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Cheryl dated a football player in college who had the biggest black cock I'd ever seen. When Cheryl saw me notice his big dick, she shared it with me, and I ended up getting fucked by it many, many times over the final two years of college.... sometimes the three of us, and sometimes just her boyfriend and me.... definitely some of my best memories from college.
I met Cheryl early in my sophomore year at college. We became fast friends, and quickly decided to room together for the rest of our time at university. Since we kind of resembled each other – both of us were pretty brunettes with brown eyes, inviting smiles, and big, natural breasts – people often thought we were related.... maybe even sisters.... but, of course, we weren’t.

We did share everything, though. In fact, shortly after we moved in together, we found ourselves without dates for the evening, so we decided to stay in and relax in our new living room.... drinking wine and sharing stories of guys, cocks, and sex. About 3 bottles of merlot later, we found ourselves sharing a wet, wine-flavored kiss.... then ended up fondling boobs, sucking nipples, and rubbing clits until both of us had amazing, delicious orgasms.

After that we would occasionally take showers together or lick each other to multiple orgasms whenever we found ourselves without dates for the evening. What the hell.... it was college!

Our apartment was a small, two-bedroom place just off campus. It had a nice, open layout, with a living room in the center and a kitchen off to the right. Beyond the living room there was one bedroom on the left, the other bedroom on the right, with a shared bathroom in between. Cozy, quaint, very comfortable.

The only thing that was sometimes a challenge was that the walls were a bit thin.... which meant I could hear Cheryl having sex every time she had a guy sleep over. I guess that meant she could hear me, too, whenever my boyfriend stayed over, which wasn’t all that often. I usually ended up at his place when we knew we were going to fuck.

With a shared bathroom, this also meant I got to see just about all of Cheryl’s guys going in and out of the bathroom, or into the kitchen for a snack.... always wearing very little, if anything. Cheryl knew I didn’t mind it, though, and whenever we found ourselves sitting around our apartment alone, we often laughed about the array of abs, butts, and dicks I was ‘subjected’ to whenever she had someone spend the night.

About the middle of our junior year, Cheryl started dating another student named Logan pretty regularly. He was one of the running backs from our football team, so he was big.... over 6’.... and good looking. He had a chiseled physique, which I never got tired of looking at, and his dark skin always seemed to glisten, making his muscles seem sculpted and shiny. I was happy for Cheryl, since he seemed like a really nice guy.... and he even got along great with my boyfriend, Mark, so we had a nice, comfortable set up going.

Since it was early in the spring semester, Logan didn’t have much football stuff going on, and he spent a lot of time at our apartment.... sometimes even while Cheryl was in class or running errands. And, as usual, given our thin walls, I got to hear Cheryl and Logan fucking several times a week, and just about every morning when he slept over. Also, given our shared bathroom situation, I got to see a lot of Logan.... often catching a glimpse of his dangling cock, or seeing the outline of his shaft through whatever shorts or boxers he was wearing.

I couldn’t help but notice that, compared to Cheryl’s other guys, Logan appeared to have a much bigger penis. Even seeing it through his shorts, underwear, or towel, it was obvious that it was at least 8” long.... even flaccid.... and on those occasions when I saw it semi-hard, and pressing against the fabric of his shorts or towel, I could tell it was even bigger. I had never seen it fully erect, but I imagined it was easily 10” long, and pretty thick. With a wry smile to myself, I realized that I quite looked forward to getting glimpses of Logan’s dick whenever he was hanging around the apartment.

One day.... about 5 weeks after Cheryl started dating Logan.... he came to the apartment and joined us for dinner, then we all sat in the living room and watched TV together. He had one arm draped over Cheryl’s shoulder, gently squeezing her left boob, as she surreptitiously fondled his soft cock through his work out shorts. Eventually, Logan’s dick got hard, and they slipped into Cheryl’s bedroom to fuck.... which meant I spent most of that night rubbing my clit and blasting out multiple orgasms as I listened to Cheryl grunting and moaning.... almost wailing.... as Logan pounded her with his enormous prick over and over.

The following morning, I was already up and sitting in the living room drinking coffee, when I heard Cheryl and Logan going at it again. I smiled to myself as I listened to Cheryl’s grunts and Logan’s mumbles and moans through the thin walls of our apartment. I reached underneath the folds of my terrycloth robe, between my legs, and found my moist pussy and tingling clit. I began rubbing little circles around the tip of my stiffening nub as I listened to the fucking noises emanating from Cheryl’s bedroom. It didn’t take long before I closed my eyes and caught my breath.... relishing the delicious, warm climax washing over my entire body.... as both Cheryl and Logan moaned out their nearly simultaneous orgasms.

