckled.

“Summer, please, don’t go there, I had little choice in what happened last night. I was strapped to that damn contraption and Allen was in control. I don’t really want to do that again if possible. That was a onetime thing.”

“Well now I’m disappointed. I was looking forward to maybe returning the favor. From what I learned while at the H-Store the few weeks I served there; I am sure I could make it worth your while. I’ll talk to Adam about it, I am sure I could get him to agree and ‘make’ (she did air quotes) me go down on you as part of my humiliation sentence.”

“Summer please, I really don’t want to talk about that now. What I really, really need, is for you to hold that carafe on the ground there, up to me so that I can pee into it. I need to keep my hands on my head, but I also really, really need to pee!”

“Cool, that sounds so kinky!”

“Please! Don’t be like that! I had to drink a ton of water today and then pee into that damn carafe in front of my classes all day long. If I didn’t drink the water, they would have added time to my Green sentence. I really didn’t have a choice. Now, can you please hold that damn carafe so that I can pee?”

“I’m sorry, I did not mean to upset you.”

“That’s OK. It has just been a very long day. If you held that carafe for me so that I don’t embarrass myself more by peeing on the ground, I would greatly appreciate it. I really do need to go. NOW!”

“Okay, okay. Wow, your pussy lips are already dripping. Is that pee?” She ran a finger across Laura’s pussy lips and gathered up some of the moisture and then put her finger into her mouth. Laura’s whole body shuddered when Summer touched her. “No, you are aroused. Really aroused. Is standing in front of all these students and parents about to pee turning you on? You’re kinkier than I had given you credit for!”

“No! I, I just can’t seem to control my libido today. I have been forced to drink water all day long and pee into that damn carafe and at first it was humiliating, Then I started getting turned on by it all. I am still humiliated but turned on at the same time. I can’t seem to control it. And that makes it all the more humiliating. Please just hold it for a moment, I need to pee NOW!”

Summer had barely gotten the carafe into position when Laura let loose with a strong stream. “Oh God, that feels so fucking good! I needed to pee so fucking much. Oh fuck, oh fuck, that feels so fucking good. How can peeing feel so fucking good?” When the stream at last stopped, Summer was about to remove the now full carafe. “No! Please just hold it there for a little longer.”

“You still need to pee?”

“No… I… I… I just… Just hold that fucking thing and don’t move it!” she finally snapped. Then Laura started rocking her hips causing her pussy to rub on the hard edge of the carafe. “Oh God, Oh God, Yes, Yes, YES!”

Summer just sat there and watched in amazement as Laura had a massive orgasm. When it was almost over, she saw Laura swaying as she stood there. She quickly set the carafe on the ground and put her arm around Laura’s waist. This prevented Laure from falling to the ground. Several cars honked as the drivers could be seen giving a thumbs up sign in support. Several students that had been near Laura at the time started clapping.

“Wow Ms. B. I thought the orgasm in the classroom was impressive. That one looked even bigger.” An unidentified student said.

Summer heard her moan, “Oh God, what is happening to me. Why am I so fucking horny today. I am never like this.”

“Laura, what all did you do today?”


“I think I may have an idea what is going on, but I don’t want to say until I have a little more information. I have been doing this nude thing for over a month now and I Have been serving at the H-Store several times a week for the last three weeks. I’ve seen and heard a few things, but you need to tell me exactly what you did today.”

“It started with, Oh god I don’t want to say, it is just too embarrassing. Do you need to hear everything?”

“Laura, I am going to hear about it anyway. Adam or Allen are bound to tell me.”

“Oh god. Okay, well this morning, like yesterday, Allen made,… God this is embarrassing.”

“This is just between us at the moment, no one else is close enough to hear you. Everyone’s attention is on the other sentenced ones. You have already done your show for now. We are just two nude and semi-nude women standing here.”

“Okay, Well Allen was thinking about Adam having to put up with having is mother in this condition and he said that in order for Adam to be desensitized to me, he … I don’t think I am supposed to tell you. I’ll just say he has something for you that he tried out on me to get my reaction. Even that is more than I should say. I’ll just say I climaxed in front of them several times. Then they made me go for a walk around the block, and they masturbated me to another massive orgasm in front of our neighbors. Once I recovered it was time for me and Adam to go to school. That was only the beginning of the day. It got wilder after that.”

