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“Remember your turn on is my turn on baby,” Sarah tells me on a Sunday afternoon just before our guests arrive.
I have never met today’s guests before, though Sarah piqued my interest when she showed me some naked pics of them on her phone a few days ago. “They are seven-years younger than us and gender fluid just like us,” she told me. “Her ass is not as good as mine, though her tits are bigger. Do you like her big nipples and areola? And he has an impressive cock, though not as thick or big as you. I am very attracted to both of them. How about you baby? Who do you prefer? Or would you like to have both of them?”

“Can we have both at the same time baby?,” I tease half jokingly.

“Of course, you know what I like. Now fuck me while we discuss the details, an extra turn on for both of us,” Sarah tells me.

We are a professional couple in our early forties. Sarah is of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from me, bi-sexual, though she didn’t need a great deal of prompting. She has a very strong sex drive and one of her favourite turn ons is sex with an audience

We are both to please and be pleased sexually. Sarah loves being licked and teased and greatly enjoys having a second man every four weeks or so, not to mention another woman as a balance for me.

When Anna and Andy arrive we had been teasing each other to pass the time. “Would you like to watch me give a blow job to a man you have never met? Are you comfortable with me receiving sexual pleasure from a man and woman you have never met while you watch? Would you like the same man to give you a blow job while his lady and I watch? Are my questions giving you a hard on?,” Sarah teases with a wicked smile.

“Yes to all four questions,” I reply as our guests arrive.

Anna is an attractive slim brunette with

Andy is a pretty, toned slim blond man with a diamond earring, obviously bi-sexual.

“I am to pleasure and be pleasured,” Sarah tells them as we size each other up. “And I love being licked with an audience watching after I have had my ass worshipped,” she continues as I help her shrug her short silk dressing gown off and she does the same to me. We are both almost naked for our guests. Sarah is wearing heels and a high waisted black g-string to accentuate her legs and ass. I am wearing just a skimpy black jock strap which falls to the floor as Sarah undoes the clasp, before I release the clasp on her g-string.

“You can put your clothes on that chair,” Sarah tells them as a subtle way of asking them to show us their naked bodies. Andy is the first, he has an attractive male body and he has an average size erection. Anna is all smiles as Sarah helps her undress for us. Sexy, skimpy, lacy, black underwear. They are tongue kissing without saying a word as Sarah removes her bra, good firm tits with erect nipples, then her thong. Wonderful foreplay, I am not sure who is enjoying watching more, me or Andy.

I love sex with an audience just as much as Sarah and flaunting my erection for a new couple, especially when the man is smaller than me - and bisexual. Today I want to tease that man and his lady. I want him to give me blow job while two women watch. Perhaps Sarah can give him a blow job later while he watches Anna give me a second blow job?

“Of fuck you are huge,” Andy whispers as he ogles my now fully erect cock as I enjoy stroking it with three people watching.

“Oh my God, your man is huge, fucking huge, and I love the way you wax, both of you,” Anna whispers as she watches me lick and kiss Sarah’s ass cheeks while she is tongue kissing Sarah.

“I love being licked with an audience watching after I have had my ass worshipped,” Sarah whispers as she stands legs apart with her back to a wall.

I have Sarah’s ass cheeks in my hands as she is arching her body forward with her thighs pressing against my shoulders as the tip of my tongue finds her clit.

Anna is tongue kissing Sarah before she licks and kisses her nipples as she soaks up the oral sex I am providing. “So good baby, so good,” Sarah mutters as she orgasms. “One more and it is your turn," she whispers with two hands on my head as she forces my tongue and lips into her very wet cunt lips. Is that a turn on for you Andy and Anna? I love being licked. And with an audience it is so fucking good,” she moans as her whole body trembles as she has a very strong orgasm.”

“Now you baby, I know how much you want this, so do I,” Sarah smiles as I am laying on my back on our bed with two pillows under my head and a full nine-inch erection. Sarah is watching Anna licking and sucking my nipples while her man Andy is licking and kissing my cock as he teases my balls.

They swap positions so Andy can lick my nipples while Anna is deftly sucking my balls. She is the first to suck my erection as Sarah watches on. “Now you Andy, you have wanted this all week, he has the biggest cock we have ever had,” she tells him as I slide on a cock ring and clip it under my balls.

Andy’s mouth is very wet as he is sucking my erection between his tightly pursed lips. He really is good, very good.

Sarah is sitting my face looking down on Andy and Anna alternating pleasuring my erection. I have her glorious ass cheeks in my hands as she slides her cunt lips along my tongue while she watches Andy and Anna feasting on my very erect cock.

I have learnt a blow job for pure sexual satisfaction and relief from a talented man who understands all the nuances of a blow job is usually superior than one from a woman. And Andy is very talented. Lips, tongue, fingertips, licking sucking. With two women watching and participating it is sexual heaven.

Just as I hoped later the same afternoon I was watching Sarah providing Andy with a blow job while his lady Anna did the same for me. Magic sex.
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