After a few minutes, Cheryl came out of the bedroom wearing nothing but a night shirt that barely covered her ass, and plopped herself down on the sofa next to me.... obviously still trying to catch her breath from her morning activities.

I laughed and said, “Sounds like you guys woke up fucking.... again...”

Cheryl smiled and said, “Yeah.... Logan always wakes up with a morning wood, and it’s really hard to ignore...” Then she laughed and added, “Not that I’d ever want to....”

As she was talking, I looked past her and saw Logan coming out of their bedroom, and heading for the bathroom to take a shower. He was only wearing boxers.... nothing else.... and I couldn’t help but notice that he was still semi-hard, and that the shaft of his cock was creating an impressive tent in his shorts. I could still feel a tingle between my legs as my eyes remained focused on his dick, shoved down one leg of his boxers and bouncing slightly on his way to the bathroom.

As the shower began to run, Cheryl and I enjoyed our typical ‘morning after’ conversation, where she shared some of the details of Logan’s huge cock and sexual prowess.

We were still in the middle of this discussion when we heard the shower shut off and Logan emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. My eyes immediately swiveled over to watch him walk to the kitchen, noticing again the long, thick outline of his schlong dangling between his legs and pressing against the towel covering his hips.

Cheryl saw where I was looking and smiled as she watched me ogle her boyfriend’s cock.

She chuckled and said, “It’s enormous, right? Have you ever seen a penis that big?”

With my eyes still locked on the bulge under Logan’s towel, I said, “Nope. Mark’s is decent sized, but nowhere near that big.”

Cheryl got a gleam in her eye and, with a mischievous smile on her face, she called over to Logan, “Hey, hon.... come on over here for a minute.”

Logan grabbed his cup of coffee and walked over to where Cheryl and I sat on the sofa, and said, “What’s up, babe?”

Cheryl reached inside the flap of his towel, wrapped her fingers around his dangling prick, and began to slowly stroke it as she looked at my shocked expression and told him, “Viki has never seen a cock this big, and her eyes are about to pop out of her head.”

Logan laughed and sipped his coffee, as Cheryl pulled his penis through the flap in his towel and began pumping her hand back and forth on his growing shaft, moving her palm up past the tip, then down to the base, over and over. After a few minutes, Logan’s engorged member was fully erect.... more than 10” long, just as I’d suspected.... and sticking straight out from his hips.

Still smiling, Cheryl used her grip on Logan’s erection to pull him closer to me, then took my hand and placed it on his shaft to replace hers, encouraging me to continue jerking his cock.

I mumbled the weakest resistance I could muster, “ shouldn’t”, but automatically continued sliding my hand up and down Logan’s rigid pole.... my eyes still totally focused on his raging boner.

As I kept pumping Logan’s stiff rod, I felt Cheryl put her hand on the back of my head, and push my face closer and closer to the tip of Logan’s penis, until I opened my mouth and sucked it in. I seemed to be on auto pilot as I began bobbing my head back and forth on Logan’s thick cock, enjoying the firmness of the shaft in my pumping fist, and the feeling of his bulbous head bouncing against the back of my throat.

My God, this was amazing.

Cheryl was enjoying herself, as she laughed and encouraged me to suck and stroke harder and faster. I really didn’t need any encouragement.... I was in heaven.

Cheryl pulled the sash on my robe and pushed it open.... I wasn’t wearing anything underneath it, so my heavy breasts tumbled free, and she began using one hand to play with them.... squeezing the flesh and gently pinching the nipples. With her other hand she pushed my knees apart, then reached between my legs and started fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit.

“Holy shit,’re drenched!” She exclaimed.

I mumbled something unintelligible round the shaft of Logan’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth.... then was caught by surprise as an intense, electrifying orgasm crashed through my body from clit to nipple.

“Mmmmffff.... Ohmmmmm.... nnnmmfffmmm.... hmmmmmm.... ohmmmmmff....“

Cheryl laughed and continued rubbing my clit and fingering my cunt as my climax washed over me. Without really thinking about it, I picked up the pace with my pumping fist on Logan’s shaft, and used my free hand to reach between his legs and fondle his dangling nutsack.