“That was the start of your day? And you say it got wilder. Please tell me.”

“Well, once I got to school, I knew I had to stand on the spreader podium again.”

“What is a spreader podium?”

“It is a device that was sent here by the H-Department. It is like one of those exercise machines where your body weight causes your feet to slide out on some rails. You then have to use your thigh muscles to pull your feet together. Well, I have to stand with my feet on the pads at least 24 minutes every period. If I don’t, they add time to my sentence. 1 minute for every second less than the 24 minutes. Between yesterday and today, I have added almost 10 ½ hours! I thought that I would be able to get dressed at 6:00 Wednesday morning, but now it is 4:30 in the afternoon. That is after school is out.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. The H-Department is like that, it makes sentenced people do things to extend their sentence themselves, adding to the humiliation.”

“Yes, And today they added another humiliation, not only do I have to stand on the podium foot rests, but I also had to drink twelve liters of water! I tried to protest but they said that for every one hundred milliliters left undrunk, they would add another hour. This morning I already had almost 4 hours added to my time, and I was not about to let not drinking some water add more. The only problem is that I had to pee in that damn carafe, IN FRONT OF MY CLASS FULL OF STUDENTS!”

“It does get worse, doesn’t it?”

“I was not sure if I could drink that much plain water, but they also provided a flavoring that I could add. It helped a lot. I drank all their damn water, but I still added time because I missed some time on the podium. That is why the end of my sentence has been extended from 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM Wednesday.”

“Wait, you said that you had a flavoring that you added to the water?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Just how much flavoring did you add to your water today?”

“One packet per bottle. Each bottle was a little under two liters. And I had seven bottles, one for each period.”

“You’re telling me you had seven packets of flavoring? How big were the packets?”

“Yes, seven. They were a little bigger than a sugar packet. They had different fruit flavors. It made drinking that much water much more palatable.”

“And you had seven of those?”

“Yes, Why?”

“Laura, I think I know why you are so fucking horny. They use those flavorings to help relax the sentenced that spend time in an H-Store who are trying to reduce their time. It doesn’t make your experience any less humiliating, but it does lower your inhibitions. You still feel the humiliation, but it makes you horny and improves the experience for those who want to use you. I would drink a little each time I spent a night there myself, but only a cup or so to make it a little easier so I don’t completely freak out when I was used as a sex toy. You have no idea at some of the things that go on in an H-Store.”

“I saw some unimaginable things. There was a family that was doing things to the mother in the family. Horrible things.”

“Oh, that family had been there? Yah, that is part of the more extreme strangeness that happens there. OK so you did see some strange things. That is why I turned my contract over to Adam. He seems like a nice guy.”

“He is.”

“Well, the only way I can reduce my time is to either serve in that damn H-Store several days a week, or turn control of my band over to someone. I don’t trust anyone I know to not take advantage of me. Adam, God, Adam, not only did he do wonderful things to me, but he also actually asked if he could do those wonderful things to me before he did them. I have never met anyone who did what he did to me. And he claimed he was a virgin before last night.”

“I had not thought about it. You took his virginity! I should be mad at you. He is my son. He is not ready for that.”

“Whoa, settle down. He made his own decision. I was not in any position to make him do anything. But God I so want to find out if he really is that good. If not, I will ask him to remove my band code from his band and I trust that he would.”

“He would. I still don’t understand how things went down, but you seem like a nice enough girl, despite your sentencing, but hay, I have a sentence I am serving too so I can’t judge you too harshly.”

At that point Summer’s name was called out. Adam had come out of the gate with a group of his friends. There was a chorus of “No way. I did not believe it. You are a fucking liar Adam you paid this girl to be here.” Among other things.

Summer responded, “No, Adam is not a liar. He really does have control of my band, and Yes, he can do anything to me short of permanently physically harming me. Adam, to demonstrate your control over me, why don’t you make my band yellow with blue?”

“God, you are even prettier than I remember you being. It is nice to see you free. Are you sure you want me to do that? If I do, then anyone nearby can touch you anyway they want.”

“Adam, I think you are better looking too, we can talk more in a little bit. Right now, you need to show your friends that you do control me, no self-respecting woman, or even not a self-respecting woman, would do that willingly. Only if you really do have control over my band, would you be able to change the color of my band. I want you so show them you do have that control.”

