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On a hot moonlit night, secrets, desires, and a pinch of mischief intertwine, setting the stage for a sensual night of forbidden passion.
The Robbery

Eric, cruised through the quiet, unsuspecting neighborhood scanning the houses, searching for signs of vulnerability for his next target. It was a hot summer night and the air felt heavy. A home, nestled in the tranquil confines of Willowbrook, became the latest mark.

Eric bore the physical markers of a life lived on the edge. His once-youthful athletic body was etched with telltale signs of wear and hardship. Weathered lines traced the contours of his face, evidence of the battles he had fought and the demons that plagued him. His sunken eyes once filled with vibrancy, now held a hollow gaze that revealed the depths of his desperation. They flickered with a mix of restlessness and longing, mirroring the conflict within his tormented soul.

His gaze landed upon a modest home tucked away in a cul-de-sac, the nearest lamp post no longer emitting light and offering the perfect cloak for his home invasion. He could feel the heat permeating the air, clinging to his skin and causing perspiration to form on his brow. The darkness embraced him, offering a veil of anonymity as he skulked around the home's perimeter. A surge of anticipation coursed through his veins when he saw a window on the first floor wide open, a sinister smile tugging at the corners of his lips. With practiced ease, he slipped through the window, his movements swift and silent.

As he ventured further into the house, a sense of satisfaction washed over Eric. The resident had unknowingly left themselves exposed to his intrusion, unaware of the danger that lurked within their sanctuary. Room by room, he methodically cleared out the valuables, his heart pounding with a mix of excitement and desperation.

Unbeknownst to Eric, Sarah, oblivious to the chaos unfolding downstairs, lay alone in her bedroom on the second floor. The warmth of the night had compelled her to leave the windows open, the gentle breeze offering respite from the stifling heat of the day. The absence of concern for crime in the seemingly safe neighborhood, mixed with inebriation from one too many glasses of wine, had allowed her to surrender to a peaceful slumber.

Eric's footsteps, hushed by the carpeted stairs, carried him closer to the unsuspecting Sarah. As he ascended, the moonlight filtered through the open windows, casting ethereal shadows upon the staircase. A bead of sweat trickled down Eric's forehead, a mix of nerves and the residual heat of the summer night.

Reaching the top of the stairs, Eric's eyes adjusted to the dimly lit hallway. The sounds of his breathing seemed amplified, echoing through the stillness. He moved cautiously, peering into each room to ensure his presence remained undetected.

It was in the last room he checked that he found her—Sarah, alone and vulnerable in her slumber. The sight of her delicate form amidst the moonlit room gave Eric a momentary pause.

Sarah lay nestled in her bed. The moon's elusive glow, slipping through the open windows, cast a gentle illumination on the thin white sheet draped over her exposed buttery skin. Her features, softened by sleep, were accentuated by the interplay of light and shadow. The covers were partially thrown off, her body seeking relief from the stifling heat. The heat had stripped away the usual layers of protection, leaving her exposed, both physically and metaphorically, in the depths of her slumber.

Her chestnut hair, tousled and slightly damp from perspiration, framed her serene face. Her flawless porcelain skin seemed to glow in the moonlight. Sarah's lips, soft and inviting, carried a natural hue that hinted at a gentle smile. She exuded a serene beauty. Delicate features, like a work of art.

Eric's eyes traced the contours of her face, the delicate curve of her neck, and the subtle rise and fall of her chest. Sarah lay on her side hugging the pillow that her head rested on, her arms pressed together in front of her. The soft, white sheets draped loosely over her hips, revealing glimpses of bare skin that glowed in the moonlight. Her exposed back, kissed by a beam of pale radiance, seemed to invite a soothing touch. Her long slender legs emerged, extending beyond the confines of the sheets, seeking coolness against the night's embrace. Her legs, stacked on top of each other, extended past the white sheet with one knee extended forward in front of her and the other stretched to the bottom of the bed toward him revealing her firm thighs and supple skin. The gentle curve of her wide hips clung to the bunched-up white sheet whispering of her feminine grace and allure.