By now, the towel had fallen from Logan’s hips, and I got to see his entire black body.... athletic, thick, and firm in all the right places. After my climax had ebbed, Cheryl told Logan, “Go ahead and stick it in.... she’s never had one this big inside her.”

Logan put his coffee cup down and smiled that roguish smile of his. He pushed my legs further apart, and knelt in front of the sofa, saying, “Let’s see if we can fix that...”

He used his hands to grab my hips and pull my ass cheeks to the edge of the sofa cushion, leaving my pussy lips totally exposed to his probing boner. Cheryl grabbed his shaft and lined up the head of his engorged penis with my sopping wet pussy, then pushed on his ass cheeks, encouraging him to shove it in.

Logan leaned forward, plunging the head of his huge prick into my gaping vagina, then began rocking his hips.... sliding more and more of his cock into me with every thrust. Between giving Logan a blowjob and Cheryl rubbing me to orgasm, I was totally drenched, and Logan’s big prick slipped in more easily than I expected.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Logan’s thick erection slamming in and out of my pussy and filling my sopping wet cunt like never before.... my senses were overwhelmed!

Cheryl smiled at me and asked, “So.... how’s it feel?”

In between grunts, I managed to respond, “Holy fuck.... uhnn.... uhnn.... he’s huge.... uhnn.... uhnn.... I can feel him all the way inside me.”

Then I grabbed Logan’s ass cheeks with my hands and pulled him deeper into my crotch, encouraging him to pump harder, saying, “God, yes.... uhnn.... uhnn.... keep going.... uhnn.... yes.... just like that.... uhnn.... uhnn.... shit, that feels good....”

Logan began slamming his cock in and out of my cunt like a jackhammer.... hitting all the right spots, and stimulating my engorged clitoris perfectly. I saw him watching my boobs bouncing around and slapping into each other as he hammered away between my legs, so I put my hands over my head and just let him enjoy the show. In no time I threw my head back and wrapped my legs around his thrusting hips as another intense, electrifying orgasm coursed through my body, making my legs tremble and leaving me almost breathless.

“Oh, shit, that feels good.... yeah.... yeah.... just like that.... oh, yeah.... keep going.... ah.... ah.... aaaahhhhhhh.... aaaahhhhhhh.... Oh my God.... hmmmmmm..... oooohhhhhh.... yeah..... aaaahhhhhh.... holy fuck, that feels sooooo gooooood....”

Just about then, I felt Logan grab my hips, let out a groan, and slam his prick as deep into me as it would go, as he blasted a thick rope of creamy, white jizzm all over the walls of my cunt. He pulled his cock almost all the way out.... waited for a second.... then rammed it back into me, causing me to let out a loud grunt, as he blasted more splooge inside my drenched pussy. He pulled his cock out to the tip again.... then slammed it back into me, eliciting another grunt from deep on my throat, followed by a guttural moan, as he released even more cum against the back of my cunt.

My God, that was amazing.... I couldn’t get enough!

He did this a few more times before he slowed down, pushed his dick deep inside me, and collapsed onto my chest.... squashing my soft breasts between us.... and slowly sliding his still hard erection in and out of my pussy while we both tried to catch our breath.

After a minute or two of recovery, I opened my eyes and looked over at Cheryl, who smiled at me and said, “So.... what do you think?”

“Oh my God, Cheryl.... I loved it.... he’s so fucking big.... I’ve never cum so hard before....” Rocking my hips to match Logan’s gentle strokes, I added, “I could definitely get used to this.”

Cheryl laughed and said, “Right??? He’s the biggest I’ve ever had inside me, too.... and I’ve had some pretty big ones.”

We lounged around for a few more minutes, until Logan’s softening cock finally slipped out of my dripping pussy, then we all headed to the bathroom to take a shower together. Logan played with our soapy boobs and rubbed our pussies, while we lathered up and stroked his flaccid cock. Even though he’d already cum twice that morning, Logan got another boner, and Cheryl and I laughed and played with it, then eventually took turns jerking it off until he erupted, shooting gobs of semen all over the shower floor.

After that day, I got to enjoy Logan’s huge prick shoved up inside me once or twice a week. Most of the time it happened when Cheryl was home, and I just joined the two of them for some great fun and multiple orgasms. But sometimes he’d fuck me when the two of us were in the apartment by ourselves while Cheryl was at class or running errands.

