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The beginning of her kinky story in the Dark Castle
It was a warm summer evening. In the distance she could see a storm rolling in. She has been walking for a few hours now after her car broke down. She was not able to find anybody or anyplace in this remote area of the mountains.

Her flowered sundress was hugging her curvy form. Light beads of sweat trickled down her back. Her feet were hurting from all the walking she was doing in her sandals. It could have been worse if she still had her heels on.

Her hair, which was perfectly done for her sister's bridal shower, is now messy. Loose strands hanging out of the bin she had it in. Her makeup was messy also. Messy from the sweat.

But she kept walking. A storm is now chasing her. She knew that she needed to find shelter and find it quick. The sun is just tucking itself away for the evening. It gives off a strange red glow. The flash of lighting behind her has the sky glow pure white, but quickly disappears.

She comes upon a gravel driveway. It looks long, but there is that a castle at the end of it. In the dark of night it looks like a castle. With no other hope on the horizon she turned and started down the gravel driveway to it.

It was a long walk. It took her tired body 30 minutes to get there. With each step the castle, because there would not be any other word to describe it, got bigger and bigger. The huge stone building looked like something out of a history book.

As she walked up the small hill to the very large wooden door she stopped. There was a wooden drawbridge in front of her. This was getting strange fast. She slowly walked across the 15 foot long bridge. As she came to the door she was just about to knock, but the door slowly opened. This freaked her out and she jumped. How many scary movies started this way.

Standing in the door frame was a beautiful blonde haired woman. Standing there in one of those sexy maid outfits you see at Halloween. She wore a small form fitting black and white maid's top. There is a black strap running up around her neck coming down to just above her large round breasts. The top was tight and low cut showing off a valley of cleavage. The black then came down around her back and to her hips. From her cleavage top her maid's outfit was white. White with a black leather strap laced from the hem to just under the cleavage. A thin white border was at the end of the dress. This was higher than your normal dress, almost at mid-hip. Her long athletic legs are covered with thin black stockings that end mid-thigh and are attached to her garter belt. Following the curves of her legs she saw the 5 inch high black fuck me pumps and she was jealous.

"Good evening Miss. Are you lost? Do you need assistance? We do not get many visits unless we are throwing a party. Which I know we are not," said the knock out of a woman staying in front of her. Her trance was broken and she looked up at this ... maid. She finally noticed that she wore the little headdress you would see in those sexy outfits.

The maid stood there waiting patiently. Finally she came back to her wits. "Sorry, so sorry," she quickly blurred out. "It has been a long day. I was at a party and drank a bit. Then my car broke down, so I had to walk. Lucky I saw your... castle," she said in air quotes. "From the street. Do you think I can use your phone? I get no service out here," she continued rambling on.

"I think we can be of service to you Miss. Sir was just finishing tying up some loose ends and should be here shortly. Come in before the rain gets you and makes you more messy. Would you like to have a seat here," she pointed to the large wooden back chair. She was in a large entry chamber. The shadows were long in the room as the only source of light was candles. Huge candle holders holding 50 blazing candles made the room more ominous. Benches and other furniture line the walls. Some of them looked like medieval torture devices. She moved to it and sat. The chair looked cold and hard but her body took to it. At once she should feel her body relax. "Let me go get you something to drink and eat. You sit there and relax. I will be back shortly." The click of her heels on the tile floor was the only sound she heard.

She must have drifted there for a moment or two, because the next thing she heard was the click of the maid's heels coming back to her. She looked up as her head was resting against the side of the armchair and saw the maid carrying a tray. She could see a pitcher with a glass and a plate of food.

The maid made her way to her and slowly lowered herself to one knee and then the other. She was now kneeling in front of her holding the plate high. "Please help yourself to anything. If you require anything else please let me know. I'm here to serve Sir's guests," she said and then lowered her head.

This is getting more and more weird, she thought. She poured herself a glass of the drink. It seems creamy but when she drank it, it was sweet. She enjoyed it so much she had a second glass. She then picked up a snack that looked like a sushi roll. It was heaven in her mouth.