“OK, Guys, this is Summer, She is my contractee. I have control over her band like this.” He pressed several buttons on his band and entered a code and suddenly her yellow band turned yellow with blue.

“Summer. I want you to stand like my mom with your legs apart and your hands on your head.” She did so. “OK guys, you now can touch her any way and anywhere you want, and she cannot say no.”

Adam realized this was a test for both of them. Last night she was a solid blue, and he could do almost anything to her. She was tied up spread-eagle and could not resist. Now she was untied, but he was the one with the controlling band. He had to make sure he used his authority wisely.

Soon there was a group of guys around Summer touching her body. She had hands all over her. A couple of the brave ones explored between her legs. Soon she was panting in lust and was headed toward a climax. Suddenly Adam said, “Enough. Hands off. I am turning her back to Yellow.” There were a few comments of frustration, but none were voiced louder than her.

“Why did you do that, I was getting close to a climax. Please let me cum!”

“I know, I want to be the one to take you over the edge. This is the first time we have been both free and I want it to be me that does it.” Adam walked over to Summer and stepped behind her. He reached around and first tweaked her nipples. “By virtue of being her controller, I am granted additional freedom to do what I want with her, regardless of her band color.” Once he felt her breath speed start to increase, he ran his hands up and down her sides. Then he reached between her legs. He played with her now wet pussy lips and tugged on them causing a slight yelp to escape her lips. When he could feel her heat rate starting to pound in her body, he moved one hand up to her clit and started rolling it between thumb and forefinger. With his other hand he suddenly jammed two fingers in and out of her pussy as hard as he could.

That was enough to send her over the edge, violently. Had Adam not been standing behind her and had he not had the experience with his mother this morning when she had violent orgasms when he was holding her, he may not have been able to hold onto Summer. As it was, her whole body shook, and then she slumped back into him. No words that could be understood escaped her lips. The sounds heard clearly indicated that she was experiencing a strong orgasm and was happy.

When she settled down and could stand on her own, he turned to his friends and said, “And that is why she gave me her control code.” Then he stopped talking and just stood there with an arm around Summer’s waist.

There was some clapping and a few crude comments about how lucky Adam was to have her, and a few suggestions on what they would do if they had control, and so on. But soon their rides appeared in the car line up and the friends went off to their homes. After a bit, it was only a few individuals in front of the school and a bell went off indicating that Laura and any other sentence person was free to do as they chose, School was finally over for the week.

Laura had been silent during the exchange with Adam and his friends and marveled at the maturity of Adam. Summer was a surprise too. She had manipulated the situation to show everyone that Adam was in charge, while she had actually pulled the strings. She was a smart girl. Maybe she was not so bad. She watched Adams face when Summer was talking and saw when the realization of what she was doing occurred to him. He played along and then made it his own when he stopped the groping when he did. Summer too realized what he had done and why. At first Summer had been frustrated and disappointed that he had stopped his friends from touching her when they did, but then, when he finished her himself, She realized he had sent a signal to the others that he was the one in control. The appreciation in her eyes was obvious if anyone had been looking at her face.

When the last bell rang Laura said, “Okay, Let’s go back to my room so that I can dump this damn carafe and get my things and then we can go home. Summer, what are your plans?”

“Adam has invited me to stay at your house this weekend. It would really cement the contract between Adam and me. If that is Okay with you, that is. We must show that there is a real contract between us so that I can get out of the contract that I had with the H-Store. I am putting a lot of faith in Adam and your family. I really need this to work out because working at the H-Store was even worse than I had imagined but being naked all the time is no fun either. If I can cut down on my sentence, I will do whatever I can, to do so.”

“Okay, I had not planned on having a naked girl around the house all weekend, but we already have one almost naked female, so I guess another completely naked one would not be that different.”

Thank you. I know you have to do a lot of trusting, to allow me into your home, and I know you really don’t know me, yet. I hope to I can earn your trust soon, however.”

“The way I saw how you and Adam worked with each other as a team just a few moments ago, told me a lot about the kind of person you are. I don’t understand everything that you have to do with Adam to fulfill your sentence, but I am sure you will do what you need to do. It may be good to have you as a distraction from me, as I am not entirely comfortable with how things have played out over the last two days. I have a feeling this may be beneficial for all of us.”

