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This story is a slow burn, with characters and plot, but gets hot! All participants in this story no younger than 18 years of age.
“Come on!” Max whispered urgently, poking his head into his daughter’s bedroom, “We’re not going to get there before the slopes open, at this rate.”

“I’m coming,” Winnie whined. The young girl jammed the last of her things into a small, galaxy print backpack and stuffed it shut. She tugged at the zippers, trying to compress everything she was bringing with her so that it would all squeeze between the bag’s bursting seams. Pausing to huff, she was unable to make the bag close. She sat back and fingered a lock of blonde hair that had slipped from a tight braid and tucked it behind her ear.

Glancing out the window, it was pitch black. The early morning sun was still two hours from cresting the horizon and Winnie was finishing her preparations for a weekend ski trip that her father had planned for just the two of them. They had passes to spend the weekend skiing on Mount Ariel, and her dad had rented a nearby cabin for them to stay at, so they wouldn’t have to make the multi-hour drive to the mountain two days in a row.

Max appeared at the door. “This is why I told you to pack last night,” he nagged, “so I wouldn’t have to yell at you this morning.” Max wasn’t exactly yelling, though. They both spoke and moved as quietly as they could so as not to wake Michelle, the matriarch of the house. Michelle was not a particularly strong snow sports enthusiast and preferred to have a quiet weekend to herself, rather than spend two days on her butt skidding down a mountain in freezing cold temperatures, or sitting bored in the noisy lodge on her phone or in a book while the two of them were off having fun.

Winnie glared. “Daddy, quit picking on me. You’re not helping.”

Max sighed and entered her room. He went to her and pushed down hard on the puff of clothing still spilling from the top of the backpack. “I’m not picking on you, I’m just trying to get you to think ahead once in a while. What do you even have in here?” With her father’s help, Winnie was at last able to get the zippers to finally meet in the middle. “Alright, let’s go.”

Max hated losing his patience with his daughter, but with the tension he felt in dealing with the day-to-day details of working and running a family, Max’s stress was at an all-time high. He was looking forward to getting away from it all for the weekend, and as much as he wanted his little girl to have a good time, he strongly wished that he could just run away from every shred of responsibility he held.

The small girl climbed to her feet. “Wait, I need my phone.”

Her father sighed. “Okay, where is it?”

“It’s on my dresser.” She wandered over to it, her purple snow pants swishing with each step.

“Alright, go get it. Do you want it in the outside pocket?” Max unzipped her bag and Winnie put it in. He took a deep breath and smiled at her. “Okay, ready, Winnie-poo?”

Winnie nodded.

“Great, let’s go.” Together they snuck down the stairs, so as not to wake Mama, and headed out the door.

The cold, winter air rushed over them and, as Max locked the door behind them, Winnie piped up. “Wait! I forgot my jacket?”

Max groaned. “Kiddo, you’re going put me in an early grave.”

Winnie shivered in her purple and teal, long-sleeved, thermal top and looked up at her dad apologetically, “Sorry. I forgot,” she pleaded.

Max rolled his eyes. “I’ll get your stuff loaded in the car. You go get your jacket.”

Winnie slung her backpack at her father and took off back into the house. Max closed the screen door quietly behind her and brought her things to the car, a black SUV that could handle road conditions much harsher than it ever would, and plenty capable of traversing the paved mountain roads, even in wintery conditions. He placed her pack into the back seat, onto a child’s carseat that they had never bothered to remove. What does she have stuffed in here, anyway? Her clothes are so small; it’s not like they take up a lot of room. But, just as with the carseat, once Max had turned his attention to something else, the thought left his mind. In the hatch, he had already packed her skis, his snowboard, and their other gear the previous night. He also brought with them some groceries to make dinner and other meals, so that they wouldn’t need to spend too much money during their trip.

Max stretched and yawned through his bushy brown beard, still waking up from the early morning. He was in good condition, fit—if a little out of shape for the season—and he was glad he had the opportunity to take his kid on a daddy-daughter field trip, just the two of them. Despite his frustrations with his daily grind and his fantasies of running away, he nevertheless truly cherished every moment he could spend with Winnie. They had fun together, often playing games and teasing each other. She was sporty, a bit of a tomboy, and she was as eager to get up onto the mountain as he was. And he was sure his wife, being the more autonomous of the two, would actually enjoy the peace and solitude that the weekend would bring her; it would be a rare break from the day-to-day worries of running a family.

Winnie burst forth from the house, waving her ski jacket. “I have it, Daddy!” she shouted, swinging the front door shut behind her and letting the screen door slam.

So much for peace, Max thought. “Wendy Amelie!” he gasped. “For christ sake, you’ve just woken up your mother, and probably half the block, too.”

Winnie froze and grimaced. “Sorry, Daddy.”

Max scolded, “Kiddo, if you want to do more of these trips, you have to be more considerate of your mother.” Winnie put her head down and sulked to the car. “Come on, get in.” She started to climb in, but Max suddenly stopped her. “Wait. Hold up.”

She looked up into her father’s eyes, a shiver overtaking her as the cold set in. “What, Daddy?”

“Are you sure you have everything now?”

Winnie blushed and thought for a moment, then with a nod said, “Yes.”

“Okay, good. Cuz if you’re missing something, you’re going to have to do without it for the next three days. Okay?”

“Okay,” his daughter turned away, scurrying toward the passenger seat, but he gripped her by a willowy shoulder and pulled her back again. “Daddy, it’s cold!” she whined, her teeth chattering.

“You have your socks?” He looked at her seriously. “Last time you forgot your socks.”

Now it was Winnie’s turn to be antsy. She rolled her eyes, brushing him off. “Yes, Daddy, I have socks! We’re going to be late!” she whined.

With a boost from Max, she clambered into the passenger seat and pulled the seatbelt strap across her chest.

“Alright, here we go!” said Max. They backed out of the driveway and were on their way, stopping only briefly to pick up breakfast from the drive-thru for the road.

Before long, Winnie was curled up in her seat, dozing. She had pulled the chest strap behind her—it never fit her slight body properly, anyway, always rubbing awkwardly against her chin—kicked off her slip-ons, balled up her jacket into a makeshift pillow, and had done whatever else she could to make herself comfortable in the SUV’s large bucket seat. Her fast food wrappers littered the passenger footwell. As they drove on, the sun threatened to begin the day, and the clear, cobalt sky cast its surreal twilight into the vehicle cabin.

Max glanced at his daughter, sleeping peacefully. He smiled at her youthful cuteness; her top lip protruding slightly over her bottom one, the way her nose pointed preciously upward, and hair in sporty blonde braids down either side of her head. Her bare feet were tucked under her petite bottom. He knew she got many of her looks from her mother, but he also saw some of her grandma in her, as well. He had seen photos of his mother-in-law, Jane, from when she had gotten married and was startled to see so many of her elfin features passed down two generations to his girl. Sometimes it seemed to him that she had taken every attractive feature from her mother’s side of the family. Good, he thought, maybe if we ever have a boy, he’ll get all of mine.

In addition to her purple snow pants, Winnie wore a long-sleeved, thermal base layer that was striped in purple, pink, and teal. It wasn’t the height of style, but the bright, clashing colors were appealing to a girl Winnie’s age, and Max liked her carefree lack of pretension about fashion, anyway. Before long, she’d be worrying too much about what her friends thought was cool, rather than what she actually liked.

Suddenly the car rumbled as Max found their SUV veering toward the edge of the highway. He quickly course corrected and scolded himself silently, committing to watching the road and keeping his daughter safe instead of admiring her fledgling beauty while she slept. But the startling sound and vibration were enough to rouse the girl.

She stirred and yawned, her eyes creaking open. “What’s happening?”

“Nothing, darling. I just drifted a little bit.” Max picked up his coffee thermos and popped the lid, assuring her that he wasn’t falling asleep on the road. He took a sip and then held it out to Winnie.

“Blech,” Winnie stuck her tongue out.

Max chuckled. “Some day you’ll see the appeal. When you’re in college and you have to get that final project done, just you wait. You’ll be singing for coffee then.”

“No way,” Winnie croaked tersely with disgust. “It’s yucky. And college is still a long way off.”

“Let’s hope so,” Max chuckled. “I want you to be my baby girl for as long as I can get.”

Winnie rolled her eyes. She hated it when he treated her like a baby, but in her heart it made her happy that her dad cared for her so. Still drowsy and a bit achey from how she slept, she rocked her head back and forth and stretched, pushing out a flat chest with a big groan. Her left arm extended and, mid-stretch, she playfully brushed her fingers against her father’s neck and giggled. He jerked his shoulder up, fending off her tickling.

“Careful, muffin,” he warned with a smirk, “I wouldn’t want to… lose control!” With that, he shuffled the steering wheel lightly back and forth, just enough to shake the car a bit.

Winnie shrieked with delighted fear. “Okay! Okay, Daddy! I’ll be good,” she giggled. Smiling, she shifted her body and leaned her head against the window. She sat silently for a moment, contemplating drifting back to sleep, but the day was brightening, and she found herself getting more and more excited for the approaching mountain.

“How much farther is it?”

“We’ve still got a little less than an hour.” Max looked over at her. “How you doing, Winnie-poo?”

“Good,” she sighed.

“Good.” He made small-talk, “How has school been going?”

“It’s fine,” she yawned.

“What’s your favorite thing you’re learning about?”

“Umm,” Winnie thought for a moment. “In Culture, we have to choose a country and then write a report about it.”

“That’s neat. What country are you going to choose?”

“I was going to choose Germany, but Rosalyn took it, so I chose Brazil instead.”

“Really? Why Brazil?”

“I don’t know. Cuz I heard they have a lot of shark attacks down there,” the young girl snickered.

Max laughed. “That’s a morbid reason to choose a country.”

Winnie shrugged. “Yeah, but it’s cool. Oh, and they also have rain forests.”

“What do you like about rain forests?”

“Umm, they have lots of cool animals like tigers, and panthers, and these really pretty birds. Quetzel…cuddles,” Winnie scrunched up her face trying to pronounce the word, “or something like that.”

“That’s a pretty good reason to like Brazil,” her father encouraged.

Winnie piped up suddenly, “Oh! And did you know that coffee comes from Brazil?”

“Huh. I did not know that,” Max lied. “The only thing I know about Brazil are the nuts and the wax.”

Winnie knitted her brow. “What’s Brazil wax?”

Max opened his mouth to answer, but then recognized that it might not be appropriate to talk to his daughter about the pubic hair waxing method called the Brazilian. “Uh, well, you can ask me again when you’re older.”

“That’s not fair!” Winnie retorted.

“Well, I’m the dad,” Max said, embarrassed that he had even made the joke.

Winnie smirked slyly, “You know I can just look it up on the internet when I get my phone.”

“Do. Not.” Max emphasized, his embarrassment turning to regret. He knew better than to spark her curiosity. “And don’t ask your Culture teacher either. You’ll get in trouble and then I’ll have to bail you out. And I’m not going to take your side.”

Winnie was curious, but she recognized the tone of her father’s voice and she knew she wasn’t going to get anywhere soon, so she dropped the subject. She did, however, have another thing she wanted to know about. She had heard some boys say it and thought her dad would know the answer. But the boys’ conspiratorial tone made her wonder if she wouldn’t get an answer from him either. They drove down the road in silence while she contemplated asking, and when no new conversation opened up, she decided to go for it.

She turned to her father. “What does jill off mean?”

Max was started by the question. It was another avenue of conversation that he instinctively wanted to swerve to avoid, but after a brief moment he steeled himself. He recalled the many conversations he’d had with Michelle about how they were going to teach their daughter about sex. They didn’t want Winnie to be ignorant or ashamed about it like their parents were. They wanted her to trust them enough to come to them with questions, concerns, and fears, and they had agreed to make learning about it as direct and comfortable as possible. Of course, up until that point, neither of them had ever come face to face with the reality of their child taking any interest in sex or boys (or girls, for that matter).

Max finally cleared his throat. “Er, it means to, well, to masturbate.”

“Hmm,” Winnie thought for a moment. Then asked, “How do you master bait?”

Max gave a huff of laughter. He could hear the two words Winnie had repeated. “No, muffin, masturbate. Have they ever taught you about this kind of thing in school yet? Sex ed?”

Winnie giggled and blushed at the mention of sex. “No.”

“Where did you hear that, then? About ‘jilling off’?”

“Some boys in my class said a girl two grades above me ‘jilled off’ in class. And then they laughed. It sounded funny, but I didn’t get it.”

“That is funny.” Max wondered if the story was true. Had a girl been caught masturbating in class? But he assumed it must have just been playground rumors.

“What’s funny about it? What does masturbate mean?” the girl insisted.

Max cleared his throat, feeling odd about his daughter throwing the word around so casually. He searched for how he could explain the concept to her in a way that wouldn’t scar her. “Well, masturbating is like a game that people play with themselves to make them feel good.”

“Like a phone game?”

Max laughed again. “Not exactly, but I suppose you could take it with you wherever you go.”

“What do you mean?”

Winnie wasn’t following his innuendo, so Max cut his losses. “Muffin, masturbating is a way that you can touch your private areas.”

Winnie was quiet and thoughtful for a moment, trying to connect the dots. “And it feels good?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Oh, okay.” Winnie again sat quietly, then blurted out. “I think I masturbated with my hairbrush once.”

Max was startled by his daughter’s candor, but he realized she didn’t fully understand the weight of her words. She was still innocent and had never had any reason to feel shame around her bodily explorations. Nevertheless, he suddenly found himself imagining his daughter pushing a hairbrush handle up inside her. He wasn’t ready for it and before he knew it, he was getting hard. He cursed himself for his impulse, but he tried to save the conversation. “Er, well, that’s okay, Winnie-poo, but you should be careful about what you put in your pussy. You could get an infection.”

Winnie snickered. “Daddy, isn’t ‘pussy’ a naughty word?”

Max grimaced. He hadn’t even realized he said it. “I meant vagina, but I suppose you can say pussy, too. It’s really only naughty if you say it to other boys.”

“Is ‘jill off’ naughty, too? Is that why those boys laughed?”

“Yes, I think it is. You should only jill off, er—I’m just going to call it masturbate. You should only masturbate in private, or with someone you love very much, like Mommy and me.”

“You and mommy jill off?” Winnie asked in wide-eyed wonder.

“Speaking of your mother,” Max continued, deflecting the question, “we’ve been talking about how we’re going to teach you about sex.” Max felt his throat drying up. He was glad that he could face forward and concentrate on the road instead of the expectations that a face-to-face conversation would dictate, like eye-contact. He cleared his throat loudly. “You’re getting to that age where you need to know these things. And, well, sometimes it might be funny, like when boys make jokes about it. Sometimes it might be confusing. And sometimes it might be embarrassing and you won’t want to talk about it with us, but I just want you to know you can talk to us about it. About sex and things. You can ask us anything, and we’ll do our best to teach you and not judge you.”

“I can ask you anything?” Winnie asked in wonder.

Max turned and nodded, a warm smile breaking through his red-faced nervousness.

“Okay, then what’s Brazil wax?” the little girl smirked.

Max turned back to the road with half a smile. “Except that,” he deadpanned.

“Aww, but you said anything,” Winnie teased.

“Fine, anything that’s biological.”

“Then what’s a slut?” Winnie snickered, already having some idea of what the answer was.

Max gripped the steering wheel hard, trying to keep his cool. “Well, a slut is,” he paused to arrange his words, “really, it’s just someone who likes to have sex.”

“That’s not what Gretchen says. She says it’s a girl who has sex with a lot of boys.”

Max sighed. “Well, yes, but girls can have sex with any boy they want. But that doesn’t make them a bad person.”

“So, does that mean I can be a slut?” Winnie challenged mischievously.

Max’s heart skipped a beat, outpaced again by his wily daughter. He suddenly regretted his and Michelle’s commitment to being straightforward with their daughter. Or maybe he just regretted that she wasn’t there to help keep their willful child at bay. She was always more firm with their girl than he was. His daughter was always quick to learn new things and test their limits, and he was sure other parents didn’t have to deal with these same kinds of questions. At least, he figured, his predicament wasn’t as bad as the father of the girl who allegedly jilled off in class.

He swallowed, but doubled down on his intent. “Um, well, yes… you can be a s– slut,” he stammered, “but you should be safe. In fact, I’m putting my foot down. You can’t be a slut until you know how to be safe, okay?”

“Okay,” said Winnie losing interest in her father’s serious reply to her prank.

“Anything else you need to know right now?”

Winnie looked out the window and watched the trees rush by. “Nope. Do you think that the top of Mount Ariel will be open today?”

Thank god, Max said to himself silently, allowing his girl to change the subject. He relaxed visibly. “I dunno, Sweetie. Do you want to go to the top this year?” The pair had yet to ever ride down from the summit of the mountain, and it was often closed due to bad weather and other unfavorable conditions.

“I don’t know,” Winnie said staring pensively at the road. “It’s kind of scary. But,” she turned to her dad, “I don’t want to do any green triangles this year. Those lines are for little kids.”

“What?” Max feigned offense, “I suppose you’re not my baby girl anymore, after all, huh?”

“Nope,” Winnie said again, wearing a matter-of-fact smile.

“Okay, well, no green triangles today for my grown-up girl, I guess.” The rest of the trip consisted of casual conversation and bouts of sleepy silence as the car continued ever higher in elevation. Max yawned to pop his ears, focused on the road, but in the back of his mind, rested the thought of Winnie and her hairbrush. He wondered if it was just curious bodily explorations or if she had managed to truly jill off and experience an orgasm.

The sun finally crept over the horizon and dazzled the two travelers, glinting cheerily off the wintery landscape. Snow-layered trees with saggy boughs and thick banks of plow-carved embankments ushered them toward the Mount Ariel Ski Resort.

Soon they were parked. “We’re here!” exclaimed Max, getting out and stretching his back and arms. The sun was already warming up the day, though their breath still hung in the air. In his pants, he felt the cool dab of precum that had squeezed out during the sex ed conversation with his daughter. He was a little bit taken aback that it had struck such a nerve with him, but of course, she was naive and could never have known how she had affected him.

“Hooray!” Winnie shouted, hopping down and bouncing off of the SUV’s running board and onto the crackling ice stretching out in thin layers across the parking lot. She stretched her legs with a groan and wandered to the back hatch, snow pants swishing, to get out her skis. “What are we waiting for?” she asked as soon as they were in her arms.

“For you to get your things, Dumdum.” Max opened the back door and pulled her bag off the car seat.

Winnie grimaced abashedly. “Oh yeah.”

“Winnie-poo, I swear. You’d forget your own name if it wasn’t written on the band of your underwear.”

Winnie was confused. “My name isn’t written on my pannies.”

Max shook his head. “Nevermind, it was an expression.”

While lines of folks wound through the lodge waiting for the rental counter to open, Max purchased their weekend passes at an electronic kiosk. Winnie slung her backpack onto a bench and went about changing from her sneakers into her heavy ski boots. From her bag, she pulled her kit: goggles, neck gaiter, gloves, scarf, mid-layer jacket, and a round helmet, which filled out the rest of the bag considerably. She traded their places with her shoes. Her bag, now largely empty, slumped limply on the bench.

Max shook his head. “No wonder you couldn’t get your bag closed, you packed your helmet in it. You know you can carry it in your hands, right?”

Winnie shrugged, “Well, it fit, so I didn’t have to, anyway.”

Before long, they were trudging out into the whiteness of the snowy mountain.

“Look at this, we’re second in line,” Max marveled. “This is why we had to get up so early. We’re going to be the first ones down the mountain today.”

“Second,” Winnie corrected.

Max stuck his tongue out at her and she returned the gesture with a kidding scowl. A small gust of wind rushed suddenly, whipping up soft powder from the ground, and the snow glistened in the air. Winnie dodged her head around, trying to catch a flake or two on her tongue. Max laughed as she waggled it around.

The next chair came around and scooped them up and they were off to their first drop-off. Once they had cleared the platform, Max took in a deep breath of fresh, mountain air. He was happy to have this time with his daughter. He was a good father, often involved in her pursuits. It helped that she was sporty and her hobbies were evolving toward things he liked to do. Even so, he felt like most of their day-to-day was filled with the stresses of work, cooking, ensuring homework was completed, and other well-meaning parental expectations. It wasn’t often they could relax together, like friends. “I think today’s going to be a good day,” he remarked.

“Best day ever,” said Winnie leaning over the security bar and staring down at the smooth snowfields below them.

“I hope so,” chuckled Max.

After they unloaded at the top, they skidded out of the way of the following lift passengers. Max asked, “Which way do you want to go first?”

“Up,” said Winnie, sliding toward the next lift.

“You don’t want to do any of these runs?”

Winnie twisted, skidding her skis into the snow and kicking up a spray of powder. “No. No greens, remember?”

Max caught up with her. “Ah, right. Big girl runs only, today.”

Just then, a clatter came from behind them. The two turned toward the commotion and saw a pile-up of skiers at the lift. One of them had crashed into the other while disembarking and somehow took all four passengers down. Winnie snorted and giggled. “OMG.”

“Now, now, Winnie, don’t laugh. You wouldn’t like it if someone laughed at you if you fell.”

“I’m not going to fall today, Daddy,” she said matter-of-factly before shoving off to the next lift.

“Well, okay then,” Max said, mostly to himself, “No falls today.” In his mind he hoped that her declaration would hold true.

On the back side of the mountain, after the second lift had dropped them off, Winnie quickly scanned the available runs. A nod indicated that she was satisfied with her options. They surveyed the routes, each one of them untouched that day, except by a few lines where staffers and CAT tracks had done their regular inspections for safety hazards.

“Well, Pooh-bear? What are we going to do.”

Winnie pushed off and glided toward her chosen route: High and Fly. She stared down the steep mountainside and before Max could ask if she was ready, the small girl was descending with a shriek of glee.

“Winnie, wait!” Max called after her, but it was too late. The brave young girl was already speeding away, a downy lump of synthetic fabric capped off with a shiny, round helmet. Wrapped in all of her snow gear, Max may not have been able to recognize her, perhaps except for her blonde braids flying on the wind behind her. But whether he could see her or not, he could still pick her out of a crowd based on her energy alone. When she was ready for something, she had an essence that was distinctly her own. She was fearless and confident, yet limber and effervescent. Among her school friends, Winnie was often the instigator of antics, if not the leader, and was always the life of the party.

Max’s heart leapt seeing his daughter suddenly off, taking charge of her own destiny. It happened every time she tried something new for the first time. Though she was skilled in the sport, he always worried that she would get hurt, either by something he didn’t notice, or something he could never have foreseen. But she never did. Once she had gotten her ski-legs on the bunny hill, his little girl had quickly gained confidence in her movements. As she progressed onto the harder tracks, she would still occasionally take a tumble—if she hit bad snow or unexpected debris, or someone else’s unpredictable kid cut her off suddenly—but the girl was tough, never cried, and never let it discourage her from trying again.

With a breath, Max pushed himself over the edge and followed Winnie down the mountainside, back toward the lift. He rarely took his eyes off of her, except when she turned around a corner or they carved the slope in opposite directions. Her movements, though still rudimentary, were like poetry to him as they both drew their distinct lines in the powder together with, at least for the moment, nobody else around.

The raw, primal feeling of being alone with his daughter amidst the brutal landscape was invigorating and much needed. Max’s day-to-day desk job was stressful, yet lifeless. He spent hours in front of his computer writing code and developing logical data models for a large tech conglomerate. He had worked there for more years than Winnie had in her life, and while the pay was good, none of the projects he ever worked on felt fulfilling, nor were they at all glamorous. None of it was the kind of thing that CEOs give keynote speeches about on vast stages in front of the media.

On the mountain, Max laughed. Out here, he was a survivor. The bitter wind whipped at his cheeks, forbidding cliffs loomed over him, and trees whizzed by at dangerous speed. His laugh transformed into call; a loud, bestial bellow. His voice carried down the mountain.

When the sound reached her, Winnie kicked up a cloud of fresh powder and skidded to a halt in the middle of the run. She tugged her face mask down. “What are you doing?” she asked with cautious skepticism.

Max, too, stopped himself and his call died into a self-conscious chuckle. “I didn’t mean to alarm you, Winnie-poo. I was just shouting.”

Underneath her goggles, the girl cocked an eyebrow up. “Why?”

Max huffed. “I guess I was sending a message to the mountain.”

“What were you saying?”

“Well,” Max paused, unsure of the answer himself. “I guess I was saying, this is my mountain. And I just wanted all the creatures upon it to know.”

Winnie became excited with jealousy, “Awh, I want a mountain, too!”

“Well this one’s mine. You can’t have it,” Max chuckled.

“I can if I scream louder than you,” Winnie challenged with a grin.

“Oh, is that so?” Max crossed his arms.

“It is,” the diminutive girl said matter-of-factly. Flashing a smirk, she broke into a shrill, high-pitched scream.

Max covered his ears.

Winnie giggled. “See? It’s my mountain now.”

Max shouted again at the top of his lungs, “No, it’s my mountain!”

“No, it’s my mountain!” Winnie squealed in high-pitched opposition.

“Okay, okay,” Max conceded self-consciously. Mostly, he didn’t want her calling unneeded attention from a rescue crew who might be listening for screams for help. “Tell you what, kiddo, you can have this mountain if you can make it all the way down to the bottom.”

“I’ll beat you there,” Winnie challenged, preparing to descend once again.

“No, Pooh-bear, from the top, I mean.” Max pointed toward the mountaintop.

Winnie paused. “From the tippy top?”

Max could sense her eyes widening behind her goggles. “From the summit,” he nodded. “What do you say? Are we going to do it today?”

“Yeah!” Winnie shouted. However, her confident voice belied her nerves. She had never been all the way up the summit. It was very steep, the snow was deep, and the face of the mountain was completely exposed to the whipping wind and snow. She craned her neck up in its direction, but a layer of clouds had nestled themselves around the top. Her heart beat at the thought of tackling such a challenge. “But not right now,” she spoke quietly. “Is that okay, Daddy?”

“Yes, Muffin, of course. We’ll do it whenever you’re ready.”

The two finished their first run of the day in silence. When they got back to the lift, Max asked, “First one’s down, kiddo. How you feeling?”

“Great!” Winnie grinned, then added. “I love you, Daddy.”

Max’s heart swelled and he felt a strange urge to lean in and kiss his daughter. Had he no mind about it, whatsoever, he might have even dared to kiss her square on the lips. But he quickly tamped that strange thought down and wrapped an arm around her instead, pulling her as close as he could.

“Daddyyy,” she giggled, flailing slightly, “you’re making me off balance!”

The rest of the morning went just as smoothly as their trailblazing first trip down the mountain. Run after run, Max and his daughter cut their way through the snow, occasionally daring to do quick little tricks—ramping off small bumps or weaving through the trees along the borders—as they gained confidence in their legs. After their initial lone foray, the slopes had quickly filled up with hot doggers, weekend warriors, and first-time snow sports enthusiasts alike.

After the morning wore on toward midday, father and daughter found themselves back at the lodge, hungry and ready for lunch. It was technically still early, but the two had gotten up so early that their tummies were telling them it was time to eat, and Max knew that while the inside was bustling now, it was not as busy as the noon hour soon would be.

Max set their tray of food down at the table they had snagged: for him, a double-cheeseburger and a beer; for her, a juice drink and a single hamburger—double pickles, no mustard—and between the two, a huge boat of fries. Winnie dove in, cramming a French fry into her face with a growl. While Max was going into debt for the lodge food, Winnie had shed her marshmallowy outer layers along with her ski boots and socks. He sat and watched her eat, and listened to her talk about a funny TV show she had seen. He took a big swill of his beer and once again admired his pretty progeny. Her cheeks glowed red from the lashing they were taking in the downhill wind, combined with the generous warmth of the lodge, and she had stripped down to her thermal base layer to keep her temperature regulated indoors. Her hair was messed and tangled in places, and her braids were beginning to fall apart in strands. Her skin had the patina of dirt and sweat from the day’s exertions. Altogether, it caused a devious thought to creep into his mind: if he could have described her appearance succinctly, it would have been “fresh-fucked.” It was not unlike the way his wife looked after an hour of love-making. Only, of course, Winnie was not his wife, she was their child.

Winnie suddenly crossed her eyes and made a funny face. “Daddy, are you even listening to me?”

Max shook his head, banishing the crude thought he had just had about his own daughter. “Sorry, honey, I guess this noisy lodge is making me a little distracted. But yes, I’m listening.”

They continued to eat and banter.

“So are you having fun today, Pooh-bear?”

Winnie nodded, “Uh-huh, but I wish it was sunnier out.”

“What, you don’t like all this fresh pow-pow?”

Winnie giggled, “Yes, I like the pow-pow, Daddy, but the clouds are blocking the top. I can’t see it!”

“Are you nervous about going up to the summit?”

Winnie nodded.

“It’s okay, baby girl, we don’t have to do it today. I know it can be scary, and I was just teasing you earlier.”

Winnie nodded again and then said matter-of-factly, “It’s too cold, too.”

“Yep, some sun would warm us up,” Max agreed.

Warmth brought another thought to Winnie’s mind. “Daddy, does our cabin have a hot tub?”

Max chuckled, “No, Winnie-poo, I don’t think it has a hot tub.”

“Aw, man,” the young girl whined, “you never get ones with a hot tub.”

Max took a big bite of his burger. “Tell you what, Win, when you get a job, I’ll let you kick in the premium for a hot tub rental, okay?”

Winnie rolled her eyes and groaned, picking at the remains of her hamburger bun. Suddenly she looked up at him again, eyes sparkling and asked, “Daddy, what’s Brazil wax?” The girl grinned widely.

Max grimaced. “I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

“I”m older now,” Winnie piped up.

“No you’re not,” he chuckled.

“Yes I am. I’m a second older than I was when I asked the question. And now I’m another second older. And now I’m another second.” Winnie repeated it until she knew she had won the battle of wits with her father and her words devolved into maniacal giggling.

Even so, Max was still not willing to divulge the adult-oriented information to his daughter. “Gee, I think I’m ready to get back on the mountain,” he ribbed. “Get your things back on.”

“You’re mean,” the girl pouted.

“No I’m not. I’m fun and you know it.”

Winnie sighed and silently agreed.

Outside, the sun threatened to peek through the clouds here and there. As she locked her skis onto her boots, Winnie piped up. “I think the sun’s coming out.”

Max looked up. “Yeah, I think you might be right, kiddo.”

“We should wait some more and see if it does,” Winnie declared, still unsure about whether she would rise to her father’s mountain-topping challenge.

“Okay, let’s wait,” Max agreed.

Two more hours passed and the clouds hadn’t thinned any further. The ski lift was transporting its two passengers up from the bottom of the slopes once again. Max checked his phone and noted the time. The afternoon was wearing on and he knew that they would soon have to make a decision on the summit. Max considered the challenge he had given his daughter. He had never been to Mt. Ariel’s summit, but to him, it made no difference whether they made it up to the top or not. Mostly, he wanted to push his daughter to expand her experiences and maybe check off the next thing on her list.

“Winnie, I don’t think we’re going to get any more sun than this today, unfortunately.”

“Yeah,” she replied, not grasping his full intent.

He continued, “If we’re going to ski down from the summit, remember it takes about half an hour to take all three lifts to get up there.”


“So, what I’m saying is, if we’re going to do this, we have to commit to it now. But no pressure. We’ll only do it if you’re ready, okay?” He smiled, “I was only kidding about it being my mountain. We can share it.”

“I know,” Winnie said.

Max didn’t want to push the subject, and the two of them sat in silence until Winnie gripped her ski poles and he heard her quietly say, “This mountain will be mine.” He nodded and slumped back in the chair. She was ready.

When they unloaded from the first ski lift, Winnie didn’t even slow down, and slid straight toward the next lift going to the back side of the mountain, where they could catch the third and final lift up to the summit. Max knew in that moment that even if he himself were to chicken out and insist they stay where they were, Winnie was going to go for the top no matter what. She had it in her head and nothing would change her mind.

And so up they went. At the final lift, a sign warned them about the hazards of proceeding, that the mountain was dangerous, even on the best of days; and the best of days it was not. The warning was heeded, but disregarded. Once they were on their way, Winnie was mostly quiet, a tell that her father recognized as the small girl being nervous about something. Even so, he knew she was not going to back down; perhaps she was calculating her next moves. The pair sat and waited as their chair rumbled past pole after pole. Higher and higher, small snowflakes fluttered by their faces. Winnie’s teeth chattered, partly based on the cold of the high elevation, and partly due to nerves.

Soon the few ragged trees fighting for existence gave up, leaving only rock and snow in front of them. All sign of life was depleted. Nothing remained to block the wind, save the face of the mountain itself. It whipped at them, stealing what little warmth remained in their boots and gloves. It slung icy flakes of snow at their exposed cheeks, and it froze the breath from their lungs. On Max, the visible vapor caught on his beard and mustache and formed into crunchy icicles.

The man winced, but chuckled, too. “We’re really doing it, Win.”

Winnie giggled as well. It burbled up from just a hint of confidence, the first crack showing in her steely nerves. No matter what, ready or not, they would have to get back down the mountain. “We must be crazy,” she shouted over the howling wind.

“You’re the crazy one. This was your call.”

“And you’re crazy for following me!” Winnie retorted.

At last the massive wall of mountain gave way to the ubiquitous gray clouds that had settled around the mountain peak. They disembarked from the chair as it dropped them off at the highest point in all the region.

“This is nuts!” Winnie gasped. She twisted her body around, taking in the landscape around her. On a good day, she might have been able to see for miles in any direction, but as it was, she could barely make out any changes in the snowfield. It was white, white, white, all around, peppered with the occasional looming outcropping of rock. She almost couldn’t tell which way was the right way down, except for the slow trickle of other brave snow sport enthusiasts being deposited in drips and drops at the top of the world.

Max watched the others around him to get a feel. Around half of those who made it up tittered nervously between themselves, wondering if they had made the right call. The other half, boasting enough confidence and enthusiasm, must have been either highly experienced skiers and snowboarders, or highly stupid by Max’s reckoning. Winnie was by far the youngest person up there.

Max, too, couldn’t help but wonder if he had encouraged Winnie to push herself too far. He looked at the tiny shack where the lift operator sat and the thought crossed his mind that maybe he could beg or bribe the young man to let them ride a chair back down to safety. But that thought was suddenly banished when he heard his daughter’s shrill voice cutting through the chaos of the wind.

“Daddy, what are we waiting for?”

“Nothing, Pooh-bear, I’m right behind you.”

Winnie lined up at the precipice of the mountaintop, alongside the scant others around them dredging up enough courage to take the plunge. Her head rushed at the task in front of her. She watched a handful of others nearby make the first drop, then turned once more to make sure her father was watching. He gave a thumbs up and Winnie knew that if she waited any longer she was going to psych herself out. She exhaled and calmly pushed off.