Eric's conflicted emotions intensified as he observed Sarah's innocence and vulnerability. The weight of his choices bore down upon him, threatening to crush his already fragile sense of morality. Intrigued and curious, he decided to see how long his luck would last. He moves closer to the bed, walking alongside it to gently pull back the thin sheet up from her hips. Slowly, the fabric crept up her thighs, inching up ever carefully to the point where her thighs overlapped, where the round bumps of her wonderful firm round butt revealed themselves. He held his breath as he tugged carefully, slipping the last shield of propriety protecting her from his lascivious prying eyes.

A broad mischievous grin etched across his weathered face, to his satisfaction he realized that this luscious vulnerable young woman was fully nude. Her thighs spread apart just enough that her secret garden gave sight to the wet pink skin winking at him in the moonlight. The breeze of the hot night danced across her newly liberated body, her skin tingling in delight at the cool air sending a chill down her spine as she dreams sweet thoughts in her slumber. Her hips gently gyrate as a soft moan is expressed from her lips. He stared in awe at the sight before him, tempting his fate, his heart beat rapidly, contemplating his next move, being drawn to see how far he could go.

He resolved he would stop the first second she stirred, the bait too seductive to forsake. As Eric's hand glides softly and sensually up Sarah's leg, a shiver of pleasure tingles through her dreamy body. She feels the heat of the room intensify the sensory experience, making her skin more receptive to the tantalizing touch.

The warmth radiating from Sarah's leg beckons Eric's exploration, and he begins to notice the subtle reactions of her body. Sarah, enjoying the sensuality of his touch, is brought into a lucid dream state where her physical body can no longer maintain her composure.

As Sarah lies in slumber, her mind begins to wander, weaving vivid images of her beloved husband. Her thoughts intertwine with her body's desires, invoking a sensation that courses through her veins like a delicate flame, awakening her senses. In the realm of her dreams, his touch becomes palpable, each caress a tantalizing dance upon her skin.

Involuntarily her body vocalizes her desire with a soft moan of pleasure and a peaceful expression. Eric's fingers, as if dancing with the rhythm of desire, graze against Sarah's silky skin, sending waves of sensation coursing through her. She inhales deeply, attempting to steady her breath and unable to conceal the growing anticipation she feels.

His touch becomes more deliberate, tracing delicate circles and teasing strokes along the contours of her leg. Each caress ignites a fire within Sarah, her body yearning for more while her mind silently pleads for restraint. She revels in the slumberland torture, her body betraying her by responding to every stroke with a subtle arch or a quivering muscle.

In Sarah’s dream, the warmth of his hand glides along the curve of her body, leaving trails of goosebumps in its wake. Soft whispers of affection tickle her ear, arousing a symphony of longing within her. His lips, gentle yet demanding, brush against hers, igniting an inferno that consumes her entirely.

Eric continues his exploration, his fingertips acting as conduits of pleasure. The softness of her skin, the gentle pressure he applies, and the measured rhythm of his touch combine to create a symphony of sensuality that reverberates through both of them.

Sarah's heartbeat quickens, her senses heightened by the secret thrill of the forbidden. Every gentle stroke of Eric's hand heightens her pleasure, As Eric's hand continues its enchanting journey, it glides upwards, moving towards Sarah's inner thigh. His touch, delicate yet purposeful, stirs a mix of anticipation and longing within her. Sarah's heart races, her breaths becoming shallower.

Eric's fingertips trace the contours of Sarah's inner thigh, teasingly brushing against the edge of her boundaries. A soft gasp escapes her lips, the first audible sign of her mounting pleasure. Every move sends pulses of electric sensation surging through Sarah's body. Her eyes flutter, and her body yearns for his touch to venture further, to grant her the forbidden ecstasy she craves,

As his hand glides closer to the apex of her inner thigh, Sarah's back arches, begging him to explore her more private regions. Her sleeping mind fantasizes about primal urges. Her body is oblivious and unsympathetic for surrendering her chastity to a moral deviant. A subtle shudder passes through her, a telltale sign of her hidden passion

Her body and her imaginary husband's bodies entwine, a passionate ballet of intimacy and connection. Vividly, she feels his warmth and his strength penetrate her. His touch is more powerful and rough than she was used to.