They had gotten to Laura’s room, and she poured the carafe into the bucket. Then Laura got her things into her cart to take home.

“Are these the packets you put the water?”

“Yes, I tried all the flavors. I did one packet for each bottle, Seven in total.”

“Did you read the fine print?”

“There is fine print? I only saw the flavoring names.”

“Well, there is fine print, but it just lists a bunch of mumbo-jumbo names, the label really does not say anything useful, just that it has things in it that most people would have no idea what is what. This is just as I thought. I’m sure these are the same that they use at the H-Store. I think they use one packet per every two liters, and most people only drink only about a cup or two while they are there. You have had about 25 times what a regular person would have when they serve a night at an H-Store. The effects last a few hours. I’ve heard that the more you have the longer it lasts. You are going to have elevated hornyness for a while, maybe a day or more.”

“I’m going to be horny for a whole day or more! God no! At least I know about it now. What do I do?”

“Laura, I’ll help you if I can. Like I said there is an upside to this too. It makes it a little easier to be in your current state. Adam, grab a handful of those and keep them safe.”

“Are you sure we can take them? I don’t want to get in trouble.”

“They are free at the H-Store. There may be a use for them. If we don’t need them, we don’t have to use them.”

“Okay, I will get two of each flavor.”

As Adam was getting the packets, Laura gathered her computer and papers that needed grading and put them in her cart so that they could head home.

“Summer, did you drive?” Laura asked.

“No, I used public transit to get here.”

“Okay, we will all drive in our car to our house.”

As they walked out, Adam put an arm around the naked waist of his mother and another arm around his… He was not sure exactly what Summer was, but she was definitely something more than just a contractee to him. He squeezed Summer’s waist as they walked to the car, and she squeezed him back.

Once they were in the car, Adam opened the back door for Summer. She slid in and across the back seat and patted the seat near the door, indicating she expected Adam to sit next to her. Adam was more than happy to accommodate her wish. Laura got in the driver’s seat. Once in the car Laura started quizzing Summer.

“So Summer, what is your story and why are you bound to my son as a… What is it called?”

“I am a Contractee to him. His is my Contractor. They have done away with some of the more controversial terms such as master and slave as those have a much harsher meaning. I am his servant. I am bound to his controller band, and he can order me to do things that he feels would fit my H-Punishment. The control is formalized in the form of a contract. That contract is controlled by who had control of my band. When I was at the H-Store, they had the control. When I gave Adam my code, I in effect moved that contract over to Adam.”

“Why in the world would you give anyone that kind of control over you?”

“I had already agreed to serve in an H-Store and was bound to that agreement. If I did not serve my time there, not only would I have to serve my full year sentence, but I would add 25% to it. That would be an extra 3 months. The only way out of my contract with the H-Store was to transfer it to someone else. The only problem is that I didn’t trust anyone I knew to have that kind of control over my fate. Adam was different. He treated me like a real person and was nice to me and I thought, ‘what the hell.’ I freely admit that I have made enough bad choices in my life, but this time it felt different. I thought what if I take a leap of faith and trust someone that is unlike anyone I usually trust. Adam is about as different as anyone I have ever met. To give my code to him is way out of character for me. I just took a leap of faith that Adam would do what I need.”

“Adam is a good boy. We raised him right. He is always nice to people and is very responsible. Even when he was a boy, he always took care of his toys.”

“Well, I am now one of his toys. I hope he takes care of me. There is a little more to the contract than just giving him control over me. Someone needs to document that he is publicly making me pay for my past transgressions. In other words, Someone needs to take pictures of me being humiliated in public and show that Adam is the one controlling the situation. If the H-Board is satisfied with what we show them, my contract will legally be assigned to Adam within a week. Then we just need to check in periodically. They will already know any locations of temporary status changes and that the change will be coming from Adams band. What you did to me in front of the school was exactly what they want.”

“That is crazy,” Adam said.

“The front of the school is a monitored area by the H-Board, so what you did do me was a huge plus to making my assignment to you permanent.”

“My God, I forgot that the front of the school is video monitored. It is bad enough that all the parents see me semi-nude but anyone with an H-account can watch remotely too!”

“Don’t worry, there are so many registered sites that any one site only has a few remote viewers at any given time.”