Max’s heart plunged at the same speed as Winnie. He watched her for mere moments before he, too, slid down the peak’s steep descent, leaving a whoosh of spinning snowflakes behind him. His eyes never left her position, even as they weaved back and forth. In his darkest thoughts, he was not going to be responsible for his daughter’s untimely death. But Max almost needn’t have worried. Winnie sped down the mountain with relative ease. There were speckled moments of tension in areas where her speed outclassed her grace, but bit by bit they were making their way down. Other adrenaline junkies on snowboards hooted and hollered, speeding by, and Max wondered if they were the confident ones or the stupid ones.

Soon they approached the lower, less extreme elevations and the mountain’s grade decreased several degrees. With the hardest part behind them, the feelings of terror and dread they had fought to control gave way to the full-body rush of excitement and elation. Here and there, Winnie began to see pathetic trees fighting against the extreme terrain, giving her the first hints of life beyond the suicidal band who dared to attempt the summit. Like those trees, she felt like a real survivor, and a sense of pride swelled up inside of her. She had done it; she had gone to the top and made it back down, back to life. Back to warmth.

The small girl flung her hands in the air and craned her neck up to the sky, letting out a high-pitched howl of satisfaction. Max chuckled, watching his daughter’s steely nerves melt into effervescent joy. The little girl bobbed and wove through the snow, once again taking pleasure in her sport, and Max finally felt like he, himself, could relax. He aimed his board toward small jumps and zigzagged to and fro.

Winnie whipped through enclosing trees, hunting for the marked ski trail that would take them back down to the lodge. She followed the crowds of other athletes until she at last saw a sign in the distance. Still speeding along at a fast clip, she turned to signal to her father, but couldn’t find him. She turned the other direction and saw a group of snowboarders, but still couldn’t pick her dad out from among them.

Suddenly, she was gripped with an uncontrollable panic. “Daddy?” she called out. She had lost him.

Her head whipped around in every direction trying desperately to find her father, but her mind was quick to play tricks on her. Just like that, she jumped to the worst conclusions, that he had fallen somewhere without her noticing. That she would never see him again. That he was dead. Her brain immediately flashed to her inevitable future: lost in the snow for days, walking the miles back to civilization, attending her father’s funeral, and her future life without him to guide her.

In that moment, she lost control of her skis and before she knew it, her body was jostled into the air, white-hot pain raking across her left leg. She screamed, unsure for long moments what direction was up and what was down. Then she impacted into the snow. Her skis broke away from her bindings and snow poured into the top of her jacket, pressing its harsh, icy coldness against her body. She tumbled for several moments, flailing her hands, trying to grasp anything that would stop her descent. Finally, friction brought her to a stop, face down in the snow. She wailed.

Despite her worry, Max had never been far from her and saw the whole thing unfold. When she had panicked and lost control, her skis sent her toward a young fir sapling. Each ski chose to go toward different sides of the trunk and the small tree crotched the poor girl as she had no choice but to go over the top of it. The blow sent her off balance and tumbling through the air. He winced, feeling deep pangs of sympathy pain in his own limbs. Immediately he raced to her side, calling her name. “Are you okay?”

Winnie continued to bawl in a manner Max had not seen in a long time. “My leg! My leg!”

Worried, Max rolled the girl onto her back and checked her out. Sure enough, there was a large tear in the leg of her snow pants, starting around her crotch and working its way up across her hip. Max peered into the hole and brushed as much snow out has he could. He saw the bare flesh of her inner thigh. It was red, sure to bruise, but miraculously, she wasn’t bleeding.

“I think you’re going to be okay, baby,” Max assured her. The girl snuffled, wiping her runny nose on her sleeve, and looked into the hole in her pants.

That’s when Max noticed something else: Winnie’s panties were also exposed to the freezing air, showing the printed graphics of her favorite superhero, Wonder Fury. He frowned. “Win, where are your leggings?”

Once again overwhelmed with the situation, Winnie’s only response was to immediately resume her yowling.

Her father briefly wondered at the machinations of her young mind, but shook his head in frustration. The situation was spiraling and he had just made it worse. “Oh, for christ sake, it doesn’t matter right now.” He pulled the girl up, despite her pathetic moans and protests, and he set her gingerly onto her feet. “How does it feel? Can you walk?”

Winnie settled down a bit, not wanting to try her father’s patience any more. She tested her weight. Despite the searing feeling in her left thigh, she seemed to be okay. “My leg hurts real bad, but nothing’s broken,” she concluded, sniffling.

Max was relieved. “Well that’s a start. Does anything else hurt?”

Winnie sniffled again and unzipped her coat, shaking out as much snow as she could. She swallowed the tears in her throat. “Um, no, I guess not. Not really.” The miserable young girl was upset and frustrated, and in that moment she decided she had had enough of skiing for the day. “I wanna go home, Daddy,” she mewled.

Max’s heart sank. He had spent a lot of time and money on their two-day ski trip, and now it was in danger of being cancelled before day one was over. Even so, he felt empathy for his daughter. “Yeah, I don’t think we should be out here much longer with that rip in your pants and your legs exposed.” Max looked around, taking stock of the situation. They weren’t even half-way down the mountain, and his daughter was in no condition to get back on her skis. He watched as she limped her way through the deep snow to gather her dispersed equipment. He was angry, but knew it wasn’t his daughter’s fault for her predicament. Accidents happen, and there’s often nothing one can do, but stand up and take the lead. He resigned himself to the task ahead, knowing it was going to be a trudge. Once they had everything tied together, he said, “Here, kiddo, get on my back.”

Winnie climbed up onto his shoulders, dragging her skis behind them on a rope, while Max carried both her and his snowboard down the mountain. She gripped on tight, laying her head on her father and cinching her legs around his waist. She wallowed in her misery, but even through it all, she liked that she could be close to her daddy. She was ashamed that she botched their ski trip so badly, but thankful that he had been there to bail her out. She listened to his breathing as he exerted himself to bring her to safety and became mesmerized by its cadence. Her body slackened and she slipped.

Max stopped and hoisted her back up toward his shoulders, jarring her out of her hypnosis. “Come on, Pooh-bear.”


“Either hold on tight or lose some weight.”

Winnie was already a little below the average weight for a girl her age, and she knew that weight loss wasn’t likely to happen as she matured, even if she went on a hundred diets. “Daddy, you’re mean.”

Max sighed. “Sorry, baby girl.”

After fifteen minutes of watching skiers and snowboarders whooshing past them while they trudged toward the base, an approaching snowmobile hailed them.

“Are you folks okay?” the operator shouted over the din of the engine.

“We had a bit of a rumble with a tree higher up there,” Max answered.

“Do you need a lift to the lodge?” the boy offered.

Max was elated. “That would make my day, young sir,” he admitted.

Winnie slid off her father’s back, landing on her feet. “Oooh,” she complained.

The snowmobile driver noticed and asked, “Are you okay? Do you need someone to check you out?”

“No, I think I’m okay,” Winnie answered.

“Actually,” Max interrupted, “I’m a little concerned she cracked a leg or something. Do you know how to diagnose that?”

“We all know basic first aid out here, sir,” the boy said, dismounting. “I can take a look.”

Winnie plopped herself in the snow and the aid came around to her. “What’s your name, Miss?”


“Wendy. Like the restaurant?” The boy smiled at her.

Winnie demurely returned it. “No, like from Peter Pan.”

“Oh, well, that makes more sense. But you know, it’s too bad, because my name is McDonald!”

Winnie’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

“No, not really. That was just a joke,” McDonald chuckled. The small girl blushed but a broader smile broke through. He continued, “So where’s it hurt, Wendy?”

“Up here,” said the girl, pulling apart the tear in her snow pants.

“Wow, Wonder Fury undies!” McDonald said, immediately noticing the little girl’s panties. Max raised an eyebrow incredulously, but said nothing. “Is she your favorite?”

Winnie nodded.

“That’s great!” he said enthusiastically. “She’s my favorite, too. Hey, did you know that the women’s Olympic ski team wears uniforms inspired by Wonder Fury?”

“Uh huh,” Winnie nodded. “That’s why I wore them today,” she informed the boy. Max was put at ease when he realized McDonald wasn’t flirting with his daughter, but just trying to cheer her up.

The boy moved his face in and looked closer at her injury. “Wow, that’s quite a stripe! Yeah, I can tell that’s going to leave a mark.”

Then he looked her in the eyes, “Can I touch it and see if you feel any pain?” The girl nodded, trustfully. Max felt a surge of protectiveness as he watched the boy take off his gloves and reach in and feel around her upper and inner thigh, but let the resort employee do his thing. The boy felt the bruising area where she had connected with the tree.

Winnie winced at the pain at first, saying, “Ow!” But after the initial shock of contact, the boy’s hands felt somewhat relieving. Her battered hip and thigh muscles had stiffened up quickly, and having some pressure against them made her feel better. “It hurts a little bit, but rubbing it helps,” she said.

“You might need a little bit of massage around the area,” the boy winked at her.

Max cleared his throat. “Let’s take care of that later,” he insisted.

The boy then moved on. “Now let’s see if anything is broken.” He took his hands out of her snow pants and set about putting pressure against various points in her legs. “Does this hurt?”


“Does this hurt?”


After a few back-and-forths, the park attendant stood up and said, “Looks like nothing’s broken, but she’s got a nasty bruise developing where her hip meets her leg. You’ll see it when you look.”

“Thanks for your opinion, sir. That makes me feel better. And that lift you offered?”

“For sure, dude, hop on the back and I’ll take you down. Leave your gear and I’ll radio someone to come grab it and meet us down there.”

Max was grateful for the break. Carrying his daughter and all their stuff was straining his remaining patience, along with his muscles. He loaded Winnie onto the back of the snowmobile and wedged himself behind her.

Winnie felt squished between the two larger men, but she also felt the welcome security of being held tightly by her father the rest of the way down.

Max wrapped his arms securely around his daughter. He told himself it was because he didn’t want her to fall off, but a covetous thought in the back of his mind felt shame that he had handled his daughter’s accident so poorly, and that a ski patrol kid had easily managed to make her smile. He wrapped his arms around her and held his hand close to her injured hip.

“Daddy, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to cover up the hole in your pants. I don’t want you to get frostbite on the way down.”

Winnie didn’t want to get frostbite either, and moved her father’s hand so it slipped into the hole of her pant leg. She gasped as his cold fingers brushed her sensitive skin. Max was astonished at the warmth of the connection between their skin, as well as a sense of shameful curiosity about where his hand was positioned. It had been a long time since his hands were anywhere near his daughter’s private areas, perhaps even as far back as the last time he had to change her diapers. Even so, this was his daughter, the girl whom had gotten his hackles up when a stranger touched her in the same spot. He was merely looking after her, he told himself.

The staff from the ski lodge sped things along and soon father and daughter were driving away from the slopes with a couple of free lift tickets for them to use during the coming season.

“How you feeling, baby?” Max asked after a few minutes on the interstate.

“I’m okay,” the young girl yawned, the hum of the road fogging her tired brain.

Max tried to be even-keeled, despite the disaster that had befallen their vacation. “We’ve had quite a day, haven’t we? I’m sorry you got hurt.”

“It’s okay,” Winnie nodded drowsily. “Daddy?”

“Yes, Pooh-bear?”

“I had fun today.”

Somehow, that notion made it all worth it for Max. Winnie’s good will lifted his spirits, and reminded him of why he loved her so much. Why he had always loved her.

The young girl drifted off to sleep in the bucket seat of the SUV once again, and Max took advantage of his moment of privacy to inhale the scent that was left behind on his hand; the hand that had been holding onto Winnie’s leg, and perhaps more, while they were chauffeured to the lodge by snowmobile. It was faint, but it was there. A mix of sweat and salt and, what else? A somehow familiar girlish perfume.

Max put both hands back on the wheel and thought to himself, “I’m going to hell for that alone.”


After half an hour, Max pulled into the driveway of their rented cabin. Towers of snow ushered them onto a recently shoveled patch of concrete. Shaggy trees with sagging boughs of snow loomed over them. The sun was threatening to retreat, and a glowing lantern lit the way up a not-so-recently shoveled walkway.

Winnie woke with a start when Max killed the engine.

“We’re here,” he said matter-of-factly.

“We’re home?” she blinked her eyes groggily.

“Nope, we’re going home in a couple nights, remember?”

“Oh, we’re still going to stay at the cabin?”

“Well, of course, muffin.” Max reached over to pet his daughter’s hair. “First off, it’s too late to get a refund on the cabin, but also, we’ll see how your leg is feeling tomorrow, and maybe we can go skiing again. And if not, we’ll go shopping. How does that sound?”

Winnie liked it. In fact, she so loved going to malls that she thought about faking the pain in her leg so that she could go do that instead. “Yay!” she cheered, and stamped her feet. Her bruised thigh screamed in her brain and she winced in pain. Maybe I won’t be faking it, after all, she thought.

Max found the lock box by the side of the house and input the code he was given in the check-in email. He swung the door open and headed back for the car. “I’m going to get the food out of the car, so I can get dinner started. Go pick a bed and turn on some of the lights.”

Winnie in her snow pants swished past her dad, entered the cabin, and flicked the nearest switch she could find. The room lit up, revealing a rustic, open floor-plan abode. The walls were made of exposed timber, while rusty found objects and rural paintings made up the decor. The furnishings were sparse, but cozy. On the floor was a white sheepskin rug, and against the far wall was a wood stove. Winnie found a bedroom and tossed her limp backpack and helmet onto the bed before continuing her exploration of their home away from home. She swished her way into the kitchen area, and peered out the back window. She squinted at a peculiar wooden fence surrounding a large cubic volume of some sort, which was nestled in large drifts of snow. An apparent lid placed on top of it seemed to be letting out a bit of steam. The girl’s heart leapt.

Max stomped his feet in the entryway, shaking off the snow he had collected on his boots. In his arms were two large paper grocery sacks with their food.

“Omigod, Daddy,” Winnie shrieked, piercing her father’s eardrums, before tearing off toward the back door, nearly tripping on her baggy snow pants.

Max carried the sacks to the kitchen counter and looked out the window after his daughter. He saw her run up to the structure and attempt to lift the heavy lid from on top of it. “Well I’ll be damned,” Max mused, “A hot tub.”

Winnie’s struggle eased as her much larger father met her outside and flung the massive lid back, folding it on top of itself. Steam-formed icicles shattered from the sides and crunched between the layers of the insulated lid. “You got us a hot tub!” Winnie shrieked.

Max hadn’t, and concluded, “I guess they must have left it off the listing when I rented it.”

Winnie thought he meant that it was off limits and pleaded, “Aww, can we use it?”

“Not right now, honey. I’ve got to get dinner going. But we’ll have a soak afterwards. I bet it’ll be good for your leg.”

“Yesss,” hissed his shivering daughter, before shooting off back into the house.

Max tapped the buttons to raise the temperature and re-covered the tub so that the freezing mountain air didn’t take any more heat off the water.

Inside, he set about making dinner, chopping up carrots and celery and bringing a soup base to boil. Winnie had cast off most of her gear, leaving her in her long-sleeved base layer, snow pants, and a thicker pair of wool socks. She continued to explore the nooks and crannies of the small cabin, finding bits and bobs in every corner.

“Look, they have games,” she said, pointing to a shelf stacked with beat-up boxes.

Max looked up and noticed his daughter shiver again and said, “Hey, get us a fire going in the wood stove, Pooh-bear. This place is kind of off-grid, so there’s no heat beyond what we make for ourselves.”

Winnie swished loudly back and forth in her snow pants, gathering up wood from the store, newspaper kindling, and the accompanying iron tools, then began looking for something. “Daddy, I need a match or a clicky thing.”

“Keep looking, Win, Daddy’s busy right now.”

Winnie swished some more, searching everywhere in the main room she could reach and turned up nothing. She swished into the bedroom and looked around there, but no matches were there either. As a last resort, she checked the bathroom, but sure enough, nothing to start a fire was present there. The only place left to check was the kitchen. She swished by her father and opened the cabinets one-by-one.

Max was tired and hungry and could feel himself getting irritated with his daughter’s roaming, swishing, banging doors, and getting in the way. He tried to put her out of his mind, but every time she slammed another cabinet shut, his hackles raised. Still, he kept his cool and concentrated on finishing the stew he was preparing. Once all of the meat and veggies had been prepped and tossed into the pot, Max collected the scraps and turned to bring them to the trash. In doing so, he nearly tripped over the ornery young girl.

“Wendy, come on, what are you doing?”

“I’m looking for a clicky thing!” she said defensively.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said pointedly.

“The thing that goes ‘cli-click’ to light a fire!”

Max sighed and stomped around his daughter, tossing the scraps into the bin. Then, one-by-one, he swung each lower cabinet open and slammed it shut.

“I already checked those.” Winnie said, trying to be helpful.

“Well, which ones haven’t you checked yet?” Max griped.

“Those ones up there.” She pointed to the top-most cabinets. “I couldn’t reach them.”

Finally, Max found the candle lighter, up in a high cabinet, in a basket along with a collection of candles. “Here,” he crudely handed the basket to his child. “Now don’t bother me again until I’m done in here.”

Winnie gulped a thank you and retreated.

“And get changed out of your snow pants. The ’swish-swishing’ is really bothering me. And besides that, I don’t want you catching fire.”

“Okay, Daddy,” Winnie acknowledged meekly.

Max sighed to himself. He didn’t want his daughter to feel like a bother. He had lost his cool again. For all the pride he had in her, he also knew that his daughter deserved more patience from him. She was so small and he so often chose the intimidating brute routine over the caring mentor. He chided himself for not being the father that he wanted to be for her.

Winnie put the basket of candles and things on a low coffee table in front of one of the couches and attempted to keep out of his way for the rest of the hour, but after she had the kindling lit and had pulled off her snow pants, she found her bag and got her phone. The screen turned on asking for a passcode.

She wandered back into the kitchen. “Daddy? Can you unlock my phone?”

His patience still thin, Max practiced being gentle. “Sure, here, let me turn off the passcode.” He and Michelle kept Winnie’s phone tightly secured to protect her from any nefarious activity she might find online, but when she was under their supervision, they were more lenient, and Max didn’t want her coming back to him and bugging him to unlock the screen for her all weekend.

He returned the phone and watched Winnie stare at the screen. “It’s unlocked, right?”

“Yeah,” Winnie said, her brow knitted together, “but it’s not connecting to the internet.”

“Cell service might be a little spotty in this area. You might have to satisfy yourself with some of the games on the shelf this weekend.”

“Oh! It just connected.”

“Great, but I don’t want to hear you whining if service cuts in and out, okay?”

“I won’t,” Winnie assured him.

Max returned to his work in the kitchen and was able to finish without further interruption. Winnie had gotten a roaring fire going and, between that and the stew simmering on the stove, the atmosphere inside the cabin was getting to be quite cozy. Once dinner was simmering and had become nothing more than a waiting game, Max finally emerged from the kitchen. He found Winnie laying face-down on the sheepskin rug in her long-sleeve and panties, swiping colorful crystals in a mobile game. Her tight braids had loosened into a good amount of frizz as the day went on, though they still held their general shape. She kicked her twiggy legs in the air and hummed a made-up tune to herself while she played.

Max stared at her tiny bottom in her girlie Wonder Fury panties as she wriggled with each kick of her legs. Friction against the rug had sagged them down a bit and the top of her butt crack was peaking out of the colorful waistband. “Winnie, where are your pants?” he asked.

Winnie stopped what she was doing and glanced up at him. “You told me to take them off.”

Max rolled his eyes. “I told you to get changed. Go put some pants on, kiddo!”

Winnie swallowed. “I’m sorry, Daddy, but…” she paused. “Um, I don’t have other pants.”

Max started. “What? Where are they?”

“I… I forgot,” the girl said, lowering her eyes.

“Hold on. You remembered your socks this time, but you forgot your pants?” Max asked, incredulously. “Not even leggings?”

“Well, they didn’t fit in my backpack,” Winnie admitted, “so I thought I would just wear my snow pants.”

Max felt his pulse rising, but he fought back his annoyance. “Wendy…” he said as evenly as he could manage. It was the name he used when she was in trouble. “They didn’t fit because you put your helmet in your backpack. You didn’t need to do that.” He sighed. “You know, we can’t go to the mall tomorrow if you don’t have pants to wear.”

Despite his stoic temperament, the girl knew her father was irate. Still, the prospect of not going shopping triggered a small tantrum. “No, Daddy, I want to go to the malllll,” she whined, her cheeks nearly instantly turning red and threatening tears. She rolled over to protest, but caught her father’s eyes flicking open wide. She followed them to where he was looking: directly between her legs at the long purple bruise painted across her hip.

Max’s stern facade melted completely when he saw the vibrant stripe on her body. He was so focused on getting them something to eat, he had put her injury out of his mind. He felt the same pangs of horror that he had felt when he originally witnessed his daughter’s accident. It was black and blue and looked tender. “Oh my god, baby girl. That looks horrible.”

Winnie moved her hand to cover it, suddenly feeling shy.

Max sank to his knees to get a closer look. “Move your hand and let me see, okay?”

As her father moved her hand away, the girl reclined casually onto her elbows to observe his inspection. Max reached out and traced the line. He started at her hip bone and caressed the bruise. “Does it hurt here?”

Winnie shook her head. Max continued. The line went down into the band of her panties. He traced down over her underwear toward the point where the bruise reappeared from under her underwear leg-band.

In the process of performing his check-up, he was quickly becoming aware of how close his hand was again to his daughter’s vulva. Just a thin barrier of cartoon-printed fabric separated her forbidden flesh from the sensitive nerve endings of his fingertips. He tried to ignore the part of him that found it significant. She was merely his daughter, and he was checking up on her, and that was that.

“It kind of hurts there,” Winnie said when her father found the particularly tender spot on the crease in her thigh where it met her hip.

Max pushed gingerly and his little girl winced. “It looks like this is where the tree must have hit you the hardest, huh?”

Winnie nodded.

Max traced his fingers down toward the leg-band and then noticed that the elastic had split and was separating from the main knit of her undies. He pulled at it and the fabric quickly frayed. I guess this is what we get when we buy panties for a comic book character rather than quality construction, he thought. But he wasn’t about to spend loads of money for underwear at her age. “Looks like the tree thrashed Wonder Fury as much as your snow pants, huh?” Max joked.

“It’s not that bad,” she insisted, but as she tugged at her underwear in an attempt to prove it, she only exacerbated the problem. The threading easily separated, and the elastic leg band nearly detached completely. “Oh no! My Wonder Fury pannies!”

“It’s fine. We can get some more when we get home. Just tell me you didn’t forget to pack a second pair of panties,” Max pleaded with her.

Winnie shook her head, “No, I have another pair.”

Thank god, her father thought. His mind was already wandering inappropriately as he inspected his daughter’s inconveniently placed injury. The prospect of having her prancing about the cabin for two days without something to cover her up her privates seemed like a torturous exercise in mental restraint.

Max’s thumb met up where the injury exited from Winnie’s panties. Completely oblivious to the need for modesty, daughter splayed her skinny legs wide so that her father could get a better look at her in the firelight.

Max swallowed and he dipped his thumb into the dimple between the adductors of her inner thigh. Winnie felt a surprising muscle-twitch that shot up her legs and into a spot somewhere in her cunny. She gave a slight grunt against her will at the sensation. “Does that hurt, too, Pooh-bear?”

The girl shook her head and sat up some more. “No, it’s kind of sore there, but it’s mostly sore here.” She tucked her fingers into the split leg-hole where the band used to be and yanked them up as high as they would go, bunching it up along her waistband and fraying the remaining fabric all the more. In doing so, she revealed nearly all of the bruise in one view. As well, Winnie had carelessly revealed a lot more of other parts of herself. Her father blinked in surprise.

Even though she was his daughter, his eyes hungrily consumed all they could. In some ways, she looked almost naked down below. On the outward-facing hip side of her leg, he could see from her hip bones all the way down to the crease of her bottom cheek, with only a thinly bunched strip of fabric to break his view. On the inner thigh side, he could see most of one of her smooth labia. The soft, hairless, alabaster petal was pushing itself free of the girl’s pulled-tight undies, and the now-prominent dip in the middle of her pussy swallowed up the crotch of her panties in a front-wedgie, gratuitously hinting at the untouchable cleft behind it.

But Max found himself unable to resist, and he gently gripped the girl’s scrawny leg with one hand; he could practically wrap his hand around her whole thigh. As he caressed his daughter’s injury lightly, he occasionally attempted to brush his thumb ever closer to the succulent puff of his daughter’s youthful sex.

Winnie felt her dad’s gentle petting and melted into it. Her injury was painful, but having her daddy there to help massage the hurt away was nice, especially as she basked in the warmth of the crackling fire. She relaxed, sinking back onto the sheepskin rug, and closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations of her father’s ministrations, unaware that her display was catalyzing a change in him.

The skin-to-skin contact of his large hands against her small body was also something the young girl was experiencing anew. As she had gotten older, she needed less constant contact with her parents. She had become independent, and long nights playing tickle games, cuddling with them on a couch, or hiding from monsters in their bed while they all slept, had given way to a maturity, and sense of responsibility for her own self. She was still young, but had become fiercely independent, now outgrowing that monster nonsense and willing to try new things and tackle new challenges. But there under her father’s attentive ministrations, Winnie felt like a re-connection between him and that still-little girl inside of her, and she desired more from that familiar connection than she truly understood.

Suddenly she felt him brush against her naked pussy lip. Instinctively, she thought to shy away. She had been well-taught not to let others touch her there. But the sensation caused another ripple throughout her nerves and it took her breath in a way that felt unusual and exciting. And after all, it was her father, not some stranger, who was touching her cunny, and he was helping her, not trying to hurt her. Something unknown, something she had never felt before, filled her heart and she giggled.

Max startled at her sudden laugh. Broken from his trance, he suddenly realized how close he had come to perhaps molesting his only child. He wondered if he had even technically already crossed that line with that final caress against her girlish labium. He cleared his throat. “Did that tickle?” He asked mostly to break the tension going on in his mind, but partly to distract himself from his shame.

Winnie blushed and nodded, and said, “It’s okay, Daddy, I think it feels a little better now.” She hoped he would continue.

Instead, Max pushed himself off the ground and turned toward the kitchen. He needed a beer. “Okay, well, I’m going to get some daddy juice. Do you want something to drink?”

Winnie popped up and jeered, “I want some daddy juice, too!”

Coming from his daughter’s mouth, Max regretted his choice of euphemism, but he deftly countered her demand, tossing her a sports drink. “Porter for me, Gator for you.” Max popped the top off of his beer and watched his daughter use both hands to take a swig from her bottle. She finished off with a gasp and a tiny burp. He followed her up with a rather loud one, causing her to guffaw and shy away in repulsion at the same time. “I win,” he bragged. Winnie stuck out her tongue.

The two of them puttered around the cabin, finding things to do and, after a while, the ding of the kitchen timer cut through the air. “Stew’s done. Go set the table. Everything’s in the paper bag.”

Winnie skipped around, putting out two of everything. Max removed the simmering dinner from the stovetop, spooned it into two bowls, and applied the remaining garnishes. They both took their seats across from one another at the rustic table. The heat from the wood stove had yet to fully permeate the roomy cabin and Winnie shivered as the wooden chair stole the warmth from her skinny, naked legs. “These seats are cold!” She tugged once again at her superhero-themed panties, trying to get the backside to cover her exposed bottom, but they only unraveled all the more.

Max gave a half-smile. “Oh, you know a little trick I like to do when my legs are cold, Pooh-bear?”

“Yeah,” the girl said. “What is it?”

“I wear pants.”

Winnie glared and stuck out her tongue again, her gleaming eyes and a smirk betraying her true feelings.

“You keep sticking that thing out and I’m going to bite it off,” Max jokingly threatened. The girl tensed up, eyes wide, her tongue retreating with a cartoonish “Thip!” They both laughed together.

Max took a deep breath and sighed contentedly. Even though all of his plans for the weekend seemed to have fallen through, he was feeling better and better about their circumstance. His daughter’s care-free demeanor, along with the porter, was putting him at ease. He looked around at the small cabin they had rented and felt a kind of cozy romance building inside of it. Here they were, mostly off-grid with nothing much to do but pass the remaining time with one another. He wondered if he could keep his active daughter entertained for the next full day, but they were both resourceful, and deep down he had a feeling they were going to be fine.

They ate and talked, mostly on subjects relating to Winnie’s hobbies and interests, which, thankfully to Max, didn’t seem too often to stray to boys just yet. They talked about her favorite Christmas presents, the coming school quarter, and vague summer plans to visit a theme park—mostly her idea.

Before long, dinner was over and Winnie eagerly hopped up to clear their bowls and spoons. She put them in the sink and turned around, smiling brightly.

Max smiled back sweetly, sensing the impending request from the eager little girl. “Gee, is there something on your mind, Winnie-poo?”

Winnie put her hands to her mouth and blurted out, “Can we go in the hot tub now?”

“Hmm, I don’t know,” Max teased.

The girl’s anguish was immediate. “Please?”

Max was amused by his daughter’s unexpectedly dramatic reaction, and decided to lean into his indecision. “But Win, we didn’t pack any swimming suits.”

Winnie’s composure melted quickly into a bratty whine. “Daddy, I wanna go in the hot tub.”

“What can I say? We don’t have anything to wear.”

“I’ll wear my pannies!” the girl begged, hands clasped together.

Max chortled. “Those things are going to dissolve in the water at this point.”

“I’ll go put my other ones on.”

Max frowned, serious this time. “Oh no, you’re not soaking your only other pair of panties, young lady.” That was a scandal he wanted to avoid.

Winnie was at a loss. Her father had evaded her every play. Already she was missing out on another day of skiing and their backup plan of going to the mall, too. Unless she could come up with something, she was afraid that her time in the hot tub would be the next in line for cancellation.

“What if we skinny dipped?” she blurted out.

“Ha!” Max howled, but then asked, “Hey, where did you learn about skinny dipping?”

Winnie shrugged and giggled, unsure where she had picked up the concept, but she sensed his weakness and wouldn’t let her father evade the point. “Can we, Daddyyy?”

Max thought for a moment. Practically speaking, it wasn’t a bad idea. Because the rental listing failed to mention the hot tub, neither of them had a proper bathing suit, nor many extra clean clothes to spare, especially in Winnie’s case. If they were going to take advantage of the amenity, skinny dipping was an option for them not to spoil clothes that were meant to be worn dry.

He did wonder about them being naked together. Before his daughter was born, he and his wife would lounge around the house in all manner of undress, even completely nude, and when Winnie arrived, that didn’t change significantly for several years. But, as their child grew older and began learning about the differences between boys and girls, he grew less likely to parade around with his cock swinging. In fact, by his recollection it had been at least a couple years since she would have last seen him totally naked.

But ultimately, he felt it was her decision. If she was comfortable skinny dipping in front of him, he wasn’t going to say no. The fatherly side of him was happy that his daughter was still largely innocent, and he figured that, while she was a curious girl, seeing her father in the buff once more probably wouldn’t draw her attention much more than normal. There was a more perverse side of him, of course, that was also curious. Curious to see the rest of what his daughter had started to show him on the sheepskin rug.

“Okay, kiddo,” Max agreed, feigning reluctance. Winnie whooped. “But we’re bringing your other underwear out, just in case we need to put something on. I don’t want one of the neighbors dropping by unexpectedly and catching us without a stitch to wear.”

Winnie streaked outside, squealing and slamming the door behind her while Max retreated to the bedroom with his duffle bag of clothing. As he undressed, he noticed Winnie’s backpack was on the bed. He smirked. She was trying to claim the entirety of the full-sized bed for herself, but when he rented the place, he had planned to take it and put her up on a couch with a pillow and some blankets, sleepover style. Spending the night on a couch was not something Max’s body could easily bounce back from these days.

He rooted through her backpack and found her other pair of panties: simple, pink cotton with a frilly band and a tiny, silk bow in the front. He then stripped down to his underwear—basic trunks—and noticed he had the beginning of a problem. His underwear was tenting obviously. The thought of seeing his daughter naked, or perhaps it was the act of him being naked with his her, was having an effect on his penis. He didn’t have a full-blown erection, but he was sure it was obvious enough that her young, curious mind may not be able to resist asking questions about it.

He thought about going to the bathroom to jerk off real quick, but he heard the door slam again. “Daddy!”

“Uh, what is it, Win?”

“I can’t lift up the lid.”

No time to masturbate, not with his eager child demanding his strength, and anyway if he did the deed, he’d have post-orgasmic cum leaking out the tip for some time. If she was going to stare, he definitely didn’t want it to be at that dripping out of his cock in sticky strands. “Okay, I’ll be right there.” Max shook his head and decided not to think about it too much and just get undressed, figuring having his cock out half-inflated would be less noticeable than having a prominent tent in his underwear.

He exited the bedroom and found his daughter wearing nothing but her ragged panties, which were practically pulling themselves apart at her hip. She had her arms pulled close over her nipples, less due to any modesty and more due to the chill from having been outside. She shivered and stamped her feet eagerly, her waif-like, youthful form small and vulnerable. “Hurry, I’m cold!” Her needy smile begged her daddy to help and gave Max all the wrong ideas. With her body on display, even modestly covered, he felt his cock twitch obviously.

Winnie’s eyes were drawn to the movement at his waist, and she marveled at the large size of her father’s manhood. On two occasions at her school, boys had shown her their privates in a bargain to get her to show them her pussy. She had resisted their negotiations, and even though she played it safe, both times the boys showed her theirs, anyway. She stared at their mysterious members as long as she could while they had their pants and underwear around their ankles. She never really did understand exactly how the little tools were supposed to work; all she knew was her father, by comparison, was massive.

Max could tell she was staring and was eager to redirect her attention. “Catch,” he said, tossing her a balled up, fresh pair of underwear. Winnie reached out and caught the garment, just barely. In the process, she uncovered herself, revealing her skinny chest, nipples prominent. Despite her lack of a generous rack on top, Max still drank in the view, albeit briefly. He knew he had to get in the water soon, or his cock would really become a distraction. “Okay, let’s get out there.”

Max opened the door and the freezing air took both of their breaths away. Winnie stiffened instantly and skipped to the hot tub, hooting. Max shuffled quickly after her and lifted the lid once again. While he was briefly distracted, Winnie stared at her father’s cock, dangling in the air. It looked soft and spongy, and Winnie still wondered how it was supposed to work. She had heard the routine several times from her parents. Man loves woman, man puts penis inside vulva, babies are made. She thought she understood, but what she was looking at hanging between her daddy’s legs didn’t make any sense. For one, it looked too squishy to go somewhere so small like her little pussy. And for two, even if it could get in, it looked way too big to fit all the way inside! She puzzled at the dichotomy.

Max shifted the lid fully off the hot tub and into the surrounding snowbank and pressed the button to turn on the the underwater lights, casting an exotic blue glow across his nude form. He turned to his daughter, catching her eyes flicking up from down below to meet his. She broke into a smile and pranced in place, he feet aching from the cold, snow-covered ground. “Get in, get in!” she urged.

Max did so, eager to conceal his misbehaving cock from the girl’s curious eyes. He groaned as his body was enveloped in the hot water, soothing his overworked muscles.