Erik’s fingers pump in and out of her glistening wet vagina. He is in shock at how aroused she has become, her hips slowly rotating to his steady and deep thrusts. The smell of her sex hung in the air inviting him to get closer. His nose sinks down lower sniffing the source of the wonderful musk calling to him. Her wetness liberally spread on her ass and thighs.

Eric dares to taste her sweet nectar but knows he must move her to a better position if he hopes to lap her pussy up fully. He throws caution to the wind as he pushes her straight leg so her legs curl one under the other. Now freed of any encumberment, his mouth hovers and then devours the treat he wanted to slurp up.

Her husband's warm breath increased her wetness and desire. His soft wet tongue expertly darted in and out of her, her back arches even more wanting him to devour her dripping vaginal liquids. His tongue traced her every fold from her perineum to her clitoris sending jolts of electricity through her. “Ahhhh” she breathed out in relief. The boundaries between the waking world and her subconscious desires blurred, and her desires burned with an intensity beyond compare. Her body shifted, her hands awakened with lust roaming her large hanging breasts teasing her puff nipples releasing a long joyful moan.

He couldn’t take anymore, his rigid cock strained against his pants. He unbuttoned his pants and guided them silently to the floor. His large cock sprang to attention, his salacious intent eclipsing any reservations he had. He pulled his shirt off next and tossed it on the floor. He took a second to appreciate the scene, her moans, her hands pulling and twisting her nipples, resolute in his invasion. He pressed his long rod into her wet and inviting hole, spreading the engorged layers of her labia far apart, answering her deepest desires, and stretching her wet tunnel apart.

Her body enveloped him in her cocoon of desire. Every touch, every stroke, becomes an exquisite masterpiece, a testament to their unyielding love. In her delirium, she knew this version of him was so much larger than he really was. He penetrated her deeply, roughly, and passionately like she had always wanted. Her hips continued to rotate into him. The feeling is so vivid, so surreal. “Ohhhhh! Oh Fuck!” She moaned loudly, Her sleep fading into a groggy haze, but the sensation of her approaching climax continued to ratchet up. “How was this possible?”, she thought as she released another moan. Her eyes slowly opened to the moonlit room.

Excited by Sarah’s moans of encouragement, Eric picked up his pace, his hands on her thigh for leverage as he plunged into Sarah with long, deep thrusts. “Ohhhhh! Oh Fuck!” She screamed, now knowing she was fully awake but unable to stop his assault now. Sweat built on his chest as the repeated pelvic thrusts heaved his long thick pole deep into her cervix.

When her vision finally came into focus her eyes widened, horrified at the scene coming into view. A large unfamiliar dark figure, masked by the shadow of the night, loomed over her. His body glistened with sweat, undulating rapidly, pounding against her ass with his hips causing her rippling skin to travel up her back to her breast. “What the fuck!” She screamed in panic but he didn’t relent, her heart racing in fear. Time seemed to slow as she could feel every inch of his massive veiny shaft slide effortlessly into her deepest uncharted abyss leaving a wake of yearning behind after each thrust. In and out he pounded relentlessly ravishing her saturated pussy. “How could this be happening!” her eyes screamed in shock.

Realizing he now had an active participant he shaped her body to his needs. He quickly grabbed one of her stacked legs to move it to the other side of him, spreading her legs wide, gripping her thighs with his large palms, and pulling her cunt into his plunging flesh. She attempted to fight his assault, pressing her knees together and attempting to kick him off but he easily overpowered her. His body pried her wide open, enjoying the struggle more than he expected, watching her large breasts thrash around. He smiled wide with the thrill of her fear ratcheting up his lust.

With no other option, she screamed, “HELP!!” Shocked, he reared his hand back and slapped her across the face with his open hand hard leaving a searing burning sensation across her cheek. He then grabbed her throat, stifling her voice and squeezing her air pipe. His thrusts into her sopping-wet cunt got harder and more violent.