“But still…”

“Not much you can do about it. Trust me. You have only been sentenced for a couple days, I’ve been sentenced for over a month now, and I have time served at an H-Store. You really don’t have much of a sentence compared to mine.” Turning to Adam she said, “Adam, I do want to thank you for taking control of the situation back there. It just confirms that I was right about you. You are able to read me like a book. You really aren’t lying to me about not having lots of sexual experience?”

“No, I don’t have much experience. In fact, I really had not seen a pussy up close before I saw Mom a couple of days ago. You are the first one that I have ever had direct experience with. Sorry mom, I know it is weird to talk about this in front of my mother, but I lost my virginity to Summer last night and will undoubtedly be doing much more with her in the near future.”

With a heavy sigh, Laura answered, “It is a different world we live in. When I was your age nudity and sex where things not talked about or seen. But back then there were many more crimes and other social issues. The H-Bill that made Humiliation the only form of punishment, almost overnight most crimes disappeared. I never thought I would be subject to an H-Sentence, but here I am and now and I just have to deal with it. It has stabilized so many other parts of society, I just have to comply, even though it is very difficult for me to do so. So Summer, what is your story? We have only heard a very little about it. I know it has something to do with bad credit, but that is all.”

“Yah, it really is embarrassing.”

“Even more than being a Yellow? Or a Blue in an H-Store?” Adam asked as he squeezed her knee.

“Okay, as embarrassing. You have me there. Well, you see, when I was younger, I learned very early that I was attractive. I learned that I could flirt with a boy, and he would give me the best parts of his lunch. As I got older, I got bigger and better things. I used my looks and my body to get what I wanted. Then a couple of years ago the H-Bill passed. At first there was little change in things, but once there were a number of sentenced people, I found it harder and harder to trade my attention or even my body for things I wanted. I found an underground fake credit card network. I only used the fake cards for little things at first, but over time it got easier to use them and my charges got bigger. When nothing happened to me, I got cocky and thought I was smart enough to keep my activity under the radar. I was a fool.”

“How did you get caught?” Adam asked.

“They were always monitoring. I never got away with anything. It just wasn’t worth it until I had reached a threshold big enough for them to bring me in. They had everything on me. I had no defense, Zero. They came to my apartment and stripped me right there. Then they marched me down to the courthouse completely nude. It was so embarrassing to be forced to walk down the hall of my apartment in front of my neighbors and friends. Then they marched me two blocks away from my building to the waiting vehicle. They could have parked much closer, but NO they parked far enough away and walked slow enough so that everyone nearby could see me. It was during a busy part of the day no less! I thought I would die.”

“I can’t imagine what that must have been like. You had no time to mentally prepare yourself even!”

“Oh, it got worse. When I got to the courthouse, there was a waiting line in front of the building. Everyone was queued up, on a moving sidewalk. There appeared to be another nude girl like me near the door, then there were several people that I think wanted a property permit for something and even a couple just in front of me waiting to get married. We were all separated by little barricades on the sidewalk. I did not notice how or why the girl was standing the way she was until I was placed in my waiting spot. They handcuffed me with my hands behind my back. Then they placed this little platform that had a short single post sticking up from it. First though it was just like a railing or separator so that I was separated from the people in front of me. I thought it was kind of strange because there was already a bar across the width of the moving walk to separate us. Then to my horror they had me walk right up to the little post and stand over it. A little lid was removed and what looked like a rounded metal dildo popped out of the opening. My handlers held onto the dildo and raised it up until it was at my crotch level. Then they said, “Hold Still” and the next thing I knew the cold metal dildo was let go and it popped straight into my pussy without any warning. It was cold! I tried to jump away from it but that was not possible. I was impaled on the damn thing and if I tried to move too far from standing directly over the post, it hurt.”

“That is horrible!” Laura said.

“Yes, it was. Once my handlers punched my case number on the pad on the bar in front of me, they left me be. It was over two hours before I finally got to the door. Every so often the whole moving sidewalk would smoothly glide forward, and another person or group would be allowed in the door. I tried to rise on my toes in an attempt to step off the post, but the damn thing rose with me. If I squatted down, it sank with me. My hands were behind my back, and I could not reach the post. I was just stuck there for anyone walking by to see me. The most I could do was rock back and forth from foot to foot a little bit. The only thing worse, I could think of, is if it had also vibrated and made me climax.