Winnie was next and placed her spare pair of undies on the top wooden step leading up to the edge of the tub. She then unceremoniously stripped off the panties that were barely enshrouding her youthful chalice. At last fully naked, Winnie paused, suddenly feeling at least a slight bit more self-conscious than she had been up to that moment. She realized it had been a while since she had been truly naked in front of her daddy. While she had never felt any feelings of embarrassment before, enough time had since elapsed that this time she found herself somewhat guarded about her body. She looked to her father for approval.

Max couldn’t help but gaze at his girl as she rolled her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She climbed up the lip of the tub, and stood over him, ready to enter. She was a sight to see: sprightly, cute, and innocent; girlishly confident and all the more sexy for it. Her pale body glowed blue from the tub’s lighting, and it served to highlight the tautness of her slender figure, the line leading down her tummy, and especially the bare lips of her delicate pussy. From his angle underneath, he could see directly up between her legs, her gash clearly visible to him. It was neat and put together, her plump outer lips largely concealing all the virginal treasures within. It was also covered in goosebumps, and he wondered why she gave pause in the freezing air. He drew his gaze upward, over her petite chest and small nipples—not much to see there, yet still hard to look away—and looked to her eyes. Even in the darkness he could see her searching for approval. He smiled dreamily and couldn’t help but sigh, “You’re a beautiful little girl, Winnie,” and then he added, “and I’m glad you’re all mine.”

Reassured, Winnie giggled and hopped quickly into the water, making enough waves to slosh it over the edges of the tub.

“Easy there, Pooh-bear. Don’t rock the boat!” Max scolded.

“Aye-aye, Captain,” Winnie saluted and then slowly submerged herself, her face looking around in a nervous caricature, as if she was standing aboard a sinking ship, until she was completely under the water. Then she suddenly burst upwards, breaking the surface with more splashing, and more groaning from Max.

Pleased with her antics, the cheeky little girl went down again. Max reached behind the rim of the hot tub and into the snowdrift in which it sat and scooped a hunk of snow off the surface. Just as Winnie burst upwards again, Max chucked the ice-cold blob at her, pasting her across her face. The freezing snow exploded, cascading over her shoulders and down her chest. Winnie staggered backwards with a shriek and slipped back into the water. She flailed, tiny hands searching for a purchase on the edge of the tub, and finally surfaced, sputtering and laughing, grinning pure evil. “Daddy! How could you?” She dove toward him, fingers wiggling, and landed against him.

Max grunted as her body made full contact against his. In that brief moment, he marveled at the feeling of her naked skin pressed against his, but attempted to keep the mood light. He didn’t want to get too far into his head again. While Winnie pawed at him, trying to find ticklish spots, he grabbed her by the waist and picked her up easily, flinging her to the other side of the hot tub and sloshing water everywhere.

Winnie growled, vowing revenge, and doubled back, hurling her little body at him once again. Her wiggling fingers poked and prodded, exploring his abdomen.

“Silly bear,” Max teased, “you can’t tickle someone when they’re under water.” But no sooner had he said it than her searching hand clawed blindly at his wayward penis. Max gasped, eyes wide, body stiffening.

Her target obscured by the bubbles of the roiling water, Winnie didn’t realize the true extent of her actions and mistook his surprise for a weakness in his demeanor. “Looks like you’re wrong, Daddy!” she jeered. “You can still be tickled!” She giggled and made another blind grab.

Max knew that his cock was a hands-off zone for his kid and quickly shifted into parent mode. He grabbed her wrist and insisted, “Okay, okay, let’s calm down.” He quickly spun her around, picked her up by the waist, and stood up, hauling the small girl up under his arm and out of the water.

Winnie’s body reeled and she squeaked, her slight form exposed to the chilly air. Still, she was undeterred and her little fingers wandered to and fro over her father’s abdomen, hoping to find the right ticklish spot, but to little effect. Despite her losing position, Winnie cackled at the play time she was having with her dad. She liked being close to him. She especially enjoyed that the two of them were naked; it was a novel experience that felt both silly and naughty at the same time. She glanced down, spying once again her father’s penis, floating in the water, just below a small lawn of short-cropped hair. It looked somehow bigger to her, but she figured that was probably due to the effect of magnification by the surface of the water.

Before she could study it too much, Max plopped her down on the seat opposite where he had been sitting and said firmly, “Okay, that’s enough.” Impishly, Winnie ignored his command and lunged for him once more, but Max reiterated sternly, pushing her back down by her chest, “No, Wendy. No more tickling.”

The girl looked up at him from below, her smile dying along with her father’s levity. The fact that he called her Wendy meant that playtime truly was over, and it was backed up by his unmistakably parental tone-of-voice. “Aw, you’re no fun,” she whined.

Max felt a little guilty in ending her innocent roughhousing. Even though he knew he was being the responsible adult, he hated having to lay down the law with his girl, but his cock was not the area he wanted his daughter playing around with. “I know, Pooh-bear, but Daddy’s ready to relax now. I had a hard afternoon. We both did.” He returned to his seat and reclined, spreading his arms, savoring the warm water and the bubbling jets, while breathing in the mountain air.

Young Winnie attempted to follow his lead, and sat still for nearly a minute before her fidgeting took over. Soon she was treating the hot tub as a miniature swimming pool; she swam, she splashed, she squealed, and she attempted a few more minor japes on her daddy. Max did his best to tolerate her unruliness and not suck the rest of the joy out of her hot tub experience. Deep down, of course, he truly was enjoying himself, watching his little girl just being herself. The only real concern on his mind was that, with all her splashing, more water would soon be outside the tub than in it.

Eventually Winnie ran out of ideas for new ways to test her father’s patience and her energy slowed to within a tolerable margin. Just as much, the heated water was getting to her head and she felt a bit dizzy. She sat back on one of the higher seats and played with her hair a bit, fully untwining her braids which had mostly dissolved on their own during her play. She sank back onto one of the higher seats and mirrored her father, leaning her head back against the lip and spreading her arms out along the rim in an effort to cool her body.

It was quiet for a long while and they lounged, enjoying the serenity of looking up through the trees to the stars in the night sky, feeling the cold mountain air on their exposed flesh, and enjoying little bubbles energetically churning against their bodies.

Finally having some peace, Max noticed that one of the jets below his seat seemed to be sending bubbles right up along his penis. Enjoying the sensation, he shifted in his seat to maximize its effect and before long, he realized he was sporting a fully real hard-on, one that would have been obvious to his daughter had the swirling water not built up a considerable foam on its surface. He looked again at her and saw her leaned back, her body floating and her naked chest rising out of the water with each breath.

Her little pussy, too, made appearances beneath the surface of the water, when the bubbles momentarily churned themselves out of the way, and he couldn’t help but stare at it glowing blue in the light of the tub. With conversation dead and Winnie subdued at last, he allowed his eyes to continually search for the bare cleft before him. Nothing wrong with a little looking, he determined. But because of this, Max’s erection did not subside, and his mind wandered back to thoughts of masturbation. With his cock obscured from his daughter’s curious eyes, he wondered if he could get away with touching himself, just out of her view.

Across the tub, Winnie took a deep breath, pushing her chest up out of the water, her nipples reacting to the frosty air and stiffening into tiny, little points. Then she exhaled with a long sigh, almost a moan, and her body sank back into the water. Her eyes were closed and she was threatening to nod off. Suddenly one hand went to her pussy. Max’s heart leapt and, deep in his thoughts, he was sure she was going to masturbate, too. Right then and there, she was going to play with herself in front of her own daddy. They were going to masturbate together. He just knew it!

But his premonition rang false. Winnie gave a quick rub on her inner thigh, merely testing her bruise, and returned her arm back over the edge of the tub. But Max could still feel adrenaline coursing through his chest over what he had thought would unfold.

He shook his head, scolding himself. Who did he think his daughter was? Of course she wasn’t going to masturbate in front of him. He wondered if she even knew how. She did mention something about a hairbrush in the car, but he wasn’t convinced she knew how to make herself cum just yet.

But while Winnie wouldn’t be jilling off for her father’s benefit, Max concluded he would be. He needed to take things into his own hands, quite literally, or his immoral thoughts about his own offspring were going to drive him crazy. Or perhaps it was the immature woman flaunting her nascent figure so carelessly before him who was driving him crazy. Either way, Max needed to clear his system and clear his mind of the unbidden sexual appetite he was developing for his daughter.

Max slipped an arm into the water and gripped the thickness of his cock, then slid his hand up and down it lightly. He wanted to groan at his slightest touch, but he dared not for fear of drawing Winnie’s attention to his actions. How would he ever explain to her what he was doing if she were to catch him? Nevertheless, he gazed at her, stared at her, watching her svelte form float up and down with every breath, completely oblivious to his disgusting ministrations. He thought about what it would be like if he could. If he were able to sate his lust in a more natural way. Maybe not even with her, which would be inappropriate for so many reasons. Maybe with one of her friends.

But no, he couldn’t fuck his daughter’s friends either. They, too, were forbidden for reasons of their own. So, his mind ventured back. If he was just fantasizing, after all, what if it was her? His own flesh and blood. Before he could justify himself any further, Max glimpsed the crack of his offspring’s cunny once more, appearing amidst a swirl of bubbles.

He concentrated on drinking in every detail. It was difficult to see, distorted by the water and shrouded by its churning foam. He was hit by a flashback of trying to watch low-resolution porn on the internet as a kid with his friends, trying to figure out what was happening, not understanding any of what he was seeing, but still being titillated all the same. He was like that youthful version of himself again, desiring to see clearly what was forbidden to be seen, aching to understand his feelings. Only this time, instead of watching paid actresses in well-lit studios, it was Winnie he was fixated upon, his innocent baby girl, bathing under the moonlight. Cradled in their shared cocoon of fizzing water, Max pumped his cock, feeling his orgasm build while he objectified his floating daughter.

Dizzy with heat, Winnie, looked skyward, contemplating her breath as it puffed from her lungs in icy, billowing clouds. She was content with her situation. Even knowing that they couldn’t ski or go to the mall, the hot tub did much to quell her busy brain and soothe her aches away. She reached one arm down to her leg and massaged the bruise there. It was still tender, but was already feeling better. Her mind wandered back to when she laid in front of the fire and felt her dad’s hand down there instead of her own. She didn’t know why, but it felt really good, especially when he got nearer to her private area. Somehow it was different than his other touches and hugs. Something about it seemed to fill up her lungs with an invisible… something. She wished she could understand it, but whatever it was, it made her whole body feel good, and she wanted to feel it again. She looked down from the starry sky and caught her father looking at her. His look was a little funny; he was staring blankly in her direction. But unaware of his fantasizing, she broke into a woozy smile at his attention.

Max, startled by her sudden eye contact, stopped his stroking immediately, and reddened with embarrassment. She didn’t seem to notice his actions, but he hadn’t planned for what happened next.

Winnie pushed off from her side of the tub and slipped over to him, being extra careful not to splash or make sudden movements that might annoy him; she didn’t want him putting her back on her side again. As she floated near him, she reached up and put her arms around her father’s neck and drew herself close to him.

Max smiled nervously. “What are you doing, Muffin?”

Winnie shrugged, unsure herself. “I just wanted to cuddle with you.”

Max sighed. “Aw, you’re a sweetheart, Win.” He cleared his throat and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against him. Again the intimate feeling of her naked skin against his caused his chest to tighten and he worried that his unflagging erection would become quickly apparent if he didn’t do something drastic.

But it was already too late. The girl’s little body sank downward and she straddled her legs across his lap, pulling herself against him. Soon he felt the unmistakable feeling of her hips sandwiching his up-pointed cock between their two bodies. Her pussy was pressed directly up against his steel-hard cock.

Winnie too felt the unexpected hardness between them but remained naive. In fact, she was so unaccustomed to the goings on of sex that she didn’t even know the hard thing in question was attached to her father. Twice that night, she had seen his flabby penis, so there was no way that what she was feeling now could be the same soft, squishy member that she had peeked at before. But as before in the cabin, something unidentifiable felt good about it against her vulva, and she innocently pulled herself into it, instinctively pressing her cunny against it. A twitch coursed through her; that same feeling she had felt when her daddy was rubbing the inside of her leg by the fire. In the back of her mind, she was curious, but she had more important things to talk about.

Max felt the weight of his daughter against the base of his cock and for a moment he wondered if it was intentional on the part of his scheming little pixie. But based on the rest of her behavior—girlish and playful—he concluded that it was more likely that she didn’t know what she was doing to him at all. Mostly he felt the growing frustration of remaining unsatisfied and being kept by his daughter in his state of arousal in the first place. Her genital-to-genital contact added all the more to his surging desire. He wanted to cum now more than ever, to flush his system of his sexual hormones—and all the strange, unfatherly intentions blooming up along with—but certainly not when his naked, young daughter’s bare pussy was pressed against his aching rod.

Winnie wriggled around a bit, getting herself situated. Max whimpered, feeling his legs tense. “Win, you have to settle down.”

The girl ignored him and looked up at the sky dreamily, rocking slightly in his lap, naively enjoying the small pleasure she was feeling down there. “Daddy?”

“Yes, Pooh-bear?” Max grimaced.

“Why do stars twinkle?”

He was relieved. Something to think about other than his cock. Max didn’t know the answer, but gave his best guess. “Well, all those stars up there? They’re all just as big and bright as our sun, but they’re very far away, so they look very small. And, like our sun, they’re big balls of fire. So the twinkling is the stars burning, kind of like a match flickering.”

“Oh, that’s neat,” Winnie said flatly. She turned her head to the forest around them and, after another moment, spoke again. “Daddy?”

“Winnie?” Max mirrored.

“How come trees don’t have to wear coats in the winter?”

Max chuckled at the absurd question, and Winnie echoed with a giggle, pleased with her own silliness. Her body shook against him as she laughed, and she looked at him with a woozy smile of adoration. Max’s heart thudded in his chest as he gazed into her big, round eyes sparkling in the refraction of the hot tub’s light.

He could feel his cock sliding in between his daughter’s puffy labia. Even underwater, he could sense her silky, girlish lubrication easing their movement. He marveled that his little girl was getting wet and wondered if she was subconsciously grinding her tiny clitoris against him.

Max shuddered, trying to stave off his lust. “Um, what was the question again?”

“Daddyyy!” Winnie whined, bouncing a few times in frustration, but also for the electrifying pleasure she was discovering in that moment. “How come trees—?”

“Oh right, why trees don’t wear coats. Ah, ah—” Max tried to answer. But he was dangerously approaching climax, which would mean cumming all over his daughter, and he was doing everything he could not to do just that, except for taking the most reasonable course of action: moving her off of his cock. Something was holding him back. Something within him was allowing her to stay right where she was. “Trees don’t have nerves like we do, so they just don’t get cold.”

“Oh.” Winnie stopped moving. Max sighed. “I wanted to make coats for them and sell them to people. I could have been a millionaire,” she lamented, draping herself over her father’s shoulder.

Max wrapped his arms around her, and this time Winnie sighed. Max felt her scanty chest press against his, and he sat there enjoying the taboo skinship he was feeling with her. They were father and daughter, but this was okay; they were only hugging, cuddling.

Suddenly Winnie pulled herself away from her father’s neck, levering her pussy hard against her father’s engorged crotch. Max could feel precum emerge, even underwater. His heart picked up another beat as a mischievous smile spread across his daughter’s pretty countenance. “Daddy?”

“Why am I afraid of what’s coming?” he wondered aloud.

“What’s Brazil wax?”

“Do you ever forget about anything?” Max uttered, shaking his head.

Winnie grinned ear to ear, her only answer.

Max knew that Winnie knew her choice of conversation was veering back toward the realms of the adult, but the beer, the warm water, and his heightened desire were lowering his guard. He relented, letting her finally win.

“Well, Brazil wax—I guess it’s actually a Brazillian wax is,” Max began, treading cautiously. His angel brain was telling him to stop, but his devil brain was telling him he’d already gone too far and she’d never let him dodge the answer now. Together the two figments of his imagination reached a compromise. “Well, it’s basically when a girl doesn’t have any hair on her… cunny.”

“Oh,” Winnie said, screwing up her face. She thought it was weird that there was a word for that. After a moment, though, her eyes lit up. “So does that mean I have a Brazil wax?”

Max snorted. She wasn’t exactly right, but he didn’t really want to have to break it down any more for her. “Well, er, I suppose it does,” he deceived, hoping she would drop the subject.

Winnie glanced in the direction of her genitals, but couldn’t see beneath the bubbles, so she dipped a hand into the water, feeling the baldness of her vulva. While she was down there, she also felt the turgid pole lodged between her labia.

Max exhaled as his daughter explored their junction. Small fingers ran innocently along the dome of his cock and jabbed against the sensitive button underneath. He strained, trying not to let her innocent explorations get to him, and trying not to make it obvious to her that something was up. If she picked up on the slightest hint that something funny was going on, he’d never escape the barrage of questions she’d surely lob his way. Soon he felt her fingers brush through his pubic hair.

Winnie giggled. “Daddy, I think you need a Brazil wax.”

Max had always kept that area well-groomed, but compared to his daughter, he was indeed a fair bit hairier than she was. “I suppose I do.” Max reckoned he needed to cum a lot more than he needed a shave at the moment, however. He shifted in his seat, bouncing Winnie up on his lap. When she came down again, he could feel the head of his cock catch against the top fold of his little girl’s cunny. They both winced, partly in pain, but also in pleasure. They both sighed as the mutual feelings passed.

Winnie soon settled in again. “Daddy?” she said quietly in his ear.

“Yes, Pooh-bear?”

“I’m hot.”

Max cleared his throat. “Yeah, that’s why they call them hot tubs, baby. Do you want to get out?”

“No,” she murmured. She closed her eyes and resumed her position with her forehead cradled against her father’s neck. She had become enamored with her skin-to-skin connection with her father, as well as the tingling feelings emanating out from her pussy. Reflexively, she humped her hips against him. Somehow her pussy felt wet, but not because it was underwater. No, it was slick and lubricated against the firm pole she was sliding against. She leaned into the pleasure as she smoothly slid her privates against its length.

Winnie got quiet. Despite her newfound sexual pleasure mounting, she was unselfconscious about her lewd behavior. Because she was naive to her own feelings, she assumed her father couldn’t know what she was feeling either—and where she was feeling it. Surely, in his mind, she was just being her bouncy, playful self. She couldn’t fathom just how much more experienced Max was on the topics of bodily desire.

But in fact, Max understood completely what the little girl was doing to herself and, by contrast, he also knew that Winnie didn’t understand at all what she was doing to him. His heart pounded, flushing blood down to his cock, hardening it all the more. He felt her movements become more obvious and he could feel the strength of his manhood pushing her cunny lips apart. He marveled as he felt her body willing its way onto his pole, the rim of her vaginal tunnel bending itself across his girth. He knew that she only had to move an inch—maybe not even—before she would be positioned in a way to spear his shaft up into her tight little hole, that is, if he would even be able to fit.

As her father, however, he remained conflicted. As much as his unexpected lust for his child consumed him, he knew that he was about to make a mistake, a mistake so big that it could ruin his life. Seeing through the unethical fog filling his brain, he knew he had to take control. He had to put an end to it. Slowly, his hands slid down his daughter’s back, lingering somewhat, enjoying the last of their taboo connection. They continued downward and before long, his hands rested on his baby girl’s narrow hips. He felt her swing them up and back down the underside of his shaft one more time, her silky crease threatening ever more to allow him inside her most private place, inside her body. He relished the feeling of her slick channel caressing the sensitive length of his cock, spurring more precum forth, but his hands finally dug into her firmly, gripping her hips, and staying her movement.

Winnie murmured in his ear in protest. She was feeling something growing inside her. She knew she was on the cusp of a new discovery and her body urged her forward, but her daddy was stopping her. She struggled against his strong hands, but he held her in place. Even so, if he wouldn’t allow her to slide her pussy in long, slow motions, he couldn’t stop her from shifting her hips in miniature bursts. She flexed her pelvis and shimmied her torso, trying whatever she could to maintain the momentum of those funny sensual feelings she was experiencing.

Max recognized her insistence and panicked. He knew then that he had let it get too far. Now his daughter, whether she understood it or not, was entering a rebellious frenzy. Little grunts escaped her throat as she flicked her crotch against his. In attempting to stop his daughter’s quickly advancing sexual knowledge, Max only pulled her body closer to his, creating more pressure on his already straining cock, squeezing his shaft deeper into her gash, pushing apart her labia and pressing hard into her young clitoris.

Winnie nuzzled deep into her father’s neck, her defiant grunts growing louder and longer, transforming into squeaking moans in his ear. Unconsciously, her little fingers dug into his nape. She knew she was so close to it, whatever it was; and whatever it was, it was something intimate and romantic, and in that moment, she didn’t care if her father knew. In fact, she wanted to share it with him. She wanted to feel it, and she wanted to feel it with him right where he was.

Max could feel her urgency, her need to cum. Winnie’s desperation, mixed with her sensual movements and horny mewling, drove him to the precipice of his own orgasm. He fought mentally one more time to hold back, but the devil in his mind won out, convincing him to let go of his morality and take for himself what he, too, needed.

He thrust his hips twice, pressing the most sensitive area of his cock shaft against the lubricious folds of his daughter’s cunny, and that was all it took to put him over the edge. “Fuck,” he hissed into the night sky. His orgasm overtook him, instantly dazing him. Squeezing tears from his eyes, he pulled his daughter’s pussy tightly against his cock and held her there, feeling his spurts of cum shooting up between their bodies and into the water.

Winnie, too, felt it: a strange pulsing sensation within the channel of her private area. She didn’t understand it, but her body did. And Winnie, too, came. The slow building feeling suddenly turned into an uncontrollable rush of pleasure. Her pussy felt warm, not from the steamy water, but from within, emanating out from her connection with her dad. Her mind tumbled into orgasm and set her head spinning.

Max felt her little body stiffen against him, and Winnie’s wanton moaning turned into a choked gasp in his ear. “Daddy…” She trembled and flopped limply backwards in his arms. She looked to him, her naked chest heaving rapidly. Fear was in her unfocused eyes. “Something is happening to me,” she cried.

While his own orgasm continued to course from his balls up into the water, Max shushed her gently through his groans. “It’s okay, baby. You’re okay. Daddy’s here for you. Just let go and feel it.”

She could barely hear him over her screaming nerves, but her father’s words nevertheless put her at ease. Winnie nodded, biting her lip nervously, and allowed herself to sink into the feeling. She panted as ecstasy roiled within her body, inundating her in uncontrollable and heretofore unimaginable pleasure. She felt silly for losing control, and she caught a glint of something in her daddy’s eye, as if she was a dessert that he was eager to eat. She didn’t know why, but she liked it. She cooed and moaned under his gaze while pleasurable forces twisted her body about.

Watching his daughter’s eyes lose focus while her body limply shuddered against its will, cumming before him, was a sexy sight for Max. He could no longer deny it. Holding her pussy tightly against his cock, his hips thrust automatically, upwards, as if to try once more to force his wand into her willing but too-small orifice. Pressed against her, he squeezed the remaining drips of cum out into the swirling water, extending the life of his own gratifying climax. He savored the sensation of his daughter’s tiny cunny rubbing against his impossibly sensitive shaft and he gasped along loudly while the small girl moaned lewdly, head back, into the night sky.

Then her body slowly relaxed, released from the grips of her climax. Winnie, still dazed, soon quieted down into contented fussing. Before long, the only sounds Max could hear were those of the bubbling hot tub and the ringing in his ears.

Max stared guiltily at his daughter. With his hands holding her by her skinny waist, she floated in the hot tub, exhausted, eyes closed, hair swirling around her head angelically. With his mind now clear, he chastised himself for losing control. He wasn’t strong enough and had truly let the situation get out of hand. He should have stopped what was happening long before witnessing his daughter orgasming against him. All he could do was hope that she would lose interest now that her body had flushed all of her own pent-up hormones out of her system. He hoped that she would realize that what they just did was wrong.

The little girl stirred, snapping him out of his self-hatred. A smile slowly spread across her face and a twinkle appeared in her eyes .“Wow, what was that?” she asked with amused curiosity.

“What was what?” Max attempted to dodge.

“I felt something, like I was going to explode. But it felt really good in my—” Winnie blushed, unable to finish her thought. But she looked into her father’s eyes and asked, “Did you feel it, too?” His expression startled and she saw him scrambling to evade her, so she pounced. “You did feel it. I know it!”

Max had been caught, and even as the elder, he knew he didn’t have the power to convince his canny daughter otherwise. He wasn’t quick enough on his feet to get away with a lie and Winnie was as sharp as she was relentless. If she wanted to know something, she was going to find out sooner or later. Max had little practice lying, much less navigating around a tricky subject like sex. Sex he’d very nearly had with his daughter.

“What is it that you felt, honey?” Max stalled.

“I felt like my insides were twisting and turning without my control. It came from… it came from…” Winnie continued with a whisper, “my privates.”

Max wasn’t sure exactly how he was going to proceed, but for the moment, he decided that honesty was the best policy. Still, he knew he would have to figure out how to warn her about the more taboo aspects of their tryst sooner than later. “Well, honey, it sounds like you had an… orgasm.”

“An orgas-ing?” Winnie slurred.

“An orgasm,” Max repeated, somewhat sheepish, but at least slightly amused.

“Or-gaz-ment,” the girl tried again.

“Tell you what, let’s just call it cummies.”

“Okay, cummies,” Winnie agreed. After a moment, Winnie looked up at her father and said, “I really liked cummies.”

“I’m glad.” Max said, desperate for her to drop the subject.

Suddenly a look of concern flashed across the young girl’s face and she reached down and grabbed her pussy. “Oooh, now I really have to pee!” she giggled.

Max stood up abruptly, thankful for the opening. “Okay, sounds like it’s time to go inside now,” he said matter-of-factly. He was at least relieved his erection had subsided at last.

Winnie whined, “Noo, it’s too cold! Can I just pee here?”

“You’re not serious,” Max said incredulously.

Winnie, realizing what she had just proposed, scoffed with amusement into her hand. Still, she persisted. “Yes?”

“Absolutely not, Pooh-bear.” With that, Max hoisted her under his arm again, the little girl giggling all the way. “No peeing in the hot tub!”

Winnie’s body hit the air and she squealed, her whole being tensing. She dragged her arm in the water, trying to claw her way hopelessly back into its warm womb. But Max climbed the steps, lifting her out and fully into the freezing air. “No Daddy, I wanna pee here!” she squealed.

“Nope, you’re not gonna—” Suddenly Max slipped while descending the hot tub stairs, nearly losing his grip on his daughter. She gave a high pitch shriek and Max swore. “Christ, there’s a sheet of solid ice out here!”

“It wasn’t icy before,” the girl observed.

“Yeah, before you splashed half the water out of the tub, young lady.” This made Winnie giggle again. She clung perpendicularly to his torso, finding warmth wherever she could by wrapping as much of her around him as she could. She noticed her head was once again near her daddy’s private area and couldn’t help but steal another look.

Back in the tub, she had wondered if that thick thing pressing against her cunny might have been his penis, but looking at it dangling softly now, she knew it just couldn’t have been. What she had felt urgently trying to squeeze its way into her begging hole minutes before was far too large and fearless to be the small and timid thing she was seeing now.

Winnie shuddered, this time less to do with shivering in the cold, and more to do with the mental aftershock of what she had experienced in the tub, what her daddy called cummies. As a young girl, she was used to pursing pleasure in her life, finding the things that amused and entertained her, but never had she felt so driven in such a bodily way as what she had felt back under the water. Somehow, in reflecting upon it, she felt like she had experienced a sort of madness, as if the whole world didn’t matter, only chasing a high so compelling, yet one she could not even have conceived moments before.

Soon they were inside and Max plopped the girl right onto the toilet. “This is the only place you’re allowed to pee, okay?” Winnie smiled sheepishly at him, remembering that she had to go, and a tinkling sound ushered forth. Max rolled his eyes and turned, “Can’t wait until I’m out of the room, at least?”

“Sorry, it just came out!” she said with a blush. She really was distracted.

Max shook his head and left, grabbing a towel along the way. The fire in the main room had been starved out while the two of them were warming up in the hot tub and the cabin’s heat was already dissipating. He went to the bedroom where he dried himself off and then set about prepping the bed for the evening. He took Winnie’s bag off, put it on the floor, and pulled back the covers.

Soon he heard a flush and was met by his daughter, wrapped in a fluffy towel of her own. “Hey, that’s my bed,” she declared at the notion of her things being moved.

“I don’t think so,” Max chuckled. I’m the dad, so I get first pick. Winnie stamped a bare foot and grunted disapprovingly. “Sorry, kiddo. One day you’ll get to call the shots, but it’s not today.” Max looked in a mirror and combed his hair.

Winnie sighed and relented. Watching him, she asked, “Daddy, can you comb my hair, too?”

“Sure honey, come here.”

Winnie obeyed.

“Now turn around.” Max pushed her around by her shoulders until her back was to him. He tugged at the towel around her body and it pulled free.

Winnie quickly grabbed her covering and glanced over her shoulder. “What are you doing?” she blushed.

“Your hair is still dripping wet from the hot tub. I’m going to give it a dry.”

“Oh, okay.” She released the towel and Max pulled it away. Once again, he couldn’t help but stare at the girl’s enchanting figure, this time from behind. She was rail thin, but her back and shoulders were toned and athletic. Her round little bottom looked as small as it was cute, and was pale as the moon. She was also leggier than one might think for her age.

But Max didn’t linger, at least not too long. He had already pushed the envelope much too far with his little girl that night, and he didn’t want to suddenly start acting strange or suspicious all over again. With the towel in his two hands, he wrapped it around the back of her head and started briskly rushing them over his daughter’s wet mane. “Rarrr!”

Winnie giggled and shrugged her shoulders up at the startling treatment. “I’m under attack!” she cried, squeaking giggles bursting forth.

“You’re under attack!” Max repeated, continuing his vigorous assault against her hair. He slowly worked the towel lower over Winnie’s shoulders and down, following the strands of hair to their very end, just below the middle of her back, making sure to dry every obvious droplet he could see. Once he was there, he wrapped his hands around her waist, hoisted her up easily into the air, and tossed her onto the bed.

Winnie shrieked as she landed, dramatically splaying her legs and unintentionally flashing another generous view of her cunny to her daddy. Max told himself not to look, but his unfatherly curiosity got the best of him in the end. Fearing his erection would make another appearance, he crawled into bed after her and covered his lap with the blankets.

“Alright, scoot back,” Max said, pulling his daughter toward him. She did, settling on top of the blankets and in between his legs. Max got to work combing the knots out of his daughter’s hair. He worked in silence for a short while.

Winnie quietly hummed a made up tune when a word slipped from her lips. “Cafuné.”

“Hmm? Did you say something?” Max asked, half paying attention.

“It’s a word that I learned when I was reading about Brazil. Cafuné.”

“Oh yeah? What’s it mean?”

“It means when you run your fingers through the hair of someone you love. I think.”

“Ooh, I like that.”

“That’s what you’re doing to me right now. You’re cafuneying me.”

Max chuckled quietly, positive that she wasn’t using the word quite right. He continued combing her hair while Winnie babbled on for a little bit about various subjects that interested her. But after a time, Max’s combing brought her into a lull. Winnie yawned and moaned, “This feels good.”

“Yeah? You enjoying this, Pooh-bear?”

“Yeah,” she answered drowsily.

“You sound like you’re getting tired, baby. We had a big day today, didn’t we?”

“I’m not sleepy,” Winnie protested but was immediately struck by another yawn.

“Not sleepy, huh, Little Miss Yawny?”

Winnie blushed, caught in her deception. “Daddy, can I sleep in here tonight?”

“Absolutely not,” Max said. Had her mother been there, they might have come to some agreement, but Max was not about to share a bed with his naked child after what had transpired in the hot tub.

Winnie crossed her arms and pouted. “I don’t want to sleep on a couch out there.”

“What’s wrong with the couch?”

“Why don’t you sleep on it, then?” she retorted.

Winnie had a point, but Max felt like he should maintain law and order. The girl was often used to getting her way, but her request, while perfectly innocent from her perspective, foreboded a worrying scenario. Having just used his daughter’s nubile, young body as a jack-off toy, he felt that allowing her slink between the sheets would risk putting him in another situation that he couldn’t control.

Winnie got up onto her knees and turned around, facing him. He looked her up and down, still without a stitch on, her scrawny form innocent yet startlingly alluring, her pussy smooth and doughy. She crawled forward and slipped quickly under the sheets, cuddling her chilly body against his side, skin fully on skin. Her teeth chattered. “Please, Daddy. It’s cold out there and you’re so warm and nice.”

Max, too, felt the warmth from Winnie’s petite body against his, and, against his every will, his cock twitched. A thousand thoughts raced through his mind, none of them good, and his countenance crumbled fully. His logical side had just lost to his emotional side and he knew it.

“Okay, Winnie, you can stay here. For a few minutes, just until you warm up. But then it’s out to the couch, okay?” But Max knew his words rang hollow. She would not be leaving the bed that night.

“Okay, Daddy,” Winnie sighed and yawned. In mere moments she was fast asleep.


The sun forced Max awake the next morning. He cracked his eyes open. The dark, wood walls of the cabin kept the room dim and cozy, but the sun itself shone directly through the window, warming the room on its own, and brightly announcing that it was time to get up.

Max blinked and remembered Winnie was still curled up beside him. He had been good and didn’t touch her all night, though he had woken up a few times with an increasing desire to pull her against him into a deep spoon. But each time, a quickly forming erection had shamed him, telling him he shouldn’t be so intimate with the moppet, and he would fall back asleep. Now he propped himself up on his elbow and gazed at her. She remained in her slumber, despite his movements and the sun’s best efforts to rouse her.

She slept deeply, breathing in through her little upturned nose and exhaling through her slightly parted lips. Her hair, mussed in the bed overnight, caressed her cherubic cheeks. And even on her side, her diminutive frame barely formed a lump in the covers. She looked small and fragile amidst the cabin’s bulky winter blankets.

Once again, Max felt his loins stir, but it was morning time and he wasn’t about to tell himself to go back to sleep this time. He moved his free arm to his soft penis and gave it a couple strokes, coaxing it to life. He didn’t intend to have a repeat of the previous night but he figured as long as Winnie continued to sleep, he could furtively enjoy his masculine urges. Once he had brought his dick to full hardness, his mind wandered lower than his child’s face. Ever so slowly, he lifted the covers to once again glimpse more of Winnie’s forbidden body and soon the ambient light revealed her bottom deep inside the cave of blankets. Max’s blood pumped at the sight. It was smooth, round, and tight, and so deliciously small. Now, more than ever, he wanted to grab her waist with a large hand and pull her body into his, drawing her ass up into his lap and pressing his stiff shaft between those soft globes of her cheeks. Or maybe press its length down between her legs so that the top would rest against her smooth furrow, where the bottom of his cock had been kissed the night before.

He pumped his fist up and down a few more times and felt pre-cum emerge. Using his finger, he swirled it around the crown of his head and drew it down to the sensitive spot underneath, working the area and enjoying the pleasurable sensations. In the back of his mind, he couldn’t help but wonder why he was once again lusting after his own daughter. Even without an answer, he wasn’t prepared to stop, so long as she slept there before him.