As she reached for a second, she heard the sound of feet coming this way. One was a click clack of heels but the other was soft on foot. Just giving off the barest of sound. The roll was just inches from her mouth when she froze. Coming her way was a man and a woman. The woman was stunning in her body fitting leather outfit, but it was the man that stop her in her tracks. She has never laid eyes on someone she thought was so perfect.

"Good evening sweetheart," the man said in a low bass tone. She knew that he was speaking to her, even though they have never met. She melted a bit. "I see my Maid Donna has taken care of your immediate needs." He walked close and placed his hand on the back of her head and she saw pure bliss come across the woman's eyes. "You may leave us Maid Donna." With that she stood, turned and bowed her head to him and said, " Thank you Sir." She walked back into the gloom of the candlelight.

He turned back to her. "It looks like you had a tough time today. Well I'm glad you came knocking at my door. I always enjoy having a beautiful woman as a house guest. I hope you can stay for sometime sweetheart."

"Thank you...," she paused, not knowing his name.

She was interrupted by the woman with him. "Sir, she is a mess. May I take her to get cleaned up before you chat anymore. I'm guessing she would like to fresh up."

"You are so correct Vixen. Where are my manners? Please take her to change her clothes and freshen up. I will meet you in the study when you are finished."

"Thank you Sir. It will be my pleasure." With that she took her hand and led her down a hallway. This woman's ass swayed into front of her. The thigh high black leather boot with the stiletto heel. She turned to her at the door and whispered, "You have hit a nerve with Sir. I have not seen him like this in a long time." Her words did not sink in because her eyes were glued to the thick black collar around her neck and her large tattoo just above her chest. "Come on, let's get you ready. This is so exciting."

It was a whirlwind 30 minutes and she was forced to try on different outfits. Some she would never wear, but this lady had her in an out of them so quickly. Finally she was dressed. The next step was getting her hair and makeup done. This Vixen was a magician and made her feel refreshed and ready to meet the owner of the castle again.

Vixen had her stand up and had her look in the mirror. She did not believe it was her. Who was this woman in the thigh high boots that lace up in the back from the heel to the top. Her legs looked amazing in the 4" heel. She had a high cut form fitting sparkly gold dress that went with her golden hair. The black mesh on either side shows more skin. She looked stunning. "You are ready," Vixen whispered into her ear. Taking her hand like they have been best friends forever, Vixen led her to the study.

She was led into the warm study. A fire was burning warm and bright in the fireplace. She could see him sitting in the chair facing away from them, facing the fire. He did not turn to look at them as they walked into view, but took a sip of his drink. Her heart skipped a beat. She stood in front of him. His eyes are eating up her new sexy look. He motions to Vixen and she is slowly turned.

'She thought he was looking at me like, like his property. Then she thought why did I think that?'' Would that be so bad was her next thought. Wait what am I thinking.' She was back facing him and thought 'no that would not be bad'.

He raised up from his chair and placed his drink down. With two strides he was on her. His hand raised to touch her cheek as he slides his body behind her. The touch sent sparks firing though her body.

He finished his turn and looked her deep in her eyes. "You look amazing Sweetheart. Completely stunning. Let me tell you about this place. It is a Castle of Kink. Many naughty, dirty and nasty things happen behind these many, many doors. I believe you are one who would like a tour. To see what lays behind the façade that many cling to. Would you like me to open your world Sweetheart?"

She stared him deeply in the face. Looking into his bright, strong eyes she just knew. It raced through her very being. Her thoughts, her feelings, her very soul was an open book for him and he felt a connection to her beyond words. Beyond comprehension. A strange feeling overtook her. One of fullness and peace. She tried to move but she had no control. She did not panic, just stared into his eyes. It was the most natural thing in the world. She knew she was the best version of herself. She let out a whisperer of, "yes Sir".

This made him smile. He gave her his arm. She did not waste any time in taking it. "Let me lead you to our first room, Sweetheart." She beamed with excitement.
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