I have since heard that they use those damn single bar prisons on both men and women. It is really quite ingenious. There is no possible way off the things, and it takes minimal resources to completely restrain and simultaneously humiliate someone.

Once I got to the door it only took about fifteen minutes to be processed. A judge read off my offences and pronounced my sentence of twelve months. When I tried to protest the length of time, he said I could cut it in half if I served two hours a day volunteering at an H-Store three days a week. I thought it would be easy to volunteer a few hours and I would cut my time in half. Only once I got to the store, did I find out what “Volunteering” really meant. When I tried to beg to serve my full twelve months, they said that if I did that, I would be breaking my contact and an extra three months would be added to my time. Only if I transferred my contract to a private person could I get out of serving at the store. The only stipulation is that that person must actively participate in my reeducation. I don’t know anyone I trust to do that. Then Adam came along, and he was so nice to me but still took advantage of me when prompted, I finally knew I found the one I could trust.”

“Thank you, Summer,” Adam said.

“Well, now you know my story. Is there anything you want me to do for you right now Adam?”

“Yes, Summer. I want you to take my cock out and suck me off in front of my mother.”

“Ooh, Kinky. Yes sir.” Summer said.

“ADAM!” Laura said.

“Mom, You heard her. I need to work on her education slash humiliation. You are going to see me do things to and with Summer because I plan of fulfilling my part of the contract, so get used to it mom.”

“But Adam, it is not right to make her do that at all, and even worse, for you to make her do that in front of me.”

“Mom, I warned you, I will now have to report your actions to Dad, and he, and maybe I, will have to decide what happens when we get home. I am doing this FOR Summer. You heard her. I need to help with her education. You are the one trying to make it harder for her.”

“But Adam…”

“Mom, Dad is going to have to help educate you in how you are in the wrong now, and, I repeat AND, you are going to have to apologize to both Summer and Me for hindering what we need to do. Now, not another word. Let me enjoy what Summer is doing and let me focus on her.”

Laura was tempted to continue the argument, but realized he was the one in control and she could only make it worse for herself.

Soon Adam let out a moan of pleasure as Summer’s head bobbed up and down. He reached around her side and started tweaking the nipple he could reach. This caused her to pause only for a moment as a shudder of pleasure ran though her body before she redoubled her efforts. When he knew he was close to cuming, he said, “Hold it in your mouth.” She moved her head so that only the tip was between her lips as she continued to pump with her hand. Soon he shot his load into her mouth, some of it hit the back of her throat, but most of it hit the top of her mouth.

When he was done, he said, “Show me.”

She carefully closed her lips as she slid the tip of his cock from her mouth and sat up. When she was in position to show him, she opened her mouth to show his creamy cum on her tongue. He reached over and began to tweak her nipples like he knew she liked. She let out a moan as he did so but did not close her mouth. When he could see that she was almost ready to climax, he stopped touching her and said, “Now close your mouth, and swallow.” She did so and her body began to shake with a strong orgasm.

When she clamed down a bit, she said, “How the fuck did you do that?”


“Make me cum by just telling me to swallow? I never ever even dreamed that was possible!”

“I wanted to see how much I came. Then I wanted you to swallow it. I had read about showing cum in a mouth in porn stories and was curious. Once I saw, telling you to swallow just seemed like the right thing to do. I was about to continue tweaking your nipples to get you off, but before I could, you climaxed.”

“When you stopped pinching my nipples I was about to cry out in frustration because I was so close. But when you told me to swallow, with a commanding voice, you took me the other direction and over the top! It was incredible. You push buttons that I didn’t even know I had. I don’t know if I am fucking lucky to be contracted to you or if I am incredibly screwed. I don’t know what you are going to do to me. I think it may be a little of both!”

She leaned over to him and put her head on his shoulder. He put his arm around her. She noticed a little bit of cum leak from his still exposed cock and she used a finger to gather it from the tip and then sucked it off her finger and sighed.

No one said anything more, the rest of the way to their home.

Laura was glad she had engaged the auto drive because she had gotten lost in watching her son control the beautiful naked girl sitting next to him and had very mixed feelings. She thought in her head, “Am I feeling jealous of what happened? Proud of my son? Lust for both of them… NO! that is not right. Adam is my son; I should not be thinking like this. Oh God, what is happening to me?”
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