But, as if she had read his mind, Winnie stirred. Max quickly dropped the blankets and released his grip on his cock.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” came the tiny voice.

He cleared his throat. “I was just waking up.”

She rolled over to face him, and noticed he was up on an elbow. “Were you watching me sleep?” she asked, half amused.

Max gave a chuckle, banishing his discomfort. “I couldn’t help myself, Winnie-pooh,” he said truthfully.

She covered her face with a defiant smile, “Yes you can.”

“No I can’t,” Max insisted playfully.

“Why not?” she shot out.

“Because when I’m in the presence of an angel, I can’t look away.” Max reached over and tousled her bedhead even further. Fine blonde strands drifted in front of her big, blue eyes.

Winnie guffawed sarcastically and rolled around childishly under the covers, her energy level quickly rising to meet the day. Suddenly she pushed herself up, staticky hair pulling itself toward her pillow. “Daddy, what are we going to do today?”

“I don’t know, Pooh-bear, but I guess we’ll have to figure out something we can do where you don’t have to have pants on.”

Winnie stuck out her tongue.

“We’ll find some things to do in the cabin. There are the books and some board games out in the main room.”

Winnie excitedly added an idea of her own. “Can we go in the hot tub again?”

Max hesitated, remembering what he had done—and what he had just barely not done—to his daughter the last time they were there. “I think I’m going to skip the hot tub today, but you can go in it for a little while.”

Winnie cheered quietly to herself. She flipped the covers off of her and rolled into the warming sunlight. Having slept naked, and now unrestrained by her usual bedtime pajamas, she was feeling a little giddy. She liked the feeling of the cool blankets against her warmed-over body and it made her mind wander to the night before and the strange new feelings she had felt. She looked at her father and unconsciously batted her eyelids. Max knew she was pouring it on. Using her most precious voice, she quietly asked, “Um, can we have cummies again, too?” She smiled an awkward, too-big smile that belied her sincerity.

Max’s chest tightened. He had hoped that she would’ve forgotten all about their unscrupulous tryst, but she was young and naive, and wasn’t aware of the inappropriate nature of such familial bonding. “Um, well, Pooh-bear, I don’t think we should. Last night, we did something that most girls don’t usually do with their daddies.”

While she didn’t totally understand why, Winnie was clever enough and sensed that her father had made a mistake last night somehow; he let her do something she wasn’t supposed to do, something mama wouldn’t like, maybe even something adult. But she was also pleased that she had done something that made her feel like a big girl. “Dang, it felt really good.”

“I’m glad you had fun, but we really shouldn’t do that again. At least, not together.”

“Okay,” she said looking down, disappointed. She toyed with the wrinkles in the blankets for a few seconds before she looked up at her dad again, smiling that mischievous smile. “So what are cummies, anyway?”

Max turned red. Even knowing it was off limits, the girl couldn’t help but let her curiosity guide her. He turned the question over in his head a few times. Again he had to toe the line of being forthright about sex and sexuality—as he and his wife had agreed—but not so much that he would be dumping her in the deep end of a potentially confusing new world. And he didn’t want to shame the girl about her natural urges and what they had led to the night before. Max cleared his throat. “Cummies, well, they’re when your body feels really good. Like, better than it’s ever felt before.”

The girl rolled her eyes. “I know that. I felt it last night,” she said proudly, “But what makes it happen?”

“Well, it’s complicated.” He gestured vaguely as he spoke. “It’s a little bit about how your body and your brain react to seeing things around you, and feeling things, too.”

“Like what?”

Max grimaced, but gave the question some thought. “Like for me, if I see a pretty girl,” he smiled and rubbed his nose against hers, “like your mommy, then my body starts sending me signals that make my tummy and privates feel funny.

“And hopefully she gets the same feeling in her tummy, and if she does, then we might come together and kiss each other.” Max peppered Winnie with quick kisses all over her face, causing her to giggle and shy away.

“And after a while, if we love each other enough, we’ll start rubbing our bodies together.” Max swished Winnie side to side across the bedsheet, eliciting adorable little giggles from her.

“And then suddenly your body gets really tickly all over!” With that, Max tickled Winnie’s sides, eliciting a cascade of laughter. She backed up toward the foot of the bed, but he pursued, crawling forward out of the covers. Squealing, Winnie kicked the loose blankets up in Max’s face and scampered backwards across them on all fours. Max grabbed the comforter and flicked one side up in an attempt to entrap his prey. As Winnie retreated, the runway of mattress soon ran out and before she realized it, she was tumbling backwards toward the ground. Max gasped as the girl screeched on her way to the floor, but there was no thud. Max leapt to the end of the bed and peered over the edge.

To his relief Winnie was caught in a nest of blankets that she had taken with her as she had slipped. Her body was folded in half, her knees up at her shoulders and feet over her head. She stared up at Max with a playful glare. “That was scary!” she gasped with a chuckle and attempted to pull herself out of the web, but from her disadvantaged position, she struggled to move. With grunts, groans, and strains of futility, she managing mostly to just waggle her skinny legs back and forth.

Max looked at his tangle of a daughter, his eyes flicking often to her bare pussy whenever it peeked out from between her thighs. He laughed and offered a hand down, which she grasped, and hauled her out of the blanket trap and back onto the bed. Drawing her toward him, he kept her arm pulled upward as if she were hanging from a monkey bar. “Wow, look at the big fish I caught!”

”I’m not a fish!” Winnie giggled bashfully, strung up naked by her dad. He looked her up and down. “Let’s see, about 50 inches long, and, oh, about 50 pounds?” he joked. “Hmm, not sure if she’s big enough yet. Should I throw her back?”

“No Daddy, don’t throw me back!” her giggle turning nervous as she glanced over her shoulder toward the floor. She possessed a hint of fear that he might actually toss her off the bed.

“Hmm, that’s funny, a fish who wants to be caught,” Max teased. He released the girl and she sank onto the bed.

Winnie coiled backward, bracing herself for a leap. “You made a mistake, Daddy.”

“Uh oh, I did?”

“Yeah, I’m not a fish, I’m a shark!” The girl sprang at her father, her fingers curled like menacing claws. “Rawr!” She jumped onto Max, knocking him onto his back by surprise.

“Oh no! Shark attack!” Max laughed.

Now it was Winnie’s turn to return her father’s tickle torture, though her own crazed giggling largely eclipsed the meager amount of laughter she actually managed to coax from him with her wandering hands.

Max was mostly distracted by her position on top of him. His daughter straddled his waist, her ass just in front of his soft cock. With the blankets in disarray all over the floor, both of their bodies were out in the open and uninhibited from each other in every way.

Max’s eyes caught her injury. “How’s your bump this morning?”

Winnie peered down at it. It was black and purple along the length of it, and yellowed as it moved away from the point of impact. “It looks bad, but it feels okay.”

“It doesn’t hurt?”

“Not a lot.”

“That’s my tough girl,” Max smiled, then gave her knees a squeeze. “I’m glad. That means I won’t have to turn you into shark fin soup!”

Winnie giggled and roamed her wiggling fingers to and fro across the landscape of her father’s body and Max took advantage of the moment by savoring the skin-on-skin contact between his child’s slender thighs. But Max could feel an erection quickly forming, and he found himself needing to put an end to his daughter’s amusement. “Okay, okay, the shark wins today. You’ve eaten the fisherman.” Max conceded.

“Aw, Daddy, I was just getting started,” she sat back, smiling and panting from her exertion.

Max’s eyes roamed over her naked body once more, taking in every detail she presented him, her tiny nipples on her scant chest, her waist so skinny he could make out the line of her abs going down the center, and especially down at the private junction between her thighs. With her legs splayed across his abdomen, Max noticed that young Winnie’s smooth labia were slightly parted. The pink within her crevice was visible as the rising sun shone almost directly up her girlish hole. He thought he could even see in far enough to catch a glistening thread of lubricant connecting one side of an inner wall to the other.

His cock surged onward at the sight of his panting daughter, and he felt its tip press into Winnie’s backside. Max balked and started to move, but Winnie felt it, too, and with an absent-minded curiosity, she reached around to find out what was poking her. She started; it was hot and felt hard, but the outside was somehow squishy and pliable.

Max grunted in agony as the small hand wrapped around his shaft, though less in pain and more out of surprise. Winnie instantly let go. “Sorry, did I hurt you!” But the young girl still wasn’t sure just what she had grabbed and why it had gotten such a reaction out of her daddy. She lifted herself up on her legs and looked between them. There before her eyes was Max’s ever-growing cock. “Whoa, Daddy, your penis is so big!” She tore her eyes away from the turgid staff and looked at her father. “Why?”

Max buried his face in his hands at the constant string of frustrations his daughter’s growing sexual curiosity was presenting him, not to mention the unfatherly feelings that were igniting within him once more. The beguiling sight of his lengthening cock glimpsed between her skinny legs, and its contrasting size compared to her hovering sex didn’t help. Ah, well, Pooh-bear,” he stalled, trying to find the words. “Sometimes it’s big, and sometimes it’s small.”

“Oh, well, it’s really big now!” Winnie said in wonder. She shifted, sitting back down again, this time on her father’s thighs and with his swollen cock now in front of her, and picked it up again.

Feeling her fingers delicately grasp his shaft, Max gasped again, dropping his hands from his face to watch.

Winnie dropped the fleshy member and looked at him. “Am I hurting you, Daddy?”

Max was hypnotized by the sight of his daughter toying with his cock. “No baby, it doesn’t hurt. You just surprised me.”

Winnie gave a shy smile and lifted up the cock again so that it pointed to the sky. She looked it up and down, fascinated by its rainbow of colors: peach, red, pink, purple, and maybe more. Something about its appearance was giving her a funny feeling in her tummy. Funny and familiar, but she didn’t quite know why. Holding it up by the base with one hand, she ran her other lightly up the shaft to the top, causing her father to whimper. She felt devious, like she held a certain power over him now.

“Ooh, is your penis ticklish, Daddy?” Max didn’t answer, but his body shuddered as her hand traveled lightly along his length. Winnie took that to mean yes and she brushed her small fingers up and down quickly, feeling every ridge and bump of his cock’s geometry fluttering against her touch. When Max groaned instead of laughing, she slowed her movements, worrying again that she might be hurting him. She looked into his eyes, but didn’t see pain. Instead she saw the same look he had given her the night before in the hot tub. It was a look of wanton pleasure.

The gears in Winnie’s mind suddenly locked together and it dawned on her what she had felt pressing up against her vagina the night before. She looked down at the large, stiff wand in her hand and realized it was her daddy’s penis that had made her pussy feel so good. She swallowed, remembering the sensations that had overwhelmed her body that night, too. Cummies, as her dad had told her.

Her thumb wandered along a spongy rise on the underside of his cock and when she pressed along the cock’s collar, the whole thing swelled suddenly and a gout of something clear leapt from the slit at the top. It dripped down onto her fingers and she instinctively jerked it away. “Daddy, you peed!” she accused, but she quickly realized it was something else and eyed her fingers curiously.

“That’s not pee, Winnie-poo, it’s precum,” he declared horsely before clearing his throat.

The girl raised an eyebrow. “What’s precum?” Winnie said, giving the crystal fluid a tentative sniff.

“It’s like a little bit of lubricant so that when two people slide against each other, it doesn’t hurt your skin.”

Winnie rubbed a bit of it between two fingers. She marveled at its silkiness. “Oh yeah, I guess my pussy can do that, too. Sometimes I can feel it drip into my undies, and it’s not like pee at all.”

“Oh yeah?” Max asked, finding himself intensely curious to hear more about how his daughter’s body was maturing. “What makes it drip?”

Winnie shrugged. “Umm, I don’t really know. Sometimes it happens when I ride my bike on a bumpy street. Or when people kiss a lot on TV. Once it happened after I was playing on the swings, and my shorts and undies kept giving me a wedgie.” She thought for a moment and then said, “It feels kinda wet now. Wanna see?”

Max did want to see, even though he knew he shouldn’t. He knew that he should stop his little girl’s curious exploration of his private parts and he should put an end to all the sexy play between himself and his daughter. But instead, he stayed quiet, while he watched Winnie lean back and pull the two soft petals of her cunny apart, exposing her virginal insides to his perverted gaze.

The little girl was so tight, he couldn’t see very far inside her, even with her labia spread wide and the morning sun shining upon it, but he was already seeing far more than he knew he should. Inside her opened gash, she was pink with a hint of ripply texture, and indeed the walls of her cunny exuded a sheen of lubrication. Winnie dipped one finger inside of herself and swirled it around. Her body shivered unexpectedly, but she ignored it. She pulled the digit from within her and showed it to her father. “See? I have it, too.” She slipped the fluid around between her thumb and finger.

“I believe you,” Max said looking away, trying to disengage from his precocious daughter’s chosen topic of conversation.

“No, Daddy, look,” Winnie whined, insistent to show off her biological discovery. She scooted forward, grazing her cunny against the underside of Max’s shaft, and sat herself back on his stomach, just in front of his engorged cock head. She thrust her hand toward his face, forcing him to look at her sticky fingers.

Max could not only see, but he could smell her girlish odor and was intoxicated by it, and as much as he wanted to end his child’s naughty demonstration, he found he now wanted just as much to repeat the previous night’s exhibition.

Winnie thought her dad was giving her fingers a funny look, but he never responded, so with a giggle, she swiped one of her sticky fingers down the tip of his nose, leaving a glistening dot of her cum upon it.

Her playfulness snapped Max out of his trance, and he, too wanted to play. With a disarming chuckle, he growled, “Uh oh, now, I’m the shark! Om nom nom.” He grabbed Winnie’s hand and pulled it to his mouth.

Winnie tumbled forward with a high-pitched squeak, her small, naked body crashing onto her father’s. She giggled as her father chewed and sucked on her cummy fingers. “Ew, Daddy, don’t eat my fingers!”

“Fingers? I thought they were fish sticks!” Max declared while savoring the flavor of Winnie’s pussy juice on her fingers.

The little girl wriggled around on him, trying to get away. She scooted backwards and ramped herself up onto the turgid rail of her daddy’s cock. Max released her hand and swallowed a groan as he felt her warm channel suddenly slide slickly up along his sensitive underside. Her weight squeezed out another generous dribble of precum, which dripped, molten-like, onto his stomach. His cock surged against his daughter’s opening, begging to feel her insides.

Winnie, too, was surprised at how slick she had become. Sliding her pussy against her daddy’s body was fun, but there was also something more to the sensation. It was pleasurable, and even more, as she felt his thick pole resting in her cunny crack. Something about it felt right, like her crevice was meant to fit there. It was hot at their junction, yet she shivered in the cool morning air. “Daddy, it’s cold in here, but it’s too hot under the blankets.”

“Why don’t you lay against me, Pooh-bear,” Max suggested.

Winnie laid herself against her daddy’s body, resting her head on his chest, but making sure to keep his cock pinned underneath her. It made her feel good there nestled between her smooth, hairless labia, and she didn’t want to let it go.

Max couldn’t believe what was happening to him once again. For the second time, his naked and nubile daughter had worked herself up a sexual hunger and he didn’t know what to do about it. In his mind, nothing especially sexual was happening; the inexperienced girl was just doing some exploration of her feelings, but he knew from experience that it could get out of hand. Still, he savored their skinship and he placed a large hand on her back, holding her more closely against him. From heel to fingertip, its length could cover the entire width of her skinny torso. She was so very small and fragile in his grasp.

They laid there, quiet, for a long while. Max threatened to nod off, but even so, his erection never flagged. Every breath from his daughter moved her skin against his, slowly edging up his arousal.

After some time, though, he felt a different, almost imperceptible movement. Winnie squeezed her hips, pressing her cunny against her daddy’s cock, just ever so slightly. Max swallowed, wondering if it was just his imagination. Before long it came again. Just the slightest pressure against him aided by her girlish wetness. This time he twitched his cock in response. He meant to match her subtlety so as not to tip his hand, but he hadn’t the control, and his cock swelled considerably against the softness of his child’s small pussy.

Winnie gave a quiet mewl as she felt her father’s privates rise to meet her own. Her actions, slight as they were, had been validated by a positive response. This time, she pressed her hips a little bit harder. A fuzzy feeling spread from her pussy outward, her legs stiffened, and sent a tingle up her side. In the dead quiet of the room, she could hear her privates squish, clearly releasing more of her juices onto her daddy’s hot shaft. She had never been this wet before.

Max’s heart leapt as an audible sigh escaped his daughter. His brain quickly churned through every reason to stop her and only the excuses to let her continue seemed to hold any validity: she was in control, she wanted it, she needed to learn about sex, and why not with someone she could trust not to hurt her. Again, she pressed her hips against his, squeezing out his own lubricating precum onto his belly, and as she moved against him, it spread across her smooth tummy. How he longed to smear that precious fluid against her naked folds instead.

Unwilling to make any decisive moves toward her, he caressed her back, urging her to continue of her own volition. Even so, he found his hands lightly tracing lower and lower down her back, until he reached the end of her spine and the top of her petite bottom. Winnie arched her back, pressing her chest into him, pulling her head under his chin and raising her butt into the air, like a cat searching out scratches. From his vantage, Max could see the pale twin globes of her cheeks rising up above her head. She was miniature against him and if he had given into his desire to grope her, he could practically palm the whole of her ass with one hand.

Instead, he applied the slightest amount of pressure against the small of her back, pushing her back down to him. As her butt descended, Winnie’s pussy dragged sensually up her father’s long cock. Her head pushed upward, her eyes rolling back slightly, and she groaned quietly into Max’s face. He gave a small, ragged sigh in return. Hearing him caused Winnie to contemplate her actions. She still didn’t fully understand what she was feeling and that made her self-conscious. She giggled a little.

“What is it, Pooh-bear?”

Winnie shrugged up her skinny shoulders. “I don’t know. This just feels really good. It feels like we’re playing a game together, but we’re naked.” To put a point on it, she rocked against him quickly a couple more times, pressing her lubricated genitals against his, and flashing a virginal smile.

The morning light made her messy, blonde bedhead look more like a shimmering aura than a hairstyle, and her milky skin glowed as if it had been cut with honey. She looked like a picture and Max wished he could take a photo of her to hang in a gallery. The purity of her innocence was only deceived by the protrusion of her aroused nipples on her otherwise flat chest and the lust smoldering behind her gaze.

Max couldn’t help himself anymore. “You know, Winnie, it’s okay to play naked games, but it’s usually something only adults do.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s sort of like going to the top of the mountain. It’s only something for big girls and boys. When they’re ready for it.”

Winnie snorted. “I’m a big girl!”

Max huffed. “I know you are, kiddo, but, you know, once you start going up to the top of the mountain, once you get on that last lift, there’s no turning back. You’re committed. That’s kind of like what you’re doing right now.”

Winnie scrunched her face, trying to puzzle out his nuanced metaphor. She didn’t understand exactly what he was saying, but she absolutely knew that she wanted to pursue whatever it was that they were feeling together there in that bed. “I’m a big girl,” she whispered, “and I want to go to the top of the mountain!”

Max could barely breathe. His chest was tight. It wasn’t just his daughter who was making a choice. He had to, as well. He, himself, had to decide if he wanted to take his child to the top of his metaphorical mountain. He still had an opportunity to turn back before he got on that last lift.

Instead, Max nodded. He almost couldn’t believe he was going to do it, but as he had told his little girl, once he was committed, there was no going back. He was going to fuck her. “Lay your head against me.”

Winnie obeyed, resting her face in the crook of her daddy’s neck. She didn’t know why, but she decided to kiss him lightly there just then.

“Now lift up your ass a little bit,” Max said softly.

Winnie scoffed lightly at her father’s use of the rude word, but she obeyed. The way he said it, gently, made her feel grown up.

With his cock free of her weight, Max reached between them and gripped its now considerable length. It was slick with his daughter’s cunny lube. He couldn’t believe how wet she had made herself over him, her own father. It felt obscene. He lifted his heavy meat off his body and into the air, until he felt it press against the top of his child’s saturated cleft. His breath caught in his throat as he pushed it against her soft, smooth little body, dragging the sensitive head of his cock through her moist, puffy folds. In moments, he could feel his tip against the rim of his baby daughter’s pussy hole.

He was on the precipice of taking her virginity. He no longer thought about whether or not he should. He now only thought about how beautiful it was—their secret, special familial bond—about how good he felt, and how good he was going to make Winnie feel, too.

Her pussy was so tight, Max couldn’t enter with just a little pressure. He had to push, and push hard. But he was surprised by how much his effort was matched by Winnie’s ready willingness as she pushed herself down upon him in return.

Winnie didn’t know why her body wanted to move so, but she wouldn’t deny her instincts. The elastic rim of her entrance strained around the bulbous wand of her father, and the little girl’s body tensed, feeling a sharp pain, like a knife pressing against her skin, but there was a fiery pleasure emanating across her nerves, as well.

The confusing contrast of these new feelings tugged at her, but Winnie knew she wanted to keep going. What she was doing was exciting, and even if she didn’t fully understand, the pleasure centers of her brain urged her onward, downward. She pushed and strained, feeling her daddy entering her little body. The velvet softness of his cockhead made the stiffness of the invading member tolerable. As her pussy stretched wide, Winnie gasped, a hint of drool developing at the corner of her mouth, and a small groan quickly turned into a loud moan, when suddenly there was a pop as the cock’s crown pushed passed her entrance and seated into place inside of her pussy.

Max felt the tight rubber-band of his daughter’s opening snap against his shaft. He looked down and saw the entirety of his bulbous cock head had disappeared between Winnie’s legs. He had done it. He had taken her virginity. His daughter, his only child. Her first fuck was her own father. Winnie’s wet, warm channel leaked pussy fluid down his shaft in small, cloudy beads. The area around her labia deformed to accommodate Max’s massive cock.

The little girl winced and gasped. One hand pressed against her father’s chest, pushing herself backwards onto his shaft. With her other hand, her small fingers gingerly explored her stretched cunny. The ring of her opening almost felt like it was burning, yet it was pleasure it burned with more than pain. She danced her fingers lightly around her father’s shaft, tracing around her hole and feeling the perfect seal her young vagina made against his mature shaft. She marveled at the fact that her daddy was up inside her body. She traced her way up through the cleft between her widely parted labia majora, spreading her silky fluids through her slit. She reached her clit and intuitively circled it, feeling the intensity of the warm pleasure radiating out from her private area.

“Does that feel good, baby?” Max asked softly, watching his kiddo lightly masturbating.

“Uh huh,” Winnie grunted. “It feels good like last night. But different.”

Winnie mewled as she worked her finger around her little love bump. She arched her back, leaning into the pleasure and feeling the pressure of her daddy’s cock head at different angles inside her small body.

Max gulped. With every small movement his daughter made, even though he was barely inside her, the tightness of her pussy’s opening strangled his swollen member and put pressure against the most sensitive areas of his cock. Max wasn’t exactly fucking her, but he also wasn’t not fucking her. His brain dwelled on the latter train of thought.

I’m inside my daughter, he thought. I’m making love to the girl that I put in my wife. I’m showing my own child sex for the first time. He flexed his hips slightly, attempting to invade her further. He didn’t get far, but he still felt himself move a few millimeters deeper.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Winnie repeated with building urgency. “Yes, yes, yes!” she cried out, and then she was suddenly cumming. She was overtaken by a rushing sensation that she couldn’t hold off. Her eyebrows arched and her eyes rolled up. Her body stiffened as a warm, tingly feeling grew outwards from her clit and raced deep within her, causing her body to seize. She flicked her fingers quickly over the nub and instinctively rocked back and forth, quietly riding her father’s cock, as deeply as she could manage, in short, quick strokes. Then, after a moment of blissful tension, intense pleasure burst throughout her body, like a firework exploding. Her petite form convulsed for several seconds as she hovered over her father, impaled on his massive member, yet not big enough to take his full length. Soon her muscles gave way and she fell forward onto him, burying her head into her daddy’s neck, his marvelous cock head so swollen that it stayed lodged tightly within her warmest place. With her narrow hips slightly raised, her one finger continued to scour her little clitty while her other hand flailed blindly for something to grab onto, as if she were going to be taken away by the waves of pleasure rolling over her. Her small fingers found Max’s large ones and they instinctively entwined.

Her tiny hand in his, Max was struck by the difference in their size. He was no giant, but even so, his young daughter was so small and light on him, she felt like little more than a ragdoll. Watching his baby girl cumming obscenely on his cock, Max’s head filled with a dense fog. He felt his balls boiling and the sudden, hot rush up and down his shaft indicated he, too, was past the point of no return. He knew it would be irresponsible to ejaculate inside of his offspring, yet he held himself inside her humid sex as long as he could bear, even daring to use her sudden wellspring of orgasmic juices to push himself into her deeper still. Her pulsing cunt walls felt heavenly, softly yet firmly milking his cum up from the depths.

Just as he was about to feel himself spurt, Max backed his cock out of Winnie’s broiling hot channel. To his surprise, however, he could only get so far. His cock head tugged at the entrance to his daughter’s hole, but the rubber-band tightness of her vaginal rim gripped the swollen ridge of his glans.

Max was stuck inside of her and his eyes went wide at the realization that he was about to unleash his sperm into her youthful chalice. But just as quickly, they snapped shut again as he instantly folded, succumbing now to the immoral pleasure, the otherworldly sensation of his daughter’s tight, quaking cunny gripping his captive penis and welcoming in the ropes of incestuous sperm quickly filling her precious little canal. “Fuck, I’m cumming, Baby!” he grimaced.

“I’m cumming, too, Daddy!” the girl whined. “It feels so good!”

Unable to stop what had started, Max impulsively pushed his cock deep into his little girl, intent on eking out the last ounces of pleasure from their deviant act. Winnie, too, rhythmically rocked her hips against his invading wand. “We’re really fucking now,” he said aloud to himself.

Winnie looked up at him. “What?” she grunted out.

“Um, we— we’re on top of the mountain, Pooh-bear.”

She smiled weakly, lustily. She closed her eyes and savored the final sensations of her dissipating innocence. Their orgasms subsided, but twinges of pleasure continued to streak through their bodies and Winnie giggled at their small, uncontrollable twitches. Before long, Max was soft enough that his cock at last had permission to leave Winnie’s body. It sagged out of her and onto his pelvis, and he felt his girl’s cunny drool a warm melange of both of their cums onto him.

“Uh oh,” Winnie spoke up bashfully.

“What is it?” Max asked.

The little girl cupped her free hand around her mouth and whispered, “I think I wet myself a little bit.”

Max chuckled, “No honey, I think that was me.”

Winnie cocked her head inquisitively. “It was?”

“Yes, I accidentally came inside you.”

Winnie arched an eyebrow. “You peed in me?”

Max laughed. “No, it’s not pee, it’s cum.” He could tell his daughter was still confused. “Just think of it as a sloppy little thank you kiss from my cock for making me feel good.”

“Oh,” Winnie yawned, “My cunny kissed you back, because you made it feel good, too.” She sighed and laid her head on her daddy’s chest. Their one hand still intertwined, Max petted her hair with the other, and before long father and daughter were dozing together.

They laid in bed, reveling in the long morning when suddenly there was a firm knock at the cabin’s front door. Winnie lifted her head with a start. “Who is that?”

Max’s mind instinctually jumped to law enforcement. The reality of what he had done with his daughter, twice now, was suddenly at the forefront of his mind with crystal clarity. Even so, after a moment of terror, he quickly rationalized that, unless someone was spying through the open window, no one could have known what they had done together that morning, but he got up to peer outside the window and found deep, undisturbed banks of snow. Max grimly told himself that he should have been more cautious in the first place and made a mental note to block out potential spies in the future. Then he felt horrible that he had even considered doing anything like that with her again. “I don’t know who it is, Pooh-bear.”

Winnie leapt up suddenly and went streaking through the cabin. “I’ll get it!”

“Put some clothes on first!” Max howled after her.

Winnie grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. She looked around briefly for her panties, but couldn’t immediately spot them.

Another knock came followed by the sound of keys entering a lock. Winnie squeaked and tugged the hem of her shirt down as the door opened. Standing there in the entrance was a young, teen girl in a puffy jacket, cute, fuzzy ear warmers, and thick, wooly tights.

“Who are you?” Winnie asked meekly.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” The older girl responded, her eyes popping wide with surprise. She tugged her ear warmers down, encircling her brown hair with the tips dyed a fading neon green. “I’m Wren. My calendar says today is a cleaning day.”

“Daddy, it’s the maid,” Winnie hollered, then said to the teenager, “My name is Winnie.”

“Well, Miss Winnie, sorry to have disturbed you, but checkout is at 11:00, so I didn’t think anyone would be here by now.”

Max poked his head out from behind the bedroom door. “I’m not sure what’s going on. We’re not checking out today. We have this cabin for another night.”

“Damn it,” the girl responded, “It should’ve been in my calendar. I guess the owner must have slipped up and forgot to block off the second day when you booked it.”

Max smiled, “That’s okay, sorry you had to come all the way out here.”

The teen sighed, “It’s not your fault, this happens a lot. I ought to make him pay my travel expenses when this happens. Okay, I’ll be back tomorrow.” She turned to go, but then paused. “You know actually, the hot tub is scheduled for a rebalance today, so if you want, I could do that for you while I’m here.”

Winnie scrunched up her face. “What’s that mean?”

The cleaning girl crouched down to be on Winnie’s level. “It means I put some chemicals in the water to get all the icky things out of it that people put in it.”

Winnie spun around to face her dad. “See, Daddy? I could have peed in it last night, after all!” From this angle, Wren noticed the pale globes of the girl’s bare butt cheeks hanging out from beneath her thermal top. She ticked an eyebrow up incredulously.

Max rolled his eyes at his daughter’s declaration. “Oh my god, I apologize for my child. You know what? If you have any soap in there with all your chemicals, my daughter’s mouth could use a cleaning.”

Winnie covered her mouth with one hand and shook her head. “Mm-mm!”

Wren chuckled at their banter.

Max smiled warmly and said, “Yes, please do clean the hot tub. We would appreciate that.” He knew what kind of icky things he had already put in it.

“Okay, shouldn’t take a moment,” Wren said, then headed for the back door.

Winnie jumped up and down excitedly. “Then me and daddy can play naked games again!”

Max’s eyes popped. “Wendy Amelie! What are you telling her?”

Winnie instantly knew she had said something wrong by the tone of his voice, and the color ran from her face. Unsure what to say, she swayed and nervously shrugged.

Wren paused and turned. “What?”

Filled with dread, Max rushed out of the bedroom toward his daughter, quickly wrapping a towel around his waist in the process. He gripped her by the arm. “You’re going to give this poor girl the wrong idea,” he reprimanded her insistently. His mind raced for a way to put his child’s words back into her mouth, but he knew it was impossible. He turned to Wren and cleared his throat. “What she meant is we had to do some skinny dipping last night. The hot tub wasn’t mentioned on the rental listing, so we didn’t think to pack swimming suits for a snowy cabin, you know?”

Wren exhaled, “Oh, yeah, the hot tub was broken for a while, so the owner must not have remembered to put it back on the listing after he fixed it. I’ll have to let him know.”

“Great,” Max said as the teenager exited through the back door.

Max’s eyes shot daggers at his daughter. “Winnie, you can’t tell people we were playing naked games. We’re father and daughter. You’re going to give people the wrong idea.” He felt pangs of regret thinking about how, in fact, they would have an accurate idea of their incestuous acts.

Head down and with a crack in her voice, Winnie replied, “Okay.”

“Not even Mommy, okay?” he added. “Do you know why?”

Winnie winced as her father squeezed her arm tightly. “Daddy, you’re hurting me.”

“Do you know why?” he spat, shaking the small girl lightly, but firmly.

Winnie flinched. “Cuz it’s… naughty?”

“It’s very naughty, Pooh-bear. Daughters aren’t supposed to play naked games with their daddies, okay? I could go to jail and we’d never be able to see each other ever again. Do you want that?”

Winnie shook her head. Her face was hot and she was on the verge of crying.

“Good. I don’t want that either.”

Max released her and she stood there, looking glumly toward the floor. He looked at the wretched girl standing beneath him and sighed. “I’m… I’m sorry I scared you, Pooh-bear.”

Winnie sobbed and dove in for a hug. Hot tears streaked her down her cheeks and seared his shoulder. “I’m sorry, Daddy, I’ll never tell anyone!”

Max patted Winnie’s back somberly. Telling his child to keep their tryst a secret weighed on him. He knew it was a big responsibility for a girl her age, and it was a lot to ask of her after he had already betrayed his own moral responsibility to her as her father. He had told her more than once that daughters shouldn’t do those things with their daddies, but it was equally true that daddies shouldn’t do those things with their daughters. Max knew he had to get past it. They had to forget about it. What they had done early that morning could never happen again.

The girl released her hug. She looked at her feet and with a sniffle, she said, “Daddy?”

“Yes, Pooh-bear?”

“Can I go swim in the hot tub again?”

Max took a big breath and exhaled. Already the little thing was regaining her trademark exuberance. He smiled and leaned down to kiss the top of her head. “Yes you can, as soon as Wren is done, okay?” He didn’t want Winnie to be in a bad mood all day, and also figured, if nothing else, it would lend credence to his cover story if the cleaning girl saw Winnie skinny dipping with her own eyes.

Winnie’s mood brightened instantly. “Eee!” she squealed running to the back door. It was then that Max realized the little girl wasn’t wearing her underwear.

“Winnie!” he called after her. The little girl froze. “Where are your panties?”

The little girl turned around and looked down at her crotch, lifting up her shirt and peering down at her naked vulva, as if she didn’t believe him. Glimpsing her girlish cleft in full view once more, Max’s heart skipped a beat. He cursed himself over his primal reaction. After all, it was just two bare petals of flesh. Why were they suddenly so damn tantalizing?

Because, he knew, it was more than that. It was two bare petals that he had fucked. It was his own daughter’s pussy that he had penetrated, opened, and filled with his incestuous cum. Cum that was even now still clinging to the inner walls of her moist pocket.

Winnie spoke timidly. “I couldn’t find them.”

“Well the first thing you’re going to do when you’re done swimming is you’re going to find them, and you’re going to put them on. Okay?”

“Okay,” Winnie said before she disappeared through the door.

Watching the small globes of her tiny bottom peek out from beneath her shirt, Max reiterated firmly to himself, “It can never happen again.”

Outside, Wren was pouring a box of some kind of chemical into the hot tub. She heard the back door slam along with high-pitched hooting and turned to see Winnie hopping barefoot through the snow.

“Whoa, kiddo, you’re not really dressed for the weather,” she laughed.

“I’m gonna go swimming! Daddy said I could go skinny dipping in the hot tub again.”

“Well slow your roll, little lady, cuz it’s gonna be a minute. You have to wait until all the cleaning chemicals are dissolved and filtered or else you’ll get a burn.”

“That’s okay,” Winnie insisted, but her bravery in the cold was betrayed by a shiver.

Wren observed bemusedly as the little girl high-stepped through the snow, trying to find a non-existent warm patch somewhere in the frozen-over back yard. “You know, you can wait inside and I’ll come get you when the water is ready.”