“Bitch! If you scream for help again, I will snap your fucking neck!” He growled, staring her down with the unflinching calmness that could only mean he meant it. “You are going to fucking take my cock and like it! And if you play nice you will walk away from this event unharmed! Do you understand?”

Her eyes welled up. She gasped for air feeling light-headed and aching to breathe. She nodded, mouthing “okay” and surrendering to her oppressor knowing he had the advantage. Her mind is trying to think of some way to escape but sees no avenues available to her.

His thrust slowed into sudden, violent, punches against her cervix, his big fat dick seemed to enlarge with excitement filling her completely and sending electric vibrations through her body. Tears streamed down her face. She stifled her cries of pain or… moans of pleasure. She was appalled and disgusted by her stupidity. Praying that she would survive this brazen assault. Fear overtook her as she watched this disgusting dirty stranger rape her worried about what he would do when he was done with her. As he fucked her, she stared deep into the endless pools of his brown eyes hoping to find some compassion but only seeing his wild-eyed lust. Every feature of his face, chiseled and defined, bespoke a man…who had ignited her deepest yearnings.

He let go of her neck, held both of her arms up above her head, and plowed his mouth onto her large tear-shaped breasts that rocked up and down with the motion of their bodies. His teeth gripped her nipples and his tongue raked over their puffy tips radiating pleasure through her tortured body.

She wrestles with the intoxicating temptation to surrender to her desires, yet she remained steadfast in her decision to keep her longing concealed. Despite her internal struggle, Sarah's body betrays her, responding involuntarily to Eric's touch, as she desperately tries to maintain her composed exterior and fails. Uncontrollably, her hips begin to rock with his, grinding her pussy lips into his hairy pelvis savoring the depth he can penetrate her. Her vaginal muscles clamp down on his glorious girth, not to stop his invasion but to feel every ridge of his stiff member as it traversed her tunnel radiating ripples of pleasure from her loins to her toes. Her rational mind complained of the injustice.“What am I doing?!? “No! This is wrong!” But her body, excited with fear and ratcheted up with his touch, arched her back in satisfaction and released a long groan of pleasure, “Ohhhhh, yes!”. Her body didn’t care about her objections, it has a mind of its own, wanting to match the pace of her alpha male. Her hand wraps around his ass pulling him deep into her. Her breathing quickens and releases screams of pleasure that travel out the open window for all her neighbors to hear, “Ah, ah, ah!”

“There you are you fucking dirty slut! Look how much you love this cock! Look how your hips grind into me showing me how much you need this!” He grunts.

Her husband never talked dirty to her like that and somewhere inside she liked the abuse. She liked Erik’s control over her. She writhes around wiggling her hips to accept more of his rod. Her breath panting with elation, “Ohhh ohhh, ohhhh. God your cock is so big!” She admits, against her will, with bated breath. She could feel her vagina heating up, generating more and more of her lubricant to guide his cock in her again and again. She knew she was not in control but she was mortified at how her body responded to his assault. Ashamed to discover that she was enjoying this. She could feel herself being torn open, stretched loose, and filled to capacity. Sarah's hands, guided by a hunger she could barely contain, explored every inch of the stranger's body, committing each sensation to memory. The rise and fall of his chest, the strength of his arms enveloping her, fueled her desires further, heightening the yearning that pulsed through her veins. The pain, the fear, and the forbidden nature of his encounter drove her wild with desire.

He pulls his long tool out of Sarah and stares at his sex slave with lecherous eyes imagining the bad things he wants to do to her. Her body emanates a magnetic energy that draws her rapist closer to her. Her lips softly parted in anticipation and beckoned to him with an unspoken invitation. Their eyes locked, and a current of electric desire surged between them.

Without needing to say words, he guides her body to a new position. She scrambles to get on all fours, her head pressed down against her pillows, her bent knees pressed into the bed spread wide apart, and her succulent round ass surrendered for his copulation. She presented her yearning fuck hole for fornication. A beam of moonlight shines on his glistening wet meat as it targets her yearning winking hole. Erik enjoys watching his reentry, a broad grin across his face, as his fat tool disappears between her large round mounds into her sopping wet cunt. As he plunges into her, she lets out a loud moan of pleasure, “Ohhhhh, yes!”