One time Logan and I were in the apartment by ourselves, and he was pounding his cock in and out of my pussy as I lay on the couch.... my legs spread wide and my big boobs bouncing wildly between us.... when Cheryl returned home from one of her evening classes. I had already climaxed, so I was moaning softly and grunting from the force of Logan’s thrusts, and.... from the way Logan’s breath was catching.... I could tell he was nearing his own orgasm just as Cheryl came through the door.

As soon as she stepped into the room, Logan let out a bellow and blasted a huge load of cum deep inside my pussy. He continued shoving his hard-on in and out of my dripping cunt, as he leaned back a little and fondled my soft tits while he emptied his nutsack into my cunt.

Cheryl chuckled at us when she saw us on the sofa and said, “Hey, Logan.... you better have some of that left for me.”

Logan laughed and said, “You know better than that.... I always have some left for you, babe.”

Then, to make his point, he pushed himself up off of me, pulling his still hard dick out of my dripping vagina, and walked into the kitchen.... his big erection bouncing between his legs as he went. When he got to where Cheryl was pouring herself a soda by the fridge, he reached around from behind and grabbed both her breasts.... squeezing the flesh and gently pulling on her nipples through her tank top.

Cheryl moaned and leaned her head back against his shoulder, closing her eyes and reaching behind her to find his still rigid cock.... slick and glistening from our recent orgasms. She stroked it for a few minutes, while Logan reached into her tank top and pulled both of her boobs out, letting them dangle loosely in front of her as he gently tweaked her nipples.

Cheryl released Logan’s erection long enough to pull her panties down to her knees, then bent over the counter and flipped the hem of her skirt up over her lower back. She reached between her legs, found Logan’s erection, and pulled it forward, lining up the tip of his cock with her dripping wet vagina.

Logan began rocking his hips, shoving his engorged prick further and further into her pussy with each forward jab. Cheryl leaned on the counter.... moaning and grunting as Logan picked up the pace, slamming his cock deep into her cunt over and over, while squeezing and slapping her heavy tits as they dangled beneath her.

Between Logan playing with her boobs, and his nutsack slapping up against her clit with every thrust, Cheryl felt a warm, tingly climax begin to wash over body, causing her to let out a harsh moan from deep in her throat, as she creamed all over his thrusting hard-on.

“Oh, my God.... yes, Logan.... yes.... yes.... fuck, I needed this.... aaaahhhhhh.... yeeeeessssss.... aaaahhhhhh.... hmmmmm.... nice....”

Logan started rocking his hips faster, and as his breathing began to catch, he grabbed both of Cheryl’s hips and shoved his cock as far into her as it would go, blasting several streams of cum deep into her cunt.

“Yes.... yes.... ah.... ah.... aaaaaahhhhhh.... ohhhhhhhh.... aaaahhhhhhh.... God, Cheryl, your pussy feels soooo.... fucking..... good.... hmmmmmm....”

Supporting herself on her elbows, Cheryl rested her head on the counter and moaned softly, enjoying her orgasm, as Logan continued sliding his stiff rod in and out of her vagina.

I had watched the whole thing from the couch in the living room, and was amazed at how sexy and arousing it always was whenever I watched Logan’s huge cock pounding away at Cheryl’s pussy. If I’d had time, I’d have rubbed my engorged clitoris raw until I’d blasted out a few more orgasms. Unfortunately, I was already running late for my date with Mark.

As they enjoyed the aftermath of their orgasms, Cheryl opened her eyes, looked over at me on the sofa and said, “Hey, Viki, are you eating with us tonight?”

I grabbed my shirt off the floor by the couch, and started pulling it over my head as I headed to the bathroom, saying, “No, I can’t. I need to clean up real quick.... Mark’s picking me up in about 20 minutes.”

Thinking back on those last two years of college, I smile to myself and realize how special our situation was in that little apartment. Mark still got to fuck me whenever we went out, so he was happy and none the wiser. In fact, we got married about a year after we both graduated.

Cheryl dated Logan for those last two years of college.... sharing him with me whenever the opportunity presented itself.... but they lost touch when he left school to try his luck at a career in the NFL. It didn’t really matter.... Cheryl was on to the next big cock pretty quickly.... which happened to be her boss at the job she got shortly after graduation.

I don’t know.... some girls just seem to know how to find big dicks.


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Great story! Damn, but I love reading about big black cocks pounding into white girls.

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