“I don’t want to. My daddy’s kinda mad at me,” Winnie said quietly.

“Well, come over here then, at least. Let’s get your feet up out of the snow.” The teenager reached out her arms.

Winnie giggled and approached her, lifting her arms up so that Wren could pick her up by her underarms. The little girl splayed her legs around Wren’s torso and in the process, her long-sleeved shirt rode up and exposed her vulval flesh, which she perched on Wren’s hip with a tiny grunt.

Wren held the girl by her cold, bare bottom and the teenager couldn’t help but glance down at the half-naked girl’s undressed sex. She wasn’t trying to steal a look, she was trying to spot any lingering evidence of foul play that she suspected between the father and daughter. She was a bit cautious of what the girl had said about their naked games, as well as Max’s reaction to his daughter’s blurt, and she wanted to do something if she felt the girl was being molested.

Her eyes quickly glimpsed Winnie’s smooth, pale cleft, but before she could identify anything that might have looked like blood or dried cum, she was startled by the rather large bruise going up Winnie’s hip. Already holding her up by her bare butt, Wren felt weird looking at the girl’s naked pussy and dared not stare long, in case Max was watching her through the window. But she felt duty-bound to pull more information out of her.

“Goodness, kiddo, did your Daddy give you that bruise?”

Winnie looked at the teenager and twisted her face incredulously. “No.”

“That looks pretty nasty, honey. Where did you get it? Did someone hurt you?”

“No, it was a skiing accident,” Winnie said matter-of-factly.

Wren was heartened by her quick answer, but she also knew that sometimes girls would lie about abuse, so she continued to dig. “Tell me this, kiddo. How come you don’t have any panties?”

“Well,” Winnie began, holding up one finger. “The ones I was wearing got ripped when I crashed into a tree.” She then held up a second finger. “And I don’t know where my other ones are. I couldn’t find them this morning.”

“Hmm.” Wren murmured.

“Oh wait!” Winnie tensed up suddenly with restrained energy. “I know where they are! Put me down! Put me down!” She wriggled against the teenager like a cat that was being hugged too tight and nearly slipped right out of Wren’s grasp.

“Easy, easy, you slippery little otter! I almost dropped you.”

Winnie slid down the girl, her shirt rolling up to her chest. Wren blushed at the obscenity of the nearly naked little girl in the snow tugging her shirt back down, and she was thankful the hot tub was enclosed by a fence, no way for neighbors to spy. Chattering teeth aside, Winnie didn’t even seem to notice that she wore barely any clothes. She ran up the wooden steps to the hot tub and brushed away the snow that had accumulated at the top. Underneath was a flash of the girl’s simple, pink panties with the frilly band.

“My pannies! I found them!” Winnie cried. “I forgot I brought them out here last night.” She scratched at them with tiny fingernails and then turned with frustration to Wren. “Omg. They’re stuck!”

Wren came up behind her and, sure enough, the undergarments were frozen solid in a sheet of ice. All of Winnie’s ebullient splashing the night before had quickly frozen into multiple icy layers and had stuck the panties securely to the wooden step.

Kneeling in the snow, Winnie shivered hard and scratched some more at her ice-glazed underwear, trying in vain to free them.

“Kiddo, you’re really not dressed for this.” Wren mothered. “Get in the hot tub; it’s probably fine now. I’ll work on freeing your underoos.”

Winnie shrieked joyously and stripped her top off in one swift motion. The rail-thin, pale blonde scampered naked up the steps and swung one leg into the water, followed by the other. “Ooh!” She cried, wincing. “It stings!”

Wren looked up at the girl dancing back and forth as she raised one leg up out of the water, then the other, trying to get them acclimated to the sudden change in temperature. From her vantage, she could see Winnie’s goodies on full display, including her stiff nipples, the thin slit formed by two plump pussy lips, and even a glimpse of the small fold of her clit hood peaking out from between the top of them. The teenager couldn’t believe that the young girl was so unfazed by her own nudity, but she couldn’t help but chuckle. “You have absolutely no shame at all, do you?”

“No, why?” Winnie giggled back, not fully understanding why she should feel any shame at all in that moment.

“Get under the water before someone sees you,” Wren urged.

With a grimace, Winnie lowered herself slowly, until her bottom kissed the hot water. She hissed in displeasure and straightened her whole body. She repeated this three times before she was finally brave enough to plunge her private parts fully into the bubbling hot tub. After that, everything was okay, and Winnie sank down into the steamy water with a weary sigh.

“You’re nuts, you know that, kiddo?” Wren chided playfully.

“Uh huh,” she said dreamily.

With Winnie finally relaxing in the hot tub, Wren wanted to find out more about the girl’s relationship with her father. While she worked on freeing the little girl’s plain-but-cute undies with her keys, she determined her approach. She decided to be blunt, but still she didn’t quite know how to broach the topic. “So, um, Winnie, has your daddy ever kissed you?”

Winnie snorted and opened one eye, looking in Wren’s direction. “Yes.”


“Yes, I say, ‘Kiss me, Daddy!’ and we go, mwah, mwah, mwah!” she said, simulating simple, platonic kisses in the air.

Wren blushed and chuckled. “Well, no I mean does he kiss you like you see in the movies?” she tried again.

Winnie raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“Like a long and slow kiss. Or a French kiss?” Wren felt silly even suggesting it.

Winnie snorted again, “No. I’ve never french kissed anybody.”

Suddenly the older girl found herself speaking beyond control, “Has he ever put his penis in your mouth?”

Winnie’s eyes shot wide open and she slowly turned to look at Wren. “People do that?” she marveled.

“Err, well, yes.” Wren answered meekly, suddenly feeling dumb for asking such personal questions of a complete stranger.

“But why?” Winnie wondered.

Wren cleared her throat. She felt like she had backed herself into a corner, and now she believed that the best thing she could do was to be honest. “Well, husbands and wives do that—or husbands and husbands I guess.” she added, fumbling over her words. “And two women can do it, but with their—let’s just say two people who love each other very much.”

Winnie thought for a moment, then said matter-of-factly, “I love my daddy soo much!” She spread her arms wide to show just how much, then splashed them into the water playfully.

Wren gave an exasperated sigh. “Well, no, kiddo, my point is daddies and daughters aren’t supposed to do that.”

“Oh, really?” Winnie was confused, but the girl’s words had made her very curious all the same. After a pause, she asked, “Have you ever done that?”

Wren’s chest tightened. She couldn’t believe how quickly she had gotten so deep with the girl. “Have I done what?”

“You know, have you ever… sucked on a—”

The teenager interrupted Winnie before she could say the word. “I really shouldn’t tell you that, honey.” But then an idea popped into her head. One that might get the young girl to open up to her. She smiled mischievously and added, “It’s a secret.”

“Aw, I wanna know!” Winnie whined.

“I know you do,” Wren laughed. The young girl had taken the bait. “But if I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.”

Winnie found her curiosity sparked by the forbidden knowledge. She had had sex for the first time that morning and she now wanted to know as much as she could about it. She swam over to the stair side where Wren sat and wove her fingers together. “Please! I won’t tell anyone.”

“Well,” Wren feigned contemplation. “I guess I could tell you. If you tell me a secret, too.”

“Okay!” Winnie nodded vigorously.

Wren was pleased that her improvisation was paying off. “Okay! How about if I answer your question about my secret, you have to answer my question about your secret?”

“I will. I promise!” Winnie pleaded.

“Pinky swear?”

Instantly, Winnie’s pinky went up with a big, excited grin. Wren laughed at the girl’s child-like enthusiasm and linked her own pinky with hers.

She leaned in close to Winnie’s face and whispered aloud, ”Yes, I’ve sucked cock.” Winnie’s eyes went wide and her jaw gaped. Wren couldn’t help but giggle at her reaction. “I know! But guys really like it,” The teen realized she didn’t need to get into the gory details, but figured the more she dished, the more Winnie would be willing to repay the favor. But just to be safe, she added, “You shouldn’t do it until you’re older, though.”

“Okay,” Winnie smirked, but then after the briefest of pauses blurted out, “I’m older now!”

Wren laughed. “Sure you are. Just make sure you take things slowly, when you’re ready for it. I don’t want anybody to hurt you.”

“Oh, does it hurt?”

“Well, no, I mean, not really. Guys can be pretty rough sometimes, but it’s pretty fun,” she admitted, “but only as long as everybody is okay with it.” There was a pause while Winnie considered the teenager’s words, and Wren took advantage of the silence, “Okay, my turn. When you said you were playing naked games with your daddy, did you mean skinny dipping like he said, or did you mean something else?”

Winnie frowned, recalling the stern warning her father had just given her. Though she was clever, her young brain hadn’t anticipated Wren digging in to that particular secret. “Daddy said I’m not supposed to say.”

Wren urged the girl. “You can tell me and I’ll keep it a secret. After all, I just told you one of my secrets. That was our deal, remember?”

Winnie knew she was stuck. She had promised her dad not to tell anybody that they had fucked, but she had also just made a promise to Wren. But then she remembered a euphemism her father had used, which she thought might just satisfy both expectations of her. “Um, well, I just meant that we went to the top of the mountain.”

Wren was confused. “You went to the top of the mountain?”

Winnie smiled a smile that covered a lie and nodded her head. “Yep.”

“And you were naked when you did it?”

Winnie blushed and giggled into her hand, imagining actually skiing down from a mountaintop naked.

To Wren, it was an odd claim, but Winnie did say she got the stripe across her hip when she was skiing down from the top of the mountain. It just seemed so unlikely that she would have been naked. But she didn’t have time to delve any further into Winnie’s peculiar answer, because Max had come out to check on how things were going. “Looks like the hot tub is ready again, eh?”

“Come swim with me, Daddy!” Winnie cheered, shooting her naked body up through the water. It glistened in the bright midday.

Max glanced at Wren crouched on the wooden steps. “I’m so glad there’s a privacy fence around this thing.”

“Your kid’s a real show-off, huh?”

“Yeah, she always has been.”

“I heard she went all the way to the top of the mountain.”

Max’s heart skipped a beat at the phrase and he could feel Wren’s eyes searching for a reaction from him. He glanced at Winnie, who blushed shamefully, and he knew she hadn’t kept their secret, but he knew he had no other response than to play it as it laid. He would never admit to a nosy stranger that hours before he had fucked his sweet, young daughter. “Well yeah, we decided it was now or never. She ended up taking a tumble, but she’s hardly worse for wear today.”

Max knew he had to confront his child, but not until he shooed the meddlesome teenager away from their cabin. “Well, I think it’s time for us to go about our day. It was nice meeting you, Wren. Thanks for freshening up our hot tub. We’ll be sure to leave you a generous tip tomorrow.”

Wren straightened up and nodded at him. She knew that was her cue to leave. “Thanks very much, sir. Have a good rest of your vacation.” With that, the girl walked past, but as she got to the back door, she realized she was still holding Winnie’s underwear. She turned around and held up the cutesy undergarments. “Oh, by the way, we found Winnie’s panties. I’ll put it them inside to dry.”

“Thanks, we were looking for those,” Max said dryly. He watched and waited as Wren made her way through the house, then listened for her engines starting and the wheels crunching snow as it retreated from the driveway. He turned to Winnie and calmly asked, “What did you tell her?”

Winnie’s face reddened with shame. “I didn’t say nothing.”

“Don’t lie to me, Wendy Amelie. How did she know you went to the top of the mountain?”

Winnie whined and broke down. “She made me promise to tell her a secret,” she sobbed.

“Wendy, do you know why they’re called secrets?”

The girl shook her head.

“Because you’re not supposed to tell anyone about it. No one! Okay?” Max glared at her with steely eyes.

The miserable girl nodded timidly.

“If anyone finds out that I… fucked… my own daughter, the police will come and arrest me and I’ll grow old and probably die in jail. Do you want that?”

Winnie stiffened up and suddenly broke down in tears. “I don’t want you to go to jail and die, Daddy!” Her chest heaved as she sobbed loudly.

Max’s hot rage was tempered somewhat by his little girl’s crying and rather than continue to berate her, he growled loudly up into the sky.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Winnie choked out through tears.

Max sighed in frustration, but tried to cool down. “What else did you tell her when you said we went to the top of the mountain?”

Winnie couldn’t answer through her frantic crying.

“Did you tell her that I touched your pussy?”

Winnie shook her head. “No,” she wailed.

“Did you tell her that we had sex?”

Another no. More sobbing.

“What did you tell her?!” Max shouted.

“Nothing!” Winnie screamed and she collapsed over the side of the hot tub, her body racked with heaving moans.

Max’s heart went out to his crying child and he knew he had to cool off. Despite the danger she had put him in, he knew he needed to protect her if he wanted to protect his own self-interest. If she was telling the truth, he was safe for now. He took a deep breath and calmly wandered up the stairs of the tub and sat on the edge. “C’mere,” he said softly.

Still weeping, Winnie moved over to her father and encircled her dripping wet arms around his waist, leaning into him and crying into his side.

“It’s okay, Pooh-bear. Calm down. You’re not in trouble.”

Winnie cried for a couple minutes longer as Max stroked her wet, naked back. Eventually, her sobs turned into mere fussing. Once she had settled down, Max wanted to confirm one more time. “Tell me, Pooh-bear, did you only tell her that we went to the top of the mountain?”

“Uh huh,” Winnie confirmed with a sniffle.

“You used those words?”

Winnie cleared her throat. “Yes, Daddy. I didn’t want to tell her what we did, but she made me promise to tell her a secret.”

Max patted Winnie’s head. “You’re a good girl, Winnie-poo. But remember, from now on, a secret’s a secret, and you can’t tell anybody.”

“Not even mommy.” Winnie reinforced.

“That’s exactly right.”

Winnie searched her father’s eyes and saw how serious he was. She also detected a distinct swirl of agitation. Fear mixed with paranoia. Looking into his eyes, she now understood the importance of their secret. She shook her head. “I won’t tell anybody else.”

Max stared down into the azure pools of his daughter’s big, round eyes and his heart bumped louder in his chest. Even after having defiled her, his daughter’s innocence and youthfulness were uncut, still pure. And, to his horror, those qualities only made him want her all over again. But he couldn’t. Not again. He had already wronged her once. Or was it twice now? His shame made him break eye contact, and he patted her on the head. “You’re a good kid, Winnie. I really love you.”

“I love you, too, Daddy.”

“I’m going to go get lunch ready for us. Come inside when your fingers get pruny.”

Winnie stayed and played in the hot tub for some time after that, occasionally daring herself to get out and prance around bare in the crispy snow, hooting and screeching to herself as she did, before plunging back into the steamy water. Max couldn’t believe how much of an exhibitionist his daughter had become, but in many ways it didn’t surprise him at all. She was a confident, brave girl, the fence around the perimeter was tall, and, after all, they had done unspeakable things while naked together that weekend. In some ways, there was no reason for self-conscious inhibitions.

While he was preparing the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they were to have for lunch, he took several moments to gaze at her out the window. Her twiggy form glistened in the glare of the midday sun, accentuating the taught lines of her youthful physique: her coltish legs, the indentation running down the middle of her belly suggesting abs, skinny enough that her ribs were showing, and the androgynous shape of her overall body. Max couldn’t help but be infatuated with her, but this time it was from a purely fatherly perspective.

He took his sandwich and sat at the table. Winnie was his little girl, and even with all the pleasures of the flesh she had learned that weekend, her spirit had remained innocent. In that moment, Max was struck with another pang of guilt. He had deflowered her, made love to his own offspring, and, after his close call with Wren, he understood just how easily he could get in trouble for it. A lot of trouble. He knew he could never take back what he had done to her, but he also resolved to never let his little head do the thinking over his big head ever again. He had to be strong.

He attempted to put further thought of his actions out of his mind, but no sooner had Max managed to concentrate on building up the wood pile in the fireplace when Winnie burst through the back door with a high-pitched, bestial howl.

“Not so loud, kiddo!” Max turned to look, and saw his dripping wet and naked daughter racing his way.

“Daddy, my fingers are pruny!” she announced.

“Pooh-bear, you’re getting water all over the floor,” Max admonished.

“I need a towel,” she giggled, her jaw clenched and chattering.

“You need some clothes, too. Towels are in the bathroom.”

Winnie tromped there and as Max got a flame going and she returned wrapped in a big, fluffy, white towel pulled tightly around her body. Her thin legs looked especially stick-like, poking out beneath its fuzzy bulk. Her lips were blue from being in the cold, and she shivered.

“Here, come sit in front of the fire, baby. You need to warm up.” Winnie plopped down in front of Max and murmured to herself. She burrowed her neck into the towel, trying to get cozy.

Max noticed her hair was still sopping wet, so he grabbed a clump of it and squeezed it out. Droplets of water ran into the towel.

Winnie felt the tug on her scalp. “What are you doing to me?”

“I’m just wringing out your hair, kiddo. You’re waterlogged.”

“I’m not a log!” Winnie protested.

“Really? You’re heavy as a log.”

“Oh, you!” Winnie acted insulted, then flopped back onto her daddy’s lap, relaxing all her muscles in an effort to be as heavy as possible. Light as she was, it didn’t mean much to Max, but he still enjoyed the feeling of his daughter’s weight against him, although her cold, saturated hair was now bleeding into his own shirt and pants. He grabbed another clump of her hair and held it over the girl’s head, squeezing out several drops of cold water onto her face. Winnie squealed and tried to wriggle away, but Max pulled her towel up over her head and vigorously frizzed her hair underneath.

Winnie shrugged her shoulders and giggled, feeling the towel rush about her head. When he was done, she asked, “Daddy, can you cafuné me?”

Max smiled warmly, “Sure honey. You want me to put your hair up in braids?”


Max got up and returned with a comb, while Winnie cozied herself in her towel by the fire. He could see her little pale bottom poking out from beneath the towel’s hem and shook his head at her refusal to be decent. But anyway, there was nobody around to admire it but him, and he admitted that he didn’t mind getting the continued glimpses of her fit little body while he could.

Max got to work combing out the kinks and knots he had just put in her hair, occasionally tugging her head back roughly.

“Why does that feel so good?” Winnie groaned.


“When you pull my hair. It kind of hurts when you do it, but it also feels kind of good, too,” she giggled.

Max chuckled. “I don’t know, bodies are weird sometimes. Like how you scratch at a mosquito bite even though it just makes it more itchy.”

“Or when I get a loose tooth and it makes my gums feel good to press on it with my tongue!”

“Exactly. Sometimes we just like a little bit of pain. I’m not sure why that is.”

“Hmm, well, I like it,” Winnie sighed before they returned to the noise of the crackling fire building in the stove. Max tugged at a big knot, yanking her head back suddenly. “Ow! That was too hard.”

“Sorry, baby. I guess I found your limit.”

“It’s okay. I’m a big girl. I can take it.”

“You’re my big girl, Pooh-bear.” Max kissed the top of her head sweetly, but savored his lips upon her.

As he was finishing brushing his daughter’s hair, she became distracted. “Daddy, can I play on my phone while you do that?”

Her dad had been enjoying the quiet moment with his daughter, and wasn’t really keen on her getting on her phone just yet. They were practically bound to the cabin for the rest of the weekend and he didn’t want her to fritter away every hour lost on the internet.

“Why don’t we find some non-screen things to do for now, okay? There’s lots to do around the cabin.”

Winnie sighed but relented. She looked around and spotted the shelf of games and puzzles. “Ooh, Candy Land!”

Max found what she was looking at crammed in between beat-up boxes of Monopoly and Connect 4. “Yeah, looks like they do indeed have a copy. Remember when we used to play that?”

“Uh huh,” Winnie nodded. She got up and pulled the game from the stack with a grunt. She returned to the front of the wood stove and opened the box, pulling out the game board. She spent some time gazing at it. “I always liked the fun characters all over it. They make me want to go there.”

“I’m sure the fact that the whole place is made of candy has nothing to do with that,” Max teased.

She looked up at her dad and stuck out her tongue.

“Where would you want to go more? Candy Land or Brazil?” Max asked, referencing the country she was writing a school report about.

“Candy Land, duh.”

“Really? You don’t want to go to Brazil and see the sharks and the rain forest before it gets completely destroyed?”

“I guess that would be cool. But Candy Land has unicorns.”

“How do you know that? There’s no unicorns on the board!”

Winnie studied it further and said, “Oh yeah. I thought there were.”

“And who knows, maybe there’s a unicorn somewhere in Brazil.”

“Daddy, that’s silly. Unicorns don’t exist in real life.”

“Okay, if you say so. Still there might be a beautiful, handsome unicorn living there and we just don’t know about him.”

Max was feeling cooled off again, enjoying his banter with his daughter, and allowed himself to relax. He held her against him as she traced her finger along the board. She stopped at a round, green gnome-like character. “Plumpy is so cute. He’s kind of like Baby Yoda.”

“Yeah,” Max agreed, “Or an Ewok.”

“Which one is your favorite?” she asked.

Max looked at the board closely for the first time. After a short time of studying, he chuckled and said with a smirk, “Grandma Nutt.”

Winnie furrowed her brow and looked up at him. “Why?” she asked, incredulously.

Max tried to hold back a snicker. “Because it’s fun to say. Nutt.”

Winnie stared at him a moment before saying, “You’re weird,” and rolling her eyes.

“Okay, well who’s your favorite, then?” Max said, feeling a little defensive at his daughter’s attitude, and all the more silly for it.

“I like Queen Frostine,” Winnie said almost dreamily. “She’s so pretty. She reminds me of mommy.”

“She is quite pretty,” Max admitted.

“Well, you already chose Grandma Nutt, so you can’t have her.”

Max guffawed. “I guess I’m stuck with Grandma Nutt, then.”

“I also like Princess Lolly.”

Max looked at the board again and found the pink-haired nymph with big eyes. “Huh, yeah, she’s klnd of sexy, doing that curtsey in her yellow dress.”

“I can do that!” Winnie scampered to her feet and tugged at the towel she had wrapped around her figure. “See? Am I a Lolly now, too?”

“You look one hundred percent like a Lolly, kiddo,” Max chuckled. You’re the cutest Lolly I’ve ever seen.”

Winnie grinned. “If I’m Princess Lolly and mommy is Queen Frostine, then—“

“Then I get to be the King Kandy?” Max interrupted, a proud smile on his face.

“No,” Winnie countered and pointed to a gaunt, mustachioed figure. “You’re Lord Licorice!”

“What? Lord Licorice?”

“Yeah,” Winnie laughed.

“Why am I Lord Licorice?”

“Um, well, cuz he looks kind of cranky,” she sneered.

Max gave a start. He tried not to show it, but he felt stung at his daughter’s words. He always enjoyed his time with Winnie, and did his best to shape her into the best person she could be, and he liked to treat her to special things from time to time, like their weekend ski trip, but in the moment it seemed like, even despite their fun, she could only see him as the disciplinarian, even when she was not in trouble.

“I know I can be cranky sometimes,” Max said soberly, “But it’s because I love you. Sometimes I have to teach you things that are hard to learn.”

Winnie felt awkward that she had said it in the first place. “I know.”

“But when you’re being a good girl, we get to do fun things like this ski trip, you know?”

“Yeah.” Winnie returned to her seat at his lap. “I’m sorry I called you cranky, Daddy.”

“It’s okay, Winnie-Pooh. I’ll try to be less cranky from here on out. Now what say we play a few rounds and see who’s the real king or queen of the Land of Candy?”

“Okay!” Winnie cried, pushing herself up off her daddy’s lap and setting the board on the coffee table.

Together they played the game a few times, and then a couple times more so that Max could ensure that Winnie would go out with a win. It was a simple enough game that Max was able to finish plaiting his child’s golden hair while they played. After that, they continued to while away the hours playing various other games and finding things to do with the cabin’s array of knickknacks and amenities, occasionally taking breaks to tend to the wood stove and take some time for cuddles here and there.

The whole time, Winnie never bothered to change into her clothes, keeping the towel tightly wrapped around her. From time to time, especially if she moved around too much, it would come undone and she’d have to fix it. Max occasionally glimpsed a flash here and there, but it was all innocent enough. Still, each time he saw one of her small nipples or got a peek at her bald cunny, he’d stare as much as he could at her prohibited charms without being obvious.

Max indulged her most of the time, giving her a strategic advantage whenever he could, which allowed the girl to build up a significant winning streak in Connect Four, a game he found particularly easy to throw. During yet another win for her, Winnie looked up at her father to gloat and caught him ogling her chest. She looked down and noticed the towel had fallen down and her nipples were showing. She tugged the towel upward to cover herself up, and smirked at her father.

“Daddy, are you looking at my boobs?” Winnie asked with a sly grin.

Max’s face went instantly red and he covered for himself, “Oh, I was just looking at how cute you are.”

Winnie smiled. She was warm, dry, and happy, and his attention on the private bits of her body felt new and special.

Even though he had mentally committed to not taking advantage of his daughter sexually again, Max felt that stealing glances here and there of his child wasn’t a terrible thing. He was just looking, after all. Still, he could feel his arousal growing, and along with it some bad ideas. He wondered if he would ever get to see her whole body again.

It was the late afternoon, and Max supposed he should start prepping dinner.

“Kiddo, I should get some food going, so what say we play one last game?”

“Okay,” Winnie said, telegraphing her disappointment. But then she brightened up. “Can I have some screen time then?”

Max’s knee-jerk reaction was to deny her. He wanted her to be present with him on their trip, not checked out on the internet all evening, but he recognized that the girl had certain routines and, of course, that some limited time doing something familiar would be fine for her.

“Sure.” Max agreed. He reset the game and doled out the chips, and he let Winnie go first.

High from all of her previous victories, she blurted out, “I bet you a hundred dollars I will win!”

Max was a bit startled by her brash confidence, but he had thrown enough games that he had given her a false sense of achievement. Based on her moves, he surmised that Winnie’s strategy was often little more than completely random. “A bet? I’m not sure you know what you’re doing, Honey.”

“You’re scared,” Winnie challenged.

“I’m not scared,” Max chuckled, “It’s just that making bets can be very risky and a hundred dollars is a lot of money.”

“I know, I’ll be rich!” Winnie cheered, ignoring his parental advice.

Max considered that it was still possible she could pull out a win, but he was confident enough that he could put that kind of money on the line. Anyway, he figured, if she could actually win against his whole-hearted strategy, she probably did deserve a Benjamin.

“Okay,” Max agreed, a hint of trepidation in his voice over allowing his daughter to play a gambling game. He could see the prospect of earning more money than she had ever had in her life sparkling in her eyes, but he saw the opportunity to bestow upon his progeny some life experience. “And if I win… hmm,” Max thought, “If I win, you have to entertain me while I make dinner, and only after that can you have some screen time.”

Winnie rolled her eyes, but mulled the terms over in her head. Losing didn’t seem too terribly bad, and winning promised a huge payout. Her brain was filled with the possibility of having so much money, and with her winning streak, she was confident that she would be the victor. The reward outweighed the risk tenfold in her mind. “Okay,” she said, steeling herself for a win, and they shook hands.

She began the game sliding a chip in the far left slot. Max followed up by putting his in the center. Winnie put her next one on top of the first, creating a column, and Max put his second chip next to his color.

Winnie built on top of her column, getting three in a row, and Max slid his chip on top of hers. She frowned at the rack as her father blocked her winning move. She restarted her strategy, this time on the far opposite side. Max knew he had her now. He slid in his third chip in a row. His win was inevitable. If Winnie blocked him from the right, he could win from the left, and vice versa. Winnie opted for the right.

Max confidently picked up his last chip, and Winnie spotted her mistake. Just as he was about to slide it in, she intercepted, putting her hand over the hole at the top. “No,” she whimpered.

“Winnie-Pooh, you can’t block the rack,” Max chuckled.

“But, you can’t—“ Winnie flailed for an excuse.

“Sorry, Win, but it’s my turn.”

With a groan, Winnie relented. Her hand slipped away and Max’s token sank to victory.

“It’s not fair, you blocked my connect-four,” she whined.

“Yeah, because you would have won, kiddo,” Max gloated.

The girl groaned in displeasure. “It’s not fair.”

“I’m sorry. Life’s not always fair. That’s why you have to be careful when you make bets. You’re bound to lose sooner or later. And speaking of which, it’s time for you to pay up.” Max smiled at her.

“Fine,” she sulked. “What do I have to do?”

“Entertain me while I make dinner.”

“But how do I do that?”

“I don’t know, it’s kind of up to you. Here,” he said, and he picked her up by her waist, carrying her into the kitchen area and setting her up on one of the counter tops. “You sit here while I work.” When he took his hands away, Winnie’s towel came apart in front, flashing her young body to him again. Max caught a glimpse of that tempting, bald, little cunny just before his daughter squeaked and modestly closed the wrap around her again. “Just tell me a story, or about something that you like, or you can ask me questions and I’ll answer them.”

Winnie moped, already bored with her task. “But I don’t know any stories to tell.”

“You have to do something, because right now I’m not very entertained, and if you don’t fulfill your end of the bet, I’m going to have to report you to the bookies, and you’ll like that even less.” Max wasn’t serious, but he wanted to impart some more wisdom about making wagers you can’t fulfill. “You can tell me the plot of your favorite book, or something funny that happened in school. You can tell me anything really. Why don’t you tell me about that girl who jilled off at school?”

Winnie giggled. “I don’t know what happened, but people say this one girl pulled down her pants and kissed her teacher and did that other stuff, too.”


“That’s what I heard.”

Max was amused by the unlikely story, but he felt his cock stiffen at the thought. “Lucky teacher.”

“Why’s that?”

“Would you want to kiss one of your teachers?”

Winnie screwed up her face. “No, yucky!” she blurted out.

Max laughed, “Well, you definitely shouldn’t be kissing them, and I hope I never find out that you’ve jilled off in class.” He reached over and goosed her belly.

Winnie wriggled and giggled. Max went back to cooking and Winnie swung her legs, occasionally kicking the cabinet.

“Daddy, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, kiddo. You can ask me anything.”

“Do you ever jill off?”

Max snorted at her mis-gendered term, but it turned into a grimace as he shook his head at her precociousness. Here he was again at a crossroads. Was he to change the subject, steering her toward a more age-appropriate topic knowing full well how far he had gone with her that weekend; or was he to do as he and his wife agreed and forge on ahead, reducing the chances of her taking these questions home to mama where she might spill the beans?

His daughter seemed to read his mind and she pressed forward, “You said you’d answer anything.”

“Well,” Max began tentatively, cursing her literalness, “men don’t usually say jill off, because that’s for girls. We usually say jack off.” Forge on ahead it was.

“Then how do you do it? Jack off?”

Max couldn’t fathom how he could explain it appropriately, so he pushed on blindly. “It’s pretty similar to what—” he stopped short and cleared his throat, “To what we did together. I usually just rub myself—my penis, that is—up and down for a while, and sooner or later I’ll have an orgasm.”

“You said to call it cummies, Daddy,” Winnie corrected, grinning.

Max chuckled, “That’s right, I meant that I’ll have cummies.”

“So jacking off is how you, um, master…” Winnie trailed off, trying to think of the word.

“Masturbate, yes.” Max finished her sentence. “Anything else you want to know?” he asked. He turned to his chopping board and resumed his vegetable chopping, hoping she’d find another topic to be curious about.

Winnie was fascinated with her father’s de***********ion. She was impressed that she had helped him masturbate, that she could bring on the wonderful feelings she had felt with him all by herself. She wasn’t completely unfamiliar with all the pleasures of the flesh, but she always felt a little naughty touching herself in the areas where her parents told her were most private. Yet she and her dad had touched each other there twice this weekend. When Max turned his attention to dinner preparation, she took the opportunity to look down at her crotch and pull apart the towel there. Up at the top of her pussy, just peeking out between the plush pillows of her labia, she could see the small hood covering the smaller nubbin that always seemed to make her feel so good when she touched it.

She surreptitiously licked her index finger and rubbed it inside her slit, feeling a shock of pleasure course through her and into her chest. Max continued to putter away at dinner and, with his attention focused elsewhere, she took some time to casually rub her clit, enjoying the pleasure it was bringing her, without drawing too much attention to her actions.

“Does mommy ever masturbate?” she asked, imagining her mother doing the same thing with the plumper, more mature pussy the girl had spied from time to time.

“Yes, pretty much everybody does,” Max answered, still focused on his task. “Sometimes we won’t be in the same mood to have sex together and she will still want cummies, or sometimes I’ll feel too distracted by my feelings and just need to work off some steam so I can get work done. Sometimes I masturbate to pornography, because they do things that Mama won’t do in those videos, and sometimes she masturbates while I watch just because she wants to be sexy for me.”

“I’m going to ask her how she does it,” Winnie announced.

“You can do that, but don’t be surprised if she wants to keep that part of her life a secret from you. It’s something you should only do in priv—” He glanced over at Winnie and she snapped her legs shut. He did a double-take as she fixed her towel. She knew she had been caught touching her genitals and grinned sheepishly at him.

Max grinned and teased her, “Were you just trying it out over there?”

Winnie blushed. “No,” she lied obviously.

Max chucked. “Well, I was about to say that you should only masturbate in private, okay, kiddo?”

“Okay.” Winnie’s blush deepened and her face belied her shame.

Max felt a little bad that he had embarrassed her. After all, what she had been doing there was not all that different from what he had done with her already. He was impressed by the girl’s continued tenacity to explore her newfound sexuality so blatantly. “At least, don’t do that in front of your mama. I think it’s kind of cute that you want to masturbate with me.”

Winnie grinned and allowed her legs to relax a bit. She still kept herself covered and refrained from doing anything more until her daddy was busy with the cooking again.

Max continued making dinner, but felt his heart beat accelerating at his daughter’s precociousness. He knew he shouldn’t, but he wanted to see her body again. He wanted to see her young face contorted in pleasure. He wanted to, but he didn’t want to make her feel self-conscious by staring at her.

“You can jill off if you want, Pooh-bear. You’re not a bad girl.”

With her father’s permission, Winnie pursed her lips and reached a hand into her towel again. While he worked in the kitchen, she rubbed her slickness with a finger, spreading it up and down her girlish crack. Every so often Max would turn to her to grab a dish down from the cabinet behind her, or a utensil from the drawer between her legs. She would freeze up, ceasing any movement, caught in the act of self-pleasure once more, but Max would simply smile at her and continue on his way.

He had needed to get in the utensil drawer enough times, that Winnie leaned back on the countertop, drawing her legs up toward her chest and spreading them, so that she would remain out of the way. Each time her daddy went to grab something, he had a good view directly up her meager towel to her bared pussy, but he never seemed to linger very long.

“It feels good right here,” she said, lightly brushing her finger upwards against her clit, moving its hood out of the way and giving him an excuse to look.

Max, having her permission, gave a long stare at the pale, bald lips of her youthful cun. “Everybody has a spot that feels best for them.”

Winnie rubbed more vigorously. “Do you have one?”

“Yep, I have one, too.”

“Where is it?” Winnie’s fingering grew ever more urgent, and her movements caused her towel to slowly unwrap, falling slightly away. She attempted to fix it, but the way she was laying on the counter, made it difficult and eventually she just gave up, flagrantly masturbating in her self-made terrycloth nest, there in plain view of her father.