His hands wrapped around her wide hips, pulling her into him roughly, His tool spearing swiftly into her making her yelp with each crushing blow against her cervix. Their bodies moved with a synchronicity. Each touch, each brush of skin against skin, sent shockwaves of pleasure coursing through their beings. Her unrestrained cries of passion singing louder and louder. His large hand swiftly slapped her supple round ass hard with a “crack”, his hand imprinted on her pale ass leaving a red burning sting. Her pain, like her fear, converted into pleasure. “Oh yes!”

One of her hands cupped her large breast, twisting and pulling her sensitive nipples. The other found her greased-up clitoris and was happily pleased to attend to her growing needs. His hand again drops violently against her ass cheek, the searing pain eliciting screams of pleasure. Her hips bucked into his attack, shoving her ass against his hips, into him just as fervently as he was thrusting into her. The slapping sound of their sweaty body’s piercing the otherwise silent night. Her firm round ass, spread wide apart, reverberating waves of joy down her back. Conflicted, her carnal pleasure howls out to her master, “Damn it! You feel so fucking good! Yes! Yes! Oh God! Please fuck me!” Her soul is crushed as she has descended from loathing her rapist to begging for this penis.

“God damn, you’re a sexy whore! Beg for my cock!” He commands with gratification, pounding into her depths.

“Oh yes! Please fuck me! Please!!” She screams, tears cascading down her eyes, ashamed that she has never felt this level of satisfaction ever before. What was she becoming? What was wrong with her? Why was she a willing participant in his commands?

Their bodies moved in perfect harmony, lost in a rhythm only they could comprehend. The room filled with the symphony of their shared ecstasy, the rapid slapping of their dripping wet skin, and the guttural sounds of passion echoing from the walls. Each gasp and moan is a testament to their insatiable passion. Their haze of pleasure is an intoxicating blend of fear and forbidden desire.

Their bodies raced to a climax, their bodies became a symphony of sensation, reaching the pinnacle of their ardor. Time seemed to stand still as they surrendered to the euphoria that enveloped them. The intensity builds, creating a crescendo that echoes through her very core. Their passion knows no bounds, a flame that burns brighter with every passing moment.

Then suddenly, in a scream of passion, she yells, “Oh shit, oh fuck, Yes!!! I’m cumming!” and the crest of her rolling waves of carnal love breaks as her body vibrates into a heavenly orgasm that quakes through her entire body. Her back arched upward, her toes curled and her hand gripping tightly to the white sheets of her bed holding on as her rapture tries to tear her from the gravity of earth. Her lover’s continued thrusts trigger her muscles to shudder and flex in agony and passion.

Then with one final push, his large rod slams against her hungry cervix as he releases his wicked seed deep into her baby maker. “Oh, Fuck, No! No! I’m not protected!” She screams, realizing that her protests are already far too late. She feels jets of his hot pent-up cum paint the outer walls of her cervix. His hips ground his seed deep into her forcing his sperm past her cervix gates and into her uterus. She wants to pull out but she knows it’s already too late. When he is done, she collapses on the bed wallowing in tears, fearing that she will be forced to carry the sinful baby of her rapist. Loathing herself for cheating on her husband.

“Stop crying you whore! You fucking liked it!” he says to her dismissively. Putting on his clothes and leaving satisfied.

She stares at him as he leaves. Ashamed that she enjoyed every minute of it.


Norty OldmanReport 

2023-06-04 14:06:28
I liked it, and hope that he makes a return visit to make her and her sister (visiting) both his sex slaves :)


2023-06-01 23:39:31
Bummer, I am seeing that a lot of you recently are giving this story negative ratings. Negative ratings mean that more people won’t be able to find this story.

If you submit a negative rating please tell me what you dont like. I think I define the content of the story clearly in the synopsis and the content flags.

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