Max was enthralled by the erotic demonstration of his daughter. Her towel now only just cradling her otherwise naked body. Her naked pussy was so close, up on the countertop, and her puffy labia were glistening with her wetness as she spread her slick juices up from her small hole to her turgid clit. Her bare feet bobbed in the air before his eyes, and her toes flexed and curled, as if trying to capture the erotic energy emanating from her and grip it tight.

It was all happening right in front of him. Seeing her delectably unripened genitals made Max hunger for a taste of her. Ignoring her question, he crouched down and pulled Winnie’s bottom up. She squealed as he ducked between her coltish legs, propping them up over his shoulders. He was face-to-face with his daughter’s glistening pussy and could smell the cleaner scent of her young sex, despite the mess of lubrication she was producing around her hole.

“Why are you looking at me there?” Winnie squealed.

“Because I like how you look down here. It’s very pretty,” Max soothed.

Winnie stopped wriggling, relaxing a little, to give him a better view. “You like how my pussy looks?” she puzzled.

“I do, and I like how you smell, too, and,” Max added, “I wonder if I will like how you taste, too.”

Winnie didn’t know why exactly, but she sensed what was going to happen next. “Are you going to lick me, Daddy?”

“I would like to. Can I do that?”

“Yes,” Winnie gasped lightly.

Max groaned and bent over, while drawing her hips up to his mouth. He soon had his lips against the lips of his child’s sweaty pussy, and he pushed his tongue out and into her smooth slit. He relished her taste, licking up all of the savory moisture he could find.

Winnie whined at his tongue-lashing and his mind boggled at what he was doing to his own offspring. He pulled her pussy even tighter against his mouth, and pushed his tongue up inside her small hole. Winnie’s head lolled to and fro, her eyes closed, feeling every stimulating lick on her vulva.

Max was determined to bring her to climax, and strategized about the best way to do so when he felt his pocket buzz rapidly. He dropped Winnie’s ass back onto the countertop, and she scrambled to sit up, pulling her towel back over her. He pulled out his phone and saw that it was Michelle, his wife, making a video call.

Holy shit, he thought to himself. What am I doing? His wife’s sudden presence as he performed oral sex on their daughter disturbed him. He felt almost like he had been nearly caught doing something very illegal. He couldn’t believe how quickly he had slipped back into this very new, very bad habit with his daughter.

“It’s Mama,” Max whispered conspiratorially. “Remember, you can’t tell her about what we were doing, alright?”

“Okay,” Winnie nodded.

Max swiped to answer. “Hey, Honey,” he said with a too big smile.

“Hi Maxie, how’s the trip going?”

“Good, it’s going really good,” Max answered.

“What have you been doing? How was the mountain?”

“The mountain was good,” Max answered, avoiding the first question.

“I wasn’t sure I’d catch you. I figured you might still be out there today.”

“Yeah, well, we’re a little sore today. Winnie had a bit of a tumble.”

“Oh no, what happened? Is she there? Can I see her?”

Max looked at his daughter, who was sitting on the kitchen countertop draped only in a towel. He knew it wasn’t a great look to present to his wife, but he also knew if he made a big deal about hiding her away, Michelle might become more suspicious of his intent. “Oh, she’s right here,” he said, coolly. Resolving to make as small of an issue about as he could, he flipped the camera so that it was on Winnie.

Michelle gave a start. “Goodness, child, why are you naked?”

Max put his finger to his lips, signaling for her to be discrete. Winnie bounced up and down, “Cuz we’ve been skinny dipping!” He gave her a thumbs up.

Michelle said, “Ah hah.”

He could hear the befuddlement in his wife’s voice, so he flipped the camera back to him, and reassured her, “They didn’t say there was a hot tub at the cabin, so we hadn’t packed any swimming suits. And Miss Wendy Amelie here wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I told her it was okay if we went naked.” Then he added, “It was her idea.”

“Oh, I see,” Michelle chuckled. “Well, that was some smart thinking, Winnie.”

“Thanks, Mommy,” Winnie beamed.

Max felt a little strange conspiring with his daughter not to tell his wife the truth of the sexual relations that had happened between them. It felt risky, especially because Winnie had already nearly blabbed everything to Wren earlier, but with Winnie cooperating, he felt an unseemly urge to push the boundary a bit. “Speaking of being naked,” he began, “your daughter had some questions about something.”

Michelle raised an eyebrow, “And what’s that?”

“Masturbation,” Max said, a bold confidence in his delivery. He knew that Michelle desired to remain open about their daughter’s sex education, and he wanted to make sure he was open with his wife about it, too, at least as much as he could be without getting himself into what was sure to be very serious trouble. Additionally, putting more on the table, he felt, would create a clearer boundary for Winnie to follow, regarding things she could talk about with her mother, and things she had to keep secret for his sake.

“Really?” Michelle said with a nervous chuckle.

“That’s right.” He again flipped the camera so that Winnie was on screen. “She asked me all about it, and I told her what I know, but I thought she could benefit from your feminine input, as well.”

“What did your daddy tell you, Honey?” Michelle asked.

“He said it’s when you touch your privates and it feels good, and you get cummies, which feels really, really good!” Winnie proudly answered.

“I see. And what’s cummies?” Michelle asked, somewhat bewildered.

“Um, it’s when you have a… gor– gorgazmin? I don’t remember what daddy called it, except for cummies.”

“Ohh,” Michelle understood, “Of course, an orgasm.”

Winnie shrugged. She looked to her dad, and he asked, “Do you have any other questions for your mom?”

“Umm,” Winnie thought for a moment. “How do you do it?”

“How do I—?” Michelle stopped short.

“How do you get an orgasment?”

Michelle hesitated. “She really asked you that, Max?”

From behind the camera, Max said, “No, she hasn’t asked about me yet. We really don’t have to go there, Michelle.”

She cleared her throat. “No, no. I suppose we should talk about anything that she wants to know.” Michelle continued. “Okay Wendy, when I masturbate, I just try to find the places on my body that make me feel really good when I’m by myself, in private.”

“Daddy said I have to keep it private,” Winnie interjected. Max gave her another thumbs up.

“That’s right,” Michelle continued. “These are areas that we taught you not to share with other people.”

“Like your pussy?” Winnie asked.

Michelle cleared her throat again. “Yes, Honey, my p— pussy, and my breasts and nipples a little bit. But I can also feel good in the less private places like my feet, or the base of my neck.”

Max and Michelle watched Winnie churn the information over in her head, then she slipped the towel off her body. Both of them were surprised, and Max wasn’t sure what was happening. But as he trained the camera on her exposed, nude body, the two of them watched Winnie ungraciously hunch over and spread the outer petals of her bare pussy.

“I like it when I rub around the opening of my pussy, right before where it gets deep.” She quickly demonstrated for them, massaging her finger around the rim of her hole, and then moved her fingers toward the top of her slit. “And there’s a spot right here, that feels really good, too,” the girl grunted. She felt again that pang of pleasure there, like she had before they were interrupted by the phone call.

“Oh, okay, well, up there, that’s your clitoris,” Michelle continued. “It’s pretty much there just to make you feel good.” Then she added, “Only girls get to have one of those.”

“I wish I had two clitorixes,” Winnie sighed.

Michelle laughed, “Don’t we all.”

Winnie looked back up at the camera, but continued to absent-mindedly caress her vulva. “But boys can have cummies without a clitorix, right?”

“Yes, boys can have cum— can orgasm, too. They just don’t have something on their bodies that’s there just for pleasure like us girls. The closest thing to a clit they usually have is a really sensitive spot on the underside of their penis.”

“Oh yeah.” Winnie recognized the spot on her daddy where her mother was talking about.

“Excuse me?”

Max quickly gave the no-go gesture, instructing her not to admit she knew about that spot.

Winnie grimaced and directed the conversation down a different road. “I mean, well, how does Daddy orgasment?”

“Ah, well,” Michelle paused before continuing, “I suppose your daddy can probably tell you better than I can.”

Max was brought back into the conversation, though watching this naked girl touching herself in front of them had led him to daydream about what the two of them had been doing moments before, and how much he wanted his face against her moistened sex again, and this had gotten him particularly hard.

He held his finger to his mouth again, instructing his daughter to play it cool, and he silently unzipped his pants. Winnie’s eyebrows went up and she stuck the tip of her tongue out in surprise before pulling it back in again.

Max lectured, “When Daddy masturbates, it’s a little bit different than when a girl does it.” He dropped his pants quietly to the floor and then slipped his underwear down over his thighs, freeing his bobbing hardon. Winnie stared intently at it as Max continued. “Usually when I see a pretty girl, like your mama,” he winked at Winnie, eliciting a giggle in return, “my penis gets really stiff.” He flexed his groin, bobbing his wand in the open air, for emphasis. “When that happens, I’ll run my hand up and down it. That’s what feels good for me.”

Winnie intently watched her dad demonstrate his technique behind the lens and out of his wife’s view. Seeing him stroking his enflamed sex organ increased her latent arousal and she more deliberately stroked a small finger up and down her crease in tandem with his movements. Max aimed the phone so that it focused on Winnie’s upper half, obscuring her profane actions from her mother.

Beyond reason, Max continued. “A lot of times I’ll start jacking it at the base, and then, when I’m starting to feel really good doing that, I’ll focus my attention on that spot that Mama was talking about. The one on the underside of my penis.”

Max moved his fingers up along the collar of his cock and stroked up and down in short motions. All the while, he kept the camera as still as he possibly could.

Winnie’s actions, too, became more frenzied as she sensed the implicit permission her father was giving her to continue. Max had to move the camera in close to her so that her own jerking arms wouldn’t betray their mutual self-pleasuring to Michelle.

Max pushed on, adding more detail, his voice getting husky, “And when I’m feeling really good, getting closer to my cummies, my penis will produce precum at the tip.” He squeezed and, sure enough, a clear droplet formed at the top and streaked down the underside of his cockhead.

Winnie saw and bit her lip, arching her eyebrows upwards, breathing heavily through her nose.

Max had trained the camera on his child’s lusty expression. He was so turned on he very nearly lost his mind altogether. “I can use the precum to lube my c—”

“Okay! I don’t think she needs that much detail, Max,” Michelle interrupted.

Max realized what he was doing and stopped. He was shocked by how close he had come to admitting what they were doing, and it would have been all his fault. He flipped the camera back toward him and donned his best roguish smile, “You’re right, Honey, I overdid it.”

“Jesus, Max.” Michelle said, a look of concern on her face. “Anyway, I just wanted to call and see how things were going, but I do have laundry to do. I hope Winnie isn’t feeling too bad from her accident.”

“No,” Max said, glancing at Winnie, who was still going at it and staring at his leaking cock. “I think she’s feeling pretty good right now.”

“Good, I’m glad. You’ll have to fill me in on what happened when you get back tomorrow.”

“Will do, Honey. Thanks for the call. Have a good night. I love you.”

“Love you back.” Max hung up the phone and Winnie let out a long moan that she had been holding back.

“Doing this feels really good, Daddy!”

“It sure does, Pooh-bear.” Max allowed himself to lightly caress his shaft. “You can do this whenever you’re in your room by yourself.”

Winnie nodded, but insisted, “But I liked doing it in front of you and Mommy.”

Max grimaced. “I don’t think Mommy really liked it, Win.” He didn’t tell her that he had cropped out her true actions for Michelle.

Winnie was panting, her fingers traveling easily up and down her well-lubed cunny, sticky noises becoming more evident. “What about you, Daddy? Did you like doing it with me?”

Max’s chest tightened, and his cock twitched at his daughter’s question. Without thinking, he skimmed his fingers over the sensitive nerve endings of his cock, jacking himself lightly. He felt his silky precum spread up and down his length. “Yes, I liked doing it with you, too. I almost had cummies watching you.”

“Can we do it together now, then?”

Max couldn’t bring himself to answer. He knew he shouldn’t, but deep inside, he felt compelled by an uncontrollable force. Rather than say a word, he simply transformed his light self-caress into the more determined masturbating he was dangerously performing while on the phone. He gave himself a squeeze, shaking a generous gout of precum down to the floor in a thin, silvery strand.

Winnie understood what was happening and she slowly laid back onto the countertop, again bringing her knees into the air and presenting her daddy with a clear view of her bald, young mound. With one hand, she stroked her clit, and she snaked the other down between her legs and into her pussy.

Max watched his child sink back into her self-made reverie, thrilled to see his daughter so happy, so naked, and so wantonly depraved. He wanted to fuck her again badly, but the moral half of his brain staved off his basest fatherly urges. Still, he wanted to see Winnie do more. He glanced around the area for something she could use, and spotted a candlestick in the box of fireplace tools sitting on the coffee table. Just blunt enough and fat enough at the bottom end to use as a makeshift sex toy. He stepped out of his fallen pants and grabbed it, then moved toward her, towering over her small form once more.

“Here, try this. It might be easier on your wrist.”

Winnie gawked at the object, understanding what her daddy was implying, yet not fully believing that he wanted her to impale herself with the candlestick. He urged her forward and she took it, trusting in him. She slid the end of the improvised dildo up and down her slit, lubricating it with her arousal, and then tentatively pressed it to her hole. She felt the warm feelings of sexual connection between herself and the object and whimpered at her uncontrollable obsession with her genital pleasure.

Then, slowly, she pushed the candle inside of her, biting her lip, a moan escaping from her throat. She couldn’t believe that she was filling herself with it. It felt both naughty and breathtaking at the same time.

Max watched his daughter slowly find a rhythm driving into her pussy with the candle, watching her face tense with every surge of pleasure, watching her small body twitching with new exhilaration.

Winnie looked up at him, a smile briefly flashing on her red-cheeked visage, before it melted back into lusty concentration. She liked watching her daddy pleasuring himself for her. And she liked pleasuring herself for him, even pleasuring herself to him. She was bringing herself to climax by watching her daddy, by feeling their attraction to one another in the air between them, by drinking in his adoration and lust for her.

Max’s stroking grew faster as he felt his impending orgasm. He brought himself to the edge, but slowed himself, holding back, and then resumed his jacking once more. He repeated this several times, bringing himself to the precipice of cumming, but never making the final commitment. He was waiting for the right moment. His cock had grown massive, red, and rigid, and seeing his engorged, adult pole waving over his pale, young daughter’s small body was pornographic in the most wicked of ways.

Winnie stretched her legs out, putting her feet up against her father’s collar bones, giving him an even better view of the faux dildo pumping in and out of her red-rimmed cunny. The skin-to-skin contact made her nerves light up even more. She liked being naked with him, but she liked even more when they were naked and touching each other. She especially liked it when he touched the places on her that she was touching now, and she wished they could touch those places together again. She could feel all of those sensations culminating into a huge release, which she sensed just over the horizon.

Max’s cock was slick with so much precum that it made obscene squishing sounds with every journey his hand made across his length, and when Winnie would push the candle into her cunny hole, he could hear her juices churning and see all that was displaced dripping down her crack and onto the countertop as she filled herself with as much of the toy as she could. He felt his daughter’s feet against his chest and leaned his weight against them, increasing the intensity of their connection. Then he grabbed one of her skinny little calves, popped her tiny big toe into his mouth, and sucked.

Winnie’s eyes bulged momentarily, but the sudden stimulation to her ticklish toes brought an intense rush down her legs and directly to her youthful sex. She snapped her eyes shut and cried out, “My cummies are coming!”

The girl’s back arched upwards, pushing her flat chest into the air, her nipples stiffening, poking outwards. Her face contorted into an adorable agony as rapturous pleasures tore through her toned, young body. Her legs shook, pattering rhythmically against her overseer. She chewed on her bottom lip while cute groans of ecstasy oozed out of her.

“Fuck yes,” Max hissed, watching his little girl cumming before his eyes. “Cum for me, kiddo.” This was the moment he was waiting for, and he gleefully jerked his cock, quickly bringing himself back up to and over the edge of his own climax. While he felt his daughter’s feet beating against his chest, his balls spasmed, emptying themselves for the second time that day. Yet his load was no more diminished than it was the first time. Euphoric bliss ripped up through his dick along with his cum. He aimed upwards and thick ropes of his semen leapt up, arced through the air, and splattered onto his daughter’s body.

Winnie felt the warm splashes of her daddy’s cum hit her tummy. She looked down and saw spurts of something white coming from her father’s cock. She didn’t exactly know what it was, but it felt somehow sensual and erotic.

She could see the tension on his face and knew that she had helped give him the same pleasure that he was giving her. She moaned and writhed, practically foaming at the mouth while dragging the candle against her g-spot, milking out as much of the cummies as she could.

Before long, Winnie collapsed with a deep sigh. Their mutual orgasms were dying out, and they were left staring at one another, adoration on Winnie’s face, and lust on her father’s.

Max reveled in seeing his offspring doused in his considerable ejaculate. He couldn’t believe that this was the third time this weekend that he was anointing Winnie with his sperm.

He panted, gradually catching his breath. “I guess you and your mama share the same sensitivity with your feet, huh?”

He saw her smile abashedly. With new clarity of mind, Winnie felt a little embarrassed to have lost control like that.

Max, too, was feeling new clarity. He was already pushing up against the new lines he had set after what they had done that morning, but he didn’t feel the same guilt he had felt earlier. He was coming to realize that the same transgression of doing something taboo made him feel so much more alive. Just that previous day, he was lamenting the monotonous routine of his life, and within hours, he was crossing boundaries, setting new ones, and then quickly tearing through those, as well. Yet despite their immoral coupling, Max was feeling more refreshed, and more positive about his life. Their freedom from the daily grind, along with Winnie’s youthful charms, were giving him a new perspective on his life and his relationships.

Nevertheless, he was still committed to not actually molesting her ever again. He wasn’t going to touch her inappropriately—sucking briefly on a toe wasn’t exactly salacious, after all; and all that business with him licking Winnie’s pussy barely counted since Michelle had interrupted him before he went too far—and he was definitely not going to come anywhere close to having sex with her again.

Winnie ran her fingers through the jizz. “What is this?”

Max cleared his throat. “That’s my cum.” Hearing the words coming from his mouth sounded wrong.

Winnie gave it a sniff, but was weirded out by its scent. She felt a few beads of it running down her tummy and giggled. She tried wiping some of it off, but it stuck to her hand, which she then wiped on her thighs. “It won’t come off,” she noted, a child-like panic in her voice.

“Yeah, it can get everywhere sometimes.”

Just then, the soup he was making started boiling over, hissing on the stovetop burners. “Shit, I guess dinner’s ready!” Max pulled up his underwear and moved the pot to an inactive burner. He quickly prepped the table settings and, by the time everything was ready, Winnie had wiped herself off with her towel.

He gave her one more glance up and down, beaming at her boyish, yet flawless body, before he said, “You gotta get dressed for dinner.”

Winnie glanced toward the fire. “It’s warm enough in here. Can we stay naked?”

Max barely had to think about it this time. He was happy to continue giving his daughter such freedom, but he still felt it was best that he put his pants back on. “Fine, you can stay naked, kiddo.”

Father and daughter finished dinner while they chatted idly about her favorite YouTube stars and videos she had seen. Once she was finished eating, however, her interest in the conversation waned and she asked if she could finally play on her phone.

“I suppose that’s okay, Pooh-bear.”

The little blonde girl got up to hunt for it while Max put the dishes in the sink and moved a stuffed leather chair in front of the fire. Winnie returned and climbed into her daddy’s lap.

“Someone’s feeling cuddly, huh?” Max wondered aloud.

Winnie looked up at him from her seat and grinned. She leaned back against him, her head on his chest and opened up TikTok and zoned out while Max fixed up some of his sloppy handiwork on her braids. He observed patiently while his child quickly flipped through video after video, often moving on to the next one before the first one was done playing.

The ones she tended to watch all the way through were dance videos. Whenever one of those videos slid by, Winnie was entranced, and Max found himself impressed by them as well. He was always clumsy on the dance floor, but watching the young, athletic dancers moving in perfect synchronicity was mesmerizing. He made a mental note of Winnie’s rapt interest and thought he might enroll her in some dance classes when they got home. She was always more of a thrill-seeker and he nurtured that aspect of her, and he never thought that she might be interested in something more precise and graceful.

Winnie flipped through another few before she landed on a video of a 7-year old girl. She had positioned the phone on the floor and it was evident she was filming herself in her bedroom.

“I thought you had to be 13 to post to stuff here,” Max said.

Winnie just shrugged and mumbled, “I dunno.”

They watched the girl go through a rudimentary dance routine and Winnie decided she had finally seen enough.

“Daddy, can I make a dance video, too?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Why not?” she challenged.

Max didn’t know why it sat ill with him, so he fell back on his usual default. “You can when you’re older.”

“Aw, you always say that.” Winnie got up and stamped her feet. “If that girl can do it, then I’m definitely old enough!”

Max smirked. “Okay, I have two other very good reasons.”

“Okay?” Winnie asked defiantly.

“One, you’re buck naked,” Max chuckled, “And two, you don’t have any pants to wear.”

“I have my panties!”

“Kiddo, you can’t post videos of your panties to the internet!”

“Please, daddy,” Winnie begged. “I want to show you the dance I’ve learned.”

“You know a dance?”

“Yeah, I’ve been practicing with Abi, and I’m really good now.”

Max was somewhat startled. He didn’t realize Winnie was that interested in choreographed dance. He chalked it up to Abi’s influence. He relented. “Well, okay, we’ll do a dance video.”

Winnie cheered like a little girl.

Max continued, interrupting her high pitch squealing. “We can show Mama, but we’re not going to post it to the internet, okay?”

“Fine,” Winnie reluctantly agreed.

“And,” Max emphasized, “you still have to wear your panties and a shirt. I don’t want your mom finding this video and grilling me about why you’re still naked and trapped in a snowy cabin with me.”

“Okay!” Winnie had no problem with that and she found them on the kitchen counter where Wren had left them. She stepped into the delicate pink undergarments and pulled them up to her hips. She shivered. “Oof, so cold on my pussy!”

“That’s what you get for leaving them out in the snow overnight.”

Reminded of her silly mistake, Winnie blushed, but she quickly got over it, pulled her shirt over her head, and skipped over to her phone. She launched a camera app and found a place to set it up to get the best picture.

“Do you need me to start and stop the camera?” Max asked.

The little girl scoffed at her daddy’s silly question. “No, it automatically goes when it sees something moving. I just have to stop it when I’m done.”

“Really?” Max was impressed by the new technology.

“Mm-hmm, and it can zoom in and follow my dancing automatically.”

“Wow.” He was a little embarrassed that his daughter knew more about her phone’s capabilities than he did.

Winnie turned to him, smiling brightly and clasping her hands together. “Alright, Daddy, play some music.”

Max fumbled for his phone, “Um, well, what music should I play?”

“Do ‘Therefore I Am’. That’s what we practiced to.”

“Who does that one?”

“Billie Eilish.”

“Hmm, I’m not finding anyone named Billy Eyelash,” Max said, bemusing himself.

“Eilish,” Winnie corrected.

“Maybe Billy is short for William, maybe I should look under the Ws?” her dad joked.

“Daddy!” Winnie rolled her eyes.

“Oh, never mind, here it is,” he chuckled. Winnie pranced and clapped as it started, then turned to face the camera. Max snickered at her exuberant glee. She nodded her head a bit and and found the beat, and then broke out into a simple, choreographed routine. With her backside to him, from what he could see, she mostly just pranced in place and moved her arms in simple motions, raising her hands, and jabbing her elbows out into the air. She gave a deep bow, sticking her skinny ass back toward him with a little wiggle. Max stared at her bottom, and in particular the strip of panty running from her crack down to her front. Although he had seen her bare cunny numerous times that weekend, he found his gaze always lingering there, no matter how much the angel on his shoulder told him to look away.

After a couple more swings of her hips, it became obvious that she had run out of practiced moves, and her choreography morphed into unskilled flailing. Max snorted, and Winnie looked back at him and burst into giddy laughter.

“That was pretty good, Winnie-poo!” Max lauded. “Although hey, while your backside looks cute, maybe you could do it again so I can actually see what you’re doing this time?”

Winnie realized she had positioned her phone so that she was faced away from the person she was supposed to dance for, but she was happy to do a second round. “Okay!” the girl agreed. This time ignoring the camera, she faced her daddy and again found the beat. From this angle, Max could now appreciate his daughter’s efforts a bit more, but being able to see her movements clearly caused him to raise an eyebrow. He found a few of the moves more suggestive than he expected. There were motions where Winnie would put her hands over her chest and squeeze her underdeveloped breasts, and another where she would draw one hand over her crotch while she swayed her hips back and forth. She finished again by bending over, this time facing him, and when she shimmied, it was evident that the move was designed for jiggling of more well-endowed girls than his daughter. Even so, her girlish cheekiness was impossibly adorable, and Max felt his face heat up at her gyrations.

Again, she resorted to clumsily improvising movements when her practiced moves ran out and she blushed, not knowing what to do, but feeling her father’s eyes gazing at her with an intensity that made her feel foolish.

Max could tell that he was making Winnie uncomfortable, so he got up and moved to her, taking her hands in his, and swinging them gently back and forth to the beat. Together, they danced the silly dances of two people who never truly learned how to dance, ginger-breading back and forth across the room, giggling and laughing at their own clumsiness, but reveling in their deepening bond.

Soon the song ended and the next song on the album, “Happier Than Ever”, started up. It was a slow song and Max drew his daughter close to him. He pressed her body against his and wrapped his arms around her, one on her back, and one on her head. Winnie groaned softly as she melted into her father’s warmth. Together they swayed, spinning slowly in a circle, Winnie’s eyes closed, her head pressed against his belly.

Max inhaled, savoring the sensations of his daughter’s skin and hair in his hands. She was innocent once more, and while he had vowed to himself that he would never take advantage of his child again, in that moment only excuses raced through his head. Their mutual masturbation session, and her body now against his, were inflaming his passions to uncontrollable heights.

Winnie craned her head up and smiled at her daddy through slit eyes. She felt hot, like her cheeks were burning up, but she didn’t understand why she was feeling so dizzy, so silly inside. Her chest tightened at the sight, the feel, the thought of her father, and she felt a now familiar, warm, wetness seeping into her already moist panties.

Max looked down and saw the love and adoration in his child’s hooded eyes, but it wasn’t a daughter’s love, it was different. It was a lover’s love. Winnie was in love with him. Maybe she didn’t even know it, but he surely did.

She pulled herself closer, reaching up and wrapping her arms around her father’s neck. She stepped lightly on top of his feet, arched upwards onto her tiptoes and drew herself to him. Max bent down and wrapped both his hands around her pixie bottom and pulled her up to him. Their faces brushed one another’s, and as the music swelled, they kissed. They kissed as lovers do. They kissed the way mommy kisses daddy. The way Max reserves for his wife alone. But Winnie wasn’t his wife, she was his daughter. Their very child.

Winnie’s heart beat in her chest as her father mashed his lips against hers, his tongue parting her lips and pressing into her own. Instinctively, she knew what to do, and she pushed her little tongue back at his. She thought about what Wren had asked earlier, about daddy kissing her like they do in the movies. She found the question so silly and unrealistic at the time, but now it was actually happening. Her eyes squeezed tight and her breath was short and ragged. Her mind was overwhelmed by the strange, passionate feelings she felt toward her dad.

She broke away, “I love you, Daddy,” she gasped, almost crying.

“Oh, kiddo,” Max sighed back at her, “I love you, too.”

She gave herself over to her father’s embrace once again, and as she melted into him, tasting his mouth, she thought of another thing Wren had talked to her about. Something the teenager had told her that lovers do together. Something she felt a strangely grown-up curiosity to try.

Again, she broke their kiss. “Daddy?”

“What is it, baby?”

“How come you never put your penis in my mouth?”

Max choked, but tried not to ruin their intimacy by embarrassing her. “Where did you get that idea?”

“Wren told me that when people love each other, the man puts his cock—that’s what she called it—in the girl’s mouth.”

Max thought for a moment. In a way, she was right.

“And you love me, and I love you,” Winnie continued with a playful tone.

“It’s true, Win. You’re my Pooh-bear.” Max’s chest tightened. Once again, he was at a crossroads, and he had to make a responsible choice. She was giving him an opening and, staring into the deep pools of her enormous eyes, he desperately wanted to justify oral sex with his daughter, but he had to be reasonable. With a sigh, he started, “I do love you, but—”

Winnie drooped. “Daddies aren’t supposed to do that with their daughters?” she asked flatly.

Max spluttered. “Well—”

She rolled her eyes. “Why does everybody say that all the time?” the girl sighed. “Wren said that, and then you say it, but then we always end up doing it, anyway. What’s the big deal?”

Max was horrified that she was right. He had done so much with her—to her? No, with her, he convinced himself. She had wanted to explore. She wanted him to introduce her to a world of bodily pleasure, sex… and incest. A world filled with so many erotic, immoral, and illegal things. She wanted to go to the top of the mountain and Max had taken her there, and more than once.

And now he couldn’t get the thought of Winnie’s small mouth, her chubby cheeks, her button nose, and now a big cock between her thin lips out of his mind.

Winnie broke him out of his trance. “I want to do it. And you want to do it, too, right?” Her big blue eyes stared into his.

Max’s heart beat loudly in his ears. He did want to, and the fact that she clearly, very sincerely did, too, melted what little reinforcements he had managed to erect since the morning. “Okay,” he choked out, his throat tight, but Winnie’s immediate brightening up instantly deflated the balloon of tension between them. He loosened his grip on her ass and she slid slowly down his body until her bare feet hit the warm hardwood of the cabin floor.

She stared at his crotch a moment, but then realized she wasn’t sure what to do next. She wasn’t familiar with any of the affairs of that area on her daddy and she tentatively reached out, unsure if she should touch him, or pull his pants down, or wait for his instruction.

Max took the opening to set expectations. “Now listen to me, kiddo. I know you’ve been to the top of the mountain a couple times this weekend, but if we’re going to do this, we’re not just playing around anymore. This is some seriously adult stuff we’re going to be doing and, well, it might be a little rough and scary sometimes, okay? You need to have courage.”

Winnie gave a slight nod. “You mean like when you pulled my hair with the comb?”

“Yes, sort of like that. I’m not going to be mean to you, and I’m not going to hurt you, so if you don’t like anything, you can tell me to stop. But like with pulling your hair, you might like it. However, even if you don’t like anything we try, you can’t tell anyone about what we do here tonight. Do you understand? Not mama, not your friends, not now, and not ever.”

“I won’t tell anybody, daddy. I want to go to the top of the mountain again,” Winnie said with complete sincerity.

Max believed her. “Okay, then I’ll let you pull my pants and underwear down.”

Winnie didn’t know why, but she giggled bashfully. She found it thrilling that she was doing something so deeply private with her daddy. She gripped the fabric of his pants and tugged them down. The friction pulled Max’s underwear down along with it, exposing a mowed lawn of hair descending from his belly. Soon his pants crossed over a growing bulge, leaving his underwear elastic caught against it, and fell into a crumpled heap at his feet.

She reached up again, intentionally brushing her hand against the firm lump in her daddy’s underwear. He murmured in approval. Her fingers hooked into the waistband and she pulled down once again. The turgid shaft of his cock appeared in her view, pulled downward along with his underwear, until suddenly the waistband cleared the crown of his head and his wand sprang free of the fabric. It bobbed wildly back and forth in the air and flung a stringy drop of precum onto the little girl’s cheek. She flinched, but left it where it was, too fascinated by the engorged trunk swaying before her eyes. Its sordid redness stood out against the pale skin of his legs and, from this perspective, she got a good look at his heavy balls hanging tightly in his sack.

She tentatively grabbed the shaft with both sets of fingers and brought her head near, ready to take on the challenge that Wren had posed to her. Opening her mouth, she reached her tongue out and flicked it across the cock’s tip, tasting the crystal fluid seeping from the slit. She furrowed her brow and and gave a light retch. “It’s salty.”

“A little bit, but keep going, Pooh-bear, you’re doing really good.” Max encouraged her, hoping that she wouldn’t give up now. Sure enough the young girl continued, this time taking him fully between her lips and bobbing her whole head up and down. Her mouth was so small, she naturally formed a tight seal around his thick cock, and her tongue deftly pressed up against the sensitive underside. “Oh god, baby girl, you’re doing so well.”

Winnie loved the praise, confirming she was doing what she was supposed to be doing, and she picked up steam, quickening her pace and taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth. She looked up at her father from below and smiled around his dick.

Max’s head swam at the sight of his daughter’s innocent enthusiasm, as well as the glossy film of saliva she was leaving on the tip of his cock. She experimented, pushing his shafting into the pocket of her cheek, bulging it outward with his knob and varying the amount of suction she was using. For Max, it felt as heavenly as it looked, and the sounds of her sucking were driving him wild.

He pushed his hips into her face, testing her young capacity to take more of him. Her eyes popped as he went deeper with each stroke. She peered sideways as she felt his thick meat prodding further and further back in her mouth, and instinctively tried her best to open her throat as much as possible. He pressed into the back of her gullet and she gagged, so he pulled out to let her breathe, a string of spit drawing out and breaking off. “Did I scare you, Pooh-bear?”

Winnie grimaced and shook her head. “No, I’m okay, Daddy,” she smiled, her lips glossy with spit.

“Okay, let’s keep going.” This time Max grabbed Winnie’s head in his hands and held her. He presented his cock to her mouth once again, and Winnie obediently opened wide. He pushed his shaft into her mouth and the small girl intuitively continued her blowjob. Max slowly rocked his hips, gradually picking up steam, pistoning himself in and out of his daughter’s mouth. Before long, he was also moving her head in rhythm with his own movements.

Winnie felt Max manipulating her, not content just to receive a blowjob from his only child, but to control his pleasure with her face, too. She wanted to impress him, so she relaxed and opened her mouth, allowing him to take over, using her body as a toy. Again, his increasingly frantic manipulations strained her ability to keep up, and as his cock jabbed repeatedly into the back of her throat, Winnie gagged over and over again. Her father had warned her that he might get rough, so she tried not to be alarmed and did her best to persevere. Soon, however, she found herself straining against him, feeling his engorged wand pushing aggressively against the back of her throat.

Max watched as his daughter’s body tensed at his vigorous face-fucking. Following her signals, he released his grip on her head. She pulled back, gasping for air. A river of saliva and gag-spit slid from her mouth. She tried to catch it, but Max instructed her, “No baby, just let it drool out and onto your body.”

“It’s messy,” she said, sticking out her tongue and wiping her hands on the sides of her shirt.

Max chuckled, “It’s fun to be messy sometimes. You look really sexy when you’re messy.”

Winnie looked down as the drool from her chin dripped down in long, sticky strands and created wet stripes in her shirt. She liked that she was allowed to get a little bit messy, and especially liked that her daddy called her sexy.

“Let’s try again,” he said.

Winnie smiled up at him and delicately brushed her hair off her face. She happily opened her mouth and leaned in toward his fleshy prong. Max resumed his grip on her head and guided his cock back between his daughter’s lips. Quickly he pushed deep into her mouth and once again rocked her head back and forth. Watery gurgles and grunts came from the back of her throat with each thrust, and each time Max applied just a tiny bit more pressure until once more her clear discomfort forced him to relent.

Another stream of drool poured from the girl’s mouth, dividing and diminishing into two thin strands, and as she looked up for approval from her daddy, she squeezed tears from her eyes. “This is hard!”

“I know, kiddo, but you’re doing great,” Max encouraged her. “Are you okay?”

Winnie wiped her mouth with the back of her arm, a string of spit sticking. “Yeah, it’s fun,” she replied, breathing heavily. She reached up and grasped her father’s erection and slid her hand up and down the spit-slicked shaft. Precum burbled from the slit at the top and dripped down to meet her fingers. “It’s so slippery,” she commented.

Max savored his daughter’s slow jacking of his cock and he was getting close to his climax, but he wanted more from her. “Alright, here we go,” he said matter of factly, before pulling Winnie’s head back toward his swollen manhood. “You’re doing such a good job, Pooh-bear. You’re making Daddy feel really good.”

Winnie smiled up at him with reddened yet bright, squinty eyes. She was dazed from her father’s assault, but still thrilled to be doing something so new and naughty. She felt her drool-dripped shirt cooling her skin, which made her nipples feel hard and her chest tight.

Max coarsely whispered, “I feel so good that I’m going to have cummies very soon, like what we felt before dinner.”

Winnie nodded, her head still in her father’s large hands. “I know, I like cummies.”

“I’d like to cum in your mouth, is that okay?”

Winnie’s brow knitted together as she though for a moment. “Umm, well, what does it taste like?”

Max paused. “I’m actually not sure. I’ve never tried it myself. I’ve heard it’s salty and sticky, though.”

Winnie thought some more, but resolved to do as her daddy asked. “Okay, I’ll try it,” she agreed. “What do I do?”

“Once I squirt my cum into your mouth, just keep it all there until I tell you it’s okay to swallow it. Sound good?”

“Yep!” Winnie piped up before opening her mouth again with a quiet “Ahh.”

Max smiled at her eagerness to please. He pressed his hips out and maneuvered his manhood back between Winnie’s glistening lips. He pressed it down against her tongue and reveled in the sensation of her watering mouth. His eyes still couldn’t believe the sight of his daughter presenting herself so lewdly before him, his little girl, scantily dressed, with his cock in her mouth.

Once more, he picked up speed, rocking Winnie back and forth in rhythm with his pumping hips. Her grunting grew along with his ferocity until she was gawping and gagging rather loudly with each thrust. Bubbles of spit foamed around the corners of her mouth and the girl’s cheeks burned bright red, both from her exertion, as well as her sexual arousal.

Finally Max felt the dam burst and he knew he was past the point of no return. “Daddy’s cumming!” he gasped, pulling out from deep in his child’s mouth and holding her head back to wait for his carnal offering.

Winnie stuck her tongue out, cradling the adult cock and slithering it unknowingly along the underside of her daddy’s sensitive collar.

“Oh fuck, that’s a good girl,” Max grunted as the first blast coursed out, completely missing its gaping target. his cock leapt and shot a dagger of his sperm across his daughter’s face, which wrapped over her forehead and into her hair. Winnie gave a startled giggle, but kept still, remaining obedient to her father’s wishes. She held her hands up to the sides of her face to catch any more errant shots.

The next blast mostly made it into her mouth, though the initial glob landed on her stubby button nose and dripped down onto her lips. Everything after that went straight between the little girl’s waiting lips. She could taste it as it sat on her tongue and she didn’t particularly like the flavor, but she waited obediently for her father’s command.

Max continued stroking himself, watching his beautiful, sexy child take her first mouthful of sperm, until he only had the last remaining dribbles to shake off.

“That’s so good, Winnie-Pooh,” he praised her, and Winnie smiled through her cum-filled open mouth while he wiped the remnants from his cock slit onto her left cheek. Max cupped her face with one hand and used his thumb to pull her bottom lip down a bit, peering inside and admiring the pearlescent seed he had deposited therein mixing with her pooling saliva. Her pink tongue was barely visible underneath his big, white load. “God, that’s so sexy, Win. Okay, you can swallow it now.”

Winnie closed her mouth, her eyes rolling up and to the side as she attempted to stomach the new flavor and texture for the first time. She puffed her cheeks out and sucked a little of it back into her throat, but it was too much for her. With a “Blegh!” Winnie spat the rest of it into her hands.

She looked up at her father, burning with shame, and said, “It’s icky.” She stuck out her tongue and shook her head, clearing her throat. The slimy mixture of sperm and slobber hung off her chin.

Max chuckled, “It’s okay, Pooh-bear. I’ve heard it takes some getting used to.”

“Sorry, Daddy.” She wiped her cum-soaked hands along the front of her shirt, soiling it all the more.

“It was sexy that you tried for me. Thank you, baby.” Max encouraged. “You don’t have to do that again if you don’t want.”

“I don’t want to,” Winnie replied, clearing her throat again and shaking her hands, trying to get the sticky cum off of them.

“It’s okay.” Max worried a little that he may have pushed his daughter too far. “What would you like to do?” he asked with some concern. “We can do whatever you want now.”

“Can I have my cummies now?” she asked, peering up at him from down below.

Max grinned widely. “Oh, you most certainly can, Pooh-bear. Here.” He moved over to the couch and sat down with his legs spread somewhat. Winnie could see his large cock still glistening with her saliva. It didn’t stand as tall and didn’t look as hard as before, but it still appeared big enough to inspire wonder in the little girl. His balls hung low and heavy and the sight of her naked father splayed before her felt both awkward and erotic at the same time. In that moment she could see her dad in the whole, nothing hidden from her view, every naughty part of him on full display. She bit her thumb nervously and fidgeted on her feet.

Max sighed, watching his youthful daughter’s body sway nervously, emanating with the excitement of their impending immoral congress. Her cheeks were still red from his man-handling and strands of her hair stuck to her face. Her top was soaked with the cum concoction they had made together.

He grabbed his semi-hard cock and stroked it, coaxing it back to life while staring lasciviously at his face-fucked offspring. Once he was fully hard and his precum was flowing once more, he gestured for her to come to him.

Winnie brightened up and bounded over to the couch, leaping onto his lap with her coltish young legs splayed around his. She giggled as he grunted, “Oof!”

Max grasped the bottom hem of her shirt. “Here, let’s get this off of you.” He pulled up, turning the shirt inside out as he slipped it over her head, smearing the cum she had wiped down the front all over he face.

“Ew, yucky!” the girl squealed from inside. As Max continued to pull up the shirt, her arms lifted, elongating her slender torso and showing off her ribs, as well as the tiny nipples on her scanty chest.

“Yucky? It’s not yucky!” Max countered, tickling the girl under her arms while her head was still caught in the shirt.

“Yucky, yucky!” the girl giggled. “It’s touching my face!” She maneuvered her way out of the garment and shook her head, scoffing, “Blegh.”

“Let me see, baby,” Max soothed. Indeed, her face was shiny with the moisture of his cum and her spit. Some of it had gotten in her hair and collected in globs. “Ooh, you don’t look yucky, you look incredibly pretty, and fun, and sexy.”

“Really?” Winnie settled down. She blushed, enamored with his compliments; he called her sexy again. She had never been called that before today, and she liked it. It made her feel grown up.

Max lightly rubbed his hands up and down her body, from her boyish chest, down to her narrow hips. Each time he got to the bottom, he would grip her and pull her into him, pressing his cock against her panties along the length of Winnie’s cunny. When he did, her plump labia would squish out and wrap their way around his girth, creating a camel toe out of the fabric.

“I think I need to take off my pannies,” the girl said, hoping to move things along.

Max was about to oblige her, but when he looked down, he found the juxtaposition of her simple, pink panties with his renewed erection in view surprisingly arousing.

“Hey, what if we left them on, but pulled them to the side like this, so that I can see your beautiful cunny and your cute panties at the same time?”

Winnie looked down and giggled, seeing her exposed labia peering out from behind her bunched up undies. “Okay! And the pannies will cover up my bruise, too.” Satisfied, she laced her fingers around her father’s neck and pulled her naked vulva against his big, glossy cock, as if giving him an open-mouth kiss on his sensitive underside.

Max shifted her and slid her slick crack up and down slightly, masturbating himself with her smooth cunny lips and stimulating his little daughter’s clitoris at the same time, occasionally catching his cockhead against the leg band of her panties.

Winnie’s eyes became unfocused as sexual sensations flooded her brain. She enjoyed the feelings her daddy was giving her, but before long she felt her body moving on its own accord. Her hips shifted back and forth as she aided her father’s manipulations. She could hear the slick wetness of their slippery genitals, her pussy lips hugging her father’s cock like it was a teddy bear. She glanced down at her vagina, watching the shiny, purple head appear and disappear against the soft, hairless pillows of her young sex. It was erotic beyond her comprehension.

She pressed hard against her father’s shaft and watched a stream of glassy precum seep from the slit. She reached down and, with her fingers, scooped up as much of it as she could and smeared it over the cock head and up onto her mons. It was warm, almost hot, in fact, as if it had boiled up from within her daddy’s volcanic rod. She caressed along the length of her pussy lips and made everything slick. It almost felt like their middles were under water for all the wetness they were creating together.

“Daddy,” Winnie gasped hoarsely.

“Yes, Pooh-bear?”

“I want to feel you inside me again.”

“You mean it?”

“Yes, inside my privates.”

“Inside your cunny?”

“Yes,” Winnie giggled bashfully at the dirty word, then whispered, “Inside my cunny.”

“Okay, baby girl, do you know what to do?” Max asked her tenderly, almost in a whisper.

Winnie bit her lip. “Uh hunh. I think so.” She looked down again where the two of them met and shifted her hips up so that the cock’s helmet disappeared underneath her. She felt it catch against the backside of her hole and whimpered. Then she slowly pushed herself onto her father’s fat prong.

Max’s vision tunneled watching his small, naive girl maneuvering herself so assuredly onto him and demonstrating her burgeoning understanding of sex. Her age now clearly belied her experience.

She watched the shaft bend as she put pressure against its tip, and wondered how something that seemed so impossibly hard and thick could flex so much. But she was also so tight that she wondered if she could even open her legs wide enough to accommodate its girth. Somehow they had managed before. They had managed to have sex—to fuck—and it’s the one thought that kept her from thinking she would tear in half.

It was also that thought that helped her insides to spill its natural lubricant from her vaginal walls, juicing her cunt like it was a lemon in a citrus press.

Winnie pushed down harder and finally her father’s cock wedged its way inside her hole with a distinctive popping feeling when the corona squeezed past the rim of her pussy. She squealed at the intensity of the pleasure she felt, the warmth of his fat rod caressing her soft insides.

“Fuck!” Max whispered hoarsely as he once more felt himself coupling with his child. But this time he cared not for the morality nor the legality of it. She had given herself to him, and he was ready to take advantage of her precociousness.

He watched as the small, bald cunt split itself wide around his cock, the lips red and stretched around his thickness, the panties emphasizing her inexperience all the more. Clear globules of her girl-cum seeped from between them and rolled down his shaft, lubricating his length and preparing for her inevitable descent.

Before long, she slid down, hissing all the way, until she felt her father’s cock jabbing up against the back wall of her pussy. He was so long, and she was so small that almost half of his trunk was still visible.

“Your cunt feels so good on my cock, Winnie-Pooh.”

“It kind of hurts,” Winnie whimpered, and Max again felt some concern about his daughter’s well-being. However, she quickly tempered his fears when she sighed dreamily and said, “But it feels so good, too.”

Winnie tensed her thighs and lifted herself off of him almost as slowly as she had sat down. She could hear the gratuitous, slurping, suction sounds of her vagina when she did. Even more of her silky pussy juice spilled from within her as the rubber stopper of her father’s cock retreated, leaving the girl’s little hole stretched wide.

But soon enough, she was down again, and then up, pushing with her legs splayed around him and her bare feet tensing against the couch cushions. Max grabbed her skinny waist, wrapping his hands nearly all the way around her and helped guide her, and soon they were smoothly gliding in concert.

They moved intentionally, but slowly for a couple minutes. During that time, no words were said. It was only the sticky sounds of their sexual congress punctuated by the girl’s tiny grunts, and Max’s soft moans. Fully enjoying himself, his mind wandered briefly enough to catch his reflection in a mirror across the way from where he was sitting. He could see the back of Winnie’s blonde head bobbing in and out of view as she fucked herself up and down upon his shaft. He chuckled, “I can see you, Pooh-bear. It’s so erotic watching you bouncing on my lap.”

Winnie was shaken from her trance. “What do you mean?”

“In the mirror behind you. It’s like I’m fucking you and watching you in a hardcore porn at the same time.”

Winnie giggled at his words and twisted around to see for herself, but from her lower angle, she couldn’t see anything unless she had raised herself up so high as to almost let her daddy slip out of her pocket. “I can’t see,” she grunted, her legs giving way and slipping her tight little pussy back down onto her daddy’s thick rod. Her mouth gaped in pleasure.

“Here, let me help you,” Max offered, shifting himself up off the chair and holding his small girl by her little butt. “Move your legs up.”

Winnie folded her legs and Max spun her around on his cock, her cunt never losing contact with him. With her back now against her daddy’s chest, Max awkwardly shifted his hands underneath her ass to hold one of her legs in each. From this view, Winnie could see her whole self in the mirror. Her young, slender body looked so small against her daddy’s big frame. Max pulled her legs apart, gratuitously spreading them wide. The little girl blushed when she saw herself, her naked sex exposed from behind the cutesy panties she still sported, her young form fully revealed not just to her own gaze, but her daddy’s, as well. Even though he had never made her feel embarrassed about her body, in this position, seeing all the sloppy cum and spit dripping down her flat chest, she at last fully understood the taboo nature of their age gap and their incestuous fornication.

Max couldn’t believe how small and light the girl was in his hands. He felt like he could hold her there all day, but his yearning cock urged him to move. He lifted Winnie up and watched her eyes narrow in pleasure. When his entire shaft had nearly exited her pussy, he quickly dropped her down upon his prong again.

“Oh my god, Daddy.” Winnie moaned, loud and wanton. She watched as the thick meat retreated from her body, pulling her young cunny lips down along with it. She couldn’t believe how much of her father’s fat cock she had fit inside of her, but she was watching it with her own eyes. Then, as he lowered her again, she watched the massive slab disappear within her, stretching her small hole wider than she knew it could go. More than that, she noticed her tummy bulge as her father’s cock pushed against the insides of her skinny body. “I can see it inside me,” she whimpered. Her head swam at the thought and she suddenly felt a chill throughout her body. Max lifted her up again and the bulge in her tummy disappeared. As she focused on it, shock set in from the stark realization of what was going on inside her body. He pushed her back down as far as her young cunny would allow, and the long, fat, cock-shaped deformation in her belly returned. It was too much for her, to see her father’s sex organ pushing gratuitously up through her skinny abdomen. Her vision tunneled, darkening. “I can see it inside—” the little girl squeaked out before the blood fled from her head and she fainted.

Max felt his daughter’s body go limp. After a few more strokes, he paused for a moment, as if he was wondering what to do, but deep down he knew he ought to stop. In fact, he needed to stop everything altogether, to cease making love with his own child, something that never should have happened between a father and his daughter. But he especially knew that it wasn’t right to keep going while his little girl couldn’t protest. But the devil on his shoulder prodded him to take what he wanted, what he craved. After all, he had already come this far. He was fucking his only child, had been her first lover, and she had asked him for this. Why was this where he should draw the line?

Unconscious, Winnie’s body drooped, her vagina slack. He tested her, pushing on her to see if he could cram himself even further into her, to feel her sexual warmth upon the length of his entire shaft, but at the same time, the new erotic sensation of his lethargic child made his dick feel as if it had lengthened ever further. He looked again at the two of them in the mirror. Winnie’s furrow was so short that half his member still jutted out between her legs. Her small head lolled back and she breathed softly. She looked like she was asleep, like so many times when she was younger and he had carried her in his arms to tuck her in to bed. Now she was in his arms again, scant years older, but in the span of a day, so much more mature. But maturity didn’t seem quite right for his daughter. She still retained that youthful innocence, even despite the pornographic position in which he had put her, and despite the sticky mess of drool, cum, and gag spit that dried in her hair, on her face, off her chin, and down her tantalizing young body.

She was beguiling, irresistible, and it was then that Max leaned in and kissed her. Not a peck on the lips, like she would have been used to, but as before when they danced, it was a long, slow, unfatherly kiss, like he would kiss the girl’s own mother. He could taste the mess he had left on her face, something he would never do with his wife, but with Winnie, he didn’t care. And while he supported her heavy head with one hand, with his other arm he held her unconscious body. And with his own body, he restarted his rutting with her as she slept off the shock of witnessing her full sexual awakening.

Max looked again at himself in the mirror. Her whole body was on display in his arms, from the small nipples on her boyish chest to the swollen, red lips and stretched hole of her girlish sex, all the way down to her tiny toes. Her lifeless limbs swayed obscenely with each thrust, making her look like little more than a sex doll. But she felt better than any fake cunt he had ever tried. She was real, warm, flesh and blood. And she gripped his cock like no real cunt would ever do again.

He greedily speared against his daughter’s womb for another half a minute before he heard tiny grunts coming from Winnie’s throat. He felt her stir slightly, and suddenly she came to life with a big gasp of air. Her eyes snapped open and darted around as the poor confused thing tried to remember where she was.

“Daddy, I fell asleep!”

“It’s okay, Pooh-bear, I have you,” he grunted softly into her ear, while he thrust inside her.

Winnie felt her daddy’s arms holding her against him and soon she became aware of the rhythmic bumping of her father against her crotch and the peculiar sensations it caused within her, the sting of her stretched little pussy and the pleasurable shocks that her tunnel was sending outward. Her fingers, toes, and scalp all tingled. “What’s happening?” she asked woozily.

“We’re fucking, kiddo,” Max said plainly as he repeatedly bounced her bewildered body on his cock.

Winnie was startled by the way her daddy had casually tossed off the adult word, but she was in such a state that her mind reeled in many ways. Yet her whole body felt so good, such euphoria, that she surrendered fully to his manipulations. She closed her eyes and moaned, trusting in the pleasurable sensations emanating from her nether region. “Oh yeah,” she said quietly, “we’re fucking.”

Even though she had been unconscious, Max’s persistent love-making against his child’s limp body had continued to warm up Winnie’s chalice, summoning forth more lubricious cunny juice and escalating her toward another orgasm. Though she had only just woken up, that feeling of having let go totally and completely had allowed the young girl to fully accept her body’s natural reactions to her daddy’s debauched bumping. With her pussy well-used and slippery, it no longer felt like a struggle getting his cock inside her. Now they were moving—no, he called it fucking—smoothly, fluidly, like it was something they were meant to do. Like her daddy’s cock was something she was born to ride.

The warm feeling growing from her nether region mounted until she could feel she was on the precipice of something. Her eyebrows arched, her body tensed, and she fervidly chanted, “Oh, oh, oh,” with each firm thrust invading her body. Her voice pitched ever upward and Max could tell his daughter was on the verge of cumming.

“Does my cock feel good, kiddo?” Max growled.

“Uh hunh,” Winnie whined, her eyes closed and worried.

“Do you feel tingly?”

“Uh huh,” she growled, desperate to feel it.

“Then say it.”

“Say what, Daddy?” Winnie panted.

“Say you need your cummies.”

“I—I need cummies, Daddy!”

Max reached around with one hand and navigated to the plush pillows of her labia. He dragged his finger up her slit and, once he found the turgid nub, flicked a finger rapidly across his daughter’s engorged clitty. Paired with the fattest part of his cock pushing against her G-spot, Winnie felt the pleasurable assault throughout the entirety of her vulva.

“Daddy, it’s h– happening!” The girl’s voice faltered. Her body stiffened up, and she grasped behind her to hold onto Max’s neck, riding out her forth-ever orgasm. She felt her brain tumble into oblivion and, catching her reflection in the mirror once more, she no longer cared how she looked or sounded. She existed in that moment as a being of pure pleasure energy. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Her hips bucked uncontrollably, and she writhed in her father’s arms. “Cummies!” the girl breathlessly choked out.

Max actively fucked his daughter as she orgasmed. She could barely have gotten any wetter at that point, so he mostly focused on keeping himself inside of Winnie’s slippery gully while her body threatened to fling itself out of his arms. Watching his baby girl in the mirror, cumming vulgarly against him, was unknowably exciting, like watching incest pornography while feeling the actors’ real sensations at the same time, and the sight of her cotton panties pulled to the side enhanced the visual all the more. But it was the challenge of not dropping her that staved him off from loosing his sperm once more into her young pussy.

Winnie squealed and quaked, feeling her nerves firing in waves throughout her body. Her fingers dug into the nape of her daddy’s neck and her other hand gripped the arm he used to strum against her fattened clitoris. Her legs flailed erratically, sometimes tensing, sometimes bouncing in the air as if made of rubber. Her hips moved in uncontrollable spasms, riding her small little pussy quickly up and down her father’s glossy, seeping prick. Between breaths, the lurid sucking sound of her love canal squelching out her copious cum juice filled the air. It rolled over Max’s scrotum and dotted onto the floor.

Winnie gasped and moaned in pleasure as her climax slowly dwindled and her actions became less extreme and more self-conscious. Before long, the wild, animalistic girl had returned to reality. Through a veil of stringy, sweaty hair, she observed herself once more in the mirror. Descending from her cum-high, she felt a little shy, but she was completely satisfied. She looked again where she joined her father in their immoral coital union and she saw frothy sheets of her silky girl-cum sliding down the half of Daddy’s cock that still couldn’t fit inside her short tunnel.

“Wow,” she gasped breathlessly, “that felt so good!”

Max had slowed his rhythmic fucking to let the little girl recover, but also in part because she was finally becoming quite heavy in his arms. But he wasn’t done with her just yet. He desired to cum again, too. “Alright kiddo, back to the couch,” he grunted.

Much as he didn’t want to leave her girlish gully, Max lifted his daughter off his cock and then tossed her lightly toward the couch. Winnie gave a high-pitched squeal as she careened through the air and finished with a giggle after a bouncy landing upon its cushions. He followed behind with an exaggerated leap toward her. Winnie tried to skitter away, but he captured her in a big, naked bear hug and rolled her around. Together they laughed, feeling their sweaty bodies pressed against one another, his large, hers so, so small. Winnie grasped for Max’s cock, wanting to feel it in her hand once more. It was very wet and slippery from her cum, yet still felt hard as granite. Max groaned at her touch and knew he had to get off again soon.

Winnie crawled away on all fours and craned her neck back to look at him. He looked hungry for her, his eyes drinking in her dirty, private places. Having just been carnally sated, Winnie found herself feeling embarrassed that her father was staring hungrily at her private places and objectifying her so, and she pulled the gusset of her panties back over her pussy and scampered toward the other side of the couch to get away.

“Oh no you don’t, Pooh-bear,” Max commanded huskily. “Daddy gets to finish, too.” He reached a long arm out and grabbed the small girl by her foot as she retreated, yanking her back to him. Winnie squeaked as she collapsed, and he easily slid her back across the couch. Max stared at his daughter’s scrawny body, her small chest blushed and her tawdry cotton panties were lewdly desecrated by the juices that still leaked from her pussy. Her left leg dangled off the couch, and Max held her right one up so that she was splayed out before him. With his other hand, he pulled the crotch over again and used two fingers to part the glistening gash of her vulva, exposing her luscious flower to him. Thick strings of her orgasmic lubrication drooped and leaked out of her, dribbling down her crack and dripping off her ass.

This was his first time getting a good look at her from this angle. He could see inside his daughter’s opening, the tender, pink walls that he had roughed up moments before flexing invitingly. He grabbed the cheeks of her bottom and lifted them upwards, bringing his daughter’s chalice to his lips. He stuck his tongue out and gave a long lick from the back of her hole up to her tiny clit.

Winnie squealed at the sensation of Max’s tongue caressing her private area and squirmed. “It tickles, daddy!”

Max savored the forbidden flavor of his daughter’s young cunt.

“It tickles,” she said again, writhing in his grasp.

Max wanted to continue, but he could tell that she was not going to cum again any time soon, and he was getting more desperate for his own release, so he dropped her to the couch. He was happy to have stolen another taste of her sex.

Winnie was meek as Max’s large form towered over her. She again scurried back, playing hard to get and righting her panties, but Max was more than ready for her now. With his large hands, he grabbed both her wrists and twisted her around, laying her face-down on the couch, then pulled her hips up to meet his. The small, pale, half-globes of her ass rose up to his gaze, her panties pulled taut across them. He pawed at them, grabbing the waistband and forcing her underwear down to her knees, strands of elastic audibly snapping.

“What are you doing, Daddy?” Winnie squeaked, feeling a rush of adrenaline dumping into her system.

“We’re going to do it this way,” Max whispered. He then guided his throbbing cock to her small entrance, pressed the head up against her and groaned. He had only vacated her seconds ago, but already the girl’s vagina was closed up tight.

Winnie’s interest in continued sex was waning and she collapsed flat on the couch, giggling breathlessly, and fighting weakly against him, but Max picked her up and propped her up on her hands and knees once again. The small girl writhed, twisting around to slip away, screeching and laughing, and a little bit fearful, but her father was too hungry and too strong to let her go. Again, he picked her up and dropped her face down on the couch, but this time, with one hand he pushed her face into the cushions.

Winnie was alarmed by her daddy’s roughness as he manhandled her slender, boyish frame. His animalistic need for her scared her somewhat, and the way he had her splayed, she could feel his hungry eyes feasting on her exposed pussy. Embarrassed, she moved a hand to cover her intimate places, but it was to no avail.

With her head down and her ass up, Max pressed his leaking cock against his daughter’s fingers. The strength of his blood-filled manhood was enough to wedge its way through. Winnie gave up and circled her hand around her daddy’s slimy cock, feeling the slippery coating of precum and her pussy juice as its hardness once again invaded her small tunnel.

Max thrust against his daughter’s backside, pushing himself as deeply as he could, but never quite making it the whole way, before he felt himself stab against the rigid wall of his child’s womb. Winnie grunted with each thrust as Max split her cunt in two before reversing out and allowing it to close back to its nearly virginal state. Then again, a thrust in, the weight of his body against her ass, his hand pressing her face into the couch cushions, her muffled grunts and gasps for air escaping when she could find an opportunity to breathe.

Winnie grasped at the cushions, fighting against her father’s strength. She was confused. Her daddy had never made her feel quite like this before, so inhuman, like an object to be used. But she wasn’t scared. As ever, the brave young girl wanted to prove herself, and she wanted to make her dad happy, proud of her, even. And, anyway, that warm and irresistible pleasure was returning to her pussy as his hips repeatedly slammed himself against her ass with increasing strength and frequency.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her scalp and her neck snapped backwards. Max had released his pressure on her head, but had grabbed her two blonde braids and jerked them back toward him, arching her back sharply downwards. Winnie gasped, her eyes clamping shut, wincing. But as she found her bearings, she felt a rush of pleasure from her tingling scalp.

Max pulled at his daughter’s blonde braids, riding her like a pony. With her head pulled back, he watched her face. He could see her expression searching for understanding, but as her gasps for air slowly transformed into guttural moans, he knew that she was still fully invested in the experience, discovering new modes of sexual satisfaction.

“How you doing, Pooh-bear?” Max checked in, still thrusting against her.

“Guh-good,” she answered in grunts.

“Yeah? You feel good?”


“Does your cunt feel good?”

“Mm hmm,” she affirmed, a twinge of embarrassment crossing her face at hearing her vulva described so crassly.

“Tell me your cunt feels good.”

“My— cunt— feels— good— daddy,” she grunted each syllable with every slap of his hips against her backside, each tug of her blonde braids on the back of her head.

Max swelled at her dirty talk. “Your cunt feels good to me, too, baby,” Max sighed, feeling the extreme tightness of her baby sheath gripping the girth of his full-grown manhood. Yet his daughter’s unending wetness allowed him to go ever faster, hot friction building while the thin film of lubrication aided their immoral humping. It spilled out around the rim of Winnie’s hole, beading down the back half of her father’s shaft before jostling free and seeping into the couch below.

Winnie submitted herself fully to her father’s barrage, allowing him to push, pull, and twist her wherever he needed her to give him the most pleasure her little body was capable of. She endured his manhandling by drawing her mind into the gauzy comfort of the heaving pleasure billowing up from her pussy and spreading throughout the rest of her body. Her mind vacant but for the pursuit of her father’s ecstasy, Winnie was once again little more than a toy in his grip.

But in Max’s hands, she was so much more than any ordinary mail-order fuck-doll. She was real. She was warm, wet, and young. And more than that, she was his daughter. His only child. He was breeching the social contract that families hold dearest, and it was the most thrilling thing he had ever done. He couldn’t wait to cum inside her. He wanted to spew his sperm deep into her tunnel and up into her unproductive womb.

Max felt his shaft tingling, pulling his cum up from his roiling balls. He tugged forcefully at her ropes of hair, pulling her into him roughly, nearly folding the poor girl in half, before pulling her body fully up into his arms. She reached a small arm behind her, gripping her father’s neck, tucking herself against his beard. Max smelled her hair and breathed heavily into her ear, nibbling and kissing on her there, her neck, and her cheek. His hands wandered frantically over her naked torso.

Winnie craned her neck backwards, her lips searching desperately for his, and soon they met. Max’s tongue licked lasciviously at his child’s face, bathing her in saliva, and soon she was doing the same, until father was licking daughter, and daughter was licking father, tongues entwining in a desperate need to consume one another.

Max felt himself cross over the threshold of orgasm and suddenly his body was on fire. “Oh god, kiddo, I’m gonna cum,” he grunted out. “I’m gonna… I’m, oh god, I’m cumming, Winnie. Cumming inside my daughter. My own soft, beautiful, sexy child.”

His body stiffened at the imminent surge of sperm. His mind went numb as every nerve in his pelvic region flared. He clutched his daughter’s skinny, all but naked body tightly to his, bear-hugging her to him. His semen bore through his cock and then leapt upwards, outwards into his daughter’s pussy, burbling deep inside her and clinging to her milking vaginal walls, never to see the light of day.

As the jets of incestuous cum filled her up, he subtly rocked his hips into her, eager to wring out every last bit of pleasure from her youthful cunny without overdoing it and wrecking his ecstasy with ill-considered porn-star dramatics. He wanted maximum orgasm out of her.

Winnie too, was within reaching distance of her next climax. While her father pressed her into him, she brought her fingers low and dipped two of them into her folds. She was masturbating again, like she had learned on the kitchen worktop. Yesterday, she didn’t even know the meaning of the word, but today, here she was, flagrantly strumming her baby clitty, ready to make herself cum right there in her father’s arms.

The pleasure streaked from within her folds, like bolts of lightning searing her nerves from her tingling scalp to the ends of her toes, and as she felt the hot pulses of her father’s scandalous sperm coating her tunnel, her body tensed beyond her control and another orgasm overtook her.

“Cummies!” Winnie cried out. “More cummies!” Her body went rigid, yet she twitched and shuddered in her father’s arms. A small whine grew sharply into a loud wail as her insides spasmed wildly, her womb drinking in the deposit of semen her father had shot inside of her. Then the girl’s belly convulsed and her legs wobbled unexpectedly. Her body went limp and she leaned into her father’s arms. She felt a spray of fluid erupting from below.

Max felt the warm shower of girl-cum sprinkling down his balls and thighs. He couldn’t believe his daughter was squirting so much.

“Daddy! Dad-d-da!” she cried. “Cummies,” she repeated gutturally until she could no longer form words, feeling the release of tension along with whatever fluids she was generating, riding out the rest of her orgasm with the kinds of moans and groans only uttered by seasoned porn stars, not your average grade-schooler.

As Max’s orgasm subsided, the briefest of regrets flashed through his mind until he opened his eyes and took in the sight of his small, adorable, cumming daughter, the intensity of her face, the pleasurable shivering of her body against his, along with the warmth of her spray of squirt-cum between them. Max knew then that he was truly, deeply, erotically in love with his child. They had shared so much, and at last Max was truly at peace with their new relationship.

Winnie huffed and puffed, her mind still reeling from the intensity of her latest orgasm. She pulled sticky strands of hair from her ruddy face and tucked them behind her ears. “I think that I actually peed this time,” Winnie murmured, clearly embarrassed. “It just felt so good, I couldn’t hold it.”

Max chuckled. “It’s okay, Pooh-bear. And anyway, that wasn’t pee. It was your cum, kind of like what came out of my cock.”

“Really? I have cum?” Winnie barely registered, still trying to catch her breath.

“Yes, except that you can’t get anyone pregnant with your cum. It’s mostly just to show that you were feeling really good.”

“Whoa, cool,” she said, amazed at her newfound capabilities. “It did feel really good. I want to cum like that every time, now.”

“I want that for you, too, Pooh.”

They laid for a while longer on the couch, hypnotized by the pulsing red of the remaining coals glowing in the wood stove.

“Daddy,” Winnie yawned abruptly, “I’m tired.”

“Me too. I think it might be time for bed.”

“Can we sleep in the bed together again?”

“Yes, we can sleep together tonight, kiddo,” Max easily agreed.

He lifted her up, cognizant that his softened cock was still tucked inside her. He pulled her off of him, feeling one more tingle of pleasure as his penis pulled free of her gripping sheath, and shifted her into his arms. Her body was limp, but she was light as ever.

Gazing at her, she was pale, and fragile, and precious. A bit of color remained in her cheeks, across her chest, and along her plump crease. She pulled her panties back up, which still rested at her knees, absorbing any semen and other fluids seeping from her crack. Their abilities now spent, her body was cool and her skin was clammy against his.

Max felt like the weekend had transformed him. He was once boring and grumpy, but now he had shown Winnie just the beginning of what life still had to offer her. “So, Winnie-Pooh, do you still think I’m Lord Licorice?” he asked, referring to the Candy Land character she had assigned him.

Winnie yawned again, mulling his question. After a moment, she sleepily replied, “No, I guess you can be King Kandy. And I’ll be Queen Frostine.”

“Oh?” Max wondered, “You’re Queen Frostine? Then who is Mommy?”

Winnie thought for a moment and a sly grin spread across her tired face. “She can be Grandma Nutt, since you love her so much.”

Max gave a too-loud laugh at that, then whispered, “Okay, you can be my queen.”

Winnie was very nearly falling asleep against him, but still aware that her father was staring at her, naked and freshly fucked. She grew embarrassed and hid her face against him while he carried her into their bedroom.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“Nothing,” Winnie replied, “it’s just…”

He paused. “What is it?”

“Well… can I be your real life girlfriend?”

“Oh honey, that’s very sweet, but your mama’s my girlfriend.”

“Oh,” Winnie said, giving a sad sigh.

“I’m sorry, Winnie-pooh. I can’t have two girlfriends or that would be cheating, and your mama wouldn’t like that.” Max realized the absurdity of his statement, considering he had already cheated on her with Winnie several times over that weekend.

“Well then, can I be your slut?” The girl ventured, still hiding her eyes.

Max’s own eyes bugged out slightly at her question, but he admitted he did like the sound of that. “Sure, kiddo, you can be my slut.”

Winnie looked at her daddy and grinned. “Okay! I’m your slut, Daddy.”

“You’re my slut, Winnie!”

“I’m your fucking slut!” Winnie shouted, venturing to use the f-word.

Max chuckled at her, “Alright, get under the blankets, slut!” He tossed her onto the bed.

“Daddy-y-y!” the girl whined.

Max climbed on top of her in another big bear hug, then swished the two of them under the fluffy covers. Winnie giggled and snuggled into him and he said quietly, “My little slut.” As they quickly drifted off, Max was sure to add, “Just remember: don’t tell your mother we did this.”

Winnie didn’t respond, breathing rhythmically.

Max shook her. “Okay, kiddo?”

“Mmm,” Winnie dreamily responded. It was good enough for now.


The next morning, Max awoke to another scene of bedroom windows casting their warm rays across the crisp, white comforter of the bed he shared with his daughter. He half wondered if yesterday could have been a dream. But as he watched Winnie sleeping angelically, her hair mussed about her, strands still clung to her face where the sins of their night together had dried, and bits of crust flaked off around her chin. She was beautiful, child-like and innocent, but wore tell-tale badges of her becoming a little woman.

Unlike the previous morning where Max hesitated to make skin-to-skin contact with his naked progeny, he knew now there was no pretense left in their father-daughter relationship, and he pulled her bare form close to him, spooning her warm, soft, and impossibly small body against his.

Winnie cooed, and struggled, not wanting to be woken from her slumber, but once she felt herself cocooned in his warmth, she hummed quietly and smiled, knowing she didn’t have to get up and face another chilly morning in the cabin just yet. Laying against each other, they both fell back asleep for a time.

Max woke again when he felt his daughter wriggle. He didn’t move at first, and just observed. It happened again, the wriggle, her body twitching against his. When it happened a third time, Max cracked his eyes open. “What are you doing, Winnie-Pooh?”

“I’m bored.”

Max chuckled to himself.

“Are you ready to head home?”

“Not really.”

Max could hear the disappointment in her voice.

“You don’t want to go home?”

“No, I want to stay here.”

“Why’s that, honey?”

“I don’t know.” Winnie paused, and then looked up at her daddy, “I like it.”

Max smiled and kissed the top of her head. “I like it, too, Winnie-Pooh.”



“We can’t have cummies at home, can we?”

Max definitely felt that. But he tried to allay her worry. “Well, sort of. You and I can’t have cummies together, but you know how to do it on your own now, right?”

“You mean master baiting?”

“Yeah, you can still do that whenever you want in your room, or in the tub or shower. When you’re alone.”

“Yeah, but I want to do it with you.”

Max’s heart swelled. “Aw, baby, I want to do it with you, too, but we can’t do anything like that after we leave this cabin. Do you understand?”

“Okay,” Winnie relented with no small amount of sadness. For a while they laid together, both sighing occasionally, neither of them wanting to get up and face the end their intimate weekend together.

Winnie scratched her inner thigh and felt the dull pain of her accident two days before. It didn’t hurt as much, but it was enough to still be a bother. Under the covers, she moved her hand slightly to feel her pussy. It was mostly soft and dry, but near her opening, she could still feel the gooeyness of their incestuous lovemaking the night before.

She drew some of it up her crease, gradually lubricating it until she found that extra-sensitive nub she had rubbed the night before. The little spot that made her cummies feel so good. She rubbed herself slightly, feeling her chest tighten, like she was doing something very naughty, very adult, and daydreamed about what her father had taught her.

In particular, she remembered giving her daddy a blowie. Tasting his cock, and using her mouth to give him so much pleasure. In that moment, she remembered when her daddy went down on her, briefly while she laid atop the kitchen counter, and again on the couch. She wondered if she could feel as good doing that as she did when they were fucking.

She knew that once they left the cabin, they would not be able to share in the bliss of incest ever again, and as she excited herself with her fingertips there in the bed, she wanted more and more to know what it felt like to have her daddy lick her private parts to climax. Suddenly a scheme came to her mind.


“Yes, Pooh-bear?”

“My leg still hurts.”

“Oh baby, it must feel so bad,” Max sympathized. “Sometimes it takes a few days for the pain to finally all go away.”

“Yeah,” Winnie answered. She paused a moment and then swallowed hard. “Can you kiss it?”

Max chuckled at her suggestion, initially assuming it to be a funny joke, but he stopped short. “Kiss it?”

“Yeah, you know when I fall down and scrape my knee or my elbow? You always offer to kiss it and make it feel better.”

“Well, your knee is different than your…” Max trailed off, not sure how he ought to finish the sentence.

“But it hurts, daddy, pleeease!” the little girl begged.

Max could feel the despair in her voice, but a part of him wondered if it was more that she knew their intimate time together was coming to an end, and she wanted him close to her again.

He was all sexed out and his rational brain was largely back in control, and it was despairing on his behalf. He had opened his daughter’s eyes to the very adult world of sex, and now she wanted more of it, and from him, no less. There was a very small amount of time left where it was just him and her, and he was relatively safe from prying eyes, or from Winnie accidentally blabbing about their sexual affair. Soon they would be back in the real world, where he had real responsibilities, and all of the risks he had taken that weekend seemed increasingly likely to blow back into his face.

But there was that other part of his brain, the irrational part; the part that had diminished significantly when he came his final load deep inside his child’s nethers in the night. That part was small, but growing quickly, fighting against the rational part. Yes, they didn’t have much time before they had to confront the real world, but… if he was going to be screwed in the end, anyway, he might as well give in now and take advantage of what little time was left of their fantasy world together.

“Daddy,” Winnie whined.

“Well,” Max began, “sure, let me kiss it and maybe that will make it feel better.”

Winnie squeaked out a tiny squeal through a big smile and clenched her fists in anticipation.

Max lifted the covers and slid down his daughter’s small, pale body. She still wore the pink cotton undies she had sported the night before. They showed evidence of what had happened. The waistband had frayed in the night after he had aggressively torn them off her hips and they had the yellowed ghost of dried fluids staining them. Max swallowed and slipped them down over her scrawny legs, slowly, sensitively this time. She shivered as the cold air of the unheated cabin rushed around her body and clenched her legs together. “Baby, I can’t see where to kiss if you’re keeping your legs that tight.”

Winnie relaxed and slowly opened her legs, revealing her bare cun to her father. Max observed her figure once more, and his throat caught at the sight. Even though he had seen her youthful body in a similar state several times throughout the weekend, it never failed to make an impression on him. He felt his chest tighten as he gazed at her tiny, twiggy form, her skinny limbs, her naked chest, and of course those smooth, hairless, puffy pussy lips guarding her hole.

He saw, too, the bruise that the accident had caused on Friday, and it was already looking much better than when it first appeared. Most of its darkness was gone, leaving primarily a deep red welt stretching from her hip down to her inner thigh.

Max leaned over and kissed her at the topmost part of the bruise. Winnie, feeling ticklish, squirmed and giggled at his tender treatment. “Does it feel better now, Winnie-Pooh?”

“Yeah,” Winnie said, but then added, “but only in that spot.”

“You want me to kiss the rest of it?”

“Yes please, the whole thing needs to feel better.”

“Okay,” Max chuckled, “I’ll kiss the whole thing.”

Slowly, sensually, he kissed his way down her bony hips and down to her smooth thigh. As he progressed, Winnie’s ticklishness gave way to sensual feelings, and she sighed with each kiss, ever closer to her private area.

When Max journeyed to her inner thigh, he slid his arms under her bottom and lifted her butt up off the bed a bit to get a better angle. As he neared her pussy, he could smell her arousal and feel the heat emanating from between her legs. He found it erotic how her lightness enabled him to easily manipulate her body, along with the way she gave herself over to him fully. He was able to maneuver her to look at whatever part he wanted, and what he wanted now was to look at her precious little mound. It was soft and reddened, smooth, with no signs of hair at all. A bead of liquid seeped from between her pussy lips and grew. Max blew gently across the girl’s sex, and the pearl of her fluid slipped, following her slit downwards until it dripped free, leaving a glossy streak between her labia where they touched.

Winnie groaned when she felt her daddy blow on her. She could sense his mouth so close to what she wanted. She gasped out, “Daddy, I think it would make me feel better if you kissed right there.”

“Where, baby girl?”

“Right there. On...” she gulped, her mouth dry, “on my pussy.”

“I would love to,” he rasped, diving in and planting a kiss on her right labium, and then her left.

“Mmm, more,” Winnie gasped.

Max obliged her, this time using his tongue and sensually dragging it around her soft, plump petals.

“It feels so good, Daddy.”

Max smiled at how quickly Winnie had melted into a puddle of gasps and moans at his touch, and he was happy to continue exploring her genitals. He used his fingers to part her labia and marveled at the fact that he was looking up inside his own daughter’s body. It felt so wrong, yet he felt his chest tighten at how sexy he found it. He almost felt as if he wanted to somehow climb inside of her and feel her warmth all around him.

He settled for his tongue, and he licked up into her hole, sliding his tongue around its perimeter and tasting as much of her pussy insides as he could.

Winnie whimpered, feeling his soft mouth caressing the rim of her hole. He licked quickly up her slit and right to the sensitive area she was just learning to exploit. He licked across her little clitty and coaxed it out from behind the hood that sheltered it. As it swelled larger, she pressed her hips up off the bed and against her daddy’s mouth. “Oh my god, oh my god,” she repeated over and over again as pleasure quickly emanated out from her cunt and up through her chest. “Yes, Daddy, it feels so good!”

Max licked up and down her swollen bud, listening to her squeals and applying pressure to those areas in order to quickly accelerate her arousal. Being between his child’s legs was like heaven. When he was doing well, she squeezed them against his head, but she was young enough that, even with maximum pressure, it barely registered, feeling almost like a perverse variation of carrying her on top his shoulders.

Winnie was dazed by her father’s tongue-work against her cunt. Her whole body tingled from finger-tips to toes. Her lips were numb. All she could feel was the ecstasy of cunnilingus. She pressed her hips up whenever her daddy licked her just right, but it wasn’t enough. She could only say how much she liked it, but she wanted to show him how she wanted it done.

“Daddy, can I be on top?” she asked.

Max looked up from between her legs. Several strands of saliva mixed with Winnie’s sticky girl-cum and connected his chin to her cun. He was surprised to see Winnie wanting to take control. Nevertheless, he quickly imagined how sexy it would be to feel his daughter riding him. “Yeah, let’s have you be in control now.”

“Okay,” Winnie smiled brightly.

Max grabbed her by her waist and rolled over, pulling her on top of him. His cock now standing achingly tall, he was no longer hesitant about having another round of sex with her. She straddled his abs, but sat there, unsure what she should do next.

“You can do whatever you want now,” Max encouraged.

Winnie blushed, realizing that she now had to show her daddy how she wanted to be sexually satisfied. Even after having had all kinds of sex with him already, she still felt timid about doing exactly what she wanted, what she desired. She felt like she was being very naughty in front of her dad, even though he was encouraging her bad behavior.

“Go ahead,” Max goaded, “I won’t say no.” Winnie started to move, and Max thought she would climb onto his cock for a ride, so he was surprised that she instead crawled on her knees up toward his face. Soon she loomed over him, her juicy little pussy hovering directly above. The intensity of her musk filled his nostrils. And then, plop, the small girl sat down, her glazed vagina landing directly on top of her father’s lips.

He was somewhat stunned to have his daughter press her private areas right on top of his face, but Max rolled his eyes back in heaven. His nose was buried between the slick petals of her pussy, and her hole drooled its nectar onto his lips and into his mouth. He took her cue and immediately resumed his tongue treatment with a wanton moan.

Looking down and seeing her pussy on her daddy’s face, Winnie’s eyes narrowed to slits. She watched the sight erotically playing out as much as she was feeling it. From her new position, she was able to move her cunny exactly where she needed it to be. She rocked her hips back and forth, working in tandem with her father to deliver a revelatory oral sex experience. She slid her pussy across his mouth creating an ever-more-slippery pathway over his face. When she angled herself so that his nose was rubbing against her clitoris, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and a whispering gasp slipped from her lungs.

Max jacked his cock while his daughter plowed back and forth across his face, relishing the feeling of being slimed by his child’s oozy arousal. He groaned into her, eliciting groans from her in return.

It was all so sensually gratifying for the little girl, and with the beginnings of understanding how to bring herself to climax, Winnie felt the onrush of pleasure coming quickly. All of a sudden she stiffened, her back arching her straight up, her head pointing to the ceiling. “Oh, oh daddy,” she cried, “I’m cumming!” Her legs vibrated on either side of Max’s head and her hips moved ever-more wildly. For a moment, he worried that she might crush him by accident in her ecstatic state, but soon with a yelp, she siezed up, screaming out, “My pussy!”

Max delighted in his pint-sized daughter’s dirty words, which were amplified by the immodest undulations of her orgasming. He continued stroking his cock, eking out all the pleasure he could, using his up-close vantage of Winnie’s inflamed private parts, and looking up along her skinny body. Her chest heaved, nipples straining outward from her slim chest, her face pointing to the sky as her body squirmed uncontrollably over him.

Winnie felt the pleasure coursing through every nerve connection, and she wanted to be closer than ever before to her daddy. She irrationally desired for him to be inside her and to be inside him at the same time. She grabbed his head with both her hands and pulled him up, all while pressing her hips down toward him, mashing her plush genitals violently against his mouth. Her labia acted as surrogate lips, making out with her daddy’s own lips in the most immoral father-daughter kiss.

Before long, Max felt Winnie’s orgasm subsiding, and he determined that he had had enough of his fist, and it was his turn to cum for Winnie, one last time. He lifted his daughter’s flagging body off of him and roughly tossed her on the bed so that she sat with her back against the headboard. She gasped, catching her breath as her father aimed his cock at her face, flagrantly masturbating it at her.

Max felt aroused by his exposure as he unabashedly pleasured himself in front of his daughter, his whole body nude and on display, his shaft a deep red and glossy with his precum. Lewd, sticky noises filled the room in between Winnie’s gasping breath.

“Fuck, kiddo, you’ve made me so horny,” Max groaned while his hand flew along his length, drawing more and more pleasure up from his boiling balls.

Winnie didn’t know what was going to happen, but she liked seeing her father’s loss of self-control.

Max could tell she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do, so he said, “Just relax, baby, you don’t need to do anything. Daddy’s going to cum all over you very soon.”

Winnie nodded and relaxed against the headboard, flashing an eager yet satisfied smile while she waited to be anointed by her daddy’s cummies.

Seeing his daughter sink into a blissful state of post-orgasmic tranquility, her eyes sleepy, her smile honest, her body so slight and small, and Max was set off cumming. He felt himself cross the point of no return and paused his jacking, feeling the uncontrollable pleasure surging, just enjoying the sensation of his impending cum.

When his hands stopped moving, Winnie’s eyes fell to his unmoving cock, watching with anticipation, knowing something big was happening again. But for a second, nothing did happen. She almost thought nothing was going to happen. But suddenly the turgid shaft jumped upwards, as if it had a mind of its own, and a stream of thick, white cum leapt from the slit at its tip. It splattered forcefully against her cheek and spilled onto her chest. She winced, surprised by the sudden spray.

After the initial splatter, Max resumed his jacking, this time working in tandem with his flexing cock, and squeezing hard as he travelled over the sensitive area of its underside. More cum squirted forth, landing in long, heavy stripes, stretching elastically from the top of her head, over her face, and down onto her chest. Winnie giggled as he expended his payload, wondering when it would end. He had quickly covered her face in warm cum, and its distinctive, bleachy scent stung her nostrils pleasantly.

Fully in control of his own pleasure, Max couldn’t remember cumming like that since he was a teenager. As the euphoria dissipated, he looked upon his daughter with renewed clarity, seeing her dripping with his semen. He squeezed the last remaining drops onto her tummy, and then sat back on his heels. “My god, you look absolutely stunning in my cum, Pooh-bear.”

Winnie smiled big and suddenly sprang up at Max. “Thank you, Daddy!” she cried. “That felt so good.” She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

Max could feel the cum he had spent on her chest press into his. It made her thin frame feel sensual against him. He soaked in the sensation, but felt the nag of responsibility returning. “Okay, okay, Win, we should probably get moving. We have to get out of here before that nosey maid Wren comes to clean the place.”

“But I liked Wren,” Winnie defended the teenager. “She’s so cool.”

“You’re right, I’m being judgemental. I just didn’t like how she seemed to be making assumptions about us.” Max especially didn’t like that her assumptions were, by and large, true. He grabbed his watch from the nightstand and looked at the time. “Holy shit, we have just thirty minutes! Go wash your face.”

Winnie was upset. “Aw, but I like it, Daddy.”

Max grimaced. Her words were both obstinate and incredibly sexy at the same time.

“What if I just rub it into my skin?” Winnie asked, patting her cum-glossed, smiling cheeks.

Her daddy groaned in appreciation. Not even his wife was so voluptuary with his cum. She always wanted to clean it off too quickly for his preferences, like she was disgusted by it. “Whatever you want, Pooh-bear. Just make sure nobody will know what it is.”

Winnie sat and worked the cum all over her face like a lotion while Max busied himself packing their things back up, but even though she was far too precious massaging her cheeks amidst the rumple of crisp, white blankets, soon his patience with his daughter reached its limit. “Okay, Wendy, enough. Get dressed and pack up your things. You’ll need to put your snow pants on for the ride home.”

Winnie rolled off the bed, her face clean of the obvious blobs, albeit greasy with his semen. She puttered around, gathering her things and stuffing them in her bag. She found her single remaining pair of panties, evidence of the previous evening’s dalliance. Looking at their innocent nature, she felt that somehow she was different. She was no longer a precious child. She was also not quite a woman, either. Not just yet. But still, she was something more now than when she had arrived at the cabin with her father two nights before. She fingered the area where they were fraying and opted to not put on the soiled undies. She instead tossed them in a wastebasket stowed underneath a side table.

She put her shirt on and, avoiding her snow pants, continued roaming around, finding the things she had dropped around the place during their stay, and before long, she was content. She curled up on the couch, chilly from the lack of a fire in the wood stove, but tired enough from her morning sexual escapades that she could contentedly doze while her father cleaned up, stripping the bedsheets and obscuring the evidence of their debauched weekend of incest.

She was startled back to reality with a knock at the door.

“Coming,” Max called. Winnie leapt up to greet the caller with him, but Max chastised her. “Wendy, get your pants on!”

Max opened the door. “Oh, hi Wren, sorry we haven’t checked out yet. We’re nearly done.”

“Oh, that’s alright, I’ll wait in the truck until you’re out.” She saw Winnie behind Max, getting dressed. The small girl was moving in a flurry but it almost looked to the teenager like she was climbing into her snow pants bare-assed.

“Wren!” the little girl called, yanking them up.

“Girl, how are you not freezing your little bottom off when you’re never wearing any pants?” the teen chuckled.

Winnie giggled and skipped over to the doorway. On the way, Max’s eyes went wide. Winnie had done an adequate job of concealing his cum on her face, but she still had three oozy stripes of sperm splashed across the top of her head. He quickly looked around and spotted her knit hat, grabbed it, and intercepted his daughter, jamming it over her head.

After his momentary distraction, Winnie leapt into Wren’s arms, the teenager giving a startled gasp. “We’re leaving today,” the little girl pouted.

“I know,” Wren pouted back. “I’m here to clean up your messes.” She nuzzled her nose against Winnie’s.

Max apologized, “I did what I could to make it easy on you, but we lost track of the time this morning, so it’s messier than I’d have liked to leave it.”

“It’s okay, that’s what they pay me for,” Wren reassured him.

With a few more pleasantries, Max gathered up their bags and herded Winnie out the door. Wren watched through the window as he picked her up by the waist and put her in the passenger seat. It seemed to her that the daddy-daughter duo smiled and giggled at each other in a most peculiar way, almost as if they were flirting with each other. It made her uncomfortable, but in a way she wasn’t expecting. She thought back to their interactions the day before, and how she was paranoid that the young girl was being molested by her father. But seeing them touching and teasing each other playfully, her thoughts about it were approaching something more akin to jealousy, and that made her feel uncomfortable.

Soon the two had left, and Wren set about cleaning. She looked around and immediately noticed an abandoned phone on the mantle. “Oh no!” she said aloud. She grabbed it and raced out the door, but she was too late. She swiped it open, hoping to find a contact to call. A prompt came up warning her that the device’s memory was full, which she dismissed. While the phone required no passcode to get in, it was registering no carrier service available to make a call, anyway.

Oh well, she thought. In the mountains, service was known to cut in and out. I’ll have to figure this out when the signal picks back up or I get back in better reception range.

She built a small fire in the wood stove to warm her as she worked. Cleaning the place was no small chore, especially with the mess that the two had left behind. She finished with the main cabin area and moved to the bedroom. She pulled the wastebasket out from under one of the side tables and before she could toss its contents into her garbage sack, she spotted a pair of Winnie’s panties.

She stood there dumbfounded for a while before she realized she was staring at a girl’s panties, and was struck with a pang of shame. She didn’t know why she was acting so strange about them. They were clearly tossed in the garbage, so she figured she ought to just dump them in the sack with the other trash. But, she found herself making excuses not to do just that. She reached in, telling herself she was merely investigating the hunches she had had the day before. With thumb and forefinger, she plucked the undergarment out of the trash and held it aloft in front of her. They were mostly dry, but rather than immediately repel her, Wren found herself motivated to press on. She pulled the undies apart with both hands, examining the fabric, and was struck by their pungent odor. To Wren, with her limited experience, she thought it smelled of sex, but there was no way for her to prove anything of a sexual nature had happened between the pair.

She shook her head vigorously, trying to get the thought of parent-child incest out of her head, and stuffed the underwear in her hoodie pocket, then focused on cleaning the rest of the bedroom.

Once she was done, she sighed, and sat on the couch, enjoying the fire.

She grabbed the found phone again and held it in her hands, staring at the blackness of the screen. She remembered that there was no passcode, and she wondered what she could learn about the strange pair. Her curiosity coaxed her into snooping a little.

She unlocked the screen again and looked at the array of apps. Many of them were cutesy, toy-based games, inspired by popular dolls that she had also used to play with several years ago. However, these days the toy franchises held little interest for her, and anyway, at that moment, she was more keen on peering into the lives of these people whom she had only just met.

She opened the Photos app and a video popped up as the most recent on the camera roll. Wren noted a considerable five-hour running time on it. No wonder this thing warned me that it was full, she mused. She scrolled backwards to see more of the photos, which were mostly obnoxious selfies and poorly composed pictures of Winnie’s family and, occasionally, her friends. Many of them seemed to lack any motivation whatsoever. Finding nothing particularly interesting about them, Wren scrolled back to the end of the camera roll.

“This was shot yesterday” she noticed. She checked her watch and found she had a little bit more time to kill before she had to move on to the next cabin. Not five hours, but enough to skim through the contents of whatever it was that had been recorded.

She hit play and watched amusedly as Winnie positioned herself for a dance, with her father in the background, then saw her going through the motions of a popular dance she had seen on TikTok. She was wearing the panties that Wren had removed from the trash can, and the teenager reached into her hoodie pocket to finger them. Watching Max, she could sense a sort of resigned support coming him, the amateur moves of his young daughter not being all that impressive. Yet when they looked at each other, the two of them seemed so happy together.

After the first song ended and the next one started, she watched as father and child slowly melted into a back-and-forth slow-dance like you’d see at a wedding. Max towered over his small daughter, so his head was cut off above the frame, but he had wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Wren found the scene very sweet, but was curious about what else was in this five hours of uncut footage, so she scanned forward a few seconds at a time, trying to get to the end of the song.

Before long, however, she saw a shift in the father-daughter couple and as the music in the background swelled, Winnie craned her neck up, standing on her tiptoes. Max lifted her up so that her face was out of the frame, too, and they drew each other close.

Wait, what are they doing? Wren wondered. Are they kissing?. It certainly looked like they were, but they were out of the frame, so she wasn’t totally sure. She felt her heartbeat increase and chastised herself for always jumping to such strong conclusions. She was too quick to assume it was sexual, and it made her feel like a pervert.

After a moment, she could hear them speaking faintly, so she backed up the video and turned the phone up to full volume.

“Daddy, how come you never put your penis in my mouth?” Wren’s heart leapt. She was right, after all! She knew something was going on between those two. But before she could even process it, she heard her name. “Wren told me that when a boy and a girl love each other…”

It was something she had told the girl, but that’s not what she had meant! Wren was trying to protect her, but now the little girl was using her own words against her to do something beyond moral question.

Then she heard Max speak. He had a strained doubt in his voice. She could hear him fighting to rationalize against his daughter’s logic, to do the right thing.

“Daddies aren’t supposed to do that with their daughters?” Winnie countered. Wren’s heartbeat increased, she had told Winnie that, too, but now the girl was saying, “What’s the big deal?” It was quiet for a moment while the father held his daughter by her panty-clad bottom, her legs splayed around his waist, the two of them still swaying lightly to the music. The scene was so sweet, the girl so sincere, Wren felt a strange doubt creeping into her brain. The teenager felt an uncomfortable pang of desire, almost as if she wanted to see her worst fears unfold on that little screen.

And then Winnie said the words, “I want to do it.”

The way she said them. So genuine, so earnest, so consensual. “No,” Wren whispered, yet her brain rejoiced, “Yes!”

She watched the small girl slink down her father as he made her promise not to tell anybody about their sexual play. Yet here was Wren, watching the sordid drama unfold with her own eyes. She knew she should do something with the footage. She ought to turn it into an authority, but she told herself that she first wanted to know for sure that what she had never hoped for Winnie was indeed playing out, that it wasn’t some strange game of some sort. She wouldn’t be the girl who cried wolf.

It didn’t take long for her to get her confirmation. Wren watched wide-eyed as Winnie pulled down her father’s pants, watching his large daddy-cock fall free, and fellated him. It was all there, undeniable, a father and daughter committing incest, and all recorded on video. Wren wondered why they had decided to film it. Was this something they did often, or had they merely gotten so caught up in their lust that they forgot the camera was watching?

Wren needed no other motivation to stop the video, turn it off, and turn in what she was witnessing, yet her grip on the phone held, her eyes frozen to the screen, her heart beating ever faster, watching the immoral acts playing out before her.

Something inside her wouldn’t let her look away. Her chest was tight, along with the rest of her body. She couldn’t move, and while she was horrified by that fact, her morbid fascination with the homemade pornography held her fast. It was the way that Winnie appeared to be an active participant, even while her small head was being held by her daddy in his two large hands while he humped against her face. Wren could see her smiling, trying to please him, giggling as much as she gagged, even at one point saying, “It’s fun.”

Wren felt herself being seduced by the girl. She was so small and fragile, yet strong and willing. Somehow beyond her wildest fears, the young girl was truly enjoying herself.

Whenever she thought Max was getting too rough with her, he always pulled back, giving her a chance to recover. Even when he came in her mouth and Winnie tried to swallow, his concern for her comfort was evident, and she showed admirable willingness to continue without much fuss.

When Winnie asked her daddy for her own cummies, Wren sighed a horny sigh. She had become so aroused watching the immoral action that she tossed the phone onto the couch, stood, and rolled her tights down over her hips. While Max wrestled the cum-saturated shirt off his child, she moved the pillows into a pile on the couch, and, when she had enough of them, climbed on top of it. She laid over it on her tummy, ass in the air, and the phone laying on the cushion in front of her.

Then, as Winnie and her father wrestled against one another on screen, striving to fit his full, adult cock into her oh-so-tiny pussy, Wren began to frig herself with her fingers. “Oh fuck,” she whispered aloud. “They’re fucking.” Wren groaned at the depravity she was witnessing, feeling her body shudder at the notion of watching something so illegal.

Yet her pussy juiced terribly, beads of her cum spilling out of her hole and dribbling downward to her clit. It allowed her hand to move faster and faster against it, quickly building a revolting pleasure in her loins.

But it wasn’t enough. She wanted to feel what Winnie was feeling. She wanted her own cunt filled, stretched with a daddy-cock of her own. She glanced around the room and, sitting in a box on the coffee table in front of the couch was an unlit candlestick. Wren reached over and snatched it. She discovered the base was thick and rounded before eventually tapering off at the top. It was perfect.

In fact, it was the same candle that Winnie had used as a dildo the previous day. She reached behind her and jammed it between her folds, never realizing that she was sharing a sex toy with the same girl she was watching on screen. She felt her teenage pussy hole stretch to accommodate it, her fluids easily aiding its entry.

Wren moaned, conceding to her pussy’s demands for pleasure, allowing her vulva to take control of her actions from her rational brain. Watching the small girl, naked save for her underwear, the teenager produced those same tiny panties from her hoodie pocket and pushed them into her mouth, sucking the savory flavor off of them while she watched young Winnie getting fucked by her dad.

She humped against the hand scouring her clit and rammed the candlestick in and out of her cunt. “Fuck me, Daddy,” she hissed through the wad of panties, not realizing where the words were coming from. She had never been sexually attracted to her dad, but watching the little girl and her own father was suddenly the most erotic thing she had ever considered. “Fuck me, Daddy!”

Wren could hear the wetness of her sex as she pumped the candle cock in and out to the sight of the father lifting his child to show her their coupling in the mirror. She could see it all so clearly. Her panties pulled to the side, his massive cock spreading her small pussy so wide, the slight bulge in her tummy protruding as his prong pushed against her belly. She couldn’t look away, even when she noticed Winnie go limp with shock, even when her daddy continued to fuck her small, unconscious body. Her cunt was in control, and it was ordering her to continue.

That’s when Wren’s orgasm overtook her. She moaned weakly, continuing to watch the father-daughter incest on screen, submitting to her needy pussy’s desire for the taboo. Then her body spasmed, arching her back downward into the pillows, pressing her clit against her thrashing fingers. Her cunt burned while she battered her insides with the makeshift dildo again and again. Her pussy juice sloshed out of her, leaking onto the cabin pillows.

“Fuck your big daddy, baby girl,” Wren urged, barely able to form words with Winnie’s spit-soaked panties filling her mouth. Even though she couldn’t look away, her eyes winced shut uncontrollably while ecstasy coursed through every erogenous nerve in her body. As her orgasm peaked, she reveled in how quickly the taboo video had turned her into such a depraved pervert.

Too soon, her cum-high subsided and her rational side resumed control. She watched on screen as Winnie came to life again: “Daddy, I fell alseep.” Wren stopped the video, turned it off, unable to believe she had cum so hard to the non-consensual sex. She tried to move but realized her body was still full with the candle. She pulled it out, tossing it onto the coffee table in disgust, rolling out a film of her fluids onto its surface. Who was she? What had she done?

Still, as she sat and stared at the darkened phone, she felt her face flush. What she had witnessed, and what she had done, it was so wrong, yet it was so hot. A smirk crept onto her face, but she shook her head and set about finishing up with her cleaning duties. She did the final touches without rolling her leggings back up until she was ready to leave. She liked wandering around the empty house, feeling herself dripping down her inner thighs and into the gusset.

As she locked up behind her, she made sure to grab the phone, but she decided not to turn it into the lost and found. She also decided that she wouldn’t turn it over to any authorities. But she wasn’t yet sure just what she was going to do with it.


Max and Winnie arrived home in the middle of the afternoon. Her mother Michelle greeted them from the door. Winnie scrambled out of the passenger seat and ran up to her, jumping into her arms for a big hug.

“Welcome back, Wendy, I missed you so much!”

“We had so much fun!” the small girl cried.

“Did you?”

“Yeah, we skied all day, and then I went to the top of the mountain, and then I got hurt by a tree!”

“So I heard! Are you okay? Is it getting any better?”

“Yeah, Daddy kissed it and made it feel better. And then there was a hot tub, and he cafuneyed me, and we… we went to the top of the mountain,” she finished bashfully.

“That’s what you said,” her mother smiled.

“Oh yeah,” Winnie said, her cheeks turning red. “I just meant that it was really, really fun.”

“I’m so glad, Pooh-bear,” her mother smiled. She pulled off the girl’s unicorn hat and kissed her on top of the head, where her husband’s adulterous cum had dried. “Goodness, kiddo, you smell horrible. Did you shower at all while you were there?”

“No, but I swam in the hot tub twice!” She held up two fingers for emphasis. “And I didn’t pee in it.”

Michelle burst out laughing. “Well, thank goodness for that. Go run and take a shower before you do anything else.”

“Okay,” Winnie blushed.

As Winnie ran off, Max approached with an armful of gear. “How was home?”

“It was quiet and relaxing. I think I owe you a weekend to yourself next time.”

“That sounds nice,” Max admitted, “but we had a lot of fun, even if she got up to so much mischief.”

“I heard she got hurt and you kissed it to make it feel better.”

Max cleared his throat, “That’s right. What else did she tell you?”

“Not much, just that you went to the top of the mountain.”

“Yes, we did do that,” Max said, grateful that Winnie was keeping their secret.

Michelle kissed her husband on the lips that had been, earlier that day, kissing her daughter’s vagina, and they went inside.

That night, Max was laying in bed with his wife reading when his phone buzzed. He picked it up and saw it was from an unknown number.

A text read, “U forgot something?”

Max puzzled for a moment, but before he could respond, an image came through. The thumbnail showed a phone, the screen dark. Max cursed, “We forgot Winnie’s phone at the cabin!”

“Oh no,” his wife sympathized. “Did the cleaner find it? Maybe they can mail it to us?”

“I hope so.” Max settled back down, and sent a reply: “Oh shoot, is this Wren?”

As he waited for a reply, his mind wandered, and he suddenly remembered that he and Winnie had left the phone on the mantle when she recorded her dance. And then he remembered everything that had followed. He wracked his brain. We remembered to stop the video, right? He looked again at the text message and noticed that it was not a picture that had been sent to him, but a video. Out of an abundance of caution, he decided to go to the bathroom to watch it.

He hit play and was horrified to see Wrens hands turn on the screen and start playing a segment of he and Winnie’s incestuous sex. He was plowing into his daughter from behind, pulling back on her braids. His heart dropped as the picture zoomed in on their immoral coupling, and he knew he was in serious trouble.

But then the picture zoomed out, slowly but intentionally, to show Wren’s bare legs surrounding Winnie’s phone. It panned down to her ankles, one of them with a pair of panties still dangling off. They looked like Winnie’s. Did Winnie leave her panties behind, too? Max raised an eyebrow, trying to decipher exactly what Wren was showing him, but before long she panned up to show fingers manipulating a teenaged clit. “Fuck me, Daddy,” came softly through the speakers. “Oh fuck, it’s so hot,” she panted. Max’s eyes went wide. He couldn’t believe the girl was actually masturbating to their homemade porn.

Before the video ended, another text from Wren came through. He switched over to his messages, nervous about what was coming next. When he read it, his heart skipped, but not for the reason he was expecting.

“Come pick it up next weekend, Daddy. You can stay here again. Bring Winnie.”


2023-06-28 22:45:10
huge fan of the nova story and this one was even better! an instant favorite and the thread to possibly continue .. 10/10 perfection!

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